Cop24, the replies that miss to Greta Thunberg, yellow gilets, poor countries, and sustainable inventions.

Nineteenth open letter to the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.


The first half of December 2018 has been characterized by the parallel development of the 24th COP conference in Poland, organized by the UN, and by the lively demonstrations in France against the increase in fuels. This momentary parallelism, for myself, focuses on the real world problem, that is to have created an unsustainable society, At COP summit the only truth was told by a 15 year old, Swede, Greta Thunberg, who came up on stage unexpectedly, said: “Our civilization is sacrificed for the opportunity that a very small number of people continue to do huge sums of money.” The adults, who participate in the COP, instead, lie to defend partisan interests. If they lie in good faith, they have not understood how things are and find themselves in the wrong place. The environmental problems are not resolved because the centers of power have taken possession of the wrong energy sources and intend to exploit them as a primary source of energy even if the heat engines are abolished and all means of transport and work will be powered by powerful batteries. These choices are absurd because they will significantly increase the costs of transport and work and there will be even more need for electricity produced with the wrong energies. These gentlemen are not open to alternative sustainable solutions because they have occupied all key positions in politics, the economy and world science. Scientists and researchers are simple well-paid employees, who also grant extra earnings through the sale of patents, provided that such patents fall within the line drawn by the centers of power. The various branches of science can investigate to search environmental problems and seek all possible commercial solutions to improve the environment and obtain public funding, but they must not find uncomfortable solutions for their employers, public or private.  Most environmental and energy problems can be solved through the synergies between different scientific principles legislated for centuries and modern technologies, but world science, working in watertight compartments, as it has always worked, has not noticed it and has erred main principle of world energy, which is not thermodynamics but fluid dynamics. Having ascertained the principles of energy conservation and Newton’s action and reaction principle and being clear that atmospheric pressure, energy saving and energy production are penalized by gravity, world science had to investigate and identify where they exist on planet Earth, the best environmental conditions to save and at the same time produce energy. These special conditions have always existed in the aquatic environment, where it is possible to create a one-way flow, in a tube, in the sense of gravity, without spending the energy to raise the water again, as you are forced to do in the atmospheric environment. Therefore it is possible to produce energy indefinitely simply by putting in series a pump coupled to an electric motor and a turbine coupled to a current generator. The energy produced by the current generator is always tens of times higher than the energy absorbed by the electric motor and this difference is multiplied with the increase of the positive head on the pump. It was not easy to identify these favorable conditions before the invention of electromagnetism that use both the motors that absorb energy, and the generators that produce it. Once this system had been identified, it had to be transferred to all in terrestrial energy applications with the appropriate adaptations, due to the dimensions and the necessary powers. But by now, electromagnetism has more than one hundred years of history. World science not only did not identify the application of submerged hydropower, but also silenced when the patent offices declared it contrary to the principles of energy conservation. On the other hand, the synergies between turbine pumps and electromagnetism allow synergistic exploitation of the synergies between the principles of Newton, Pascal Torricelli and Henry, allowing energy-free installations that are simultaneously purifying due to the solubilization of oxygen in the water. If science had understood this trivial error, we would have saved huge economic resources and would not have had global warming. But world science is still silent along with politicians and justice, despite other important applications developed on the same principles, have led to produce clean energy on the same means of transport and even the conception of an energetic self-sufficient heart that oxygenates the blood. These solutions have remained in a virtual state because the centers of power have not financed them by letting the intellectual repositories of patents fall. Should we wait for the generation of Greta to condemn the guilty?


At Cop24, as before, none of the UN organizers and scientific delegates of the 196 sovereign states came up with the following comparison: “As good wine can only be made with grapes, the best energy can be produced only with natural ingredients: water and air”. If I’m right only partly to affirm this is necessary to eliminate the world’s most important Nobel prizes. Those of physics, chemistry and economics, because not only have we warmed up the planet, we have it, even polluted, poorly treated, and the world population has put us back economically, to enrich a “small number of people”, using words, used from Greta Thumberg. It is not the fault of the science fathers who had correctly identified the scientific principles. These could not even identify the synergies between these principles. These could be identified only after the development of the technologies and the application of the scientific organization of work, not only in factories, as it happened, but also in the environment, where, instead, this development did not take place, above all due to fault world public bodies, which have kept separate the various sectors of physics, chemistry in schools and even in the water, air and energy-producing plants.  The private entrepreneurs and their inventors  could not in any way identify the interactive energy produced with water and air, having limited themselves to respecting the insufficient public regulations, filtering the fumes and partially purifying the water. The interactive energy produced with water, it was possible to identify it only by developing synergistically before the water and air purification systems together, and then, synergistically, the depurative ones of fossil and biological energies, also involving the cooling waters for the closing of the CO2 cycle.  These public tasks, which the United Nations and the 196 sovereign states have not done correctly, lead them to keep quiet about the errors committed and to encourage irrational and unsustainable energy and purification policies. Even using the current renewable, inefficient and discontinuous energies, they are forced to use the energy accumulators to continue supplying the energy continuously to the fixed and mobile users. The use of accumulators further lowers yields and increases costs, while nature would be able to provide free all the energy it needs, consuming only the wear and tear of machines that have already been invented by man, but does not know use synergistically, to exploit together the principles of Torricelli, Newton, Pascal, Henry, because public science, economists and private industrialists, continuing to work in watertight compartments. They ignore or pretend to ignore, that the current model of development is outdated and we do not need the current energy sources, which are the main cause of our current environmental problems, the world public debt and the current gap between rich and poor.

As a grandfather, I was moved when I saw Greta Thunberg’s video, which is only two years older than my eldest granddaughter, to reproach the powerful of the Earth.  As a parent, I have often felt guilty regarding my daughters, having spent little time with them. Carrying out the job of responsible for the construction and installation of mechanical and hydraulic systems in a small company that worked in Italy and abroad, it was a job that often took me abroad and even in Italy I worked at least ten hours a day. I’m enjoying my grandchildren, since I realized that I would be more useful to society as an inventor, even if nobody pays me, having decided to change the systems that I first built and installed. I have made this choice because I believe I am one of the few people in the world to know well at the same time, both industrial and environmental systems, and the way of thinking of public and private designers, who are very different from each other. Without adding these two experiences, almost twenty years in both sectors, I could not give any contribution to improving the state of the art that most needs to improve: environmental and energy. These two sectors, are followed by the same public ministries, but in fact, those involved in producing energy, does not deal with the purification, apart from the filtration of fumes. The filtration of the fumes can not be considered a purification since the combustion chemically alters the combustion air and therefore it is necessary to create unique plants which purify water and air together, including the fumes, with common chemical reactions to economize the processes, that  I initially called “global purification” which subsequently allowed to identify “interactive energy at atmospheric pressure” and “pressurized interactive energy with autoclaves”. These three systems have been developed over twelve years of work and were born gradually developing the plant details continuing to do my job as a technical planner and installer of plants, but only virtual, following global purification cycles, which have become increasingly efficient and less space, with the gradual increase of air pressure.  Unfortunately, no one has noticed this gradual advancement of the state of the art. I think there could not have been a more severe call than that made to the world authorities with the innocent voice of Greta Thumberg. Personally, I also rebuke all the moral and environmental agencies, which have raised funds all over the world. Neither they have paid a single dollar or euro or yen, to verify the usefulness of the interactive depurative and energetic development.

I was not surprised that no one financed interactive solutions. This is the best proof that I was right to dedicate myself to this mission with the residual strength I had, when at fifty-seven, because of the ceased business of the company I worked for, I found myself choosing whether to accept any job offer, which I had, or start the activity of an inventor. I would like to clarify that the company has not closed for bankruptcy, but for a choice of owners. As a technical manager of important sector, I would have felt partially guilty if the closure had taken place for this reason. However, I had enough to participate in the construction of incomplete systems, designed in a non-rational way by all the world’s public bodies, including those financed by the World Bank. Without a global project and related purification and energy cycles, which for myself, cannot be separated. This is not a philosophical concept, but a practical one, due to the study of the organization of work. It can only be demonstrated by planning in detail all the world’s purification and energy plants. I did not think I had to do this huge job alone. I thought that I just had to start it myself and that many designers, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs would understand and collaborate. This did not happen, but everything went well anyway. I believe I have completed my activity as an inventor, having developed more solutions than those I proposed to develop. Probably, my creativity would have been extinguished if I had found public or private interlocutors who had enthusiastically welcomed the logic of “global purification” which was only the initial phase. I warmly thank them for not doing so and for stimulating me to continue with the interactive energies.  But now the stimuli are over, I can not invent anything anymore. I think that the generation of Greta Thumberg and history will remember who really gave a hand to their development and who delayed and hindered it. As a grandfather, I can only, ideally, consider her an honorary granddaughter, for the courage and wisdom shown. I hope that other grandparents who want a more sustainable development for their grandchildren will also do it. As I write this article I learned with pleasure and concern that the fifth grandchild will arrive in 2019. In these years of hard work as an inventor, I have always found the time to accompany my grandchildren to school, the gym, the playgrounds. In southern Italy, we do not have the level of social assistance they have in Sweden. Grandparents play a very important role, especially if their grandchildren live in the same city. I do not see this as a backward aspect of social structures, because the closeness between grandparents and grandchildren is useful above all in all affective aspects. I think that in a society designed for men, only those who want to emigrate should emigrate. This too is part of the ability to design global facilities and infrastructures, but I do not want to go too far into social problems. But the world governments have not understood this either, having become prostitutes to the current global economy conceived by economists only on industrial economic development, without the support of sustainable environmental and energy development, which no one has developed.

Almost nobody wants to migrate spontaneously. Everyone would like to live in their countries of origin with their own traditions and close to their family members. If we want to avoid the current phenomenon of large migrations, it is not necessary to build walls of separation between countries, but we must learn to design globally for the environment, avoiding floods and desertification and organizing better to put out fires. The existing hydroelectric plants entail huge costs to collect water with dams, exploiting the water one way facilitate the winter floods and summer droughts. Whereas current desalination plants, if made with evaporation, produce acidic and without salty waters, unsuitable for agriculture. Those made with ultra filtration, absorb a lot of energy and have very high management costs. While the current system of flying does not allow canadairs to stop on the fires of fire to avoid wasting water.

