Summarizing in an article the similarities between the energy forces of the universe and the very delicate forces of earth’s fluid dynamics may seem an impossible undertaking because the great science, including that of Einstein, has stopped at nuclear, thermodynamic and electromagnetic effects. He did not go into the details of the organization of land work as he was forced to do myself to try to do his job well as a designer and installer of anthropogenic plants. Unfortunately, it seems that even today, no one wants to go into these details. Not even those protesting the incredible and irreplaceable increase in world energy bills, while the coronavirus pandemic has not yet been defeated. All the knots of a wrong terrestrial development model are coming to a head, but everyone is looking the other way to avoid taking on personal and collective responsibilities. World science has made many mistakes, but it has also made very important discoveries and inventions. I think that the greatest blame can be attributed to the lack of coordination on the part of world governments of all times, which have never organized world work and research for peaceful purposes, entering into all the details scientifically. Scientists and inventors not coordinated by men of peace are a loose cannon. If world politicians and governments had been men of peace and had done their job well, they would have always chosen the best solution in the state of the art of science, technology and the scientific organization of work. It would have been impossible to create global warming and destroy much of terrestrial biodiversity, as the correct solutions would have come out on their own, without being great geniuses, but ordinary people, like myself, who demonstrated this through the nursery rhyme , unknown and unwanted by current science and by the current powers of the Earth. It is no coincidence that current earth science still believes that perpetual motion is not possible while, according to astrophysics science, “the Universe works with zero energy”. It is not the same thing because energy develops and is consumed within the universe. Unfortunately, astrophysics science did not realize, like myself, through the global study of the scientific organization of work, that we are privileged on planet Earth. We have an excess of energy thanks to the strong local gravitational force, which is not convenient to achieve perpetual motion, since we can extract all the energy we need from the earth’s environment. Which is not only clean, but even purifies the environment by exchanging oxygen between the water, the air and the organic and inorganic elements of the earth. We can also reproduce this energy in space, both to reconstruct the environments in which humans will live, and to create the global linear motors that will be able to add up the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, but will also be able to capture the dust space that contains all the mineral substances to supplement human nutrition and the construction of technological spare parts necessary for everyday use and space transport. It is all a question of the correct design of anthropic plants, which must include the interactive exploitation of physical, biochemical, biological principles, which until now, have been excluded from terrestrial science and technology to preserve the current development model born from war energies of the two world wars of the last century. Reading Stephen Hawking’s book “From Bing Bang to Black Holes” I was surprised that the most frequent words used by the late great scientist were the following “uncertainty principle”. This principle expresses the impossibility of theoretically determining the values ​​of the energy and environmental variables that interact in the universe. Consequently, scientific observers cannot choose which measure to privilege and cannot know the behavior of other globally interacting variables. Therefore, making realistic hypotheses about the origins of the universe is very complicated, if not impossible. But for me, even if we were able to know precisely the true origins of the universe, it is not certain that this knowledge would be useful in advancing the state of the art of space exploration. If, as Heisemberg demonstrated, it is not possible to accurately determine two related variables of the same particle, such as velocity and momentum, it is not possible to predict the environmental effects of thousands or millions of particles interacting in the environment simultaneously, moreover, at very different temperatures and pressures in nuclear explosions and black holes. In chapter 8 entitled “The origin and destiny of the universe” Hawking explains that the total energy of the universe is equal to zero, as the positive energy of matter is offset by the gravitational energy which is negative. Therefore, the universe does not violate the principle of energy conservation. Investigating on the internet I discovered that this theory is shared by the world’s leading astrophysicists. Therefore, I, who for some years have been proposing inventions that extract sustainable energy precisely from gravitational force, ask myself: “Because astrophysics science hypothesizes zero energy space theories and is silent on concrete terrestrial solutions, equally zero energy, easily demonstrable with existing technologies, simply by designing machines and plants differently, without complicating things with nuclear reactors, but also fuels, which aren’t cost-free?”

1. The weak forces of the Universe are the strong forces that will lead us to the conquest of space.

I closed the summary above with a question and in this article I try to give answers from my humble point of view, as a simple citizen, without academic qualifications, retired and grandfather of six grandchildren, worried about their future.

 After investigating the scientific organization of earthly work to propose a sustainable and impartial development model, in recent years, I am trying to understand on which scientific principles astronomy scholars base their theories. These theories certainly cannot be as concrete as those experienced on Earth. However, I believe that they are more correct and objective than the current terrestrial development, as the astrophysical scientists are not tied to commercial profit. This profit is hiding sustainable inventions, to the detriment of those that are destroying the environment, putting the very survival of humans at risk, both for climate change and for the emergence of new viruses that attack humans. Unfortunately, I am not surprised that the Nobel laureates of science make only general complaints about the degradation of the environment. I believe that the Nobel laureates are not able to go into the details of the solutions, such as those who have lived at the forefront for 37 years the design and construction of industrial and environmental anthropogenic plants, unfortunately, without being able to improve them, not being believed by anyone. To be believed you have to be famous and successful. In fact, anthropogenic plants cannot be improved without going against the interests of employers and governments that have invested in the wrong solutions. Alternative solutions cannot be invented to systems contracted out by world public bodies, and to energy systems produced by very large multinationals. Unfortunately, the current development model, based on the high specializations of sciences and technologies, is wrong from the ground up because everything is interactively connected in the universe and on planet Earth. I had to note that in current terrestrial inventions there is no trace of such interactivity.

I am not even surprised by the silences of the world to which I belonged before proposing myself as an inventor. The theoretical interactive reasoning of astrophysics and quantum science collides on a practical and economic level with all current terrestrial energies, including renewables that do not exploit the greater gravitational effect of the earth (which has thickened the air at the pressure of one bar). This simple effect, as I have always said, would allow us to extract energy from the environment for free, while current technology would allow us to locally increase the air pressure at will (with compressors). We could exploit the elasticity of the air as a static accumulator of energy on the surface of the water that cannot be compressed in small volumes (autoclaves). The static use of air pressure does not involve energy costs. We should only restore the percentage of air that would dissolve in the water, which would not only purify itself by absorbing oxygen, but above all, it could be used as an energy vector, returning more energy than it receives, since energy depends above all on the density of the fluid. that moves and the density of water is 830 times higher than air that acts statically. Therefore, it should be logical that the terrestrial inventors who used air and steam as energy carriers to produce force and energy on planet Earth, have erred in the fundamental principles of economics, not of energy.

By not recognizing the intellectual copyrights of inventors who cannot afford to produce interactive inventions on their own, the current worldwide patent legislation allows all public and private world centers of power to commit the crime of omission. I believe I have broken all world records as an unwanted inventor, with over forty interactive inventions not funded and not made by anyone, as the interactive development model is completely alternative to the current development model, while still using most of the existing, slightly modified technologies , precisely to locally trigger the fluid dynamic interactive principles which in turn trigger the electromagnetic ones and vice versa, to create infinite, energetic and purifying cycles that do not transform matter if it is not necessary to involve photosynthesis to produce vegetable substances, oxygen and human nutrition. We should not be surprised that the universal budget is equal to zero. However, we must understand that energy is not equally distributed in the universe. Planets such as the Earth, where biological life has developed, enjoy an excess of energy, compared to all the surrounding environments. We must know how to manage this excess of energy by extracting the energy needed for our survival without altering the natural biological balance, which allowed the birth of the human race. If Homo sapiens appeared on Earth only in the last 300,000 years and not in the previous four billion years of planet Earth’s existence, the reasons are mainly environmental, biological and interactive biochemical. The evolution of the animal species from which we descend took a very long time, since the survival of living beings depends on the balance slowly acquired between the inhabitants of the Earth and the surrounding environment.

It took one hundred years of unbridled industrial development and mistaken inventions (which are comparable to a few minutes compared to the multibillion-dollar age of the Earth) to seriously alter the Earth’s environment and risk human survival itself. Personally, I am not a “No vax” having made all the vaccines recommended by medical science. However, I believe that the human race has a world ruling class that makes fun of it and also makes fun of itself, not being immortal.  They are boycotting the alternative interactive development model by mutual agreement, to preserve the current economy for as long as possible. These power centers want to replace the current energies with other wrong energies, such as next generation nuclear power. This new energy, much publicized, is an energy that, however, is consumed, requires expensive transformation processes, must be transported to users with distribution networks such as combustion gas. All this is scientifically ridiculous, when we could produce in every corner of the Earth, in fixed and mobile plants, in every corner of the Earth, even in the human chest, an energy that purifies the energy carrier (water or human blood) at no cost. of industrial transformation. It would take very little to completely change the world development model with current technologies. E’ necessario soltanto organizzare diversamente il lavoro in tutti i settori delle attività umane. To err is human, to persevere is diabolical. If there is a God, we must recognize that he did things right. If the devil exists, we must look for it in those who commit the crime of omission at the highest public and private levels in the world. Transparency of science, technology and the scientific organization of work are the best cures.

