The world revolution of transportation unwanted by manufacturers, by science by the governments and others.

Second open letter of denunciation to Court of International Justice on energy, environment and sustainable economy


Who asserts that the energy cannot be created from nothing does not include that the compressed air is not “nothing.” Unlike battery-powered batteries, compressed air can be clamped in a tight volume and work like a compressed spring that transmits its strength to uncompressible water, which circles a part of the same, entering and exiting from the same volume, by means of a pump with the dual power supply separated until the impeller, which allows this operation by spending very little energy because the water, being incomprehensible, in the rotating impeller, sums the two flow rates with a single pressure, which is that of compressed air. However, it can produce electricity through a hydraulic turbine under the thrust of compressed air imprisoned that is not consumed. Since the energy produced by the turbine (which depends on compressed air pressure) is hundreds of times higher than that consumed by the pump (which recycles the water inside the accumulated volume), this system is fully autonomously energized and only needs of a small starter battery, which opens the solenoid valve that supplies the water in the turbine with compressed air force. But this system is much cheaper and cleaner than thermal motors and battery cars and can not be compared even with cars that are running on the market that work with compressed air (pneumatic engines) by consuming the compressed air accumulated in Tanks, which need to be recharged by consuming electricity, such as battery cars, and therefore cost more and have little autonomy. Obviously, hydroelectric power generators with water recycled pressurized with air can be mounted on all moving and mobile working vehicles, including aerospace aircraft.  Where, to travel in the atmosphere, we have to move very large volumes of air, creating vacuum around the aircraft and exploiting Newton’s reaction principle. While for space travel it is sufficient only the amount of compressed air, stored in tanks in the aircraft that is entered in small doses in the thrust electric turbofans. Obviously, the flight system proposed by the Earth’s atmosphere is much safer than the current one, but requires much higher energies. It can only be achieved with energy that does not cost anything and does not produce pollution, such as compressed hydroelectric power.


The two inventions, which concern clean and sustainable land and air mobile transport, which can be found at web addresses,,  can be downloaded in English and Italian, are contained in the complaint made by the undersigned to the International Courts of Justice, fully reported to the address web, where the undersigned declares that public science and environmental authorities do not entirely do their duty to advance the state of the art of environmental protection and sustainable economy, above all, ignoring the inventions of private inventors, which do not They have economic means to realize their own inventions of environmental, social, energetic public utility. Other important examples of these neglected inventions can be downloaded from the website In addition, the undersigned, in that letter, denies that the current national and international patent system is wrong because it binds intellectual property to industrial property, forcing inventors to sell their patents to the major bidders, while being more dignified for Inventor and useful to the entire world of society, making inventions of public utilities accessible to everyone, recognizing inventors’ copyrights, such as writers, musicians, who deposit their works by authorized institutions.  In fact, an invention such as a book or music for various reasons may also not be immediately understood by the competent bodies, especially if there is a suspicion of conflicts of interest by the same public institutions involved in the management of public utility inventions. Today, as it is right, the rights of those who write a book do not stop even if the book does not find the publisher, while the inventors decay immediately as the inventor does not pay the deposit and maintenance fees at national and International, regardless of whether the inventor has the means to realize and market his invention. In addition, current laws do not distinguish between commercial and public utility patents. The world’s lawmakers do nothing to facilitate the latter, indeed hinder them, demanding the payment of taxes not due to those who do not aspire to industrial property, aware of the importance of the invention at a social level. For lawmakers The inventor simply has to pay patent filing fees and patents that, above all internationally, can only be allowed by public research bodies (because they pay taxpayers) and big companies. What are private inventors in this economic power game, which do not have public and private companies behind them? It would be absurd if a writer suffered these frustrations from the legislator after being humiliated by publishers who did not even reply to the manuscript. But in the case of private inventors, these grievances are everyday reality. If nobody has denounced it so far, it is due to the fact that there are few private inventors developing public utility projects, which are the ones most ostracized by the established economic powers. In fact, private inventors usually focus on small commercial inventions, where it is easier to find private lenders. But myself that in a lifetime of work has accumulated experiences of cross-industrial systems, environmental and energy, can not propose small commercial inventions. He can only propose inventions, which, in his view, have not produced the great public and private entities in the world. The transport sector is particularly delicate because it is practically in the hands of very large and powerful private companies. All of these companies are concentrated on one single source of energy, from fuel extraction to complex technological products of terrestrial, marine, aerospace, due to the fact that energy is necessarily produced on board the transport vehicle or Mobile work (agriculture, earthmoving). But as I wrote above, for the undersigned, it is not true that to produce energy on board a mobile vehicle, it is necessary to use it for fuel and thermal energy. It’s never been true since the advent of the industrial era but nobody noticed it. Unfortunately, the undersigned could only study this solution as a retired person because if he had done so before, he could not support his family. Sustainable inventions in the field of the environment and energy, no one wants them if they emphasize public and private mistakes. For this reason, these inventions can only be done without a master inventor, but all the powerful are comfortable that they cannot achieve it, nor even economically support the ownership of intellectual property for absurd laws, probably created specially.

