Someone in the world should prohibit the incomplete inventions of science

Eighteenth open letters to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations, first open letter to the Italian Prime Minister.


This publication, divided into eight  articles, is the new Home Page of SPAWHE, as it better summarizes the latest innovations developed virtually, with only scientific reasoning and with small updates of the state of the art technology, but with the complete remaking of all purifying and world energy systems, fixed and mobile, who used in wrong way the general principles of physics, legislated by the fathers of science, before the industrial age. I publish it on the occasion of the last patent filing of the undersigned, concerning a new version of calcareous greenhouses, which would also produce hydroelectric energy, studied in a particular way, to neutralize the most polluting fossil plants in the world, which are steel plants and incinerators. The entire publication will revolve around the following question that the undersigned poses for twelve years: “It is possible that the United Nations, which manages the International Patent Offices, the International Court of Justice, the World Bank, cannot afford the scientific advisers able to tackle environmental problems globally in terms of plant design and not simple research aimed only at raising awareness among the authorities and citizens?“ This question is based on the fact that in twelve years of solitary work and not recognized by the scientific and civil authorities, I clashed with ambiguous silences of science and world institutions. Anyone can challenge my solutions, entering the scientific details, especially if it represents the world institutions. I hope that someone will explain to me the reasons why the world has never exploited the two most powerful and widespread energy in the world for energy and purification purposes, which are the gravitational force and the compressed air. The latter, in particular, for the undersigned, to be efficient, must be used as the first: statically.  If it is allowed to expand, as it currently does, in cylinders and autoclaves it is not an energy source but an instrument for the transformation of other energy sources, less efficient and more polluting. In fact, atmospheric air that has the pressure of one bar, thickened by gravitational force, is the most basic form of compressed air. Nature, in its infinite wisdom, uses it statically, circulating the water that is incompressible and has a medium density, about 830 times higher than air, therefore, with the same flow rate and pressure, it produces an energy 830 times higher. But science has preferred to use combustion fumes and steam, both of which are greenhouse gases, which are produced by the heat produced from fossil fuels, which obviously have a much higher production cost than compressed air. Furthermore, the exhaust gases should be completely purified, but, at most, they are filtered only. The United Nations, governments, world public science, lawmakers, justice, to save entrepreneurs, that create work, by mutual agreement, have accepted the limits of toxic emissions into the environment, which gradually, in addition to bringing, diseases, especially pulmonary, they also created global warming and multiplied the atmospheric perturbations, which add other damages, which completely cancel the few benefits. All this could be avoided simply by substituting thermodynamics with fluid dynamics as the main world energy principle.


The problem of global warming is due and scientific choices and industrial and economic development are wrong. The undersigned, has realized that science must be applied globally, otherwise, it cannot protect the environment. He spent twelve years to prove it on the website http: But it does not find interlocutors available to listen. Who globally represents science in the world? This question cannot be answered that each discipline responds autonomously. Global warming is evidence that specializations have failed and that inventions must be studied globally.  Who can invent global solutions Lacking the original flaws that are the low yields, the high cost of energy and purification works, the opening of unwanted collateral cycles that cannot be closed and risks of dangerous nuclear accidents? Who should be able to design the systems by closing perfectly all the cycles that opens? I’ll give you the answer: “Only the world public bodies can do it”. When I proposed, back in 2013, to combine the thermal plants with limestone greenhouses with artificial rains, to purify the fumes from CO2, and to produce alkaline waters, the multinational ENI, replied that they was not interested in my solution because already respected the public regulations. All the other multinationals have not replied to me, including environmental ministries, public research bodies and legislators. Five years later nothing has changed. Alliances between governments and multinationals have intensified. Those who remained outside this great world alliance of world power centers are only small private inventors. They cannot physically prove their inventions because no one finances them. They are in difficulty because those who created global warming have subordinated intellectual property to industrial property. This means that an inventor cannot choose between the two types of property. By inventing a global interactive, energetic and depurative system, it should be implemented against the will of public bodies and multinationals, at the same time paying the maintenance fees paid by industrialists. The industrialists dealing with commercial inventions, profit from the sale of patented machines and plants, which damage the environment.

I read with great interest, the book by Marco Santagata: “Dante the novel of his life”. As a retiree, I would have preferred to leave aside technical and scientific problems, instead, the tongue beats where the tooth hurts, and I rarely manage to relax with this type of reading. I found it curious that some famous and powerful people, whom Dante condemned to hell, were still alive  after his death, which unfortunately took place as soon as he had finished his great literary work in 1321. I was also struck by the fact that at the time of Dante Alighieri, without the industrial activities, the bulk of the wealth of the powerful of the Earth was produced through wars, the confiscation of land and property to the defeated. In this cruel game of power, everyone participated: There was a continuous war between the most powerful families. The municipalities fought each other, while the European powers and the Catholic Church tried to subdue them. Dante, despite his talent, siding on the wrong side, was forced into exile for life and lived looking for powerful and culture-sensitive men who would allow him to survive.

If we think about it, the situation is better now, where the war is fought in the world stock exchanges, but in this game, not everything happens in the light of the sun. In secret, those with power prevent the advancement of the state of the art to avoid more equitable distribution of wealth and to defend wrong investments. This is also a cruel game in which everyone participates. Unfortunately, those in power also possess science and prevent it from being applied globally, keeping separate specializations in universities and multinationals.  If science worked synergistically it would not have allowed the realization of public and private plants incompatible with the environment, but, very strangely, respectful of existing regulations. Which, if it is true that they are adequate to the state of the art achieved, it is equally true that every scientific or technological sector grows autonomously. This creates a big excuse for rulers, powerful men and scientists. Probably, Dante would put in hell many scientists among the fraudulent councilors, where he also places Ulysses. Who was guilty of having wanted to overcome the boundaries of terrestrial knowledge delimited by the columns of Hercules (Strait of Gibraltar) but above all, of having conceived the deception of the Trojan Horse. Personally, I would not have put Odysseus to hell, because my invention of the “pump with the second separate supply until the impeller” is strategically very similar to the Trojan horse, but it is done for good, to conquer energy sustainable and interactive, of which I have spoken extensively in many publications and I will also talk about it in the present. On the contrary, I would put in Hell, among the fraudulent councilors, those who prevented the realization of sustainable inventions like this, which cost nothing to the community, but would change the world. The fraudulent councilors are those who do their duty specifically, but establish rules and regulations in watertight compartments that prevent the creation of complete anthropic plants, favoring commercial solutions, which are gradually ruining the planet, but also the way of working to do research and planning to build a better future.

Global rules should have been identified through the scientific organization of work. This is also a scientific specialization, theorized in 1911 by Frederick Taylor, applicable to all human activities, but applied only to the industrial manufacturing sector. The example cited in the summary of the calcareous greenhouses not realized for the cleaning of fossil energy and the alkalization of the waters with the same system, while the planet goes towards the total acidification, the melting of the glaciers, the raising of the water level marine, is mainly attributable to world public science. This works hand in hand with multinational companies but does not collaborate with private inventors, such as myself, who do not even have the money to file patents. These waste their time studying logical and rational solutions, precisely by deepening the organization of environmental work that they have neglected. In addition to wasting their jobs, they are forced into debt to find the money for national and international patent deposits, which the multinational corporations worldwide, do not want to implement in order not to update the world’s state of the art, remedy the mistakes made and share world wealth more equitably. But this cannot be said openly. Better hiding behind incomprehensible silences. For this it is necessary that the inventors honest unrelated to this perverse game, continue to file patents, spending as little as possible: depositing them in one country and demanding, not the industrial property, but only the intellectual with copyright, waiting for the rules on industrial patents to change. If they do not, they accept the current incomplete environmental solutions that by not allowing the progress of the state of the art globally, they can not fight global warming. Personally, I did not want to believe this bitter truth, because in order to prevent the advancement of the global state of the art, the complicity of a large part of the world’s population is needed. But how does the world people believe in imaginary environmental and energy solutions that seem like urban legends, that nobody knows in detail? I have come to the conclusion that complicated implants are not needed. Only complete systems are needed. Who complicates the plants cannot design them and leaves them incomplete, producing pollution.

This is why I created the website http: www //, where these inventions are explained in detail and theoretically, everyone could realize them, obviously, without claiming industrial property, because the energy and purification principles identified must belong to the property intellectual, which does not always coincide with the industrial one. They are the poor inventors who have the best ideas because the necessity is the mother of invention. This would not prevent manufacturers from patenting industrial property of plant details, if they differ from those currently on the market.  But, of course, what disturbs the current centers of economic power is precisely the identification of new energy and purification principles, which force to change the model of world development and then to review all the wrong investments.

These days we are talking a lot about the contrast between the Italian and European governments. This clash is based on serious problems: immigration, public accounts, stability pact. However, neither the European government, nor the Italian government, nor the whole world have yet understood that it is necessary to scrap the current model of development from a technical and scientific point of view, otherwise the wealth we produce will not be able to repair the damage that climate change will produce If we do not do it immediately, the immigration will multiply because of the submerged lands, those inside the continents dried up by desertification. Public finances and economic stability pacts will only make sense if we implement a model of impartial development by selecting the best industrial purification and energy systems, and these will be universally applied. Only on this basis can the society of the future be built.  In words, these things would like to do them all, but those who design the plants in the world are always the same, that these problems have never solved them. However, the world sciences continue to make alarming complaints. These complaints, paradoxically, are used to ask for more funding going into the hands of multinationals and governmental public bodies that continue to design plants that do not work globally.

 The situation is paradoxical because the scientists are civil servants or multinationals that realize the plants by mutual agreement.  Today, there is no sustainable and complete plant on the entire planet, because interactivity is a word unknown to public and private world science and technology. If those who plan industrial development and environmental protection do not change the way to design the plants to not go against the directives of the employers, who have produced global warming, it is useless to make environmental complaints. Who can challenge the great world choices of hydroelectric plant engineering, the usefulness of methane pipelines, oil pipelines, large purifiers, and in the industrial sector of current means of transport?  Of course, public planners and multinational designers, who are the absolute majority of world designers, cannot. Private design studios live in procurement and sub-contracts, so they are just as powerless.  They too can only make general complaints so as not to lose the opportunity to work. With this system, in the end, they all earn us, but the industrial, environmental and energy solutions do not change substantially. The protection of the environment globally does not advance, despite the significant advancement of the state of the art in all sectors.

The undersigned knows these things well, having been an employee for thirty-seven years. But doing my daily work as a plant installer designer, first in industry and then in the environment, I could not help but notice that the current state of the art cannot be improved, if the public procurement rules are not exceeded, that already set the projects in general with the wrong energy and cleansing principles, that nobody dares to challenge in order not to leave the business set in motion by public procurement of buildings and management of the environment and energy. Therefore, the specialized companies, which participate in the realization of the great global energy and cleansing works, only have to develop the executive projects, of the civil and electromechanical works, without upsetting the general projects. I would have approved this way of working if I had not noticed that many cycles left open could be closed by changing the way of designing the plants.

Today, even when choosing the best machines, the state of the art cannot move forward because the plants have been designed with limited and local objectives, due to the limited scientific and technological skills of the plant designers. If we do not change the way of designing human plants, the percentage of CO2 in the environment will continue to grow. In order to correctly design the anthropic plants it is necessary to be inspired by the nature and organization of industrial work. It would be enough to think that nature alone, in about four billion years, without any technological help has transformed the terrestrial environment full of unbearable gas, non-potable water, non-aggregated land, in the earthly paradise that was before the industrial era.

Science had to understand for a very long time that all the anthropic chemical and biological cycles that open up must also be closed. If he wanted to accept the principles of thermodynamics as a major energy principles also had to close its chemical and thermal cycling side opened.  Or, the research of an alternative energy principle, which does not open chemical and thermal cycles, must continue. World public science has done no such research, while private science has continued to develop solutions that improve the quality and productivity of inventions based on irreplaceable thermodynamics. Nuclear energy has been a failure, not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic point of view, while solar and wind energy cannot exceed the current market share due to the large limits of size, discontinuity and low yields.

The only complete and rational environmental and energetic research was SPAWHE, on which the scientific and industrial world are silent, because they cannot accept their failure, or that their complicity in not advancing the state of the art globally has been discovered. With their multimillion-dollar power they have captured small scientific and technological mice, while a pensioner, armed with a slingshot, has hit the Goliath giants of the economy and world science in the vital points. I did not think I was forced to declare, as a SPAWHE seller, because I never thought about replacing science and multinationals. I simply tried to do the job I learned to do in a work life, but which I could not do as an employee, for reasons that are easily understandable to those who still have the opportunity to reason freely and scientifically. Strangely, what helped me the most to understand the problems of the environment was my previous experience in the manufacturing industry (automotive) that has nothing to do with the environment, but requires a better understanding of the organization of work and of the state of technological progress.

My reference to the work of Dante Alighieri was random because it coincided with reading a book. But it made me reflect on the motivations that have driven Dante, despite the difficulties experienced as an exile and in poverty, and away from family affections, to realize such a complex work. Dante, from what I read, was convinced that he was a special person and that he was called to carry out a special mission among men. He completed it, despite the considerable difficulties he encountered in the time he lived. I do not consider myself a special person, like Dante Alighieri, but I have always thought that in the world of environment and energy a global scientific work was needed, such as the “Divine Comedy”. I did not think I was the predestined one to write this work or even to collaborate on its realization.  But, having experienced first the experiences of the organization of industrial work and then those of the installations of environmental public works, as my second experience grew, I realized that the other workers in the environment and energy, not  understood the importance of organizing environmental work differently from the usual one, and consequently of modifying the way of designing plants, machines and work cycles. Unfortunately, changing the mindset of purification and energy production designers is even more complex than writing the “Divine Comedy”. I would not have known how to set up a book that would treat such a vast field. But, almost unconsciously, as soon as I could get the minimum pension to survive, I started the adventure. I began to learn how to store small and simple patents on domestic systems, from which I would leave to go to those sewers, depurative fossil energy, biological, hydroelectric, modifying them all to make them interactive with each other. Following, not the path of production of consumer goods, but that of the pollution produced by these and all human activity to establish global purification cycles of water and air together. This rather logical work setting does not allow the advancement of the state of the art if all the details are not developed, all the workplaces are organized and the means of transport and automations are established to make the necessary components converge in the same place, evacuating what is not needed for the main cycle, but without abandoning it. In fact, in industrial systems, nothing can be thrown away that can be recovered to make secondary components with collateral cycles to the main ones. Only by developing the details can the environmental designer realize if the plant can work and how it can be connected to other plants in order to participate in global cycles integrated into natural systems, such as the universal carbon cycle (  Only by developing the connections with the other systems, the inventor designer of global systems, can see if he has planned everything to continue with the following phases. Many times, developing the subsequent plants, it must goes back to modify the plants developed in previous years; otherwise, the connection does not work perfectly. This determines the progress of the global state of the art. In current systems, the progress of the global state of art cannot take place because the work done by the undersigned has not been done. Therefore, no interactive work cycles were identified with the previous and subsequent implants.

How could science allow this total incoordination? All hang from the lips of the most important scientists, as if these could give answers to all the questions. But these only respond to their specific skills. Each branch of science, after giving its answers, advises those who want to know the complete truth, for example to an International Judge, to turn to another branch of science. Science, the ruling politicians and world entrepreneurs cannot hide behind the divisions of competences, when there is a website ( that clearly explains how the systems are designed globally with the status of current art of science and technology. But it also explains how the state of the art can advance greatly through small modifications to individual machines, such as pumps, which can also be used as turbines. But the world plants must be totally changed because not being studied globally, they have not identified the best energy and purification principles to be used, therefore, they damage the environment and the world economy. However, there is no need to be a world expert to understand that it would be better to produce hydroelectric energy by recycling water in plants, large and small. Instead of using it one-way only once.  Above all, recycling it several times before discharging it can improve the characteristics of oxygenation and alkalinity to combat the acidification of lakes and seas. These simple concepts can also include judges without consultants. The question that judges must ask the world experts is very simple: Is it possible or not possible to do everything written on Unfortunately, it seems that this question is too embarrassing for the world leaders of the political sciences and even the International Judges want to do it.

I cannot say I felt inspired by a superior entity, as Dante Alighieri, to solve the problems of global pollution. Many times, faced with the silences collected, I thought of giving up the inventor of environmental solutions. But when I was about to give up, an idea arrived to solve an important detail that allowed me to move forward. This is how, in small steps, I arrived, at least virtually to the global protection of the environment and to the sustainable energy production of SPAWHE, where the more energy we produce, the more we purify the environment In the meantime, in the twelve years that I have used to complete the entire journey, the world of purification and energy, despite the great deployment of forces and capital, has not made any progress, apart from the palliative of battery-powered cars. Even prototypes of small battery and hybrid airplanes have been made, but as a primary source they always use fossil energy. The batteries are another commercial affair with the relative disposal costs that will be added to the depurative ones of the fossil energy that is still not rationally and globally, as indicated in the SPAWHE system (modifying the chimneys and using the calcareous greenhouses). The big mountains of the multinationals have given birth to a little mouse. But, according to world public science, they are silent on the compressed hydropower that could easily enter the bonnet of any means of transport. While it is even simpler for fixed installations. But certainly not a simple pensioner can. Between saying and doing, the sea is involved because the whole model of world development must be changed and starting from zero with all the details. Although the technologies and capabilities of civil constructors, machines and systems would allow it, those holding back are the holders of world wealth. The others simply execute the orders received. They talk about other things. SPAWHE does not exist. How long can you hide?

For representatives of the world science of purification and energy, being humiliated by a simple pensioner, without a penny of public and private funding, is a punishment worthy of Dante Alighieri’s Hell. They, who have never wanted to investigate the sustainable directions to accommodate the desires of the bosses, and continue to keep quiet. Probably, they hope that the same scientific principles of the fathers of science Newton, Torricelli, Pascal, Bernoulli, Henry, Maxwell, Pacinotti, Tesla, do not work applied synergistically with other principles. But this is a vain hope, because what works individually, works even better synergistically. The only way to demonstrate that the state of the art in environmental protection cannot advance is to not finance the patents published on SPAWHE and they are doing it very well.  As I wrote, many times I regretted having thrown myself into this desperate undertaking, but this is also a confirmation of the usefulness of my work to give some points of reference to those who are really interested in justice and a more sustainable model of development. Without an alternative design you do not go anywhere. And at the present time in the whole world nobody has been hired to develop it. Not even at the United Nations.

Even Dante wanted to go back to the beginning of Hell. It is justified that a she-wolf blocked the road. Virgil, however, persuades him to undertake the journey by revealing to him that the journey is wanted by Heaven, After a few days of travel in the world of the otherworld, the temptation of not obeying the task assigned to him reappears. The great-great-grandfather Cacciaguida, will tell him about the exile that will change his life for the worse: «You will feel like he knows salt / the bread of others, and how hard it is / the descent is the ascent of others steps». Absent from fear, Dante manifests his perplexities to the great-great-grandfather and is once more spurred to fulfill his mission. In reality, when he wrote the Divine Comedy, Dante was already in exile, so the prophecy of the great-great-grandfather was a poetic fiction.

To me, if no funding has been granted, no poetic or technical or scientific licenses have been granted. I was accused of violating the principles of energy, with a few lines from those who certainly do not represent science and do not even understand it. No one seems to have read the thousands of pages written by myself, that everyone can download free from If I had published them for a fee, readers would be even less.  

I do not deny that this system allows human survival. Thanks to it I was able to feed my family of five people, but I also think about the survival of the grandchildren and this system does not guarantee it for the pollution it produces and the resources it wastes.

Even if the majority of people are not competent on the topics covered, given that the current plants do not solve the problems of global warming, what does it cost to demand the verification of the truth in the interest of all? Those who play the reputation are not those who ask the truth, but those who propose new solutions. That’s the undersigned.

Many publishers write to me asking me to publish new unpublished articles. I answer that they can visit my website (, choose the files they want, if they find them interesting, publish them. I do not write articles on request, but those that come to mind that are connected to my inventions, which have never been made anywhere in the world. I am honored if they also publish my articles, but I do not pay publication fees to any publisher because no one has ever paid me for my work. If readers download or read them directly from my website, readers can consult them in a book and can better understand how the state of the art has been virtually advanced in twelve years of work. Twelve years ago, there was no public or private designer or inventor who reasoned with my working method: “Developing the details of the plants and connecting them virtually to the territory, purifying water and air together and producing biological or hydroelectric energy with the recycling of water as the state of virtual art progressed This method of work still does not use anyone and all the purification and thermal plants are still disconnected on the world territory. The state of the depurative art has not advanced and hydroelectric energy with the recycling of water has not been realized. If this logic were not described in a specific website, it would be dispersed in the big internet network and nobody would be able to understand the complete reasoning. A single article is not enough to understand the mistakes made jointly by public bodies and multinationals, which continue to commit with impunity, because no one has carried out comprehensive energy and purification studies at the same time, as I did. I do not earn merit for publications because I am not an academic, but a retired inventor. However, people must know that there could be much more efficient, economical and even protective interactive energies in the environment and human health. I think that publishers should not only publish original articles. Above all, they have to publish articles that talk about sustainable scientific and technological solutions that have never been implemented by public bodies and multinational companies despite their publication. Continuing to publish them, sooner or later, the leaders of governments and multinational companies must explain the reasons why they do not want to implement these solutions “.

Certainly, at the beginning of my adventure, I could not imagine that behind the planting hell, which I saw with my eyes as a technician, I would have found the universal silence of the insiders and the indifference of the non-employees to the jobs that protest against global warming. This strange connivance led me to try to complete my work as soon as possible, before the physical forces gave way and discouragement took over. Considering that Dante Alighieri died at fifty-six, as soon as he had finished his mission, and that I had started my job at fifty-seven, it seemed like a desperate undertaking already at the start, but I hoped that someone had given me a hand. Having had no help and very few encouragement, I had further confirmation of the usefulness of my work, because the world is going in the opposite direction and I believe that for many centuries still, nobody would have investigated my direction. If the world’s ruling class does not include global purification systems and interactive energy, it is necessary to start again from scientific education in elementary schools. But who trains teachers? The retiree company lasted over twelve years, while that of the writing of Dante’s comedy was over twenty years, partly because Dante, lived in much more difficult times and often had to interrupt his work, change cities and look for new ones. protectors. It was not easy to survive in Italy between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. But Dante also in his previous works, “La vita Nova, The De Vulgari Eloquentia, the Convivio”, had declared to feel invested by an important mission, probably divine. The undersigned, referring to his work, would never have affirmed such a thing, but when finished, he believes that what he did probably would not have done anybody else. Scholastic training and technicians who are being trained in universities, public bodies and multinationals are increasingly going into single-subject specializations and they would have been unlikely to put together transversal reasoning to design global solutions, going into details of work cycles, and changes to plants and machines. Public research bodies and multinationals, despite the huge deployment of forces and capital, continue to offer only partial solutions. Yet, at least public bodies, they should have reasoned globally, like myself.  This convinced me at the end of my work, that I too, like Dante, had a mission to accomplish. Even though as an inventor I have nothing more to say, my mission is not over yet if I do not fight against the current anti-bodies, especially institutional, that kill sustainable inventions, which could involve the entire world population, protecting the environment and giving a job to everyone, instead of unemployment benefits to the excluded World politicians, not knowing how to create useful environmental work, have relied on the wealth produced by individual work and multinationals, creating global environmental anarchy based on thermal energy and the intensive exploitation of land. While the useful work could be created above all, thanks to the expansion of the anthropic protective cycles of the environment. Today, these cycles are all interrupted because there are interactive solutions positively with the described environment on and consequently, there is global warming. The politicians call the economists and the ministerial bureaucrats technicians, but what do they know about the global cycles of work, if they do not even know those who work in industry, in agriculture in purification and in energy production? The expertise of economists and world exchanges would have been useful if we had achieved a perfect state of the art also on an environmental level, but under current conditions, the global stock markets slow down the development of sustainable solutions and reward solutions directly or indirectly linked to those that they have produced global warming. Instead, we should go in the opposite direction of SPAWHE.