From all of the above, it should be obvious that of the four forces that govern the universe (strong nuclear, weak nuclear, electromagnetic and gravitational) for practical and economic reasons, the human race only needs the two weaker forces: the gravitational force and electromagnetism. The use of the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force is crazy, not only because they are not easily produced on Earth, due to the high temperatures that would entail, due to the high costs, due to the very high negative side effects. But we must limit any thermal energy as much as possible. Even using hydrogen as a fuel, which would not produce CO2, we must not forget the immense amount of steam (which is always a greenhouse gas). But above all, because we don’t need this energy. Only the systematic scientific disinformation spread at all levels has produced the current polluting energies, useless and expensive. The most concrete examples of what I assert, we can easily find them in the terrestrial environment without facing the costs not only of nuclear reactors. But also thermal engines, boilers and steam, dams to build hydroelectric plants, solar panels, wind turbines. In fact, if we made a hole in the liquid part of the autoclave, the water could power a turbine connected to a power generator. Electricity would be produced for free with the water expelled due to the principle of the impenetrability of bodies. But as the undersigned has shown without spending money on useless prototypes, we on earth using known fluid dynamics principles, legislated for centuries by Evangelista Torricelli (1608- 1647) only on the basis of the speed of the water through a hole, can we create a kinetic energy that depends from the static pressure on the water. While, Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746 -1822), demonstrated that by increasing the speed of the water in a bottleneck, we can create a depression in a hole made in the bottleneck to let a liquid or gas enter from the outside at atmospheric pressure. While the undersigned in 2015 without spending money on prototypes asserted that if we realize in any centrifugal pump fed under a positive hydraulic head, a second parallel and converging supply that arrives in the same impeller of the autoclave water recycling pump, we we can let in again the same amount of water that produced the free energy at the exit of the autoclave. To do this, there is no need for science but for the scientific organization of work which also serves to design energy and purification machines, in addition to operating machines that perform other types of work. In our case, it is necessary that we modify the current centrifugal pumps and make them with the double power supply separated right into the impeller, otherwise the energy miracle could not happen. In this way, we can recover the water that has produced energy with high pressure and insert it into the recycling circuit of the water contained in the autoclave, consuming only the energy spent for recycling, not the energy that would be necessary to overcome the internal pressure of the autoclave. This small energy miracle would also become environmental if instead of inserting the clean water discharged from the turbine, we insert the same amount of water, but to be purified. The purification would also take place for free. What are the phenomena that produce these two apparent miracles? First of all, the centripetal effect entering the pump from the suction side. In fact, the direction of the flow determines the opening of the valves and the direction of rotation of the impeller. If the two incoming flows only meet in the impeller, they must necessarily go in the same direction both for the centrifugal effect that the impeller produces immediately after the inlet, and for the Pascal principle which causes the pressure to expand towards the outlet. of the autoclave. These are the basis for creating something in the terrestrial and space environment that, in miniature, resembles a “black hole”, which the undersigned has called “interactive global linear motors”. In fact, the more elaborate space version could also capture interstellar dust that contains the same minerals found on earth, without digging the earth’s mines and wells. Therefore, if we want to conquer space, we must first learn how to design terrestrial plants, extracting the propulsion, purification, power and processing energy from gravitational force. If the total energy of the universe is equal to zero, in space we cannot afford to have an energy that is consumed on the planet we live on. If we have not been able to correctly design the earth systems, where the gravitational force is stronger, we cannot do it in space transport vehicles, where the gravity is much weaker. We must create complete terrestrial systems pressurized at atmospheric pressure that are energetically autonomous both inside and outside the means of transport that use the same primary source of terrestrial energy, but integrated by artificial light, by chlorophyll photosynthesis and by the capture of the minerals contained in the powders. interstellar, as described in the following publications.

Basically, to extract energy from the environment at very low costs, without producing unwanted pollution and viruses, all we have to do is put in series a centrifugal pump, a turbine and an electric current generator to simultaneously create a centripetal force that attracts the water in the impeller of the pump which transforms it into a centrifugal force at the exit of the impeller. This force forces to expel, by the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies, the same quantity of water that enters an autoclave, which feeds a turbine connected to the electric current generator, which also feeds the circuit of an external solenoid that produces a electromagnetic force that spreads in space in the desired direction. At the same time, the same electric current also feeds an electric turbofan, which produces Newton’s thrust. Everything can work without fossil and nuclear fuels if you start from planet Earth, or wherever there is a strong gravitational force that, by thickening the initial atmospheric gases, allows them to be further compressed, so as to constitute the primary source of energy that forces the energy carrier (water) to stably power a turbine connected to a power generator. Obviously, using pure atmospheric gases, instead of steam and combustion gases. This system would make it possible to keep the water clean which, in addition to being the energy carrier, is also the food base together with oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus and all the elements of the food chain. In other words, to produce energy and life on earth we do not need fuels, to divide the atom, or particle accelerators, but only the atmosphere, clean water and light. Since there are many variables that simultaneously intervene in the environmental and energy processes of earth and space, not being able to legislate them correctly with the laws of mathematics, physics, chemistry, the logic of the uncertainty principle mentioned many times by Hawking in the book “From the big bang to the holes blacks “, should be that of the impartial experimentation of the scientific organization of work applied simultaneously to industrial, environmental and sustainable energy development, first in the terrestrial environment and then transferring the best solutions into space with the necessary adaptations to ensure human survival. There is no point in going into space and making men sick of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis due to different environmental conditions. Those who decide to leave for a space journey must be aware that they will not arrive at their destination but their descendants will arrive there if everything is designed to perfection both inside the environments that will host the men, and outside where the energy thrusters will be installed. They must have very particular characteristics: “They must not consume energy and along the journey they must capture minerals from interstellar dust” which will serve as food fertilizers and also to integrate electromechanical spare parts. ” In other words, they must be small, movable black holes. Therefore, with the current environmental development, we are very far from realistic space travel, especially because the current model of terrestrial development has completely mistaken the primary sources of purification and energy and sustainable, developed by the terrestrial nature, at the terrestrial temperature and the Earth pressure, which has nothing to do with space temperatures and pressures. If we reason, terrestrial nature first purified the terrestrial environment of harmful elements present in the gases of the primordial earth’s atmosphere (carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, methane, ammonia, etc). Oxygen began to develop after several hundreds of millions of years of cooling and only when the temperature became low enough to condense the gases did the production of vapor begin, which condensing produced water and produced water in it. first microorganisms, bacteria, chlorophyll photosynthesis.  Therefore, energy and earth life is of organic origin, born from the purification of the gases that have been absorbed, as well as from the water also from the organic chemistry of the minerals present on the earth. Therefore, the correct logic is purifying and energetic at the same time. This logic is described in the nursery rhyme published in

I don’t want to boast of having discovered it scientifically, because the discovery was accidental. But I do not think it is a coincidence that on planet Earth no one has wanted to apply the scientific organization of work to environmental work, as has been done with industrial work. If science, the powerful of the Earth, justice, of all time, had given the same importance to industrial development and environmental protection, they would have created a scientific organization of industrial work and an environmental parallel at the same time. These two organizations would have had many inventions in common that would have certainly prevented the production of purification, wrong energies. We certainly would not have produced global warming. Most likely, we wouldn’t even produce unwanted viruses. I don’t know if those who ruled in the past were in good faith or in bad faith. But seeing that none of’s inventions have been made, despite the fact that the undersigned, since 2014, has published them and made them accessible to all countries of the planet, I cannot fail to recall in this article, which I believe is one of the last that I write, the incongruity and inconsistency of the entire current world ruling class, which also involves science, although the most enlightened one, argues that universal energy is equal to zero. If science had been consistent it would have tried in every way to identify the inverse paths to the universal ones to extract the energy from the gravitational force, which is the only force we physically perceive on Earth. However, the undersigned, when he started the activity of inventor in 2006, had no idea that universal energy was equal to zero. I simply tried to apply the scientific organization of work learned in seventeen years of industrial experience also to the environment, which strangely, although it is mainly managed by public researchers, does not follow any rules of the scientific organization of work, arranging the energy systems randomly on the territory, purifying the waters many kilometers from the place where the pollution occurs; not purifying the air and fumes but only filtering it. It took me twenty years of work in a small installation company of environmental systems to know these defects. Only when I was retired was I able to start my work as an inventor, unfortunately collecting world silences even from the most enlightened science, which, not experiencing terrestrial problems, could not realize that even by studying globally and impartially, the scientific organization of work, it could have been possible come to the same conclusion: We don’t need to dig wells and we don’t need radioactive materials to produce energy, we don’t even need to transport energy from one place to another, because on planet Earth, energy is everywhere. We only need to carry out the reverse fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic paths with the ingredients that the gravitational force has made available to us in every corner of the Earth. To travel in space indefinitely, we must bring the same ingredients, without losing them. But as I wrote above, the undersigned did not know what he would find. He only knew that he had to develop all the details even without funding, as in fact happened:

 Here is the nursery rhyme:

“The cleaning of fossil energy published in spawhe, based, above all on inorganic chemistry that is able to absorb CO2, producing carbonates in the water. To speed up the processes and reduce the energy costs that would have involved the circulation of very large quantities of water necessary to neutralize the very large quantities of CO2 emitted by the current thermal power plants and heat engines, it has gradually been transformed technologically into solutions of less space by exploiting the principles Pascal and Henry.  In fact, I realized that on planet Earth, all the activities that nature produces through organic and inorganic chemistry, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle can be increased in speed without any need to use thermal, nuclear energy and current renewables. It is sufficient only to increase the operating pressures of the systems, modify the circulation pumps and make the machines work differently. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, the elements extraneous to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, to natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have multiplied exponentially the elements extraneous to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances. Obviously, this is my truth and in the entire website, I explain how, in my opinion, we should have created global plants that purify both fumes and water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas. Having not done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the art of purification to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the state of the global purification art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract the energy directly from the environment. Having not done this, it was not possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of gravitational force, we modify them on the suction side and make them another inlet clearly separated from the main one up to the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one feed to recycle the water from the upper basin and the other feed to introduce into the same impeller the water discharged from a turbine fed by falling water from the same upper basin. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, it being understood that we use a turbine connected to the outlet of the autoclave, we can recover the water drained from the turbine and insert it back into the autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same impeller of the pump by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air, we would have produced a current generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Having not done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this current generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave in order to be able to mount it on cars and trucks, on agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions can still be reduced by using submersible pumps as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes that would act as autoclaves. Therefore, these groups could be used to be inserted directly into the wells to raise the water and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers which today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to Henry’s principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be reduced even further. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water from the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side that would replace the right and left ventricles, creating energetically autonomous artificial hearts that would feed the systemic circuit that oxygenates the brain and the lungs to lengthen the life of the ‘man. Having not done this, it was not possible to think that pressurized cylindrical autoclaves can be incorporated an external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors can be made electric at variable revolutions that would produce an electromagnetic flux of variable intensity which would produce induced currents in a solenoid outside the same water tank. Therefore, we could produce in this tank a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law at the ambient temperature, without fuel that could be added to the reaction thrust of Newton that would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always commanded by generators. of current that produce the primary hydroelectric energy, fed by submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central reservoirs. Not having done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of aircraft to travel in the atmosphere and in space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuel.  It was not possible to make the ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to make mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters. It was not even possible to think that in the space travel of the future we can add to the global linear motors an external steel tunnel connected to the turbo fan, where it will produce a higher vacuum higher than the surrounding space vacuum and connect this tunnel with a small vacuum pump to a thickening tank of the captured powders, which will be emptied periodically letting in the atmospheric air which will feed an electrostatic filter that will recover the powders that will be used together with the other interactive purification and energy plant inventions described on the website https: // to make humans survive even in space without suffering physiological damage due to the absence of atmospheric pressure, gravity, food resources and raw materials to build spare parts for the machines necessary for survival in space. In fact, atmospheric air and water will fill the space caravan wagons full of human beings and will be endlessly recycled, suitably replenished with artificial photosynthesis and carbon cycle, while general gravity will be reinforced, becoming very similar. to the terrestrial one, electrostatically polarizing the paths of atmospheric conditioned air and recycled water in the interactive, energy and purification, compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants, still unknown to terrestrial science. “

If SPAWHE’s rhyme is correct, whoever currently holds the world’s wealth is robbing the whole of humanity, but has many accomplices in science, politicians, economists, and the media. Consequently, even school education cannot be updated on the true fundamental principles of energy, since “the scientific organization of global work” is not taught, but only the industrial and commercial one.