No world scientific commission has judged my solutions that would produce hydroelectric energy in the plains by recycling water, keeping the waters low in winter and high in summer to avoid floods and to fight desertification. With regard to desalination, I have proposed a system that could produce small streams of desalted water by means of ionic exchange that produce hydroelectric energy as described in While to stop flying the Canadairs and air transport in general, would be enough to produce energy on board of aircraft with compressed hydropower that costs nothing, so there’s no need to save energy and we can use a large amount of electrical turbofans that keep the aircraft in a fixed position as described in

If world science, working in watertight compartments, has not noticed the design errors it has committed, even in the dynamic fluid field, in addition to those committed in thermodynamics and nuclear power, how can the world authorities allow the current patent offices to scientifically judge the public utility patent deposits proposed by the undersigned? These have shown that they do not distinguish a closed or one open hydraulic circuit and emit lightly the sentence of “perpetual motion”. Who are their scientific advisors? When I participated in the European social competitions in 2015, and in 2018, I did not even reach the finalists of the award because environmental and energy innovations are not considered social innovations. I do not know who the selection boards are composed of and whether they understood that my participation was a provocation. I called these competitions “lotteries” because the innovations proposed, not only by myself, but by all the participants, are thousands but the powerful of the earth provide the funds to achieve only the first classified, while they continue to waste resources in large works energy and cleansing incomplete, that worsen the environment.

I think that on planet Earth, we can discuss a whole life of art, philosophy, religion, politics, economy, without ever arriving at the truth valid for everyone. The only truths that can be ascertained are scientific and technological, but science must be applied globally and everything has to be experimented with available technologies as the state of the art progresses. So scientific truth is constantly evolving, but what is acquired remains forever. If experimentation to inventors is denied, the only real world growth is denied. Unfortunately, this is what is happening, not in individual countries, but in the whole world, to continue selling coal and oil. What’s more, they are used in systems designed by incompetent designers, who disgrace science, because even fossil energy could be completely cleaned, by making the plants differently.

 If we analyze the words pronounced by Greta Thumberg: “Our civilization is sacrificed for the opportunity that a very small number of people continue to make huge sums of money”, we must note that these summarize, above all, the responsibilities of the powerful, not those of the average ruling class composed of billions of people, who pull to live, day after day, adapting to rules without meaning, as in the novels of Franz Kafka, above all, “The castle” and “The process”.  The social paradox, described very well by a writer in the early 1900s, is even more evident today, for those who want to find interlocutors available to assume the scientific responsibilities of governments and justice.  In fact, paradoxically, we will have to anticipate the political vote at least at the age of fifteen, because the very young seem more courageous and wise than adults. But what will happen when the children of today become adults and will be afraid of losing their jobs by opposing the centers of power that have occupied all the key positions of the world economy? With the advent of the industrial age, even science is no longer reliable, otherwise it would not have allowed the planet to warm up. This, Franz Kafka, could not imagine it because scientific applications were still in its infancy. But bureaucracy and justice have not changed since then.

The global pollution and global warming we are suffering has shown that energy systems and purification plants are not reliable. In addition to those who have produced these installations wrong, who else can investigate, to find new solutions without risking their jobs? Only those who do not have a job, or are retired. If we exclude, those who have never worked, and those who have worked in other sectors, certainly, very few people in the world can do it, but in very difficult operating conditions and without public and private funding, because the culprits are the centers of world power.

Paradoxically, this system can only fight private inventors outside the system, because entrepreneurs who work in public tenders and subcontracts cannot spit into the dish they eat, saying that they believe the plants are wrong and not even the inventors employed by these companies.

Unfortunately, only public planners, legislators and judges can improve world public facilities. But they do not do it to not admit the too many mistakes they have made. People like myself, who have worked in these sectors as employees of private companies, can only develop the details for the construction of the plants. Do not change projects in the general setting ( But the real problem that the undersigned noticed developing the plant details of the public facilities was the fact that he did not see rational connections between the plants in the zone. This means that the world’s public facilities have not studied the organization of environmental work and therefore have not been able to identify the best solutions to increase the efficiency of the plants (environmental taylorism). As a result, they could not identify the global purification systems and the interactive energy that is also depurative.

As a retiree I applied to the environmental systems the scientific organization of work, learned in previous years, when I worked in the automotive industry, to complete all the interrupted purification cycles of current public, thermal and purification plants, depositing them as patents. Paradoxically, these patent deposits, which everyone pretends not to understand and no one has financed, have allowed, at least virtually, with the only technical and scientific reasoning, to replace even the thermal engines of the means of transport that can not close the CO2 cycle inorganic, with hydroelectric engines compressed with recycled water, which are cheaper, cleaner, but also much more powerful than thermal energy. In fact, compressed air can reach pressures of thousands of bars and be statically exploited on the one-way circulating water in the statically balanced circuit in suction and delivery of the modified pumps. As explained in detail in many publications. The world centers of power defend themselves with silence and bureaucracy, not recognizing the copyright of private inventors, if they do not find financiers. But how can lenders find if public facilities can design and legislate only the world’s public bodies? Private companies only implement executive projects. All are silent, including international justice, as if these procedures were a normal thing. Instead, this is the main cause of global pollution of global warming and unsustainable economy. Public institutional tasks have always been the provision of services. In particular, energy, purification and public health, while private companies have concentrated on the extraction of fuels, the implementation of public procurement, the production of consumer goods, including those that use energy technology. Private companies could not imagine that deepening the water purification systems and hydroelectric systems and crossing these experiences could produce energy and purification without any other source of energy. Simply coupling the pumps and turbines in series, exploiting the gravitational force in open one-way circuits always filled with water. World public science had to ascertain this truth and avoid current environmental and economic disasters. Instead, this truth is revealed by a simple installation technician who has developed purification and energy projects differently from the current ones. Public science still pretends not to understand, while private science and entrepreneurs are silent because they are involved in all connected economic affairs starting from the extraction and distribution of fossil, nuclear energy, the transport systems of men, consumer goods and of the same energy. But also renewable energy and the production of energy accumulators that the world authorities are stimulating with great emphasis do not need. In fact, if we can produce, In every place, instant by instant, all the energy that is needed and with lower costs, we need neither the current renewable energy nor the accumulators of energy. The undersigned on these intuitions and reasoning has developed an entire model of alternative development by filing patents that are not legally valid, since the centers of power have subjected intellectual property to the industrial, which of course, a pensioner cannot afford.

What is a patent? Currently a patent is a technical or scientific solution ever made; industrially applicable that has the characteristics of inventiveness and novelty. To these characteristics, for the undersigned, the lack of environmental compatibility. Therefore, the world authorities, which protect industrial property, have also protected patents that have contributed to the spread of global warming, pollution in general and damaged public health.

When a public or private company invents a useful device such as airbags or catalytic converters, the ABS system to improve the stability of braking, public bodies worldwide, make them obligatory and fitted as standard on all means of transport. Paradoxically, the same public bodies worldwide, do not intervene to experiment and make obligatory by law the chimneys that capture CO2,  the depurative sewage, overlapping biological ponds, limestone greenhouses, submerged hydropower plants, and those pressurized with compressed air, with the recycling of water, which would make it possible to close the purification cycles of the air, also neutralizing the CO2 and producing alkaline waters. These systems are in the public domain, why do not they adapt the state of the art, as they impose on the manufacturers of means of transport? Obviously, private builders are forced to adapt, otherwise they cannot sell their means of transport.

Paradoxically, if the world’s public bodies had applied the organization of industrial work to environmental plants, as the undersigned did, they could have invented the aforementioned interactive inventions and imposed on private companies, in addition to the adoption of the airbag, catalytic converters and the ABS also replaces the thermal engine with the pressurized hydropower. But for the sake of consistency they would first have to scrap the world’s thermal power stations, boilers, sewers, chimneys and water purifiers, which make incomplete cycles. In fact, inventions are not born only from the identification of scientific and technological principles, but also from the best way to organize industrial and environmental work. Every operation must be done in the right place and at the right time and rationally connected to the following operations, otherwise the production will increase and the quality of production will worsen. The designers of industrial plants have understood this. While the designers of public facilities did not understand it. However, industrial designers, focused on the production of commercial consumer goods, individual machines and individual chemical or biological processes, did not identify the interactive energies, which could only be identified by public designers by applying the organization of environmental work. Knowing that they would never do it, I allowed myself to replace them in carrying out this task, having worked in this field for twenty years as a technical installer, but employed by a small private company. Obviously, no one thanked me for these uncomfortable inventions for everyone, but not for future generations, if they are wiser than the current one.

Private companies work with different objectives than public ones. They produce what the market requires and improve quality and returns, to win competition with other companies operating in the same sector. They adapt production facilities only when the market demand is sufficient to justify the necessary investments, or when environmental laws and safety regulations require it.

In the energy sector, we are in a paradoxical situation, as in the environmental one, because the single-subject skills of the experts, including renewable energies, have identified the simplest solutions, such as solar panels, wind turbines, energy accumulators. But these are not the best solutions from the point of view of returns and costs. For this reason, the scientific and institutional bodies should have intervened at the highest levels with more in-depth studies to avoid wrong investments and waste of global resources. But these studies have not organized them, not even the United Nations. Thermal, hydroelectric, and nuclear inventions that make partial cycles have already done too much damage to the environment and the world economy. But these studies have not organized them, not even the United Nations. Thermal, hydroelectric, and nuclear inventions that make partial cycles have already done too much damage to the environment and the world economy. Thermal, hydroelectric, and nuclear inventions that make partial cycles have already done too much damage to the environment and the world economy. While solar energy, wind energy and accumulator batteries, which have invented without studying the organization of global environmental work, are discontinuous, with low yields, waste materials that are nearing depletion, such as lithium, have high costs disposal. These energy and energy storage systems cannot compete even remotely with the interactive principles of Newton, Torricelli, Henry, Pascal, Plank, Pacinotti, Tesla, which put together in interactive energy plants, without fuels and energy accumulators would produce energy and purification instant for instant when it is needed in any weather condition.  World public bodies and other centers of power that have been meeting each year for 24 years under the umbrella of the United Nations cannot continue to ignore the interactive energies, waiting that a retiree also perform the magic of showing the working prototypes I’ve already done my job. I can only publish articles on the topics covered so that we can understand that invention, as well as being scientific and technological, must also be sustainable.

