After the failure of COP 23, it is needful to realize prototypes of interactive energy before COP 24.

(Seventh Open Letter to Courts of International Justice)

(Second letter to European Council)

The evident failure of COP23 should make it clear to the organizers, the United Nations, who are only losing time and waste economic resources by organizing these mega conferences that do not go into detail about the solutions of an alternative development model. Only the United Nations would have the economic resources and motivations to carry out a multidisciplinary study, above the interests of individual countries, which, by taking advantage of particular energy sources or particular technologies, draw water to its mill, delaying infinitely possible agreement. How could the United Nations take action? Selecting a team of technicians from different scientific disciplines and environmental and energy technologies and making them work together to achieve common solutions, following pollution and neutralizing it step by step, in the right place and at the right time, in the main activities humans: industry, agriculture, urban centers, lakes and seas. Obviously, this study should also include the stages of energy production and consumption, which take place in all human activities. Thus, the scientific organization of human labor was to be opened and closed by organic and inorganic cycles, including those related to the various processes and those related to the energy source used. Unfortunately, until 2006, the United Nations had not yet decided to start this study, while the undersigned was at a juncture of her own life, having to decide whether to retire or accept a new job, given that her employer of work stopped working. It may seem impossible, but not having much to lose, I decided to do the work alone that the United Nations would have to organize, by combining my experiences learned by studying the organization of the automotive plants and the subsequent experience of installer of environmental installations and lifting and distribution of public waters ( I think I have made the right choice because I finished my job in 2017, while the United Nations did not even begin. As often happens, if you are persistent and believe in your abilities, dreams can also become reality. However, in my case, the dream was too big, no one believed me, and yet no one believes me. But who do not believe me, how can they think that I give up after eleven years of hard work of inventor and thirty-seven years of hard work in private companies where no one gives you anything and you just have to tighten your teeth?

If they want, the United Nations can take the opportunity to fly and do my job, saving time and money. However, they will, I will be thanking them for the honor they would do by taking into consideration my work, which has the advantage of not belonging to any public or private company, claim no industrial property and therefore can be put to available to all states and all companies in the world. The silences I have collected during these eleven years of work have made me understand that patents of public utility should not be sold and marketed, as permitted by current legislation by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which is also dependent on the United Nations. At least those of the world public bodies and those of private inventors should reward and protect intellectual property rather than industrial property. In fact, patents of public utility should be taken out of the monopoly of the powerful multinationals, who retain power even after the patents have fallen, by acquiring the rights of inventions by public and private bodies of small inventors or by making them decay because no private inventor can afford the cost of an international patent (which can reach about 150,000 euro) without their financial support. It does not take much to understand that to avoid conflicts of interest, corruption of public bodies, the contractual weakness of private inventors, the only solution would be the clear separation of intellectual property from the industrial one, which can only coincide if the inventor is a private company employee. These things, little known to the general public and not even to the undersigned, before starting the adventure of environmental inventions, should reflect on the United Nations, which are at the center of these affairs as guarantors of international democracy.  To the undersigned, with all due respect, it seems that they are not doing a good job, both in the organization of COP without global projects above partisan interests, both in the law of public utility patents, which must not be conditioned by the powers strong of multinationals. Today, good ideas, unconnected with the joint power of multinationals and public research organizations who only talk to each other, are forced to die before they are born, knowing inventors who must fight against immense rubber walls raised by national politicians and bureaucrats International. It may seem strange, but these objective difficulties, instead of discouraging me, have led me to go even further, because a wrong system can only be fought by highlighting practically and paradoxically the defects and the damage it produces to progress. It is clear that no inventor can fight the powerful alliance between multinationals, public research organizations and lawmakers, but it is equally obvious that this system is boycotting, probably without realizing it, the most simple, powerful and economic energy and purification system that can to exist.

Having had the experience to identify or fortunately found a prolific set of unpublished inventions: the “DEPURATIONS AND ENERGY INTERACTIVE” between technology, water and air, the physical, chemical principles and biologically linked together in the same plants. While still today there are large water purifiers, large air filtration, large thermal systems that do not interact with each other, I decided to continue to develop ideas until the line exhausted. I have only paid National, European or International Deposit Fees without paying any fees to prove that the patent system is not working either at national or European or international level because it goes against common interests. Indeed, today, if patents do not develop authorized powers and do not follow the chains of current energy and purification systems, inventions are not being realized by anyone. In fact, despite the validity of environmental and energy projects, the undersigned has not received collaboration proposals from both national public organizations, both international ones, both by multinationals.