 Current science and technology have stalled in all human activities by accepting limits to human capabilities. But in many cases the limits have been accepted because by using mono disciplinary solutions they cannot actually be overcome. It would cost too much to demolish and scrape a large part of the fixed and mobile anthropogenic plants and to use multidisciplinary and interactive solutions. For myself it would be worth it, but I am only the voice of someone crying in the desert. For the current ruling class it is more convenient to keep quiet about the alternatives and advertise the increase in the performance yields of the plant machines. Unfortunately, a wrong mono-disciplinary system, even if it reaches maximum returns, cannot be compared with a multidisciplinary and interactive system that performs several functions at the same time. This is the difference between chemistry and biochemistry, between synthesis and photosynthesis, ordinary and quantum physics. In the majority of cases, mono-disciplinary solutions such as heat engines become more complicated, expensive and cumbersome, when dealing with the environmental collateral aspects. The same thing can also be said for steam boilers, nuclear energy. There are limits that cannot be exceeded precisely because of the dimensions, weights and costs involved in the additional cooling and purification systems. Mechanical transmissions also involve greater weight and higher costs. Only by cold producing primary energy can the weight and cost problems of earth’s energy systems be solved. For example, magnetic levitation trains, which are the flagship of modern technology, cannot change direction and cannot rise from the ground, since the inductor is on board the train and the armature is anchored to the ground. Consequently, it is not possible to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. Therefore, even levitation trains continue to consume commercial energy, for a fee, which is consumed, even if it will be called hydrogen and will not produce CO2. We will continue to pay more expensive than current energy for thermal energy produced with hydrogen. However, this energy produces steam which is a greenhouse gas, which multiplied by billions of means of transport and work will still affect climate change and will not be able to take us into space to make generational travel. Just as nuclear energy cannot do it with heavy reactors that would still consume radioactive materials.

How could a similarity be found between the work of Stephen Hawking and several scientists who support the same theories, which start from the great Big Bang, arrive at the Black Holes and conclude that the total energy of the universe is equal to zero and the work of the undersigned, who, not knowing their theory, took sixteen years of work to develop the anthropic plants differently, starting from the cleaning of fossil energy and gradually arriving through a virtual advancement of the state of the art to the conception of global interactive engines space, which the undersigned has defined in this article, as small mobile black holes, energetically autonomous, which can be produced with current technologies by correctly applying the scientific organization of terrestrial work? I think the similarity is evident, since at the center of all energetic and electromagnetic phenomena in space there are physical phenomena that in the universe accelerate and slow down the particles called protons, neutrons, electrons. These elements originate from currents of iron fluids that move in the very hot nuclei of stars and planets that cannot be reproduced by humans with any terrestrial technology. Fortunately, in planets such as the Earth, where life has developed, we do not have to accelerate the atomic particles but the speed of the molecules, without altering them. On planet Earth, natural chemical biological energy processes occur with the force of gravity, atmospheric pressure, chlorophyll photosynthesis. We can locally electrostatically polarize electromagnetic flows, we can artificially intensify light, increase food production with water, oxygen and nitrogen with photosynthesis. Consequently, even in space we could produce the compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy of, which is not consumed and has no transformation costs. Personally, I have never understood the reasons why world science has spent trillions of dollars to divide the atom. Albert Einstein himself was against doing this. It is a pity that Einstein did not investigate the exploitation of air thickened by gravitational force. Einstein could not do such insights without knowing globally the scientific organization of work that has cost me, up to now 53 years of work, but when I had doubts, I also benefited from the work of Einstein, Newton, and many other scientists who have addressed specific scientific problems, otherwise my plants would not be called Synergic Plants. I did not invent the elements to create synergies, the science of the past provided me. The science, technology and scientific organization of work on planet Earth only serve to locally increase the speed of natural processes. They must not break the surrounding equilibrium that has stabilized over billions of years. This is true on planet Earth both in water, in soils and in the atmosphere. Environmental and energy solutions cannot be improvised. It is above all a work of patience and multidisciplinary experimentation. The small details overlooked by the current economy and not realized because they have no commercial value for entrepreneurs and multinationals make the difference in the global development of the planet. If current science has produced global warming and unwanted viruses, it is due to the fact that humans are destroying natural habitat. Animals don’t have the ability to do this. But if we want to leave the planet and go to the universe, we must carry with us the entire correct earth system, globally, reproduced in all environments where man must live. If we don’t, we have no chance of survival in space. This is part of the scientific organization of human work which is only partially the one published in 1911 by Frederick Taylor, which was applied only in the manufacturing industry. Instead, it must be applied to all human activities and is continuously updated as the state of the art progresses globally. Today, however, we notice different speeds of development of the different sectors of human activities that depend only on the commercial aspects and on the low scientific culture of politicians and legislators, who are not able to regulate a balanced development, since there are no consultants who reason globally. As we have seen in Hawking’s book, astrophysicists do global reasoning by hypothesizing universal logical theories, but even they do not have the skills, experience and possibility to develop all the details necessary to identify the absolute best solution at the state of the art. global art that simultaneously concerns scientific, economic and technological aspects. Theirs are just theories.  

Luck is known to favor the bold. I was lucky not because my inventions made me money. They are at a loss of several thousand euros just to fulfill bureaucratic duties. I believe I was lucky because, despite having lived a normal life of work, not academic or research, I had equally formative practical experiences, first in the automotive industry where I learned an example of the scientific organization of work. Probably, if I had not had this youth experience, I would not have felt the desire to also know the organization of work in other sectors of human activities. I was bold to leave big industry to get to know other business realities, even if these businesses were less protected by job protection laws. When I felt I had sufficient knowledge of the organization of global work, I had the courage to settle for a modest pension in order to develop my solutions (summarized in the SPAWHE rhyme) to make people understand, as in my opinion, they should have been designed globally the anthropic plants.

Even though my implants have never been built anywhere in the world, no one can afford to say they wouldn’t work. In fact, I only collect silences. I was also fortunate to have found, at a certain point in my career as an inventor, the key to the tangled skein of terrestrial development. Otherwise, my solutions would have worked equally better than the current ones, but with higher costs and plant footprint. Surely, I would not have come to propose solutions that are valid even in space.

The key to the problem are the water circulation pumps. The pumps are the heart of all energy and purification fluid dynamics systems. They are the only ones that could act as accelerators of molecules and used in reverse (as turbines), they are the only ones that could act as decelerators of molecules. Therefore, if we used them with the flow in the direction of the gravitational force, we could produce all the electromagnetic energy needed to simultaneously achieve the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. Using them in the direction of gravitational force, the energy absorbed to make the pumps turn would always be less than the energy produced by the turbines (or by the pumps used as turbines), which make the current generate turn. This shows that perpetual motion is not convenient but simply useless. It is much better to consume a small portion of the energy produced to produce a much larger quantity. Therefore, pumps should always be used in the direction of gravitational force coupled in series with turbines or pumps used as turbines, to create autonomous plants energetically. The direction of the force must be determined through the induced electromagnetic current that can go in any direction, even against the gravitational force with the energy produced by operating other machines that can be of any type, including the pumps themselves if it is really necessary to raise the waters , it being understood that the simplest and cheapest way to raise the water is to have the systems always full and to use the water expelled from the overflow in open circuits, or that expelled by the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies in pressurized circuits with autoclaves.

Unfortunately, neither scientists, nor pump builders, nor turbine builders, nor electricity producers, nor the designers of fixed and mobile anthropogenic plants, nor the teachers who train future generations have understood this. I describe these solutions from 2014 for open circuits and from 2015 for pressurized ones. In fact, the virtual advancement of the state of the art between these two solutions has been very rapid even if all the insiders have ignored it. The fact that most of the world’s pumps must be used with separate dual power supplies together with autoclaves is always evident due to a better organization of work, in order to save water and to accelerate the purifying effects of the water entering the autoclave. In fact, if we replace the water that discharges the turbine with water to be purified that we let into the autoclave, Henry’s principle will take care of purifying polluted water for free. Science has never done these elementary reflections on planet Earth and neither have entrepreneurs who have automated industrial processes to increase the speed of production of consumer goods. Who would have had to automate environmental processes to increase the speed of purification, if he had worked well, inevitably, would have come to my own conclusions: Energy on planet Earth is completely free. We don’t even need to transport it because we have all the ingredients and technologies to produce it locally in fixed and mobile plants. We pay the costs of the inefficiency of the entire ruling class that supports each other with partial scientific information, without ever going into the global details of the designs. This is why it is important to scientifically study the organization of work, globally, both from an industrial point of view and from an environmental point of view, both from an economic point of view. My youthful intuitions were correct, but to go into all the details it took a life of work not recognized and unwelcome by those in economic and political power.

2. From homo sapiens to modern man.

I think there is a valid environmental reason that humans, starting with homo sapiens, have only developed in the last 300,000 years, while the Earth is 4.5 billion years old and the universe is estimated , which is at least 14 billion years old. It is evident that in the periods preceding the earth’s climate, biological processes, the evolution of living beings, were not yet suitable for developing perfect creatures such as men and women. We know very little about our ancestors. Only in the last three millennia have philosophers appeared who also acted as scientists and increasingly reliable theories of the composition of the universe have been hypothesized. Aristotle (384 -322 BC) thought that the Earth was stationary and the sun, moon and stars moved around in circular orbits. Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler, Galilei, Newton, Einstein gradually corrected this knowledge making it more and more precise and reliable. However, only in the last century have we developed energy technologies that allow us to rise into the atmosphere, reach the moon and send exploratory probes to Mars and the nearest planets. The fact that it took 300,000 years to arrive at the current state of human beings makes me very skeptical that the same miracle could also have occurred in some other part of the universe. But I am also skeptical about the scientific development that we have had that despite the mistakes made, it is just as miraculous. Unfortunately, suddenly blocked, in recent years, when science has lost the freedom to think freely and autonomously, having to be subject to the funding of people, probably without real moral principles, who cannot understand that happiness is not obtained with possession of material goods but living in harmony with oneself and the people around us. I am sure that with impartial scientific and technological development, the men and women of the future could live for many centuries, instead of the current short life, but they will have to free themselves from the current conditions that prevent global progress.