The responsibilities of world public research organizations are enormous, because despite the advancement of global warming, they have not studied enough alternative solutions to private companies.  In these areas, public entities and lawmakers have been forced to impose more air, security and pollution control devices. While, they could have investigated more about the cleaning of fossil energy in fixed plants by the circulation of water and air together, as I did in the SPAWHE system. This system has been snubbed because public science has concentrated on the C.C.S. system. (Carbon capture and storage), a system that is unnatural, costly, dangerous and unhelpful, which has failed many billions of dollars in prototypes and research to identify the ideal storage sites in the ground of CO2, which practically do not exist. Instead, if they followed Spawhe’s solution, they would not only solve the problem of sustainable fossil-energy clean-up, not just energy, but also the steel industry, incinerators and all chimneys in the world, They would have realized that in this system the greatest cost was the lifting of the water needed to clean the fumes in the limestone greenhouses. The global public research bodies, which are many and rich economic and technical means, if they had done the same reasoning of the undersigned to clean fossil energy (which they did not), probably, too, gradually, as happened the undersigned, would come to find a new way of producing mobile energy by using water and compressed air. The undersigned, at the end of his research, with the hint of then, thought that he could come to this solution first, without going through the unnecessary experiences of fossil energy cleaning that, equally, no world public body did (decaying National and international patents). However, the ways of fate are infinite, and in an unexpected way, the undersigned has found in his hand a powerful energy such as thermal power, but with lower costs, which does not produce a gram of CO2, SOx, NOx, Lead oxides and fine powders. In fact, the power of a thermal energy system is not due directly to the heat, but from the pressure that the burst produces in the combustion chamber. The compressed gaseous pollutants transmit to the cylinders or to gas turbines their energy, which transmit it in various ways to the wheels or propellers of means of transport, while the gases themselves, exhausted their function, are expelled into the atmosphere (polluting and warming the whole planet). The same energy effect on moving vehicles can be achieved more or less with the same dimensions combined with water and compressed air because if we really need water and air volumes, it is also true that we do not need the reservoir fuels. Above all, the system, regardless of pollution and fuel cost, is also cheaper in other components and easier to manage. In fact, compressed air, without coming to the high temperatures of the combustion chambers, can also get to higher pressures than the bursts, because in the blast phase the combustion chamber expands and the pressure drops; while in hydroelectric compressed, the pressure exerted on the water surface, is a constant static pressure, but produces kinetic energy, with the water ejected from the overflow of the pressurized tank, which passes through a turbine that the discharge at atmospheric pressure, from where it is resumed and reinserted into the recycle circuit inside the pressurized tank, by means of a pump with the dual power supply separated up to the impeller This is the only invention that has the ability to circumvent gravity in open and closed hydraulic systems. In fact, this type of pump joins together two circuits, one of which saves energy in the recovery phase of the water and the other produces the maximum energy, using both the same static pressure on the water; Which acts simultaneously at the turbine input and at the input of one of the supplies pump. The amount of energy produced is proportional to the pressure of the pressurized tank air cushion, even if it only exerts static pressure on the incomprehensible water that circulates below, without allowing it to expand. This circuit, which can also be used on transport vehicles, for small size allowed consumes only the wear of the materials that make up the rotating parts of the turbines, pumps, motors and alternators. The latter, through transformers, control panels and inverters, power the electric motors that power the pumps themselves and the wheels of land machines, aerospace turbofans, and marine propellers.  It should be logical to do the following reflection: If energy costs only the wear of the machines that produce it, without thermal shocks and pressure swings, it does not make much sense to spare it, especially in aerospace vehicles. Those who, in order to save energy, rely above all on aerodynamic studies, which often involve precarious balances due to floating in the air that may be subject to sudden turmoil due to climatic variations (inter alia, largely affected by the pollutants produced by the same means of thermal transport). The new means of transport, instead of using the dynamic air, would use the air displacement around the aircraft and the vertical thrust of numerous electric turbofans to support loads in any atmospheric conditions and horizontal speeds. With safe and cost-effective air transport, it will not make sense to invest in roads, railways, tunnels, metros, electric grids, fuel distributors, oil tankers, pipeline and gas pipelines for extra urban shifts. It will not make sense to deforest the forests to create links between urban settlements.  The most practical economical and safe to become airborne. In fact, designing airplanes with multiple parallel power generators and more thrust tunnels that can meet any load condition, even a power failure or some thrust tunnels, cannot make the aircraft fly. At most, it can reduce performance in speed and sustainable load.