I do not speak the fox that by failing to reach the grape it says it is acerbic. Certainly I would appreciate the help of anyone who helped me to produce demonstration prototypes. I know that even the eye wants its part to make it clear to ordinary people, environmental associations, trade unions that it is in their interest to fight to have interactive energy and clean-ups all over the world not only for environmental problems but also to zero the energy bills and the fuel of the means of transport.  Today, disinformation on interactive energy is total, despite the Internet, because brainwashing begins from elementary schools, teaching nature’s love but not practical science principles to protect it until the emergence of the best universities in the world. I have sought the collaborations of all, above all, because it seemed impossible to carry out the entire path solely on a theoretical basis. Unfortunately, these collaborations have not been there. In one way or another energy path and purifying it has been concluded, at least on the principles of operation, which are very different from those used in existing systems, although I use principles legislated for several centuries, such as those of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry. I do not need to prove anything because it is in the common interest that these solutions spread. Everyone has to do his part. I am sure that what I have deposited will work, although it will be necessary to refine the construction techniques and lighten the materials, especially if we want to transfer compressed hydroelectric power to land, marine, aeronautical and space transport. For these reasons, the last articles that the public are directed specifically to the international justice bodies and the United Nations. These patents are too important to be transferred to individual companies. They must be urgently made available to all if we want to stop global warming and distribute more equitably the world’s wealth. Contrary to what one can think of, the key to democracy and progress is the transparency of design, above all, energy and environmental. The words of politicians, philosophers, and even of religions, fly, while projects remain as a Damocles sword over the head of those who ignore them, avoiding confrontation, no finance and no realize them. A project can not be ignored if it does not prove that it does not work. Especially if this project was designed by the designer or inventor to replace plants that have already proved not to work. A number of projects ignored above all, if connected, as in the case of the “SPAWHE” model, without explanations from the world’s economic power centers, can be a denial to the world’s population and the planet to have better living conditions.  This would be a crime against humanity, aggravated by the fact that solutions designed by those who govern the environment do not even reach the level of sufficiency. Take for example the case of (C.C.S.) that does not neutralize the CO2 but hides high pressure to 800-1000 meters deep, which is only cost prototypes in many tens of billions and still do not decide to abandon it.

My work, posted on the website, did not cost even one euro to the world community. It takes into account both the organization of industrial, agricultural, urban, lakes and seas, as well as the energy and purification systems that interfere better with these activities. At the United Nations I simply say: “A donated horse does not look in the mouth.” Is not it better for them to have an alternative development model to discuss, improve or reject, taking responsibility going into details of the solutions, rather than going back to the COP24 with empty hands? It is not the fault of the undersigned if science and technology, applied individually, as has been done since the advent of the industrial era, are not environmentally compatible. From my point of view, it is fortunate that someone has studied an alternative and corrective model for energy and purification systems when the percentage of CO2 in the environment rose by only 45% and oceanic acidification by 30%. A further delay would undermine any restoration even by applying 100% interactive energy to the entire planet. Scientists know that acidification follows a logarithmic curve that is almost horizontal in the first stroke, but then it becomes impossible to stop it in the next stage. However, especially scientists and professors are silent interactive energy. Probably, it was offended that a mere retired, former technical installer of plants, had entered into affairs they deem their expertise. Instead, I think I’ve only done my plant design job, which can not be done without analyzing the reasons why current plants do not work, not to fail to respect those who designed them. I also believe that my plants could reduce CO2 from the atmosphere and re-alkalinize the oceans if we act fast. But I also believe in the economics of my systems: the interactive energy produced with water and air costs hundreds of times less coal. This news should also please the United Nations, or am I wrong? They have the right to have any doubts and make the necessary verifications. They have no right to keep silent because the interactive energy that cleans the fossil energy is now five years old and no one has ever responded, while that tablet has over two years and still pretend not to understand it.