For example, I also used the compressed hydroelectromagnetic system in low pressure to oxygenate human blood instead of water, replacing the left and right ventricles of elderly or sick people, avoiding brain death and producing enough energy to feed a computer that would increase the intellectual, work and movement skills of the limbs that could be replaced with artificial limbs. If we feed the brain, we can do without all the organs that get sick or age.  ( Had this invention, proposed in 2018, been understood, it could have helped many disabled people, including Stephen Hawking, to live a better and longer life. To him I dedicate this article that I would not have written if I had not read his book. But life would not only lengthen for the disabled, as the human brain is much longer than the body. He dies from lack of oxygen when his heart stops. When my invention is understood, future generations will experience much of life as old people, if not in artificial bodies. I think that the outward appearance, beyond the current life, does not really matter. If the soul exists, it is not in the heart, but in the brain that contains memories, experiences, affections, culture. The second stage of life will be much longer than the first.  There will be true equality between men and women. Humans will be integrated with organs and artificial intelligence, fortunately governed by the human brain. Sex will be just a pleasant distant memory. I have no idea if science can also perform the miracle of sexual pleasure. We cannot look back. We are obliged to look ahead and make the right choices impartially in the interest of all. Above all, children, the poor and the disabled who will be many when old age is the most common disease. With the artificial heart that oxygenates the blood, however, old age will be a new opportunity. Viruses like Covid19 are unlikely to attack elderly humanity. Today’s elders, like myself, will hardly enjoy this opportunity, since there are few inventors who sow and many who destroy so that these inventions are hidden. Or experiment in great secrecy, unbeknownst to the inventor himself, so that they are not accessible to everyone. For these reasons it is necessary that science and institutions are transparent and limits must be placed on personal enrichment. Not for political reasons but for moral reasons.

Today, crimes of scientific omission are the daily bread of bureaucrats, of politicians who hide behind partial scientific advice. The nursery rhyme demonstrates that research must be transparent and global. I, who only did it virtually, with zero funding, only knew where to start but not where I would arrive. Certainly I have come much further than I had imagined, even if nothing has been achieved. But this only confirms what I have just written: there are few sowers and many vandals who destroy the seeds so that they do not germinate, without realizing that they also destroy their survival and love people. We must abolish industrial property and leave only intellectual property, accessible to all, so that the state of the art of development takes place globally, without leaving behind the less commercial sectors, which in many cases are the most important for developing sustainable solutions. In fact, fluid dynamics is the Cinderella of technological development, compared to thermodynamics, nuclear power and information technology. The principles of Torricelli, Pascal, Henry, Dalton, Venturi, had almost been forgotten. Instead, it is these principles that will allow us to extract the energy from the gravitational force for free, which is not consumed and self-purifies. Without this energy we will only continue to disperse space junk around the Earth which we will first need to collect before starting real space travel.

The scientific and technological development of intelligent beings should have served first to preserve human life and then to transfer the environments suitable for survival into space.Instead, these studies have remained far behind, but thanks to the genius of scientists such as Newton (1642 – 1726 ), Einstein (1789 – 1955), we anticipated the times by knowing in advance the gravitational phenomenon, which is also very important for energy purposes. This phenomenon could not be investigated by Newton who had discovered gravity long before the electromagnetic knowledge and the invention of electricity, while Einstein, who already made the miracle of intuiting the theories of relativity, unfortunately, missed the link with the principles interactive by Torricelli (1608- 1647), Pascal (1623 – 1662), Venturi (1746 – 1822) Henry (1775 -1836) who in different ways contribute to extract energy from gravitational force by means of modification and way of working centrifugal pumps even invented by the Italian Erone Alessandrino around 1592, when the pumps were used manually.

Other very important scientists have been involved in developing terrestrial electromagnetism: Maxwell, Faraday, Neumann, Lenz, Lorentz, Tesla, without ever questioning the world primary energy which has always been considered thermal, nuclear, solar, hydroelectric, wind. None of these scientists have studied the scientific organization of work from an environmental point of view, as did the undersigned, who, as summarized in the rhyme, purifying together the combustion fumes in the water to close the carbon cycle without emitting CO2, he had to deepen both the purification principles, both the energy ones, and the economic ones, coming to the conclusion that the compressed air, statically exploited is the most powerful and economical earth energy accumulator, but with water purifying powers and of the same air. I am sorry that the great Fluid Dynamics and Electromagnetic scientists that I have mentioned above publications, are no longer alive. They probably would have realized that my work revalues theirs too. Many others, who have also contributed, I have not mentioned because they are really many. Therefore, the sectors on which we must insist are, above all, fluid dynamics, terrestrial electromagnetism, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybernetics, medicine.

 I disagree with most of the current scientists who insist on thermal and nuclear energy, discontinuous renewables that need energy storage. I disagree with world public research which sells its patents to multinationals to finance itself. Because I believe that this is the main cause for which interactive inventions have not found interlocutors. But above all, I think that the patent trade is the main cause for which public researchers, who are millions on planet Earth, have not worked to find energy that does not consume and does not transform matter. Probably, they weren’t looking for it because they knew the multinationals would not buy their inventions. I do not think it possible that they, who are many, and who have funding and experimentation laboratories, have not reached the same conclusions as me. If world governments do not want to take on the responsibilities of also acting as entrepreneurs as in communist and socialist countries, they should at least take on the responsibility of governing in a transparent way, requiring plant designers, both public and private, to close all cycles in terrestrial plants. they open before discharging liquids into the planet’s waters and gases into the atmosphere. As if the undersigned has imposed it, designing only virtually public utility plants not financed by anyone. Only by completely designing the plants is it possible to refine the technologies necessary to close processes, or to avoid opening unnecessary cycles. Above all, thermal and nuclear. My experiences are not based on mathematical laws but on the scientific and impartial organization of land work, which is essential to discard the wrong solutions from an energy, environmental and economic point of view. In fact, terrestrial nature long before the advent of technology has always identified the best purification and energy solutions. Probably, if the terrestrial experiences had been developed with greater intellectual honesty, without power interests that have nothing to do with impartially applied science, we humans would have concentrated, especially in technological development that locally accelerates the speed of processes. natural energetic and purifying, without altering the environment globally. Unfortunately, this cannot be understood by scientists and inventors who are paid to develop specific technologies to increase the war powers of countries that want to invade other countries and others that want to excel economically at the expense of human life and nature. Today, only medical science works to extend human life, but having no global skills in the design of machines and systems that accelerate positive natural processes, it cannot alone overcome the state of the art of energy and purification of the human body. In fact, the “artificial heart oxygenator of the autonomous blood” had to be proposed by the undersigned who in life has dealt with industrial and environmental plants, not medicine and cardiology. Unfortunately, even “the artificial heart oxygenating the autonomous blood” was greeted by silence so as not to disturb the market for pace makers, which are useful inventions but very far from the purifying and energetic potential of my invention, which could extend human life by centuries, even if integrated with other artificial organs.

The terrestrial world development must take place through a kind of principle of communicating vessels that connects all the disciplines to always identify the best primary energies, then the secondary or induced ones, and then spread them. By mistaking the primary source of terrestrial energy and not closing the open cycles in fixed and mobile anthropogenic plants, human beings are inevitably heading towards self-destruction, because on planet Earth, the best primary world energy is fluid dynamics, not thermal. , non-nuclear, indirectly extracted from the gravitational force which is the weakest force of the energy of the universe, which as is known, in the universe is preceded by the electromagnetic force, the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force.

It is no coincidence that man appeared on Earth after four billion years, when the environment had already been purified of the pollution produced by the two very powerful universal nuclear forces. It is very strange that world science has never made these reflections and has never tried to extract energy from the weak force of the universe which is certainly the most compatible for human life. It is very strange that no world scientific committee has ever been charged with expressing itself on the potential of the SPAWHE.EU nursery rhyme, developed by myself, not on the basis of the laws of mathematics and physics but on the basis of the practical knowledge of the errors noted in industrial plants. and environmental after having filed over forty intellectual patents that explain in detail sustainable purification and interactive energy systems that, not using nuclear fuels and energies, could extend human life and also lead us to explore space with the two weak forces of the universe, produced and stored with terrestrial technology.

Personally, I have never studied quantum physics, but by studying the scientific organization of work globally, I have taken the scientific fluid dynamics principles legislated by the scientists of the past that have been neglected, going beyond the Heisemberg uncertainty principle, which has not arrived at identifying solutions, but it simply opened the minds of scientists like Hawking to investigate beyond nuclear and thermodynamic phenomena. For this reason I believe that the uncertainty principle must be placed side by side with the interactive feedback principle that science has not invented, preferring to continue to investigate mono-disciplinary fossil, nuclear and renewable energies such as solar, wind and hydroelectric energy with the hydraulic jump. . These energies from the scientific point of view are rather trivial precisely because they exploit what nature offers without enhancing the interactive energy principles. The principle of interactive retro-action is inherent in the scientific organization of global work, which in addition to contemplating the organization of industrial work also contemplates environmental and energy aspects, expanding the industrial, agricultural, urban work cycles. But above all, by unifying the fluid-dynamic processes of water and air that must be returned to the environment after use for agricultural and urban industrial purposes. This unification of the processes, which apparently should have led to an increase in the costs and dimensions of the world-wide anthropogenic plants, would actually lead to the simplification of the plants, to the reduction of the dimensions and costs of energy and purification, for the simple fact that the processes energetic and purifying occur at the same time if they are designed with the right scientific skills.

Therefore, those who have governed and govern the world have a superficial scientific vision and in order not to make mistakes, case by case, they turn to the specialists of the individual sectors. Individual sector specialists are able to solve specific problems, not complex ones, which require transversal skills. The quantum uncertainty principle did not yield great results for practical purposes, because specialists continued to work in watertight compartments. This is the main reason why the state of the art of purification and world energy is not advanced, as it could have been using interactive principles.