Sustainability can only be achieved by applying science and technology to natural systems, without combustion, without dividing the atom, and without energy accumulators, because gravity, atmospheric air, and pressurized  air in the autoclaves are huge accumulators of energy, but they must be used statically exploiting the elastic pressure they exert on the water. The hydraulic flows must be one-way, otherwise the systems do not behave as energy producers but from hydropneumatic actuators, simply returning the energy they receive. This is what we have done up to now, erroneously applying the fluid dynamic principles of energy, which instead require the coupling in series of pumps and turbines in open systems, always full of water, with the flow in the direction gravitational force, or in pressurized systems with autoclaves, partially open, after changing the pump power supply These concepts, which escaped the various generations of scientists and technicians worldwide, including myself, who identified them after forty-five years of industrial and environmental experience and two dozen patents on the cleansing of fossil energy and global purification, should make us understand, at least to the institutional bodies that claim to govern the world, how huge is the legislative void that exists, always in relation to private inventors, who propose solutions of public utility Suffice it to say that Antonio Meucci, on December 28, 1871, deposited at the US Patent Office, in Washington, filing no. 3335 entitled “Sound Telegraph”, but found no lenders or even the money to be paid annually to keep alive their copyrights. Only on 11 June 2002 (after 131 years) the United States Congress recognized Meucci’s contribution to the invention of the telephone. Obviously the recognition was only moral. In 2019, nothing has changed at the world legislative level to recognize the rights to private inventors, who not having public institutions and private companies investing in their inventions, should also pay unsustainable taxes to keep patents alive and even spend money in legal remedies, if the patents are not included by the patent offices.

I have quoted the story of Antonio Meucci and the telephone also because it has paved the way for other inventions on world communications, including the internet. This latest invention has brought us into a new world and has accentuated the scientific difference between software and world hardware, consisting of traditional systems, which cannot grow at the same speed, and in a sustainable way, having mistaken the primary source of powerIn fact, investments in the telecommunications sector cost little because the transmission of information takes place mainly by air and with the satellite system. There is a big difference in the necessary investments and management costs between the current energies, if we think above all of the large one-way hydroelectric plants that work for a few months a year, the large thermal and nuclear power stations and the costs for transporting ‘power. The same can be said for the cost and management of large water treatment plants. While with the interactive energy these big investments do not serve because the energies and the purification are produced everywhere, consuming only the wear of the materials of the machines that extract the energy from the water and the air, which are everywhere, without consume them. On the contrary, the more energy we produce, the more we purify the environment, solubilizing the oxygen in the water, proportionally to the static operating pressure of the plants.

We must ask ourselves why, after 150 years since the invention of the telephone, interactive energy has not yet been realized, but not even understood by the world institutions, by the opposition, by the trade unions, by environmental associations, by the media and by culture in general? Practically, this battle of civilization I am carrying on alone, while others are watching, including other inventors, that like all specialists, are concentrated on  individual inventions. In the case of interactive energies, it is a matter of fighting against already established systems, which have created enormous centers of economic, political and scientific power. This is not just a single invention but the search for an alternative development model that required the deposit of over forty patent demands and twelve years of work. Only patents filed in the last four years speak of interactive energies. But they also solve the environmental problems already dealt with in the eight years of previous work in a more brilliant and economic way. In substance, in these forty deposits of patents that the world institutions have never realized even granting me, in some cases, the honor of granting international patents, but not financing them, as in the case of Antonio Meucci, it happened an advancement of the virtual state of the art, which probably would have required many hundreds of years to take place in the real world. I intend to make it clear that it took more than a hundred years to the invention of the telephone to the Internet, especially because the first steps of the inventions are the most difficult to accomplish because of the isolation of private inventors, like Antonio Meucci, Guglielmo Marconi , Antonio Pacinotti, Nikola Tesla. Today with the multinationals inventions are developed and spread much more quickly, provided that these are pleasing to the centers of power. It is clear that the internet has been liked by the whole world because in the last twenty years the telecommunications world has completely changed. It is equally evident that the interactive energies are not liked by the whole world, although they concern all sectors of human activities. But we cannot afford the luxury of waiting for the normal progress of the state of the art, which is hindered by the United Nations and the world governments that at least in the last COP, as the undersigned spoke about it, could talk about global purification and then of interactive energies. Instead, they did not, despite climate change, force us to shorten the intervention time. Even the official news organizations and national televisions ignore the global purification systems and the interactive energies, and advertise the current renewables, and battery powered cars that are just palliatives.

Currently, if the whole world were coherently governed, before making public investments and authorizing private ones, it would be necessary for the UN and governments to implement a model of sustainable global development and to verify that the individual projects to be financed are compatible with the economic and environmental model elaborated. What does not work in a virtual model cannot work even in real plants. In fact, in the development model developed by the undersigned on, the undersigned has not included any of the existing energy and purification plants, which are incomplete or simply non-interactive. But the technologies developed are good, with small technological adaptations, we can close, all the chemical cycles that are left open today, but in most cases, we can even avoid opening them, thanks to the perfect interactivity existing between the compressible air and incompressible water. The icing on the cake of the system is allowed by the total or partial solubility of atmospheric gases in the water legislated by Henry and Dalton, neglected in the current purification systems, precisely because nowhere in the world are global cycles that are simultaneously energetic and purifying.

These are the reasons why, the undersigned, while being in the same economic conditions as Antonio Meucci, has developed an advancement of the virtual state of the art, with applications for patents that are not worth anything from the legal point of view, against a world system hypocrite, which hides behind the divisions of the powers, especially scientific and legislative, to defend the interests of the few at the expense of the entire world population and the entire planet survival. As if the money had the power to save them from the general catastrophe.  But what is most displeasing to myself is the obvious conflict of interest of public research and planning bodies that sell patents to technological and pharmaceutical multinationals with the support of legislators and the silence of justice. The world public bodies do not suffer the difficulties suffered by Antonio Meucci, myself and many private inventors. Taxpayers pay the tax to public bodies, which are facilitated in the sale of patents by legislators. But by selling the patents to the multinationals it is clear that they cannot produce patents that the multinationals would not buy. Therefore public bodies have not invented the global purifiers and the interactive energies, which the multinationals would not buy, having invested in gas boilers, steam, thermal engines, solar panels, wind turbines, energy accumulators, electric pumps and traditional turbines, not suitable to interactive use. Probably, also for the operators of the medical electromechanical sector the market of defibrillators is cheaper than that of the artificial hearts oxygenators of the blood.

It is obvious that the world public bodies have not understood that their role was to correct, not to support, the inventions of multinationals. To correct the inventions of the multinationals it was necessary to scientifically analyze the global work. If the global priority is to protect the environment globally, and create jobs for the entire world population, it should have been clear that industrial work cycles should have been completely closed, partly in factories and partly in public services connected; therefore, the multinationals would have to adapt their production to global public planning. But public bodies have not corrected the multinational cycles or even completed them in public purification systems.

It was not necessary to hire an acute detective like Sherlock Holmes, to understand, where the purification cycles are interrupted by the advent of the industrial age. For myself, the cycles are interrupted in the chimneys and sewers. It is too late to intervene at the exit of the chimneys and at the exit of the sewers, when the fumes have reached the atmosphere and the sewage has become septic, destroyed by hydrogen sulphide, sulfuric acid and ammonia nitrogen. Therefore, it was necessary to create a global depurative system, starting from the modification of the chimneys and sewers. The undersigned has virtually replaced the scientists of the United Nations and the designers of the world governments. In eight years I have deposited the global purification systems. I received fourteen national patents, five international patents and one European. But no global public body has decided to finance the global purification. I have regularly paid the filing fees for these patents, but not the maintenance fees, because I do not have the money. But if I had them, I would not have paid them anyway, having shown that the world public bodies, at national and international level do not want global purification and do not even take the responsibility to respond to a single inventor who proposes it. Furthermore, for the undersigned, the patents of public utility should not pay any tax, neither of deposit nor of maintenance. The next four years I dedicated them to develop interactive energies, which are even more efficient and economical, but as I have already written, they have not even granted me patents, because world public science has hidden behind the bureaucrats of patent offices , who have declared them lightly “perpetual motion”. All this, the undersigned has cost, in addition to the twelve years of work also the expenditure of about 20,000 euros, to meet procedures, studied by art, only to protect only the centers of power, which do not recognize the copyrights to the inventors, even if their inventions later prove to be correct.

No world authority has realized that I do not propose commercial but survival inventions. In order to propose them, I had to accumulate industrial and environmental experiences in a work life, because global reasoning is done by creating transversal working groups, or by concentrating transversal experiences in one brain. Since 1986 I had understood that no one in the world would have created transversal working groups because they do not belong either to the DNA of universities or even to multinational companies. For this reason I left the workplace in the big industry to accept precarious work in a small company that installs public environmental systems. Facts have proved me right because after thirty years, I’m just talking about global cleansings, artificial welling, interactive energy and oxygenator artificial heart blood, covering various sectors and key environmental, food, energy and human health , but they are all linked to the re-evaluation of the fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic principles due to the simultaneous use in the systems of electric pumps and turbines with relative current generators. None of the world’s ruling classes has invested a dollar or euro to open Pandora’s box and find that perpetual motion is not convenient. In fact, it is better to consume a little energy in the engines coupled to the pumps, to exploit the gravity or static pressure of the compressed air, to have a lot of energy through the power generators coupled to the turbines. To dispel the myth of perpetual motion is not what the world has always wanted? This should have been the most positive news in the world. Why does science not understand it and hide behind the ignorance of patent offices?

All of them take for granted the current model of development, without realizing that it has produced immense damage to the environment, to the world economy and to human health. Instead nature has put us in a position to produce energy, free, purifying protecting the environment and human health in every corner of the earth, at all hours of the day and night, consuming only the wear of the machines, without fuels, fossils, chemical, biological and nuclear.

The world political and economic class bases its power on the momentary situation of electoral equilibrium. It focuses on the division of world wealth to meet the needs of the voters, blindly trusting technical and scientific advisors, who, on the other hand, have not investigated globally the general principles of energy and purification, but unfortunately have wronged the entire world development. Up to now, environmental and energy problems have been dealt with one another at a time, with watertight compartments, with local solutions, never global, not having identified the principles and interactive solutions. Obviously, by ruling the world with wrong energetic and depurative principles, bad wealth has been created that needs to be corrected, giving the right value to the men and things that are needed to create the correct development model. The problem is global, we cannot ignore it. The current wealth is only apparent. Those who want to save their capital at least partially, start to scrap what is not needed and invest in the interactive energies, which are the only ones that can save the planet and extend human life.