I have not realized a classic scientific work, but forty deposits of patents that start from the Hell of the sewers, which do not separate the mud at the origin aggravate the work of the purifiers, and from the chimneys that shoot fumes and vapors in the atmosphere, through useless filtrations. I do not know what the worst hell is, if the one imagined by Dante or the real one we can see on earth seven hundred years later, while world science tries to conquer space, without solving terrestrial problems and without having found a sustainable energy and free of unwanted side effects. Not even NASA has realized that by trying to completely clean the fossil energy and trying to make the purification system economical, it has been born the compressed hydropower energy, which is a primary energy, without costs and indestructible, powerful and of small encumbrance, which does not need reactors and does not produce unwanted heat. They, who have all the necessary funds, should couple this energy to the development of electromagnetism and the Lorenz currents to multiply this primary energy to the maximum, letting go of the nuclear energy, which created only damage, and that anyway to produce energy electric needs electromagnetism. Interactive energy would also have the advantage of more easily reconstructing man’s natural habitat on the spaceships of the future (,


For the undersigned, an intellectual patent can be defined as any patent filing legally filed in any country that adheres to international treaties, which has not been financed or realized, regardless of the patent granted by the competent offices. . In fact, the granting of a patent is only a formal act, which can be canceled if someone proves that he has published the same invention prior to the granting of the patent, even if he has not patented it. In this case, the real inventor is the one who published it previously but has no right to intellectual property and copyright, having not filed the patent at the patent offices authorized by the world organizations. Furthermore, for the undersigned, it is necessary to clarify internationally that the patent offices are not scientific authorities and therefore commit an abuse of power if they question the feasibility of a patent filing from a scientific point of view. Their task is only to do prior art searches in international archives to verify whether the invention is original or not. I would like to make these clarifications because in many cases the patent offices allow you to judge the patent is not feasible from a scientific point of view and do not do prior art searches, forcing inventors to spend money to make legal appeals, against a system that also when it grants patents, in the field of the environment and energy, they are useless, because equally the centers of power do not finance them and do not realize them. Therefore, for the undersigned, who filed forty-one patent deposits, of which only thirteen granted. Of these, five were transformed into international patent stores, one European, all others were refused, or not consigned, or still being examined. For me, the current patent regulations are ambiguous and only serve to protect the centers of economic power. Having also experienced the futility of seeking interlocutors internationally on energy and purification problems with alternative solutions to the current ones that are heating up the planet, he believes it is useless to present legal actions against rejected patents, as it is useless to extend the patents granted at the level international. The only thing that matters is the deposit of original patents filed that represent deposits of intellectual patents, which cost nothing to the international community, as no one has ever funded them. However, they exist and have been deposited at the offices authorized to accept them. Time will clarify who is wrong and right from the scientific, economic and environmental point of view. I also hope legal and international justice.

Despite the initials WIPO means WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION, in fact, in the whole world the intellectual property of patents does not exist, having been absorbed by industrial property. I think that the world legislators have not updated the acronym to distinguish the difference between intellectual and industrial property of patents because they have not understood the complexity of the world of work. The world’s legislators know that intellectual property, in the case of patents, precedes industrial property, but pretends not to know that inventors are rarely entrepreneurs and give inventors little time to look for lenders. If they do not find them, the patents expire and the intellectual property is worthless. Ignorance, conscious or unconscious of the legislators, implies that the centers of power that do not want to update the state of public and private art, can trample the rights of the inventors with impunity, but at the same time, also avoid the world update of the state of art, which depends, above all, on world public science, which would be required to select and separate useless inventions from useful ones, to test the functionality of basic principles and to impose by law the updating of the state of the art to all sectors interested in the deposited invention. We must not confuse the experimentation, which costs a few thousand euros with the industrialization that costs much more, but it is up to the industrialists, after the experimentation has had a positive outcome. Industrialization of machine and plant production is independent of industrial property. Everyone could invest in machines and systems that are protected only intellectually by paying the copyrights to the inventors, as readers of a book pay them, or who buys a CD.

Unfortunately, global public research bodies do not play this indispensable role among inventors and entrepreneurs because no world government, in particular the ministries of economic development, research, the environment and energy, imposes this task on its researchers. Nor is this task carried out by the United Nations. This total incoordination implies that the best ideas are not developed by anyone, because the inventors do not have the economic means to do it and the public research bodies work only in the direction that allows them greater profits, which is to support the existing power centers , who do not want to update the state of the art, so as not to upset the investments made previously. As for the sectors I know best, I can assert that today we are still at zero year both in sustainable and energy depurations, but the technologies are existing. It is only necessary to abandon those useless and counterproductive and apply better work organization. The road of patent deposits has been covered by the undersigned above all, to verify if someone wanted to collaborate between entrepreneurs and public bodies. The entrepreneurs could have aspired to industrial property, while the public bodies could have shared the rights acquired by the undersigned by filing the patents. Obviously, bearing the burden of any experimentation and payment of international taxes, which the current legislative regime also demands on inventions of public utility, which in the opinion of the undersigned, should not be paid and made available to all to speed up the progress of the state of the art, without the constraint of industrial property. Obviously, public and private inventors should be allowed to choose between intellectual property with copyright and industrial property. These two types of properties are incompatible with each other. On patents of public utility, industrial property delays progress, because no multinational, however large, can satisfy the global need. However, if a multinational does everything by itself, it has the right to exercise it.

The sale of patents of public inventors to industrialists is the worst solution that legislators could allow, because industrialists only buy patents from public inventors, not because they are better than private ones, but because they also buy the support of legislators and orders from public sectors. As a result, public inventors only patent attractive solutions for their private customers, as governments have stopped making entrepreneurs even in communist countries.

If these are not conflicts of interest, what are they? It is obvious that from this connivance between public and private, those who remain outside are only private inventors, who are unable to pay maintenance fees are forced to void the patents on which they have worked for years and have also paid the costs of deposit national or international.

But why do patent deposits decline? Am I a perishable product? Why can not the inventor choose between intellectual and industrial property? If he chooses the intellectual because he has to pay patent deposits also internationally? What is the difference between an author’s painting, an author’s book, and an invention that has never been realized anywhere in the world, like the overlapping biological ponds, the sewage purifiers of water and air, the greenhouses limestone, compressed hydropower, cars and other hydroelectric transport means, the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood. No world government wants to know if they work, because if they work (I’m sure they work), all the world’s stock markets collapse. The energy will only cost usury of materials and the more energy we will produce, the more we will protect the environment. Governments are afraid of losing elections, they adapt to what others do, also because their scientific advisers are still those who produced or did not oppose global warming.

The patent offices contradict each other because an invention is considered as such when it is not easily understood by the insiders. They can not say that the undersigned is not an insider, because for life, I did nothing but design and install industrial and environmental facilities. To judge patents, they who are not employed in the work, can only draw on the database of the patents filed and check whether in the past patents have been filed that work in the same way. Not finding them, they should grant the patent, but in the case of the inventions of the undersigned, they came to judge the invention not feasible, as opposed to the principle of energy conservation. In other words, the Patent Offices, which do not distinguish the difference between thermodynamics and fluid dynamics; between an open or closed hydraulic circuit, they would like to represent science globally, while science, which has done everything wrong, relying on the wrong scientific principles, escapes this task, responding only partially to the specific skills, without talking about synergies and ‘interactivity between water and air that have not experienced. I Can international judges not ask the reasons why they have not tested these inventions after they have been publishedI think they did not because they would not have earned anything, as the undersigned has not earned us anything. An invention can not be patented if it has already been published. This is one more reason to recognize the inventor’s intellectual property and copyrights to those who deposited it and published it first, regardless of whether it functions or does not work. It is obvious that if it does not work, it will never mature copyright, like a book that does not buy anyone. The most logical solution would be to simply register patents without judging them scientifically and if there is an interest on the part of the United Nations and governments to solve the problems of purification and sustainable energies they will provide them with the truth. This logical reasoning of the undersigned was also communicated to the International Judges in several open letters, because the governments and the United Nations themselves, which do not verify, the feasibility of inventions of public utility regularly filed with the institutional bodies published on the networks and invitations by email to the same institutional organs and to the scientific press, they commit the crime of omission in public deeds. If the judges do not intervene, they probably commit the same crime that they should condemn.

Writing SPAWHE has not been less complicated than writing the “Divine Comedy”, because the inventions of Spawhe are either synergistic or interactive, so the whole system is similar to the composition of a music, painting a picture, shooting a film, with the complication that all these things must be together harmoniously, otherwise the cycles do not close, as is currently the case. The “study of the organization of global anthropic work”, which allowed me to identify new inventions unknown to private companies and public researchers, does not allow shortcuts. It is necessary to follow the path of the pollution from the origins to the end to identify the critical points and the relative corrections of the plants or the machines. Eight years of work were needed, only to identify the model of sustainable development (Synergic Plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectric energy). Nothing has been achieved of the three sectors concerned, but the most unfortunate sector has been hydropower, which has nothing to do with the current hydroelectric energy, which involves large hydraulic works, the accumulation of water in mountain that alters the natural distribution and collaborates in the production of floods and droughts. The one that identified the undersigned was the hydroelectric energy with the recycling of gravity water, submerged that exploit the energy of position of surface water in plants always full in different versions. Compressed hydroelectric energy was slightly more complex three years later. But for the patent offices all these energies are contrary to the first principle of thermodynamics. What the thermo dynamics centers with fluid dynamics is a mystery that only the patent offices know but do not explain. Then it must be explained to him who represents science globally at world level. If you do not know who carries out this important function, once again, the International Judges who will receive this document, as an eighteenth open letter, must intervene.

The first thing that allowed me to identify the “study of the organization of global anthropic work” was the certainty that in order to economize processes, the current difference between air purification and energy production did not have to exist. We need to put the processes together and identify synergies. For this reason the first part of the acronym is SP. The synergies have been identified, the patents deposited, but no one has made them.

What is strange is the fact that a study of this kind has not been ordered by any of the world governments, not even by the United Nations, which manage international patent offices of international judges, the world bank, IPCC scientists, conferences between the 196 sovereign states COP (which came in vain at the 24th edition, which this year will be held in Katowice, in the coaliferous heart of Poland from 3 to 14 December).  Coal energy is the most obsolete of all energies. If it is the cheapest it is only because it is also the most polluting, almost like the production of cast iron and steel. If coal-fired greenhouses had been built next to thermal power stations and steel mills, it would have been less competitive, but we would have had less CO2 emissions and fewer lung diseases. To lower the costs, due, above all to the electric energy absorbed to lift the water that would have produced the artificial rains, sooner or later, the technicians or the scientists would have arrived at the same results as the undersigned, saving the world of hundreds of billions of investments and solving both the purification problem and the energy problem. In fact, by making the central units and the greenhouses virtually work together and replacing them, instead of the pumps, the pressurized autoclaves fed with the pumps with the separated dual power supply, they would have noticed that this system was simultaneously, energetic and purifying, therefore ‘fossil energy that you wanted to clean, even not needed because the energy produced, not only was clean, but also many tens of times lower than fossil and any other energy. So you do not even need pipelines, gas pipelines, oil refineries and thermal engines.

However, if the United Nations had understood, that only through “study of the organization of global anthropic work” could find solutions, certainly would not have ordered this study to the undersigned, which does not have suitable scientific and academic qualifications. They would appoint a committee of experts with the appropriate academic qualifications, but who belong to the world’s leading class who created the problems, having allowed to realize incomplete anthropic plants all over the world. These experts, as has happened, to save the wrong plants, instead of starting from the global organization of work have considered it appropriate to capture CO2, with a chemical fuel wash and without neutralizing it, store it under high pressure in the depths of the fabric, creating other dangers for the world populations (Nyos effect). Nothing can guarantee the keeping of underground storage sites against particularly intense seismic events. All these wrong choices can not be random.

I have never been to a COP summit and to any other international conference, even if recently, they invited me, as a speaker, to various congresses. I thanked the invitation, but I explained that my presence is useless and uneconomical for myself, who lives only on a modest pension. What I have to say, the public on http: //, Linkedin, Facebook, Xing, etc. Everyone can download the publications. If someone wants to do it, he is free to do it. If international justice wants to recognize the copyrights, having filed the patents and paying the taxes more than sufficient for the recognition of intellectual property, they will be welcome because the creative work of an inventor is certainly not inferior to other intellectual works and must not be conditioned by industrial property. I believe I carried out my mission as best I could with the means I had available, equal to zero. But the absence of economic means has been amply compensated by the experience and logical reasoning that only those who know the problems under the industrial, environmental and moral aspects and are free from partisan interests can carry on creating transversal inventions to the individual sectors. , which are cages that stop progress.  It is obvious that entrepreneurs, and public power centers cannot allow their designers or inventors to develop projects that are in contrast with those they achieve throughout the world, dividing economic power. For this reason it is necessary to protect free inventors, which are a species in extinction.

I think that the SPAWHE system may be the hope of Paradise as opposed to the current environmental and world energy Hell. The only system with no party interests, which can still save the environment. There is no privileged energy or a purification system in place of another. Everything is in the right place. It is simply a global study of human work, which has looked for the most sustainable solutions available at the state of the art to realize complete work cycles and without any side effects for the environment. The energy solutions that have come out are not personal choices, but the scientific result of a study of the organization of environmental work, according to the available knowledge of the state of the world. In fact, if the state of the art can not advance for single disciplines, due to the specializations of men, companies, university faculties and research centers, it can advance using the same synergistically. It is very strange that this should have shown him a pensioner in the general silence of the sciences and justice.

It is no coincidence that this study led to the conception of the artificial heart oxygenator of blood that will not only extend the life of man for many years. . But when the other organs are too old, the brain system and the artificial heart. It may also be transferred into an artificial body, which we now call robots, but governed by the human brain and the accumulated knowledge throughout life that will continue to grow even after the death of the body. Reality can overcome fantasy because in no science fiction film this form of human survival has been hypothesized.  If the human soul exists it is contained in the brain and its knowledge. It will not be humiliating for anyone to survive thanks to an artificial heart, cybernetic, and some syrup specially designed by nutritionists to be solubilized in small autoclaves that will replace the ventricular atria. When we are ready to do this. We will also be ready to conquer the infinite space. Not before. With our very short current life, we cannot go very far. Obviously, these futuristic perspectives, which could happen in different tens of years, when the undersigned certainly will not be there, I have not written them in the original patent deposit that can be read in the following file:, however, it must be recognized that this patent filing opens up new perspectives to the chances of survival of man and his knowledge. however, it must be recognized that this patent filing opens up new perspectives to the chances of survival of man and his knowledge. In fact, if the human body to survive needs to store many calories through food and the digestive system, and to consume a lot of oxygen through the respiratory system, and circulatory cardio, the spirit and intelligence of man, content in the brain, to survive, it needs only a few thousandths of the body’s calorie and almost equally small amounts of oxygen. Therefore, considering that the artificial heart, as it was conceived by the undersigned also has excellent oxidative capacities of the blood, due to the law of Henry, it becomes obvious, hypothesize for the men and women of the future, a short life like the current one , in which men and women marry, reproduce, and consume the earth’s resources and a much longer life, where the spirit, the culture and the experience of men and women survive, but reducing consumption that it involves the human body. I think this can be a natural evolution of human life, without ethical problems because it is not about cloning or manipulating human DNA, but only increasing the survival skills and knowledge of mankind. Obviously, anyone can voluntarily escape this form of survival, deprived of some pleasures of life such as food and sex, which are already lost at an advanced age.  On the other hand, the man will not lose the pleasure of knowledge, work, physical strength, if you can identify exactly the positions of the electrodes, in the various areas of the brain, the electric lines of connection, the supply voltages, the intensity of round-trip current with the computer that will transmit the command to the small stepper motors with encoder and to the dynamic and mechanical fluid actuators, to the cameras that will replace the human eyes, the speakers that will replace the hearing, and the microphones that they will replace the human voice. These things research laboratories have been studying them for some time, both for artificial prostheses and for creating man-programmable robots that will be equally useful. But, like it or not to current men, the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, opens up some concrete prospects for survival not yet hypothesized even in science fiction movies. These men and women, inserted into machines, deprived of the pleasures and pains of the flesh, will continue to love their children and their grandchildren and help them in the struggle for survival and against the wrong choices of the ruling classes who still want to govern the world burning the coal, producing steel and incinerating waste without knowing how to purify the fumes and without knowing how to produce alkaline waters, with natural processes, which would be simple things to do if science were not divided into small pieces to defend the wrong economic power centers and industrial property, at the expense of intellectual property, with the complicity of politicians, legislators and judges.

Obviously, even the artificial human heart for the patent offices is contrary to the first principle of thermodynamics, which has only marginally involved with the circulatory system, being almost completely fluid-dynamic. But this invention is very interesting for the organizers of the congresses concerning the cardio circulatory sector.  These, in some cases, have invited me as a speaker, also offering me a stay in a hotel. At this generous offer, I am responding as follows:

“I thank you for your invitation and for your generous offer to help me with living expenses, but I do not participate in conferences because I am not an academic. I am a private inventor, to whom nobody normally pays for the living expenses. Obviously, not even the costs for filing and maintaining patents, which a private inventor alone cannot support. Moreover, many of my inventions are considered unfairly opposed to the principles of energy by patent offices, which are not scientific authorities but simple bureaucrats, while world science hides because it has proven not to be able to design interactive plants that advantageously use physical principles of liquids and compressed gases. Among these, there is also the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood. I, as private inventor, cannot travel the world by bleeding myself economically to convince the congressmen that world science has wronged the main principle of world energy, which is not the thermodynamic but fluid-dynamic one. I fight in the International Court of Justice for the verification of scientific truths useful for the environment, economy and human health and for the recognition of the copyright of my patent deposits, which must be separated from the industrial property. The current regulations that subordinate intellectual property to the industrial one, are a scam against private inventors, which certainly cannot become industrialists, especially in sensitive sectors such as the environment, health and energy, where science also pretends to do not understand its mistakes.  Who is interested in solving these serious problems and to deepen my inventions can find them on the website and talk about them at the congresses, so that, at least the International Justice, do its duty towards the survival of the planet and of man. If you need more information, you can ask the undersigned. However, I think I have already written everything on, although I will continue to update my solutions, as in the attached files.

If these solutions do not coincide with the energy, purification, and survival solutions of man, currently in use, some world research centers demonstrate that they have carried out an equally accurate study of the global protection of the environment and of man. Explain why he made different choices and how the system works globally. How it would work SPAWHE is written down to the smallest detail, even if the operation is only virtual, having never received a euro or a dollar of funding from the current centers of power.


Today we have a development realized by chance, driven by private inventions, with public bodies that deal with the purification and establish the limits of emissions acceptable with criteria that have no scientific reliability. However, those who pollute and purify (including public bodies) do not respect the limits of emissions imposed, because they cannot be respected at all hours of the day and for three hundred and sixty-five days a year due to pollution of the filters, changes in bring, and so on. But above all, because the plants in most cases have been designed with wrong energy and purification principles. This involves the entire world ruling class, starting from inadequate school training and industrial specializations that never work synergistically. Obviously, not even the scientific information organs notice anything, because the state of the art world is unanimously accepted and for all the insiders, we can only slightly improve the returns. Miracles can not be done.

SPAWHE separates the sludge from the water at its source, modifies or eliminates the chimneys, and makes the sewers purifying not only water but also air, by means of vertical depurative pits combined with small limestone greenhouses. This system avoids the formation of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia nitrogen before reaching the final water purifiers, which will be very different from the current ones, which are wrong because they do not follow any global treatment scheme.

The sludge must be separated at the origin and must be transported with an anaerobic pathway to the Patent digesters No. WO2014076725 titled LINEAR SYNERGISTIC SYSTEM OF DIGESTION, DEHYDRATION AND COMPOSTING (LDCC). This digester that performs in full cycle until sludge dehydration is combined with the plant N. Patent WO2014 / 076727 titled VERTICAL SYNERGIC BUILDINGS (VSB) FOR CO2 AND WATER DEPURATION PLUS BIOMASS PRODUCTION, in which in addition to limestone greenhouses were also included overlapping biological ponds, which had the task of producing digestible biomass with the fresh liquid produced by digesters. Even the overlapping biological ponds are an invention never realized.

Basically, the whole SPAWHE system is a collection of inventions never funded and never realized on planet Earth, because the world public bodies, instead of working in search of global logical solutions in terms of energy and purification, have supported the creation of a model of development based above all on the commercial inventions of private companies that, obviously, did not bother to close all the cycles they open. Indeed, as private companies are specialized in the individual scientific and technological sectors, universities and research institutions have also adapted their specializations to support private companies that finance and buy patents, if they do not damage their market shares. world and their investments. The result we have achieved is global pollution and global warming.

The invention I presented in several versions is that of calcareous greenhouses, because involving the circulation of large quantities of water to transport small amounts of CO2 in the form of carbonates, they were clearly expensive, both for the circulation of water, both for the material handling. However, this solution was a hundred times better than the C.C.S., both from an economic and technical point of view, that world public science failed dramatically. We do not understand the reasons why public planners have always been silent about this solution. But as I have also written in other publications, a complex invention arises gradually through the advancement of the state of the art. If I had not studied the previous versions, I would not have been able to advance the state of the art by arriving at a more efficient and economical solution, which I called as follows: “HYDROELECTRIC CLEANERS OF FUMES, CO2 AND WATER WITH NATURAL ALKALINISATION”. These are the forty-first patent filing of the undersigned on global environmental protection. Of these only thirteen patents have been granted. The most important and strategic ones have been transformed into 5 international and one European patents, but no one has ever been financed, either on an Italian, European or international level. The other patent deposits were not granted for formal defects, or because they were considered contrary to the principles of energy conservation. Having understood that I could not have any dialogue with the public research bodies and with the bureaucratic patent offices, I went on my way, like Dante Alighieri, that passing through the infernal circle of the indolent, follow the advice of his companion Virgil: “Do not worry about them, but look and pass”. Regardless, from their opinion, almost fifty percent of my patent stores served as a passing point to get to the final ones, which I introduced into the system presented at http:, which started from scratch, compared to current purification and energy systems. In an interactive system the improvement of an invention, It serves to advance the state of the art of the general system, just as it happens with the new version of calcareous greenhouses. This cannot happen if the environmental solutions are studied with limited objectives, such as those of the current water purifiers that do not neutralize the CO2 and do not alkalize the water and the air filtrations, which are not purification.

What is serious in this story is the fact that I was left completely alone by Italian, European, and world institutions, despite in recent years has published many publications, which spoke of global purification and energy systems, that is, based on the synergies of different systems put together, just to look for interlocutors, especially public.