Quantum reasoning was enhanced only with the advent of computers and artificial intelligence, but only world software has benefited, while no one has changed hardware. Therefore, the earth’s primary energy has remained linked to the main forces of the universe, which are thermal and nuclear. The technology has concentrated on increasing the yields of the plants and machines already invented (thermal, nuclear, solar panels, wind turbines, heat engines, pumps, turbines, current generators), instead of modifying everything in order to create plants that produced interactive phenomena proportional to the operating pressures of fluids, without involving heat, nuclear energy and renewable energy with low yields. Tutto questo è stato sintetizzato dal sottoscritto nella filastrocca di, taciuta dalla intera scienza e tecnologia mondiale. Obviously, consequently, also kept silent by politicians, economists, philosophers, the media. The basic culture is common to all categories. In schools around the world, no one has taught that on planet Earth with current slightly updated technologies, energy and purification could be extracted directly from the environment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to understand where the hypocrisy of all the categories involved ends and where the other motivations begin which can be ignorance, private interests, or simple fears of losing your job in the face of the inevitable change in the development model of the planet Earth, if the accuracy of the rhyme were seriously verified. Today we are in a world paradoxical situation: the whole world complains about the significant increase in energy costs due to the increase in gas and oil products and all the increases in the costs of primary goods, such as bread, wheat  and transport.  The world political, scientific and technological ruling class continues not to want to modify the current energy and purification systems to make them interactive. They even hope for a new generation nuclear power that is difficult to achieve, incompatible with the earth’s environment, which would produce energy with even higher costs, in order not to use the interactive energy that nature has always made available, free of charge, to the terrestrial people. 

If there really was a world democracy, before decreeing a generalized increase in world energy bills and commercial energy products, which above all irreparably pollute the environment, at least some governments should have tried to extract energy directly from the environment without transforming matter. What does it take to understand that compressed air is the most powerful and cheapest energy store in the world?  It seems impossible to me that not even the Nobel Prize winners in physics understand that it must be used one way, not as it is now used with pistons and cylinders. These cannot be considered energy accumulators, but simple actuators. The best energy carrier in the world is the very simple incompressible water, but it too must be used one way and endlessly recycled. What does it take to understand that it is necessary to modify the centrifugal pumps, realizing them with the double separate power supply up to the impeller; to put them in series with pressurized turbines and autoclaves? Not only to produce energy but also purification. Not only in industrial, urban, agricultural plants, but also in the modified heart of the elderly of the future. Pressure, not heat is the source of energy. The oxygen saturation that is increased by specially circulating water and human blood represents the highest purity of water and blood. It is not complicated to regulate the pressure by producing electricity by means of large or small turbines both in the environment and in the human body, because modern science pretends not to understand it?

3. The hypocrisy of world scientific information.

Congress organizers invite me to congresses, but I should go there at my expense, because sponsors don’t pay unwanted guests. Publishers ask me to publish articles exclusively, while academics linked to the centers of power attend congresses paid for by employers and their publications allow for career advancement. I don’t participate in congresses and I publish my articles and patents on my website so that they are accessible to everyone, hoping to see something experienced and realized before I die.

 I respond to the invitations with the following letter:

Dear Congress organizers, Editors and Readers, my publications and inventions are accessible to everyone. Never having been experienced and realized by the world power centers, they are always new. Only by spreading scientific truth for free can the hypocrisy of governments and multinationals that is destroying the planet be defeated.

Presentation of the website map

Especially in recent times, there is much talk of a great world conspiracy of the rich and powerful against the poor and defenseless. But I, who in my life have been a designer and installer of anthropogenic plants, first industrial and then environmental, and as a retiree I developed the details to propose an alternative development model, I believe that the situation is much more complex: There is no world conspiracy but only incurable conflicts of interest, due to political, scientific, economic, professional divisions. In the current system, the most capable and enterprising people create well-being for all, not selflessly but to increase personal enrichment. These people, who represent about 10% of the population, hold 75 % of the world’s wealth, in addition to getting richer and richer, they invest in all sectors of human activities, including the media, conditioning, above all, the way of producing world well-being. The other people, who represent 90% of the world population, are directly or indirectly dependent on those who hold the world’s wealth, or are poor and unemployed. Those who have an employee or private job, in order not to succumb completely to the economic centers of power, have associated themselves in political parties, labor unions, entrepreneurs, artisans, professional categories, to defend their categories. Hence, they only defend specific interests. There is only one way to fight this system and that is to go into all the details of the anthropogenic plans by governments and the United Nations, to impose on all world entrepreneurs the continuous updating of the state of the art, always realizing impartially the best solution for world well-being. Unfortunately, this does not happen because no government and not even the United Nations have understood the importance of details, since governments and the United Nations are essentially made up of politicians and bureaucrats who do not know the world of work from an organizational, scientific, technical and economic point of view. Therefore, governments and the United Nations cannot realize that most man-made inventions are wrong and cannot issue the legislative directives for their correction. Meanwhile, planet Earth is heading towards self-destruction, because not even those who hold 90% of the world’s wealth have developed the details globally. Even though there are inventors among the richest men in the world, their skills are specific, not global. They do not correct their investment mistakes if a world legislative authority does not demonstrate and legislate better solutions. Yet, the current, slightly modified technologies, together with artificial intelligence, which is speeding up learning and communication skills, could rapidly allow the quantum leap of terrestrial development, if the official world science, above all, the Nobel laureates, instead , to pretend to look for the solutions, which they have not found. They have not found them because with their specific skills, they are unable to go into the details of the work of other sectors. Unfortunately, the Nobel laureates pocket the well-deserved prize and are silent on global solutions, hoping that they will be found in the academic world, because they do not discuss those proposed by those who do not belong to their world. Meanwhile, governments do not correct their mistakes and those of world entrepreneurs. These are not trivial errors, but important details that affect all human activities, especially the links between different scientific disciplines and technologies. Science has not shown itself up to the situation globally, but being the reference of all world governments, it has allowed the proliferation of incomplete technological inventions that have produced global warming and the spread of viruses against humans. The compressed biohydroelectromagnetic evolution of the planet and the human body and the colonization of space which could not be conceived by traditional science, but from the deepening of the study of the scientific organization of global human work, is still waiting for the world public scientific committees , paid by world taxpayers, including myself, decide to take it into consideration, assuming the responsibility of asking for experimentation or going into the details of what they do not share. Even though there are many public scientists, I am not afraid of comparison. I do not expect any confrontation with scientists employed by private companies who must obey employers, as the undersigned has obeyed throughout his working life, postponing the study of alternative solutions that could not be improvised, being connected to each other in a way interactive. I do not deny that traditional science has established the basis for all human knowledge. I assert that today science, still divided into watertight compartments, is slowing down the true scientific progress and the evolution of man, who with the artificial heart oxygenating the blood, could reduce the food consumption of elderly people, who with artificial organs could extend human life by hundreds of years, without stealing food resources from the Earth. Indeed, the energy needed by the elderly of the future would be extracted completely from the gravitational force. But even young people will not steal many resources from the planet by eliminating current fuels. Furthermore, the main food source of the planet will be the artificial welling that served also and above all to cool the planet before the waters submerging all the cities and the current coastal areas of the world. Therefore, contrary to what current world scientific experts claim, paid by tho           se who produced global warming and viruses, we need not fear world population growth, nor global warming. We must prevent these phenomena by globally designing the terrestrial anthropic systems in an interactive way, and defend human life with the same criterion, since the human body follows the same natural laws. Above all, we must fear the manipulation of science for private purposes, and place limits on the personal enrichment. Those excluded from the current scientific and economic centers of world power, which are ninety percent of the world population, should simply, democratically, carry out the demonstrative prototypes of the main alternative inventions, which up to now have not cost even a penny of any world currency to the governments and world entrepreneurs who have produced the current model of development.  Therefore, even without wars and revolutions we could change the world development model, simply by practically proving that the main world inventions are wrong from the ground up on the environmental and economic level. Unfortunately, 90% of the world population that does not belong to the centers of power is waiting for manna from heaven and does not even do the minimum necessary to modify, at least on a demonstrative level, that an alternative development model is possible. They prefer street protests led by young girls full of goodwill but no experience of work, research and design. This is the best way to keep wasting time, instead of going into the wrong details of all the world’s fixed and mobile anthropogenic plants. I have wasted my time giving free to the world people the interactive projects that world science has never produced. Interactive concepts are the basis of world energy and economic savings, however, they are not used by current world science and technology, demonstrating that inventions in favor of the poor must be financed by the poor themselves, otherwise no one finances them.  It is no coincidence that the current world wealth is based on the consumption and transformation of earth’s resources. The rich are those who appropriate raw materials and consume them, transforming them partly into consumer goods and partly into production waste and pollution. In interactive systems, the supply of world energy resources would fail, therefore wealth should be produced only through endless transformation and recycling, without production waste and without producing pollution. The interactive system is the one that the terrestrial nature uses. The only difference consists in the local increase in operating pressures and in the invention of simple machines and systems that trigger the processes, already clearly illustrated by the undersigned. History will judge whether or not they work. I have no doubts about how they work. But history will judge above all those who continue to prefer words to concrete projects. Mine is just the website of a retiree who cannot pay anyone because no one has ever paid him for his work and no one has ever made his inventions. I don’t believe in headhunters and premium memberships to make my work known. In this model of development there is no place for those who believe in intellectual honesty but only for those who are willing to seek the truths desired by the world centers of power. Everyone can choose any article from my website because I am not an academic, nor a freelancer. I do not earn titles and merits with publications. I do not even earn copyrights because international laws do not recognize copyrights to inventors who do not find financiers and do not pay maintenance fees on regularly filed public utility patents. However, it fell to the undersigned declare to the scientific and economic world that Earth’s energies that are not interactive and not autodepuratives are not cheap, they are not sustainable. The entire world ruling class is misinforming in order not to admit that clean energy is everywhere and at very low costs. With my autonomous blood oxygenating heart we can effectively defend ourselves against viruses and old age. With my global linear motors capable of capturing and using interstellar dust and total purification and recycling systems of organic and mineral elements for scientific and food purposes, we could already begin to think about colonizing the universe, while the current ruling class world, political, scientific, economic is still linked to the oil economy and world stock exchanges. The current model of development is destroying the planet with fires that it cannot put out because it has the wrong way of flying in the atmosphere and in space. However, it does not experiment with sustainable innovations to not allow for greater equity in the distribution of world wealth. The truth cannot be hidden forever because in space we can only go with the best solutions. Not those who make the current aeronautical and space agencies. Future generations, sooner or later, will understand this and will not thank our generation.” 