The world patent system has created more damage than global development benefits and has not changed much since the advent of the industrial age. We should not be surprised if it took 131 years to partially recognize the intellectual property of Antonio Meucci. Instead, we need to know that this recognition only occurred because the invention of the telephone opened a new world. History was in debt to this inventor. But the recognition took place  only thanks to a long and patient historical reconstruction produced by Eng. Basilio Catania who was director of the Italian CSELT (Center for Studies and Telecommunications Laboratories), as documented by Wikipedia.

I believe that global purification and interactive energy, although in a different scientific and technological field, are even more important than the telephone and the Internet, because they directly concern human survival. I have never had the pleasure of knowing who the scientific consultants of the world patent offices are, but I think this curiosity should interest the entire world population. Instead, the powerful who denounce the other powerful, do not want to go into the details of the solutions, but only replace them to govern the centers of power.

I do not regret the work done, apparently in vain, and not even the money spent certainly in vain, to respect rules that do not respect the fundamental values of science and justice. But I hope that, at least future generations, learn that it is not enough to make complaints about the degradation of the environment. We need to go into the details of projects, especially public ones, and avoid conflicts of interest of world public bodies. It is necessary to avoid the sale of public patents to private individuals and to recognize intellectual property with copyrights to inventors; otherwise, no one will invent global solutions above the parties. The rich will continue to become ever richer. The poor are getting poorer. We will never free ourselves from the slavery of coal and oil, paradoxically, especially if the cars circulate with the batteries, while everyone pretends not to know where the energy that charges the batteries comes from.

The progress of the virtual state of the art reported on http: //www.spawhe, goes from the domestic water saving, to the purification of water, sludge, to the production of biological energy, to water desalination, to water purification directly in reservoirs, rivers, wells, artificial welling in the oceanic plains to increase food supply, but also bring to the surface the calcium and magnesium solubilized by high pressures to combat oceanic acidification. This research could only be done by those who were not linked to any center of world power and knew the organization of industrial work, the purification systems, lifting and water distribution, not to produce energy but to save it and to choose the best purification solution, in order to close the organic and inorganic cycles that open and do not close. This was the correct way to design the world’s public facilities that originally had to collect the aquifer discharges and the exhaust gases in small local units, bringing the purified air back to the atmosphere, while the partially purified water went to the final purifiers, and sludge with separate paths to digesters and dehydrators. The world public bodies have not used this method of capillary, but sustainable work, therefore, they have not been able to develop an advancement of the state of the art necessary to make the purification processes cheaper, especially by exploiting the principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry. In fact, the increase of the air pressure and the fumes on the water, increases the solubilization of the oxygen that purifies, but at the same time, if we put in series a pump and a turbine in an open circuit (not closed) the pump to turn it needs less energy, while the turbine increases energy production as the hydrostatic head increases or the air pressure on the water increases. From these considerations, escaped from world science, the simplest form of interactive energy was born. The patent offices have called this energy “perpetual motion” because the world science has not taught these reasonings in schools and have not found similar applications in the world databases of patent deposits. It is obvious that if the patent offices did not understand the simplest form of interactive energy, they could not even understand the more elaborate versions pressurized with autoclaves, which increase the yields and reduce the overall dimensions, until they can be mounted on the means of transport, instead of thermal engines. It is equally obvious that even the artificial heart, oxygenator of blood, autonomously energetically, is considered perpetual motion, while for myself it is the most concrete hope that has ever been conceived to lengthen human life.

The open letters written to the Italian ministries, to the European council, to the international courts of justice, to the United Nations remained without answers. No one has ever talked about global cleansing or interactive energies to the various COPs that have occurred in recent years. I think that to the point where we are, it is impossible for the world leaders who organize and participate in the COPs not to know about the virtual existence of interactive energy. But I also think that, now, this ruling class is divided into three categories: “Who does not understand, who pretends not to understand and who has the order not to understand that the inhabitants of planet Earth have wrong the main general principle of energy terrestrial”.

Someone, sooner or later, will have to find the courage to tell the French yellow gilets that protests continue in 2019, now started, and the generation of Greta Thumberg. It is necessary to begin to teach the synergistic scientific truth in schools, in addition to the partial truth of the single scientific principles legislated for centuries. These principles, without globally applied synergies, have proved impotent to close the anthropic carbon cycle from a purifying point of view. But at the same time they were also impotent in identifying interactive energies. Scientists, like the Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia, who deny the responsibility of man in the global warming, climb up the mirrors. Not having been able to close the carbon cycle and not being able to identify the interactive energies produced the acidification of lakes and seas and the melting of glaciers. It can change the name of the problem created by an inefficient environmental science, not the substance.

Today the scientific divulgation is paid. Public and private companies and researchers pay publishers to publish their work. At the same time, publishers, being in competition with each other, make discounts to publish miraculous scientific discoveries for the first time. To publishers who write to me asking for articles to publish, I write the following letter:

“Dear publisher, you can visit my website (, choose the files you want and to publish them, citing the source. If you need the original word version, I will send them to you. I am writing articles on my small website that has few visitors, which only speaks of my own inventions that relate to energy-efficient and purely interactive systems that have never been realized anywhere in the world. I’m honored if you also publish my articles but I do not pay publishing fees to any publisher because nobody has ever paid me for my job. I publish my articles on my website where readers can better understand my work that would otherwise be dispersed in the big internet network. A single article is not enough to understand the mistakes made jointly by public bodies and multinationals, which continue to commit with impunity, because no one has carried out comprehensive energy and purification studies simultaneously, as did the undersigned. I do not earn merit for publications because I am not an academic but a retired inventor. I do not make money from my inventions because legislators do not recognize intellectual property separate from industrial property. However, people need to know that there may be the interactive energies, that are much more efficient, economical, and even protective of environment and of human health. I think that publishers should not only publish original articles. Above all, they have to publish articles that talk about sustainable scientific and technological solutions that have never been implemented by public bodies and multinational companies despite their publication. Continuing to publish them, sooner or later, the leaders of governments and multinational companies must explain the reasons why they do not want to implement these solutions.”

International conferences are also subject to charges. Obviously, those who want to make their patents known must pay the organizers. I am receiving several invitations as a speaker, but I have never participated. I answer this way:

“I thank you for your invitation, but I cannot participate, either for economic reasons because I am a private inventor not financed by anyone, either because I do not speak English. I only write it. Therefore I can not even participate in video conferences. In the coming months I will try to learn to speak in English. In the meantime you can access my publications on, which concern in particular the interarractive energies which also include the artificial heart. These energies are considered by the patent offices “perpetual motion” while the world science that has warmed the planet with non-interactive energies is silent. Obviously, he did not even invent the artificial heart oxygenator of autonomous blood energetically. I do not pay to attend conferences and video conferences. I wait for the scientific truth to come out spontaneously and for everyone to assume their responsibilities in the face of future generations”.

Scientific publications and specialized international congresses illustrate the scientific and technological innovations that improve the specific sector, but this progress does not compensate for the losses caused by the basic errors due to the lack of identification of sustainable energy and purification systems, which produces economic, environmental and to public health. Probably, from the point of view of consumption, this system works, because more and more plants produced by multinationals are needed, but it is a race to which the poorest countries cannot participate since now and even in the most advanced countries unemployment benefits cannot suffice.  Not to mention that deforestation, desertification and acidification of water are advancing in the world, therefore the primary sources of food production also decrease.

I think that an inventor facing such a paradoxical world situation cannot do anything else but continue to work, deepen his solutions more and ask for verification and experimentation in the general interest, without claiming industrial ownership. Paradoxically, this is possible above all in the world energy and purification plants, where public bodies have built large single-issue plants, without identifying scientific and technological synergies, which would have reduced costs and increased yields. The world private companies have made the same mistakes creating mono-thematic systems of smaller size, fixed and mobile, but equally widespread on the entire planet.

The errors of the public and private ruling classes are paying us all with global warming, but nobody tells the truth by going into the details of alternative solutions, which cannot be solutions that are isolated one from another. In nature everything is connected. Therefore, even the man-designed implants must be connected to close all the cycles that open. Mobile plants, since they cannot connect to other systems to close the cycles, do not have to open them. This does not mean that they have to use energy accumulators, which are expensive and limit their operating autonomy. It is more logical to produce the energy you need on board the vehicles.

This endless series of world public and private errors will never end, if world justice will not run its course, and will order experimentation of interactive energies in fixed and mobile versions, which the centers of power pretend not to understand. If these solutions will prove useful and the world benefits from them, as justice recognizes copyright to other authors of works of intellect, it should also recognize the copyright of inventors of synergistic scientific and technological principles, which have nothing to do with to see with industrial property, but only with intellectual property. We are not talking about a single commercial invention, but a model of universal development, similar to the internet. But much more expensive, which concerns the entire world “HARDWARE”, not printed electronic circuits producible in series, which can be updated quickly, with low costs and high profits. Plant inventors do not have the economic power to change public and private facilities. They can only describe how to implement them and how they should work. If no government and the United Nations finances and experiments them, they must take responsibility for the whole world, explaining the reasons why they do not finance these solutions, which, among other things, cost very little and have no environmental contraindication. It is certainly not like nuclear energy that needs large reactors and high security systems, which the world has financed for more than a century without getting any good from it. But only disasters. Today a paradoxical situation has been created that tramples the dignity of intellectual work. Above all public inventors should fight for international copyright without selling the patents, which force them to serious conflicts of interest, when the invention is overcome and who bought it wants to continue to make money. These conflicts also involve politicians and public legislators, who have favored these agreements, albeit in good faith, to create work. Industrial property is an entrepreneurial risk that must not involve public bodies worldwide and private inventors who deal with problems of public utility. The inventions of public utility, whoever produces them, must be accessible to all the world companies. Legislators must above all promote the dissemination of public utility solutions. The market shares of private companies can earn them with their private inventions, with their own work organization, which allows greater production capacity and higher quality. Today, the trade in patents of public utility is only a brake on global development, because no multinational company has the potential to meet the demand for medicines, vaccines and medical equipment alone, tested in public laboratories. But it also applies to the artificial heart and the interactive energy between water and air in the submerged or compressed versions published by the undersigned on, which everyone pretends not to understand, being involved in these gigantic conflicts of interests that have blocked the natural advancement of the state of the art in the most important areas of human activities, which are public health, sustainable food production, environmental protection and sustainable energy, which have only been developed virtually on the same site web from a private inventor. If I’m wrong, someone will correct me, especially the national and international judges, if they take their place for merit and not for belonging to the centers of power, which have created the current technical, scientific and legislative paradoxes.