I do not know how to react aircraft manufacturers and NASA faced with this proposal, but I know how they react car manufacturers and the environment and energy authorities in front of the car hydroelectric proposal took more than ten months: No reaction, as if the problem did not concern them. Like all the other environmental proposals of the undersigned. The lack of transparency of private companies within certain limits, it can well understand, but that of public science is incomprehensible, especially if it is generalized and cuts across all sovereign states. In addition, I address the Judges of the International Courts of Justice, to whom I also submit this article after having already sent a special letter of complaint with the following question: Is it not an international crime to circulate land, sea and aerospace vehicles that harm the environment when there is a perfectly clean, inexhaustible technical alternative, which is also cheaper and more sustainable? Who has the duty to verify this truth?

I think that world public science has confused its role, which is not to actively participate in the scientific and technological development of private companies (developing and selling to the largest patents of details) but to coordinate general development by developing projects and Strategic patents, over the parties, only reserving intellectual property and making it available to all world companies, to create a true development model that respects the environment and creates a model of sustainable development.  But this is not happening, right hands of the various public scientific disciplines do not know what they left hands, as if they were so many separate companies, like private companies.

No one asks the following question: How can legislators legislate properly if the world works in these conditions? This question, unfortunately, is not even imposed on legislators, who can not understand technical problems, which should first include scientists and public engineers who design public utilities and make public procurement tenders. No wonder, if they are wrong public facilities from an environmental and economic perspective, how can they be corrected private ones? Which at best adapt to government regulations to avoid increasing the cost of production. Thus, the model of sustainable development and environmental and energy strategic inventions can not come from corporations that have to compete with other multinational companies with production costs, but it must create public inventions. The undersigned, in a way to work, set up environmental and industrial systems designed by others, especially public, finding them all incomplete and not logical from the point of view of the overall work, he believed his duty to spend his time of retirement period to design global strategic facilities, which should be of public concern, but they can not be because public entities in the world do not know where to begin to design a global plant.  Nobody can design global plants (which are both energetic and purifying), if you do not acquire the mentality of reasoning globally and transversely to scientific and technological disciplines, merging into a single system different physical, chemical and hydraulic principles.