Therefore, for myself, it is not important how nuclear energy is produced, how particles are accelerated: The important thing is to have identified the scientific principles of survival of terrestrial man and the way to reproduce them, both as an energy source of the means of space transport, both as a source of food and water, and as a source of materials essential to the construction of spare parts through the capture of interstellar dust.

Unfortunately, world science, inventors, entrepreneurs have not understood that the earth’s purifying and energetic effect can occur at the same time only if the air pressure is statically exploited and the water, which is the energy vector, is circulated. One way street. In fact, the current systems that exploit air and gas pressure are simple energy actuators, not producers. Obviously, with simple actuators it is not possible to extract energy and water from the systems. It is first necessary to pressurize it in autoclaves, then let it go out in one way for the principle of impenetrability of the bodies. Only with that circulating in this way can we create an infinite energy source with low wear costs. Only in this way can we take advantage of a large one-way pressure jump that powers a multistage pump used as a turbine that produces primary electrical energy with its current generation, while the recovered water is fed back into the system. The undersigned has explained with many examples how it is possible to do this, unfortunately, collecting only silences from the entire world science, which in the meantime rewards each other with Nobel prizes for simple energetic intuitions of nuclear particles which, although important on a cultural level, cannot to have no use in the terrestrial energy which must first guarantee the survival of the terrestrial balances which are very different from the space ones. I found it very useful to read Stephen Hawking’s book who, in addition to being a great scientist, was also a great man, who lived with a very serious disease for most of his life, without feeling sorry for himself, as most men probably would have done,  giving up the dignity of work. However, I believe that in order to be coherent with the environment in which we live, the earth’s primary energy must be produced cold fluid dynamically by impartially studying the organization of earth’s work, without protons and neutrons and without particle accelerators. In essence, to conquer space we must reproduce our natural environment in space transport, not that of NASA and other space entities that have been conditioned by wrong energy research based on thermodynamics and nuclear influenced by the energies developed to overcome the world wars. Our energy must be interactive and must be able to carry out millions or billions of energy cycles without being consumed. This is possible because the water and air can partially escape from the atmospheric vents and can be recovered and reinserted into the circuits.

The compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy resulting from the study of the earth’s world labor organization has only one flaw: “IT DOESN’T EXIST” Whoever controls world science and the economy, which has extensively used the scientific organization of work in the industrial field, does not want apply the same rules also to the environmental aspects in order not to reduce the economic profits due to the sale and transformation of the current energies and not to be forced to demolish the immense quantity of wrong anthropogenic plants all over the world.

For myself, a large part of science, not knowing directly the daily work in factories and construction sites, but only mathematical principles, does not realize the immense economic costs that the particle accelerators wanted by world physicists entail, while the very simple and very practical impartially applied work organization would lead to sustainable development accessible to even the poorest countries.

4. The divisions of competences and international regulations on industrial and intellectual property seem to have been specifically designed to prevent complete and interactive inventions.

There would be an infallible way not to make mistakes in world investments in the environment and energy and that would be to create small sample plants before spreading them throughout the world. On the other hand, both governments and multinationals are mistaken in the design and investments made, and do not finance the innovations that could improve the world’s anthropogenic plants. My job that I started at the age of twenty has always been to try to make anthropogenic plants work at their best from both an industrial and environmental production point of view. If I hadn’t continuously updated myself on scientific disciplines and technologies, I would not have been able to do this job well. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I did it well because for employers, above all, I had to respect the directives in large industry and the tender specifications in public facilities. Especially in this last case, working for a very small company in subcontracting, if I had proposed any changes, I would have only risked damaging my employer. I have postponed my contribution to science and technology to retirement, when I could, with greater objectivity and calm, do my reflections, research and insights. Thanks to the Internet, I also write and publish my solutions in English, but I haven’t learned to speak it. I would have wasted only time learning English, not knowing how many years I would have lived as a retiree. Above all, I was interested in completing my work for future generations. In today’s society, it is very difficult for anyone else to find the motivation to reach the end of the inventive path taken. I myself, many times, faced with the collected silences, wanted to stop doing this job, but suddenly, I don’t know where, a new idea came to me and I couldn’t refuse to develop it. Having understood that my solutions are transversally unwelcome to all those who have made mistakes in the current development model, I preferred to abandon the search for interlocutors and shorten the conclusions, even risking making some mistakes, which in any case, I consider unlikely, because I have always sought and found scientific support for my intuitions.

I did not reply to the last letter from the Italian Patent Office dated 19/10/2021 relating to question 1020210000199007, entitled “Interstellar dust capture system and space environmental systems”, in which they asked me to change the description, to send new claims and to integrate the deposit rights to the Italian state with € 45 if I exceed the number of 10 claims. These ministerial bureaucrats, having understood that I do not take into consideration their accusations of violating the principles of energy, no longer know what excuses to find to reject my inventions, so they write to me to rewrite everything. I do nothing of what they have requested of me as I consider my work completed. Posterity will judge. Patent offices should only hold deposited inventions. They do not have the knowledge and experience to judge them because of the education they receive in training schools and the divisions of skills of science itself. My inventions that I have spread in over forty patent deposits, developed in sixteen years of unpaid work by any public or private master and not even by publishers, since to make them known I made them accessible to everyone, without claiming literary copyrights. If any rights are to be recognized, they must be those of an inventor, not a writer. But I did not pay the maintenance fees for the patents that were granted to me because it would have been wasted money, as in today’s society, no one would have financed it (as has been shown). Obviously, I did not spend the money to make legal appeals against the patents that were not granted to me with accusations such as “perpetual motion” and “disrespect of the principles of thermodynamics” since perpetual motion is useless and I do not need thermodynamics. to produce energy, but only fluid dynamics, and electromagnetism.  However, even without spending money on maintenance taxes and legal appeals, just to respect the bureaucracy of national and international deposits (the most important ones) I had to bear the expense of about 20,000 euros, which is more than a citizen, like myself, can afford, that when he started inventing he still had a family of five dependent. Fortunately, we have also survived the inconsistencies of the world bureaucracy. My inventions, spread over sixteen years, could have had only one title: “New world model of interactive energy development, terrestrial and space self-purification” Obviously, I can give this title at the end of the work done, I could not give it before, as myself, I only knew the starting points, not the final ones. I certainly did not know that I would have been forced to do the entire journey alone, without public and private interlocutors. Until the end of my work, I would not have imagined that with the energy extracted from the gravitational force, which I would have used as the primary source of earth energy, I would have been able, at least virtually, to colonize even infinite space. Indeed, to capture, along the interstellar paths, the interstellar dust that contains the main terrestrial minerals without the fatigue and dangers that current terrestrial mines entail. Not hydrogen transformed into fuel, not new generation nuclear power and not even the one that BiIl Gates would like to capture in the atmosphere with kites. He has already accomplished the first miracles by costing zero dollars in scientific research, zero dollars in industrial transformations of energy sources, zero dollars in energy consumption.

It is not worth replying to the Italian Patent Office, if in the whole world, no government and no multinational has ever considered inventions based on interactive fluid dynamics principles, despite the open letters to the Italian and European governments, the United Nations and the International Court of Justice, which does not condemn the “Crime of Omission of Acts of Public Utility”. Until proven otherwise, all my inventions are of public environmental and energy utility. Politicians and judges who are unable to understand them should have felt the duty to consult science globally, at least to know if anyone was able to understand the meaning of SPAWHE (Synergic Plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectromagnetic energy). It is too convenient for politicians, economists and judges to govern without synthesizing the specific skills of specialists in various world activities. It is clear that all categories pull water to their own mill. If I, as a designer and installer of industrial plants, had not felt incomplete in the face of the design and installation of purification, lifting and water distribution, air purification and energy systems, I would not have changed jobs to improve my global design experiences and capabilities.

How can the politicians and economists who govern the world make the right choices from a technical, scientific, economic point of view, if there is no one on planet Earth who designs the plants globally? How can national and international judges condemn the crimes of omission of public utility, if no public and private terrestrial research body has ever looked for the keys that trigger natural fluid dynamic interactive processes at speeds and pressures other than atmospheric ones? With hindsight, after the patent filings and publications of the undersigned, it should have been clear that it is necessary to change the way pumps, turbines and autoclaves work. If public and private workers do not understand this in order not to admit their mistakes and, at the same time, their investments of the last century, someone should take the responsibility of financing the experiments in the interest of all, especially of future generations.

Politicians, economists, judges should not make the choices because they cannot have global skills, but they should at least understand that the current world society does not work because it is not designed in a multidisciplinary way. Not even ministries, university faculties, multinationals possess multidisciplinarity, since they are all specialists in individual disciplines. It is obvious that everyone pretends not to understand the systems proposed by the undersigned, since they are the systems that they themselves would have designed if instead of thinking for themselves, they had reasoned with experts from other sectors. But no one should admit mistakes and demolish the wrong plants. The task of politicians, economists and international judges is not to be satisfied with the state of the art produced by the current system of separate specialists, but to put them together so that the design is done globally. If politicians, economists and judges are unable to think globally, even though they cannot plan globally, they do more harm than good to world society. For this reason I assert that the crime of omission is the daily bread of governments and public bodies worldwide and I am waiting for someone to prove what my inventions not financed by any public or private world body are wrong. Even starting from my possible mistakes, some progress could be made in the global design of anthropogenic plants that concern all human activities, including those that should also bring us sustainable spatial design. I am aware of being unknown, both in the city where I live, in my country, let alone if I think that the powerful of the Earth consider my solutions, but I also think that this was the force that pushed me to go all the way . If any of my inventions had been made, I would probably have felt satisfied and satisfied with the success achieved. Instead, seeing none of my inventions realized, I was stimulated to advance the state of the art virtually to question the competences of the entire political, scientific, economic, capitalist, communist, socialist, populist world ruling class. Regardless of the various ideologies, by mutual agreement the governments, multinationals, have preferred to continue to produce specific inventions, disconnected from each other, which, not being interactive, cannot close all the chemical cycles that open. The world’s technicians and scientists should speak the same language regardless of ideologies.

