Development and the environment penalized by science and international laws.

(Seventeenth open letter to the International Court of Justice and to the UNITED NATIONS),

(First and only open letter to the Presidents of governments and ministers of world economic development).


We have created an unsustainable development even though the fathers of science have properly legislated the single principles of physical, chemical, mechanical, thermodynamic energy, preparing the work for industrial inventions that began with the discovery of steam and electrical energy. We owe little to the inventors who chose the production of electricity from the worst sources, neglecting the side effects, which led to global warming. We owe less to public science and to world legislators, who should have watched and corrected these choices to ensure sustainable development for future generations. We owe little to the politicians and the world economists, who give the assumption of the current model of development. Instead it is all to be redone, starting from the principles of the fathers of science that are not used individually, but synergistically, after the inventions of electric motors and current generators, which coupled, respectively, to modified pumps and turbines, in modified hydraulic systems, make all the other world energies totally useless and counterproductive.  But, from the world summits of the last decades and the current ones, it does not seem that on the planet Earth there are statesmen able to take the responsibility of telling the truth. I could have provided the evidence alone, if I had not spent my savings unnecessarily to pay for deposits of international patents, which should not be paid on those of public utility, if the world legislators worked for the common good. Obviously, public utility patents should be accessible to all, recognizing the copyrights to the inventors. We are a zero year of sustainable development, because public science and legislators have prevented the creation of interactive solutions between water and air, which are simultaneously energetic and purifying, with very high yields. With the interactive systems it is possible to compare the energy, environmental and economic aspects of a single plant with the current systems that perform the same functions, but separately, with greater costs and greater dimensions. What works today in partial applications with low yields, will also work in interactive applications, with high yields, because interactivity is not contrary to what was said by Newton, Torricelli, Pascal, Henry, Maxwell, Herz, Ferraris, Tesla. Someone should explain it to the world economic development ministries and patent offices.


The principles of thermodynamics for energy purposes were important before the invention of asynchronous motors, due to G. Ferraris (1847 – 1897), later patented by N. Tesla (1856-1943). In fact, previously, the concept of strength and power was steam machines. Denis Papin (1647 – 1712) conceived his reciprocating motion piston, which is the basis of mechanization; But the wrong industrial revolution based on fossil energy and steam began with James Watt (1736 – 1819). However, even today, fossil energy resists and is almost eighty percent of the world’s energy, while sustainable development has never started. It could start with the coupling of the asynchronous motors to the hydraulic pumps that reduce the absorption of energy proportionally to the intake pressure on the suction and that of the alternators applied to the pumps used as turbines, which instead increase the energy production proportionally to the same pressure, if applied in series in the same plant without water recycling (submerged hydropower). It was not even understood the importance of the invention of the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller was not understood, which would allow to recycle the water that produces the hydroelectric energy, inserting it back into the feed tank exploiting the natural or artificial hydrostatic pressure of the same supply tank.  All this, not to mention that in the meantime the water or human blood that is recycled with this system, in the meantime, they purify. This misunderstanding represents the masochism of the world’s leading scientific, political and economic class. Men have no hope of salvation if they cannot choose who should represent them at the world’s top scientific, political and economic levels. Mathematics and physics are not personal opinions. At least this Nobel Prize winners should know it. Even they commit the crime of omission.

From the title and the tone of the articles I write, I could seem a revolutionary contrary to the European and world institutions, however, I am only a grandfather worried about future generations. I would be in favor of a single world government, a single currency and a single language, but after having established with precision and without the slightest doubt, scientifically, a model of universal growth, which cannot be entrusted to local amateurs, or specialized in individual sectors. Unfortunately, my work experience and that of an inventor of purification and energy solutions, started by retiree, has led me to understand that “global warming” is the result of one of a bad organization of world work from an industrial, environmental and cheap point of view. This type of organization had to be conceived and coordinated by the world public bodies, in particular, by the ministries of economic development and supervised by the United Nations. This not only has not happened, but even these institutions, with their silence, hinder the emergence of much simpler and more sustainable solutions.

I do not want to criticize the world political and economic organizations. But the way to design production plants, services, transport, purification, energy, lifting and water distribution. I took care of these systems from 1970 to 2006, but only as a pensioner, I was able to do so as a free inventor, without any part conditioning. Hence, criticize the public and private scientific sanctuaries which, normally, nobody questions.

If we have the way of producing world wealth wrong, what can politicians and world economists do they that have only the task of managing the wealth produced? This is not a simple problem to solve. Political parties that win political elections do not realize the complexity of the problems that need to be faced in order to make the right choices from the technological and technological point of view of the organization of work.

Almost always, they lose the next elections, having only faced marginal problems.  In some cases, political parties create survival alliances, making voting unnecessary. The poor are getting poorer, pollution continues to advance and simple, sustainable solutions continue to be ignored by the public and private scientists dependent on the government and employers. In this way the legislators have the excuse of not being able to legislate in favor of the protection of the environment, since they adhere to the actual state of the art.

The whole world is competing to generate profit with the sciences and technologies of the individual sectors: chemists are competing with biologists, while the various energies struggle to evade market shares by increasing yields and lowering costs. But all this is not enough to remedy because the biggest mistake occurred at the beginning of the industrial era, when the competition was chosen in place of the synergy between the professions.

We need a profound transformation of modern society in the light of the scientific and technological progress we have acquired, especially in the last decades. Above all, it is necessary to select what is scientifically and technologically necessary for the society of the future. This cannot be done by politicians and economists, nor can public technicians and scientists, which are paid by governments but work for centers of international economic power. These pull water to their mill.  Governments Pass, but the power of bureaucrats, public bodies, multinationals and global stock markets remain. The ministries of economic development and the United Nations cultivate the snake in their womb and do not notice it. Until the sale of public patents to multinationals is prevented, this non-natural link cannot be interrupted between public interests, which should protect the people and the environment and the private interests that must protect profit.

This interweaving of interests between private companies and bureaucrats, designers and public researchers. It prevents the selection between efficient and obsolete solutions, until it is convenient for bags and entrepreneurs. . But it also prevents the professional growth of public designers and researchers, who should work together to find the best solutions and therefore identify a model of alternative development, which cannot be represented by individual scientific and technological inventions, but by groups of related inventions among them through a different organization of world work.

Today, the poor to defend themselves from power centers have a very powerful tool but they do not know how to use it: “the vote of a poor man is worth as much as that of the rich, the entrepreneurs, the corrupt bureaucrats, the economists, the politicians” Who wins the elections is always the people because the other categories represent a very small percentage in terms of voting. The People always win but can only choose governments of ordinary administration until it is organized with an autonomous design capacity that protects the environment and the dignity of human work. The People cannot teach industrials how to produce consumer goods, but it can impose the way to close chemical and biological carbon cycles, how to purify and produce energy, in public and private fixed and mobile plants. These functions should have been carried out by the world public bodies but they could not do it precisely because of the bad organization of work, which should have avoided conflicts of interest  and rewarded the deserving with intellectual property and copyright, not with the sale of patents to private. Today we find ourselves with controllers and controlled parties on the same side, who blocked progress to safeguard partisan interests.

If the undersigned, working alone and without funding, creating the site, has shown that it is possible to develop a model of alternative economic, on a scientific and technological basis, what could hundreds of thousands of technical designers and inventors do, if they subtract from the directives of public and private power centers and develop alternative projects? Obviously, not everyone can do this particular work, which must be based on transversal experiences and creativity.

Strangely, large public corporations and multinational corporations pay big managerial managers as movie stars and completely ignore inventors and developers of alternative projects. It is clear that they do not want anyone to question their solutions. Why do those who say they represent the people do the same? Politicians also isolate private inventors of public utility solutions. They do not spend a dollar or euro in the search for new solutions in alternative designs, do not investigate patents of public utility filed and not financed.

Political parties have not understood anything about how things are. They believe they are better than those who lost the election, but their recipes are quite similar. If they do not sink the knife in the historical scientific and legislative wounds that have created a sick development, we do not go anywhere. Therefore, in the world not only good inventors and designers are needed even Statesmen without partisan interests. Where are they?

The thermal energy that today represents eighty percent of the world’s energy is just a waste of energy and technology, like the other world energies. A couple of strategic inventions have been missing around the world to circumvent the gravitational force and the hydrostatic pressures of liquids. The current world class that has not sought and found these inventions is hindering them to defend their indefensible solutions. They do not care about global growth, but conserve the gap between rich and poor and current stock market speculation, especially on energy sources, which instead have become a burden to be freed as soon as possible if we want our children to have greater chances of survival in the face of great cosmic calamities and those created by man. The only energy possible on planet Earth is the interactive one between water and air without other ingredients. Science pretends not to understand it in order not to admit that it was wrong to interpret the fundamental principle of energy. This is not that of thermodynamics, but that of dynamic fluid with modified turbine, pumps and autoclaves.

Unfortunately, at the seventeenth open letter to the International Court of Justice, without counting those written to the European Commission and the Italian Authorities, the margins for believing in Justice are also greatly reduced. For the respect I owe to world institutions, I would rather be mistaken as a technician and inventor to believe more in world organizations. But at the same time, I think if I was wrong, the world would have less room for improvement. It is the men of government who have to decide whether to believe in the hope or the certainty of having almost everything wrong in matters of economic development, environment and energy. Voters who vote for them must make a little more effort to understand the work of inventors not linked to public and private power centers. These are the only ones who represent the people on a scientific and technological level, not being tied to governments and entrepreneurs. I think it is no coincidence that the world’s lawmakers do not recognize private copyrights separate from industrial property. This problem for inventors dependent on private and public companies does not exist because they have employers who pay taxes to enjoy industrial property. Unfortunately, the legislators do not distinguish the difference between a public utility patent and a commercial one.

How can the world be governed by this science and these legislators, who do not even deign to respond to criticisms documented by technical reasoning-transversal science and developed designs? The global design of energy and purification plants is still an unknown art on planet Earth.


By letter of 05/16/18, the International Patent Office (WIPO) informs me that have fallen on my property rights Patent No. 16784587.4 – 1008 PCT / IT2016000202 (entitled “pumps and turbines with double separate supply until to the impeller “for not having complied with the 112 (1) EPC rule. For myself it was not a surprise, but a painful choice that the patent system forced me to do because the time that democratically granted me to find the lenders has lapsed. It matters little that this invention, belonging to the category of those of public utility, should have been tested by a public body legislated by another public body and imposed to the various manufacturers as a social obligation, like catalytic converters, airbags, and other inventions of public utility. The inventors of these solutions can not be left alone by the world institutions.

In substance, I did not designate the contracting countries and I did not pay the taxes due in these countries according to the rules 78 (2), 39 (1). Which are unjust rules that favor large industrial properties, penalizing inventors.

A few days later I received a letter from the Italian patent office, with a registered letter dated 22/05/2018, inviting me to transform the same patent application into a utility model application, according to articles 82-84 DL. Vo n. 30/05. In essence, the Italian patent office, in contrast to the international office, says that this patent filing does not meet the requirements of the patent but of the utility model.  If I had the money to complete the payment of international taxes, I would not be interested in the opinion of the Italian patent office, which did not understand the importance of the invention, if it wants to grant me the utility model instead of the patent. I try to explain the concept once again.

Although the first centrifugal pump was invented around 1592 by an Italian citizen named Erone Alessandrino, and the first hydraulic turbines at the end of 1700, the correct way to use them with maximum energy efficiency, is that indicated by the undersigned. But it is also necessary to modify the systems to be able to circumvent by means of the modified pumps, the gravitational force and the hydrostatic pressure on the delivery side. As explained in many publications and patents filed, not included, above all by the Italian patent office, we need two distinctly separate supplies until to the entrance in the impeller and only one outlet. This solution allows to add the two inlet flows as if it were a single flow and to exit with a single pressure by dynamically exploiting the principle of Pascal, which has shown that the greatest pressure expands in the entire passage section. Therefore both the pumps and the hydraulic systems must be designed differently than the current state of the art to allow the recovery of the water after having produced energy by means of the turbines, as well as the energy saving in the lifting phase of the same waters, by means of recycling of the water taken on the delivery circuit. By balancing the inlet and outlet pressures of the impeller, it allows the entry of low pressure water on the suction side with lower energy expenditure, because the water must not be lifted but inserted in the recycling circuit equipped with greater pressure. This can not be considered an option on how to build pumps and plants but a specific legislative obligation to which manufacturers of pumps and systems must comply, except in special cases, where the waters to be lifted contain too many bodies in suspensions which could damage the pump.