Obviously, if the proposals of the undersigned had made them a world-wide public research body, they would soon be experimented and if they were true, they would soon become national and international laws. But having been made by a private inventor, they did not find public interlocutors. Obviously, these solutions can not even find interlocutors among private companies, because, these, environmental innovations are undergoing and enforced only for legislative impositions.  We all know that on land vehicles the anti-pollution and safety devices must be legally enforced (catalytic converters, abs, seat belts, airbags, etc.). It is practically unthinkable that car and air transport companies will spontaneously substitute thermal motors with pressurized hydroelectric power plants if the world’s environmental authorities do not impose it. In fact, everyone knows that investments in thermal motors cannot solve the original defects in CO2 emissions or those of fuel costs; however, automobile companies are just introducing ridiculous and expensive car batteries in urban centers, with the consent of the public authorities, who do not know how to find better solutions and keep silent on the proposals of small inventors, without power. Just think of what the undersigned has denounced in the following document:

The battery solution is another waste of resources because it can certainly not be extended to the heaviest means of transport, agricultural and earthmoving, aircraft and ships.  Private and public science focusing on non-interactive energies that do not exploit beneficial physical conditions such as compressibility of the air and water incompatibility are all wrong because they must start from scratch in the process of transforming nuclear or hydrogen-based energy , which in any case, entail the size reactors are not compatible with the transport systems and mobile work.

Since the advent of the industrial era, large public research organizations and large private environmental companies have always produced small mice and continue to do so, however, continue to ignore the inventions of small private inventors. Being a small and isolated inventor does not mean to be inexperienced by the great environmental problems. Rather, the opposite is true, because the reasoning behind global solutions has to follow a common logic that only a very experienced person can put together. The alternative would be a working group of experts with different experiences. But experts to reason in sync must work together everyday for a long time. Nor did the United Nations put together such a working group and is seen by the lack of concrete COP summits that have already reached number 22. U.N. have no project that looks like the SPAWHE system.

If the environmental authorities had been more open to dialogue, they would not have forced myself to create a website that talks about his unwanted inventions on environmental protection, which from the beginning, have always proposed the interaction between water, air, Both for purification and for producing energy. All these inventions of public utility have not been useless because they are the starting point for the production of interactive energies that will gradually eliminate existing water purifiers, who away from cities waste only resources with incomplete and late cycles. But above all, they will turn all the water lifting facilities, which today, after transport, are the second world energy spending, from energy consumers to renewable energy producers. Many useless articles have been written on this topic, such as the following:, -technology-in-the-new-hydroelectric-energy /, which preceded the compressed air pressurized hydroelectric power that can be used in all the flats of the world for small encumbrances, producing sufficient energy for heating to the north pole and cooling in deserts, but above all on all current means of transport.

It is evident that world public science, not responding to these important inventions that have continued despite the lack of funding, has shown that she has not understood their important role. Which is not to obscure inventions of private inventors to support multinational inventions, but to rational global, fixed and mobile energy and purification systems.  What I did not do was oblige me to do so because, as I went on in my solutions, I realized that the world’s public research organizations would never answer and never do the same reasoning to get to the Global environmental protection. They do not have the right method of work, which is learned only after having spent a working life developing different plant details and putting them together so that all the involved cycles are perfectly closed. Ironically, I learned this method of work in the automotive industry, which today does not answer me. Indeed, in the automotive industry, thousands of cars could not be produced per day if the work cycles were not perfectly organized and crossed together. This is nothing more than industrial Taylorism, which inspired my underlined environmental Taylorism, based on the intersection of physical and natural cycle cycles with the help of technology.

If the world public research organizations had reasoned as the undersigned and developed all the details to close the cycles, they would probably have realized how wrong the current thermal power plants, the incinerators the air purifiers, which are all redesigned, and placed in the right place. Only by placing the thermal plants in the right place and coupled with the water management can accurately determine the maximum amount of energy that can be produced. You can not produce more. But they have not done these simple arguments. That led myself to triple theoretically the size of heating systems according to neutralize the natural carbon cycle. So the world’s public research bodies could not even do the following reasoning, which is the following: In mobile systems, it is not possible to use thermal cycles because, in addition to being burdensome, it is especially bulky to close them completely. The solution was and is only one, since the advent of the industrial era, only that comes with a century and a half of delay: The compressed hydroelectric power that private companies would never have sought for, because they copied each other, complying with regulations to remain competitive. They could not imagine that compressed hydroelectric energy is hundreds of times cheaper than fossil energy that pollutes. Those who have confused their role in environmental protection have never done complete, at the same time energy, purity, economic, social reasoning, could not conceive compressed hydroelectric power, being left with hydroelectric power with the hydraulic leak, which requires Dams, large water basins and the fortune of numerous rains and snow to feed them.  The current way of producing hydroelectric power with one-way water flow and water accumulations in the mountains is a major damage to humanity and the environment because water needs to be managed in the valleys to prevent summer droughts which are becoming more and more frequent. Moreover, with compressed air we can produce the same effect as hydraulic jumps without building expensive and dangerous dams. All this has happened because world public science has always refused to make simples but complete reasoning.

In the face of these absurd world silences, the undersigned, has left nothing but going to the bottom, hoping to find at least somebody with the right to reason properly in the world of the environment and world energy, or at least Justice International, want to make it clear, ensuring in the order: The validity of inventions; To recognize the intellectual property of the inventor; Make them available to all the world’s companies that can accomplish them to recover lost time Grant tax incentives to those who invest in new energy and purification systems, which, because they are based on simple and complete reasoning, can also be applied to means of transport of all kinds without harming the environment and improving passenger safety.

However, world legislators, which have stimulated current renewable energies, with low returns and discontinued performance, are showing that they do not have the same diligence in accepting and enforcing these inventions, certainly more incisive in terms of protecting the environment and benefiting for the economy. In addition, the current renewables can not be mounted on the means of transport. Can we have world authorities that do not understand that compressed hydroelectric power is not just an energy system, but also a powerful purification system and environmental prevention in fixed installations in the area?  What scientific advisers are used by world-class statesmen? In fact, with compressed hydroelectric power, it is possible to eliminate CO2 emissions, wastewater degradation, nuclear waste radioactivity, flood prevention, pollution of wells and basins, and the high cost of desalination. Why at no cost? If all current energy and purification plants need to be scrapped?  In fact, the scrapping of existing plants is the greatest cost we have to sustain, but not paying for fuels and much of the depuration and also reducing the costs of future installations that make it 100% easier, the investments made will come back quickly and there will be more fair distribution of wealth, because the energetic works placed on the territory will be small and medium sized and therefore the reach of small and medium enterprises.  While the transport industry will need less infrastructures, much of the goods will travel by air, thanking the air density, its compressibility and water non-compressibility, and especially the water pressurized hydropower circuit Downloaded from the turbines that produce energy, to be re-inserted in the pressurized circuit without energy costs.  This circuit allows us to waste energy that only costs material wear to lift the aircraft and their load, creating an air depression in the direction of travel and greater pressure on the other side (Third Newton principle) by means of hundreds of turbo fans inserted into vertical and horizontal thrust tunnels, strategically distributed on the parallelepiped contour of the aircraft itself and even through it vertically to increase the vertical thrust. This waste of energy that will cost very little will allow us to save most of the current roads, railways and galleries as described above. The same airports will be different because the aircraft will lift off and land vertically, like the spaceships we see in science fiction films, but without nuclear power, but very simple energy produced with compressed air and water full recycle.