If math and physics are not personal opinions, the power of a kinetic energy produces pressure on the surface of the flow through the fluid density. Therefore, heat does not center anything with 98% of the energy that has so far been produced. Do we have to wonder why science and technology have been stubborn to use heat to produce energy? Why science and technology did not realize that heat is not indispensable, it is also a useless passage. Therefore, its production is uneconomic?  The same can be said for the use of gas, which having a density almost a thousand times less water, if it is not indispensable, it is necessary to produce energy through the circulation of water or another non-compressible and more dense liquid. If math and physics are not personal opinions, the efficiency of an energy system is calculated through the difference between spent and produced energy. The energy is spent to create the pressure and the flow of the energy fluid. It is produced using such pressure and brought into an organ that transforms linear energy into rotary energy that is connected to an electromagnetic current generator. To create pressure with a combustion gas, you need to buy a fuel and create an explosion in a combustion chamber. To create hydraulic pressure it is necessary to raise the water at a useful height Hu. Both systems cannot achieve 100% potential energy efficiency: equal to the fuel heat power in the case of gas and in the case of hydraulics; while in hydraulic systems equal to 100% of the lift pump performance. This is what was thought until now and nothing has changed with regard to the energy produced by the combustion gases. It has changed everything with regard to hydraulic energy, which can be achieved by recovering the same liquid that produced the energy and by circumventing the gravitational force, or, the static pressure of a pressurized tank with compressed air, by means of a pump with separate power supply to the impeller. Therefore, for hydraulic systems it is no longer true that the potential energy should be less than 100% of the energy absorbed by the pump, because by circumventing gravitational force and flow pressure, it is not the pump that raises the water, but the principle of communicating vessels and the principle of Pascal, which cost nothing from the energy point of view.

With regard to the total efficiency of energy systems: using gas pressure, the energy source is the fuel heat power. The energy we produce in a thermal engine or through a gas turbine is about, 0.35, while in a thermal air turbofan is about 0.25. At these very low yields we must add the environmental damages caused by fixed combustion and land transport are limited to CO2, fine dusts, and SOx and NOx particles, while no air purification is possible for air transport, so pollution is total. While we could have planes and tanks against fire tanker flying without fuel.

In addition, what about the pollution that we are producing around the earth before gaining space? Various satellite launch experiments and rocket probes have created thousands of bodies that orbits around the earth, which can damage future spaceships. Before launching space systems that are unable to return to Earth with their own energy, I believe that I should study “spaceships greenhouse” which should serve as a base for the reproduction of a terrestrial system with artificial light that produces Carbon cycles, oxygen, and nitrogen, necessary for human life. The most logical solution is to try to produce energy with these elements, which would be an energy, protecting the environment. Men who would live in these greenhouses traveling in space should not even have the feeling of living in space, being such pressurized greenhouses at atmospheric pressure.  In fact, it would be difficult to pressurize them differently, as they were built on the earth after the construction would be hermetically sealed and shipped in space with all men, animals, equipment, spare parts, laboratories, workshops, but above all artificial ponds, digesters decomposers of organic substances, linked to superimposed biological ponds, greenhouses of overlapping agricultural production, depurative greenhouses with oxygenated and alkalizing artificial rains. Finally, many full of compressed air tanks to navigate through space. These solutions are all technically possible, and are described on the website http: www /, but at present, they have not even been realized on the Earth planet because science has never bothered to completely close the organic and inorganic cycles that open.  As long as Newton’s principles remain valid, thrust tunnels are a logical invention to travel in the atmosphere and space with cold-powered electricity, maximizing atmospheric gases or storing them in tanks, in case the trip is spatial. Even if, instead of pressurized hydroelectric power, another type of cold electricity is used that does not produce high-pressure gas or steam, thrust tunnels would also be equally useful But in the state of the art, other cool energies can not even be considered for this application, being bulky and low-yielding. Thus, the interactive energy between water and air would also serve in space. But NASA is also silent. It can be said that including NASA in the silent scientific international conspiracy of powerful against interactive energy, the circle closes perfectly (

By using compressed air pressure on the water we do not use fuels, so we do not have the cost of them, we do not produce any kind of pollution in any ground or air plant, so we do not have to bear purgative costs. We only have to bear the costs of using energy-producing machines, which are far inferior to thermal machines for two reasons: we do not produce thermal shocks to the materials, we can use much higher operating pressures, produced in very small quantities by machines (turbine compressor pumps alternators). The greater part of the energy is recycled through the water which is always the same and the air trapped in a space with no exits, behaves like a compressed spring, providing energy to the water that circulates in one-way below of the air cushion, leaving the circuit only the water pumping it from the double supply until the impeller enters the pressurized water recycling circuit, exploiting the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies. In fact, low pressure water would not enter the pressurized recycle circuit, entering from the second suction of the pump if at the same time no other water was released from the circuit that feeds the turbine. For the undersigned, the mistake that has been made since the advent of the industrial era was that it had not studied global water and air work cycles that nature has been using skillfully for billions of years for all applications human: chemical, physical, biological, macro energetic and micro energy. Just think of the wind energy moving the sea waves, the universal carbon cycle, and the micro energy that produces chlorophylline photosynthesis. Who has taken over in energy production has not put together all the processes but has only taken a tiny part to solve an immediate problem like that of a development of a pressure that produces energy, while those who took over in the purification systems have likewise, by limiting itself to the indispensable tightness, without ever analyzing inorganic and physical organic cycles to improve yields and bring the state of the environment back to initial start conditions before being used by humans.