But these innovations can only be achieved if we have competent people especially in public projects, which include these inventions and transfer their positive opinion to the legislators, who must issue the legislative decrees, to the pump manufacturers and in some cases even the turbines, so that adapt the building system to the best energy and water savings.

As an inventor, I only fight for the recognition of intellectual property and copyright, that justice should recognize me if my inventions, which are of public utility, prove correct and will be realized. Today there are no conditions to have the recognition of this right, which is due to all authors of works of intellect, because the environmental patents that have been recognized for the purification and cleaning of fossil energy, without appropriate legislative decrees nobody can make them. Therefore, even if I had the money to pay taxes that the regulations that the legislators have asked me to pay in all the countries of the world, it would have been useless to pay them until the same public bodies and legislators do not legislate the correct way of to build water, air, fossil energy cleaning systems, pumps, turbines, hydraulic lifting and water distribution systems. 

It is too convenient for the legislators to grant patents on environmental matters, to demand the fees for filing and maintaining patents, by the inventor, who is not even an entrepreneur, and then not to issue legislative decrees so that inventions can be realized.  The undersigned has vainly denounced this fact before to the Italian patent office, then to the European commission, finally, to the international judges and the United Nations:,,,

The undersigned has filed these patents to show that these solutions do not exist in the world, but they cannot even be realized, because the world public bodies have clearly made the wrong solutions and for many years, we are in a deadlock. Pollution continues to grow, while multinationals continue to offer commercial solutions disconnected from global plant-based reasoning.

The blame lies with public science and world economic development ministries, who do not know how to design or even recognize the sustainable projects deposited in the patents of private inventors. The world public bodies have entrusted the protection of the environment and the production of sustainable energy to the laws of the market and to insufficient regulations of the limits of the toxic missions. Without understanding that their role is to design the plants globally and to indicate to private companies the correct way to design specific machines and plants so that they reduce harmful emissions to zero, saving natural resources.  Instead, it seems that world public bodies encourage incomplete, polluting and uneconomical plant solutions to promote the illicit enrichment of multinationals.

The undersigned, who was in charge of industrial and environmental plants all his life, especially as the installer, as pensioner has filed forty patent applications accessible to the whole world to prove, with concrete examples how you could achieve power plants and water treatment. Thirteen patents were granted, but none realized. Others have not been granted to me because they are considered contrary to the principles of energy conservation. The undersigned, believes that the patent offices are not adequate to deal with problems on the scientific level and that other world institutions are hidden, having never found interlocutors.

As written above, the undersigned, does not know what to do with the patents that have been granted for many reasons:

1) Covering in most cases public owned facilities, they have not been financed and legislated by government bodies.

2) The ministerial decrees that oblige the builders of the machines have not been issued to the constructive adaptation of chimneys, domestic water saving, purification sewers, overlapping biological ponds, limestone greenhouses, linear digesters, pumps and turbines with the double separate power supply. These innovations are contained in the public utilities filed international patents.

From this emptiness of world public functions, one can only go out with open confrontation on all the proposed solutions and with the separation of intellectual property from the industrial one, at least for patents of problems of public energy and environmental utility. The inventors who deal with these problems cannot be treated like entrepreneurs because governments have to invest in their solutions. If they are realized, they must not recognize industrial property but only copyright. If they do not realize them they should not recognize anything. Governments cannot claim that in the meantime the inventor will pay taxes to maintain the industrial property rights that he does not claim, not being an entrepreneur..

These legislative changes are necessary because, unfortunately, for how modern society  (with the division of competences), has been built, there are not many qualified people to identify and solve environmental problems globally. Everyone pulls water to their mill. Public researchers deal with specific scientific disciplines, while machine builders produce specific machines. Who has designed the environmental systems up to now, has never put together the air purification along with that of water.   He never put a turbine in a series basin, sucking the surface water from above, to see that the turbine produces much more energy than the pump’s absorbed.

This very simple concept, even today, I am challenged by the Italian patent office, which considers insufficient my explanations on the filing of EC patent 2014 A 000012 filed away 06/10/2014 with the title “submerged hydroelectric plants for the production of energy oxygenation of the seabed and artificial welling “. With registered letter No. 0149589 of 27/04/2018 they continue to write, together with the European patent office that I would produce a perpetual motion. I would like to know who are the professors who have put these things in the head of these examiners that are so devoid of any scientific logic.

In a submerged system in which water enters the surface, consisting of a pump with the downward delivery, feeding a turbine, placed in series to the pump, increasing the depth, increases the positive pressure on the pump and the kinetic energy that is develops in the descent tube before entering the pump  (mgh = ½ m V2).   As a consequence, the power of the motor coupled to the pump decreases proportionally to the square of the speed that would develop. While in the turbine the opposite happens: proportionally increases the production of energy produced by the current generator coupled to the turbine proportionally to the same square as the speed that would develop. In fact, in a vertically intubated path, where the water that enters the downpipe is renewed at 100%, we exploit 100% of the position energy of the surface water with respect to the water positioned at the exit of the turbine that it is devoid of kinetic energy.  If there were no turbine that slows down the speed of the water to run the generator shaft, the water speed at the pump outlet would be much higher. The pump curve would move completely to the right, damaging the pump itself due to the high speed reached. But as long as the pump does not break, all the kinetic energy developed would turn into heat as the pressure drop at the pump outlet would be V2/2g. Therefore, by inserting a turbine after the pump and transferring the rotary movement to the generator shaft, we produce electrical energy, which can be tens or hundreds of times greater than that absorbed by the pump, depending precisely on the installation depth of the system. These concepts that the patent offices can not understand have not even included the professors of world universities, so the energy and purification disaster is general.

Transferring the advantage of submerged hydropower to plants not submerged, but realized in the atmospheric environment was the goal of the undersigned regardless of what the patent examiners wrote. The following patent of the undersigned, N. CE2014A 000013, 03/11/2014 titled “Vertical hydroelectric plants with water recycling” made not submerged was the first attempt to realize hydroelectric energy by partially recycling the water. This system is less advantageous than submerged hydropower, since not being able to innovate 100% of the supply water produces less energy, but has led to the idea of modifying the pumps and creating them with the double separate power supply up to the impeller. However, even this plant was rejected on the charge of perpetual motion (last rejection protocol No. 0149592 of 27/04/2018).

The first important plant concerning the production of hydroelectric energy with the recycling of water in the atmospheric environment was the patent filing N. 102015000048789 filed on 04/09/2015 entitled “Hydroelectric plants with lifting, recycling and water distribution”. This plant suffered the same fate as the previous plants. The last refusal of 17/04/2018. The Italian examiners declare that the documentation filed contains no elements that highlight the technical characteristics that would make new and inventive with respect to the prior art. I do not know where the Italian patent examiners have learned the known art of current hydroelectric plants and technology, but I can only say that making these plants was my job for the last twenty years, before starting to make the inventor from pensioner ( 1) Current hydroelectric plants are not even lifting.

2) The current lifting systems use the pumps to challenge the gravitational force, while in the ones I propose, the pumps have the delivery oriented in the direction of the gravitational force. The current systems are not realized in steps always full and do not recycle the water, producing energy in the descent phase to the difference between the energy produced and the expenditure for the recovery which is not raised but introduced into the upper reservoir of the circuit for recycling means of a pump with the dual separate power supply until the impeller and a turbine which exploits the kinetic energy produced.

3) In systems that use pumps with a separate dual feed, the hydrostatic pressures at the inlet and outlet of the impeller are always balanced, so that the hydrostatic pressures do not need to be overcome at the turbine outlet. All the kinetic energy produced in the down pipe can be converted into electrical energy because the circuit is open and ends by simply draining the water into a larger section at the turbine outlet

4) The current hydroelectric plants are a world disaster because they produce water that would be useful for summer irrigation and produce winter floods with huge infrastructure costs for water conveying and the construction of dams and reservoirs to produce one-way hydroelectric energy.

5) The only plants that can not produce energy by putting a pump and a turbine in series are the closed systems where the atmospheric pressure and the gravitational force can not enter. In fact, only in these systems does the geodesic position at which the pump is installed does not matter. In all other systems (open) this position is important because the kinetic energy that develops in the down tube that feeds the pump is proportional to the height h (mgh = ½ m V2). As a result, the power of the motor coupled to the pump decreases proportionally to the square of the speed that would develop. While in the turbine the opposite happens: proportionally increases the production of energy produced by the current generator coupled to the turbine proportionally to the same square as the speed that would develop. In fact, in a vertically intubated path, where the water that enters the downpipe is renewed at 100%, we exploit 100% of the position energy of the surface water with respect to the water positioned at the exit of the turbine that it is devoid of kinetic energy. If there were no turbine that slows down the speed of the water to run the generator shaft, the water speed at the pump outlet would be much higher. The pump curve would move completely to the right, damaging the pump itself due to the high speed reached.  But as long as the pump does not break, all the kinetic energy developed would turn into heat as the pressure drop at the pump outlet would be V2/2g. Therefore, by inserting a turbine after the pump and transferring the rotary movement to the generator shaft, we produce electricity, which can be tens or hundreds of times higher than that absorbed by the pump, depending precisely on the positive geodetic height on the pump, as in the plants submerged depends on the installation depth of the system. But in systems built at atmospheric pressure if we also want to raise the water from a basin below a top basin it is necessary to replace the circulation pump with a pump with the separate double supply until to the impeller. These concepts that patent offices are not able to understand, not have them including even the professors of universities in the world, the builders of the plants, pumps and turbines, so the energy and cleansing is a world disaster. I repeated the same words used to describe the submerged hydropower because the concept is the same, but in the non submerged environment we must use the pump with the double separate power supply to be able to introduce the water in low pressure in the recycling circuit with greater pressure hydrostatic. Which was invented precisely for this purpose.

6) The current water lifting systems, after transport, are the second energy expenditure in the world and disperse more than 45% of the water lifted due to the wrong design, which in addition to high pressure and also subject to breakage due to the blow aries not being made as directed by the undersigned, with steps lifting from one basin to another and recycling that produces energy in basins always full of water that distribute the water users from overflow.

In short, some world scientific authority over the parts, if it exists, must take responsibility for what the examiners of the patent offices and the legislators who regulate intellectual and industrial property write. The inventors cannot be mocked by the entire world ruling class without anyone taking responsibility for the completely wrong world facilities in terms of energy, economic, purification and prevention of droughts and floods.

Even if the patent offices and legislators repent and grant the patent to an inventor, the problem is not solved, because even Bill Gates would not be able to use industrial property to modify all the plants, the pumps and the world turbines. The world’s legislators only have to ascertain the scientific and technical truths by obliging public research bodies to carry out the necessary experiments and legislate properly. The separation of intellectual property from the industrial one is necessary, recognizing the inventor who has put his finger in this great world scourge, worldwide copyright, as happens for all the works of intellect. Is it most important work of art, or properly establish the basic principles of energy production and purifications?

However, submerged hydroelectric plants and lifting ones with water recycling at atmospheric pressure, have served to establish the main principles of dynamic fluid neglected by science, which can be greatly enhanced, even multiplied by the combination of pressure exploitation static compressed air. But even the patents on this topic have not been understood by science by Italian and European entrepreneurs and patent offices, although this energy has purifying side effects of water exceeding all expectations. With the latest invention of the energetically autonomous artificial heart, this effect would also extend to the oxygenation of human blood.

There are many plants unanimously misunderstood by the world’s ruling class. This suggests that on the technical and scientific issues, there are no government figures who delve into the topics globally. These personalities follow the fashion of the moment and the advertising slogans on renewable energies that are worthless (expensive, discontinuous, cumbersome, with low yields and non-interactive.

The most unfortunate was the patent filing N. 102015000048792 of 04/09/2015 which was the first pressurized hydroelectric plant titled “mobile perpetual current generators with compressed air or gases and water recycling” that was not even sent to the examination of the European patent office.

– The patent filing N. 102016000057968 filed on 08/06/2016 entitled “Desalination plants – vertical demineralizers with ion exchange with hydroelectric energy production” has also been misunderstood

– The patent filing N. 102016000058018 filed on 08/06/2016 entitled “Floating plant, hydroelectric, desalination plant, calcium and carbon extractor from deep sea waters” was also misunderstood “.

– The patent filing N. 102016000066396 filed on 27/06/2016 entitled “Autoclave plant for water lifting, producer of hydroelectric energy” was also misunderstood.