“Do not judge for not being judged”. These words of Jesus, recorded in the Gospel of Matthew, literally interpreted, are contrary to world scientific and technological progress. It is obvious that Jesus referred to social customs and not to science and technology, which did not exist two thousand years ago. Therefore, even religions cannot escape to enter the scientific and technological details, leaving only the inventors who consider the state of scientific and technological art insufficient in the protection of the environment and human health ( The world rulers and the judges are paid by the world’s people to judge and choose the best solutions, not the worst, as they have been doing for a long time, creating centers of power that hire paid inventors that only deepen the inventions desired by the bosses. This is the reason why I believe it is necessary to deny the Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry and economics, if they do not clarify their position on the interactive energies, which the whole world pretends not to understand.

What the politicians who govern, justice and the world people do not understand is the fact that science and technology are not 100% reliable and will never be because the possible synergies between the various branches of science have not yet been tested and the technologies developed. Above all, the centers of power, pretend not to understand that what is technically and scientifically ascertainable, must be ascertained before authorizing other world expenses in the sectors concerned, but at the same time, the world people and national and international judges must also be vigilant, so that these investigations are carried out. The silence of the world institutions that must plan for the future and administer the terrestrial resources and the wealth that is produced is the worst of the evils. Behind the silence hides those who can not design, those who want to hide their mistakes, those who are afraid of making mistakes and, above all, hidden interests. Among these are the false opponents and the false environmentalists who keep silence until the alternative plants see them work. Everyone would like to get on the winning wagon. But nobody makes an effort to make at least demonstrative prototypes. With the politics of silence, the hope of our children and grandchildren is killed. To be wrong is human. The important thing is to make mistakes moderately. Before doing great works unnecessary and counter-productive as the existing large dams and reservoirs in the mountains to produce electricity, it was also necessary to evaluate the side effects of large hydrological disasters and floods produced with this solution. With lower costs we could produce energy in the valleys by recycling the water, purifying them through the same recycling and protecting ourselves from the high waters with the same plants that would produce hydroelectric energy. We are not talking about the big thermal power stations, nuclear power plants, big water treatment plants, big tunnels, big viaducts and big skyscrapers. All these great works have created more disasters than good for the whole world because they exploit single scientific principles and individual technologies, while a sustainable society can only be created by identifying the right synergies between science and technology.  Suffice it to say that the navigable canals of beautiful cities such as Venice and Amsterdam are open-air sewers. Instead, they could purify themselves by producing cheap energy by submerged hydropower (compressed or uncompressed). But nobody moves a finger in this direction. I’m not just talking about mayors and municipal administrators, but also about citizens. Obviously this also applies to the purification of lakes, ports, coastal areas and rivers. I am not like Cassandra who predicts misfortunes that will have to come, but only an observer of the misfortunes that have already occurred, that I have seen closely in a life of work, installing private and public, industrial and environmental plants. Before going on to build the society of the future we must correct the mistakes made.

The centers of power, well represented by billionaire inventor Elon Musk, still do not understand the need for sustainable solutions. They propose science fiction, while the world people need practical, non-polluting, low-cost inventions. Musk, after being a pioneer of luxury electric cars with the Tesla company and space tourism with SpaceX company, founded the Boring company two years ago, where it offers an underground “tube” where cars travel “passively” at high speed on special tracks. I think Elon Musk’s solutions are brilliant, but they are based on the wrong energy sources. If we take for granted that we must be content with the current fossil and renewable energies, with Musk’s solutions we will partially solve the problems of urban pollution, but not the environmental ones in general, at very high costs. On the other hand, if the undersigned is only partially right and we can produce clean energy only with submerged hydropower, which cannot be mounted on the means of transport, the solutions of MusK, always with high costs would solve even environmental problems. However, energy would cost almost nothing, apart from the wear and tear of the machines that produce it. But if the undersigned is also right about the possibility of producing compressed hydropower on board the vehicles, which does not pollute and costs nothing but wear, the cheapest way to get around becomes the plane that does not require binary roads and tunnels, at least on great distances. In any case, there will be no need to electrify the tracks.

While writing this article (end of December 2018), In India there was a long race against time to rescue fifteen boys, all minors, trapped for more than two weeks underground after a flood hit on December 13th a illegal coal mine in the State of Meghalaya, in the northeast of the country. The situation was very complicated, since the rain continued to fall incessantly on the area and the water continued to pour into the mine, 106 meters deep, from a nearby river. Even these unfortunate children, for whom we could only pray, belong to the Gretà Thumberg generation. Is it possible that the world powers still tolerate this exploitation of minors, only to produce energy that is worthless, from an economic, technical and scientific point of view, while billionaires try to make more money with science fiction? Fortunately, this time, the prayers worked, but we all know that they rarely work.

 The question is always the same. What is the purpose of world public research bodies? Instead of studying sustainable solutions in step with the times, these collaborate only with multinational companies, and are financed by selling patents. The public inventors are encouraged to participate in this perverted power game by the legislators that allow the division of sales proceeds to 50% between inventors and the institution to which they belong, without anyone having incurred expenses to support the patents, because the expenses pay the taxpayers. It is obvious that in these conditions, very few private inventors are isolated who try to do the job that public inventors should have done: “The study of impartial and sustainable solutions”. In fact, the sustainable inventions can only invent those not having economic means and laboratories for research and experiments, sharpens the wits to seek synergies between existing inventions. What already works individually, works even better synergistically, without needing to be experienced.  But this logical reasoning is greeted with the world’s silence by those who are paid by taxpayers to deepen, to legislate, judge and correct the errors of science and man-made systems. These synergies do not know them, but they do not even look for them and do not understand them if the inventors excluded from the centers of power try to explain them. Even multinationals do not go into transversal problems, not only because they specialize in individual sectors of science, technology and economics, but above all because, for them, solving environmental problems sees it as an extra tax to pay. In these global operating conditions, we should not be surprised if environmental protection does not advance, even if, apparently, everyone seems to do their duty to seek solutions.

In 2007 they awarded the Nobel Prize to former US Vice President AL GORE and IPCC scientists, who sensitized public opinion on climate change, but the latter were the main architects of the C.C.S. system experimentation. (carbon capture storage), which is a cure worse than evil to solve the problem of CO2 emissions. While, Al Gore, it continues to spin, moving from one congress to another to combat global warming. We also saw him photographed together with Greta Thunberg at COP24.  But we have never seen he talk about the interactive purification that would use CO2 to produce carbonates in water and avoid acidification of lakes and seas, or talk about artificial welling, submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy that are also purifying, but only current renewable energy, which are certainly not interactive and therefore not very efficient.  What does it take for the SPAWHE system (synergic plants, artificial welling, hydroelectric energy) to be understood by some powerful person?

That the main problem in the world is the identification of primary energy, included Bill Gates, who sought the miraculous energy, but he made the wrong solution, turning to scientific advisers who directed him to nuclear energy, even captured in the sky by means of special kites.   Not even this energy, if it works, would be an interactive energy. Bill Gates, who appears to be an enlightened and philanthropic billionaire, did not believe my open letter dedicated to him. I do not even know if he read it ( If an intelligent person like Bill Gates, has failed to understand, that the hydrostatic thrust in the water concerns the immersed bodies, not the molecules of the same water that circulates due to the effect of kinetic energy inside the water body, is the fault of the professors, who have not been able to teach the dynamic fluid and still remain silent on the possibility of producing submerged hydroelectric energy, whose technological development by means of the invention of the pump with the separate double power supply up to the impeller (http: // / the-energetic-miracles-of-pumps-with-separated-double-supply-until-the-impeller/) will allow us to produce compressed hydropower, which, like submerged hydropower, equally it does not cost anything (apart from the wear and tear of the machines), but it can also be mounted on the means of transport, being small in size.  Therefore, if I’m right, the solutions of the billionaire Musk are flashy but unsustainable solutions. Before realizing them, let’s make sure we do not make the same mistakes already made with large world plants (hydroelectric, thermal, nuclear, solar, wind, depuration, desalination, incinerators, all of which are non-interactive plants). Sustainable plants on planet Earth have never been realized.

The current world ruling class is probably the worst of all time, because not even in the face of the serious problems of global warming, ocean acidification, melting glaciers, the disappearance of coral reefs, the slowing of sea currents, the Increasing the violence of atmospheric perturbations, has not created a task force of energy, environmental and industrial designers to put on paper a set of installations that protect the environment globally in the various territories. On the contrary, it is hiding the errors committed by public and private science worldwide, avoiding to correct them in the common interest. I do not say this for political reasons, because I have never dealt with politics but only with work and family, as a father and as a grandfather. My research and the solutions I have studied concern the protection of all people who are not represented by anyone in the world centers of power.

World science, public and private, since the advent of the industrial age, has failed the primary energy source of energy, which is not thermodynamic, as everyone believes and still teaches in all world schools. To create energy, heat is a useless, expensive and polluting passage. In fact, the heat only serves to produce the pressure of water vapor, or combustion fumes. The pressure of these two gases, which are both greenhouse gases, multiplied by the cross-section of steam turbines or cylinders of petrol engines and multiplied by the density of gas, produces the mechanical energy that can be used to produce electricity. in a generator connected to the output shaft. But this energy, on average, has a yield of 35% compared to the lower heating power of the fuel. We should not be surprised by these very low yields because, rightly, thermal energy does not come from nothing, but through the transformation of matter. Unless it takes advantage of a favorable condition prepared by nature as the gravitational force. The most basic form of electrical energy produced by gravity is the traditional hydroelectric power. This uses the fall of water from above, which passes through a hydraulic turbine (not steam) connected to a generator, produces electricity. But the energy produced with water is much higher at the same pressure, which is determined by the height H of the hydraulic jump, and at the same cross-section in the turbine because the water density is about 800 times higher than that of the vaporConsequently, the energy produced by a hydraulic turbine with the same pressure and section is eight hundred times higher.  It is not possible to make any economic and environmental comparison between thermal energy and hydroelectric energy, it being clear that the latter is much higher. Too bad for the whole world, that world science has thought that hydroelectric energy can only be produced with the hydraulic jump.