If the original defects of the energy or purification systems are not identified, even if they improve the performance of the machines, the original defects cannot be overcome. If a system produces pollution, the only way not to pollute is to change the system. The terrestrial, non-spatial nature has taught us that with due time everything can be purified and regenerated, but at the same time it has given us the possibility of locally increasing oxygenation by increasing the pressures without completely transforming the matter.

We must be the ones to choose the best solutions but we must do it before investing millions of dollars, euros or any world currency. We cannot delude ourselves into replacing oil or gas with so-called renewables which are cumbersome and discontinuous. Suffice it to say that to produce a Kw / h you need at least 10 square meters of space in the best conditions of exposure and to produce wind energy, to produce a pressure of one bar on the rotating propellers you need a wind of about 80 km / h. These renewables involve the use of expensive and heavy energy accumulators. It is clear that renewables cannot replace thermal energy with various types of fuels and nuclear energy, which despite having improved yields, could not eliminate the original defects.

I read in the magazine “Ambiente e Veleno” that the Nobel Prize in Physics Giorgio Parisi is against nuclear power and has nothing better to propose than solar energy. ( -energy-saving / 6434141 /). While prof. Angelo Tartaglia, nuclear engineer and emeritus professor of Physics at the Department of Applied Science and Technology of the Polytechnic of Turin, explains: “At the moment there is no solution to the problem of waste, the costs are very high, safety is an illusion” . “It is not clear whether Roberto Cingolani (Minister of the Italian ecological transition) is a scientist or a champion of an economic model. These new mini reactors would have to be done, they are not there. There is no fourth generation of nuclear power. We have a climate emergency that asks us to halve CO2 emissions within ten years. I don’t know how nuclear power can be a useful tool, if it takes decades to develop the new types ”.

Obviously, I agree with Professor Tartaglia. But what I ask myself is the following question: Is it possible that these illustrious scientists clash with each other on different mono thematic scientific fronts and do not observe the solutions already developed by nature without the use of technologies, and not even the simplest ones due to the development of details due to the scientific organization of work, which would automatically lead to the discarding of solutions with less productivity and economic advantages if they were implemented, not only in manufacturing factories, but also in other human activities?

World science has never bothered to organize  the environmental world work. Scientists have delved into scientific problems in no particular order to satisfy their desire to know the mysteries of the universe and the planet we live on. The most important inventions that have been produced on planet Earth are not due to the need to protect human life and the environment in which we live. They are mainly due to reduce human fatigue, to protect us from cold and excessive heat. The qualitative leap in the performance of plants and machines designed by man can only take place if the scientific organization of work is also applied to environmental aspects, closing all the cycles that open in the plants. This cannot be done if the systems do not become interactive and cannot become interactive if they are not modified, especially the pumps which are the heart of all fluid dynamic systems, just as the heart is the pump of the human body.

It is no coincidence that “the scientific organization of work” published in 1911 by Frederick Taylor has above all stimulated the speed of the production of consumer goods, regardless of the energy sources used and the environmental side effects. The two world wars that followed led to the arms race and inventions never considered globally. The power of fire, thermodynamics, nuclear energy have dominated the last century as primary energy sources. It is no coincidence that world transport has developed through steam boilers and thermal engines, while electricity has been produced in large thermoelectric and nuclear power plants to be transported remotely in high voltage and then locally distributed in low voltage.   This development model is destroying the planet’s environment and resources without world science seriously opposing it, being made up of scientists employed by public and private power centers who derive wealth from the development model they have created. World scientific faculties work in monothematic watertight compartments. They do not communicate with each other but with potential multinational customers equally specialized in individual scientific and technological sectors. As governments have stopped being entrepreneurs, patent trading has become one-sided: from public to private entities. Everyone talks about the great environmental problems but no one takes them seriously because we need to question the current development model from A to Z.

Inventors who do not belong to the economic centers of power arrive economically bled to the final part of the work due to the silences of the entire world science, of entrepreneurs, politicians, legislators and media outlets. The division of competences of the individual professions is complicit in the current global disasters. Indeed, the modification of the pumps proposed in 2015 was not improvised. It started in 2006, virtually unifying the water and air purification cycles to better exploit the interactive fluid dynamics principles of Henry, Pascal, Venturi, Torricelli. It would have been enough to apply Bernuolli’s equations to calculate the energy produced at the exit of the turbine and that absorbed on the axis of the recycling pump to understand the difference between the energy expended and produced. The applications of this system that science has ignored and no one has realized are infinite and applicable in all areas of human activity.

When I realized that no one would listen to me (as in fact they did), since 2014, I created a website called, which means “Synergic Plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectomagnetic Energy” which represents the sustainable development model purification and energy world, alternative to the current one, which is polluting, uneconomical, which is wasting the natural resources of the planet. If a system has the characteristic of universality, it can be made of any size while respecting the functional principles and those of energy conservation. In fact, with the same system I also proposed the artificial heart and the linear space motors. Unfortunately, I have only collected silences from current science, from governments and from world entrepreneurs without anyone having taken the responsibility to explain the reasons, apart from the European and Italian patent office, which have shown their scientific ignorance by talking about perpetual motion. Then contradicting itself with the granting of the hydroelectric car patent, which would work with the same system. Obviously, I didn’t make the hydroelectric car without financiers. But what worries me most is the silence of science that must train the designers, scientists, inventors, economists, politicians of the future. I cannot consult the scientists of the past who inspired me to study fluid dynamics principles: Henry, Pascal, Torricelli, Newton, Venturi, nor those of terrestrial electromagnetism: Maxwell, Faraday, Neumann, Lenz, Lorentz, Tesla, who certainly they would be pleased to know that compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy would interact perfectly with the solenoids made up of very thin copper wires, protected with insulating paints that have allowed us to produce terrestrial electromagnetism. Those involved in economics should understand that to keep the temperatures of the copper wires low it is not convenient to produce thermal energy that involves cooling systems, it is not even convenient to use fuels that involve fume purification systems, but it is not even convenient to buy fuels if it is It is possible to extract the energy from the air that has been thickened by the gravitational force and from the water that the same gravity keeps it liquid at atmospheric pressure and at the earth’s temperature. What do world economists study in universities, who work alongside politicians in governments? Only monetarism and how to maintain the current economic balance of power?

Applying the scientific organization of work globally, it would have been logical that the best solution from an environmental point of view, of saving natural resources, to produce terrestrial energy, should have been fluid dynamics, which by not heating the tiny copper wires that are used. to produce the induced currents, it is more reliable, cheaper, smaller in size and also of greater strength. The force is given by the product flow rate density pressure. The heat on planet Earth is not needed to produce electromagnetism. We already have free gravity, atmospheric air with the initial pressure of one bar and water with a density 830 times higher than air.

It was extremely stupid for science and terrestrial entrepreneurs to use heat to produce energy, even more stupid was trying to produce controlled nuclear explosions to divide the atom, while having a strong gravitational force. Only by going into the details of the work cycles of the terrestrial machines that produce the primary force from which electricity and electromagnetism are obtained was it possible to reach the key to the intertwined earth’s energy and environmental tangle. Unfortunately, the world ruling class does not accept this reality. It does not want to give up the heat of fuels, nuclear power, current discontinuous and low-yield renewables. These will never be able to replace thermal and nuclear energy. Meanwhile, they continue to ignore the real alternative of terrestrial primary energy, which is compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy.

What does it take to understand that this energy, which can be produced at the earth’s temperature with natural ingredients, such as air and water, which do not change their chemical formulas, would make it possible to produce terrestrial electromagnetism at no cost, much more delicate than that produced by explosions nuclear power of the universe, but perfectly connectable to it? These simple considerations should have been enough to make it clear that science does not know the scientific organization of work, that entrepreneurs know only the one that increases the speed of production of consumer goods, and that politicians and economists make laws tailored to those who hold the world’s wealth, so that they can keep it for a long time, to the detriment of true progress. Communist and capitalist countries think alike when it comes to energy and compete with each other as to who sells the most gas, oil, nuclear energy, oil and renewables that are worth nothing.

The current world stock exchanges create wealth not on real work but on monetary speculations. The rich can buy and sell what they want and even small investors follow their lead, even if they only reap the crumbs of world wealth. It is obvious that a joint stock company named SPAWHE will never be born.,  

The current laws on industrial patents are not adequate to promote a global and balanced development of the environment and world energy. Those who file a fairly complex patent in Italy, if it exceeds 10 claims, must pay 45 euros for each additional claim. If I had the ability to develop my alternative development model consisting of forty patent filings with ten claims each, I would have had to spend € 18,000 (400 * 45). Considering that on planet Earth there are 196 sovereign states and that in order to obtain copyright I would have had to pay the same rights in all the countries of the planet, or at least in the most important G20 countries, I would have had to pay, more or less, the same costs multiplied by 20 = € 360,000. Also, I would have had to pay annual maintenance taxes in the same countries for twenty years. Rounding down the costs to be paid to the world bureaucracy, it would be € 7,200,000, excluding taxes on corporate profits.

These laws are designed to protect commercial inventions that are produced in huge series around the world and with very few claims. Nobody understands that hundreds of thousands of commercial industrial inventions disconnected from each other with ten claims, cannot have the same value as a single complex and complete invention made up of forty inventions and four hundred claims linked together as in a single plant, which has addressed all of them. the environmental, energy and economic aspects at the same time.