– The patent filing N. 102016000087373 filed on 26/08/2016 entitled “Hydro-electric car with peripheral drive torque on wheels” has also been misunderstood

– The patent filing N. 102016000111939 filed on 08/09/2016 entitled “pressurized hydroelectric plants submerged in wells with lifting and oxygenation” was also misunderstood.

– The patent filing N. 102016000111938 filed on 08/11/2016 entitled “pressurized hydroelectric plants submerged in basins with lifting and oxygenation” was also misunderstood.

– The patent filing N. 102016000130510 filed on 23/12/2016 entitled “pressurized domestic hydraulic system, producer of hydroelectric energy” was also misunderstood.

– The patent filing N. 102017000059993 filed on 01/06/2017 under the title “pressurized hydropower aerospace transport system with turbofan and compressed air injection” was also misunderstood.

This important patent filing, which undermines the entire aeronautical and aerospace industry, has suffered the double wrong of having received a refusal not to regulate a registered letter, but only by electronic means, to which I could not claim, not having read such mail. But my reply would have been useless because they accuse me of violating the principles of energy conservation. They have never accepted the clarifications on this subject provided for the other deposits of patents that produce energy with the recycling of water. The damage that has produced world science for not having identified this type of energy are superior to those that have produced the mafias and world wars. It is almost obvious that the Italian patent office persists in its scientific ignorance, despite the broad explanations received, if world science continues to remain silent. Who must intervene to clarify this enormous global doubt? Governments, world universities, the UN and international judges are silent. This is further evidence of the difficulties faced by private inventors and the report in this seventeenth open letter to the international court of justice. I refuse to spend about 600 euros to reply to the letter of 02.07.1988 by which the refusal provision according to the art. 51 D.L. gs. 30/05.  Even if I won the appeal and granted me the Italian patent, it would be useless. As I have already explained, I am not an entrepreneur. I do not claim any industrial property. but the application of energy and purification systems hidden from the advent of the industrial age which are among the most important discoveries in the history of humanity, even if, for myself, they do not need to be proved, being the scientific principles on they are already known separately (Newton, Pascal, Torricelli, Henry, Maxwell, Herz), but never put together rationally to exploit them synergistically. The system of international patents, against patents of public utility, is not only wrong, but also against producing, because the identification of a new way of producing energy and purification at low cost must be made available to the whole world. Not granted exclusively to one company, which cannot satisfy the global need. For the undersigned, it does not matter what the patent office writes, but the fact that he has regularly filed the patent and the documentation he attached. I continue to claim intellectual property and copyright at the international level of all my patents granted or not granted. If it proves that my inventions are accurate and will be implemented in the world, if there is justice these laws will have to be corrected retroactively, because they have already done too much damage, along with the wrong purification and energy plants, which the undersigned has modified in the interest of all.

– The patent filing N. 102018000004864 filed on 26/04/2018 entitled “Mini water purification system for domestic water producers” is currently under examination.

– The patent filing N. 102018000005791deposited on 28/05/2018 entitled “Artificial heart oxygenator of blood, autonomously energetically” is being examined. I hope that medical science is smarter than the one that deals with the environment and energy.

It is obvious that my patent deposits are against the current design systems of public and private installations. My inventor goals do not coincide with those of private property. I am not interested in receiving the recognition of the patent to create a company that produces and markets the product, but only the verification of scientific and technological truth, to indicate the best way to produce energy, well-being and human health.  This should have been the goal of world public designers, but today there are no world schools that teach how the systems are designed globally. Therefore, every scientific faculty and every multinational company draws water to its mill, without objectively choosing the right solution in the right place and at the right time. My solutions are universal because they close the purification cycles that are opened by thermal, chemical, agricultural, urban processes and do not open new cycles that can not be closed. It is not the fault of the undersigned if the world’s industrial energy and purification plants have been wrong. I ask the Court of International Justice for royal copyrights which are recognized by all authors of works of intellect.  I do not ask for the return of money paid for international deposits, although I think that the patents of public social utility do not have to pay fees for deposit and maintenance. The undersigned has also made economic sacrifices that as a simple pensioner cannot afford, filing five international patents and a European strategic, to show that the world’s public bodies, unfortunately, are the true architects of global warming. These do not incorporate sustainable innovations in the field of the environment and energy, they do not experience them, they do not legislate them, they do not correct the mistakes committed by private entrepreneurs, especially multinationals, that produce energy and thermal engines.

The thirteen patents of public utility granted at national level, the six at the international level, have never received the legislative support of the institutions and therefore, even if desired, the entrepreneurs working in the purification and energy systems could not have realized them The more than twenty patents refused by the patent offices or still under examination, even if they were granted, without the legislative support, of the world institutions, no one would realize them, not for economic reasons, but because they would require tenders of public contracts and regulations to which the companies working in the environmental and energy  sectors. These are today separate, while the logic of the global organization of work must become a single sector.

For the undersigned who has been involved in the design and installation of industrial, environmental and energy production plants for a lifetime, it is essential to change the mindset of public planners and legislators.


In global installations, everything must take place at the same time. Water, air and energy must always be together, creating small or large plants that are both energetic and purifying. Large public works, with dams, reservoirs, large purifiers, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants have created more damage than good These great works are mainly due to the wrong approach to energy sources and purification systems. The more gradual the plants are, the more difficult the self-purification process is, since the contact between water, air and the active ingredients contained in terrestrial minerals is more difficult, especially calcium and magnesium which counteract oceanic acidification and chemical neutralization of CO2, NOx, SOx.

With the advent of pressurized hydroelectric energy, everything would be simplified in terms of energy, purification and global transport. If the patent offices do not understand them it is the fault of the scholastic education that the examiners received, because science has never deepened the possible synergies between the water and the air, as the undersigned did, and therefore could not transfer to the legislators the concrete applications of this energy. The Patent Offices should only restrict themselves to registering the dates of patent deposits and checking whether they are original or not. They can not make scientific judgments about perpetual motion because they do not understand its meaning. Perpetual motion does not exist, but if it existed it would be useless, as it would not produce and would not consume energy. While the plants that the undersigned offers are open circuits that exploit hydraulic, gravitational and pneumatic regimes favorable to energy saving and purification while producing mechanical energy through the turbines by means of the principles of Newton, Torricelli, Pascal, which is transferred to a power generator it is always tens of times or even hundreds of times higher than the energy absorbed by the motor that makes the pumps spin. These work differently than the current pumps. they do not counteract the gravitational force and the hydrostatic pressure at delivery, but supports it, working with incompressible liquid flows in the same direction, which do not produce expansions and compressions of compressed air volumes, but deviations of the excess liquid due to the principle of the impenetrability of bodies. Depurations also take advantage of this system because water and purified blood are measured by the amount of solubilized oxygen. With the use of pumps with separate double feed to the impeller, pressurized autoclaves do not come out of the water or the blood that enters, but the water or blood already present, which has already absorbed the oxygen due to the greater pressure permitted by Henry’s law. World science has not understood that gas pressure must be statically exploited (as nature does with atmospheric pressure) and that which must circulate is water that has a density about 830 times higher than air and does not compress yet in the calculations of the generated powers the formula is very simple (flow rate for prevalence by the density of the fluid passing through the pump or the turbine). The use of pumps with the dual power supply allows to lower the head necessary for pumps that absorb electrical energy and to increase the prevalence that passes through the turbine that exploits the entire pressure of the compressed air cushion, expelling the same amount of water introduced into low pressure in the rotating impeller, with the trick created by the undersigned of the power division.

The current costs of transporting energy and purification must be overcome, not only for economic and environmental reasons, but also practical, because, faced with the great natural, astrophysical or man-made nuclear disasters, we must be prepared to move quickly on the same planet Earth, even on artificial islands off the oceans far from earthquakes and tsunamis ( or look for other planets in space ( The current problem of migrants that nobody wants to welcome in their own country could become the general problem of those who will survive man’s uncontrollable phenomena that will affect the entire planet, such as the inversion of the Earth’s magnetic poles, which has already happened eighty times in the history of the planet, on average every 470,000 years. Many scientists believe the phenomenon is imminent, not totally destructive, but it will certainly not allow us to survive by replenishing our current fossil energy distributors.

For myself, the problem of scientific, technological and economic development must be set in a different way, for this reason the sub-title of this article is “Seventeenth open letter to the International Court of Justice and the UNITED NATIONS”. The latter manage the international patent office WIPO, while the ministries of economic development of the individual countries manage the national offices. But probably the UN Secretary does not know how to do this function, as the individual national ministers do not know, because nobody finances inventions not connected to the centers of economic power. Suffice it to say that every year, in Europe, competitions are held on social inventions that are authentic lotteries, in which thousands of competitors participate, but only three competitors win ( You can not force the inventors who propose the cleaning of fossil energy the submerged and compressed interactive energy to participate in these competitions, among other things without being even understood, while for more than a century, not only do not clean the fossil energy but immense resources are wasted on nuclear energy which is certainly less practical and more cumbersome than compressed hydropower, even if we wanted to use it on spaceships ( The science of èlite always investigates in the same directions to avoid collapsing the economic system that created and which has concentrated the wealth in the hands of a few. Even in the face of the great natural disasters mentioned above, only these few could be saved. I think that if the poor want to escape from this situation they do not have to make wars but to learn to design differently

If the institutional bodies were to legislate correctly, by requiring the builders of fixed and mobile plants to close all the cycles that open up in industry, agriculture, urban centers in sewers and purifiers, there would be more work and welfare for all. These are not theories. How the plants are designed is written down to the smallest detail in the many examples reported on, because the ministries of economic development, the environment, energy, industry, agriculture, urban planning, do not they take it into account? If I have written scientific and technological falsities because nobody corrects me? Why are silent The United Nations and international judges?


Emissions deemed acceptable by the world authorities that have not been able to design alternative plants does not mean that they cannot be further reduced or even eliminated by changing energy solutions and not by opening thermal and nuclear cycles. Reasoning with a narrow mindset, everyone thinks about the use of batteries. But can we ever think about using batteries even on large means of transport?  This inconsistency, indifference or incompetence of science,  manufacturers, plant designers, university professors, managers of environmental ministries, energy and economic development, the undersigned, not only he explained it in thousands of pages of descriptions of patent deposits, but also in many articles published on the web and on the website I mention in particular the following articles:,,,,,,,,,

The patent offices, together with scientific, environmental, energy, labor and world justice institutions, must be careful about what they do, if they do not want to lose credibility, scientific legislative and legal. The undersigned, if he had not had confidence in the institutions, probably would not have started in 2006 to invent the environmental and energy solutions, not commercial, putting in addition to work also the money to deposit the patents that nobody wants to develop to hide scientific and design errors. While entrepreneurs want to simply, continue to sell what they have produced with the consent of the legislators. In some cases, buying patents of partial solutions from public researchers, which like those of multinational companies do not change the model of development. Today, controllers and controllers propose the same solutions because they have not been able to develop global projects and do not have the courage to admit it. What is the use of international treaties such as the “Codification Project on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Illicit Acts”, if the first to commit the crime of “Omission” are the UN officials and judges who drafted it. What is the purpose of the World Bank, if not to finance the experimentation of sustainable alternative solutions?

If the undersigned, had imagined the silences that he collected from those who theoretically should have been the beneficiaries (representing the world governments) probably, he would have continued to install the plants pretending not to see the gross errors committed in the purification and energy production. Unfortunately, the more I gathered silences, the more I understood the gravity of the situation. As a parent and grandfather, I wanted to investigate thoroughly the topics covered. We must do something, especially in view of the imminent growth of world populations and possible astrophysical and nuclear catastrophes. If the words morality and justice are worth nothing, at least the powerful ones are enriched in a more intelligent way, without selling energies that are not worth nothing, they also damage the health and the chances of survival of their own children.

One thing is certain. The world patent offices cannot manage the patents of social utility, how they manage the commercial patents of private companies. These study the patents in the maximum secret of the company, make the prototypes and at the time of publication of the patent, are ready to launch it on the market, drawing the profit that allows the payment of taxes necessary for the protection of industrial property.

