Dear Professor Draghi, I cannot deny the imprint of sarcasm that transpires from the title of this letter because I am tired of writing open letters to the powerful of the Earth, but I cannot stop until someone responds for everyone by doing something to ascertain the scientific truth in the interest of future generations. I had already written the article that I am forwarding to you as an attachment, knowing that sooner or later, he would become the new prime minister of the Italian government. At the last moment, I only added some clarifications regarding the ecological transition that you have included in your government. For myself, welcome but not sufficient.

Italy cannot afford to have illustrious pensioners like her. He must exploit them to the full. I do not say this with sarcasm, that it is addressed to those who have never answered me. Don’t tell me that the attached article is too long and you don’t have time to read it. If you don’t have time, let someone you trust blindly, from a moral and scientific point of view, read it, because today those who actively participated in producing global warming are in the front row to fight it, but without sinking the knife into the wound. to continue to profit from the wrong inventions, plants and machines, which continue to produce all over the world, simply increasing energy yields and reducing toxic emissions. Unfortunately, this is no longer enough and those who have produced global warming know it very well, for this reason there is the worldwide silence of public and private science on purification and interactive energies. The key question I ask you is the following: What can statesmen and world economists do to save the planet, if world science has erred in applying the fundamental principles of energy and purification? Consequently, has public and private science also mistaken the principles of sustainable economy? These atrocious doubts the world statesmen do not want to dissolve. Today, those who pay the greatest consequences for these mistakes are mainly innocent people who worked in sectors other than those who created these disasters. I am referring mainly to the doctors and nurses who are on the front line and are risking their lives because of bad environmental and energy industrial designs. I am also referring to the people who are seeing their savings disappear day after day by working in the tourism, entertainment, trade and catering sectors. Also to schoolchildren who cannot continue to study peacefully, even though the professors who teach science and technology do not want to update themselves on the possible interactive synergies that could positively change world development and students’ basic science education. The issue is not just ecological. We must enhance the interactive principles, above all, the oxidative principles of polluted water and infected blood. Paradoxically, we can do this by producing interactive energy extracted directly from the environment and from the gravitational force.  Paradoxically, public science and the politicians who should protect us are ignoring forty intellectual patent deposits on purification and interactive energies that would cost very little to experiment, at least to verify the scientific truth, before starting to spend the 209 billion envisaged by Italy and the thousands of billions expected worldwide.

I am almost his age, being from 1949, and I am among the culprits of the wrong development having worked as a designer and installer of anthropogenic systems for seventeen years in the automotive industry and twenty in a small company specializing in the procurement of environmental, sewage, technological systems. water lifting, energy. The motivation that prompted me to leave the industrial sector, which I knew quite well, was precisely the desire to expand my knowledge in the design of public purification and energy plants. Comparing industrial and environmental experiences, I could not fail to note the strengths and weaknesses of the two systems. From this direct knowledge my vocation as a retired independent environmental and energy inventor was born. Before the arrival of the pandemic, I clearly published (also through the filing of international patents, which an ordinary pensioner cannot afford to deposit due to the unjust costs envisaged by the legislators), that environmental remediation can only be achieved if it is scientifically applied the scientific organization of work on the environment by following step by step the complete purification cycles of water and air together, also neutralizing the CO2 producing carbonates in the water. World public science and statesmen have ignored these patents, but what is worse, they have also ignored the advancement of the next state of the art, which allowed the same system to become energetic. Extracting not only purification from the environment, but also the energy to produce it. Not only for purification needs but also for domestic, public, urban, industrial uses, for means of transport and work,,