There is an old saying that says, “Past water does not grind grain” because originally the first hydraulic turbines were those that exploited the hydraulic currents to grind the grain in the mills. There was no need to be a scientist to understand the exploitation of hydraulic currents due to hydraulic jump. Instead, it was the task of the scientists to understand the way water would pass endlessly in the same place, not only to grind grain, but also to purify and produce cheap electricity.  World science, public and private, not only did not do this research, but with its own silence, it is preventing politicians, legislators, economists and judges to govern properly, because they have not identified the correct way to purify and produce low-cost energy has led to the development of energies, which have polluted and warmed the planet by putting us back economically. In fact, even without the hydraulic jump, submerged hydropower is tens of times cheaper than the other energies, while that using compressed air is hundreds of times lower. Furthermore, these energies have the positive side effect that purifies the water by dissolving oxygen in the water, proportionally to the hydrostatic pressure of the compressed air from the atmosphere or artificially, exploiting Henry’s law.

What is compressed air? If not the side effect of the gravitational force that thickens around the planet the atmospheric gases that Torricelli, in 1644 measured first, plunging into a little basin full of mercury, a long thin tube full of mercury, closed at one end. He noticed what can be seen even today, that the column of mercury at sea level, at the temperature of zero degrees remains 760 mm high, which corresponds to the atmospheric pressure of the air. Therefore, the Earth’s atmosphere is the most basic form of compressed air and nature statically exploits a lot of natural phenomena, such as lifting water from artesian wells.  From these reflections and from the many experience in water lifting plants ( many inventions have been born related to submerged and compressed hydropower, that the class world leader pretends not to understand, as he did not understand global purification and artificial welling, which are not mere patents but alternative development systems. Of these things, public bodies and industrialists do not want to talk about it in any congress, waiting that the undersigned develop the prototypes too, knowing that not having been able to pay maintenance fees, from a legal point of view, patents are worthless. How can we continue to trust this ruling class and this science and this justice, which at the same time asks us to be united in the fight against pollution to floods to droughts?

With compressed hydroelectric interactive energy, we will not need battery-powered cars or even large infrastructures that also require large maintenance costs. On long distances, the most economical means of transport will be the aircraft that does not require wheels, tracks, tunnels and even the current long runway and take-off runways because the planes will fly up and land vertically as described on http://www

World science has made very complicated nuclear, thermodynamic, wind, solar reasoning, neglecting to make simple fluid-dynamic reasoning. If world science had asked itself, a very simple question global warming would not hesitate and French protests for the high cost of energy would not make sense. The question is: “For what reason can we discharge the water to the depth of a hundred or a thousand meters without the hydrostatic head of a hundred or a thousand meters opposing?” Sooner or later world science would have reached my own conclusions and discovered the free power of fluid dynamics while that of thermodynamics is not free, but supplied with high economic and environmental costs by means of fuels. In fact, we can discharge the water to a hundred or a thousand meters of depth since the external and internal static pressures of the descent pipe are equivalent. It is sufficient to produce a modest kinetic energy inside the down tube to let out the water coming from the surface in the bottom at a hundred or a thousand meters of depth without the hydrostatic pressure being opposed. Obviously, we can produce kinetic energy by inserting a pump with the outlet oriented towards the bottom into the down tube. But world science should have known that the amount of kinetic energy produced in the down tube depends on the height position we choose. Not from the engine that runs the pump. More than four years after the patent filing of the submerged hydroelectric energy: deposit no. 102014902298581 of 06/10/2014) still the world has not understood that this patent deposit is consistent with the criteria of hydraulic calculations that all the world designers make to determine the prevalence of a water lifting pump. Infact, in this calculation, the positive pressure on the pump was always subtracted. But the phenomenon that occurs in an aquatic basin, we can see it physically in the rivers, lakes and seas, when turbulences are created that form vortices or whirlpools that suck the surface water towards the bottom. It is obvious that the reel is a natural phenomenon due to the gravitational force and currents that produce a natural intubation (without pipe) vertical water. The undersigned, having more practical experience of many scientists, understood these phenomena and exploited them to produce hydroelectric energy without the hydraulic jump, and without dams. Simply putting in series a pump and a turbine intubated in the bottom of the same basin: the first saves the energy absorbed by the engine, the second transmits to the power generator the sum of energy spent by the engine and that due to the hydrostatic head (m * g * h). Faced with the perpetual motion of patent offices, the silence of science, entrepreneurs and governments, who are heating and polluting the planet in vain, has preferred to write open letters to international judges and world authorities by continuing to file patents. Even if these patents are not worth anything with the current laws, in the opinion of the undersigned, have allowed us to glimpse that an alternative development is possible.

From what is written above, it can be understood that the very simple invention of submerged hydropower is only the tip of an iceberg, of sustainable solutions ignored by the world power centers. Only those that do not understand physics and fluid dynamics (such as world patent offices), can assert that the energy absorbed by the engine is equal to that produced by the turbine, not understanding that we are in an open circuit, which ends at the exit of the turbine, in a volume of superior water. The residual kinetic energy is dispersed in friction with the molecules of static water. You do not need the energy to raise the water back to the surface because we do not use the hydraulic jump between two basins placed at different heights, but only the energy of water position in the same open basin. If this simple invention had been understood and implemented at the beginning of the twentieth century, we would have avoided world public debts, water and atmospheric pollution and also many floods and droughts. Moreover, it would have come to conceive of compressed hydroelectric energy, much more powerful, and of smaller encumbrance, also applicable on means of transport and in the artificial heart. As happened one hundred and twenty years later only virtually on the website of a pensioner, because all the centers of world power pretend not to understand.

If we only created small hydroelectric basins with the recycling of water, we could already eliminate all the world’s thermal power stations and power the battery powered cars with hydroelectric energy instead of fossil energy. But the serious thing is that the world does not understand that even battery-powered cars are a sustainable solution. Because by modifying the pumps and the power supply of the autoclaves, hydroelectric energy can also be produced on the means of transport.

If it is true that nuclear energy to produce man-controllable electricity must be coupled with electromagnetism, it was not necessary to divide the atom. In addition to submerged hydropower, in order to produce mobile energy and less space, it would be sufficient to divide the water in two parts into a centrifugal pump and feed it with two separate flows up to the impeller, one of which is supplied with water from recycling at atmospheric pressure and one with recycled water statically pressurized by an autoclave. Obviously, inserting in the circuit the unidirectional valves necessary to avoid that when the pump is stopped the water passes from the pressurized autoclave to the tank at atmospheric pressure.

Being the pump always full of water and being the water incompressible, when the system is operating the direction of the flow determines the direction of rotation of the impeller, which creates a vacuum separate from the suction side, makes the two flows enter in the same direction but with different kinetic energies and pressures. In the pump impeller, the flow with greater energy draws the flow with lower energy, while the higher pressure, due to the Pascal principle, expands into the anther passage section. At the outlet of the pump, which coincides with the entry of recycled water into the autoclave, we have a single flow of water and a single pressure, but with a flow greater than that which has come out from autocalve. Due to the principle of impenetrability of the bodies, the flow rate with less pressure can enter the pump only if at the same time, an outlet is opened by the autoclave which causes excess water to come out. Obviously, this water comes out with the pressure of the air cushion of the autoclave, not with the prevalence of the pump which is a common recycling centrifugal pump that has to overcome only the pressure losses due to the check valves on the suction side in low pressure and entering the autoclave. These pressure drops, with the balanced static pressures in suction and delivery, are a few centimeters of water column, even if the pressure of the autoclave is one hundred bar.

It is possible to discuss how to divide the pump power supply into two parts (in angular or concentric sectors), on the percentage of the low and high pressure inlet section, whether to use simple or piloted check valves, on the precision of the machining that they must be carried out to keep the flows strictly separated until the impeller enters in order to have the best returns. All the doubts can be clarified only with the experimentation that did not make science and even the builders of the pumps, which copy each other to gain only shares of the existing market.

We cannot question, neither the principle of operation of centrifugal pumps identified by the Italian Erone Alessandrino in 1592, nor the expansion of the pressure legislated by Pascal (1623-1662) nor even the kinetic energy supplied to the water coming out of the autoclave legislated by Torricelli (1608 – 1647). It should be obvious that if at the exit of the autoclave we put a turbine or a pump used as a turbine, connected to a current generator, we can produce with water that is expelled from the autoclave all the energy needed by statically exploiting the force of air pressure (without consuming energy for a fee).  Since the volume of water inside the autoclave does not change, we can make many parallel circuits using the same amount of water contained in the autoclave, but making it flow through a higher variable flow rate, introducing water from the tank to the atmospheric pressure in the recycle circuit , which recovers the water discharged from the turbines. In substance, in the centrifugal impeller in rotation, we balance the suction and delivery pressures of the autoclave and take advantage of the centripetal force that is created at the center of the impeller to make enter again into the internal circuit to the autoclave recycling the water discharged from the turbines.

If we consider that every time that the water taken from the atmospheric pressure passes through the autoclave and the turbine, not only produces energy but also purifies by absorbing the oxygen contained in the air in proportion to the pressure of the autoclave, we must recognize that this system, not only produces energy without fuels, but also purifies the water, by increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen. As a result, it can also cleanse human blood.

 Unfortunately, there has been no discussion with world science, which has wasted huge resources to produce fossil, hydroelectric, hydroelectric, nuclear, wind and solar energy. While the patent offices that defined “perpetual motion” the energy produced with the simple submerged hydroelectric, could not do anything that confirm the “perpetual motion” also to the compressed hydropower, which is a little more complicated to understand, for those who do not has ever seen how a pump is made internally, above all, with a closed centrifugal impeller.

If I am right, on submerged and compressed hydroelectric power, we have not only wronged industrial, environmental and economic development, but also health care. Not only because many diseases could be avoided, especially lung and cancer, but also because the reduced version of the compressed hydroelectric energy could lead to the conception of the human artificial heart with the ability to oxygenate the blood. So, with the concrete possibility of extending human life, not of decades but of hundreds of years. Above all, if human life will be integrated with cybernetics and robotics. In fact, if the human soul exists, it is certainly not in the flesh, but in the brain and its intellectual knowledge.