Obviously, the facilities illustrated on the website are different from those existing on the whole planet, simply because we use different physical principles. It is not obvious the silence with which they were welcomed. Half truths telling the various branches of science, politics and economics do not make a complete truth if man-made plants do not exploit hydraulic regimes favoring energy conservation: Pascal, Torricelli. If we continue to waste energy in land-based energy plants to waste water and do not exploit the principle of henry to purify water by producing energy at no extra cost, it is simply unconscious. If we do not take advantage of the tiny extra costs of pressurized hydroelectric power to extract from the environment the excess CO2 that stratify in the low atmosphere of the atmosphere by producing carbonates in the waters, is another act of global incompetence. If we do not take advantage of the compressed hydroelectric power to clean all waters polluted by abusive discharges, chemical fertilizers used in agriculture, and grazing animals producing energy in wells, lakes and rivers, is another act of general incompetence. The same can be said if we do not escape from high water producing compressed hydroelectric power where floods are foreseen, because with the same plant water can be lifted into channels that lower the water level. Obviously, the same plants that would protect us from high waters would also protect us from droughts.

Who assumes the responsibility of denying that sea water can not be desolded in large quantities and at very low cost producing energy instead of consuming it ( Who assumes the responsibility to deny that from the sea we can extract most of the food needs without acidifying it through artificial welling (

Who pays the damages of all that has been hurt by the 196 sovereign states, without any authoritative and impartial worldwide scientific co-ordination? Who are the culprits? Politicians, scientists, inventors, industrialists, economists; oppositions that have not sufficiently opposed; Justice that has not condemned enough; legislators who have not properly legislated; the churches who have not prayed enough; the scientific press that always prefers to talk about the problems and solutions of the powerful, never the alternatives of those who have no power? Certainly, if no worldwide public body and no NO PROFIT association supported words or funding projects on, there is something that does not fit in the entire world-class leadership, but also in the opposition, who prefer to protest rather than support alternative projects.  Do not they know that protests are making more funding available for current environmental and energy solutions? For the undersigned many environmental associations and No Profit make a false opposition. How do they use the money they collect? Only to organize the protests? It does not make sense.

It is not just do not go to vote holding your nose, as the great Italian journalist Indro Montanelli said. If there should be NO profit associations, they must produce concrete projects that should be made available to all, and governments must recognize copyright to finance them, such as public research organizations. Those who do not produce anything useful and concrete should not receive funding or raise funds. It must be the projects and solutions that are made in the field to provide financing to inventors and designers through copyright, not industrial property. Thus, the current patent system must separate industrial property from intellectual property, which must be rewarded with the consent of users with the utmost transparency. Only in this way can free scientific work be created by the political and economic power centers that produce truly alternative projects such as those reported at It is obvious that those who have monopolized inefficient depuration and energy systems and who sell only words of good environmental propositions, without knowing how to design, face a development model such as that illustrated by SPAWHE.

Most politicians, who take credit for economic growth and employment in electoral campaigns, do not know where wealth and wealth come from.  The wealth comes from private factories and construction sites, where the undersigned worked. The policy would have to administer the wealth produced while public research and legislators would have to protect the environment and justice so that growth would be healthy growth. Instead, public research bodies have sold their patents to private individuals and together have warmed the planet, poorly purified water and air, favored droughts and floods.

What is the use of economic growth if public institutions contribute to the destruction of the environment by producing and distributing fossil and nuclear energies, or by encouraging inconsistent renewable energies? Who governs without global technical and scientific knowledge, can not realize that much of the growth serves to repair the damage caused by droughts, fires, floods and to buy fuels, which are all things that could be avoided with an interactive management of the environment.

Today there are public debts for large hydroelectric works that damage the environment and to pay for fuels that create even worse damage. Both energy systems do not serve, because energy can be produced at costs hundreds of times lower than the current ones without producing any damage but purification and alkalinizations collateral to energy production, simply putting together the right physical principles in the right place with the machines rightThere is the principle of Pascal to save energy and that of Torricelli to produce it without costs and there is the principle of Henry to purify in combination with the principle of Pascal, equally without energy costs. The only thing that was missing were small strategic inventions made by man to connect these three principles in very small and very large plants, which would always work the same way at all hours of the day and night, with any temperature, consuming only the machine wear.