Instead, the patents of social utility cannot be developed in business secrecy, especially if the inventor is a common citizen. These patents must primarily involve healthy institutions and must be developed in the light of the sun by seeking public and private partnerships. Obviously, the inventor who has identified a solution must do everything possible to protect their intellectual property rights by filing the patent before sharing it. A universally applicable environmental or energy invention can not come from nothing, but from many researches and in-depth analyzes of existing sciences and technologies. A strategic patent such as “pumps with double feed separate until to the impeller” paves the way for other patents on the applications of such pumps that can be shared with public bodies and private companies, if they cooperate. But this did not happen. No one has cooperated and the undersigned has had to develop the following patents by himself, without being able to extend them internationally and without being able to experiment with them. If the main patent has not found lenders, how can the following patents be found? This is the proof that world economic development needs scientific, technological, legislative and juridical coordination, while today economists govern only the laws of the market. How do economists realize that the inventions that have created the current development are the best also from an economic point of view? Today the comparison takes place between solutions that exploit single scientific principles and individual technologies. It is obvious that energy performance, more or less, is equivalent. To have advantageous conditions of energy production, some solution must start from an advantageous condition. Advantageous conditions can only be created by globally planning implants using synergistic solutions with different scientific principles. Unfortunately, the world’s ruling classes have not formed people or groups of people capable of planning globally. If we think that it was advantageous to exploit the hydraulic water jump to produce hydroelectric energy, we are only partially right, as we should have done it without creating dams and basins, as this required huge economic investments and altered the natural distribution of sweets waters, creating hydrogeological disasters and favoring droughts and floods. The only globally reasoned energy is the compressed hydroelectric power that the favorable energetic conditions create them by putting together fluids with different characteristics (water and air) and uses them rationally by entrusting the air to create pressure and to the water that does not compress and which has a higher density, one-way circulation to produce energy entering and exiting a pressurized autoclave with air. This solution is complete because it simultaneously exploits the principles of Newton, Torricelli, Pascal, Henry, Maxwell, Herz, producing energy and purification at the same time, without producing any toxic emissions into the environment. The economists who govern the world do not even know the principles legislated by the scientists mentioned above and do not even know the undersigned who has studied the strategic inventions to put them together rationally, not to simply increase the energy yields and purification, but to multiply them as a function of pressure air that does not consume energy, being statically exploited.

Economists should ask themselves the reasons why science has never tried to put together the existing scientific principles to multiply returns, not even water and air rationally. Science has always tried to create new energies starting from the transformation of matter through heat. But the matter has a production cost, or a cost of extraction, refining, transformation into heat to produce thermal gases to be transferred to a liquid or to be used directly in gas turbines. In any case, returns are very low.

Instead, nature has provided us with non-compressible water with high density and compressible air with low density. Both cost nothing but just put them together rationally with a simple but strategic invention to save energy in the recovery phase of water by means of the modified pumps and another strategic invention to produce energy with low costs through the modified autoclaves that exploit the compressed air pressure statically, as nature exploits it (atmospheric pressure is compressed air at the pressure of a bar). How world science has failed to grasp these concepts is a mystery. But how do world politicians and economists not be curious about whether or not it works compressed hydropower is an even bigger mystery. They who make economic accounts every day with public debts and balance of payments should at least take away their curiosity to set up economic programs in all sectors of the world economy of the future do not have the slightest doubt that compressed hydroelectric power works, but I no longer believe in global economic scientific political institutions and I will not pay debts to prove obvious things, because world public institutions have clearly shown that they do not like private inventors occupy the environment and energy.

For over a century nuclear scientists have been trying to violate the general principles of energy by dividing the atom, while those who propose the simple modification of pumps and autoclaves to produce energy and purification at very low costs are accused by the Italian and European patent offices of violate the principles of energy conservation, but without specifying which principles:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

It is clear that transversal inventions make it difficult for the specialized sciences and technologies in individual sectors, which have failed to identify them, despite the large funding they have had. They did not find them because they looked for them in energetic principles with faults of insurmountable origin, without studying the organization of work related to real applications in the environment and without taking into account the natural systems that the environment uses to purify and create energy flows of the matter.

The legislators have not understood and do not want to understand the difficulties in which inventors who propose inventions of public utility outside the authorized power centers operate, without being able to draw on any source of funding. Rather than granting inventors intellectual property with copyright, which they grant to writers, musicians, etc., they demand from inventors who do not find lenders the same taxes that they ask multinationals. They make their rights void if they can not pay. This is a procedure that not even Franz Kafka, writer of the bureaucratic paradox of the early twentieth century, could have imagined, but it is what happens a century later.

Today, above all, the purification plans, the lifts and the water distribution, the energy plants, are designed by public bodies, which do not know the scientific organization of work which is the true strength of industrial work. Therefore, environmental protection has lagged far behind industrial development. This I can say with certainty because before I worked in industry and then in the environment, always taking care of the design and installation of the systems. But this is proven especially by the plants arranged at random in the area and poorly dimensioned that can not close, the carbon cycle because those who designed them not only wrong the designs, but also the size. He did not consider that the ingredients needed to close the cycle were missing.

The undersigned who understood these serious problems, as a pensioner, has spent eight years working on studying fossil energy purification systems, bringing the organizational mentality of industrial work into environmental work (which still does not exist in any country in the world) by modifying the domestic systems, the chimneys, the digesters and the deputation systems, depositing about twenty patents that formed the starting point of an alternative development system. The world public bodies have pretended not to understand my solutions because they completely changed both the purification systems and the energy ones, unifying the water and air treatment cycles in the same plants. In fact, the only sustainable CO2 purification system is to circulate large quantities of water and combustion fumes in covered limestone greenhouses to react with cold water, limestone and CO2, in order to produce alkaline waters that also fight oceanic acidification.  The unification of water and air purification cycles is essential to combat global warming. But it did not please the authorities of the environment, energy, and economic development, that they would have to redo all the big thermal plants, change the chimneys, make the thermal plants smaller and integrate them with the water purification systems and air.

Today the world’s authority for economic development are at war with each other for the problem of international duties. No one is questioning the same world economic development that still cannot reduce CO2 emissions because the energy sources of production systems are also wrong from an economic point of view. World summits seem like struggles between the deaf and the blind, while science hides because it has wronged the fundamental principles from which to extract social welfare.


It makes the doubt, especially Italian, between technical and political governments. Politicians call technologists economists, but if economists were real technicians they would realize that economics cannot be based on wrong economic and environmental inventions. Today those who argue that science should be applied globally does not find interlocutors that this good practice is never applied either by government agencies or by multinationals. A modest example of this situation is represented by the patent deposits of the undersigned, who found no support in Italy, he searched abroad, turning the main patent stores into international, hoping to find interlocutors. If we consider that depositing an international patent involves the payment of about 3200 euros of taxes plus about three hundred euros in revenue stamps to receive a copy of the priority document, we can easily understand how much the fossil cleanup that the world has cost to me. has never achieved (four international and one European patents), apart from the research work on solutions, which, as I said, lasted eight years.

If I had mistaken the scientific reasoning I would not have been able to clean the fossil energy even theoretically, but at least theoretically, I succeeded (at least in fixed installations) with a system different from the system used by the world public science called C.C.S. (Carbon, Capture, Storage). My system would have completely closed the carbon cycles by designing the plants differently, while the C.C.S. to save the plants built with the wrong designs, he was content to capture the CO2 and hide it underground, creating other even more serious problems. This is another confirmation that world research institutions (public and private) in the field of the environment and energy do not work for general interests but for centers of power. My solution, closing the cycles correctly, led me to do the following investigations to lower the costs of the purification, they would never have been done, as they were not done by public research bodies, without addressing the problems from my point of view. This long research, in the end, has found the right way to completely eliminate fossil energy (at least theoretically). In fact, this system produces much more energy than it consumes and can also be mounted on means of transport. Almost three years after the identification of this solution, the environmental authorities, the energy authorities and the transport multinationals continue to remain silent and the patents filed are opposed by the patent offices. without understanding who the scientific and technical consultants of the world patent offices are, who do not distinguish the difference between an open and closed hydraulic circuit.

Patents of public utility have too many enemies, public and private. It takes many years to understand and realize it. Lawmakers cannot expect inventors to bleed themselves out in legal actions against rejected patents, pay the maintenance fees of those who manage to pass the patent offices’ exams waiting to find public or private interlocutors who understand them, make the first prototypes to demonstrate the principles of operation.  If all goes well, it can take a few decades before the scientific and technical truth comes out and the legislators impose them first on public bodies and then on private builders. In the meantime the dignity of the inventor’s work and every form of elementary law and justice has been trampled, while environmental polluters continued to pollute.  On the problems of public utility, the burden of practical experimentation of inventions should touch on the multinationals that claim the industrial property of inventions, or on the public research bodies of the inventor’s country, if the inventor does not claim industrial property, but only copyright. A country that wants to grow, can not remain inert in front of the inventions of public utility produced by its citizens (who are not entrepreneurs) because the industrial property, can also claim it directly by creating work and increase its weight internationally.

Today, it is important that inventors free from partisan interests, especially if they have accumulated transversal experiences in working life, contribute to solving the problems unresolved by the sciences and technologies that work in watertight compartments since the beginning of the industrial era, without inventing anything of really new, in the traditional sectors, which for myself, have been wrong both the organization of work and the general principles of energy and purification. The Kafkian bureaucracy of the ministries of economic development and world patent offices has favored the incomplete inventions of multinational corporations and world public bodies, which are the only ones who can afford to pay the current costs of international patents.

The undersigned, having had very transversal work experiences, has realized the gravity of the world situation that cannot be solved with individual inventions, but with a different working method, above all of the world public research bodies.

 To prove that current energy and purification systems were wrong it was necessary a long solitary alternative design work was needed, where the patent deposits, although not realized, have been hypothesized functioning and connected to each other, in order to achieve a more advanced scientific, environmental and economic development. of the current one, even using the existing technologies, with small but strategic changes. This alternative development is described on the website The longer the silence on this subject, the more the current world governments will play the reputation although at present, no world government has yet understood it. We are not faced with new social, monetary and trade reforms, but we need a new global revolution in science and technology and consequently, also in the economy and international justice.


For myself, the first reform to do is to separate intellectual property from the industrial one. Above all, to avoid the trade of patents of public bodies to individuals. To sell their patents to the multinationals, pubic bodies have lost sight of their role. If they had not lost sight of it, it would not have been possible for the undersigned to deposit forty patent deposits, which represent an alternative development model in all sectors of human activities, while using current technologies, of course, with strategic changes.

For myself, industrial property must be left to industrials and governments that directly produce consumer goods and plants. All other inventors, including public ones, who are not entrepreneurs, must be granted intellectual property and copyrights appropriately legislated internationally.

The inventors dealing with environmental and social problems do not have to pay deposit and maintenance fees. Patent offices only need to limit registration dates and publish patents on expiry dates. The inventions must be diffused, not industrially protected.  This would increase global growth, without inventors losing the rights owed to their work if inventions are realized after they have stopped paying undue taxes.

Legal disputes must be done later, not before inventions are made. Today there are too many interests that prevent the realization of useful inventions. Above all, because public bodies do not play their role properly. Working in watertight compartments and not knowing the organization of industrial work, they continue to implement inadequate contracts and sell obsolete patents.

 Personally, as an inventor of solutions of public utility, I would also be entitled to the refund of the paid international deposit fees. I do not claim this refund but I want to make it clear that the payment of international taxes has only served to show that the political and economic centers of power throughout the world do not want to clean up fossil energy or even produce sustainable and purifying energy in the environment. If I had not even filed some international patent, I could not have made this statement.

Not even finding international interlocutors, I was forced to create the website http: The number of visitors is recorded on the home page, which has reached around 20,000. Who are these silent visitors?

Is it possible that in the whole world there are no scientific and economic authorities, professors who defend the plants they have designed? I modified them explaining the reasons why I consider them wrong. I do not question the principles of energy conservation legislated, but the partial application of the same and the failure to identify the principles of dynamic fluid that would be those really useful for the welfare of the environment and human life. I do not bring tested solutions in another planet, but the constructive criticisms of over forty years of observations of industrial plants, which I consider devoid of environmental synergies and environmental ones that are devoid of the industrial mentality concerning the organization of work, that science public has not been able to invent or copy from industrial systems. World growth has occurred in complete scientific anarchy, because no world authority has encouraged transversal inventions in the energy and purification fields. Every discipline and every entrepreneur has drawn water to its mill.

Even today, both science and multinationals are specialized in individual disciplines, while nature has shown that the synergies between different processes, which cost nothing, are the essence of biological life, much more complex than chemistry. Terrestrial chlorophyll in photosynthesis and marine plankton are the most evident example.  Also the synergies between the physical forces due to gravity, atmospheric gases, winds, fresh and ocean waters are at the base of the universal carbon cycle which requires the transformation of immense quantities of fluid dynamical and electromagnetic energies.