This collaboration has not happened, not only for partisan interests, but also because science, at a global level, cannot be represented by anyone, being divided into many sectors. Even the interests of multinationals are divided into specific sectors (chemical, thermal, biological). Hence the public and private centers of power come together and collaborate with each other. While private inventors, such as myself, having no money or research laboratories, not being financed by anyone, seek environmental and energy solutions in the synergies between different scientific principles, indicating, in fact, alliances that none of the public bodies and multinational companies want to achieve, to hide misunderstandings in the design of fixed and mobile, public and private, which are the foundation of the current global warming and chemical and organic pollution.

Public bodies and multinational companies do not want to change anything, neither as plants, nor as a primary source of energy. For this they propose absurd solutions like the C.C.S. and battery-powered cars, which are an expensive mockery, which does not change the primary source of energy and certainly can not be transferred to large means of transport and work. In addition, they consume resources, such as lithium, raise production costs, and introduce other incomplete disposal costs, such as the current ones, which public bodies do not run on their own, but entrust them to private companies with tenders for the maximum reduction, in which companies that try to circumvent the laws to increase profits participate. For International Judges who should investigate environmental crimes, facing this Hell, SPAWHE should be heaven. Instead, like everyone else, they do not respond.

The alliances between the scientific principles of Newton, Pascal, Torricelli, Henry, Dalton, Hertz, Pacinotti, Tesla, without thermal and nuclear energy, until now, have not looked for neither public research bodies, nor multinationals, not even for clean the most polluting plants in the world: the high furnaces and incinerators. The new limestone greenhouses enhance these already evident synergies in the ignored limestone greenhouses. I report the synthesis of the previous developed plants that form the basis of the virtual development of the state of the art of the sector, while the actual development is currently zero.

1)   N. Patent WO2014/076727 entitled VERTICAL SYNERGIC BUILDINGS (VSB) FOR CO2 AND WATER DEPURATION PLUS BIOMASS PRODUCTION, in which the calcareous greenhouses were inserted into a system that simultaneously replaced the large thermal power stations, the water and air purifiers of today, which today can not complete complete purification cycles due to the lack of interactivity of the purification processes of water and air.

2)  N. Patent WO2014/076726 entitled GLOBAL SYNERGY PLANTS FOR DEPURATION, BIOMASS PRODUCTION AND THERMOELECTRIC COGENERATION (GSPDPTC), in which small limestone greenhouses were added to the modified sewage system. Which currently produces more damage than benefits from the purification due to the fact that it does not separate the waters from the sludge and does not oxygenate and alkalize the wastewater directly into the sewers using vertical purifying sewers connected to the mini greenhouses that alkalize the water purifying the urban air and neutralizing CO2.

3)  N. patent   WO2014/076724 entitled CAPTURE COOLING PURIFICATION CHIMNEYS (CCPC), in which it was foreseen the replacement of the current chimneys with new chimneys able to capture the fumes and to transport them in the subsoil so that they could be inserted in the mini limestone greenhouses or in the larger ones foreseen in the previous global plant. The new chimneys were expected to be made with a double ventilation chamber. The central one rose upwards until it reached an expansion chamber, in which the speed of the fumes that could be filtered with an electrostatic filter and recalled downwards by a fan through the external ventilation chamber was zeroed. Since CO2 is 1.5 times heavier than air in the upper expansion chamber it would have separated easily.

4) Another very useful Italian patent deposit to combat global warming is the following: EC2014A00003 filed on 13/05/2014, entitled TOWER FOR AIR FILTERING AND THERMAL EXCHANGE WITH GEOTHERMAL WELL, in which, the current air conditioning systems with outdoor units equipped with air / air heat exchangers were modified, since there are millions of air / air heat exchangers in urban cities, which transfer heat from inside homes abroad, heating the external environment even more and spreading even more the atmospheric dust emitted by heat engines and thermal boilers. The heat exchange towers, very similar to the double chamber chimneys, would have been equipped with water / water heat exchangers, connected to geothermal wells with low enthalpy heat exchangers.

All these patent deposits, which were ignored by national and international environmental authorities, obviously, would have led to more water circulation and greater energy absorption to solve serious environmental problems. But through the study of these solutions, the undersigned arrived, about three years later, to another international patent N. Patent WO2017042847 entitled PUMPS AND TURBINES WITH SEPARATED DOUBLE SUPPLY UNTIL TO THE IMPELLER, in which, by modifying the pumps and hydraulic circuits, the same plants would be transformed from energy absorbers into energy producers.

 Therefore, the above plants would have had to undergo an updating of the state of the art by replacing the pumps and the hydraulic circulation. But how could they be modified if they were never made? The solution was found by the Patent Offices, which despite having granted the international patent for the modification of pumps and turbines, have declared contrary to the principles of energy conservation all the applications of this invention. Who granted this extraordinary power to the patent offices? that depend on the United Nations through the WIPO, when science on this subject, divided into watertight compartments, still does not respond? Read the following article:

This means that the current world authorities of the environment and energy want to fight global warming without admitting their mistakes and without affecting the interests of multinational companies that make energy, transport, heating and air conditioning systems that are not compatible with the protection of environment. How can lawmakers impose environmentally-friendly installations on the private sector if the world’s public facilities are not? But what is serious is the fact that the world public bodies have never made a prototype of public utilities collected by the undersigned on the website http //, to verify its functionality in the general interest. They are waiting for a private inventor to be filled with debts to demonstrate logical things that have escaped public and private science. It is obvious that if the inventor had not been a normal single-income family man, with children to grow up and study, the invention would have proved it alone in great secrecy, in the simplest way possible. But having other duties, even more important, towards a family to maintain, he preferred to share it with public research bodies and private companies, obviously, renouncing the industrial property that can not be allowed. But not to the intellectual and to copyright, which are an inalienable right for all works of intellect. If only for patents these rights are not recognized, it means that there is a network of complicity between the major centers of power to deny this fundamental right to those who can express their creativity only through patent deposits, being a technician with proven experience industrial and environmental, almost fifty years old, and not an artist. The inventions offered by the undersigned are not easy to understand because they are based on the synergies between different scientific principles and different technologies that only experience and the right considerations allow to put together. To these inventions cannot arrive neither researchers who always investigate in the same direction, nor private companies that seek to improve the same family of industrial products. For these scientific and industrial specialists it is very difficult to identify the synergies that can identify who has participated in building industrial, energy, purification, distribution and water lifting plants and has also studied the organization of work to put them together correctly, in order to increase individual returns and the global one.  Obviously, the current society does not allow the formation of this kind of experience. Who aspires to form it is a person, like myself, that not minding the immediate profit, has changed many working groups specialized in the autonomous industry and then has completely changed industry, to work in a company specializing in public electromechanical plant engineering, linked especially for purification and lifting and water distribution. It is obvious that the undersigned has a very different vision of designers, inventors, and researchers, who have deepened only one specialization. I do not say that they were wrong to deepen their specializations. They did very well to do the insights making advancing the single state of the art. I am the first to use the state of the art achieved in these sectors if it is also useful in the overall design of the plants. But global plants are designed differently: creating global cycles (not partial as in current plants), then creating the appropriate environment to realize such cycles (for example, open-air oxidation tanks are not conceivable if you do not want to emit CO2 emissions but consume it in the plant). Even the current chimneys are not conceivable. It is conceivable that the chimneys that capture the CO2, above mentioned but not realized, or a forced ventilation that brings the fumes directly into the limestone greenhouses. Then, we choose the machines that can carry out these cycles and then establish the mechanical, hydraulic fluid-hydraulic connections with the subsequent plants, not only for the main product to be produced, but also for the purifying collateral cycles. Nothing or almost nothing must leave the plants if it is not completely cleansed. Today, however, commercial products of high technological level leave the industrial plants, but the collateral cycles do not close them. Air purification is almost non-existent (filtration is not a purification). Water, in the best of cases, produces acidic waters, never being expected to alkalize, which can not be done, to the current state of the art without using lime milk that is produced with large CO2 emissions and high costs. The only possible solution would be the introduction in all the world thermal and purification plants of calcareous greenhouses. As the modification of the chimneys was ignored, the calcareous greenhouses were also ignored. But world science is silent.

The patent offices, forgetting that they are public offices and even have the honor of being part of the United Nations Organization, are demonstrating all their technical and scientific incompetence, taking off all the new interactive inventions between water and air with the accusation to be contrary to the first principle of thermodynamics, which has nothing to do with it, because interactivity develops through physical, chemical, mechanical, biological, fluid dynamic processes. The only process that has nothing to do with interactive energy and purification systems is precisely the thermodynamic one. Which states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but is transformed, passing from one form to another through exchanges of heat and work. This principle does not say that it opens collateral processes with unwanted atmospheric emissions that must be neutralized. Therefore, from an environmental and economic point of view, it could not have the importance it had in the development of the industrial era. It seems to have returned to the time of Galileo Galilei, when those who governed did not accept that the earth revolved around the sun. But the problem is much more serious because the practical consequences on the environment and the world economy are immense. True inquisitors hide behind silences. They leave to mention those who have committed to memory the principles of energy conservation without understanding them.


If it were true that the world priority is environmental protection and job creation, it should be logical that the purification cycles, currently inexplicably interrupted in sewers, purifiers, chimneys, industrial, agricultural and energy productions must be complete, creating useful work, not unemployment benefits. Why are there still chimneys that smoke fumes and CO2 into the atmosphere and water purifiers produce acidic waters? The calcareous greenhouses would be used to complete these cycles without sending CO2 into the atmosphere and acid waters to the oceans. “Environmental interactivity” is unknown to multinational corporations and world public bodies, which have taken shortcuts that make no sense because thermal energy costs more than the clean interactive energy between water and air. Above all, world public science is showing total incompetence in the design of energy and purification plants since the advent of the industrial age. The thermodynamic inventions of coal-fired steam boilers and subsequent evolutions with lighter fuels, and those of thermal engines, proposed and carried out by private companies, had to be corrected by public research bodies worldwide or even replaced by alternative public inventions, because the task of protecting the environment and the health of citizens, until proven otherwise, belongs to the institutional bodies. Instead, even today, in the whole world, public bodies realize disproportionate thermal plants in the sizes, randomly positioned on the territory, that do not exploit the calcareous greenhouses to neutralize the CO2, purify the air, and produce alkalinity in the cooling waters. These pass through the plants, to cool turbines and condensers, but the plants are not extended, to keep them and to circulate them in the calcareous greenhouses, while the planet is heating up precisely because of the badly designed heating systems. But, as mentioned above, the world public bodies, not only have done nothing to improve the heating systems, have also made all the patents, both national and international, of the undersigned on the cleaning of fossil energy, including the limestone greenhouses, but indeed, they are ignoring and hindering, through patent offices, the interactive energies that have the potential to fully replace fossil energy, even with significant economic benefits.

According to the scientific definition extracted from, the ideal fluid is incompressible and not viscous. Therefore combustion gases can not be considered an ideal fluid for energy purposes. On the contrary, water has a very low viscosity coefficient and a very high compressibility module (it is practically incompressible). This leads us to consider water to be a fluid very close to an ideal fluid. In an ideal fluid, pressure at a point is independent of the orientation of the surface to which it refers. This means that the pressure expands in all directions.

If two layers of liquids flow in the same direction at different speeds, the frictional force will slow down the faster state and accelerate the slower one, while the pressure, being the incompressible liquid, does not influence the loss of pressure and the prevalence of the pump if it is a recycling inside the volume of accumulated water.

Also from it is reported: “The unit of measurement of viscosity in the international system is given by the poiseuille 1PI = k / m * s = 1 Pa * s. In terms of dimensional analysis, the viscosity corresponds to the ratio between mass and product length by time: ML-1 * T-1. In liquids The coefficient of viscous friction decreases with increasing temperature. In water we have the following PI values at the zero, 20 and 50 degrees Celsius, respectively: 1.388 * 10-3, 1.002 * 10-3, 0.5471 * 10-3 “. This means that by circulating hot water in a 50 degree circuit compared to zero degrees of cold water, we reduce the pressure drop by about one third for the same flow rate. These, more or less, are the conditions that are created in a limestone greenhouse, where the hot fumes heat the water that circulates in the autoclaves, in the artificial rains and in the sliding slides of the rocks.

To produce energy with water and compressed air, you do not need pistons and cylinders, just pressure. Since the energy produced by the flow rate of the fluid * the density * the pressure, it is not advisable to circulate the air or a pressurized gas but the incompressible water having a density about 830 times higher, statically and elastically pressurized by the compressed air.

The most important novelty since the advent of the industrial age from the point of view of the sustainability of environmental protection and energy production is precisely the invention of pumps with the double supply separate until to the impeller, which world science is trying to ignore, to hide your mistakes. These could not be invented by anyone other than myself, just because of the endless and solitary reflections made to economize the costs of water circulation in limestone greenhouses, in the overlapping biological ponds, which will revolutionize the purification. But they will also revolutionize world energy, because it will no longer be necessary to clean energy, but to produce energy to clean the environment. Water purification becomes a desired side effect of energy production. Because we need energy in every corner of the earth. Every corner of the earth can be purified free of energy production.

As written many times in patent deposits rejected by patent offices and in many articles ignored by the world authorities and entrepreneurs, these pumps allow to be fed with two flow rates equipped with different pressures going in the same direction because the direction of the flow is determined  by the sense of rotation of the impeller. Inside the impeller are added the flow rates, while, for the principle of Pascal and the Bernoulli equation, the greater pressure expands in the entire output section. This modification of the pumps does not violate the principles of energy conservation but allows them to be used more rationally. Obviously, it is not enough to change only the power supply of the pumps and turbines, it is also necessary to modify the hydraulic circuits that supply them. The pumps, if fed with a separate power supply that recycles the pressurized water from an autoclave, with the second power supply can let almost half of the unpressurised flow rate from the autoclave into the autoclave itself by means of the internal recycling circuit. This leads to an incredible energy advantage never realized on planet Earth, since the autoclave, if it has an output connected to a turbine, this is fed with the compressed air pressure, which does not depend on the electric energy that feeds the circulation pump. In fact, the expulsion of the incompressible water by the cushion of air contained in the autoclave occurs due to the impenetrability of the bodies (since the incompressible water cannot occupy more space than the volume assigned to it, as happens with the compressed air). Water with a normal pump could not enter the autoclave. If it succeeds in entering it is due to the fact that an additional feeding has been created that enters directly to the center of the impeller, while the other connection with the impeller and the pump outlet balance the inlet and outlet pressures of the pump. But water can only enter if there is an exit to the atmosphere of water already present in the autoclave. It would be very stupid on the part of man not to exploit the opportunity that is created and to pass the water expelled through a turbine to produce energy. Yet, the world’s ruling class is trying to ignore this simple and elementary invention, while for over a century it has been trying to do the same thing, with very high costs and serious side effects, dividing the atom through nuclear fusion.

If science reasoned in a simpler and more logical way, but with a global view of technologies, it would understand that it is much easier to divide the power of a pump than to divide the atom. It is also cheaper and has no side effects due to radioactive waste and the immense heat developed.

In fact, by modifying the pumps in the aforementioned way and connecting them to the autoclaves with a one-way flow with a low pressure and a high pressure recycling input and keeping the water and pressure levels constant, through the turbine that produces energy can only the amount of water introduced into low pressure is released. The volume of internal water does not change and the air cushion cannot expand. Therefore, the energy produced by the compressor is not consumed. Only the energy required by the autoclave recycling pump is consumed, as if the water did not come out of the autoclave and did not cross the turbine, which instead, connected to the current generator, produces electricity, without the hydraulic system affected.

 This means that the compressed air pressure is statically exploited, transmitting the entire pressure to the water circulating one-way inside.  The water that comes from the outside cannot be refused because of the depression that is created in the center of the centrifugal impeller due to the centripetal force. If this depression were not created in the current centrifugal pumps, water would not enter and it could not be lifted. On the other hand, the water enters from the suction side of the first impeller of a multistage pump with fifty impellers in series and a unbalanced pressure of one hundred bar, way it should not enter the same impeller, single stage, with the balanced pressures in suction and delivery , eliminating the other forty-nine impellers, and modifying the input in the impeller, by means of the second separate power supply It is not useless to waste energy and materials, when it could be the same supply pressure supplied by a cheaper source that is compressed air statically exploited to provide the energy for lifting, balancing the pressures, by means of a special recycling in an autoclave? Therefore, the circulation pump has nothing to do with energy production, but limits itself to allowing the same amount of water entering the autoclave into the autoclave to maintain the pressure equilibrium imposed with the level controls. This should clarify the skeptics where primary external energy comes from, without batteries and without fuels. We are not in a closed system but in a more complex system. Composed of three combined systems (hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic), with useful purifying side effects due to the solubility of the air in the water. I can understand the patent offices that they do not understand because they are mere bureaucrats, but I can not understand the silence of world science, which has not only let the world’s cleanest and cheapest energy escape, but with its own silence, it makes us consider the undersigned a sorcerer, as Dante Alighieri was considered by many of his contemporaries to have descended into Hell, despite being still alive. This kind of public science, and this kind of politics and justice, for myself, do not deserve respect, because they have all the means to ascertain the truth in the world interest and do not.

Figure 1 shows a cross-section of the general scheme of “hydroelectric greenhouses for purifying fumes, CO2 and water, with natural alkalinization”, comprising the following main elements:

– one concrete building, preferably underground, excluding the upper area assigned to the outlet of the purified air and to the loading of the calcareous material;

– one recycling water collection area (water);- one zone of fumes thickening (fumes);

– one covered water overflow tank (12) with adjustable sawtooth profiles, placed above the roof (14) made with double slope;

– two longitudinal water distribution tanks, with a higher protection net (15);

– one series of overflow trays with adjustable sawtooth profiles for artificial rain production (16);

– two series of water supply pipes (17) with regulation valve to the slides of the calcareous material;

– two sets of loading hoppers of the calcareous material (18) one on each side for an amount equal to the slides (20) to be fed;

– two series of crushed limestone elevator conveyors mounted on a sliding track and motorized independently (28)

– two series of slides for the descent of the limestone material, made of polyethylene reinforced with stainless steel profiles, wrapped in spirals with several parallel prongs and crossed with the slides coming from the opposite wall (20), complete with a feeding guillotine valve of calcareous material (19);

– two lifting conveyor belts outside the sludge and the residual limestone material (22);

– two series of fans (23), dryers (24), filters (25) and compressors (10) to capture compress CO2;

– two series of pressurized hydroelectric plants with autoclave, for lifting the water purification from the lower tank (water) to the main overflow tank (12).

The main features of this plant are the production of compressed hydroelectric energy, the flow of calcareous material that is consumed in gravity slides (20), also consuming the CO2 contained in the greenhouse (fumes area), while using water that is recycled in the same plant until it is replenished with rainwater or other nearby aquifer sources. The recycle water collects in the tank below the limestone greenhouse (water zone) and circulates one-way in the autoclaves (1) and in the upper tanks (12, 15, 16) which feed the sliding chutes of the calcareous material and the artificial rains. The legend is shown:

(1) pressurized autoclave tank; (1.1) level regulator with capacitive probes; (1.2) safety valve; (1.3) pressure gauge with pressure transmitter and shut-off valve; (1.4) motorized valve with position transmitter flow adjustment; (1.5) predisposition connection pump with double separate power supply up to the impeller; (1.6) predisposition connection pump used as a turbine;  (2) pump used as a turbine; (2.1) alternating current generator (3) motorized pump supply valve used as a turbine; (4) suction filter with built-in check valve; (5) water flow diverter valve; (6) double curve with crossed flows of water in high and low pressure (7) electric pump with double separate power supply up to the impeller; (8) variable speed pump drive motor controlled by inverter; (9) check valve; (10) electrocompressor; (10.1) compressed air distribution network, (10.2) pressure regulating pressure switch, compressed air distribution network; solenoid valve with (10.3) check valve for compressed air; (11) water lifting pipe; (12) upper water overflow tank with cover; (13) air outlet with drop separators; (14) roof in insulated corrugated sheet with overflow water flow; (15) water distribution tanks with a higher protection network; (16) overflow trays with adjustable sawtooth profiles for artificial rain production; (17) water supply pipes to the slides of the calcareous material; (18) hoppers for calcareous material loading; (19) Motorized or manual guillotine valves for calcareous material feeding; (20) slides for the descent of the limestone material, made of polyethylene reinforced with stainless steel profiles, wrapped in spirals with several parallel principles and crossed with the slides coming from the opposite wall for optimal exploitation of the space; (21) outlet tube of residual limestone material with retaining net of uneaten materials; (22) elevator conveyor belt outside the sludge and residual limestone material; (22.1) Rain cover of the elevator conveyor belt; (23) fan for extracting fumes thickened by the greenhouse; (24) air dryer; (25) filter for air and fumes; (26) tank trucks transporting thickened and compressed fumes to other lime greenhouses; (27) crushed limestone material transport truck; (28) elevator conveyors for crushed limestone material residues.

Figure 2 shows the connection scheme to the most polluting thermal plants in the world. Where A represents a blast furnace, incinerator, cement plant, a large thermal power plant, a lime kiln. B represents the current filtration system of plants A that clearly are not sufficient to purify globally. C are the fans for the extraction of fumes and dusts. D and E, are the dust paths up to the inside of the calcareous greenhouse C, which purifies them by consuming CO2 the SOx and NOx contained in the fumes while producing compressed hydropower. It can be noted that a part of the fumes thickened in the limestone greenhouse can be captured, compressed and transported with a tanker (26) to the plants of Figures 3 and 4.

Figure 3 shows the scheme of connection to water basins “A” to be used for the production of hydroelectric energy by recycling the water; “B” is a gate that connects the basin with the hydroelectric greenhouse “D”.

These plants will be the most widespread in the world, as, in addition to producing energy at a very low cost, will purify the water slightly polluted, especially rain, to combat oceanic acidification and lakes. In addition, they will protect the environment against drought and high water while compressed hydropower is produced. It can be seen that the tanker trucks (26) filled with compressed fumes at the plants Fig.2, can discharge their contents inside the twin greenhouses, which otherwise have to be satisfied only with the CO2 captured by the environment, to produce carbonates in the water corroding the calcareous materials.

Figure 4 shows the connection scheme for “A” basins containing highly polluted waters with organic, phosphorus and nitrate loads; “B” is a motorized gate; “C” is the purifying section of the organic loads by means of the overlapping biological ponds, “D” is the hydroelectric limestone greenhouse as described in Figures 1, 2.3. But these plants can replace in every corner of the earth, the current water purifiers and at the same time also the thermal plants. With purifying and energy costs hundreds of times lower than the current ones and with higher energy and purification yields.

Above all, these facilities, which do not exist, should make us reflect on the mistakes made by world public science in recent and recent times. Just think of the unnecessary and against producing large hydroelectric works, the large water treatment plants, large pipelines and gas pipelines, large nuclear power plants, the attempt to capture and burial CO2, in the depths of the earth.

If the world public bodies had done their job, today instead of forcing to present again the combination of the overlapping biological ponds and the calcareous greenhouses in a new version, for a virtual advancement of the state of the art, it should have been a real progress of the state of the art. In fact, I extract from the international patent Patent WO2014 / 076727 the following description: “The present application (VSB)” Vertical synergic buildings for CO2 and water purification plus biomass production “is one of the most important elements of the whole system. In fact, the (VSB) replace the current large water purifiers, but they do it vertically, combined with the thermoelectric power plants (TEPfos), and the chimneys (CCPC) and large composting drier digester (LDDC). In (VSB) circulate all the water and all the fumes produced by the urban and industrial anthropic system making different and common paths, and in which the water cools the fumes, while subtracting the same CO2, SOx and NOx through calcareous greenhouses (vcmlg), at the same time produces biomass from polluted waters while purifying them in overlapping biological ponds (bcsvp).  If we consider that the original solution was presented in the Italian patent filing 0001419313 of 19 November 2012, we must seriously consider the damage produced by the alliances between public research and multinationals, which do not want to change, by mutual agreement, purification and energy systems obsolete, who are not able to defend the planet. If we consider, that before this patent filing, the undersigned had deposited another twenty two patent deposits and then another eighteen, for a total of forty-one patents, including the present, dedicated above all to the application of compressed hydroelectric energy (considered a motorcycle perpetual of patent offices) to limestone greenhouses and biological ponds, which are international inventions ignored by world science, we must seriously reflect where the inventions of the past have brought us and where current inventions are brought to us, which in the whole world do not they have never tried to connect purifying energy inventions to the territories to rationally close all the anthropic cycles that open up. We should not be surprised if it was up to a pensioner to look for alternative energy and purification solutions, because public inventors and employees of multinational companies are paid by their employers to work in watertight compartments so that they cannot invent solutions that upset the current energy and purification systems.

Public bodies and multinationals have not understood that it is more important to create synergistic plants that favor the physical and biological chemical contact between gases and minerals under pressure, than to administer chemical additives to correct water purification processes, whose alkalinity can not be corrected in a sustainable way, except through the calcareous greenhouses. While the purification of fumes on planet earth has never been done completely for the same reasons. The alkaline water cycle and the carbon neutralization of the fumes need a single environment to be sustainable. You cannot use calcium oxide to produce alkalinity because the production of each kg involves the emission of about 2 kg of CO2, at least until the lime production will be done as indicated in FIg.2.

It is very strange that thousands of public research bodies and hundreds of energy multinationals have not noticed it with all the available laboratories and huge economic funds. With the calcareous greenhouses, proposed unnecessarily by myself, the world public bodies, could kill two birds with only one stone, instead they preferred to invest on the C.C.S. spending at least fifty billion worldwide, without solving either problem. The undersigned that with his modest pension supported a family of five had to spend € 20,000 to show that the world’s public bodies do not cooperate with private inventors, that patent stores are not worth anything from the legal point of view, because they are designed only to protect the commercial inventions of the industrialists who can pay and those of public bodies that sell them to the same industrialists, who obviously do not buy those of private inventors.

Figure 1 clearly shows that the water circulation system in a hydroelectric lime greenhouse is open, because the water exits atmospheric pressure in the upper overflow tank (12) after being raised by static compressed air pressure, that imprisoned in the autoclave, without the possibility of expansion, transmits all the expulsion force to the water that enters excess of the volumetric capacity of the autoclave. It is important to note that it is not the circulation pump (7) to lift the water through the turbine up to the relief tank (12) to simultaneously understand the reasons for energy saving and low-cost energy production. This energy is supplied free of compressed air that retains all its strength precisely because it cannot expand, unlike existing autoclaves. If the compressed air expands, it would reduce the thrust force on the water coming out of the autoclave and at the same time the electric pump (7) should let in a greater quantity of water to balance the pressure, absorbing a greater quantity of energy. For this reason a level regulator has been provided with two capacitive probes (1.1), very close to each other and the variable speed motor (8), controlled by an inverter, so that the oscillation of the volume of water and compressed air in the autoclave is very low. When opening the valve (3) that supplies the turbine, the electric pump (7) must already be running with minimum flow. The engine (8) gradually increases the number of turns as the valve (3) opens, without ever changing the volume of water inside the autoclave. Since 50-55% of the pump capacity is recycled in the autoclave, otherwise the water from outside cannot enter, with the sole force of the circulation pump. In order to keep the hydrostatic pressures balanced and to consume little energy, the pump must provide only the flow rate that passes through the turbine. This can be done with the level control and the variable speed motor. If it passes more water must reduce the number of revolutions of the pump, or reduce the autoclave pressure to retract the oscillation of the level in the pre-established limits. If it passes more water must reduce the number of revolutions of the pump, or reduce the autoclave pressure to retract the oscillation of the level in the pre-established limits. If it passes the less you have to do, automatically, the opposing maneuvers. the flow rate and hydraulic resistance of the turbine must be calculated with precision before building the system so as to also size the circulation pump with the double separate power supply, which must have a total flow rate of about twice the flow rate that passes through the pump used as a turbine (2). Water enters from outside through the filter with check valve (4Only this flow produces energy. If the valve (3) feeding the turbine is closed, the external water can not enter the autoclave since the circulation pump (7) has only the necessary head for internal recycling, as the system uses the balanced suction pressures and sent. When the plant is completely full, for example, at the pressure of forty bars, with the valve that feeds the turbine, open, only the amount of water that comes out through the turbine can enter. Only with this amount of water is hydroelectric energy produced, while raising the water of about 35 meters up to the overflow tank (12).  This happens because in the same instant in which the water exits the overflow tank (12) at atmospheric pressure, the space is created in the autoclave to let water enter from the outside through the second separate power supply of the impeller.

 This concept, which fails to understand the examiners of the Italian and European patent office, through no fault of their own, because they have not understood even the world scientists, who continue to remain silent on this subject, is forcing the undersigned to file patents regularly rejected from the patent offices, whether they use pressurized hydroelectric energy, or that they use only the circulation pumps with the double separate power supply without pressurization, as in the case of the following Italian patent filing N. 102016000057968 del 07/06/2016 entitled VERTICAL DESALINATORS – DEMINERALIZERS BY ION EXCHANGE WITH HYDROELECTRIC ENERGY PRODUCTION.

This is another very important patent filing rejected for the ignorance of patent offices and the silence of world science, because the current desalination is not sustainable, both for the high cost of maintenance (especially of reverse osmosis membranes), and for the high energy absorption, while in the proposed solution the maintenance costs are zeroed and the plant even becomes an energy producer. In addition, the water is dissolved as it rises upwards of the plants and by gravity can be sent many kilometers away, with the right amount of alkalinity and salts. We need to send rivers of desalinated water sustainably from the sea to the desertified soils from inappropriate environmental and agricultural policies, whereas these soils today rarely receive rainwater, which is notoriously acidic and without minerals. Above all, with these types of plants the problem of world migrants is solved.

 The bureaucrats of the patent offices are not interested in the claims of new scientific principles that make it possible to desalinate the water producing energy instead of consuming it, but the way in which the claims are written to protect industrial property, which does not interest the inventor who has not no chance to be an entrepreneur. The undersigned refused to write the claims for the third time according to their model and they did not grant the patent, as if it were a grace granted to the inventor, not to the company that needs rationally designed plants.

The world public bodies have pretended not to understand the environmental utility of the patents granted on the domestic sewerage, overlapping biological ponds and limestone greenhouses.  After the invention of the pumps with the double  supply separated until to the impeller, all these inventions have been modified for the purpose of energy saving and sustainable energy production, adding also new applications, among which the production of hydroelectric energy with the recycling of the water, that directly mounted on the means of transport, in the docks, in the wells in the houses, the sustainable desalination. But these innovations were held to be contrary to the principles of energy conservation from patent offices that certainly do not represent science, politics, economics and social justice. The world representatives of these sectors have not spent a word on these innovations that instead, for myself, are based on solid scientific bases. Being, all my systems have been regularly filed as patents, and published by many publishers, as well as on, if they become real over time, rather than virtual, if there is an international justice even for inventors, there should be no doubts as to who should receive the rights of authors, since the actual subordination of the intellectual property to the industrial property is also unjust. If, instead, this justice does not exist, it is another problem for humanity, which is added to those of the environment, to wars and to the world mafias. The inventor can not bleed economically to make legal recourse only to satisfy bureaucratic aspects that would make sense only if there were public and private interlocutors available to recognize the mistakes they have made in all the world’s energy and purification plants. The truth, one way or another, sooner or later must come out.


Perpetual motion does not exist, but if it existed, it would neither produce nor consume energy. What would you use? Patent offices can not speak lightly of “perpetual motion” with the poor scholastic knowledge they possess on the subject, because world science is guilty of not having deepened the interactivity between the physical characteristics of water and air, as did the undersigned, both in submerged hydroelectric plants, both in those with water recycling at atmospheric pressure, and in those pressurized with compressed air. This is the real reason why in the world databases of patent deposits these applications do not exist. This does not mean that they cannot be realized by changing the way of designing the systems and above all by modifying the pumps. Much of global warming is due precisely to this trivial mistake of world science. Patent offices should only be limited to registering the filing dates of patent applications because they do not have the scientific knowledge to go further. I do not say this to be offensive to them, but I myself realized the interactive possibilities only after forty-five years of work experience. However, even for other reasons the whole patent system must be modified, completely separating industrial and intellectual property with copyright, to which inventors aspire like the undersigned who deal with inventions of public utility, inexplicably hidden from the centers of world economic power.

The undersigned, knowing that he was proposing inconvenient inventions for the centers of power, considered it useless to bleed himself economically to experiment with his small resources the first inventions. Not only would he have to go into debt without being able to access either industrial property or simple copyrights, which strangely, only for inventions, cannot be separated. Above all, it would have wasted scarce physical resources, having started this retirement business, after having learned about the problems from an industrial and environmental point of view. I would have been very naive to expect success by developing a single patent, without communicating the global message, which can only be understood by developing more inventions rationally linked to the territory through the scientific organization of work, which is clearly unknown to those who designed the current purification and energy systems. It does not matter if they were great scientists or researchers, because I do not criticize the individual scientific principles applied, but the fact that the cycles have not been completed. To complete them you need transversal scientific and technological experiences and know how to organize work activities globally.

It is no coincidence that I started from domestic systems, which waste water and produce not only sewage pollution, but also atmospheric through boilers and air conditioners. Then I switched to sewer systems that do not have to be simple slurry conveyors. They have to separate the sludge at the beginning and purify water and air together, modifying the chimneys, bringing CO2 the heaviest particles in the sewers. Then I modified the local water purifiers, so that they could carry out global cycles of water and air together, without ever interrupting the sewage cycles. Faced with the silence of Italian public bodies and subsequently world-wide, I had to hypothesize the first inventions working and to advance virtually the state of the art of global purification with new ideas for improving processes. Faced with the inertia of world public science, I could not help but go on, even though, clearly, with the current patent law, my patent deposits were worthless. Strangely, an inventor who realizes that the world’s cleansing systems are wrong to keep his copyrights alive, should pay the deposit and maintenance fees in all countries of the world, even if governments would benefit from his inventions they do not even consider it. Thus, not only did global public scientists not reason, but even legislators. It is clear that the patent system was not born to protect the environment but only the industrial property of commercial inventions, which actively collaborate in global warming (boilers, heat engines, air-conditioners, and means of transport).

When will the United Nations notice it? Not only do these manage the international patent system (through WIPO), but they have also already organized twenty-three conferences between the parties (COP), where the political, scientific and technical delegations of all the countries of the world participate, precisely to resolve the climate problems. Never so big mountains have given birth to mice so small. In the organization of the United Nations there are also the scientists of the IPCC awarded with the Nobel prize in 2007 for having denounced the problems, but not indicated how to plan the anthropic plants. In the organization of the United Nations there is also the international court of justice that has received from the undersigned seventeen open letters, where I indicate how to design the anthropic plants, which are also reported on They will also receive this publication.  If the judges do not know how the plants could be designed as they do to condemn the crimes of omission that commit the world public bodies that continue to finance and install obsolete plants? The United Nations, through the World Bank, is financing energy and purification plants in developing countries. I participated as a technician to realize some of these projects in Tunisia. At least those funded by the UN, why do not they experiment with SPAWHE’s solutions? Even the UN is a rubber wall, like all the world public bodies.

If there are people in good faith among the hundreds of thousands of delegates who participate every year in the COP and other world summits that are organized every year, they do not understand that only by developing global projects that are transversal to science and technology, they can be unmasked the hidden interests that prevent agreements? These disagreements, based on general ignorance, do not damage only the environment, because with the interactive energy between water and air the energies and purifications will cost hundreds of times less than the current ones, both in terms of initial investments and management. The greatest cost the world has to bear is that of scraping all the wrong installations.

What produces efficiency and high returns is not the single invention but the global organization of work. This is demonstrated by the fact that if we go to an automotive industry or an appliance factory anywhere in the world, it seems to visit the same factory because everyone has understood how to organize industrial work to be competitive. But only a few groups have the economic strength to demolish the old machines and plants for which production is focusing on a few very large multinationals. The same progress has not happened in the world public sector that has not been able to study the organization of environmental and energy work.  This task should be carried out by the United Nations, demonstrating with real prototypes that it is convenient for everyone to join the scientific organization of global environmental work.

If the UN organizing the COP summits do not study global energy and cleansing solutions, they can not prove that the current state of the art is inadequate to overcome global pollution. Up to now, worldwide, the only money that has been spent to study global depurations and interactive energies has been paid by the undersigned to file patents. These, not only, were not understood by the world leaders of the environment and energy, but since they were patents of public utility, they would not have to pay any tax. They should have been requirements as a common heritage and made accessible to all, without the protection of industrial property that the inventor does not want, not having worked to satisfy the desires or ambitions of a master. Intellectual property is a right recognized to all authors, including public inventors, who with the consent of the legislators sell the patents to the multinationals, creating irreversible complications against sustainable development. We must not be fooled by the scientific publications of public researchers who report the increase in melting glaciers, permafrost, the disappearance of coral reefs. If these same researchers do not spend a word on plant solutions that can neutralize CO2, bring alkaline waters to the seas or even lift carbonates solubilized in the ocean depths with artificial welling, their complaints will only favor commercial solutions such as battery powered cars , boilers with higher yields, solar panels and wind turbines, which are useful but non-interactive solutions that directly cool the environment. Therefore, the current renewable energy with high investment and low yields, subtract investments to the interactive energies that would have low investment and very high yields. But these reasoning rating agencies cannot do them because the world’s science has wronged the main inventions of the industrial world.

Public research that only denounces environmental problems, does the double damage of not changing public facilities and helping multinational companies to improve heat engines and boilers, which can not overcome the many defects of origin: low yields, highs fuel costs, pollutant emissions of dust and harmful gases, in addition to the greenhouse gases that are CO2 and steam. The true principle of world energy with very high yields and without side effects is not the thermodynamic but fluid-dynamic one of recycled water, which circulates one-way, statically pressurized by compressed air.

Today, the only ones who have not entered into these international alliances of energy and purification patents, are private inventors, who are not protected by large centers of public and private power, are considered naive who challenge the perpetual motion without any chance of success. It is obvious that by doing the research of the precedence of the patents there is nothing. The Patent Offices could also save time and expenses for these searches and limit themselves only to registering the receipt of patent deposits. The battle on this front must be fought at the highest institutional levels in the world, because the mistakes committed, concern everyone and cannot be casual. There has been a common will not to investigate, as there is a common will to hinder sustainable and interactive inventions. The highest global institutional, scientific, legislative and justice offices, well paid by the world taxpayers, hide behind the limits of their specific skills to not sink the knife into the global scourge, which is the absence of complete anthropic plants from the point of view environment, which would also solve employment problemsOn the other hand, no scientist, politician or judge can do his job well if no one in the whole world demonstrates that human plants can be designed to help the environment, not just to protect oneself from human pollution , but also from natural disasters such as droughts and floods. This stalemate could only come out if the United Nations had assembled a group of impartial scientists and technicians who would study globally designed facilities. Not having done so, it was up to a pensioner to discover the world Pandora’s box. Now that this Pandora’s box is discovered, the UN and the world governments what do they want to do?

As a swallow does not make spring, no single invention can improve the state of the art of global protection of the environment and energy, above all, if the main interpretation of the energetic and purifying principles has been wrong.  These, have nothing to do with thermodynamics, but depend on the fluid dynamics of water and air and electromagnetic phenomena. Only a flock of unrealized inventions due to the errors of public science and world entrepreneurs can show that it is not enough to reduce emission limits. It is necessary to change everything because mistakes are not only scientific and environmental. They are also cheap. In energy systems, thermodynamics must be replaced by fluid dynamics; in purifying systems, the blown air must be replaced by free solubilized air in autoclaves that produce compressed hydropower. The production of carbonates and bicarbonates in water that is not carried out in any world plant, must be made in calcareous greenhouses and the consumption of nutrients present in the water must be done in the overlapping biological ponds. In all cases producing much more energy than the one consumed, through the compressed hydroelectric.

 A flock of unrealized inventions that goes in the same direction clearly demonstrates that it is possible to create a model of sustainable development, where energy would become interactive and purification would become the side effect of energy production. Simultaneously demonstrates that interactive systems are not understood or desired by those who govern, those who aspire to govern and who should be above the parties, otherwise, somewhere would have gone out the few thousand euro to verify the fundamental principles neglected.

Why does the new Italian government reject its proposals for social and economic renewal from Europe? For myself if you want to make a constructive criticism, Europe or the United Nations should not challenge the current monetary policy, but the whole model of development, because this model is based on the fundamental principles of energy and purification wrong in the world and is supported only by the complicity of those who created it, which are all centers of world power. These, through the blackmail of global stock markets, prevent more sustainable alternative growth. But the real problem is that sustainable planning governments cannot do it (including the Italian one) because world public science is not the height of the situation.

 Politicians play commercials on economic, social, migrant and employment management in search of easy consensus, but then fail to govern because public science, paid by taxpayers, works for international power centers, together with private science.  Nobody succeeds in entering into the details of the scientific organization of work, which is the best way to create work, identifying all the incomplete cycles left by industries, agriculture, purification and incomplete world energies. SPAWHE, only with scientific reasoning, not only identified the incomplete cycles but also the solutions to complete them. If the industrial society after one hundred and fifty years of development, did not understand what the fundamental principles of energy are and how do we have to design the anthropic plants, how can the United Nations and Europe, expect compliance with the monetary rules?  This is what we must challenge the European bureaucrats and the United Nations. If a country wants to earn the respect of neighboring and distant countries, it must demonstrate at least with prototypes and sample plants, in which scientific, industrial, environmental, and energy direction it wants to go. Then, it must move from words to deeds. This also applies to Germany, which is the most stable European country from a monetary point of view. Being the best in a wrong system, which produces wealth but also serious environmental side effects is a responsibility that cannot be hidden forever.

Germany from an environmental point of view is not better than Italy: “40% of German energy sources are represented by coal (2017), in particular by lignite pollutants (around 20%). The situation is quite constant over the years. Consequently, from 2009 to today CO2 emissions have not decreased “. From this other article I extract: “The problem of acid rain was born with the wrong industrial revolution and has since continued to worsen. Across northern Europe, where the phenomenon has been extensively studied, acid rain has eroded buildings and monuments, damaged crops and forests and seriously threatened, if not destroyed, entire populations of lake fish. In 1984, some environmental studies found that almost half of the trees in the Black Forest had suffered damage caused by acid rain.”

Hiding sustainable inventions in order not to admit their mistakes can bring us back to a disguised form of a past that we would like to forget, such as Fascism and Nazism. Science should reason independently, like Justice, not to sell itself to the highest bidder, nor to obey politicians who do not reason scientifically. Italian public science is a bad example of science. While the Germanic closed the nuclear facilities, the Italian one, to obey the Berlusconi government, was bringing French nuclear power into Italy. Italy was rescued from this economic and environmental disaster by the 2011 Fukushima tsunami. World public science has never spent a word on the sustainable inventions of the undersigned, because it does not represent any political or economic power. Meanwhile, it produces patents that it sells to the multinationals and actively participates in the C.C.S. system, which is another economic and environmental disaster, completely opposite to the calcareous greenhouses.

With the planet warming and the oceans acidifying, the Calcareous greenhouses would have been better than the C. C. S. system (carbon, capture, storage) experimented unsuccessfully and at very high costs (at least fifty billion dollars) from world public science. The calcareous greenhouses, even they would have already had to be obligatory by law to fight these two interconnected global phenomena, also supporting the considerable energy costs that would result without the invention of compressed hydroelectric energy, which miraculously, would cancel this cost. But on these inventions there was the world silence of the sciences, governments and justice.

If world silence continues, the French European revolution, the American war of war, the peaceful one of Gandhi in India, the cultural war and that of Tien An Men in China have been in vain.

If the United Nations can not impose complete cycles in the world’s purification and energy plants, they have failed in their mission, because it does not depend on the invention of pressurized hydropower (which would make such choices only more sustainable), but on the priorities chosen by governments world, that these choices would have to be made equally, with higher costs, if they wanted to protect the environment and human health. Instead, despite the reduction of costs allowed by the hydropower compressed, they continue, unanimously, to pretend not to understand.


Some industrial cycles, such as the production of steel, cast iron, lime, cement and waste incineration, can only partially be improved with compressed hydropower. Therefore in the global plants it is necessary to understand the calcareous greenhouses, which for me are the best system to combat global warming, neutralizing the CO2 in a sustainable way, but also to sustainably complete the water purification, acidified by oxidation treatments and nitrification. The denitrification treatment, which is not always carried out in purifiers, makes it possible to recover about a third of the alkalinity lost in oxidation and nitrification treatments.  Also the alkalization of water in calcareous greenhouses is much more efficient and sustainable in limestone greenhouses compared to the current purifiers. Instead, there are no doubts about the oxidation and nitrification treatments, which occur respectively, as side effects of the production of compressed hydropower (Henry) and the flow of water between the rocks in the indoor environment that consumes CO2 instead of emitting it in the environment, as in the current tanks of oxidation and nitrification. Therefore, there is no reason in the world to continue to have in the entire planet the current thermal power stations, and heat engines that have warmed the planet, but not even the current water and air purifiers, which have not been able to cool and purify efficiently.

The main advantage of combining limestone greenhouses with compressed hydroelectric energy is the fact that the same water that produces energy, purifies the fumes, recovers the CO2 to produce alkaline waters, and recovers much of the steam produced, which is condensed by contact with the metal wall of the roof of the cooled building, having an acid PH (5.5) it cooperates to corrode the calcareous material that reacts chemically with the CO2, equally acid (5.5), in the rains purifying the fumes.

if it will be true that the calcareous towers will increase the costs of the production of steel, lime, cement and incineration of waste, it will also be true that this cost will be offset in large part by the low cost of hydropower and water purification and of global air. From the following article public this information for those who think that electric ovens completely zero emissions of CO2. Unfortunately it is not true:

“The merging process can be schematically divided into two phases:                                                     

The first phase is aimed at the fusion of solid scrap. The second phase is aimed at obtaining the temperature and the objective composition. In the melting phase it is common practice to use methane burners to aid the electric arc, to speed up the fusion and reduce the consumption of electricity. In the second phase, instead, coal (normally anthracite charged in bulk with the scrap or insufflated in powder) is used which, reacting with oxygen, produces CO promoting the foaming of the layer of liquid oxides (slag) which protects the molten steel bath. The foam covers the electric arc, reducing thermal losses, increasing efficiency, and protects refractories by reducing the total cost of the process. The CO produced can also be burned with other oxygen (post-combustion).

Today a typical 100 t / h electric oven consumes between 500 and 1500 kg / h of coal and between 500 and 1000 kg / h of natural gas, with a corresponding production of 3-8 t / h of CO2. “

From what we wrote above we must take note that fossil energy can not be completely eliminated to produce steel, incinerate waste, produce lime and cement, but this would not have been an environmental problem even in the past, if the fumes purification plants were designed correctly, as proposed by myself: removing the chimneys and replacing them with limestone greenhouses both in the industrial plants mentioned above and in the urban ones.

The problem would have been only economic: The calcareous greenhouses, universally applied in the world would have solved the problem of global warming with higher costs without the invention of the compressed hydroelectric. The two things are connected because if I had not posed the problem of making the costs for water lifting and recycling more economical, especially in limestone greenhouses, which require a lot of them, I would not have invented the compressed hydroelectric energy. But the question I ask myself is the following: what did it matter of the costs to the governments and to the UN. If the priority was to protect the environment and human health? I think the world’s people would certainly have accepted the higher costs of cement lime and purification steel instead of the costs it pays to repair environmental damage and health costs against cancer, especially the cardio respiratory system.

The ambiguity that showed the world’s ruling class on environmental energy inventions is immense, because it has not spent a single dollar to verify any of the environmental and energy solutions reported on Even today the calcareous greenhouses are unknown and the virtual progress of the state of the art that would have made them economical and sustainable through the compressed hydroelectric is also unknown. As all the energetic and purifying interactive inventions reported on SPAWHE are unknown.

Unfortunately, the problem is not only of general scientific culture, because the energy and purification plants can be designed globally only by putting them together rationally and this can not be done by those who work in watertight compartments. As seen throughout the entire world, they place random installations on the territory and make incomplete cycles. Even if desired, today many of these plants cannot be completed without having foreseen the necessary ingredients and the necessary spaces. If this happened worldwide, the problem is also moral. We must ask ourselves who has prevented science from reasoning globally? Fortunately, not all ills come to harm. Because the hydroelectric power will cost so little that we would have spent the taxpayers’ money unnecessarily to clean the fumes of all the world’s public thermal plants. It is appropriate to gradually degrade them, along with the large electricity distribution networks, to the pipelines, gas pipelines and oil tankers. In many cases it will also be possible to empty the hydroelectric reservoirs, because the compressed hydroelectric energy, with the recycling of water, can be produced in every corner of the earth, urban or desert or polar, without consuming neither water nor water. air, but only the wear of the materials, but purifying and alkalizing the water as a side effect of our choice for the principle of Henry and with the combination with calcareous greenhouses or overlapping biological ponds. In any case, the balance of payments of the countries will subtract important energy purification costs of public health and repair of damage caused by floods and incoherent water management. We must not forget that the same plants that produce compressed hydroelectric energy, purification and alkalisation, in the case of high water, can raise the same water in channels specially designed to direct them directly to the sea or in safety basins. But the same discourse is also valid for other energies, fixed and mobile. There can be no comparison between the complexity of a cycle of a thermal engine and a one-way fluid dynamics that exploits the compressed air pressure statically, without expansions and compressions. And without any smoke to be purified. If the traditional thermal and hydroelectric energy, which are the current major energies in the world, can not stand comparison, it is useless to compare it with nuclear, wind and solar energy. The bureaucrats who govern Europe and the world, who invoke respect for the rules of the economy must resign themselves. They have to take a big step back. Before making these rules, the fundamental principles of energy and purification had to be correctly identified. The large multinationals that have focused on current energy and created the current gap between rich and poor cannot hide behind the politicians, who in turn have made public works wrong.  Even large public and private managers, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars or euros a year, have shown that they do not know how to do their job. But this does not even include poor countries and those full of debts like Italy that change a government every two years without knowing that before talking about politics and economics it is necessary to learn how to globally design industrial, environmental and energy and transfer the experience from one sector to another, choosing the best solutions for the environment and the economy. Above all, public research bodies should have driven global growth from the point of view of intellectual property, reserving copyright, as a form of financing, but allowing access to all public and private companies worldwide, not by selling patents to private companies, creating evident conflicts of interest and hidden alliances, which even International Justice does not correct, despite the global protection of the environment does not advance. If world public science had worked synergistically, I would not have felt the need to retire the environmental inventor. The inventions of SPAWHE, would have produced them, long before the undersigned who was forced to work alone and without money. Today the Formula One races between Mercedes and Ferrari, would be done with hydroelectric engines, simpler and more powerful than the thermal ones that pollute the environment. Obviously, the speech applies to all the means of transport and work worldwide.

For more than three years I have been beating myself against the perpetrator of perpetual motion of the bureaucrats of the patent offices, while the bureaucrats of national and international politics speak only of economy and the distribution of wealth, without realizing that they are destroying the primary sources of wealth. world. I have not found a single interlocutor because I do not belong to the world’s leading class. The current world ruling class rewards itself, giving value to certain scientific discoveries, and is silent on others. Pay more a footballer than a scientist. Consider more a picture than an invention useful to feed people. We need to re-establish the universal value of things, especially from the moral point of view. Someone two thousand years ago said: “The first will be the last and the last will be the first”. But we must not generalize and think that without merit and the sweat of the brow belonging to a political party or an association changes its social position.” The work ennobles man. Personally, I think everyone should try to do what he does best even if the circumstances of life lead you to do other things. As I have written on several occasions, my task was not to design the plants, but only to install them in industry and the environment. But I, loving my work, I prepared myself trying to learn all the things that could be used to carry out the activity of inventor, at least as a retiree.  According to the economic results I obtained, this activity was a failure. But I’m satisfied with how things went. I would have felt worse if I had failed my solutions. This no one has shown it and until proof to the contrary, I claim the copyright on my inventions, at the International Court of Justice, not for the greed of the economic gain, but for the respect due to the dignity of the work and also other technicians try to give the best of their intellect in the common interest, at least by retirees, without being heroes, thinking first of the family duties.

In my work as an environmental inventor I tried to solve simple problems first, and then the more complicated ones. But the solution of the complicated problems was always that of the simplification of the processes, closing open systems that had already performed their functions in the same plants, before draining the water and the air outside. Last time I left the most complex problems, so that the state of the art of the energies and the interactive depurations had grown, even if only virtually, to deal with the production of steel, cast iron, incinerators, the production of calcium and cement that in my opinion, are the plants that require the most attention, as they can not be eliminated as thermal and nuclear power plants.

I knew that the purification of these plants had to be done using calcareous greenhouses and compressed hydropower, but I was waiting for the right and sustainable idea for the handling of limestone materials to return to the subject. The mechanized solution like an automated warehouse I had used in the previous version was too expensive and impractical in a highly corrosive environment. Self-criticism is essential to improve the state of the art, especially if you are forced to work alone.

To understand the usefulness of calcareous greenhouses it is necessary to jump back more than four billion years in the history of the planet Earth, going up to the primeval era, when the planet was a mixture of hydrogen and carbon based water and materials inert not yet stabilized. From the following article on the net:, I extract: “The Earth, immediately after having originated (probably from the gravitational aggregation of matter wandering in space), was probably an almost homogeneous and relatively cold body, but the contraction caused by the progressive increase in mass produced an increase in temperature, to which undoubtedly the radioactive decay of some isotopes contributed. At a later stage, the increase in temperature gave way to a process of partial melting of the planet, causing it to differentiate into the crust, mantle and core: the silicates, lighter, tended to rise towards the surface, forming the mantle and the crust, while the heavy elements, especially iron and nickel, sank towards the center of the earth. At the same time, by means of volcanic eruptions, the light gases were expelled incessantly from the mantle and from the crust. Some of these gases, in particular methane, ammonia, oxides of nitrogen, sulfur, carbon dioxide, formed the primordial atmosphere, while the water vapor condensed, giving rise to the first oceans “All these atmospheric gases were absorbed by the oceans and from the thickening of the rocks produced by subductions, which in substance are physical and chemical phenomena under very high pressures.

From the online publication “” report: “The calcareous stones come from sedimentary rocks, both of chemical origin and of organic origin. Chemical sedimentation is linked to equilibrium in a heterogeneous phase:

Ca2+ + 2 HCO3 ⇌ CaCO3 (s) + H2O + CO2 (g)

As can be seen from the reaction, running or stagnant waters rich in calcium ions and hydrogen carbonate ions can deposit calcium carbonate as a precipitate if, due to changed conditions of temperature and / or partial pressure of overlying CO2, they remove part of the carbon dioxide in them dissolved in the atmosphere. The reaction is reversible and, read from right to left, it interprets the phenomenon of chemical erosion which, carbonated waters, not excessively concentrated in calcium ions, called aggressive waters, carry out on the calcareous rocks.

This phenomenon is particularly evident in the stalactitic and stalagmitic formations, determined by groundwater which, by percolating under pressure, when they come into contact with the atmosphere or with air chambers, allow H2O to evaporate and become depleted of CO2, with consequent precipitation of CaCO3 which takes on the shape of a drop. The compound that clearly dominates the chemical composition of the calcareous rocks is therefore calcium carbonate. In addition to calcium carbonate, in the process of sedimentation, other carbonates precipitate, especially those of magnesium and manganese and iron hydroxides that have a significant influence on appearance and especially on color. The calcareous rocks are not stable neither to chemical agents nor to thermal agents. In fact, calcium carbonate is balanced at every temperature with calcium oxide and carbon dioxide:

CaCO3 (s) ⇌ CaO (s) + CO2 (g)

At low temperatures, the CO2 concentration in the air is sufficient to shift the balance from right to left, while at high temperatures the opposite happens: CaCO3 dissociates to increase the CO2 concentration in the air up to the equilibrium value.

Acids, even weak, or diluted strong acids, decompose calcium carbonate, according to the reaction: CaCO3 + 2 HCl → CaCl2 + H2O + CO2

Or in ionic form: CaCO3 + 2 H+ → Ca2+ + H2O + CO2

This is the reaction to which we must tend in the calcareous greenhouses, which in abundance of rainwater we can write differently:

CaCO3+ CO2+ H2O ↔ Ca2++ 2 HCO3

The calcareous particles go into solution in the form of ions. These ions can be originated by different mechanisms: 1) -dissolutions of salts, until reaching the solubility product of the same salt; 2) ionic exchange between a cation and the H3O + ions; 3) -Ionic exchange between an anion and OH- ions. In addition to the three mechanisms mentioned above, the ion subtracted from (positive) rocks may undergo a complexation (formation of complex ions) or hydrolysis by reaction with water molecules. Both of these factors reduce its effective concentration.  Imagine what happens at the molecular level when an ionic solid, like a salt, melts. The ions abandon the solid and disperse in the solvent, until some dissolved ions meet with the undissolved solute (solid salt) and recrystallize on its surface. But in the artificial greenhouse the flow of water will be quite continuous, dragging the salts into the water of the basin below. The saturation conditions will never occur, so the dissolution rate will always be higher than the recrystallization speed. In substance, we will not produce stalactites and stalagmites but alkaline waters. The sedimentary rocks are composed of minerals, such as alkaline and alkaline-earthy sulphates and carbonates, generally soluble in natural waters. Their dissolution rate is much higher than that of silicates, which we obviously do not take into consideration, but anyway, they will make their small contribution. An example of cold carbonation is given by calcite (CaCO3) which often remains dissolved in a supersaturated solution. The natural waters dissolve the alkaline-earth carbonates first. When the concentration of ions Ca ++ and CO3 – corresponding to saturation with respect to calcite is reached, the increase in salinity resulting from the progress of the water along the hydrogeological cycle is achieved by the solubilization of alkaline-earthy sulfates and alkaline chlorides. The five categories are therefore so divided, taking the name from the main saline component: 1) – bicarbonate waters; 2) – bicarbonate chloride waters; 3) – chloride-bicarbonate waters; 4) – chloride-sulphate waters; 5) – chloride water. Na + and K + are grouped among the alkalis; Ca ++ and Mg ++ among the alkaline-earthy; HCO3- and CO3– between the anions on one side, and on the other CL- and SO4–. In this way the sum of the molar percentage (Na + + K +) closes at 100% with the molar percentage (Ca ++ + Mg ++) and the molar percentage (HCO3- + CO3–) closes at 100 with the molar percentage (Cl- + SO4 -). The acid carbonate, or calcium bicarbonate passes in solution in the water (solubility at 20 ° C, about 1 g / liter). It is actually an equilibrium reaction and the amount of acid carbonate that can be dissolved in water is greatly influenced by the concentration of CO2 in the water itself.

The phenomenon of the solubilization of gases in water is quantifiable in milligrams of gas per liter of water (nitrogen, oxygen, CO2, etc.) according to Dalton’s law, which are the main formulas that explain the concept, without entering into the about the calculations:

In an ideal gas mixture contained in a volume V and at a temperature T, the molecules of each gas behave independently of the molecules of the other gases; as a consequence, the pressure exerted by the gaseous mixture on the surface of the water is given by:   where, R is a constant that is 0.0821; , … represent the number of moles of each component of the mixture. This law is valid under the same conditions to which the law of ideal gas is valid: it is approximated to moderate pressures, but it becomes more and more accurate as the pressure is lowered. By defining the molar fraction as the ratio between the number of moles of the i-th component and the number  total number of moles present:                 it is obtained that in a mixture of ideal gases, the partial pressure of each component is given by the total pressure multiplied by the molar fraction of this component: . 

In substance, for each gas present in the air it is possible to calculate how much water is solubilized at the working pressure, but for practical purposes, the energy we spend to compress the air will be a small expense, since the air compressed, never exiting the volume of the tank (1) has only small oscillations of pressure, and once the saturation point is reached, no other air is solubilized. But when the polluted water enters, as mentioned above, with a very low energy cost in the tank (1), it automatically increases the self-purifying capacity due to the greater solubilization of the oxygen and when it comes out, it carries the oxygen outside, which frees itself to oxidize other polluted water particles present in the aquatic environment of the calcareous greenhouse.

The scientists still do not explain the reasons for the increase in ocean acidification in the industrial era, which, compared to an increase in CO2 from 280 ppm to 407, has lowered the PH by more than 0.14 units (from 8.25 to 8, 1) that, being a logarithmic scale, corresponds to an increase of ions (+) of about 35%. This increase has surpassed all the mathematical models, since sea water, which is very rich in salts, should behave more like a buffer solution containing at the minimum the variation of PH. The undersigned, believes that the explanation of this phenomenon depends simply on the greater solubility of CO2 in water compared to oxygen and nitrogen, due to the greater weight, as a consequence of the cited laws of Henry and Dalton, and on this reasoning he proposed the calcareous greenhouses. Many scientific texts show tables with the solubility of gases at atmospheric pressure and at different temperatures, we quote the following publication on the web that everyone can consult: Rainwater, for example, at a temperature of 30 oC, contains a total of about 15.89 cm3 of gas, of which 10.38 cm3 is N nitrogen, with small impurities of other gases, 5.26 cm3 is oxygen O2, and 0.25 cm3 it is CO2. The latter, occupies only 0.25 cm3, but if we consider that in the atmosphere occupies only a percentage of 0.040% and that at the time of compilation of the table occupied about 0.035%, we can say that occupies a space much higher than that that would be his.Infatti, considerando che l’azoto e gas minori, occupa il 79% dell’atmosfera, possiamo confrontare i rapporti tra volume occupato e le percentuale nell’aria.  This ratio in the case of nitrogen is (10.38 / 79 = 0.131) and in the case of CO2 it is (0.25 / 0.035 = 71.14). This means that the ability to solubilize CO2 with water compared to nitrogen, at atmospheric pressure, is 543 times higher (71.14 / 0, 131). The same can be said about oxygen, in respect of which this greater capacity to solubilize is about 285 times higher (5.26 / 21 = 0.25 for which 71.4 / 0.25 = 285.6). This great capacity for solubilization justifies the speed of acidification of the planet, although the percentage is still low, but we see it grow every year.

This greater ability to dissolve CO2 can also be exploited to the benefit of environmental protection. Since, in an environment closed on all four sides (such as the calcareous greenhouse), saturated with water-cooled combustion fumes, with air vents placed only in the upper area, CO2 will occupy almost the entire space reserved for gases in the water and in the low areas of the environment, specially created, while nitrogen and oxygen will rise much faster in the atmosphere. This allows us to accelerate the corrosive process against calcareous materials hundreds of times as if we had pressurized many bars or cooled the environment in many degrees. However, this greater solubility is temporary and limited only to the environment subtracted from the action of the wind. In the moment in here the waters will leave this environment, nitrogen and oxygen will re-occupy their natural space and the CO2 will be returned to the atmosphere in order for the CO2 to remain permanently in the water even when these leave the closed and covered environment, it must be transformed into bicarbonate or carbonate, making the alkaline waters. This natural solution can be made sustainable only by carefully studying the organization of work, exploiting gravity for the descent of water and limestone, but also by exploiting Henry’s law that solubilizing oxygen and CO2, increases aggression water against the calcareous material. Without the invention of compressed hydroelectric, this solution would be less sustainable, but still necessary. The fact that it has never been realized does not honor the environmental sciences. The fact that the undersigned proposed the calcareous greenhouses in 2012, in a national patent filing and subsequently internationally, paying unnecessarily the filing fees, without finding scientific, political, legislative, juridical worldwide public interlocutors, speaks volumes about the real will of the world leading class to face global warming problems.  Above all public researchers who make complaints about the severity of problems take the funding to continue to deepen the research but not the solutions. These, continue to share them with the multinationals who buy their patents to improve the yields of current plants that are almost useless, having mistaken the fundamental principle of world energy that is not thermodynamic but dynamic fluid in all respects (economic, technical, purifying and energy). The invention of compressed hydroelectric energy, silenced for three years now, with all its purifying and energy applications, aggravates even more the incomprehensible silence of the world’s public scientific institutions, but at this point, we can say, also of the nations United and International Judges.

In the new solution of calcareous greenhouses presented in this publication, as a virtual advancement of the state of the art of an environmental work ever made, limestone and contained in semicircular polyethylene slides reinforced with stainless steel stirrups, where water flows lifted and recycled. In a very schematic line, the calcareous material to which the task of producing carbonates will be entrusted will be mainly calcareous rocks, bones of sterilized animals, residues of concretes.

 If this is the system that used nature to normalize the primordial atmosphere, why should not urban areas close to steel mills, incinerators and thermal power stations and areas with the highest urban traffic? Why is world science silent on this solution? And why are the legislators, the judges, the trade unions, the environmental associations also silent? If it is true that they do not want social assistance, but work, why do not they fight to expand the cycles of environmental protection? Why nobody opposes the design errors of public and private facilities? All claim a cleaner environment but no one goes into the details of alternative solutions to not discover the vulnerable points of an obsolete industrial system from birth, which everyone has helped to build. The undersigned, through SPAWHE, has shown that science does not accept the suggestions of private inventors, even if they have almost fifty years of experience in designing details and installing public and private facilities. Science has always collaborated only with the multinationals that have warmed the planet with incomplete inventions. Science has always collaborated only with the multinationals that have warmed the planet with incomplete inventions. Nevertheless, the state of the art of environmental protection can also proceed virtually, with zero funding, assuming that the fluid-dynamic principles not legislated by science are functioning. Unfortunately, while SPAWHE only grew virtually, pollution really grew. We continue to build thermoelectric power plants of high powers, without worrying about the quantities of carbonates that the water can transport. On the contrary, they still do not even try to transport them. What’s worse is the fact that thermal plants use large amounts of water to cool turbines, condensers, mills. What would it take to use the same water to neutralize CO2 and produce alkalinity? Is it ignorance, unconsciousness, or malice against the environment and humanity? You do not need to be a scientist to make logical reasoning.

The combination of calcareous greenhouses, overlapping biological ponds, and pressurized hydropower, which are inventions ignored by the world power centers, would produce the sum of the effects enacted by Henry and Dalton in passing through the pressurized autoclave, the biological ponds and the greenhouse at atmospheric pressure, but covered, where the toxic gases and the heavier powders of the air do not disperse in the external environment, entail much longer contact times and higher concentrations of the gaseous, solid and liquid active components. All of natural origin. Furthermore, the system would produce energy instead of consuming it. If these plants are built near water courses they can be used to feed irrigation channels with water at the right alkaline value. If the watercourses are subject to swelling during the rainy season, the waters can be kept low by diverting them to the irrigation channels and to the sea directly from the upper overflow tank (12) of Fig. 1, without feeding the limestone greenhouses. All this would happen by producing energy without fuel and without pollution, with costs hundreds of times lower than those that the world community is forced to pay by a European and World leadership that still does not want to investigate the direction of a sustainable economy, asking to all the non-aligned countries the respect of the economic budget rules. These rules are absurd, considering that the whole world development is wrong by the foundations. The first to have to be downgraded should be the rating agencies, whose evaluation parameters are exclusively financial. The combination of the evaluation based on the letters, with the number of the same determines a greater or less appreciation of the credit risk by a company or a country, is not correctly indicative. For myself, the world would need global rating agencies that would have to assess not only the financial status but also the state of the art of a company or a country in terms of energy production systems, purification prevention of environmental damage, and health human. In other words, industrial economic development had to be parallel to that of public services, for a very simple reason: The two systems had to correct each other, having different objectives, but with an equal scientific and technological development.

The undersigned, having divided his working life exactly halfway between the design and installation of industrial and environmental plants, has understood that it is the objectives that determine the scientific and technological choices and therefore the useful inventions. But what is useful for the profit of industry can be harmful to the environment and what is useful to the environment can be detrimental to the profit of the industry. Those who had to assess the overall health status of a company or a country had to assess all aspects, not just financial ones, since a business or country could also have made scientific investments and technologists not understood by those who only evaluate the debt and the ability to pay the rate.

The rules of the scientific organization of labor were written by Frederick Taylor in 1911, they were not only valid for organizing work in the manufacturing industry, but for all the world-wide human works. Only one is the best solution in all human activities. It is necessary to experiment it, case by case, experimenting various combinations, scientific, technological and human, until this solution does not come out. This also applies to producing fixed and mobile energy and to purify water and air. Even to lengthen the life of man with an artificial heart, not only autonomously energetically, but also oxygenator of the blood.

I believe I have shown with many examples that this energy is powerful both from an energetic and purifying point of view, and from an economic point of view. The verification of the functional principles of this energy I consider it useless as it is implicit in the principles of Torricelli, Pascal, Henry, but anyone who wants to verify it is enough few thousands of dollars or dollars. I have already spent these money to deposit patents that are not worth anything from the legislative point of view. I can not even spend them to show the prototypes of the plants. The result would not change. Today, behind the division of skills is hidden science that never works synergistically in all the world facilities, closing all cycles, or not opening them. But politicians and lawmakers are also hidden, allowing this havoc. Obviously, the judges, national and international, do not intervene, because the plants respect the existing regulations.

I wonder, how would the Council of Europe and Rating agencies react if the Italian government, instead of talking about pension reform, citizenship income, blocking the passage to migrants, and exceeding the permissible threshold of the relationship between the gross domestic product and the public debt, subordinated these reforms to a real economic, scientific and technological revolution, based on the gradual elimination of fixed and mobile fossil energy from the national territory over a period of twenty years. Obviously, the modification should reflect the development model reported in, where the current sewers would be modified to make the sewage sewers; the current water purifiers that would be replaced by overlapping biological ponds and hydroelectric lime greenhouses, which are by far the best solutions to protect the environment by producing energy, in addition to neutralizing CO2 and powders, dioxins and creating alkalinity. They could also break down all SOx and NOx in the few plants that would still produce fossil energy, for steel producers and incinerate waste. These oxides would be forced to react with calcium to produce sulphates, nitrates that are added to carbonates produced with CO2. These are reduced by the oxidation treatment due to the simple fact that the water circulates continuously on contact with the air in the chutes and when it is raised through the autoclaves, as stated above, by Henry’s law.

In the greenhouse there will be the transformation of sulfur oxide into sulfite: SO3 + CAO + H2O → CASO3 + H2O, while the nitrification treatment, which consists in converting ammonia into nitrite and subsequently into nitrate by nitrosating bacteria and nitrifying bacteria, occurs both in the autoclaves and in the lime-greenhouse, requiring an aerobic environment where prokaryotic bacteria operate.  During the first phase the ammonia is first oxidized hydroxylamine by the ammonia mono monoxygenase according to the reaction: NH3 + O2 + 2 H+ + 2 e– → NH2OH + H2O. During the second phase the hydroxylamine is converted into nitrite by the hydroxylamine oxidoreductase according to the reaction: NH2OH + H2O → NO2– + 5 H+ + 4 e–. Subsequently, the oxidation of nitrite to nitrate occurs by another type of prokaryotes known as nitrite oxidizing according to the reaction 2 NO2– + O2 → NO3–.  The same can be said for the abatement of phosphorus. Obviously, in the presence of higher organic loads, the calcareous greenhouses can be flanked by overlapping biological ponds, always hydroelectric, in which CO2 could be used as carbon fertilizer, as shown in fig. 4.

Obviously, as this economic, scientific and technological reform progresses, so will employment and contributions paid by workers for pension reforms, income from citizenship. The problem of migrants, on the other hand, can be solved in two ways.

1) making them work together with Italian, European and world citizens, rebuilding a completely wrong industrial society.

2) Teaching how resources are saved and wealth is produced in their country through the use of interactive energies, which have never been used on planet Earth.

The fault of the current state of affairs is above all public science, which has created the misunderstanding, not correcting private inventions, based on fossil energy and not having been able to explain in the public schools, to the whole world, the interactivity between water, air and gravitational force. Even today, the absolute majority of the world’s people, including the politicians who govern, rating agencies, and patent offices, is convinced that the principles of thermodynamics are the most important principles of world energy, while those of fluid dynamics are of no use at all, because energy is not created from nothing. Instead, the opposite is true. In most cases, thermodynamics is a useless and environmentally harmful step, especially for the side effects it produces, but also because it is less powerful and much more expensive than compressed air, which can be used statically, without being consumed.

If the public research bodies, instead of favoring the multinationals of energy and large public works, had deepened the systems of cleaning fossil energy, probably, sooner or later, they would have come to propose the compressed hydropower, which is born above all, because, I realized that the highest cost to clean the fossil energy was due to the energy needed to lift and circulate the water and the calcareous material. By designing the systems globally, above all by entering into the constructive details of the autoclave pumps and the legislated physical principles, all the hydraulic systems can be transformed from large absorbers into energy producers.

Suppose we realize a calcareous greenhouse that raises the water and produces energy through 60 autoclaves (1) coupled to pumps used as turbine (pat), which exploit the useful height Hu = 350 m and an electric pump with double feeding DN 150 with flow rate 35 L / s. Assuming the efficiency of the turbine is 0.75, applying the formula Pu = η * 1000 * Q * Hu / 102, we have an energy production of 90 Kw (0.75 * 1000 * 0.035 * 350/102By assigning to the circulation pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller a prevalence of 0.4 m and a yield of 0.6, the power absorbed by it, which carries a double flow rate of that passing in the turbine, calculated with the formula 0, 4 * 1000 * 0.070 / 102 * 0.6 = 0, 457 KW.

In this case the ratio between energy expenditure and yield is 196.9 (90/0, 457). In fact, the circuit that produces energy at the autoclave outlet depends only on the compressed air pressure, which is adjustable by means of the pressure switch calibration (10.2) that feeds the network, which can be around 40 bar, considering that beyond to produce energy through the turbine that absorbs 35 bar the water must also be raised about 40 m, if the depth of the greenhouse will be such. While the circulation pump absorbs very little energy like all circulating pumps in closed circuits with the load balanced in suction and delivery and the losses on the separate impeller supply are compensated by the positive water head on the pump suction. It is no wonder this result, considering that compressed air is a very powerful, flexible and economical energy accumulator. But it must be used statically, one-way, as nature does with atmospheric pressure. Without the contemporary invention of the pump with the double separate power supply and the internal recycling of the autoclave, this energetic and purifying miracle can not be realized.

If we consider that the reasoning made on a single circulation pump and only one pump used as a turbine that circulates only 35 L / sec of water leads to the production of about 89.5 Kw and that each autoclave can mount three plants in parallel because the internal volume of water and air does not vary, in the system assumed, equipped with 60 autoclaves, we could have an energy production of about 16,110 Kw / h (89.5 * 60 * 3), to power, not only electric ovens that produce steel, incinerators, factories that produce cement, lime, industry, agglomerations.  If we consider that the reason for this is that it will be the only one that can be used in the production of a single circulation pump. 16.110 Kw / h (89.5 * 60 * 3), volume of water and air in the system assumed, equipped with 60 autoclaves, to power, not only electric steel that produces steel, incinerators, factories that produces cement, lime, industry, agglomerations.

If there is not enough space to create limestone greenhouses that purify the fumes completely, as could happen in the case of ILVA in Taranto (Italy), where the factory is located in an urban center, it is sufficient to realize the abatement of the powders with artificial rains and use the same system also to thicken the fumes that will increase the concentration of CO2 in the lower part of the greenhouse, being this heavier than air. The CO2 can be aspirated with one or more fans (23) and sent to one or more systems consisting of an air dryer (24), a filter (25), a compressor (10), which feed a tanker that will distribute CO2 to the calcareous greenhouses that will replace the current useless and harmful water purifiers, which can not produce alkaline waters, while the entire planet is acidifying.

These solutions entrepreneurs do not study them spontaneously, so there is global public science that should design the purification and energy plants in the general interest, the legislators who impose them on everyone, including the industrialists and the justice that punishes offenders. But if the chain already starts with the wrong installations of public science, even the legislators and the judges find extenuating circumstances to not do their job well. The chain must work differently: judges and legislators must prohibit science and designers in general from designing incomplete installations from an environmental point of view. All systems that do not close the cycles that open are incomplete.

Those who do not comply with these rules cannot be qualified to carry out the profession as doctors who transgress professional ethics. SPAWHE has shown that everyone is hiding behind the state of the art, but has also shown that the state of the art does not advance because the world centers of power do not do their duty to make it move forward, starting with science and designers who do not complete the purifying or neutralizing cycles of CO2 and PH.

Italian politicians, industrialists and public science have been ridiculous, considering the sale of a strategic industry in the production of steel, such as ILVA of Taranto to the foreign multinational, Arcelor Mittal, not having been able to solve environmental problems, which involved. I would like to remind this ruling class, which has it all wrong since the advent of the industrial age, that there are also the famous Pyrrhic victories, which are authentic defeats. By pure chance the story of Pirro involved the city of Taranto against the government of Rome (In 281 BC. Taranto, in war against Rome, called Pirro, king of Epirus) to help. I do not see that the world steel producers, including Arcelor Mittal have solved these problems, which are among the environmental solutions proposed by SPAWHE, since 2012. Obviously, in 2012 I had not yet invented the pumps with the double separate power supply and the compressed hydropower and thus the state of the art of cleaning fossil energy from incinerator steel production and calcium production could not increase further. If those who have governed Italy in recent years had had a little patience, sooner or later, I would have also come to study a specific solution on this subject. I’m sorry to have arrived after the ILVA has been sold off but I could not do it before, because the state of the art is so backward, that these more serious problems I preferred to face them last, when the state of the art of SPAWHE, even if only virtual, had first solved the less serious problems. “The hydroelectric greenhouses for purification of fumes, CO2 and water with natural alkalization” are the last patent filing of the undersigned, N. 102018000010001 dated 02/11/2018, which coincides with the publication. However, I am sure, that even if I had published the patent a year before, no one would have noticed, including the citizens of Taranto. Nobody is a prophet in his homeland. For my country I mean, above all, the social category to which I belong, which is that of a simple citizen. The citizens of the world have the serious defect of delegating projects of public social utility to the public and private power centers. They think that changing the men of government also change the centers of power, but it is not so.  Governments change, but those who design and manage public procurement, economic development and world wealth are always the same. The undersigned, wanted to demonstrate through the website, that those who really want to change things, must first of all form the designers of the future not linked to any center of power, but able to enter into the details of the current public and private projects that have produced the current global warming and most of the public debt. Training these designers in a short time is impossible, because both schools and industries produce one-way specialists. It would take many generations to change things. The world can no longer wait. For this reason I worked as a retiree as a madman to develop all the solutions that came to my mind, until my health accompanied me. Therefore, I suggest to the world governments armed with good will, to temporarily use the systems designed by SPAWHE as an experimental alternative to the current energy and purification systems. As a simple citizen, I assumed the responsibility of proposing solutions. Many scientists instead of solutions have only made complaints, but kept silent about the solutions. Politicians do not know what they want to do. They demand only more freedom of spending to create growth. Where are the solutions? If the designers are always the same, the solutions are the same. Changing the order of factors the result does not change.

 The future purifiers will have to be the urban purification sewers that lighten the already mentioned organic loads, and the limestone greenhouses next to the fresh water courses, the lakes and the artificial basins. That complete the purification and alkalize the waters. These plants for the large capacity of water that will be able to lift, if you use pumps, turbines and autoclaves of larger size, can also defend against high water from floods and droughts. If we notice, the water raised to the overflow tank (12), in case of need, instead of reaching the overflow quota, if you open the exhaust valves (12.1), alternatively, they can supply irrigation channels or defense channels from high waters. The limestone greenhouses producing energy, which are powerful purifiers may also have a significant commercial development if coupled with disinfection with ultraviolet rays of the output water, to create factories that produce mineral or thermal waters with natural processes, selecting the rocks and minerals to slide in the slides.

If all this is possible but it has not been realized anywhere in the world, with what letters of the alphabet we have to evaluate the world government that does not exist and what letters we have to use to evaluate the rating agencies themselves, who have not noticed anything ? Personally, as a simple and impotent citizen, I would use for both cases the letter “D”: an institution in a state of bankruptcy and therefore insolvent.


The process of globalization of the economy, for myself, is not wrong. Indeed it would be right to have a world government and a single currency. But first it was necessary to learn how to globally design all the world’s plants, industrial, agricultural, urban, health and land, marine, and space transport systems. All the plants work, but as Frederick Taylor said, the one who first studied “The scientific organization of work”, the best solution is only one, and it is the one that best meets the world’s priorities: Protection of the environment, human health, conservation of resources, economy. These priorities can not be met without scientifically selecting all the details that make up the world plants according to the state of the art achieved. But first it was necessary to scientifically analyze the development of the art achieved in each sector to find out whether it was necessary to correct it or move on. This was not done because the world did not create the professional skills to design the plants globally. If he had created these skills, everyone would have realized that the first principle of thermodynamics has too many side effects incompatible with the environment and therefore must be substituted with a general principle of more compatible energy. The undersigned has identified it in the synergistic fluid dynamics between water and air. Although this energy source has never been used, it is the only one that would qualify as the primary source of global energy.

Global planning should have been the responsibility of governments and the United Nations, but world schooling does not allow the training of people who are prepared to face problems globally and transversely. Not even public research centers and multinationals form technicians who reason globally, but for individual specializations. In the whole world, the right hand never knows what the left is doing. Public research bodies are financed by selling specialized patents to multinational companies with the consent of governments. But nobody realizes complete cycles.

We must ask ourselves: When will the conflicts of interest of world public bodies and the crime of omission be truly condemned? What is the use of International Judges who depend on the UN?

International laws have never legislated that the right way to design for the environment is energy is to close all the cycles that open, at any cost. Therefore, both sewage and energy plant designers have designed and built incomplete plants. Reading the website from the old Home page to the new home page, it is shown that the purification plants can be designed differently, purifying water and air together, closing all the cycles alkalizing the waters, which today they are not alkalized, with serious damage to the environment, because the oceans and lakes are becoming acidic. But reading this site, it can also be noted that although the plants have never been built, as they approach the new Home page, they have improved because the synergies between water and air have gradually led to improvements in the state of the art ( virtually) and to make the hydraulic systems also energetic with the recycling of water. Not only to purify, but also to raise and desalinate them. These improvements have led to the identification of compressed hydroelectric energy that can be achieved everywhere, even at the north and south poles, in deserts and miniaturized, even in the man’s chest to replace the heart and partially the lungs, oxygenating the blood.  Obviously all means of transport, including spaceships, can use this energy that is more powerful and clean than that produced with fuels, because compressed air can reach very high pressures and is statically exploited, if you circulate an incompressible liquid introduced in the recycling circuit through the pumps with the double separate power supply until to the impeller. But as long as economic, legislative, technical and scientific power is in the hands of those who have done everything wrong, the crime of “Omission” will be the daily bread of all world governments. The gap between rich and poor will continue to rise and the poor will not find work, although there is much to be done to demolish all the world’s major fixed and mobile energy and purification plants, which must be rebuilt before the process of acidification of the planet becomes irreversible.  It is known that the oceans have already lost almost 35% of alkalinity and that the acidification curve has a logarithmic pattern. Only the joint action of limestone greenhouses distributed on the continents and the artificial Welling made directly in the oceans could reverse this process. But neither solution has ever been implemented, despite the patent deposits and the publications of the undersigned. Artificial welling could lift solubilized carbonates into ocean depths to bring back the alkalinity and nutrients for fish. Science and centers of power are shamelessly silent, while patent offices reject solutions, as if they were world scientific authorities. These should be limited only to registering the dates of patent deposits and to keep the original documents deposited. Patents of public utility should be accessible to all, without industrial property, but by recognizing copyright to inventors, otherwise no one will study them thoroughly, although it would be an institutional duty of world public research bodies. The patent trade and the denial of copyrights to inventors unrelated to power centers by lawmakers seem to be designed to prevent the emergence of sustainable solutions that only inventors without economic means and who do not have access to the laboratories of experimentation, they can invent, using experience and global reasoning.

Dante Alighieri and Albert Einstein, at different times and with different skills, hoped for a single European and world central government to avoid wars of any kind among men. Personally, I think the same way, but strangely, dealing with global cleansing and energy systems, I also clashed with the silence of international political, scientific and justice authorities. All these bodies, full of personalities specialized in individual sectors, have shown that they do not understand the spirit or the details of interactive projects of environmental protection, which can only come from transversal experiences lived and deepened by myself.  This shows that the current demands for autonomy in some regions, in particular, in Europe, are ridiculous. At most one could have political, religious and social autonomy, but not the autonomy of spending on the scientific management of energy and the environment. After the mistakes made on these managements, if we do not join forces and only one world policy is realized, we do not leave the standoff in which we find ourselves, especially if we continue to spend public and private resources in palliatives, such as battery-powered cars , which cost a lot and do not change the primary source of energy. If there are no international interlocutors, able to understand projects developed in detail, which question the fundamental principles of energy, can the local councilors understand the environment and energy? Faced with the incompetence of countries that claim freedom of spending, that of the European government, sovereign states, the UN and rating agencies, but especially in the face of changes, which every day produce increasingly serious damage, I believe that all the world’s public works concerning the environment and energy should be blocked, because these are the main cause of the current disasters. Indirectly, they are also responsible for the proliferation of thermal energy on world transport, because, as I believe I have shown, compressed hydropower, which could also be mounted on transport, and in the human heart, could hardly be discovered without deepening first the wrong synergies on large public installations worldwide. Sooner or later, the highest world authorities, if they do not want to completely play their reputation, must answer scientifically and globally about the solutions proposed by the undersigned, not for a personal whim, but for a cross-cutting scientific analysis based on experience, not on theories, even if it can not physically show the plants. The world authorities are defending themselves by hiding behind the incompetence of the patent offices and not financing them.

Not even NASA, for myself, is being shown to the height of its tasks, if it did not understand, the utility of hydroelectric energy also compressed in space missions both for propulsive purposes, and to create the natural habitat inside the spaceships, but also to create the artificial heart oxygenator of autonomous blood energetically that will serve to oxygenate especially the human brain that can survive the other parts of the body. As I wrote in another paragraph: “If the human soul exists it is contained in the brain and its knowledge. It will not be humiliating for anyone to survive thanks to an artificial heart, cybernetic, and some syrup specially designed by nutritionists to be solubilized in small autoclaves that will replace the ventricular atria. When we are ready to do this. We will also be ready to conquer the infinite space. Not before. With our very short current life, we can not go very far.  ( Perfect energy can only be produced by the circulation of a perfect fluid, which is incompressible, with low viscosity, and without toxic substances. These are certainly not the combustion fumes.  If world public science has not been able to make the right inventions to get it out. By correcting public installations and world transport, it can not even exacerbate its position by pretending not to understand it, also creating an alibi for politicians, the bureaucrats that legislate, rating agencies and judges who should punish not only the crimes environmental, but also acts of omission of world public bodies and private interests in office records, which represent the sales of public patents to private companies.

Below are the unnecessary articles of the “Codification Project on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Illicit Acts”, signed by the member states to the UN in 2001. These articles are referred to almost all the seventeen open letters addressed to the International Court of Justice that they did not have an answer. This article is the eighteenth letter.

Article 1

Responsibility of a State for its internationally unlawful acts.

Every internationally wrongful act of a State entails its international responsibility.

Article 2

Elements of an internationally wrongful act of a State

There is an internationally wrongful act of a State when conduct consisting of in an action or omission:

a) it can be attributed to the state the same way as international law;

b) constitutes a breach of an international obligation of the State.

Article 15

infringement resulting in a complex act

  Paragraph 1. The breach of an international obligation by a State through a series of actions

or omissions, defined as a whole as illegal, is perfected when producing the action or

the omission which, together with other actions or omissions, is sufficient to constitute the wrongful act.

  Paragraph 2. In such a case, the breach extends over the entire period starting with the first of the actions or omissions of the series and lasts for as long as these actions or omissions are repeated and remain not

comply with the international obligation.

Article 48

Invocation of responsibility by a State other than an injured State

  Paragraph 1. Any State other than an injured State is entitled to invoke the responsibility of another State in accordance with paragraph 2 if:

a) The obligation breached subsists against a group of States including that State, and established for the protection of a collective interest of the group;

b) The obligation breached arises towards the international community as a whole.

 Paragraph 2. Any State entitled to invoke responsibility under paragraph 1 may claim from the responsible State:

a) cessation of the internationally wrongful act, and assurances and guarantees of non

repetition in accordance with Article 30;

b) compliance with the obligation of reparation in accordance with the previous articles,

in the interest of the State offended or breached the obligation beneficiaries.

Article 54

Measures taken by States other than an injured State

This chapter does not prejudice the right of any State, entitled under Article 48,

paragraph 1 to invoke the responsibility of another State, to take lawful measures against that

State to ensure cessation of the breach and reparation in the interest of the injured State or

beneficiaries of the obligation breached.

Article 58

individual responsibility

These articles are without prejudice to any question as to the responsibility individual under international law of any person acting on behalf of a State.

After the publication of the main articles of the “Code of Conduct on State Responsibility for Internationally Illicit Actions”, which recall the collective responsibilities of states and individuals, of those who act on behalf of them, the undersigned wants to emphasize the function Social issues that the designers of environmental and energy systems, especially public, carry out.

 The undersigned, although he has never been a public planner, has worked in public facilities and felt this serious responsibility, and having intuited, more than other designers, that through the interactive energies could have improved the quality of life of everyone, he could not escape the challenge of studying solutions. Se non l’avessi fatto io che ci credo, certamente, non lo avrebbero fatto coloro che non ci credono, oppure devono obbedire a ordini che impediscono di crederci. Unfortunately, it is not just a matter of believing or not believing. It is not convenient for the public inventor to oppose the system precisely because public legislators have subordinated intellectual property to industrial property. Copyright does not exist if inventions are not purchased by industrialists. Therefore public inventors adapt, as only by the sale of patents can obtain a source of income that is added to the normal salary. In other words, the legislators with the current patent laws encourage the betrayal of public interests to favor multinationals. Therefore public inventors adapt, as only by the sale of patents can obtain a source of income that is added to the normal salary. In other words, the legislators with the current patent laws encourage the betrayal of public interests to favor multinationals. Who can condemn a public inventor who complies with these rules, if he receives 50% of the sale of the patent (the other 50% goes to the institution to which he belongs) without paying the huge deposit and maintenance fees that internationally are almost ten thousand euros a year? Obviously, as long as the patent is not sold, the taxes pay the tax payers, including myself, who as a private inventor, not enjoying such privileges, has deposited internationally only six strategic patents, without finding interlocutors, putting us in addition to the I also work the savings (about 20,000 euros).

So, making the public inventor is a pleasure, while being a private inventor in a strategic sector like the environment and energy is an impossible mission, that only those who are motivated by moral and ideal interests can carry on. It means fighting against rubber walls or windmills, like Don Quixote. These, in his madness, believed in his mission, as Dante Alighieri believed in his wisdom. I hope to be a middle ground between Don Quixote and Dante Alighieri, in an area where fantasy and poetry have nothing to do with it. But there are many other things, especially the experience of a life of work transversal to science and technology and work organization. It is not by chance that all the world’s energy and purification plants, for one reason or another, are incomplete and should be banned by legislators and judges if they were competent. But how can they be competent legislators and judges, if they are not scientists? If my experience has led me to see environmental and energy solutions differently from those carried out by multinationals and public bodies and also to denounce the possible conflicts of interest that prevent public inventors from doing their job well, it is not due to case, but to love for my work, which as in the case of Dante Alighieri has become a mission to fulfill. For my part it would have been an “omission”, if at least retired, I had not tried to develop my solutions. If solutions are not developed in detail, the ways of closing cycles, avoiding emissions into the atmosphere and connecting the plants to each other can not be identified. You can not even compare the potential with the current plants. I believe that the twelve years I have used to develop these details have not been useless for the whole of humanity because there is a big difference between the design with global objectives (that of myself) and the local design that is the current one, brought ahead of multinational corporations and world public bodies. They are above all those who must repent because they can no longer hide their responsibilities. If they continue to do so, they will lose credibility to all global governments and institutions, including rating agencies and international justice. Nothing can justify them when the costs of environmental protection become unsustainable. It is preferable that governments learn to govern by applying science and technology globally and stop calling economists technicians. It must be the multinationals that must adapt to public planning purified by hidden interests. Today the opposite happens precisely because they have devalued the intellectual property of inventions to the detriment of those who possess illicitly accumulated capital, producing and marketing incomplete inventions with the consent of legislators and world justice.

It was a case that the undersigned noticed the inconsistencies, installing, as a simple technician, in different periods of his life, first the industrial plants and then the environmental ones. Global industrial, energy and purification plants lack the organization of industrial work, which I called environmental Taylorism. This should not be applied to individual plants, but to the entire territory, studying again the purification cycles of water and air. As illustrated on the website, I tried to copy the natural systems with the help of state-of-the-art technology and new integrative inventions so that the cycles are never interrupted.

Even today there is a heated dispute between scientists on the responsibilities of man on global warming. But this dispute has nothing to do with the real interests of the environment, because those who oppose it have never talked about global purification and interactive energy, but only to increase renewable energy and energy storage systems, which is just another way to make money at the expense of the environment.

Many scientists, even Nobel prizes, like Carlo Rubbia, deny man’s responsibilities. They demand a mathematical model that demonstrates the causes of global warming. But both those who believe in it, and those who do not believe it, are silent about the cycles that have failed to close in nuclear plants (radioactive waste), in thermal plants (CO2), in purification plants (alkalinity). Furthermore, only a small part of the polluted water and fumes passes through the purifiers. No one has noticed that filtration is not a purification and that thermodynamic, fluid dynamic, chemical and biological cycles are never put together to allow profit for individual industrial specializations.

Instead, the undersigned, even though he could never experiment his ideas, came to the conclusion that only by combining different fluids, different sciences and technologies in the same plants could we identify new purification solutions, such as calcareous greenhouses, overlapping biological ponds, vertical depurative wells, which would complement the sewage paths, waterways, lakes, the most polluted coastal areas, the production of steel, cement, lime, reaching the global purification of water and air together, with consumption of CO2, and desalination and alkalization of water. Only after all this was done was virtual hydroelectric energy between air water and gravitational force, where purification would simply be the positive side effect of a sustainable energy production, which does not require fuels. After doing this, it was also virtually possible to invent compressed hydroelectric energy that multiplies returns.

Meanwhile, world science and multinationals have turned a blind eye, although all the steps have been filed in the form of patent deposits, published on social networks, as well as sent by email to research institutions and entrepreneurs to look for interlocutors. The state of the art of global purification and interactive energy has had to grow virtually in twelve years of solitary work, while legislators protected industrial property by making patent deposits useless, both through the immense fees to be paid internationally, and by accusing inventions of violating the principles of energy conservation. These principles, however, would be enhanced by the interactivity of water and air that has never been exploited because of the absence of the strategic inventions of the undersigned. If I had believed their silence and the meaningless oppositions of the patent offices, it would take at least another hundred years to conceive virtually the compressed hydroelectric energy mounted on land and aerospace means of transportation, to the artificial human heart, to close the cycles too. high furnaces and incinerators, as to defend territories from droughts and high waters always using the same interactive system. A hundred years will not be enough if all the telematic evidence of my work is destroyed.

That CO2 produces or does not produce global warming, does not absolve world science from the inability to design plants. Science has not been able to maintain the level of CO2 and the level of alkalinity of the oceans at the same level as the pre-industrial age because it has failed the model of development and has not been able to correct it because of the servility towards political and economic powers.

Albert Einstein used to say: “I can not conceive of a genuine scientist who defects a deep faith”. Unfortunately, Einstein taken from astronomical studies and atoms, could not delve into simpler and more practical technologies, such as hydraulics, pneumatics, precision machining, which, together with some scientific principles legislated in the sixteenth century, would have thwarted the nuclear threat before its birth. As I wrote in the article  Einstein, prese le distanze dall’energia nucleare, denunciandone i pericoli.

Of the study of environmental and energy solutions, the undersigned, could only be occupied by a pensioner. In his working life, no one would give him a salary to do it. Not everyone can afford to do researchers and inventors and even get paid for these noble activities. In today’s society there is the omission of specializations that do not apply science impartially, either to satisfy partisan interests, or simply for incompetence to enter into the details of other sciences and technologies. But the undersigned in his activity as a designer and installer of installations had understood that in order to put together complex systems correctly, multidisciplinary knowledge is needed, otherwise connections and changes can not be made that simplify the solutions and make them even cheaper. He had also understood that nobody rewards the multidisciplinarity of public and private employees. They prefer specialists and put them together not to create synergies but to perfect individual technologies and beat the competition on a commercial level. In the industry, we first study the work cycles to be carried out and then design the machines, systems and transport systems with the highest possible automation to the state of the art. When, in 1986, after seventeen years of work in the automotive industry, I went to work for a private company that worked in the installation of public facilities, I realized that the plants were randomly installed in the territory and all the cycles were incomplete. So they stayed until 2006, when I retired and started to study my solutions. So they are still, forty linked patent stores have created only a virtual advancement of the state of the art in general indifference, waiting for the world to regain and the world public bodies learn how to work as they work in industry: starting from organization of work on the territory concerned, by the cycles of work that must be closed in the plants and in those connected to them, without ever interrupting them.

Private entrepreneurs who do not close the environmental cycles linked to industrial production can not be condemned, because the rules to be respected and the infrastructures to which they must be linked must design the world public bodies. Industrialists produce what the market demands at the lowest possible price to beat the competition. They also try to improve the purification yields, but without exceeding the regulations in order not to throw away the investments they have made in the sector concerned, thermal, chemical, biological, etc.

Institutions must be doing sustainable energy and purifying research, stimulating the creation of multidisciplinary inventions that must create links between pure research and the business world. Must be the moral rights of the author recognized by the institutions (judges and lawmakers) to reward the best inventors and scientists. But as I wrote above, all of this is a dream in today’s society, because laws only favor industrial property, which stimulates the social betrayal of public inventors,

As I wrote in the article,  “ During the past 80 million years, the polarity of the Earth has reversed about 170 times, changing on average every four hundred seventy thousand years. According to some scientists, the phenomenon of polarity inversion could cause a weakening of the protective shield against solar radiation causing a thinning of the ozone layer and a greater penetration of ultraviolet radiation, with a consequent increase in cancer diseases for humans. Not only that, but the phenomenon could also have effects on animals, such as whales or some species of birds, which rely, so to speak, on the magnetic field to orient themselves. It must be said that while a part of the scientific community appears more optimistic, some researchers seem to hypothesize a possible inversion of the magnetic field even in very short times (within the next thirty years). The rocks indicate that the field has weakened over the last 2,000 years, confirming that the decline towards magnetic chaos may have already begun. If the inversion occurred quickly, the modern world would be distorted. In the worst case scenario, solar storms would cause electric blackouts by paralyzing the metropolis. The Earth could be bombarded by solar radiation, with an energy equivalent to some billions of Hiroshima bombs, accompanied by waves of magnetism. A solar storm would cause strong fluctuations in the lines of force of the Earth’s magnetic field, destroying radio and television communications, navigation systems, overloading the telephone and electrical lines, putting power plants out of operation but also all electricity distribution systems and fuel distribution networks. All this, not to mention the connected geological effects: earthquakes, seaquakes, deviations from the terrestrial coast, volcanic eruptions, great fires, floods, glaciations. We must not think about what is happening today in the face of a disaster in a single area of the world, which sees the supportive help of many countries. In the face of a planetary disaster, no help can get anywhere. The only energy that could be useful in the face of such a calamity is precisely the compressed hydroelectric energy, which does not exist anywhere in the world, which could make all the families of the world autonomous, both in private homes and for means of transport. Above all, the means of transport would also act as an autonomous generator without fuel and without additional costs. I’m not just talking about the car, but also about small or large aircraft that could become accessible, because in addition to saving on fuels, mechanical construction would be simplified, not only because the hydroelectric engine is simpler than the thermal engine, but also because mechanical transmissions and wheels would be needed. This is not science fiction because even the movies has also failed by focusing on nuclear and solar energy without any concrete basis. This on the contrary is science and technology that can be achieved in just a few years.

The inversion of the poles, which by nature is not the end of the world but a natural fact of geological and electromagnetic regeneration. Men must understand that on earth they are mere guests, they cannot be the masters. They can try to understand but they cannot certainly change the solar system If the earth to regenerate needs to reverse the poles after about 470,000 years to resume functioning properly, it can not take into account the fact that it upsets the programs of the men who in the meantime built skyscrapers, bridges, roads, railways, dams, thermal power stations and nuclear, gas, oil and electricity distribution networks, information distribution networks in cables and optical fibers and satellite networks. Until proven otherwise, men must adapt to nature, not nature to man.”

If I had fallen into the trap created by the world patent system that forced the inventors to become entrepreneurs and seek the financiers at all costs, I would not have gone beyond the first patents concerning water saving with the recycling of domestic water, purification sewer, the modification of the chimneys, which are not commercial patents, but useful to set up a global purification process, which then would have to continue with the other inventions as they would have been experimented, up to the final stages of industrial, urban applications , agricultural and energy with purified water and air. To carry out this path I would have had to receive the collaboration of the Italian public research bodies and it would not have been enough a whole life, while I was not in the middle of the journey of my life, as he thought he was Dante Alighieri. I knew I did not have time, being at the last third or fourth of my life. Unfortunately, the collaboration of public bodies has not been there and I had to go on alone the whole path although I was not a researcher nor a scientist, nor a designer paid by the state. Thank God, I have concluded my business and I still have a few years of life to prod whoever pretends not to understand. Fu più sfortunato Dante Alighieri che morì subito dopo aver composto gli ultimi cantici del Paradiso. But the world will be grateful to him forever for the great work of art accomplished. Poetry is certainly more genuine than science, which can be easily manipulated for partisan interests, above all, especially when legislative and justice bodies allow incomplete applications, accepting toxic emission limits in exchange for economic progress. The undersigned showed that all the plants that emit toxic emissions are wrong, for two reasons:

1. All cycles can be closed, at least in fixed installations.

2. In mobile energy plants it would be sufficient not to open the cycles that emit toxic emissions using compressed hydropower. In these systems the energy spent on recycling water is hundreds of times lower than the energy produced by the static exploitation of compressed air. Therefore, there are also economic reasons for not opening such cycles, but the bureaucrats of politics and the world economy do not realize it. They want the confirmations, not from the inventors, but from science, that having done everything wrong, it keeps on silencing.

Contrary to what one might think, sustainable inventions are the most economical and simple to invent, but also the most brilliant, because they are visible to everyone and nobody sees them. Above all, researchers investigating molecules and atoms. The reasoning of the undersigned is much simpler: we need to put together what already works in nature and in the existing technological and scientific inventions by rationally applying the organization of work.

Unfortunately, this reasoning was only partially done in the industry, where the undersigned has learned it. It has never been transferred outside the manufacturing industry, where it would have been even more useful, above all to identify the interactive environmental and energy synergies, which the undersigned has sought alone in general indifference, after having studied also the environmental problems and energy. When a new patent filing is filed, a presentation is made of the state of the art of the sector interested in the invention. But, by studying global purifying and interactive solutions, which do not exist, one must above all make an objective analysis of the reasons why such solutions do not exist. This analysis inevitably leads to a moral condemnation of the world institutions because it is very difficult to understand the reasons why all the world’s public facilities are incomplete and randomly arranged on the territory. It is obvious that even private companies have felt authorized to create equally incomplete thermal, chemical and biological plants.

The inventors who have not participated in this global massacre must continue to explain how sustainable and clean plants work, designed only virtually because nobody financed them, hoping that what the technicians do not understand or pretend not to understand, find at least some judge willing to investigate. There is nothing simpler to demonstrate than sustainable inventions that are based on already known scientific and technological principles, put together rationally by those who have investigated more deeply on synergies.

For myself, the cure for all evils, which is also the care of the world economy is only one: the interactive energy, between water, air and calcareous material, which are inexhaustible elements on the planet earth. But this energy has not been produced even a Kw, although the undersigned has been talking about it for six years. The undersigned challenges the great scientist Carlo Rubbia, Nobel Prize winner 1984, a senator for Italian life, after having challenged, in vain, even the great entrepreneur Bill Gates, who is attempting to produce a miraculous energy (,). There is no need for the mathematical model to show that the planet cools with the production of compressed hydroelectric energy combined with calcareous greenhouses. Only transitive property, which we have learned at elementary and middle schools, is sufficient: If the earth has found the right thermal and environmental equilibrium reclaiming the deadly gases of the primordial atmosphere simply by mixing the gases and the more or less calcareous materials before that the continents formed, for the transitive property, can certainly purify the fumes from the CO2, SOX, NOX, powders, in limestone greenhouses, that reproduce in small the same conditions. If the normal centrifugal pumps work, even more so, the pumps with the double separate power supply also work with balanced pressures in suction and delivery. Therefore, for the transitive property, we can insert and circulate the water in the pressurized autoclaves and for the same property, the water that comes out pressurized without varying the volumes and the pressures of water and air, produces energy through a turbine placed at the exit of the autoclave. Consequently, again for the transitive property, regardless of CO2, we will not need the heat and steam produced by the nuclear power stations that the prof. Rubbia, but not even that produced by thermal power stations and by billions of means of transport and work with thermal engines. In the environment of anthropic production, only the heat and the steam that we will produce for the castings of steel, cast iron, incinerate waste, produce lime and cement will remain. Much of this vapor will be condensed directly into the greenhouses without reaching the atmosphere. How CO2 will not reach it. For the transitive property: less heat = less vapor = less CO2. Until proven otherwise, heat produces both heating and steam, and CO2, which are greenhouse gases. What need do we have of thermal and nuclear heat if we do not produce any greenhouse gases with compressed air and water that circulates cold in autoclaves in pumps and turbines?

Another example of the transitive property is as follows: If we can discharge the water at atmospheric pressure to 100 meters deep in the sea (we normally do it with the subsea pipelines that discharge not completely purified water), we can also introduce it to atmospheric pressure in a pressurized autoclave at 10 bar, provided that we reproduce the same conditions of pressure balance that occur in the depths of the sea: That is, the descent tube must come from the top of the sea, doing also enter the atmospheric pressure which descends into the seabed equipped with kinetic energy. Balancing in this way the internal and external static pressures to the down tube in the bottom where the water comes out.  This means that if we insert a pump with downflow in the down pipe and immediately after a pump used as a turbine, the first absorbs very little energy, only to win the state of inertia, but exploiting the atmospheric pressure of a bar and the positive head of 9 bar, the turbine produces the energy due to the pressure of 10 bar multiplied by the flow rate for the water density. As a result of this multiplication, only the loss of load at the V2 / 2g outlet is opposed because static pressure in an incompressible liquid can not oppose internally developed kinetic energy (with balanced static pressures). If the turbine were not to slow down the speed of the covuta water to the ten bars of kinetic energy, all the energy would be dispersed in heat due to the greater speed of the water and to the friction in the down tube and to the exit in the bottom. In base a queste semplici considerazioni, basate sul principio della transitività o similitudine delle applicazioni furono depositati i brevetti denominati “energia idroelettrica sommersa” But these patent deposits have been considered perpetual motion by the patent offices because world science has never proposed such an application, which, moreover, would free the oxygen contained in the surface water in the seabed polluted by the organic sediments of lakes and seas.

In order to transfer the energy produced in the submerged aquatic environment into the atmospheric environment, further long reasoning was necessary, which led to the invention of the pumps with the double separate supply until to the impeller, which in the open environment must work with the plants lifting of the water always full and with a return tube that brings the pressure of the upper basin on one of the two suction of the pump, balancing the static pressure in suction and delivery in the rotating impeller. By creating these conditions (very similar to submerged hydropower) it is possible, through the second power supply of the pump, to introduce water to the atmospheric pressure in the rotating impeller taking advantage of a positive head on the feed water and the vacuum that the centrifugal pumps produce at the center of the impeller due to the centripetal force. Obviously, as already explained, since the water is incompressible and not viscous, the two flows flow in the same direction with different speeds, the friction force will slow down the faster state and accelerate the slower one, while the pressure will not influence the losses of load and the prevalence of the pump, being a recycling inside the volume of accumulated water. Since this circuit is open, as the level rises in the delivery tank, the static pressure of the system increases, but the pressures in the impeller will be balanced. Therefore a multistage pump is not required to lift the water to high heights, so there is a very high energy saving. For the transitive property the same reasoning can be done by recycling the pressurized water from an autoclave to any pressure, the output of which will be connected to a turbine. But unlike the case of the previous submerged hydroelectric energy, in applications that lift water in the open vessel environment or pressurized with an autoclave, in the second feed of the recycling pump that is in low prevalence, only the amount of water can enter coming out of the plant or from the autoclave that feeds the turbine. Therefore, the recycling pump with the separate double feed until to the impeller does not serve to increase the pressure but only to let the water enter the recycling circuit. However, the water that is expelled from the autoclave has the pressure of the air cushion, so the energy that produces the current generator connected to the turbine, depends on this pressure even if this pressure is not consumed if the liquid level remains constant. The expulsion of water through the turbine takes place on the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies.

This is not perpetual motion. The inventors cannot be fooled by the bureaucrats of patent offices, legislators, hiding science, entrepreneurs and justice, while the world pollutes and heats unnecessarily and resources are wasted in energy and purification systems that are not worth nothing, because this is also the best way to get free oxygen from the water, thanks to the principle of Henry.

There is an ancient Neapolitan saying that says: “The fish stinks from the head”. If world public science does not teach these things in universities and does not teach autonomous scientific reasoning, based on the similarity of applications, how do patent examiners believe the undersigned? For transitive ownership, if the Patent Offices are organs governed by the UN, they also represent world governments. The question is: do they represent world science? For myself, if they cannot understand the scientific reasoning based on transitivity, it is clear that they cannot represent science. If they do they commit an abuse of power. They cannot force the inventors to bleed into legal recourse, especially on problems of public utility, of which the inventor does not claim industrial property and it would be in the interest of the whole community to clarify at a general level. Not only do legal appeals entail economic costs that an ordinary citizen cannot afford, but they are also useless, since patents on energy and purification solutions are useless, if the world public bodies ignore such inventions to hide their mistakes. As they ignored the thirteen national patents, the five international and one European, which I have been granted on the problems of purification and cleaning of fossil energy. Thus, the problem is not only the scientific incompetence of patent offices, but the general silence of international scientific bodies, legislators, politicians and national and international judges.

However, for myself, one cannot speak of a worldwide conspiracy against the environment. But the problem is even more serious because the conspiracy may also be identified by justice, while in this case no one is investigated. There is a flight of general responsibility, favored above all, by the incomplete inventions of public science, which is never called upon to respond globally to its social and moral responsibilities.  The errors of the public planning legalized by the legislators and not condemned by the judges have produced great public works, making public debts equally public. These works help produce global warming, droughts and floods. The sooner they are demolished, the better it is for everyone. However, in the whole world this problem still does not raise it.  Countries, like Italy, which are punished by central governments, such as the European one, and by rating agencies, do not want a more sustainable design but only a different distribution of wealth. On the other hand, the problem is above all scientific and moral, because wealth can be distributed equitably only if it is produced correctly and without side effects that produce damage that must be corrected by tenders, especially public ones at the expense of everyone. Whilst the damage producer is protected by legislators and judges. Indeed, the science that is involved in all the wrong installations is called to make expert reports on the environmental damage caused by the various floods or accidental pollution.

The global design and the interactive energy that public and private science pretends not to understand is not yet in the program of any world government. How could you enter it, if it only exists on a pensioner’s website

If world public and private science has not done complete reasoning in one hundred and fifty years of industrial development, it cannot improvise them at any moment. It cannot even hide behind the ignorance of the patent offices that have learned by heart that energy does not come from nothing,  considering nothingness the gravitational force and the compressed air. The international legislators, judges, religions cannot accept the silences of science as a state of art impassable, nor even accept the IPCC complaints about climate change. The complaints do not solve the problems. They only allocate new funding to those who have the power to spend them despite not having found the right solutions. The right solutions have been reported on http: //  They have been developed 12 years of solitary work by myself and have never received a euro loan. Despite having regularly filed patents, the world public bodies have not taken them into consideration. Even if future generations want to take them into consideration, copyright will not be recognized, because the inventor, for lawmakers should also be a great entrepreneur with a lot of money available to solve the problems that public planning has not been able to design and that they have not been able to impose, by law, to the designers and installers of plants worldwide. All this is simply absurd. The global stock markets do not collapse because they are not able to make logical global, but only financial, since the fundamental principles of energy and purification have been wrong since the advent of the industrial age. Unfortunately, however, are breaking down the immune system of the planet, that nature has created over four billion years.

It would be now that scientists, like Carlo Rubbia, who exclude the responsibility for global well-being with their mathematical models as did astrophysics produce the increase in temperature and glaciations. Even if they could prove it, it would be obvious that we are talking about two different things. Man’s responsibilities are obvious because science has wrongly applied the fundamental principles of purification and energy production. Everything reported on SPAWHE has not been funded. Therefore, for the transitive property, the global purification and the interactive energy, which are the only economic systems, powerful and universally applicable, have not been realized in any of the world.  For the transitive property it is obvious that we are zero years of environmental protection. We only wasted resources. Those who have enriched themselves at the expense of the environment should return everything they have taken, apart from their criminal responsibilities, if there is universal justice.

Who has been awarded a Nobel Prize, can not but understand these things, and let the bureaucrats of the World Patent offices replace science, not to defend intellectual property but only the industrial one, which focuses on constructive details and not on energy and purification principles used.  While those who have realized the errors committed by science, are forced to clash with rubber walls raised by centers of corrupt power, and the same science that avoids the comparison of logical solutions that would have no need to be demonstrated, but only realized. I consider the science that is silent, not only on the technical and scientific level, but also on the economic one. Until proven otherwise, fossil or nuclear fuels must be bought, while compressed air, if the pumps run with the double power supply separated to the impeller, for the transitive property, can be statically exploited and therefore not consumed. It does not cost anything (apart from the small compressor wear). Consequently, if we produce cold energy and as a side effect we produce alkaline waters, subtracting calcium ions from calcium material and CO2 from the environment, we do not subtract from the environment the annual production of heat and steam that we produce with fossil energy and nuclear? If there will be no CO2 emissions from thermal plants, where will CO2 be taken to produce alkaline waters, if not from what they emitted in the environment in the previous century and a half? In the end, if we had created the SPAWHE system, we would have a defense tool even against natural ice ages. I already wrote this in the publication For the moment we have to worry about the heating produced by man and we can do it by subtracting CO2 from the environment that can be used to produce carbonates to be sent to the oceans, which currently continue to expel CO2 and precipitate carbonates even if we stop CO2 emissions, stopping the factories and the thermal transport vehicles. This should also be known by scientists who say global warming does not depend on humans. Acidification is an irreversible process that follows a logarithmic curve. It can be stopped only if a sustainable alkalization process is produced that inversely follows the same logarithmic curve. This process can be carried out only in the cold, by corrosion, by making the calcareous greenhouses, or through artificial welling (

Moreover, this energy is the only one that can guarantee the survival of man even if instead of global warming a new ice age arrived. Compressed air at the same price (almost zero) can be produced up to – 140.6 oC. World science should be ashamed of its silences on this subject, but it denies even the responsibilities of man.