The world’s political and scientific institutions have been wrong on all fronts, allowing sick industrial growth, because despite having millions of researchers, they have not been able to identify the energies and the interactive depurations, however they continue to strut and take the merits of a sick economy that grows at a high rate only in developing countries that are copying the mistakes committed by industrialized countries, without having growth ideas matured by their managerial class devoid of experiences. While the industrialized countries are full of debts because they have not been able to create a model of sustainable development, which could arise only from the objective criticism of their mistakes. Not by their satisfaction. The undersigned is not pleased with the mistakes made by installing industrial and environmental facilities in a lifetime of work without having any decision-making power, but by doing such work, something has learned and at least retired, he hopes to be heard.

From an article on the Internet, I would like to point out the ranking of the ten most indebted countries in the world updated in June 2017: United States: 18.237 billion euros, Japan: 10.557, Italy: 2.407, United Kingdom: 2.345, France: 2.173, China: 1.684, Germany: 1.544, the Netherlands: 475, Belgium: 435, Austria: 305. A large part of these debts are due to unnecessary and counter productive energy and water distributions precisely because the interactive energies were not identified, which would have also purified the environment without distorting the territories. However, not even the world oppositions, formed in the same universities, believe in the purification and the interactive energies to renew the planet.  I had to create a website that also speaks in English, having lost all hope of response from the Italian ruling class. I had to realize that the whole world is a country. No one in the world has the courage to investigate thoroughly to stop a world development system that is wrong by the foundations of basic energy and purification principles. The current ruling class, like that of the past, having failed to understand the importance of the principles of Pascal Torricelli and Henry,  has not even guessed the renewable energy that are cumbersome discontinuous and with very low yields, that at most, will be able to approach the current yields of thermal energy, but not even remotely to that of interactive energy, especially compressed, in fixed and mobile versions.

As Archimedes said: “Give me a leverage and I will raise the world”, I allow myself to say: give a simple pensioner (who does not claim industrial property) some funding and will show you practically what he has already written theoretically: “How to save the world from pollution, global warming and world public debt in every corner of the earth. “The demonstrators scaled cost less organization of COP24. Will is power. The projects are ready for a long time. In a year could be made prototypes of nearly everything. If the pumps work with the separate double power supply up to the impeller, all the systems patented symbolically by the undersigned will work. I speak of symbolic patenting because the legislators have made sure that those who have no money are not granted copyright. Even these inconsistencies must be reported to be improved, otherwise no one notices it. I hope that some Nobel laureate of physics centenary, near death, who has nothing to lose (like myself), it is decided to recognize the mistakes made in the underestimation of the exploitation of the principles of Pascal, Torricelli, Bernoulli, Henry, and at the same time, explain to the world (since I am not believed) for which reason such pumps should not work.  Instead the Nobel is are silent:  who have had have had and who gave have gave. Meanwhile, men pass, including scientists and inventors, who could change things (if they had the courage to go against the current), the world population is close to nine billion and environmental problems are increasing because the technologies that are developed do not interact positively with the environment.

We do not know that all the centrifugal pumps work one-way because on the suction side the rotating impellers create a depression that allows the fluid to enter, due to the increase in speed at the center of the impeller (Bernoulli’s theorem), which in the same impeller does pressure increase towards the periphery because it widens the passage surface, explained by the same Bernoulli theorem? We do not know that with multistage centrifugal pumps, with closed impellers, we can reach pressures of 100 bar?  If we divide the pump supply into two or four parts until it reaches the impeller, the separate inlet flows become a single flow inside the impeller because the rotation allows the alternate inlet in the same quarter of the water impeller with different pressures. . Therefore, at the outlet of the pump we have only one flow and one pressure, which is that of the Pascal principle. As a consequence, we can insert in a pressurized recycle circuit at very high pressure of the water or hydraulic oil in low pressure, simultaneously expelling the same quantity of water or oil from the pressurized tank that receives the flow, in high pressure, water or oil that has entered low pressure. By passing this flow into a multi-impeller pump, or into a gear pump used as turbines (powered in reverse) and turning all the pressure energy into kinetics, which allows the alternator connected to the turbine to reach very high rpm thanks also to gear transmission ratios, we can produce all the energy we need in a fixed and mobile version. We have an immense energy gain in the alternator, because the water or oil pressure that passes in the pump used as a turbine, does not provide the pump but the cushion of compressed air placed in the high-pressure liquid recycling tank, which acts like a spring. Therefore, not consuming energy, due to the fact that the water or oil, which are incompressible, circulate one-way in the volume of accumulated liquid with the low prevalence of the circulation pump with the double separate supply (which works with a balanced load in suction and delivery), without compressing or expanding the cushion of compressed air, controlled by level probes of the liquid accumulated in the tank: “If the level increases, the revolutions of the circulation pump are reduced by an inverter, if it decreases, they increase”.