The synergy between the pumps and the modified autoclaves, the pumps used as turbines, the electromagnetism used in both electric generators and in the motors that consume it, was enough for me to realize that we can produce clean energy at a very low cost in every corner of the earth, to the north pole, in the deserts, even in the man’s chest to replace the human heart when it is sick or aged. This energy, even if no one wanted it to experiment, works at any time of the day or night and with any earth temperature. The innovations proposed by the undersigned, are inconvenient for everyone.

Making patents fall because the inventor cannot pay taxes is a petty and childish game that does not honor world justice, the dignity of scientific and technological work. This generates distrust in world institutions, does not help the formation of new inventors who are able to reason globally. As I explained above, and in many publications, Environmental inventions cannot be conceived correctly without a study of the organization of environmental work. This type of organization is not known by public researchers, who are locked in the laboratories dealing with specific problems, while the multinationals of the environment do not deal with work organization, but with tenders. The world’s mechanical and manufacturing industry is the only one that knows the organization of work, but applies it to increase industrial productivity. It has nothing to do with the purification of water and air, the water distribution of water, the study of marine currents, gravitational force, atmospheric pressure.

Only by combining industrial organizational criteria and environmental scientific knowledge is it possible to create a global sustainable development, but it is necessary to correct the mistakes committed by both parties, which are very numerous and well rooted in the ruling classes, apart from the interests that are the major obstacle.

In the world metalworking industry, no one has noticed that heat is useless to produce energy and that the expansion and compression of combustion gases, apart from the pollution it produces, is a costly and anti-economic operation. Each compression and expansion cycle of the combustion gas requires an absorption of energy from a paid fuel. While the best solution is to exploit the gas pressure statically without making it expand, by circulating an incomprehensible liquid in an autoclave, introduced from the outside through the suction side of the same circulation pump, to force the system to expel the same amount of liquid introduced by another outlet connected to a turbine. Obviously, the expulsion takes place with the full force of the compressed gas, but this does not consume energy not being able to expand. In this way, by spending a very small amount of the electricity produced by the turbine, to run the circulation pump, we can feed the infinite with the same liquid that produces electricity, the autoclave again until the wear of the machines, but without buying useless fuels, without producing useless heat and useless pollution. It seems incredible, but the scientific authorities and technology entrepreneurs, are behaving worse than the Catholic church in the time of Galileo Galilei, with the only difference that the Catholic Church was in good faith, while science and technology entrepreneurs worldwide are silent, putting in trouble patent offices that are not scientific authorities, legislators, politicians, economists who continue to make bad investments in all sectors of the economy and the global environment.

The narrow mindset that used the engineering industry has also been used by nuclear energy designers, who are focused only on the division of the atom, which Albert Einstein has never wanted. As the undersigned showed, the deviation of liquid and gas molecules in a pressurized autoclave system with one-way circulation, where the element that does not compress and which has greater capacity to produce energy, is simpler and more efficient, according to the note formula: Power = pressure * density * flow rate.   How did world science prefer the density of gas pay, instead of water that is about 830 times denser and air that cost nothing? It’s almost a mystery, if we consider that a nuclear reactor, a thermal engine, a gas turbine is more complex than a circulation pump with a separate double power supply and an autoclave, which work cold with static pressures that can be very small. in the human heart and much higher in other applications.

I publish these things, coherently, with previous publications, hoping that the International Judges and the WIPO (World International Property Organization) understand what they have not understood until now. That is, that environmental, energy, health, and public utility patents must be treated differently from commercial patents, recognizing intellectual property and copyrights to inventors. The industrial property may concern the single pump, turbine, compressor, electronic control unit, if the manufacturers believe they have special requirements, which fall within the criteria of patentability.

Today, world society to protect industrial property prevents the development of alternative energy principles that protect natural resources, the environment, human health and even the survival of mankind.  We do not know what happened on the planet Mars, which once was very similar to the earth and that has lost the atmosphere and the oceans, but we know that without an interactive energy produced with water and air to preserve the natural habitat, both human beings, animals and plants, have no hope of survival ( However, this energy, proposed with at least one hundred years of delay, is ignored and hindered by the world’s political and scientific classes. I think that at this point even a large part of the world Nobel prizes are overvalued, because all scientific and technical discoveries must be related to the real usefulness of human survival in extreme conditions, which could happen on Earth, as happened on Mars. I think that if the inhabitants of Mars had invented the pumps with the separated double power and the pressurized hydropower, a small number of them in some corner of the planet, in the subsoil, would still be alive. But if they have had the misfortune to make the same energy and environmental inventions made by man, certainly, no thinking beings have survived, but only microorganisms that confirm the presence of some form of life.


Almost three years have passed since the original patent filing (07/09/2015) of the pumps and turbines with the double separate power supply. The international patent has lapsed, and the undersigned has not yet found national and international interlocutors who take note that since the advent of the industrial era the way to use the pumps and the turbines has been wrong. But above all the pumps that lift the water, which if they had been used as indicated by the undersigned, since the advent of the industrial age, not only would have avoided the use of thermal energy for economic reasons, but would have also avoided the adventures of the nuclear bombs, which were stimulated by the Germans and Americans’ desire to win the Second World War. What reason would the Germans and the Americans have had to compete on the invention of the atomic bomb if from the beginning of the industrial era they had “compressed hydropower” to march tanks, ships, submarines, trucks planes without fuels?  What need would there be for nuclear energy to win a technological war? Even today the open cycles to win the Second World War have not been closed. I cannot think that the Martians disappeared because of them, having fought a nuclear war, as it could happen on Earth. I think they were more unfortunate than the terranes being involved in some unpleasant astrophysical phenomenon.

What worries me is the fact that not even the CO2 cycle has been closed on planet Earth, which, as the undersigned showed, could be closed in fixed plants, producing alkaline waters in limestone greenhouses, if not they had also neglected the chemical design of the heating systems.

In both thermal engines and thermal power plants, the average fuel yield is about 0.35 compared to the lower fuel calorific value. This yield is thousands of times less than the interactive energy that has never been produced.To understand it, it is sufficient to consider that the pressure produced in the combustion chamber by burning a fuel produces gases whose density is almost a thousand times lower than water, while the maximum pressure can reach 40 bar. If instead of using the burst pressure, we use compressed air, we can even exceed 100 bar. If we multiply the pressure by the density of the fluid, with the same cross section, we have a producible power of almost 2500 times higher.

However if we apply the principle of Henry we realize that a part of air dissolves in the water proportionally to the pressure exerted on the surface, therefore, since the air contains about 20% of oxygen, this system is not only the most powerful energy system and economic invented by man, it is also the most powerful and economic purification system. In fact, every time the water from the atmospheric pressure enters the pressurized tank spontaneously absorbs oxygen for Henry’s law without energy costs, while with the current oxidation systems immense absorbed power is needed because the power of the compressors or of the electro blowers must overcome the pressure of the hydraulic head on the air diffusers. This also entails huge costs for the sludge-clogged diffusers.

How could the undersigned satisfy the WIPO rules if 31 months have not been enough, from the original patent filing to find, not the financiers, but the institutional interlocutors available to admit the errors, which would have to acknowledge the problem and impose on the entrepreneurs the modification of installations worldwide? The publications and the filing of subsequent patents that use pumps with the double separate power supply to recognize the social utility of the invention were not enough.

We are at the height of the paradox that makes us lose our trust in world institutions. A small inventor based only on his experience of work and reasoning filed thirty patents, of which at least twenty-five of public utility, seeing no one realized, assuming the inventions are working and uses them to invent the subsequent inventions, creating a virtual parallel development that with the other ten successive inventions virtually changes the whole world economic development, eliminating all the causes of global warming.

It is not necessary to change many things at a technological level, but only the way to build the pumps, the turbines of the autoclave systems, to improve the functioning of most of the world’s industrial, environmental, purification, energy, transport and work plants.  To rationalize everything, however, a new industrial revolution is needed

This case, which not even the most famous directors of science fiction (Spielberg, Lucas, Scott, Cameron) They hypothesized for the incredible simplicity of the elements used, without the legislative intervention of the world institutions, is likely to be covered up, to continue to sell and buy oil and build galleries dams methane pipelines oil pipelines, electricity distribution networks. All things that are not needed. However, not only the economic aspects of world development are at stake, but the very survival of man in the face of possible world catastrophes due to nuclear wars, astrophysical disasters, the aging of the solar system, the inversion of magnetic poles. Everything leads to the research and identification of a sustainable source of energy without pollution, without fuels, to ensure the survival of man in any weather condition as described in the article,  In the face of great calamities, the current fixed and mobile energies would be only a ball to the foot for the salvation of men, as has already been demonstrated, with the local earthquakes of earthquakes and floods.  

This shows that science is not infallible and that economists, politicians and legislators who govern us are even less if they hide behind silences and do not spend a few thousand dollars or euros to ascertain truth deliberately not sought by those who are get paid with public money specifically to look for them. The undersigned is not a mathematician, he is not a physicist, he does not disclose secret formulas. He is a simple project developer who has put together existing technologies and sciences in the most rational way possible. In fact, developing detailed global projects along the same time as water and air pollution has allowed us to identify some strategic inventions, which represent scientific and technological shortcuts that it was impossible to identify differently.

Current patent rules delay economic development, environmental protection and human health, because they treat public utility and commercial inventions in the same way. They force inventors of solutions of public utility, to transform a national patent into a European or international patent within twelve months from the first patent filing, paying European or international deposit fees and after thirty months pay other taxes in every single country where want to protect the invention. But who said that the inventor wants to protect his invention? The inventor not tied to the centers of power, who has no economic possibility of realizing his invention, only wants the recognition of the author’s rights recognized to all the authors of works of intellect, and put the invention at the disposal of the international community. The patent filing serves to show that in the whole world these inventions have never been realized, so they have the characteristics of “News, Inventiveness, Industriality” The real surprise was that the following inventions, despite having such international recognition on the purification systems and the cleansing of fossil energy, did not find interlocutors.

I report the titles of international patents that have also found no interlocutors:

1) EP 1 860 072 A2, European application n. 07425191.9, Date of filing: 30.03.2007, Title: “Phosphor removal from detergents wastewater and greywater recycling system for flushing toilets”.

2) PCT/IT2013/000314, International filing, date 14.11.2013, Title: “capture cooling purification chimneys (CCPC)”

3)  PCT/IT2013/00315, international filing, date 20 / 11 / 2013, Title: “linear synergistic system of digestion, dehydration and composting (LDCC)”

4) PCT/IT2013/000317, International filing, date 14.11.2013, Title “Vertical synergic buildings (VSB) for co2 and water depuration plus biomass production”

5) PCT/IT2013/000316, International filing date 14.11.2013, Title “Global synergy plants for depuration, biomass production and thermoelectric cogeneration”

6) PCT/IT 2016/0002002, international filing date 11.10.2016, Title “Pumps end turbines with dual supplies until to the impellers”.

Only from the titles of the first five patents, it should be understood that they are not commercial patents but represent a global urban purification system that starts from homes and involves both air purification and water including CO2 and the production of biological energy. If international patents have been granted, it means that these solutions on planet Earth have never been realized. Why did not global public bodies develop these solutions? Have they not issued legislative decrees to implement them? How could a private citizen pay for the maintenance of international patents if no world country has shown interest in modifying the current plants, even though these plants serve in all the world’s urban centers against lung diseases and global warming? The undersigned has written open letters to Italian and European institutions to which no one has ever replied ( Afterwards he started writing to the international judges, arriving with the present at the seventeenth letter, without ever having answers.

First of all, the world legislators, the International Judges, the United Nations, should have wondered why the world public bodies have never thought to carry out purification cycles of water and urban air, starting from the common houses with the installation of the position 1 of the above list, which breaks down the phosphorus and separates the sludge at the origin: First of all, the world legislatures, the United Nations, should have wondered why the world public bodies have never thought to carry out purification cycles of water and urban air of the above list, which breaks the phosphorus and separates the sludge at the origin; with the plant 2 it modifies the chimneys and recovers the CO2 and with the plants 3, 4, 5 it completes the global urban water and air purification without leaving the urban centers. Even considering the current use of fossil energy, the incinerators, and the high furnaces, which can never be completely eliminated, the modification of the chimneys and the wet abatement of SOx, CO2 and powders with artificial rains in limestone greenhouses, would have given great relief to the world’s populations. Nevertheless, these plants,   that received the international patent, have not found public interlocutors worldwide, although the current urban water and air purification systems do not solve the problems of global warming. This is a serious crime of omission by the world’s public research bodies, which have continued not to modify the chimneys and abatement systems in order not to radically change the facilities. They did not fund what the public bodies themselves, through WIPO recognized as original, inventive and industrially applicable.