World science should also be ashamed of the silence on the virtual research of SPAWHE, which also led to the conception of a small artificial heart for man, moreover, autonomously energetically and oxygenator of the blood With more dimensions and pressures, the same system can replace all the world’s transport engines

Obviously, these inventions are only possible today because they can be combined with the existing inventions of the current generating motors and of the electronic control of levels, pressures and speeds. What was missing from the current world technology was a clean primary energy source with a small footprint, powerful, but without the polluting side effects of the heating systems and the dangerous ones of nuclear energy.  If we consider that this energy consumes only the wear of the pumps with the double separate power supply, of the pumps used as turbines, of the motors and generators of current and of the compressors, they are right to keep silence all the centers of economic power in the world. But only because they should be ashamed. Where are the world moral centers of power that should make their voices heard to ascertain global scientific truth? Not even religions do enough to counteract the environmental choices of world power centers

World public science struggles only to get the funding to continue its research and sell it to the multinationals. Along with private science, he is behaving like ostriches that hide their heads in the sand in front of interactive global solutions that interact positively with the environment. The public and private sciences have never thought that interactive energy could exist, never having left the sphere of individual specializations, which have been deepening since the beginning of the twentieth century. They have not even left crumbs to private inventors in terms of funding. These, must deal only with small commercial inventions and turn into entrepreneurs to achieve them. If, by pure chance, they have had transversal working experiences that have opened their mind to sustainable global systems, which are those that serve all humanity, they must make inventions grow only with solitary reasoning, which everyone, by mutual agreement, pretend not to understand, including the Nobel prizes.

It is too easy for the world centers of power to keep silence on individual inventions so as not to oppose the interests of multinational companies and to correct public installations. The patent offices that are part of the UN organization, create legislative, bureaucratic and economic obstacles to private inventors, protecting only industrial property, not recognizing the intellectual property, with related copyrights, which are recognized to all the other authors of works of intellect.  All that has not been financed does not exist, even though patent applications have been filed with the world institutional bodies. The people of the world ostriches, who hide their heads in the sand, also to keep their jobs, has become too numerous to be able to fight it. This people does not notice that by covering up the head, it must reason with less noble parts of the human body.


The first principle of thermodynamics can not be considered the most important principle of energy conservation, as it is the first to waste energy. Heat is not used to create electricity. It does so through many steps, some of which are useless, polluting and with low yields. Just think that energy does not produce heat but the pressure of gas or steam produced by heat: the pressure x flow x the density of the fluid passing through. If we compare the hydroelectric energy compressed with thermal energy, none of these three elements is in favor of thermal energy, because the pressure of a thermal engine in the combustion chamber, at most reaches 40 bar and then tends to fall , while compressed air can also reach thousands of bars and can be statically exploited by pressurizing the incompressible liquid such as water, which has a density about 830 times higher than air. Obviously, as stated above, the incompressible liquid can circulate and produce energy only if it is introduced into the internal recycling circuit through the second supply of the circulation pump, since the same quantity that enters is expelled by the compressed air pressure of the autoclave. at the same time for the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies.

It must not be the inventors, without economic means, to demonstrate logical things that do not need to be demonstrated, but designed and implemented. Democratic governments must encourage sustainable solutions if they want to reduce public debts by reducing energy, purification and health costs. We can not expect the global transport and energy industries to spontaneously update their production without the incentives of governments, which with their public research bodies have collaborated to realize the current state of the art and with the legislators, have accepted the toxic emissions since the advent of the industrial age, having failed the primary energy source. At least justice and moral institutions must condemn the incomplete inventions of science, because the fossil energy cycles can be closed much better than they are now closed and in the absolute majority of cases, fossil energy is not needed and is even very uneconomical.

If we want to formulate a general principle of fluid dynamics, we could say that: the electrical energy that an isolated dynamic fluid system can transmit externally is proportional to the pressure of the compressible fluid acting on the incompressible liquid for the liquid flow, the density of the liquid. same, the efficiency of the electric pump with the separate double power supply up to the impeller, which introduces it into the system, and the efficiency of the pump used as a turbine that transforms static and kinetic pressure energy into electrical energy. However, talking about efficiency in this system is quite improper because there is no consumption and transformation of matter, as happens in thermodynamics, chemistry and nuclear, but only the wear and tear of materials. If there is the wear and tear of materials, one cannot even speak of perpetual motionToday, due to the interest of adverse parties, private inventors are left alone by the world public institutions, which claim only the payment of deposit and maintenance fees as if they were multinational companies. No world organism has understood that if the environmental and energy plants do not interact rationally with the environment, the world’s wealth that we will produce will not be enough to repair the damage that nature itself will produce, disturbed by the errors of human design. . Not only thermal, but also nuclear, urban, purifying and hydroelectric.

What was lacking in industrial plants was the support of a sustainable energy source that was to be identified by world public science by rationally putting together the principles legislated by the fathers of science. While what was lacking in public bodies was the organization of global environmental work, which would have led to the identification of the synergies needed to design interactive plants between water and air, which are both energetic and purifying. They are energetic because using one-way gravitational force or air pressure including the energy spent on the circulation of water is always much lower than the energy produced by the turbines. They are depurative because during the recovery, they absorb oxygen in proportion to the operating pressure of the plant, but they can also have a natural or artificial ion exchange to correct the alkalinity and salinity.

World public science has not done these studies and has ignored the solutions proposed by the undersigned. He limited himself to collaborating with multinational companies to reduce toxic emissions. He has also collaborated with multinationals of alternative renewable energies, without ever thinking about deepening the natural systems used by nature.

In fact, carrying out complete purification cycles involves designing systems that are much more cumbersome than the current ones. Suffice it to say that the CO2 concentration in the fumes reaches 10 to 12 percent of the total volume. Reducing this percentage to the environmental value at the beginning of the industrial era by calcareous greenhouses, which was only 0.0280%, was and is an impossible undertaking, for which the world public bodies have not even tried.

However, the studies carried out by the undersigned allowed not only to reduce CO2 but also to capture and compress it to transport it to other abatement plants, but also allowed the identification of compressed hydropower that could replace the current thermal power plants and thermal engines. The pure limestone greenhouses will concentrate only on cleaning the high furnaces, incinerators, cement factories and lime production. While in combination with the overlapping biological ponds, they will replace the current purifiers that do not produce complete purification cycles.

The calcareous greenhouses were designed and patented by the undersigned in 2012 together with the overlapping biological ponds, taking inspiration from the universal system used by nature to purify the water and close the natural carbon cycle correctly, returning to the oceans through the rivers that absorb salt, especially of calcium and magnesium, in long land routes that make fresh water from rainwater, melting glaciers and natural springs. Today, these patents are one of the many wasted opportunities reported on the website of the undersigned (, But with the invention of the compressed hydroelectric (which the ruling class equally did not understand and wanted to achieve) the cost of electricity is reduced to almost zero, consuming only the wear of the machines that produce energy through the electric pumps with the double power supply separated to the impeller, electropumps used as turbines, power generators and in a small part the energy for air compressors, the undersigned, returns to the subject, using the same system to eliminate even the social pollution scourge atmospheric produced by the high furnaces and incinerators, eliminating the current chimneys and replacing them, in fact, with the calcareous greenhouses, which correctly close the cycle of powders and gases produced by combustion. Moreover, the compressed hydropower can supply electricity at costs much lower than coal and gas, to transform both high furnaces and incinerators into independent induction furnaces from the national grid. The same national electricity distribution network (which loses about 15% of energy during transport) will become obsolete and will be replaced by a national water distribution network that is simultaneously hydroelectric, purifying water (by Henry and Dalton’s law) and air due to limestone greenhouses distributed in urban and industrial areas (,

Today we are in a paradoxical world situation because scientists, politicians, legislators, national and international judges refuse to make global reasoning by hiding behind their specializations, but they do not try to openly dialogue to find common solutions. The twenty-three world summits organized by the United Nations (COP), never entering into the merits of the solutions, are the demonstration of the general incompetence and the inability to assume the scientific political and economic responsibilities of world justice.  The Spawhe system, developed by myself, through transversal and interactive applications, has shown that international public regulations do not have to accept cycles of production of consumables (steel, light alloys) and incomplete services (incinerators and purifiers), which are accepting since the advent of the industrial age because science and technology are never applied synergistically, due to the fragmentation of public and private scientific and technological specializations.

It is above all the environmental events that we are living to say that we have failed both the energy systems and the purification systems, both the lifting of water, both the distribution on the territory, both the prevention of floods and droughts, and air purification, both the way of producing steel and cast iron, both to incinerate waste.

The main error that has been committed is to consider valid the current energies and purifications and therefore also the model of development. Unfortunately, despite having developed good technologies, having never completed complete cycles to save economically, we have not studied simple and strategic inventions such as those proposed by myself in the last ten years.  The undersigned, who proposes these inventions, he realized the errors, to demonstrate his reasons, he was gradually forced to modify the main world energy plants, fixed and mobile, and also the depurative ones, which are the main components of the whole model world development. The world authorities have pretended not to understand.

I think that this paradoxical situation would not have happened if there had not been serious legislative shortcomings directly linked to the way of producing world wealth. In fact, in this system to privilege industrial property, the intellectual property of the inventors with the relative copyright rights has been eliminated. Mine is not the protest of a category of workers who defend their work. I do not represent the other inventors. I do not even know if I can be considered an inventor because none of my inventions has ever been financed and implemented. I do not think there is a register of inventors. I think that everyone can become an inventor if they have the necessary preparation and creativity, but very few can be the inventors of global systems, which require special preparation, based on a transversal working life. The vast majority of inventors are employees, who carry out their inventions in specific fields by improving industrial details, or in chemical, biological, medical research, etc. These inventors have no problems because, in one way or another, their rights are recognized. Filing and maintenance fees are the responsibility of the companies they belong to. The laws also regulate the percentage of industrial property rights that belong to the dependent inventors, obviously if the inventions are sold to private entrepreneurs.

Legislative problems concern inventors who deal with problems of public social utility autonomously, outside public and private power centers, which dominate the environment and energy sector. These, cannot bear the costs of a public or private company to support their patents, but paradoxically, they are the only ones who can propose sustainable and impartial inventions for two simple reasons:

1. Not being tied to corporate interests.

2. Not having available research laboratories, their inventions, as in the case of the undersigned, are based on the search for synergies between the existing inventions. These inventions are much more useful and powerful than those that produce public and private companies, specialized in individual sectors. But they are also inconvenient for the current centers of power.

Lawmakers do not understand that development before actually being created must be created virtually with complete, interrelated projects. Therefore, there should also exist an intellectual property of inventions separate from the industrial one, at least for the inventions of social utility: medicine, environment, energy, so that inventors can carry out all the investigations with greater calm and find sources of funding. Today, since this type of intellectual property does not exist, the independent inventors, without money, must comply with current rules. They must deposit the patent in a national office, after a year transform it into an international patent, after thirty months choose the countries in which to extend the patent. Meanwhile, the national and international patent offices ask for the payment of deposit and maintenance fees in the various countries, without any world public body issuing a legislative decree to modify the current, sewage, purification, energy plants, the elimination of the current chimneys and promote the cold abatement of CO2 together with dust.

Meanwhile, the national and international patent offices ask for the payment of deposit and maintenance fees in the various countries, without any world public body issuing a legislative decree to modify the current, sewage, purification, energy plants, the elimination of the current chimneys and promote the cold abatement of CO2 together with dust. For a person like myself, who knows both industrial and environmental plants, it is clear that current public and private facilities, designed by specialists in the individual sectors, have not explored the topics globally. Therefore, the plants, especially from the environmental point of view, do not solve the collateral problems such as CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and the production of purified waste water adequate to the alkaline value of the receiving water body.

Therefore for inventors able to conceive of alternative development systems there is a lot to do. But, paradoxically, under current conditions, these can not work, because current legislation and patent offices, used to examining and legislating patents with partial objectives, are not able to understand and judge plants conceived differently. Suffice it to think of the way in which patent examiners claim to write the claims that must be focused on how the system is physically done. If they exceed the number of ten claims you have to pay more deposit and maintenance fees. It should be obvious that a global plant is much more complete than a local plant, so it would require many more claims. But this clashes with the economic possibilities of the inventors who deal with these problems, which are precisely the inventors who are not tied to the centers of economic power. Current patent legislation creates immense damage to international sustainable development and demonstrates the incompetence of all those involved in the work concerned. The study of an alternative development model cannot be done only theoretically, but entering into the details of the design of the plants and the relative connections with the percipient and subsequent anthropic plants. For this reason, the SPAWHE system is like the DIVINE COMEDY of the world’s energy and purification plants. He has condemned to hell the wrong mobile energy installations also called Mercedes, Ferrari, Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed and are acclaimed by billions of people. Who can say that cars or planes, with compressed hydroelectric engines, will run less fast than those with fossil fuel or chemical engines, if no one has spent even a dollar in the sustainable direction? I am sure of the opposite, and I have amply explained the reasons in these and other publications.

SPAWHE has saved only what is compatible with the environment and worthy to enter the Earthly Paradise, unwanted by governments that do not know how to govern, right or left, democrats or conservatives and the servile science that has collaborated creating global warming. Even the soldiers sometimes disobeyed the order to kill. Incomplete science, on the other hand, kills slowly hiding behind specific skills, boasting that they have increased returns and reduced emissions. But hiding who missed the world’s leading energy principle, science pretends not to understand that the toxic emissions are only the result of wrong equipment or the wrong energy policies used. If this does not understand world science, who can understand it? Certainly not the legislators, the politicians and the judges, the religions that do not have the scientific and technical skills to condemn the wrong scientific applications, even if everyone speaks of being in favor of renewable energy to be elected to public office. How can legislators, politicians, religious and judges understand that the current renewable energy is just another palliative not even remotely comparable with the energetic and depurative power of the interactive energy between water and air? Who has to give the order to break the world silence on interactive energy? Who has to pay the few thousand euro to ascertain this shocking truth that reduces the value of science and the world’s largest public and private managers? Personally, if someone tells me that he has experienced them and they do not work, I would not believe them. I should personally check if he has performed all the simple instructions posted on It is obvious that this would be only the first step in the right direction. The second step is to admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness to the world unknowing people and to future generations. At present it seems that these wills are not there. The moral vacuum created by science, not perceived by the people, aggravates even more the mistrust in the world political class that promises a well-being that cannot be realized. It is also difficult to maintain the current well-being, because the damage caused by climate change nullifies every unrealistic possibility of growth.

Dante Alighieri in 1315, six years before the end of his life, he was a lonely and poor man. He wrote an epistle to the Italian Cardinals who represented religious, political and economic power, showing what the people thought of them: “O fathers, do not consider me a phoenix on earth; in fact, everyone murmurs or whispers or thinks or dreams what I am talking about, and they do not declare what they have seen “.

After seven hundred years things have not changed, above all, because work is not a right, but a concession of the powerful in exchange for business loyalty. For this reason there are no alternative solutions to those desired by the centers of power. In fact, my inventions were all developed by retirees.  If I had tried to develop them before, I would have been unemployed unable to feed his family. No inventor dependent on a government, a multinational or any master could ever develop them. Really free men have become increasingly rare and can express themselves through philosophy, poetry, music, painting, writing, sculpture, also receiving author rights. Those who today are opposed by the centers of world power are only the free inventors to overcome, like Ulysses, the columns of Hercules, placed to guard the sciences and technologies, which create world wealth.

Overcoming these columns, without funding, only with the reasoning, was a challenge much greater than my modest strength. Many times I wanted to give up. But when I was about to give up, there came a sustainable idea that was compatible with the environment, which made me move forward. Gradually, a sustainable world development model was born, which grew virtually on http: // In a sense, SPAWHE is the modern Divine Comedy, but it does not lift the spirit. It depresses it.

Some might say that virtual growth does not show that growth is actually possible. I say that he is wrong because in my virtual growth I have excluded the current energy and purification solutions that produce problems for the realization of global cycles. My virtual development is more real than the real one, which can not be defined as sustainable development, since it has not addressed and solved the problems. The current world energy and purification system is the best proof of the future functioning of the one developed by myself, because it has shown practically what we must avoid in future development: “If the energy source we use is not sustainable and compatible with the environment, nature rebels and the wealth produced is not able to repair the damage, as is currently happening with global warming, the acidification of lakes, seas, oceans and melting glaciers “. SPAWHE, by identifying interactive systems and energies, has shown that we can reverse global warming processes by acidifying seas and oceans lakes and melting glaciers, simply by producing interactive energy all over the world. The more energy we produce, the more we will protect the environment.

As in Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, this is the maximum punishment for the presumptuous sciences that have played with thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric energies, creating more harm than good, without investigating thoroughly in simple applications of ordinary physics already applied by nature, obviously under different forms, not easily understood, at first glance. But that would have been easily understandable, gradually, if the state of the art had developed even in the directions indicated by the undersigned on SPAWHE.

I ask myself, as do the current professors of hydraulics that form the future generations of engineers to insist on the study of the complex perturbations of the various motion, when with the invention of pumps with the double separate power supply, the plant always full, the recycling through the pump, the compressed hydroelectric, these perturbations can be completely eliminated. Furthermore, these innovations would transform all hydraulic lifts, which together with transport are the largest energy expenditure in the world, in electricity generating plants. What do they earn to keep quiet on these topics and continue to train young people on wrong solutions and not in depth from the point of view of the synergies between the physical principles already experienced for centuries by Torricelli, Newton, Pascal, Henry, Maxwell, Pacinotti, Tesla, but never coherently assembled, precisely because of the absence of the simple invention of the pump with the separate double feed up to the impeller. The international scientific world has ignored and continues to ignore this invention, despite being an international patent (lapsed because the undersigned has not paid the patent maintenance fees), obviously inconvenient and not realized by anyone. These pumps are not contrary to the principles of energy conservation, but to the public and private world complicities that have illegally concentrated from the moral point of view and true justice, over 75% of the world’s wealth in just 10 million people (

Today, allowing patent offices to define “perpetual motion” all the inventions proposed by myself, subsequent to this invention, without spending a single euro to ascertain the truth, public world science is guilty of servility towards these centers of power, although it is paid, with taxes paid by the world people.

Probably, I did not have the courage of Dante Alighieri, who in 1300, making angry the powerful, above all, putting them in hell, risked his life every day. It could also be burned by the inquisitors of the church. Living in the twenty-first century, I think eighteen open letters, including the present, are sufficient for International Judges and the United Nations, also attaching instructions for the proposed installations. I will not hold back if you ask me for more instructions.  But I do not think they will. They have their scientific advisors, who they trust blindly, despite the current facilities, public and private, have the small defect of being uneconomical, polluting and incomplete. I’m sorry to say, but I do not see much difference between the legal and illegal power of the mafias. Both these powers do not respect minorities who think differently. But in this case it is much worse because it is not about opinions. It is about science and technology that would leave no doubt about who is wrong or right. Not to respect those who publish their environmental and energy solutions of general interest in the light of the sun, is much worse than not to respect political opponents, where the reason is never on one side.

I think it was essential for me, having been able to make the choice to go retirement at fifty-seven, when I had enough energy to spend on a mission that proved to be much more difficult than I had thought. This system has created antibodies to defend global stock markets, but not justice, impartial science and public morality, which can only be asserted with complete inventions that can not carry forward inventors who are controlled by their employers and world bureaucracy that hinders them by denying funding and copyrights, if somehow in the world they will assert themselves equally, although they have been regularly filed as patents.

However, I think I have made the right choice to fight by filing my patents anyway, not taking into account the patent offices’ remarks and not even the fees to pay, because I have dealt with patents of global public utility, which governments have shown to not knowing how to design. The patents of public utility should be made accessible to all, without industrial property, but recognizing the copyrights to the inventors who have studied them without being paid by anyone for whole years of work.

I also hope that other technicians, who have tried to improve and enrich their knowledge in life, will do the same, even if it is becoming increasingly difficult to retire under the age of sixty, when they still have the strength to spend with greater creative freedom. The technical and scientific creativity, held back by the centers of power, is the real brake of the sustainable economy and the protection of the environment. The combination of different professional skills that takes place in multinationals, which I have lived in Alfa Romeo, is a remarkable step forward to improve technologies and management aspects through the organization of work, but creativity develops through individual growth. In fact, the transport multinationals have not been able to get a hydroelectric plant into the bonnet of a car and the techno-medical ones have not been able to create an energy-independent artificial heart, which oxygenates the blood, while the multinationals of the energy has not been able to produce a low-cost energy that consumes only materials, usable at all hours of the day and night both in the Saharan deserts, and at the atric and Antarctic poles. How they have not been able to purify the environment and defend it from high waters and droughts, while producing energy. They have not even been able to depose water and air together, producing energy and alkaline waters that serve the seas and oceans. How they have not been able to desalinate marine waters by producing energy instead of consuming them.

It is almost obvious that those who have not been able to design the world facilities try to hide these solutions. But it is not obvious that the organs that represent terrestrial and divine justice also contribute to this concealment. The world bureaucrats who have produced only disasters, probably involuntarily, because they do not know what they are doing, are trying to kill the creativity of the few inventors, such as myself, who can only be expressed by retirees. I am sure that if I had delayed my activity as an inventor a few years, I would not have had the strength to conclude my mission, which I believe ended successfully, even if none of my energy and environmental proposals have been realized. Precisely these silences on the solutions of unsuspecting public figures who continue to denounce the problems, make us understand the silence surrounding the environmental inventors not tied to the centers of power. If I had not created a small personal website, with my very little computer knowledge, in the whole world there would never have been talk about sewage purification, and interactive energy, of the human heart oxygenator of blood, which could keep our life alive brain even when the other limbs will be completely deteriorated. If the world’s centers of power wanted to defend themselves against the spread of these democratic inventions and had no vested interests, they had to do the pension reform they are doing now before 2006, when I decided to accept my retirement mission. They would have earned everyone, especially the undersigned, who would have taken a higher pension, would not have spent their savings to deposit unnecessary patents, without copyright. The science and the world authorities would also have earned us that the reputation would not be played by keeping silent on these inventions, simple and sustainable logics.

The conclusion of this long publication, as can also be deduced from the title, is that international justice, religions, world moral bodies must condemn and prevent the commercialization of all incomplete inventions of science, which are an infinite number, so that they can be completed, or replace them with inventions that do not harm the environment and human health. Until yesterday it seemed that men had no choice because the state of the art does not allow complete protection of the environment and of men. Spawhe has shown that the centers of power have never sought sustainable solutions and are doing everything because they do not emerge.

It is not enough to vote against the next elections. The world needs to re-design the whole model of development because the errors of design have been added up and they have never been corrected by a global science above all suspicion, ready to confront everyone, not words, but with projects and prototypes of plants worked, before investing real money. The great works in which the world has invested in the last century have proved to be a great environmental failure and have increased public debts. The politicians cannot speak of greater equity in the distribution of wealth, if they do not know how real wealth is produced in factories and construction sites. They cannot know, what are the works to be demolished, what are to be realized and how they must be realized. They cannot even trust bad advisers who do not treasure mistakes and do not correct them; how they cannot trust the entrepreneurs who have made major investments in energy and technology that are inadequate for the global protection of the environment.

Today we must acknowledge that having wrong the fundamental principles of the world’s energies and depurations, all the evaluation parameters of the rating agencies and of the world stock exchanges have no value. A new world industrial revolution is needed. It is necessary to ensure that those who have enriched themselves with the wrong system pay the greater cost to compensate the world society for the damages suffered. For the undersigned, the development model to be followed, at least for fixed and mobile energy plants and depurative plants, can be found at http.// But these represent at least 70% of the world’s wealth and are also strategic for the other sectors. Those who have studied a model of development that can be compared with SPAWHE, are invited to take it out. It is not humiliating for a large global public body to deal with the technical and scientific proposals of a simple pensioner. It is more humiliating not to have proposals that are up to the situation, considering also the economic budgets and the costs that the global society supports to keep these great public bodies alive.


Luigi Antonio Pezone.


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