With current technologies, modifying only the way of feeding the pumps and using the current pumps as turbines at the outlet of the pressurized tanks, according to the pressures used we can produce energies tens or hundreds of times higher than those absorbed by the motor connected to the pump. It depends only on the pressure of the compressed air that is not consumed, apart from the small part that dissolves in pressurized water or oil. We must not forget that the current multistage pumps are used to pump water up to a hundred bar, but if we use them as turbines, that is, as pressure dissipators, they can work at much higher pressures, such as gear pumps that already work at 500 bar. Therefore, we can use pressures much higher than one hundred bars and achieve energy gains thousands of times higher than those allowed by current energy systems, which at best amount to 35% of the lower heating power of a paid fuel. With compressed air we can reach very high static pressures (above 2790 bar), but if we stop at only a hundred bars allowed by the current state of multistage pumps usable as turbines, we can already say that the hydroelectric plants pressurized with the compressed air without fuels and without pollution, have the potential to be at least 2.5 times more powerful than thermal energy, only on the basis of the ratio of operating pressures that can be used to the current state of the art (100/40). Because in a combustion chamber of an engine does not exceed the pressure of 40 bar. If we consider that the fumes do not circulate but a liquid with an average density 800 times higher than the fumes, with the same circulating flow rate, we have a deliverable power up to 2000 times higher. But these plants are also cheaper practical and less cumbersome, not needing distribution networks to be fed, nor of fuel tanks, among other things, bought at a high price. The means of transport will not need to stop at the distributors along the roads or at intermediate airports to fill the tanks. While the ships will not need big tanks for fuel stocks.

It is evident that the science of world physics, which has made great discoveries, has also made the grossest error that it could do from an energetic and purifying point of view, since the advent of the industrial age, and is the real global warming, as well as nuclear disasters and atomic bombs. This science has been super rewarded by the powerful of the Earth and culture with many Nobel Prizes. Nobody noticed the errors. To err is human, but the undersigned sees no repentance.

As a simple installation technician I did not want to criticize science but to give it a hand, because in my long activity I saw only industrial, urban, agricultural, energy, purifying, badly designed and with interrupted purification cycles, which in my opinion instead , they could continue planning them differently, or simply expanding them. I thought that my reasoning, which always accompanied my patent deposits, was accepted by science as constructive criticism; from environmental associations as a technical support to their protests; from trade unions as new job opportunities. In fact, if the cycles of industrial processes, urban, agricultural, energy and purifying aspects were expanded, as well as having cleaner water and air, we would also have had more jobs. I did not expect to be understood by entrepreneurs who see environmental aspects as a tax to pay. Not their fault, because they have to compete on production costs even with companies that do not respect the laws.

In fact, for me, the environmental systems must be designed with interactive solutions, self-purifying, precisely to prevent those who do not respect the laws and also to purify the pollutants, which for logical reasons can not pass through specific purification plants. Public planners and legislators can not unload their planning inefficiency on businesses and citizens, imposing only emission limits, limiting urban traffic and things like that, but they must do so through structural works that are scientifically organized in the territory, which would automatically purify the environment for 95% of world pollution. Only companies specialized in chemical production must be regulated separately. Regarding the energy to be used in industry, transport, construction sites and urban public research worldwide should not have given free will to producers and the market, but intensify the research at 360 degrees, because the energy clean and sustainable has always been close at hand. It could not be identified by the separate application of individual thermodynamic, chemical or nuclear principles, which transform matter through processes that can not be closed in small plants. The world’s public research bodies have failed dramatically their task because not having done the research path of the interactive purification that has done the undersigned with only reasoning, they could not even get to the conception of the interactive energies. Instead, they unexpectedly turned out to be much simpler, cheaper and less cumbersome than current energies, because not opening thermal and chemical cycles, they do not need to close them.

 The state of the art of interactive energies is advanced only virtually, assuming the previous patents are working, improving them and integrating them with the subsequent ones. The result is shown in “New Home page” of, while the details of the final patent deposits are shown in the following pages. Energy comes directly from the purification systems, purifying water and air together, after the capture of fossil energy combustion fumes. On this topic there are at least about fifteen national patents that have been used to prepare four international patents, which have not been taken into consideration by the global environmental and energy sciences, leaving patents deposits to decline ( However, the studies carried out on the purification of water and air together led to the study of the already known physical principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry, which allowed to go beyond the initial objectives, albeit only virtually, because those who they are the real culprits of global warming now they are dead while the public and private heirs do not respond. The undersigned had no choice but to publish all his work and to resort to the International Courts of Justice, through open letters so that the truths come out in everyone’s interest, including the errors of the undersigned, if they exist, not having been able to do any experimentation .

  Everything I have published about the energy of the future is much simpler, more rational and more efficient than what was imagined and published in science fiction movies. They referred to the progress of NASA and the eternal hopes on the nuclear sciences, at the highest technological level, which certainly produced economic growth, of which all boast. I say that the growth would have been the same and even higher, but with less costs and less environmental disasters, if someone had anticipated the one hundred year old in the invention of the pump with the separate double feed up to the impeller and the pneumatic hydraulic or oil or pneumatic hydraulic circuits connected. This could happen because all the necessary machines had already been invented. Therefore, we can say that we have polluted and heated the planet unnecessarily, without saving even from an economic point of view.

But nobody wants to talk about these things. Probably, even filmmakers would be disappointed, if clean energy had no secret formulas and could be produced in every corner of the earth, even in every modest dwelling in a desert or an igloo of the north pole. Science fiction movies should be filmed again. We would return to the old Italian Neorealism of the 50s, where the protagonists are not the powerful but the disadvantaged classes and the non-professional actors (as the undersigned). Certainly the fans of Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes and aeronautical patrols of supersonic aircraft would be disappointed. Much smoke and smog and little substance in the light of facts, because compressed hydropower as well as clean and cheap is also more powerful.

I read these days that Sergio Marchionne will again bring Alfa Romeo into Formula 1 from 2018. I have loved Alfa Romeo as a company, not as a car, because working for seventeen years, he taught me to rationally connect the work cycles to production plants. If I left Alfa Romeo, it was because I had realized that the knowledge of the organization of industrial work was necessary to rationalize environmental systems. Without this experience, I would have had no hope of finding and finding where the interactive energy between the water and the compressed air was hiding, which led me to invent a hydropneumatic or oleopneumatic engine that could be used in a few years, even on cars. certainly more powerful and economical than the thermal one. Unfortunately, the industrial and environmental world are at the antipodes. Environmental scientists, specialized in individual disciplines, can not understand that through the simultaneous organization of several work cycles and more machines and plants we can identify new environmental solutions and multiply the purification and energy potential, while industrial managers can not understand that if they were not able to design a clean engine, it was because they did not extend the organization of the work cycles to the purification, but only to comply with the regulations. Most of the world inventions arise from the organization of work to lighten the work of man. For the environment and energy we had to think about it: “The inventions should have been used to lighten the work of nature, increasing its energy and purifying productivity, even without understanding all the details of how complex processes like photosynthesis and universal cycles of carbon and calcium works” (Most of the world inventions arise from the organization of work to lighten the work of man. For the environment and energy we had to think about it: “The inventions should have been used to lighten the work of nature, increasing its energy and purifying productivity, even without understanding all the details of how complex processes like photosynthesis and uiversal cycles of carbon and calcium works” (Most of the world inventions arise from the organization of work to lighten the work of man. For the environment and energy we had to think about it: “The inventions should have been used to lighten the work of nature, increasing its energy and purifying productivity, even without understanding all the details of how complex processes like photosynthesis and universal cycles of carbon and calcium works” (

 Even if it was not in my objectives to identify the clean and powerful engine for transportation, with hindsight, it was precisely the knowledge of the cycles and plants of both sectors that made me invent the pumps with the double power separate until to the impeller and the connected circuits that, by putting together scientific principles underestimated by the same science, have led to the hydro or oleo electric pneumatic energy that can be mounted on large and small non-combustible transport vehicles.

But as I wrote above, these two worlds, which are at the antipodes in the scientific and technical way of reasoning, today are united, ignoring the inventions of the undersigned. However they do not use scientific or technical arguments, but only silence.