Fortunately, not all the ills come to harm, as the actual studies for the cleaning of fossil energy had led to deepen the purifying interactivity between the waters and the air, whose further study, three years after the fifth patent international, has also led to identify the energy interactivity between water and air, which the world public bodies and multinationals, have not identified, despite the immense amount of resources spent in research.

In fact, the sixth international patent, PCT/IT 2016/0002002, dated 11.10.2016, with title “Pumps end turbines with dual supplies until to the impellers”, represents the main invention which virtually led to the complete elimination of fossil energy in fixed and mobile plants and to oxygenation of water as a secondary, free effect of energy production. The eleventh open letter to international courts of justice and to the United Nations was dedicated to this latest invention, with the following title:, in addition to the other sixteen open letters mentioned above.

While public research bodies and multinationals, in order not to admit their mistakes, continue to spend resources in the wrong directions, the undersigned has come to the conclusion that it is not worthwhile to clean fossil energy with international patents that he himself has deposited (cited above). It is better to go directly to the compressed hydropower, which is less cumbersome and more efficient, than all the existing energy systems, and is also purifying for the principle of Henry. Producing electricity only with the cost of machine wear, it also allows the construction of artificial rain in the lower layers of the atmosphere that in the presence of limestone while oxidizing the water will consume the CO2 accumulated during the wrong industrialization period that we are still experiencing.

What is serious is the fact that the patents deposited by the inventors unrelated to any center of power, do not even consult them the ministries of economic development that incorporate in their staff the patent offices. But not even the trade unions and environmental associations consult them, to make a real opposition to pollution. It seems that everyone is playing a written script to deceive the people who go to the streets to demonstrate. The people rely on their representatives who are not scientifically documented on possible solutions.

I believe that the world leaders of economic development can no longer hide behind words, because they do not correspond to the facts. Politicians and the organs of information linked to power, pretending not to understand simple and sustainable inventions, are behaving like hierarchies that obeyed fascism and Nazism, manipulating the people only with easy promises without scientific proof of the results obtainable. In these regimes, science had to work in the service of power and as there were no alternative scientific and technical projects to the centers of power, it was impossible to oppose thermal power plants, sewage treatment plants and poorly planned sewage systems, chimneys, thermal engines, fossil power plants, nuclear, wars for the appropriation of oil wells and economic development. Today, we are still in the same condition because public and private power centers continue to work in watertight compartments both in public research and in multinationals. The trade union, environmental, religious, philosophical oppositions, not knowing how to design, must fight for the lesser evil. But the lesser evil is never the ideal solution.

I that I deal with industrial and environmental plants since 1970, I believe that if the world’s energy and environmental systems have been wrong since the advent of the industrial era because they were not designed following an optimized work organization and went purposely retired in 2006 to be able to investigate calmly in this direction. I never expected that by investigating even deeper I would have come to the conclusion even more serious that the main world energy principle was also wrong, which, as I said, must be dynamic fluid, not thermodynamic.

This serious mistake is because the world’s public bodies have never been able to scientifically coordinate economic development, imposing the right solutions to the private initiatives in the right place, to make better use of natural resources, without damaging them.

The world patent system has, since its origins, considered inventions as the exclusive right to exploitation for a certain period of years of an idea by the inventor. This concept could be valid in the Middle Ages, not in the global economy. Today, the most important inventions are no longer due to specializations in individual sectors, which produce researchers and specialized companies. The most important invention of the last century, which still does not cease to amaze us, was the Internet. This invention is transversal because it brings together synergistically all the inventions of the beginning of the century concerning the communications sector: telephone, radio, television, information technology, microelectronics. While in the environment, in energy, in the metallurgical and mechanical industry, in transversal solutions, few have been seen because there is great resistance from public and private institutions to change the large plants that have led to large public investments and private.

In these sectors, as the undersigned showed, transversal inventions can only propose private inventors, which are outside the centers of economic power, but nobody realizes them because they involve huge investments to demolish and rebuild large public plants and large industrial plants, wrong from the foundations.

From this situation you can not get out unless there emerge new political and social forces, but especially new scientists and engineers, who can not form cross preparations, in the current schools and existing industrial companies, specialized in individual sectors.


I ask WIPO, the International Judges, and the UN, what I have already asked in other open letters: how can a private inventor, without money, submit to the rules that have imposed, not to see his own job die and his economic savings? At the same time I say: how can a person like myself, who has dealt with industrial and environmental plants for a lifetime, do not try to correct the big mistakes he noticed at least as a pensioner? How did it do not notice that the best general principle of energy is not that of thermodynamics, but the non-legislated law of fluid dynamics combined with gravity and compressed air pressure?  Which worldwide scientific authority has granted patent offices the right to judge patents of public utility from a scientific point of view with generic statements such as “energy is not created from nothing”? Science should respond personally, with the highest scientific authorities, to the very serious mistake committed.

For myself, especially in dynamic fluid there are big gaps in the identification of the active principles of energy production, which the undersigned has clarified widely and that the patent offices have shown they are unable to understand. I know, they must be the same to take the field. Above all, it is also their duty, being members of the United States, who have never been replied, even if they represent the world’s people.

The first principle of thermodynamics is a formulation of the principle of conservation of energy and states that: “The internal energy of an isolated thermodynamic system is constant”. In other words it means that energy is transformed, not produced. This is also confirmed in the field of chemical energy, where The Law of Lavoisier, also known as the law of mass conservation, states that in the course of a chemical reaction the sum of the masses of the reagents is equal to the sum of the masses of the products. In other words, in the course of a chemical reaction, matter is not created and not destroyed.

The first principle of dynamic fluid has not been formulated by science, but for myself it denies the principles of thermodynamics and chemistry, because starting from the exploitation of the gravitational force and the position energy of a non-compressible fluid, energy can be create in any place where a liquid and a compressible gas exists, transferring it to the outside of the system by means of electromagnetism, instead of dissipating large part  in heat as in the thermodynamic  pure system. It is obvious that the efficiency of a thermal engine or a gas turbine is always much lower than one with respect to the heating power of the fuel (generally 0.35), while the dynamic fluid at atmospheric or compressed pressure escapes this rule based on the synergy of two systems combined. It is always much higher than one.

If we wish to formulate a general principle of dynamic fluid, we could say that: the electrical energy that an isolated dynamic fluid system can transmit outside is proportional to the pressure of the          compressible fluid acting on the incompressible liquid for the liquid flow rate, the density of the same, the efficiency of the electric pump with the double power supply separated to the impeller, which introduces it into the system, and the efficiency of the pump used as a turbine that transforms static and kinetic pressure energy into electrical energy. However, talking about efficiency in this system is quite improper because there is no consumption and transformation of matter, as happens in thermodynamics, chemistry and nuclear, but only the wear and tear of materials. If there is the wear and tear of materials, one cannot even speak of perpetual motion.

Obviously, in this dynamic fluid principle, other systems also enter, such as electromagnetism that produces electricity in a current generator and uses it to run the motor of a pump and an air compressor, otherwise, the energy does not it can enter and exit the system from the dynamic fluid system.

However, no one can deny that this energy, based on different synergies, starts from the dynamic fluid system that expels, due to the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies, the incompressible liquid, introduced into a gravity pressurized system by atmospheric pressure.  Without the existence of gravity it would not have formed the thickening of the gases that make up the atmosphere, which is the simplest form of compressed air. Suffice it to say that we can produce energy by installing a hydraulic turbine at the exit of artesian wells, where gravity and atmospheric pressure make the water out of the subsoil. Therefore we can also produce energy by exploiting an artificially produced pressure in an autoclave. If this has not happened until now and due only to the fact that the invention of the pump with the double separate power supply to the impeller has been missing, it allows to recover the liquid and to insert it with little energy expenditure in the pressurized system.  After the invention of this pump, everything becomes simpler. Both in the gravitational system and in the artificially pressurized system, the energy coming out is higher than the energy spent to enter it, provided that it enters through the central point a centrifugal pump where it creates the depression and provided an internal recycling through the same impeller to the volume of water accumulated to balance the pressures at the outlet and inlet of the impeller. Therefore the dynamic fluid system as described above becomes, in fact, a producer of energy, physically extracted from the environment without transforming matter, since both the liquid and the gas that pressurizes the environment, conserve the initial chemical composition (apart the small percentage of gas which is solubilized in water according to Henry’s law, which returns to the environment at the exit of the autoclave, if the water is completely pure, otherwise it purifies it by oxidizing it ).

What did not understand science and patent offices is the fact that no scientific principle is self-sufficient in terms of energy and purification for this reason the solutions of public utility must be synergistic and transversal. Without strategic inventions such as pumps with separate dual feeds up to the impeller, it was not possible to invent the cleanest and most efficient energy of the planet TERRA.

What the legislators did not understand is the fact that patents of public utility should be encouraged, not hindered, how they are doing. To the inventors must be recognized the full intellectual property of the rights of authors, above all, if they have the courage to question the previous inventions. On the contrary, if they did their duty they should speed up the experimentation times, issue legislative decrees so that the pump manufacturers and the turbines build the machines in this way and the plant builders adapt the circuits to their use. It is ridiculous to grant a patent or utility model to an inventor, who is not a manufacturer of turbine pumps and plants, and not to grant him intellectual property and copyrights on solutions that are totally unknown since the advent of industrial history. Worse still to look for bureaucratic crunches to not grant anything or even to assert that the hydroelectric energy with the recycling of water, with and without compressed air cannot be produced because and like the perpetual motion.

I think that global design is a serious thing for which the global society is not yet equipped at school, industrial or public level. It must be as widespread as the gospel and the Koran in the whole society, which wants to talk only about politics, the football world championships and motor racing. The latter with thermal engines, which should be abolished, as they are contrary to the economy and the environment. Would not they be more interesting than competitions with autonomously compressed hydropower engines? Not only on roads but also on marine and aerospace vehicles? We are a year zero of a truly civil society, but 99% of the world’s population has not yet understood it.

The acceptance of emission limits of toxic gas components from stationary and mobile plants is scandalous, while manipulations of analyzes that violate these emission limits by manufacturers of heating systems and engines are even more scandalous. But the biggest scandal is the international silence of world scientists, legislators and builders. Emissions should not even exist according to the solutions proposed by myself, not from nothing, but gradually, through a long series of patents never made by anyone, grown only with reasoning.

The granting of a patent is a legal act affecting industrial property, which has nothing to do with intellectual property that no one should question, since it is the identification of the scientific and technological principle that opens up new paths unknown to the state of ‘art. In the case of compressed hydroelectric power, so unknown, that patent examiners, not finding earlier applications, have declared them not industrially applicable as being contrary to the principles of energy conservation. This, for myself, is the best recognition they could make to these inventions.

Who can question that the telephone was invented by Antonio Meucci in 1871 even though due to economic problems he was able to pay the patent maintenance fees only until 1873? Who can question the invention of Franklin’s electricity, the battery of Alessandro Volta, the bulb of Thomas Edison, that of the penicillin of Alexander Fleming, that of the radio of Guglielmo Marconi, the electromagnetism of Maxwell and Herz, that engines and electric generators are mainly due to Galileo Ferraris and Nicola Tesla? Among the great inventions I do not put the thermal machines and the nuclear energy that have produced more disasters than good.

Unfortunately, important inventors were missing among installers and users of the plants, which is the category to which the undersigned belongs, who, should have correctly put the right energies in the right place, at the right time, above all, through the organization global work, to optimize processing times and avoid waste of materials and resources. These studies, which the undersigned has learned in the manufacturing industry, have led to industrial automation and the robots that have substituted man, transferred to the public services sector, purification and energy production, have led to the identification of the SPAWHE system (Sinergic Plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectric energy). Where SP has mainly dealt with fossil energy; AW has been involved in fluid dynamics studies to increase ocean food production and combat acidification by raising carbonates; HE took care of the production of hydroelectric energy in a very different way from the current one, which would never have been born if before I had not deepened the problems by studying the SP and AW sectors. However, the entire world scientific and economic policy-making class has not yet invested a single dollar in something like SPAWHE, despite proclaiming mankind’s heritage natural oases, Amazonian forests, coral reefs. They do not understand that these things can only be protected by learning to design globally anthropogenic systems. Global design has been demonstrated through SPAWHE, which is quite simple, however, nobody knows how to do it on planet Earth, including NASA, which wants to conquer space. How can the world patent offices fill their scientific deficiencies, if science has not understood that to design plants globally, is it necessary to start from the capillary organization of the work that is needed to purify and produce energy at the same time? This is only possible by carefully studying the natural system created by nature that uses gravitational force and interactive systems between water and air.