 The great global paradox lies precisely in the alliance between multinationals and governments. In reality, this alliance is slowing progress because together they have made wrong investments. The control function of public science over the private one has been lacking. Above all, the patent system is to be scrapped and the sale of patents of public utility must not be allowed. But those who produce them must be recognized copyright by international justice, without the current tricks that make patents fall because inventors can not find lenders and cannot pay fees for the maintenance of patents. There are too many hidden interests that prevent the dissemination and development of sustainable solutions. The United Nations and International Judges cannot continue to pretend that it is not true. This is shown above all by the COP, which are the highest expression of world hypocrisy, if all together did not understand the global purification systems and the interactive energies.

Before making public investments and authorizing private ones, it is necessary for the United Nations and governments to implement a model of sustainable global development and to check if the individual projects are compatible with the ideal economic development model. Which must always be updated through the study of synergies and the organization of industrial and environmental work. Today, this model does not exist because the entire world has not identified the interactive synergies has created incomplete systems with merits and defects, which are chosen by the designers, case by case, settling for the lesser evil from an economic and environmental point of view that are represented by the cost of fuels and emission limits of SOx, NOx, C02, fine dust, or higher costs of renewable and accumulator batteries. The logic of accepting the lesser evil is also accepted by environmental associations that make congresses sponsored by renewable energy producers without trying to understand the logic of purification and interactive energies that are not taught in universities and therefore ignored by environmental associations. These, like the bureaucrats of the patent offices and politicians, recite that energy does not come from nothing, precisely because science has made the most useful simple and powerful interactive principles escape, which have always been under the eyes of everyone in every corner of the earth.

The leap in economic and environmental quality can only be achieved by realizing an optimal interactive development model that is first virtual and then real. What does not work in a virtual model cannot work even in real plants. In fact, in the model of development of spawhe the undersigned has not included any of the current energy and purification systems because no one is interactive positively with the environment while nuclear energy, until you prove the opposite is interactive negatively. When nuclear energy becomes at least neutral, it can serve as space energy, but on planet Earth and even in spaceships it will never be able to compete with the interactive energy that belongs to the natural habitat of man, although men do not know it http: //

Today, the centers of power, selecting the best brains in universities, occupying all the key positions of research and economic policy, not recognizing intellectual property separate from the industrial one, have prevented alternative research and design. They thought that without funding, without research laboratories and without being able to experiment, it could not be possible to make new important inventions to challenge the current model of development. Instead, the undersigned has shown that inventions can also be developed virtually by putting together existing inventions differently and discarding those that are not able to participate in an interactive self-purifying system. The fact that this system (Spawhe) is composed of all solutions not financed by the centers of power, which are unknown even to those who protest against the degradation of the environment, despite using the existing technologies, shows that the whole world is in one state of great confusion. All are associated with specific problems and solutions to clash in the squares and in the parliaments and no one thinks globally.  This system is no better than the fascism, communism, imperialism of the last century. The populist governments that are emerging in the individual industrialized countries are not open to culture and brotherhood. They hide the design errors they have committed. They have exported these wrong systems to poor countries, further worsening their environmental and economic situation. Today, they raise the walls and close the borders, saying “Let’s help them at their countries” to continue selling to poor countries the wrong plants.

The United Nations must give scientific answers to Greta Thumberg, to the yellow gilets, and to the poor countries, while  to the inventors must give  correct political and legislative answers, because they are the unpaid inventors by the current centers of power, which create the basis for alternative sustainable development. These are many, isolated and discriminated by legislators. Typically, they deal with small inventions, unrelated to one another, looking for unlikely lenders. But SPAWHE is the exception to the general rule, as it has illustrated the possibility of creating environmental and energy inventions logically connected to the territory, which are able to globally protect the environment and produce energy at the same time. Contrary to what the current centers of power have made us believe, it is not true that accepting a percentage of pollution is a price to pay for greater economic well-being. With interactive systems, we can reverse the global warming process: “The more interactive energy we produce, the more we will protect the environment by purifying the water and subtracting CO2 from the environment. In which it is easy to capture, as it stratifies in the lower layers of the atmosphere, creating simple and complete cycles, which the centers of power have never thought to realize. On the contrary, they are opposing with all the legislative means to these innovations:

1) letting fall the granted national and international patents on global purification systems;

2) defining “perpetual motion” submerged and compressed  hydroelectric energies, that would increase the overall purification yields, making all current energies useless and uneconomical.

3) The world power centers overlook the fact that the undersigned, before dealing with the environment, was a designer of industrial plants, in the manufacturing industry (automotive), where industrial automation, has greatly reduced the number of insiders. Therefore, most of the workers dismissed by the automated multinationals, can find employment in the services, where the global purification cycles, have never started because of the incompetence of public science, which has not known them, starting from the modification of the current chimneys and sewers.

4) World centers of power overlook the fact that the arms race and the supply of energy sources in distant countries is above all the fruit of the inability of world science to seek sustainable solutions. If they understood that energy can be produced everywhere without fuels, many wars would never have been fought.

5) World power centers escape the fact that the world does not need of oil pipelines and methane pipelines because the heat and cold can be produced at lower costs and without pollution with the primary hydroelectric source without the hydraulic jump. Only steel production and waste incineration can partially require the contribution of fossil energy, but these plants, combined with calcareous greenhouses and interactive purification can be equally zero emissions to the environment, producing even alkaline waters that they fight the acidification of lakes and seas. Obviously, the cycles of steel and waste must be made where there is the right amount of water and limestone to make the inorganic chemistry reaction that closes the carbon cycle in the water. This is the only way to properly close the CO2 cycle. Since this system is quite burdensome and cumbersome, we can only use it to produce steel and incinerate ( The shortcuts we have used and abused around the world to produce fixed and mobile energy, without closing the cycle, are no longer acceptable.

Despite the incompetence shown by the United Nations to manage the COP and the unsolved environmental problems, personally, I am for the realization of a  single world government, precisely to avoid conflicts of interest of individual countries and join forces to create a global planning in interest of all humanity.

The SPAWHE model is an example of global design that uses scientific, technological and natural synergies. Each plant is connected to the subsequent plants without interrupting the organic and inorganic cycles. Suffice it to say that even today only 5% of the surface of the oceans produces food, but no one has thought of making artificial welling to increase the production of fish by raising the carbon and the solubilized calcium in the ocean depths to the surface. Hydropower is not produced correctly since the advent of the industrial age. The whole world wealth is produced by accepting toxic emission limits that should not even exist. The pollution of groundwater due to agriculture and illegal discharges could be combated simply by producing submerged, compressed or uncompressed hydroelectric energy, instead of using fuels to also pollute the atmosphere.

For myself, the reasons why politicians and economists rule badly, are the same as those who protest without knowing the reasons for economic and social malaise. Social conflicts should be resolved through the scientific organization of labor, but the science of work has never been applied globally and synergistically. Without synergistic scientific applications, technology can only produce consumer goods, but not sustainable development. Contrary to what one might think, the current incomplete plants, energy or purification plants, are not cheaper than complete ones, because the complete ones, on the planet Earth, no one has ever made them, precisely because of the specializations of the individual branches of science and technologies that, instead of collaborating, compete with each other. Today, those who purify the air do not know how water is purified, those who produce biological energy do not know how hydroelectric energy is produced, or fossil energy. And of course, it does not know the individual purification processes of the water and air involved. While in the global design, complete physical, chemical, biological and mechanical plants would be realized, which are at the same time purifying water, air and hydropower producers, closing all the cycles that open in the same environment in which the water that produced energy returns. Therefore, without fuels, both the economy and the efficiency of environmental protection would be assured simultaneously, thanks to the contemporary action of the principles of Pascal and Torricelli that produce kinetic energy in the water that passes through a turbine and at the beginning of Henry which oxygenates the water, while the water that produces energy is made to enter again in the volume of pressurized water through a second feeding of the circulation pump, after the pressure balance in suction and delivery carried out through the main power supply. If necessary, these systems can be combined with overlapping biological ponds that increase water purification and even blast furnaces that produce steel and incinerators that produce fumes to be purified, not to be filtered just like the current heating systems do. In fact, the purification of the fumes in these plants also includes the reduction of CO2, passing the fumes into limestone greenhouses, which produce alkaline waters. All this may have been possible for some years but the voice of the undersigned is like the voice of the one who cries in the desert.  The COP summits organized by the United Nations, with the support of the IPCC scientists awarded in 2007 with the Nobel Prize, together with the former American vice president, Al Gore, continue to haggle with the world governments, if they contain global warming of 1 , 5 or 2 degrees Celsius, without going into the merits of the solutions that governments should adopt. Completely ignoring the eighteen open letters sent by the undersigned to the United Nations and International Judges, where my solutions are illustrated in detail.

Even if they do not know the scientific reasons, are right to protest of the French yellow gilets. It should protest the whole world, but not generically.  They should go into the details of the solutions, if possible, making a fundraiser and realizing themselves the prototypes of sustainable designs that the centers of power pretend not to understand.

As I have stated in many articles published on the website and in several international journals, which agree to publish my articles without asking me for the exclusive right and without the costs of publication, it may seem strange that the world can change completely from an energy, environmental and economic point of view, using  the same existing technologies, but it all depends on the way in which the machines are put together and the objectives that the plant designer proposes. Global goals cannot be achieved if the plants are designed with partial objectives, which exploit only one scientific principle at a time. However, the fact that we use the same technologies must not make us think that changes are painless for the world economy. Everything has to be done again because the great public energy and purification works, which have increased the great pollution and the great alluvial and drought dangers, must be eliminated, so that the system becomes interactive and self-purifying. But the billions of thermal engines with fuels must also be eliminated because in the face of the great calamities that can occur on the planet earth the only energy of salvation will be that which everyone can produce autonomously to move around warming up and working (

All that does not include the centers of power that govern the world, call it “perpetual motion”, while for myself, perpetual motion, is not a goal desirable by man. They did not understand that perpetual motion is useless because it does not absorb and does not produce energy. I would not have wasted the best years of my life (those retired free from conditioning) to invent the perpetual motion that is useless.  Interactive energies are much more useful. The more energy we produce in the world, without fuels, consuming only the wear and tear of the machines (pumps, turbines, compressors), the more we protect the environment in every corner of the earth. We can even protect man’s life and extend it for many years with the oxygenating heart of blood, which springs from these inventions.