With hindsight, what does it take to realize that the heat engines would have no reason to exist, both from an economic and environmental point of view, both technical and managerial? Is it not easier to manage a high static pressure of compressed air with incompressible water or hydraulic oil circulating one-way with very little energy and maximum yield, rather than combustion fumes paid dearly? Is the Otto or Diesel cycle no longer complicated with gases that expand and compress at 1200 degrees Celsius through valves that open and close? While from an environmental point of view to limit pollution they produce are not enough different types of filters, catalytic converters, additives in petrol and diesel, falsified tests by laboratories all automakers. It was not enough, above all, hundreds of billions of dollars thrown into a bottomless pit, all over the world, on a problem that could never be completely resolved.  When, finally, they understood the race began to hybrid engines and the construction of electrical distribution networks in order to charge the batteries of all-electric engines or tanks of cars with pneumatic engines, with energy yields thousands of times lower than energy produced directly on the vehicle with water and air. What has darkened the scientific and technological minds, not to understand that these can not be the solutions of the transport of the future, not only because they are uneconomical, but also because they are impractical and the heaviest means of transport, those working the land, those who work on construction sites, naval, air and space transport?

Some world authorities should avoid these wastes because man is showing that he no longer has the faculty to understand and to want. I, as an inventor, of these solutions that are simultaneously sustainable, energetic, purifying, small and universally applicable, I can only state publicly that I renounce the industrial property of all my patent deposits, but if I did not, these patents should be requisites, as in times of war, for world public utility. However, I will fight for the copyrights. I do not say this because I claim the genius of these inventions, but because justice must be the same for everyone and today it is not towards inventors, who without money challenge the current patent system that only protects the ideas of the powerful, not for spread the good solutions, but to make them cost more expensive users.  The interactive energy that has been hidden since the advent of the industrial age is right for everyone, but it is also right that those who have spent a lifetime looking for it, have at least the recognition of copyright if and when it comes out of the artificial and anti-economic fogs produced by transversal and silent alliances that have warmed the planet.

 If my work as a simple citizen, not paid by any public research organization and by any multinational company, has led me to identify the interactive energies, probably, it was wanted by destiny, who wanted to reward my long work as a solitary researcher, it is right that this energy is shared by all, not that it to benefit those who have obstructed and continue to obstruct it in any way, especially with inadequate laws. It is not possible that lawmakers do not recognize the copyrights to private inventors, offering, alternative solutions to environmental and economic disasters, hidden behind false attempts to seek solutions from powerful multinationals and public bodies. These false attempts, today are unmasked by simple and economic solutions that have no secret formulas, but the legislators claim that the inventor turns into entrepreneurs and pays taxes before finding the lenders, who obviously does not find because his inventions are surrounded by general silence. If this is the case and the world is in no hurry to tackle environmental problems, the most logical legislative solution is to freeze patents to the state in which they are, without payment of maintenance fees by the inventor. It is simply ridiculous and shameful not to finance projects of public social utility and at the same time to demand the payment of fees for the maintenance of unsustainable patents in order not to make the copyright decay. Today the patent system, although it is managed by the United Nations, only serves to curb progress, not to reward innovative ideas that are beneficial to everyone. The global environmental protection solutions I have started publishing since 2011, after five years of work and about twenty minor patents, have been perfected with subsequent patent deposits. They have been published since the day following the filing in search of public or private collaborations, which have not been found. In the meantime, there have been seven international COP conferences that have never presented any comprehensive environmental protection solution.

If my solutions were wrong, due to the fact that I published and publicized them with the passion that every inventor dedicates to his inventions, I could probably be condemned by the judges of “Procured unjustified world optimism”, but since no one believed me, I do not think I can be condemned.

If, on the other hand, my solutions are correct, what is the crime that the entire world ruling class has committed that has ignored them? While in these years it has continued to waste resources, to damage the environment and health with wrong energy and purification plants. What are the international laws against the general unpreparedness of the world’s ruling class, since the solutions offered by the undersigned do not reveal unknown secret formulas, but only a rational planning of the plants?

These questions are directed, above all, to international judges, who are not technicians and are not scientists. They need scientific and technical advice to get answers. Who can be a consultant on this subject, surrounded by general silence?  For the undersigned, the most logical thing is to order the prototypes of the various versions of depurations and interactive energies to whom they judge of their trust, with the advice of the undersigned to verify that the main criteria of the individual designs are respected. Only in this way is it possible to establish with certainty whether the state of the art of environmental protection does not advance for unsurpassable technical and scientific reasons, or for the simple crime of omission of office acts contemplated in the “Codification Project on State Responsibility for internationally unlawful acts “, which they themselves drafted in 2001 at the United Nations, signed and not complied with, by almost one hundred and ninety-six sovereign states.

Best Regard  

Luigi Antonio Pezone