In essence, it was and is necessary to apply Taylorism to the environment to correct the errors of industry as well. It was not easy to apply Taylorism to the environment because environmental and energy plants are designed differently from industrial ones. Therefore, I had to virtually modify the systems and machines so that the purification cycles started in the right place and at the right time. Not like current systems that run partial, non-global cycles in the wrong place. Fortunately, the gravitational force gave me a hand, along with old scientific principles almost forgotten by modern science, such as those of Pascal, Henry, Venturi, Torricelli, which interact very well with electromagnetism, without the need to use heat.  The current scientific advisors of the world statesmen, including the Italian ones, did not give me any hand, not even for the sake of the country. Paradoxically, to you who are an economist I say that world science has no sense of economics. Suffice it to say that he split the atom to produce energy with immense research costs, while he could produce energy by simply dividing the power supply of the centrifugal pumps into two parts and feeding them in the direction of gravitational force instead of using them to Lift water against the force. gravitational. More recently, you have extracted hydrogen from water and methane to turn it into fuel, not realizing that compressed air is much more powerful than hydrogen and costs nothing. Compressed air, which is elastic, must be used one-way together with water that does not compress, which equally costs nothing. In fact, the compressed air used in one way becomes a powerful energy source, while as it is used in current systems it is only an energy actuator (which absorbs and returns energy). While the water in the interactive systems moving one way becomes the energy vector, which exiting a pressurized autoclave produces electricity in a multistage pump used as a turbine, while the pump with the double power supply, mentioned above, reinserts the water discharged from the turbine in the recycling circuit of the same, letting water in high and low pressure enter the same impeller of the one-way recycling pump and comes out with a single pressure, according to the Pascal principle. I didn’t want to give her a lesson in physics, but the harsh world reality is that the scientific advisors of all the world statesmen, for unknown reasons, did not understand this simple self-energetic (for Pascal’s principle) and self-purifying (for the principle by Henry). They have not understood or have pretended not to understand all the derivative applications that the undersigned was forced to develop in the world scientific silence. The interactive energy, produced in this way, would have solved the world’s environmental problems in a very short time and reduced the world public debt, as the large, useless and harmful hydraulic works were no longer necessary. The water would follow the natural paths. There would be no need for methane and gas pipelines, not even ducts and pylons for the transport of electricity. There would be no need for deforestation, tunnels, railways and highways, because over long distances the cheapest way to travel would be by air without polluting the atmosphere. All these useless works have produced unnecessary public debt, global warming and upset the world biochemical balance. For this reason, I ask myself where do the environmental advisors who have proposed the ecological transition and not the interactive energy transition that I, as an Italian, have been proposing, gradually, for fifteen years through environmental and health energy inventions connected to each other by interactive principles live? The interactive energy transition is a thousand times greater than the simply ecological one because the interactive principles allow you to perform multiple functions at the same time and these functions perform them at higher pressures. Until proven otherwise, the power of a fluid dynamic energy system is due to the quantity of fluid circulating due to the pressure and density of the same.  The reasons why science has used heat to produce energy when temperature does not fit into that formula is not understood. It is even less understood why it circulated the combustion gases and steam which have a density almost a thousand times lower than water. it is even less understood because they have used the fuel that it is necessary to pay them to those who extract them from the subsoil and refines them, transports them and markets them, with all the pollution produced in the phases preceding and following the combustion. Water and air are free, they do not require any transformation before and after use and no purification, indeed, the more energy we produce, the more we purify the environment. With hindsight, it was only necessary to design the world’s purification and energy plants differently. But this hindsight did not come even after I published how to design anthropogenic systems. Who is more guilty than private science, public science, legislators, statesmen who all together have covered everything with a big blanket that would like to cover even the pandemic just using vaccines and the ecological transition without correcting the world’s scientific and economic errors?

With the global interactive transition, the first to gain would be the world economy and the equitable distribution of wealth, without paying parasitic rents to the owners of energy sources that have produced more harm than good. Interactive energy that produces energy by purifying the environment, or it purifies the environment by producing energy, without consuming natural resources, it could be the flagship of the new Italian government, if the new Prime Minister proves to have more courage than those that preceded it. Half measures in the time of the coronavirus are useless. The simple ecological transition is the usual political invention, not designed globally, which has already failed in France.

The backward legislative conception that rewards industrial property suggests that inventions are the result of chance, not of the scientific programming of world progress. Whoever has a good business idea, once the patent has been filed, if he finds the necessary funds, has the right to exploit it nationally and internationally, respecting the existing regulations and the required taxes. It can do this even if the global environmental regulations are not adequate to fully respect the environment, precisely due to the fact that the purification and interactive energies that would fully protect the environment were never made and when they were invented, they were hidden from all world governments.

The inventor of public utility solutions should not be the one who transforms himself into an entrepreneur to realize his invention but, the one who makes his intellectual invention known to the world, before it becomes industrial, so that everyone can contribute to developing industrial details, globally accelerating development in the interest of all. The current industrial property laws are ridiculous that force inventors to seek lenders and pay patent filing and maintenance fees in order not to lose the copyright inextricably linked to industrial property, not intellectual property. Think of Nikola Tesla, who was the most prolific of inventors, filing over two hundred patents. Tesla was never awarded the Nobel Prize and died poor because he got back into the game to improve his own inventions in the general interest. Tesla’s smarter contemporary Edison, with very few inventions, turned into an entrepreneur, got very rich and even thwarted Tesla’s inventions. However, the list of Tesla and Edison’s competing inventors is very long and each has given their contribution to advance the very complex state of the art of electromagnetic phenomena. The great scientific competitions on electromagnetism have led to very important inventions such as the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, electric motors, electricity generators, voltage transformers and indirectly, even information technology and the Internet. Today, behind each of these sectors, there are large industrial groups. Other important competitions between inventors took place for the exploitation of solar, wind, hydroelectric energy, new energy accumulators, energies of biological origin, biomass, incinerators. Other inventions have involved household appliances, boilers, pumps, turbines and means of transport. Also behind these sectors are large industrial groups. World public science collaborates with everyone, without carrying out its main task, which should have been the identification of the purifying and energetic interactive principles to guide world development with the best purification and the best energies for saving world resources and maintaining balance organic in everyone’s interest.
 What world public science has not understood, the undersigned has understood that after studying the organization of industrial and environmental work in industry on construction sites, sewers, water lifting systems, purifiers, thermal power plants, with the experiences acquired in these sectors, he tried to follow step by step the cycles of dispersion of resources that turn into pollution and tried to intervene in the right place, at the right time, as he had learned to do in the automotive industry to increase the production capacity.