If the public bodies of the early twentieth century, had not been in a hurry that they had to support incomplete energy and purification inventions and had investigated thoroughly even on dynamic fluid, having available hundreds of thousands of designers and scientists and immense amounts of economic funds to available, they would have arrived long before the undersigned to identify the interactive energies and the compressed hydropower, which had to get there alone, developing details of connections between fossil and biological energy plants in order to make them interactive with the environment to close the CO2 cycle.

Not having tried to close the anthropogenic carbon cycle in a sustainable way the world public bodies have not identified the compressed hydropower and today they hide behind the bad patent laws. Indeed, they actively participate in maintaining the current state of the art by selling their wrong installations to the multinationals. Even today, we are like in the days of Antonio Meucci. The inventors of public utility solutions are left alone by the institutions, which demonstrate their scientific ignorance regarding growth. To Antonio Meucci who did not have the means to become an entrepreneur, the government of the time should have recognized intellectual property and copyright, seizing the opportunity for growth that offered his invention, not isolate it and claim maintenance fees of the patent, which was developed abroad by the American Alexander Graham Bell. The patents that protect the environment and save resources are even more important than the phone, but now, the silence has become general. Nobody wants to know the truth for fear of losing some advantage gained thanks to the current development model, especially the workplace.

 Only politicians of great caliber could soften the transition between the era of coal and that of the compressed hydroelectric, forcing the same manufacturers of thermal engines to gradual adjustment, keeping the jobs, without going for ridiculous battery powered cars, which they are already spreading in the world, to conserve still the power of the oil and of the electrical distribution networks, by now obsolete and against producing. How can we think of using batteries even on large means of transport and agricultural vehicles? How could batteries be useful in the face of great natural disasters? Men’s irrationality can be understood only by looking at history. When they have no scientifically reasoned and followed ignorant men hungry of power that got them into senseless wars. Unfortunately, history has also shown that many scientists, although brilliant in specific sectors, for obscure reasons, do not work for the common good.

If we really want to save the oil resource, as the undersigned suggested, for oil derivatives we can gradually begin to prepare artificial floating islands to experiment and increase the production of fish that will certainly cost less than the production of animal meat if it will work the artificial welling. But even the inventions proposed in this sector have been decimated by the incompetence of patent offices, along with desalination, while world public science is silent. Do you have the right to be silent after making so many mistakes?

I say that the patent offices must not express any scientific judgment and that world public science must assume its responsibilities, for these reasons the intellectual property of inventions must be separated from the industrial one. I say that the patent offices must not express any scientific judgment and that world public science must assume its responsibilities, for these reasons the intellectual property of inventions must be separated from the industrial one. The inventors are in no hurry. They can also wait for the truth to come out long afterwards if they do not find lenders, but it is ridiculous to force them to pay taxes on filing and maintaining patents granted that no one wants to accomplish. It is also ridiculous to force them to make legal appeals to ascertain scientific principles, when scientific verification would not automatically lead to the assumption of public responsibilities on the reasons why environmental protection or energy plants are not implemented in the manner indicated by the inventors. The task of the inventors is to deposit inventions. If they are also interested in industrial property they must look for lenders and investors by following current regulations. If instead the inventions are intellectual and of public utility, the patent offices simply have to register and publish them.  If they are roses they will flourish, like all works of intellect, when the world will be able to understand them and appreciate them, they will also produce copyrights. You do not even need research on novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability, to understand that an invention like compressed hydroelectric energy has never been realized anywhere in the world. If you do not spend money on useless research, no one will lose anything. However, if you file an intellectual patent if you will be right when it is done, if the justice is the same for everyone and we are not in the days of Antonio Meucci, the author should be recognized as copyright, as writers and musicians, until the book will be sold, the music played and the invention made.

The most difficult part of an energetic or depurative invention is not industrialization but the identification of the starting energy principle, which can remain hidden for centuries, even if once the solution is found, one realizes that it is simple and logical.

From how the story took place, the phone someone would have invented it anyway, because the world needed to transmit information at a distance, but the compressed hydropower would not have invented it because there are already many forms of energy and purification of the water and air. Science would continue to improve individual yields remaining well below the maximum value allowed by the first thermodynamic principle in closed systems. Without ever exploiting the advantageous conditions of an open system, moreover pressurized, which multiplies both the energy yields and the depurative ones as a function of the air pressure exploited statically, without consuming it, as nature does. The silences I am collecting demonstrate the value of the current world leading class that goes on its own way by continuing to talk about gas, oil and tariffs, without wanting to deal with a much higher system under the economic, environmental and energy aspects. The only one that could allow the survival of man even in ice age and in other extreme conditions, if man is properly organized.

We can not yet see statesmen who are up to the situation to change the history of the environment and the planet within the limits of men’s possibilities, to prevent astrophysical and nuclear disasters until we are on time. According to the late Stephen Hawking we have less than a hundred years available to find the energy of salvation and save at least part of humanity. I think that even NASA must confront this energy openly, if on spaceships it wants to build the habitat of man and at the same time produce the energy needed for navigation. Probably, even NASA waits for orders from above. Those who are at the top and must give orders, did not realize that the time has expired.

At the time of Meucci the United Nations and the International judges did not exist. What are they doing today? Compressed hydropower is a universally applicable system that no world entrepreneur can develop by spreading alone. He is part of a group of forty patents of the undersigned, of which not one has been realized, because to understand the individual inventions it was necessary to understand the general project. Which, initially was only a purification project, inconvenient for all the world public bodies, as it demanded the modification of the current chimneys, the modification of the domestic plumbing, sewers and purifiers. But as the inventions were developed the system also became energy for logical reasons due to the organization of environmental work (environmental Taylorism) that the inventors of the global public systems have never developed in any of the 196 sovereign states. Unfortunately, world public bodies have not understood that environmental inventions must be realized through the study of global work organization.

How do the citizens of the world, urban planners, industrialists, designers to be informed that the protection of the environment can only be done by closing all the chemical, organic or biological cycles that open up? Or creating solutions based on physical principles that avoid opening such cycles? Without developing alternative solutions, everyone thinks that purification and energy solutions have been carefully studied by public bodies worldwide. In reality, the current purification cycles are interrupted at the exit of the chimneys, along the sewage paths and many polluted waters do not pass through the purifiers, such as agricultural discharges, zoo technical, and abusive. To close all the cycles it is necessary to study a global organization of work that the world public bodies have never done. We need transversal skills of the inventors of such solutions.

Today there is the maximum of disinformation on the solutions proposed by inventors, such as myself, excluded from the centers of power, which are forced, like Antonio Meucci in 1871 to file patents, but not to be able to support legal ownership or even realize them without public aid, being patents of public utility (especially environmental). In the case of the undersigned, given the breadth of the topics covered, it is not a single patent, but of an alternative development model consists of a long series of sustainable patents that the inventor had to hypothesize functional in order to invent the following inventions:

domestic purification, sewerage, overlapping biological ponds, calcareous greenhouses, desalination with ion exchange resins circulation, polyethylene spheres perforated as sieves, artificial welling, submerged hydroelectric, pressurized hydroelectric current generators, pressurized hydro-electric cars, pressurized hydropower and land-based flight systems, pressurized hydropower in homes, reservoirs, wells, urban and domestic sewage plants, and limestone greenhouses to produce alkaline waters, consuming CO2 created from fixed thermal energy and mobile, of the past century and that it will continue to produce until it passes to new energy.

The latest invention born of pumps with the double supply separated until to the impeller and the small pressurized autoclaves is the artificial heart of the energy independent man oxygenator, which no one has invented until now because you could not invent without drawing the solution from the advancing the virtual state of the art constituted by such unwanted inventions from the world-leading industrial scientific-scientific-industrial class.

Where is justice? At the time of Galileo Galilei, the scientific dispute was made openly, even if ignorance prevailed and science had to accept defeat while waiting for better times. Today the laws of the market are much worse, because they are the previous inventions that hinder the new ones. In the past, carriages with horses could not stop transport vehicles with thermal engines. Today, the manufacturers of heat engines for not failing to give way to hydroelectric engines are content to make the car battery, which is a simple palliative. How can they think of feeding the engines of agricultural vehicles, trucks, ships and planes with batteries? Probably, the defibrillator market will hinder the emergence of autonomous, energetically engineered hearts, as thermal and hybrid engines hinder the emergence of compressed hydroelectric engines; the current domestic air conditioners and boilers hinder domestic hydroelectric plants that could also be used at the poles and in the deserts. Compressed air operates up to minus 141.6 degrees centigrade and pressures up to 3000 bar. Is this how world governments want to fight global warming?

The advancement of the state of the art in the protection of the environment is rarely random. I would have liked to directly invent the compressed hydroelectric plant in 2006 when I decided to become an environmental inventor without spending eight years studying alternative solutions for water and air purification, and in particular for the reduction of CO2 emissions. But it was these studies that led me to identify greater synergies between water and atmospheric air in order to reduce purification costs and invent pumps and turbines with separate dual power supply to the impeller and a new way of water circulation in autoclaves. These inventions are logically linked to previous inventions, which have not been realized by the ruling class. Even if they worked only virtually, in the mind of the inventor, they allowed the identification of defects and the complete elimination of fossil energy and of bad depurations, leading to an advancement of the state of the art that probably would never have been achieved by the human race, until its extinction for sudden astronomical calamities as happened on Mars, finding men completely defenseless, without the interactive energy between small volumes of water and air.

Today, a large part of the world public debt is due to incomplete public and private plants, to be scrapped, because they are made with enormous investments. Who designed them did not make complete reasoning, advancing the state of the art, first virtually and then really. The current fossil, chemical, biological, nuclear, solar, and wind energy, even virtually have not overcome the original vices, however, have found lenders all over the world. It seems that the world’s ruling class suffers from a suicidal syndrome.

Compressed hydroelectric energy is of public social utility, and has been regularly deposited by the undersigned in many versions. It could be born at the advent of the industrial age but it was not born, because no one did the research that the undersigned did. It is still today boycotted by the world authorities and by the multinationals, which, having failed to identify it, have damaged the environment, the world economy, human health due to the pollution they have produced unnecessarily. The current energies can not be justified even economically, both in fixed and mobile versions. However, the current system of management of world economic development grants patents of public utility to the inventors, which are useless without laws and public regulations that permit their diffusion in the general interest; they do not recognize other patents that are even more important, declaring them, arbitrarily, against the general principles of energy conservation, without feeling the institutional duty of the scientific deepening that belongs to public science.

Both in the first and in the second case, the public scientific organs and the world and national legislators commit the serious crime of omission towards the interests of the whole humanity. What can the inventor do besides declaring that he renounces industrial property, provided that he recognizes intellectual property with the minimum copyright? Are you asking for something strange? Why do not the global institutional bodies respond?

This is an international hoax, which shows the short legs of the lies of the world public bodies, who do not even want to know if the inventions of private inventors work or do not work. I say that the great silences of world science, public and private, confirm that compressed hydropower is the best energy and is also the only one that has never been produced on planet Earth.

If we reflect carefully, it is also the most logical. In fact, it is known that matter occupies a space that can not be occupied by another subject at the same time. This is the principle of the impenetrability of bodies. What has not studied the science in the many thousands of pages written on this topic is the fact that dynamic fluid is an elastic system, where for a few moments, the incompressible liquid for particular physical phenomena, such as the depression that is created at the center of an impeller of a pump, or that which is created through a hole made in the narrowing of a section that connects different fluids (venturi effect) the two materials can occupy the same space, while the elastic system (gas), expels a quantity of incompressible liquid from overflow, or from an outlet connected to a user of the liquid under pressure, but without consuming energy because the liquid is expelled from the compressed air at the same time without it being able to expand. This natural phenomenon, which can be created everywhere has never been deepened and has never produced energy because in the autoclaves the elasticity of the compressed gas (air) returning to the original position gives back to the system the absorbed energy: “each action corresponds to a equal and opposite reaction “. In fact, the autoclaves of the hydraulic systems, attenuate the perturbations of various motion, but do not produce energy.