Unfortunately, it seems that world institutions are more afraid of giving reason to a simple retired than to rejoice in the prospect of saving the environment and the world economy with rational logical solutions that do not need secret formulas to be in short time experimented and realized. Existing technologies are more than enough to begin the first prototypes. Then it will be necessary to refine the construction techniques and lighten the materials, as happened on the current means of transport, which have only been the source of energy.  The only defect of these inventions is that they have not been produced by the world power centers. But this could be a benefit to everyone because everyone needs a humble bath. Especially the servants of the states who act as bosses, however, have done trivial and very great mistakes. The story is full of political mistakes by great men. It would now be time to highlight both scientific and global economics. The inventions on the website http: // www., compared to current energy and purification inventions, have a feature of globality, in the sense that they can be applied everywhere without interfering with other existing systems. They are inventions of basic public utility that arrive very late and must be made available to all small and large companies in the world. If they want, the International Courts of Justice will find ways to recognize the intellectual property of these inventions.  They will also be able to investigate the reasons why there has been world silence on these solutions that have not matured in a day but in eleven years of work, the last seven years have been filled with publications and invocations of public and private aid, which never came to be able to proceed to at least some experimentation.  So if someone wants to do the professor saying something might not work, he would now come out to find out instead of hiding behind the silences. I have no doubt about what I’m writing, but I’m always a human and I might have made some mistakes. Like everyone else, I would have liked to act in silence, collaborating with everyone, experimenting with everything, and directly showing prototypes working, but this was not granted in any of the many inventions. Unfortunately, in the opinion of the undersigned, legislative nonsense, such as allowing trade in public patents, it has created a line of privileged exchange between public research institutions and private companies, which can not be considered democratic. For this reason, to the private inventors, in fact, intellectual property was stolen. Public inventors are not affected because deposit and maintenance fees are paid by taxpayers. They do not even resent the big private companies which discharge patent fees from tax charges. But it is absurd and paradoxical that a pensioner producing utility patents should be isolated from public institutions, paying unpaid taxes, which can not even discharge taxes, and not receive the real recognition of intellectual property (which they receive writers and musicians) , If his inventions surpassed, after a few years, the walls of public and private silences. The reasons for which the undersigned has insisted to fight equally against this unjust globalized system, is the fact that he is certain not to propose simple inventions, but an alternative development model through a series of inventions connected together which can not remain misunderstood forever, if it is true that man is a also be able to reason individually. The entire SPAWHE system (Synergic plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectric Energy) waits for justice. That is, the global energy system cleansing, interactive environment protection and sustainable economy, which in the absence of energy miraculous promises and not provided by mainstream science, despite the billions spent, also expresses the potential to make us travel without fuel on the planet Earth And space without a dollar of public spending, but only reasoning made with the common sense of the family father, after a modest working life in the big industry and in small businesses, where it is important to work organization rather than to waste anything These fundamental things, which have overlooked all the world’s public works, are fragmented and divided by the various branches of science, without completing any complete cycle. Both energetic and purifying.

While concluding this article, by pure combination, I received the European Patent Office’s research report on hydro-electric cars: they recognize my patent as “novelty” and “industrial applicability”, but not the characteristics of “inventiveness”. Although the undersigned, I have already decided to no longer participate in the patents game with power centers that do not play fairly, until the International Judges will intervene, changing the rules. Having already sixty-eight years, hardly I will produce other inventions, much less continue to pay no taxes due, without perceiving income due to my inventions. Nor will I extend my patents internationally, because intellectual property (non-industrial) is already international in law, but without compensation for inventors only. However, I want to point out that “inventiveness” in accordance with Article 33 (3) PCT of international standards, says literally: “For the purpose of the preliminary international examination, a claimed invention is considered to involve an inventive activity if, given the prior art, it is not obvious to a person skilled in art.” In fact, for myself, the examiners can not understand this invention by referring to the known technique, but not to that note, which has been developed by the undersigned at other patent deposits, previous and parallel. How do patents examiners consider themselves as state-of-the-art experts if plants that produce energy with recycled pressurized water with compressed air do not exist either in fixed or mobile versions?  In fact, without the pumps with separate power supply to the impeller, conceived by the undersigned (with the divider sets of water flows coming into the impeller), there are no properly designed hydraulic circuits, because the inventors of Such implants did not inventiveness to reason differently from the general custom, used by professors and designers. For the undersigned, the principles of Torricelli, Bernoulli, Pascal, Newton, Henry, Dalton, should not be used individually, in one-way systems, open or closed, but used precisely with the inventive one that is denied crossing them applying them to existing technology and modifying machines to create more and more efficient systems. It remains, however, a mystery to understand what bureaucratic reasons do patents examiners do not recognize the inventive to something that is born only virtually after 150 years of thermal dominance and which does not find funding precisely because, as stipulated in Article 33 (3) PCT of international patent rules, is not easily understandable by art experts. The main victims of the patent system are private inventors dealing with public utilities, which everyone pretends not to understand, until inventors give up without the money needed to pay taxes that the other authors of Intellectual works, are not required to pay. Indeed, if these taxes are to be paid because, for unknown reasons, world legislators do not want to separate intellectual property from industrial property, inventors’ fees should be frozen, without the patent decays, until someone does not It detects industrial property, which is the one that creates the profit and must be taxed.

Job’s patience required to study the various SPAWHE protection applications that can cover all human activities in all the latitudes and altitudes of the world and at all times of day and night, which can be praticable while producing energy. This is all the opposite of the present society, where it has been taught that pollution is the backdrop of the medal of scientific and technological progress. This kind of teaching and the silent accomplices of public science and lawmakers have developed a seemingly efficient society, just like a castle built on the sand. But this comparison does not hold, because the sand at least does not pollute, like fossil energy and is not radioactive like nuclear. The ideal energy is the interactive one, which has not sought both public and private science. This is the best, not only because it oxygenates the water, but also because it allows you to circumvent the force of gravity and pressure in making energy production, and consequently allows you to overcome gravity for traveling in the atmosphere and space with energy that costs only the wear of the materials that produce it by recycling water and compressed air without consuming them. It should be obvious that this system can lead us to combine the production of compressed hydroelectric power into the creation of artificial satellites in which we could cultivate the natural cycles of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon, enabling man to explore the universe without destroying the Starting point: Planet Earth. Where is true science? Where is true justice and the true global economy? To the undersigned that does not receive responses from the public and private institutions for             many years on this type of questions, it seems to live in a large cast of actors, where everyone is paid not to work seriously, but to play their part, paid by employers of public and private work, with no one knowing the director  and the entire script of this great fiction. The Peter Weir film comes to mind with Jim Carrey of 1998, entitled “Truman Show”, where the protagonist discovers that the first thirty years of his life in the suburban community of Seahaven are a giant soap opera set up in a television studio Great as a whole region, of which it is the only real person filmed by invisible cameras. All the others are actors, including those who have always believed their parents. The reality of the world-class political, scientific, economic and legislative leadership has overcome the fantasy of this film, organizing our lives worldwide, not to defend ourselves from our mistakes, by virtue of their greater ability to select the best solutions But to impose polluting and inefficient systems, telling us half-truths of science, economic policies, which are worse than lies. Tacking on sustainable inventions and not funding them to not deny the inventions they have always carried forward, following a short logic that does not see the future or even the mistakes of the past because mistakes should have been learned to correct designs as it did the undersigned in the SPAWHE system.  As I wrote in the previous open letter to the Courts of International Justice, the undersigned retirement virtually replaced the International Judges, eliminating all energy and existing purifying systems by saving only the technologies and creating, in outline an alternative development model, which might work, described at I know that the International Judges in reality can not have that power, but I also know that the little they can do, they have to do so until they are in office, they can not do it as retired, as the undersigned. However, from the work of the undersigned, they can understand how designing environmentally and energy installations, fixed and mobile, in the interests of everyone. I urge judges to investigate the functionality of these facilities because no world scientist, public or private, ever wanted to confront. If someone, for the respect due to their important functions, make comments, let us know me, I shall make some changes, within the limits of my modest intellectual and economic possibilities, as long as, I will continue to be alone in this endeavor. While finishing this article I place it on the website, I understand that Home Page visitors are 12,580. It is clear that there are very few in relation to the world population of more than seven billion people. But it is also true that only a very small percentage of people can enter the details of energy and purification solutions, although they all speak and everyone seems to have some good solutions. In reality, nobody comes to the details of the alternative solutions ever made, because no one is allowed to do so if he is a public or private company working in these areas. Only delegated directors can intervene on strategic discussions of the world’s economy, environment and energy.  All the others only make noise and assume no responsibility to openly support alternative solutions, especially environmental associations, trade unions, nonprofit associations, religious associations and so on.  What are they doing to fight for alternative experimentation? If not even fund them? If they do not want to be discovered, they can do it in secret without communicating to the world that they believe in the solutions of a retired but not those of official science. On the website there are all the elements to check the inventions without officially playing the reputation. The world’s Truman Show is not just about the powerful, but also the opponents.

  Best regards

  Luigi Antonio Pezone.