The bureaucrats and ministers who have  participated in COP 24 and who have also participated in previous ones, do not care about human survival, but only about the survival of the current system of power. The sustainable economy to which the undersigned arrived, developing the details of the world’s energy and purification plants in twelve years of solitary work, without funding, only virtually, could be achieved in less time and even with some working prototypes, putting together technical designers and scientists with the order to look for solutions of common interest, without privileging any science or technology. By simply choosing the best solution at the right place and at the right time, based on the overall work organization and available technologies. It is obvious that the machines must adapt to perform the cycles they need. It is not obvious that we must be content to do the cycles that commercial machines do. It is also not obvious that we cannot change the chimneys that resist from prehistory, or the sewers, which cannot continue indefinitely to produce hydrogen sulphide and ammonia nitrogen, when they could be transformed into authentic water and air purifiers together, producing more energy than they would consume. Therefore, the designer of public or private facilities must be able to modify even the machines and infrastructures, if they are not suitable for doing the job they need. This is the work I have learned to do in a lifetime of work, but I have never been able to do it as I would have liked. I think this has happened to many technical designers, but I did not think that as a pensioner, with my reflections I would have been forced to question the basic inventions of the past and the present concerning the environment. Above all, the energetic ones that have produced global warming and the purifying ones of water and air, which by not properly closing organic and inorganic cycles, global pollution and acidification of lakes and seas. Today, at the top of the world the representatives of the different factions are hindering each other, without understanding that they defend obsolete systems, which survive only because they have not trained technicians able to reason globally, both in universities, in industries, and in public bodies worldwide. How I was forced to make myself before retiring.   Even in the automotive industry, where I worked half my working life, the many competences that compete are focused on improving the product, no one has questioned the thermal engine for over a century and now no one questions the cars with batteries that are only palliative, as the batteries are charged equally with fossil energy. While in the hood of a car could comfortably enter a compressed hydroelectric plant, much more powerful than the thermal engine, cheaper and more sustainable of batteries and with an almost infinite range autonomy. Obviously, this applies to all means of transport and work.

Today, those who really want to learn how to design globally for the environment and energy must change jobs every two or three years, looking for experiences that can serve as a retiree, if they maintain the physical strength to design complete systems, at least virtual. Those who did this, like myself, did it for passion, but it was equally a big sacrifice, both from an economic and a physical point of view. But someone had to make the world understand that global reasoning should not only be applied to corporate goals, but to all global facilities. Therefore, it must be science, especially public to correct incomplete plants designed by private companies, legislators must impose corrections, and justice must enforce them. Instead, all this does not happen. Not even universities work collegially developing global projects. It is more profitable to develop specialized projects, to patent them and to sell them to private companies. Lawmakers allow these conflicts of interest and justice does not intervene. In fact, public researchers are paid by taxpayers, but they work for multinational companies. How can they correct the wrong installations of the multinationals? They can not even correct public installations because, automatically, the legislators, sooner or later, would be forced to make such corrections also apply to private plants. Consequently, sooner or later, even justice would be forced to intervene. This is the real reason why the state of the art in the environmental and energy sector does not advance, both for the protection of the environment and for energy costs.  This immense conflict of interests legalized worldwide, in which all the world’s public bodies participate, can only be corrected by avoiding the sale to private individuals of patents of public utility and recognizing the rights to the inventors. But even forcing individual countries to implement the right depurative solution in the right place, after demonstrating that it is also the most economical. If the United Nations does not take this initiative, we will continue to live in a false democracy, which is the anarchy of the centers of power.

Personally, I do not consider myself an Italian or European citizen, but a citizen of the world. I would hope for a world government, precisely because environmental and energy problems must be addressed globally. I am sorry that not even the United Nations, which organized twenty-four COP, have understood that the plants are designed globally. I have been writing it for twelve years, long before I developed the solutions and created the website We need to ask ourselves why the world public bodies and the United Nations, which are the real responsible for protecting the environment, have not tested any of my global purification solutions, which consisted, above all, in the construction of purification sewers and in the creation of simultaneous energy plants and purifying. In these plants, even if using fossil energy, it would have been possible to close the cycles by combining the water and air cycles, by modifying the chimneys, the overlapping biological ponds, the calcareous greenhouses and the new designed digesters of the undersigned. Obviously, the plants should have been built in the right place, where there would have been enough water and limestone to close the carbon cycle too. Certainly it is not possible to continue to realize at random on the territory thermal power stations, especially coal, which produce thousands of megawatts per hour and that use water only to cool steam turbines and condensers.  While the water also serves to close the carbon cycle. This demonstrates, even today, the environmental ignorance of those who still build thermal power stations, incinerators, steel plants, cement factories and thermal engines, but also the ignorance of the world public bodies that allow it. This shows, above all, that if the United Nations does not provide to demonstrate practically how the environment is protected without wasting resources, governments, private inventions and the laws of the market, which live the day, are never worried about the electoral  consensus and the performance of the bags. But the United Nations, which also incorporates the WIPO (world intellectual property organization), with their absurd laws on industrial property that denies intellectual property and copyrights to inventors, forced me to pay taxes on public utility patents, national and international, as if I were a multinational, and I could change the chimneys, the sewers, the thermal plants, the incinerators and the purifiers, which are above all, public plants. Even if I had been a very powerful multinational, at the most I would have been able to realize the plants of my production with my solutions. I certainly could not have changed public and private facilities. How can we trust the highest world organizations that demonstrate incompetence in planning and legislation on problems of such gravity?

Fortunately, not all ills come to harm. It was fortunate that the undersigned, deepening the interactive aspects between the water and the air for the purpose of cleaning fossil energy, he realized that this interactivity, which I used only for purifying purposes, also hid the most important world energy source, which also renders current renewable energies that do not pass the examination of efficiency, being discontinuous, not very powerful, cumbersome, uneconomical and non-interactive.

If at COP 24 there has not been talk of interactive energy, for myself it means only that world science and democracy are even more sick than we could have imagined. Silence is never an answer, above all, when it comes to universal scientific solutions, which all look for in words, to take credit for saving the world. The powerful of the earth, including the Nobel prizes, after wasting immense resources, were disappointed to learn that energy and purification can be realized anywhere, with any earth temperature, with ordinary technologies and small plants autonomous from each other. These plants are the only ones that can work when it happens on planet earth that has already happened in the last 80 million years, 170 times. I speak of the inversion of the Earth’s magnetic poles. Faced with this phenomenon and to others of equal gravity, men will be completely alone and without any possibility to draw on existing sources of energy and information, including Internet (

The parallelism of this particular end of December 2018 and the beginning of 2019, where COP 24 passed in second place, not only because it was inconclusive, but also because the French protests that are spreading to other countries also demand a more accessible global energy policy from an economic point of view, regardless of environmental problems. I think that if the yellow gilets, no longer just French, were also aware of the scientific errors committed by the world power centers, they would be even more angry. This article, I hope that someone translates it into French, not to throw fuel on the fire of the uprising, which sooner or later will become global. Not because I believe in new political ideologies, but because sooner or later, even the unbelievers have to convince themselves that the only survival alternative we have is sustainable design, which has nothing to do with what the multinationals and world public bodies are doing. Future generations will be more likely to understand sustainable design than current ones, because they continue to hide behind general silence.

I have not yet completed this article (22/01/2019), when I learn of another tragedy that is at least 85 dead and many  wounded in the explosion of the oil pipeline in Tlahuelilpan, about 105 kilometers north of Mexico City. Where some people were trying to steal the benzine that came out of a leaking oil pipeline when the explosion occurredThis tragedy is also due to the production of polluting and unsustainable energies developed by partisan science, while public science has done nothing to identify sustainable and interactive ones. It is hampering them all over the world.

The current world politicians and lawmakers are doing everything wrong probably because they have bad scientific advisors. But at the same time they should understand that they can not govern if they can not choose scientific advisors. The world before being politically governed must be governed scientifically, especially through the scientific organization of global work. This organization is based on the choice of the best solutions analyzed globally, not individually. No invention alone can change the world, but groups of well-connected inventions could do so, if they interact positively with each other, reducing costs and increasing returns. The Internet is concrete proof that this is possible, but it only concerns the telecommunications sector that has developed over the last few decades with rather modest investments compared to traditional sectors that are made up of large structural works.  In fact, it is simpler and cheaper to modify electronic circuits and computer programs, than thermal plants, steel plants, incinerators, purifiers, hydroelectric plants, viaducts, railway tunnels, artificial reservoirs.  Large systems that are not designed to be connected to other plants can not be connected. If the current society has produced politicians, economists, scientists and technicians who do not understand these essential things, it is better to stop everything waiting for the generation of Greta Thumberg to take matters into their own hands.  As long as this future generation, like the previous ones, does not get bought by the practical reasons of public and private employers, who do not change anything, in order not to collapse the world’s stock exchanges.

Current society is legitimizing scientific and technological errors, as in the past legitimized wars, slavery, colonialism, fascism, Nazism and communism. Capitalism is no better than the other regimes, if no free inventors exist from the centers of power, not only in words but also in deeds. I as an inventor do not deny any of my forty inventions, even if not one has been realized for the absence of public and private interlocutors. The inventions that I myself have discarded have been used to invent the subsequent inventions, which are still waiting for interlocutors, especially public, because, as I have always written, I do not claim industrial property, because the public utilities must be recognized only intellectual property and made available to the whole world.

The aphorisms between juvenile progressivism and the conservatism of the same people are wasted when they become mature. But I think that as adults, men become conservative by accepting compromises and resignation. The compromise has also accepted the undersigned to survive and feed their family, but the resignation I have not accepted. Those who believe in their inner being to be an innovator do not abandon their ideas until death even if it is not believed by anyone.

Personally, I can no longer believe in a world ruling class that has produced pollution and global warming, which has been meeting for the last 24 years in maxi summits and mini world summits, pretending to look for solutions, without ever finding them. If have found them the undersigned working alone, without funding and without experimentation, only with the reasoning, certainly they would have found them too, if they really had looked for them, having powerful means of research and experimentation. Have they the courage to prove that the system I called SPAWHE does not work and I will apologize to the whole world. Indeed, to those few who believed me, if they are disappointed, I apologize from now, because I do not know if I will still be alive when the truth is ascertained.


Luigi Antonio Pezone