With the invention of the pump with the double feed separated to the impeller, the energy absorbed by the air elasticity is not returned in the opposite direction (action and reaction principle) but deflects the flow of the incompressible liquid to a circuit that use with less pressure. This deviation of the hydraulic flow allows the pressure of the compressed air to be maintained, and the volume of the liquid inside the autoclave always at the same level, causing the variations of the water level controllers to oscillate only a few centimeters by means of the variable revolutions circulation pumps with separate double power supply. Only the excess liquid, which is entered by the depressive effect at the center of the impeller, is transferred by the static pressure of the autoclave into the pump used as a turbine, which produces an amount of electricity through the transmission shaft, which has nothing that to see with the energy absorbed by the motor of the circulation pump, but it depends on the pressure of the air cushion (which can not expand does not consume energy), the density of the liquid and the passage section through the turbine.

The incredible adventure of seeing all his inventions made with this logic, rejected by the patent offices, silenced by science and by world entrepreneurs, has occurred to me. But if we realize an algorithm we realize that the reasoning is perfect and cannot  be functional. In the autoclave tank the water coming out of the turbine enters exactly because the circulation pump does not have the prevalence to make it enter more. In fact, if you close the valve that feeds the turbine in the tank cannot even enter a drop of water from the outside. This means that patent examiners claiming that the turbine cannot produce more energy than the one supplying the pump cannot judge the work of the inventors without the support of authoritative scientists that assume the scientific responsibility of what they write on this subject. The pump works in a closed circuit with low head, while the turbine works in an open circuit fed infinitely from the air cushion.  The pump provides through the recycle circuit in low prevalence only the water that exits the autoclave to maintain the same volume of water and the same pressure, without dispersing the static energy of the compressed air, which is similar to the atmospheric pressure on the planet Earth. The past generations of scientists and designers, who have not identified this energy that provides us with nature free, have the responsibility of producing unnecessary pollution, droughts, floods, wars, and a wrong economic development.


 The division of tasks between the different technologies and scientific disciplines certainly did not help to identify the interactive solutions, while the undersigned, who has experienced transversal work experiences, based the entire activity of inventor, started by retiree, precisely on the reasoning transversely, putting both the depurations and the energy productions in the same plants, to deposit forty patent deposits. The fortieth is the artificial heart, which is not by chance, is autonomously energetically and oxygenates the blood. I do not know if I will be able to produce other unwanted inventions from world governments, but I think they are sufficient to prove that the alternative state of the undersigned, although virtual, is at a level of efficiency that the current energy and purification systems, although more complex and expensive, can never reach, having the original vices that will never be able to overcome. This is demonstrated by the fact that since the beginning of the industrial era, the world’s leading scientists of all specializations and major global industries have been working on it, multi-billion dollar investments. What has produced this huge deployment of forces: CO2 emissions, radioactive waste, pollution on all fronts, cost of fuels, high encumbrance of energy plants and depuration, energy discontinuity, low yields. While compressed hydroelectric energy, on which no world government has spent only one dollar or euro, has none of these faults, precisely because it was created by organizing industrial, energy and purification work at the same time. With the current mentality of the scientific faculties and private companies developed in individual scientific and production sectors, no one is able to complete complete reasoning and simple and strategic inventions like the pump with the double supply separate until the impeller, that open the road to an alternative economic development not imaginable at present: “the more energy we produce the more we purify the environment and even the human body”. But mankind is like St. Thomas, he wants proof. Scientific reasoning is not enough. The proof must provide the inventor, moreover, paying the fees for filing and maintaining the patents in order not to have them stolen. Do not say that there is no prototype of the facilities that I propose, because it is as if it existed. If the current centrifugal pumps work, even the pumps with the double power supply separate to the impeller work even better. If the current autoclave systems work, autoclave systems that use compressed air pressure statically work better. Se queste invenzioni arrivano con oltre cento anni di ritardo è dovuto al fatto che sono stati male interpretati i principi della conservazione dell’energia e chi ha sbagliato, invece di chiedere scusa al mondo intero, tace spudoratamente e per giunta penalizza gli inventori non riconoscendogli la proprietà intellettuale e i diritti di autore.

The current world ruling class discourages the work of free inventors, but for this they must resist. Sooner or later the truth comes out. The world needs moral values and sustainable inventions, not empty words and polluting inventions and pay.

The problem faced by politicians and administrators who govern without being able to design public facilities is where to get the money to implement the management reforms of modern society.

I think that the industrial society is moving in the right direction with the circular economy, for the recovery of materials, but the ball at the foot of the world economy are the energy and purification systems. Too expensive, polluting and inefficient energy ones; The depurative ones are too expensive and inefficient. The inefficiency of these systems also entails an increase in costs for the repair of environmental damage and human health.

The speech is valid for all the countries of the world. Let’s take the example of Italy.

– The negative cost of the balance of payments to import fossil fuels is around 35 billion of euro a year. How many billions a year can we avoid this expenditure by producing compressed hydroelectric energy in water basins in wells, in domestic purification plants, in industrial plants, on means of transport and work?

– Public spending on the management of aqueducts is around 17,500 billion of euro a year. How much can we subtract from this expense by raising and distributing the water with the compressed hydroelectric plants, which do not absorb electrical energy but produce it, bypassing the gravitational force by means of the pumps with the double separate power supply up to the impeller in always full systems in open or pressurized pot with compressed air.

– Public spending on sewage and purification management is about 20,000 billion of euro a year. How much can we subtract from this expense by transforming the system. Making it both purifying and alkalizing energy at the same time? The sewer system must become an interactive depurative and an energy producer; the large purifiers completely eliminated, the purification must become a side effect of the compressed hydroelectric energy, by means of Henry’s law and the production of biological energy with interactive cycles between air water and calcareous materials, which also neutralize CO2.

– Healthcare costs are around 150 billion of euro a year. How much can we subtract from this expense by improving environmental conditions, gradually eliminating thermal energy in industry, in homes and in transport? How much can we reduce the cardiovascular expenses that represent the main causes of death and hospital costs, introducing, after the necessary experiments, the transplants of artificial heart oxygenators of the blood, which help to solve the lung problems that are the second cause of death?

We could also continue with other expenses incurred by public bodies, such as flood prevention and droughts, simply by accumulating the waters in the valleys where they would produce energy with recycling, while they purify, not by falling from the mountains, which produced more disasters than benefits and required huge investments.  

If there are international organizations to protect the environment and human health, agriculture, why do they not update on the possibilities offered by compressed hydropower? What are they waiting for? That the world’s public research bodies and industrialists, who have not identified this energy available at the beginning of the industrial age, spontaneously regret making it happen on their own? The inventors cannot keep knocking on closed institutional doors, putting back the work and the money to deposit the patents, without receiving even the copyrights when the inventions will be understood, we hope at least from the next generations.

For industrials, environmental protection is a burden to be borne, therefore they only comply with the regulations issued by public bodies. But the latter, who have always worked in watertight compartments, have never understood that in order to design complete plants, it is necessary to study the organization of the territory and environmental work, simultaneously following the pollution of water and air, preventing degenerative phenomena in the right place and at the right time. Therefore, current thermal plants, nuclear plants, chimneys, sewers, water purifiers are wrong. Public research bodies that have produced all these disasters by working in watertight compartments, consider competitors private inventors as undersigned in the sale of patents to multinationals. But this competition does not exist because the multinationals do not buy the environmental patents of private inventors that go beyond the regulations, nor even those that do not receive the patent because they are considered “perpetual motion”. They prefer to buy the patents of research bodies that comply with regulations by polluting the environment legally. In this way they do not have to modify the pumps and the plants and the things remain as they are. The multinationals are silent, continue to sell machines that are uneconomic, do not respect the environment, but respect (only on paper) the regulations and limits of emissions of toxic gases, which the compressed hydroelectric energy would completely eliminate. Today everyone is against pollution by applying the rules and laws, but nobody goes beyond the laws to advance the state of the art of the energy with reasoning in order not to disturb those who actually hold the world economic power. But environmental reasoning is simple and logical even if no one wants to do it and is not even taught in schools: If a centrifugal pump works to lift the water, why should the same pump not work with the separate double feed up to the impeller? Is it true or not it is true that in a multistage pump the flow rate is always the same while the pressure increases a little at a time from one stage to the next, letting the already pressurized liquid from the previous stage enter from the suction side? It ‘s true or not true that this operation involves a large energy expenditure, because the motor that runs the pump must provide, together with the energy that enters the liquid into the pump, also the energy to lift the entire column of water existing on the delivery?  It is not better to circumvent the force necessary for lifting by recycling 50% of the flow with 100% of the pressure for the principle of Pascal, and also exploit the principle of Henry to purify if the pressure we produce with compressed air and keep it using it statically without making it expand?

 What are the scientists who are silent about? What is the wonder of world science if these concepts have extended them to the producers of energy for land transport, marine, submarine and space, and also to the human body? If they have never investigated the directions in which they investigated, it is logical that they could not find the solution, nor could they update the regulations to claim zero CO2 emissions from the chimneys and the exhaust pipes of the means of transport.  If they did not look for an energy system without fuels and without batteries for terrestrial applications, how could they apply it to the human heart? What will medical science say that has not noticed anything about this alternative development that is unknown to everyone? Will it be favorable or contrary to the artificial heart of an energetically autonomous oxygenator, or will this invention disturb the defibrillator market?

Today the industrial company is also creating the smart car with control units that collect all the operating data of the thermal motors in order to control temperatures, wear and tear of fuel consumption, reduce emissions, schedule maintenance, etc. I wonder if this is not a contradiction, if at the same time continue to use thermal engines, pretending that the undersigned has not even proposed cars with hydropower compressed and even all means of transport with this energy, can be cold, without fuels (, The industrialists are well aware that sooner or later they have to scrap all the components of thermal energy, not only for environmental reasons, but also for economic reasons, which are now being marketed with the consent of the legislators. . Governments, if they do not want to continue to waste resources, start from now to subtract resources from large works such as dams, viaducts, tunnels, bridges, railways, road transport over long distances, especially preferring air transport with pressurized hydroelectric energy that allows to create and maintain the natural habitat of man in case of great natural disasters. These means that we will use for the transport of goods and people over great distances will be the only ones that can save lives in case of earthquakes and tsunamis that may occur in the coming decades due to collisions with asteroids, the inversion of the poles and other phenomena natural, but also human errors such as nuclear wars. The current means of transport will only be an obstacle to the salvation of men.

From a small network research (, with a little approximation, it is estimated that a Jumbo jet on a route of about 6,000 kilometers (eg Milan-New York) consumes more than 63,000 liters of kerosene, an average of 19 liters per nautical mile (1,8 km), about 158 for each passenger (400) . For every seat, it is also produced 4000 Kilos of carbon dioxide. Short routes have, in proportion, higher fuel consumption because 1/3 of the fuel is burned during take-off. In long flights, however, the ratio drops to 1/8.

With the compressed hydro, since the volume of liquid circulating and producing energy, does not vary and does not consume, with the same volume of liquid, which costs nothing, we can make many parallel plants that do not emit even a gram of carbon dioxide , and produce all the energy you need to fly more safely than current flights. I believe that, above all in science, we need a bath of humility, for not polluting the planet unnecessarily and with high energy costs. But above all, of not having treasured the mistakes and not having been able to identify the simplest, cleanest and most powerful energy on the planet Earth, which  worldwide science is even hindering with its own silence. I have worked for private companies that have never forgiven me the smallest mistake, I can not understand this lenient attitude of the world governments towards their employees who have created immense environmental disasters. I cannot even understand the closure of borders against the poor who flee their lands that do not produce anything, precisely because of environmental disasters and the scarce capacity of world public planning ( welling-files /,

No energy and no purifier can compete with compressed hydropower in both fixed and mobile versions. The problem is universal and concerns the entire world economy and all energy and environmental applications. The more time they waste time and the more damage they create to the environment and to the world economy the current noble and award-winning scientific management class It ‘too easy to invalidate the copyright on these inventions in the public interest, unwarranted and even prevented by world power centers, with written rules with their feet, not with the heads of lawmakers.

On the whole planet, one can not understand where true science and true justice live, while bureaucracy, incompetence and hypocrisy live everywhere. The crime of omission in public acts is the daily bread of the world’s public administrators, starting from the heads of states, governments, to the councilors of small towns. To commit these crimes without being condemned by anyone, it is sufficient to ignore the inventions of small private inventors, such as myself, who continue to reason with their own heads. Thank God.

Yours sincerely

Luigi Antonio Pezone







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