Large global, non-commercial projects are needed on planet Earth, and these projects should be interlinked. These designs should have been studied by public scientists and inventors. Instead, public researchers collaborate to produce small commercial inventions with multinationals. This also happens because they are not coordinated by enlightened statesmen and economists. But where should enlightened statesmen and economists be trained? Until it is understood that the scientific organization of work must be developed globally, there will be no possibility of forming a competent ruling class capable of coordinating science, technology and economics which are also closely linked to the protection of environment, lengthening the duration of the environment and space exploration as summarized in the nursery rhyme of In 2022 we are still zero in environmental protection and sustainable energy production. Everyone talks about renewable energies without realizing that without organizing work globally, even renewables are a failure. My reasoning is simple: The Earth nature (not the universal one) does not have the two strong nuclear energies, but only the gravitational force and the invisible general electromagnetism, not even having the technologies invented by man, to develop it used simple systems but interactive, very slow, but infallible. This explains why the human race, which is the most intelligent, has only developed in the last 300,000 years and not in the previous four billion years. It is evident that in previous eras there were not all the microorganisms necessary to start humanization. Today man dominates the planet Earth but has not learned the lesson that he should have learned from his own origins: he owes his existence to delicate, complex and very long interactive processes. He simplified things, creating specializations between the various disciplines and the various professions.  The human body itself has been divided into small parts, but fortunately there are general practitioners who refer us to specialists, orthopedists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, neurologists, on a case-by-case basis. While there are specialists to treat planet Earth, there are no substitutes for general practitioners. Those who govern should replace the general practitioners of the planet. But those who ruled the planet in the past did it by force, subduing other peoples, and with democracy they are doing it with compromises and negotiations, which vary according to who wins the elections, or with coups d’etat. There is nothing scientifically organized about the government of planet Earth, because those who govern do not have a basic culture to take care of the environment and the world economy. Not even science possesses this culture because it is divided into sectors, it has shown that it is unable to propose sustainable anthropic plants that can be used on the entire planet and neither does the inventors who produce highly successful practical inventions, but not always compatible with the environment and land sustainable development. Just think of the legendary thermal engines of Ferraris, Mercedes, McLaren, Lamborghini, Bugatti, which many fans have around the world, which in different versions, but with the same fuels, multiplied by billions of units throughout the world, are the main culprits of pollution, global warming, and the wrong economy, having prevented the search for equally powerful but clean engines, even purifying the environment, which would not use fuels but air and water that cost nothing and do not consume, which could add up together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, to also go into space.It is clear that thermal engines will never be able to do these things even if they will continue to show off in car races with the legendary Ferraris, Mercedes, McLaren, Lamborghini, Bugatti.

The planet Earth before being ruled by politicians, economists and judges, should have given greater importance to the scientific organization of work developed in detail in all human activities to search for the hidden keys that trigger interactive principles. Find these keys that nature uses at atmospheric pressure to produce chlorophyll photosynthesis, biochemistry, the carbon cycle at pressures above the atmospheric one is the real secret of Earth’s sustainable energy. These keys could not be found without going into the details of the scientific organization of Earth work that science and inventors have never looked for because they have specific, not global knowledge of work.

The teaching of Earthly nature, which did the right things at the right time, first purifying the environment and creating biological and animal life, while not having any technology, was not taken into consideration by scientists and inventors, but politicians and economists did not organize work globally to make it easier to find them. In fact, the scientific organization of human work has only been applied in the manufacturing industry. Instead, it must be applied to all human activities and is continuously updated as the state of the art progresses globally. Today, however, we notice different speeds of development of the different sectors of human activity that depend only on the commercial aspects and on the low scientific culture of politicians and legislators, who are unable to regulate balanced development. These inconsistencies that I have noticed in a life of work, as I have written several times to no avail, in other articles and in the present have led me to become an inventor as a retiree to look for these keys. I have found many, all ignored by the world ruling class, but the most important and universal ones are the modifications to fluid dynamic machines, in particular the pumps already invented by other inventors of the past, to make them work in the direction of gravitational force, in series with others. pumps mounted upside down so that they can function as turbines and produce all the primary earth energy necessary to produce electricity through the current generator coupled to the pump used as a turbine, without the addition of any fuel or radioactive material.

Since 2015 I have shown that the energy produced by the pumps used as turbines can be hundreds of times higher than the energy absorbed by the modified water recycling pumps (with the double separate power supply up to the impeller) present in the same circuit.

As can be seen from the archives of the Italian patent office, I have received the granting of seventeen industrial patents but none of these have ever been financed and implemented by the world public and private ruling class, because they would have involved the modification of the current flue gas purification plants. air, water and sewage systems in order to carry out global purification cycles. In fact, all the purification plants, by not exploiting the interactive principles between water and air, have acidified the water and increased the production of CO2, steam, oxides and dust in the atmosphere. It didn’t take long to understand that global warming was inevitable with today’s world energy and purification plants. But by keeping silent about the solutions proposed by the undersigned, despite the granting of patents, I had to understand that my patents were not pleasing even to science. I have not given up on filing patents but I have reduced filing costs. My patent filings since 2015 have become just intellectuals. The Italian patent office only has to keep the documents filed by the undersigned so that future generations, if they are more prepared than the current ones, can understand what the current society has not been able to understand.

Intellectual patents go beyond the current state of the art across the board, affecting multiple sectors at the same time. If we multiply forty interconnected unrealized inventions that each claim ten claims, the latest invention of that series which, as written above, leads to space flight with the capture of interstellar dust outside the means of transport and the internal design of the environments which ensure human survival by producing power, water, air, atmospheric pressure and electrostatic electromagnetism similar to gravitational force, we can say that the claims of the latest invention are not 10 but 400, since the previous ones have never been realized. In fact, intellectual inventions become industrial only when someone makes them industrially. But according to current patent laws, if my solutions are correct, even patents that have not been granted to me with trivial charges such as “perpetual motion” cannot enjoy industrial property from others after the undersigned has them deposited and published.

The world patent lawmakers have also been concerned with regulating any disputes between employers and entrepreneurs of public and private world centers of power, establishing the percentages that entrepreneurs and inventors are entitled to in the event of the sale of patents. But they have not bothered to legislate anything in favor of inventors who do not belong to the centers of power. Private inventors are treated as unwanted viruses by scientists and inventors dependent on public bodies and multinational corporations. Instead they are the only ones who could restore dignity to their work as well. In the current situation, an autonomous inventor who wants to measure himself on the great global environmental and energy problems after having worked a whole life in these sectors without being able to express himself freely, should pay taxes and at the same time, look for the financiers in the short time allowed by the legislators, which passes between a national and international deposit (twelve months). Not finding lenders, he must make a choice: either he stops at the national patent and pays the national maintenance fees, or he risks the adventure of international deposits, depositing and paying the international filing fees (about 3,500 euros) that allow him to have another twenty months to look for international lenders. If equally he does not find financiers and stops paying maintenance taxes at national and international level, he loses all the work done, and the money paid in vain, without having any right to his own inventions even if the inventions are later found to be correct. This legislative system damages not only private inventors, but the entire world development, because the bureaucrats of the patent offices are not up to scientifically judging multidisciplinary inventions that have never been made. If they had already been made, they would not be patentable inventions. Who should answer this great dilemma if everyone avoids answering scientifically? This question may seem a provocation, but it is not because there are too many scientific and technical errors that do not correct both public bodies and multinationals. Just think of the concept of efficiency of man-made machinery and plants: both of them cannot have an efficiency exceeding one hundred percent of the energy absorbed. This concept would certainly be valid if we lived in absolute vacuum where there are no natural energy sources, no pressures, no hydrostatic head to be exploited. Therefore, we should buy energy outside the vacuum in which we would live, and although there would be no friction and heat loss in the vacuum, we should pay the energy to those who would provide it to carry out all the daily activities and the necessary movements. It is possible that no one has noticed that on planet Earth, in addition to the energy disadvantages produced by the weight force, friction, heat dispersion, wear of materials, we also have an infinite energy source which is the gravitational force, which has thickened the air to atmospheric pressure? These two elements together are a source of infinite energy. Furthermore, we have incompressible water which has a density about 830 times higher than air. Therefore, we have an infinite energy source and we have an energy vector with a density much higher than atmospheric air that can produce a force and energy as a function of the flow rate, the speed of displacement. It is no coincidence that the dynamic fluid energy is given by the product Flow rate x Pressure x Density of the fluid. The reasons why terrestrial science, instead of exploiting the pressure of the air and the density of the circulating water, wanted to use the heat produced with coal and various fuels to produce steam or combustion gases that have a greater cost, pollute the environment and produce 830 times less energy with the same flow rate and pressure. The same thing can also be said for nuclear energy of old and new conception, if it uses more or less radioactive materials to produce heat and from this, through steam, to produce energy, Heat is not needed and steam is also a gas. greenhouse. Obviously, the same thing can be said for hydrogen transformed into fuel.

 The main criticisms suffered by the undersigned by the Italian and European patent offices were those of violating the principles of energy conservation; to create energy from nothing; to realize perpetual motion. These criticisms would have made sense only if world science had created a perfect model, without global warming, without, the inability to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz in the world’s means of transport; the ability to oxygenate human blood with a small autonomous artificial heart energetically placed in the human chest instead of the natural heart or in by pass, with a small portable device. All these inventions proposed by the undersigned have not been made not because they violate the principles of energy conservation but because no one before the undersigned has understood that primary earth energy is different from the universal one. It is simpler and cheaper than all the other energies developed on earth, being able to be extracted directly from the gravitational force using some existing inventions differently, slightly modifying (pumps, turbines, autoclaves) so that they can better exploit the interactive fluid dynamics principles of Henry, Pascal, Venturi, Torricelli, Bernoulli and connect to the electromagnetic principles of Maxwell, Tesla, Lorentz, without any need to use fuels, and other energy sources, which in any case are of greater cost because not being able to directly exploit the interactive principles, they cannot be simultaneously energetic and purifying, nor take advantage of the pressures, solubilities, densities at the same time. The elasticity of the air, the incompressibility of water, the principle of the impenetrability of bodies. All these very important characteristics have not been adequately exploited by world science which has always worked in watertight compartments and therefore, they have not even entered the world schools. From these global ignorances global warming was born, the current distribution of world wealth and it has become quite obvious that the world ruling class pretends not to understand the alterative development model SPAWHE (Synergic Plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectric electromagnetism) in order not to change nothing and continue to invest in commercial solutions. Which, even if they will be called hydrogen and new generation nuclear power, will not eliminate the costs of industrial transformations to be paid and will never be able to be energy and purification at the same time. These new generations of commercial energies are counting on surviving thanks to the worldwide silence of science that wants to hide its errors even from future generations. For this reason, interactive energy principles do not even enter schools. The only way to demonstrate the mistakes made by the world ruling class was and is the one used by the undersigned: starting from the development of the details of the anthropic purification plants with interactive criteria between water and air and to virtually advance the state of the art through the study of organization of work. In fact, the study of the scientific organization of work serves to identify the best solution under all scientific, technical and economic aspects. Once the best solutions have been identified from a theoretical point of view, it is necessary to identify the possible interactive applications in other sectors of human activities. This has not yet happened, despite the fact that the Covid 19 pandemic has also shown that scientific and design errors are paid not only at the environmental level but also by reducing the life expectancy of mankind.

Luigi Antonio Pezone