By doing this, I believe I have become the most anomalous and uncomfortable inventor in world history. I have not had any competing inventors. I have been competing only with myself, to advance the state of the art of purification and energy in an interactive way, which is a way of working completely unknown to science, public and private. Behind the undersigned there is no industrial group and no interested government. None of my inventions were funded. I am penniless and at an advanced age. I certainly cannot become an entrepreneur, as the current legislation would like. Even if I had the money and were younger, I would not be able to access public sewage, purification, water lifting, incinerators, thermal plants to transform them into interactive systems.

At most I could make demonstrative prototypes of interactive energies and purifications. Certainly I could not industrialize them all over the world. Ignorance of public legislation is common all over the world. The same is the interactive scientific culture, because they all hide behind specific skills, while the active ingredients are transversal and are the only ones that can protect the environment, extend human life, make the economy sustainable. It is necessary to change the public procurement specifications, the way of designing, the anthropogenic machines and plants that produce the world’s primary energy, which is the one that has altered the world’s biochemical balances. This problem cannot be solved by the inventor of interactive systems and neither by entrepreneurs who do not want to build them because they have invested in purifiers and obsolete energy. The world statesmen who must take the responsibility of burying the current purification and energy systems and promoting purification and interactive energies must solve it if they want to promote more sustainable development and prevent other future pandemics.

Future generations will judge us for what we have done, not for the nonsense words uttered by politicians who promise tax discounts, resumption of activities, inefficient ecological transitions in order not to lose electoral support. The time for politics is over. The world must be scientifically governed and science must be applied globally in the interest of all. Industrial property must be replaced with intellectual property which is also recognized to those who write a simple song, but not to the inventors of solutions of global public utility. I am not surprised that I have not found public and private interlocutors worldwide, because I know the real world of work and the complex tangle of public and private interests. This stimulated me more because hardly anyone else would have done my job in the next hundred years. Not out of ill will, but because no one would know where to start. Global interactive design cannot be improvised and I, loving my job, unknowingly, have prepared my whole life to carry out this mission. I thank God who gave me the strength. If world governments had wanted to create a sustainable economy, they would have brought together people with expertise in designing in different sectors at the United Nations, precisely to identify interactive solutions. It is no coincidence that the largest number of open letters have addressed them to the international court of justice and to the United Nations, to which I have dedicated thirty open letters in the last six years, to denounce the crime of omission of public bodies worldwide against inventions of public utility, not proposed by world power centers,

At present, only a miracle could allow me to develop some demonstrative prototypes of the potential of interactive energies. I cannot claim the one hundred million prize he has given away from the billionaire Elon Musk, if he was not sincere in declaring this will of him. Or they don’t like my CO2 capture and neutralization solution. Or, he doesn’t like the way I would use his money, which clearly would go against his interests, trying to prove that electric cars are not sustainable and that compressed air is more powerful and cheaper than hydrogen used as fuel. , which he uses to reach space, due to the simple fact that the compressed air does not run out and working without developing heat can allow adding the thrust of Newton to that of Lorentz,

But, with our feet on the Earth, today we have to think about taking one step at a time. We can see the light at the end of the coronavirus pandemic tunnel, preventing it from happening again, changing purification systems, energy systems, land transport, to restore the environment to the state it was in before the industrial era. If we use the interactive energy that nature has made available to us, even unwanted viruses will return to their natural place. Earth will not lose its atmosphere and oceans, as has already been established on Mars. If this happens anyway, it will not be the fault of man. I hope that the collaborators we have chosen are up to the situation and the historical moment we are experiencing. On my website, all the solutions are published in detail and I am available for any clarifications. Above all, we retired grandparents or called back to active duty, must work for our grandchildren, because parents cannot risk their jobs to fight the current fake world democracy.

Best regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone.