Our era, of inhabitants of the Earth, is characterized, undoubtedly, by the global warming of the planet. As a designer and installer of anthropic systems, first industrial and then environmental, I have attributed much of the responsibility for this warming to these sectors, which I think I know quite well. This was the reason why, in 2006, having reached the minimum retirement age, I decided to become an inventor, with the aim of extracting from my experience some industrial innovations, based above all’on the scientific organization of work, which would allow the increase in the purification speed of the environment. It was the least I could do as industrial productivity is based on the fact that it is necessary to carry out the right operations and the right assembly at the right time with the most efficient technologies to beat the competition on a commercial level. The same reasoning is also valid in the environmental and energy sector, not to beat the competition, but pollution and energy inefficiency.

In the current earth system the purification cycles are separated from the energy ones while in the SPAWHE system they are integrated. Just look at how current sewer systems work and how they could work if the water and air cycles were integrated. The purification would start from the apartments in which we live, proceeding into the sewers and final purifiers, producing energy along the way instead of consuming it. Obviously, by modifying the domestic, sewage and chimney systems, as proposed by the undersigned, gradually in forty non-commercial but intellectual patent deposits, diluted in almost twenty years of activity that no one has ever carried out in any part of the terrestrial planet, which in the meantime has continued to pollute and heat up. Anyone interested in understanding how the SPAWHE system works which started from the modification of the domestic, sewerage and water lifting systems, always integrated with common cycles between water and air and moving on to the energy ones, always with integrated cycles between water and air, will not one must be surprised if such systems, also becoming energetic, have gradually, virtually, also been mounted on land, sea, aeronautical and space means of transport, while global public and private science has continued to use commercial inventions that were not thought of , designed and marketed to create interactive synergistic cycles, simultaneously energetic and purifying, which use gravitational force and atmospheric air, more or less compressed, as an energy source, and water as an energy carrier. Which, while carrying out this work, purifies itself, absorbing oxygen from the atmospheric air, but can also absorb mineral salts in particular paths to regenerate the characteristics needed for industrial, agricultural and public health uses. Unfortunately, today we are still at year zero of true environmental and energy science, while governments and multinationals fight each other by destroying resources instead of learning to manage them.

In 2024 I made all my proposals and they were published on the web, but above all, on the website, where the acronym means “Synergic Plants Artificial Welling Hydroelecrtic elecrotromagnetism”. In reality, the solutions I proposed do much more than I intended. The reason is very simple: not being an employee and not having any technology or energy source to choose, I was able to freely choose what I considered to be the simplest and most economical solutions, which gradually led me, after several years of work, to find a way to extract clean cold electrical energy directly from the terrestrial environment, exploiting existing technologies, fluid dynamic principles and above all, the scientific fluid dynamic paradoxes, inherent in the old experiments of Torricelli, Pascal, Venturi, which concentrate, in particular, on the exploitation of free energy provided free by the environment. I realized that science has underestimated the low resistance that water encounters when discharged into a submerged outlet. Although the laws of physics are very clear, few technicians are able to understand the difference between an open and closed hydraulic circuit. An open circuit can produce energy, a closed circuit cannot produce it. In fact, the pressure drop of the water that comes out of a hole in a tank open to atmospheric pressure is always V2/2G multiplied by a coefficient that depends on the density of the molecules that meet at the outlet of the outlet, which is lower for atmospheric air and higher for water molecules, which has a higher density. This concept is also valid at the output of a hydraulic turbine. Contrary to what one might think, a circuit is open even if it discharges water at a depth of one hundred meters. If the water has had sufficient energy to exit the turbine, the hydrostatic head of the basin water does not offer any resistance, apart from the friction between the molecules at the exit of the submerged outlet. Therefore, if the water is piped from the top of the basin, with a few centimeters of positive difference in height, we can discharge water infinitely if the basin is large. Or, by placing a pump in series with a submersible motor that pushes the water downwards and making it acquire kinetic energy, we can mount an equal pump underneath with an opposite orientation that absorbs the kinetic energy produced by the motor. The pump mounted backwards behaves like a turbine and instead of the submersible motor we mount a submersible alternator. The alternator produces electricity in quantities much higher than the energy absorbed by the electric motor of the pump, which only had the task of overcoming the state of inertia of the water. To give an example applied to atmospheric pressure, we can say that the motor performs the function of removing the brake from a trolley with wheels placed on an inclined plane. Which, deprived of the brake, begins to descend on the inclined plane and acquires an increasingly higher speed until we activate the brake again and stop the descent. I am forced to repeat this elementary concept because ten years after the invention of submerged hydroelectric power, not a single plant of this type has been built on planet earth. Although the undersigned has continued to work on this topic. What actually produces electricity in the alternator is the potential energy transformed into kinetic energy through the first pump and transformed into electricity through the second pump which, used on the contrary, behaves like a turbine, reducing the speed of the water and producing electricity in the alternator. Since the alterator, due to the hydrostatic head and the gravitational force (which are free), produces much more electrical energy than the energy absorbed by the engine, we can use a part of this energy to provide additional electrical energy to the engine which it powers the pump, so that it does not slow down the number of revolutions and the kinetic energy that passes through the turbine, producing a quantity of kinetic energy much higher than the natural hydrostatic head. Returning to the example of the trolley above the inclined plane, we can say that in addition to removing the brake, adding additional weight to the trolley, we could also have had additional energy for free, without wasting money on fuel and without wasting capital to build artificial basins , dams, water pipelines, as happened at the Bargi power plant in Italy, which was destroyed to recover the water and allow a new production of hydroelectric energy, spending electricity, produced by thermal power plants at night, when industries absorb less energy. All this happened in Italy in 2024, which is one of the most advanced countries and therefore also happens in other countries that produce hydroelectric energy.

This type of energy, completely free and without civil works, could have been produced for a few centuries in natural or artificial basins, or from a simple vertical cylindrical container containing the water and the system described above alongside a civil building that could supply electricity to the entire condominium. This type of energy called submerged hydroelectric energy patented in Italy in 2014 has not been taken into consideration by public and private science, as if I had made the discovery of hot water. Nobody supported this simple and elementary invention, including consumer associations, environmentalists and so on. 

On planet Earth, entire categories of professionals, even if they have degrees in scientific disciplines, do not make the effort to go into these details to demand a reduction in energy costs. Everyone expects inventors, out of their own pockets, to turn into entrepreneurs and make the world economy grow.

Unfortunately, those times are over. Today, those who have enriched themselves by producing bad energy inventions, including inventors, try to hide truly sustainable inventions to continue making profits until the law and justice intervene to declare that it is necessary to make innovations.

The example reported above demonstrates that after ten years, neither the law nor justice has noticed anything because all those involved in public and private works have an interest in remaining silent about sustainable solutions that they have never seriously sought, starting from cleaning of fossil energy. In fact, the undersigned who seriously tried to clean fossil energy by means of artificial rainfall in limestone greenhouses which were supposed to reduce CO2 by producing carbonates in the water, invented submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy precisely to reduce the energy costs of artificial rain (01.02. 2021

It seems impossible that hydroelectric plants have not undergone innovations for over a century with all the gigantic useless and counterproductive hydraulic works that they have entailed throughout the world. Water doesn’t need engineers to know where to go naturally. It would only need to be distributed following the gravitational force where it is needed for agriculture, industry, civil homes, producing energy through submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy, applicable in natural water basins and aquifers, oxygenating itself while producing energy and being distributed . Instead, currently the cost of raising and distributing water from an energy point of view is second only to the cost of global transport. But even transport could and must be scrapped and transformed into compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants because only with this technology can we add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. In fact, Lorentz’s thrust could never be added to Newton’s because the latter was always produced thermally, with temperatures incompatible with the copper wires protected with simple insulating paints, which, when wound in coils, would allow the creation of global linear motors. . 31.01.2020

On planet Earth, on a scientific level, in the face of important inventions such as artificial rainfall and submerged and compressed hydroelectric power, there is a dead silence that has lasted since 2006, as all my inventions have been studied as a function of global warming. In the hydroelectric sector, everything from A to Z has been wrong. The worst inventions were the artificial basins which took away spaces to slow down natural waters and favored floods, while we needed basins in the plains where agriculture develops and where the production of hydroelectric energy submerged in the basins and aquifers cannot only it would have produced free electricity, but it would have even oxygenated the water. The simple submerged hydroelectric that the entire science, business, politics and economy has not understood for ten years is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the compressed hydroelectric that has not even been understood. This is only slightly more complex due to the introduction of the autoclaves and the pump with the separate dual feed up to the impeller. Which is probably one of the most important inventions of all time, as it was designed to dynamically balance, in the body of the pump, the pressure of the high pressure recycled liquid with the liquid recovered at the turbine outlet, so that the two liquids together, enter with a single pressure back into the autoclave to produce compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy again, consuming the energy that a recycling pump consumes, not the energy that a water lifting pump consumes or a pump that has to win the pressure of an autoclave. Without the invention of this pump. Through experimentation and improvement of performance, it will never be possible to create mobile systems that extract energy from the environment, instead of from fuels or from electric cars always charged with the energy produced with fuels.

I, who all my life have participated in creating systems designed by other designers and inventors, only as a pensioner did I have the opportunity to think with my head and I realized that the Creator of the universe had already arranged everything so that we could extract cold energy from the environment by means of gravitational force, atmospheric air and water, based only on the physical characteristics of water and air. Subsequently, faced with the silence of the entire world of science, I had doubts and continued to investigate. I only found confirmations from various scientific publications, especially those that study climatology. In fact, the particles of water and air also interact from an electromagnetic point of view, as they are automatically ionized through the ion exchange between the earth’s surface (-) and the ionosphere (+), which behave like the plates of a large capacitor which through electrical discharges (lightning) it thermoregulates the earth’s temperature, I had the definitive confirmation that my solutions are correct and that the Creator of the Universe prefers that the earth’s energy be extracted cold. Why does silence continue on these solutions? I have sent these questions to which I cannot answer to all Italian and European governments, to the international court of justice and to the United Nations without ever receiving answers.

Why don’t these global public bodies use their authority towards science which must answer on behalf of all the other categories if it is possible or not possible to extract clean energy directly from the environment? Obviously the science that tried to hide CO2 underground cannot answer, which is certainly a biased science. Where is the other science hiding? Today, despite the Internet, and climate change which creates immense disasters, science is done by the economic centers of power, to the point that the UN secretary publishes the following words on Facebook. “We cannot accept a future in which the rich are protected in air-conditioned bubbles, while the rest of humanity is lashed by a lethal climate in unlivable lands. Guterres finally called for a ban on fossil fuel advertising. Would it not be more logical for the United Nations to finance, at least on a demonstrative level, that clean energy could be extracted for free from the earth’s environment with submerged and compressed hydroelectric power, which are patents regularly filed in Italy, not financed and lapsed because can’t the inventor pay the filing fees for forty patents of a system that is completely alternative to the current one? In fact, the cold extraction of terrestrial energy is completely alternative to the current one which is produced hot. It cannot be done with just one invention.

In today’s society, if you write a fictional novel you are likely to find a publisher. If you propose inventions they must be in line with the development model that governments and multinationals intend to carry forward, otherwise you cannot find investors, you have to pay filing fees, maintenance fees, legal appeals in vain and if in the end it turns out that your inventions were correct, you are guilty of not respecting the protocol, and therefore you have no legal rights to your inventions. It’s like living in a Franz Kafka novel.
Of course, there are serious people, serious researchers but they must respect the protocol and maintain company secrecy, otherwise they lose their jobs. For the undersigned, it is evident that planet Earth functioned perfectly before the industrial era, regulating the temperature and degree of humidity of the planet in the four traditional seasons, even if the inhabitants of Earth did not have current comforts.

We are paying very dearly for these conveniences because they are based on thermal, nuclear, solar inventions and the large amount of electricity released into the atmosphere. At least meteorology scholars, even if they are not inventors, should agree with the undersigned that the current energy production and distribution systems, the inefficient purification systems, have completely upset the earth’s natural thermoregulatory electrical and electromagnetic balance.

My instinct as a designer and installer of anthropic systems has tried to put together the most efficient industrial solutions that involve the cycles of water, air, gravitational force, electrostatic currents, organic and inorganic chemistry in the same process. I copied part of the regulation and purification system from industrial painting systems, which since the middle of the last century have pressurized the painting booths with air filtering plenums, which they extract from the inclined floor of the booth together with veils of water extracted from circular holes which produce a venturi effect by mixing it with the air which transports the paint fumes towards the water and air recycling system, preceded by a special section of stainless steel fins which separate the drops of air and water, which follow different paths of filtration, treatment and conditioning to meet again in the booth, where there is also the electrostatic polarization of the paint flow which is attracted to the body to be painted by means of strategically positioned electrodes, so that there is a uniform distribution of the paint on the body itself.

I mentioned this industrial system because the environmental and energy sector is very technologically behind the industrial sector. Without a transfer of experiences between industry and the environment it is not possible to bring planet Earth to the same technological level. I was not surprised that my forty inventions were not financed by public bodies, which for unknown reasons prefer to continue using thermal energy. Even if these energies become cleaner, they will never be interactive with photosynthetic, chemical and biological processes and will always be uneconomical and produce excess vapor which can only go towards the atmosphere. I was not surprised when I saw that current society prefers cars with electric accumulators to be charged through the production of thermal energy, while no one took into consideration my hydroelectric car which would work with an engine at room temperature autonomously without being subject to continuous recharges, powered by a special electrical network always coming from thermal energy. On the other hand, my artificial heart that would oxygenate the blood is also an unwanted invention by the current world ruling class. If my inventions on cleaning fossil energy had been created they would have almost automatically led to a reduction in the quantity of greenhouse gases (CO2, steam, ozone, combustion fumes), heat and electrostatic charges present in the atmosphere. The next phase would have been the observation that other energies, nuclear, solar, wind, are not even useful, because the transport of energy, as well as being expensive, disturbs the natural ionic exchange between the earth and the ionosphere. Above all, large terrestrial, naval and aeronautical thermal engines are not needed. You don’t even need large pumps, turbines or large electric motors. If energy on planet earth is everywhere through gravitational force, water and air, it is better to use small-sized systems that are easily interchangeable, repairable and can be coupled together to meet any energy needs with closed energy cycles, but which they allow the venting of the air dissolved in the water at the turbine exit. These systems would not transfer any form of pollution to eternity, but only the electricity to be used.

Planet Earth has been damaged due to the fact that the designers of anthropic plants have considered it a large open plant, where the concentrations of polluting substances are dispersed in the atmosphere and space and purify themselves over time. In part the reasoning is correct. However, we must not forget that the Earth is four and a half billion years old and that in that long time it has never had to cope with the demands of more than eight billion people who consume resources and produce pollution without knowing how the environment works earth and its purifying potential.

This does not mean that we have to give up the consumption of modern society and go back to living without the consumption and comfort to which we have become accustomed even knowing that there would be an environmental cost that future generations would pay. If we change the development model by designing human plants better, future generations will not have to pay for our mistakes. It is sufficient to bring the values ​​of CO2, steam, ozone and atmospheric electrostatic charges back to pre-industrial values ​​and maintain them in these conditions, immediately starting to use the new energy and purification model based on submerged and compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy.

What planet Earth lacked were common sense inventions that did not increase either the quantity of greenhouse gases or the quantity of electrostatic charges in the Earth’s atmosphere. We can only obtain these two indispensable requirements by eliminating all current thermal, nuclear, solar and wind energy inventions, which cost much more than submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy, which extracts energy from the environment, with lower costs, improving the quality of the water without polluting the air, without producing steam and without transporting high voltage energy into the atmosphere. This means that we must immediately start producing submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy throughout the planet and where necessary also reinforce it with a liquid denser than water, without continuing to pretend that this energy does not exist because science hides, politicians they talk about energy without drawing from impartial scientific knowledge, but from that which emerges from the centers of power that support them and support them from an electoral point of view.

The Mattei plan proposed by the Meloni government is reheated soup, but the governments that preceded it in the last twenty years have not done better because it is not easy to deal with the environment and energy if you do not learn to think globally and impartially. If science hasn’t done it, politicians and economists certainly can’t make the right choices. It was no coincidence that I was forced to work alone because no one accepted my ideas, above all, the Italian public bodies.

It is no coincidence that I still maintain on my own that my energy can be produced locally of any size in a fixed and mobile version and therefore, in addition to not producing greenhouse gases, it does not even produce atmospheric electrostatic charges and cannot be involved in atmospheric disasters, seismic, wars. Current energies are lacking precisely in moments of emergency, due to natural disasters or products of wars and bad planning. All users, large and small, could produce it independently without the need for fuel of any kind, if there was a minimum of collaboration from world governments and the United Nations. Multinationals should adapt.

This energy, producing only wear on the rotating parts of the recycling electric pumps, turbines with their motors and power generator, can work 365 days a year for 24 hours a day with inverters that regulate the revolutions of the recycling pump with the dual power supply separate wire to the impeller, which is the heart of all systems of the future. The more the water circulates in the system, the more it purifies itself. Of course, this also applies when we use the miniaturized system in the human body to make artificial hearts. Larger systems can also be put into operation using a small electric accumulator, which by opening the pressurized water supply valve puts the entire system into operation. This energy system could save the planet from global warming, hunger and cold at any latitude and longitude of the planet. It could bring energy for free where it has never reached; rescue citizens bombed by war; put out fires from above by stopping at the fires; save the shipwrecked, always from above; work the agricultural fields, circulate means of transport, land, sea, submarine, aeronautical and space. All without fuels. This energy is the only one that can coldly add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz to create global linear motors that could also take us into space. Of course, between saying and doing there is the sea, or rather the oceans and the universe. I spent a lifetime working in industry and the environment and also worked overtime as a pensioner to conceive it. I would have liked to personally carry out some practical demonstrations of how it works, but not having been believed, I am content to have done my part without having to thank any global political, economic or scientific authority.

1.What is the role of the United Nations in strategic energy and climate choices?

On 22.04. 2024 at 12.50 I receive the following letter in the electronic mail:


Dear sir, have a good day,

My name is Antonio Guterres, Secretary of the United Nations, you may be interested to know that a meeting was held on behalf of you and all fund beneficiaries who are yet to receive their funds at the just concluded 83rd United Nations General Assembly and other heads of governments of UN/IMF countries regarding the unclaimed funds being denied to so many beneficiaries around the world, yours happens to be involved, so I am writing this reminder for your urgent and immediate payment of the funds as approved for you and long overdue, during this meeting it was discovered that no funds were paid to you as a beneficiary, so it was decided that you will be paid immediately through this compensation emergency fund payment. These funds will be paid to you in this payment period of the first quarter of the fiscal year 2024 year, you may also be interested to know that your name details have been approved to receive/request the funds immediately as approved by the General Assembly. You have been approved to receive application funds worth 10.5 million just through this international gesture bestowed on your person.

It is officially scheduled in your name/favor to receive funds of higher value as the President of the United States and the directors of the IMF have also spoken about the need to immediately liquidate the funds to you as a UN compensation fund, we therefore advise you to urgently contact the Paying Bank in Nigeria where this contract was stipulated for immediate payment/release of funds via BANK TRANSFER OR VISA ATM CARD based on the option chosen: Please contact DR.OLAYEMI CARDOSO Email: Confirm i your full names, your home address including your direct telephone number for immediate payment of funds to you.

The United Nations is very sorry for the delay in receiving your funds, therefore the bank in Nigeria has been advised to pay you immediately before the end of this month. As soon as you contact the paying bank in Nigeria, contact this office for further clarification and guide accordingly.

Please reply to

Best regards.




On 04.22.2024, 6.27 pm, I responded to the clearly false secretary of the UN as follows:

Dear Mr. Antonio Guterres, in response to his letter, received today, I reply that he is not the first UN secretary to write to me. Unfortunately the first one was fake.

Since I, as a pensioner, am the inventor of sustainable anthropic purification and energy systems, after a lifetime of work in industry and the environment, I have received many false donations to help me carry out my work. In reality these fake financiers only aim to extort money from me thinking that an inventor has money to be extorted from people who don’t know how to work and have no moral principles. Unfortunately, among these people there is the same United Nations organization that organizes conferences between the parties (COP) and at the same time manages the intellectual property of patents with the WIPO (World International Property Organization), which instead of encouraging sustainable inventions that protect nature, which inventors like me propose, penalize them, asking inventors to pay the same patent filing and maintenance fees that they ask multinationals and public bodies that are part of very large international organizations, where the taxes are not paid by the inventor, but the organization to which they belong. Unfortunately, multinationals, governments of NATO and former communist countries have produced very similar inventions, which have produced global warming and have also produced the same weapons of destruction, which are destroying the environment and causing millions of innocent victims with viruses like Covid and the bombs in Ukraine, the Middle East and other parts of the world. None of my forty inventions have been funded and tested on planet Earth. For this reason I do not believe in the authenticity of your letter and I inform you that I will not pay even one euro that will be requested of me to unblock the bureaucratic process of donating the 10.5 million euros from which I should benefit. Obviously I would use this donation to try to experiment with some of my inventions in the little time I have left to live. As described in the article dated 02.28.2020 ,,

Additionally, I will publish this letter along with the other fake funding letters below, If your letter is also fake, like your character.

112) 07. 01 2024 energia/


71) 16.09.2019

The data you request is shown on my website but I repeat them anyway, to avoid wasting time and I will also forward this response to the DR. OLAYEMI CARDOSO, who will know how to behave following this response of mine. I will also inform you of my certified email address for any future contacts:

I apologize for the frankness of my response.

Best regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone

The investigative authorities, if they wish, can also investigate the authenticity of the correspondence reported above which I used as the first paragraph of the description. As for me, I thank this fake UN secretary for giving me a new opportunity to write to the real UN secretary Antonio Guterres, after the previous open letter of 09.16.2019 reported above. Which says nothing important, other than the fact that private inventors are considered squatters by public researchers. I report a part of the previous letter to the false UN secretary:


Even if there are many who do not respect environmental laws, unfortunately, the greatest damage, from global warming, floods, droughts, radioactive waste, nuclear disasters, is due to plants built and managed legally on a global level. Before inventing interactive energies, the undersigned invented interactive purifications, but these were never created either. An official of the multinational Eni wrote to me that they were not interested in my CO2 neutralization system, using limestone greenhouses because they already respected the regulations ( -e-response-with-eni/179710/).

On this occasion I also want to add an episode already published in other articles to underline the low regard enjoyed by private inventors who dare to deal with the environment and energy.

The only serious letter received from a public research institution over many years of partner research. This is the letter ENEA / 2009/370587 / PRES dated 2/07/2009, in which the former president of ENEA (Italian national energy and environment), the  Prof. Luigi Paganetto, He invited me to a meeting at their home in Bologna, writing me literally: “In order to deepen the technical aspects and the economic implications of the systems and technologies you have proposed, please contact the Dr …………., Head of the Methodology Analysis and Prevention of Anthropic Risk, which will be able to organize a Meeting with industry experts “.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to the undersigned, the collaborators of the President delayed the meeting, and they called me in the second half of the month of September 2009, making me there and back about 1100 km by train just to tell me that the prof. Paganetto had fallen as president of Enea, and they could no take care of my patents, not having enough funds to pursue their patents either. So there was no technical discussion on my patents All this could have been communicated to me with a simple mail, without even incurring the inconvenience of traveling expenses. This is the level of behavior of Italian and probably worldwide research organizations in relation to private inventors. Later, ENEA, like all other Italian and world search agencies, did not respond to submitting my publications, although it has submitted patents far more important than those produced until 2009.

I think that even though Prof. Luigi Paganetto was the only important personality to answer me, he was the only one to do his duty, among the many thousands of world-class energy and environmental world leaders who They could answer and invite me to a constructive comparison.

These premises mean that on planet Earth there are not only great technical and scientific gaps, but also great prejudices that prevent science, legislators and justice from doing their job well. Throughout the world, scientific research groups across the various scientific disciplines would be needed to synthesize the best solutions with universal prototypes and help governments to create public utility systems and at the same time, legislators to legislate and judges to judge. But the real global problem is the fact that no one has noticed this absence, neither scientists, nor technicians, nor politicians, nor economists, nor journalists, nor trade unions, nor environmentalists, nor legislators, nor national judges, nor international ones.

The undersigned, who in his working life has dealt with work organization and the design and installation of industrial and environmental systems, has noticed this, and in 2006, decided to bring forward his retirement to propose new global development solutions, starting precisely, by the very poor organization of work in all public purification and energy plants worldwide. But when he started filing patents for his solutions, he also noticed the legislative gaps. Is it possible that the patent system does not grant copyright to inventors who do not find financiers in the short time allowed by legislators? Is it possible that legislators make no distinction between public utility patents and commercial goods patents? Is it possible that legislators allow the sale of public patents to private individuals? Is it possible that this absurd legislative system is managed directly by the United Nations through a body called W.I.P.O. (world, intellectual property organization)? Unfortunately, all this happens. This way of legislating not only allowed enormous conflicts of interest, it also prevented public research bodies from seeking the impartial purification solutions that I was about to study. It is obvious that with these laws no public research body is stimulated to broaden its horizons and study global solutions that cannot find buyers among the industrial companies that purchase the patents. In fact, even private companies specialize in individual technological sectors. Is it possible that public researchers do not understand that they cannot work in watertight compartments both in universities and ministries and produce partial and specialized patents without studying the systems globally? In fact, if public plants are studied globally, right from the initial design the connections with other plants present in the area are correctly foreseen, but also those internal to the various gas, water and fume purification cycles, to create complete cycles. and interactive with each other. The undersigned has always found closed doors from public planners on these reasonings. He could not help but move forward with his research, knowing that it was the right path to finding the right solutions to the environmental and energy problems of our time.

 This institutional absence of public reference bodies for global planning, for the undersigned, is the reason why the state of the art in environmental protection and the search for truly sustainable energy does not advance, while everyone at a scientific level is looking for solutions and it seems that everyone is doing their duty, both from a scientific and legislative point of view. In reality, no one does their duty completely, hiding the global solutions, which require a completely different way of designing the systems from how the specialists of individual urban, industrial, agricultural, water, air, fume systems design them. without ever realizing global cycles. This was the state of the art of global purification and energy plants in 1987, when I left industrial plants to deal with environmental plants. This was the state of the art in 2006, when I anticipated my exit from work to become an inventor and this was the state of the art in 2019 and 2024, despite having filed forty patents, some of which turned into international filings , subjecting themselves to absurd tax payment rules that only blind and incompetent legislators can demand from inventors on public utility patents. None of my forty public utility patents has ever been created anywhere in the world because global planning involves the modification of all current systems and the creation of logical and rational connections that no one has foreseen between the cycles of water, air and fumes. It is obvious that global public bodies, not having used my working method, could not identify interactive purification, but what is worse is the silence they are also maintaining on interactive energies, which the undersigned has arrived at unexpectedly, for try to make interactive purifications more economical, which I repeat, create unique cycles of purification of water, air and fumes both in urban plants and in sewer systems and in large final plants which are simultaneously energetic, fossil, thermal and biological purification . Today these scientific and economic centers of power continue to remain silent as they have always remained silent in the thirteen years of work it took me to reach the current state of the virtual development of interactive purification and energy. With their silence do these centers of power want to leave the world’s people in doubt? Or do they want to demonstrate without prototypes that my solutions don’t work? I am the opposite of St. Thomas: even if I don’t see, I am certain that they work because I have only done my job as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental systems. I didn’t invent anything complicated. I just put the systems together rationally, making the necessary changes to the machines and circuits. With current intellectual property laws, even if my inventions are correct I am not entitled to copyright, because, despite having regularly filed the patents and paid the filing fees, I have not paid the maintenance fees. With what money could I have paid them if I dealt with public utility solutions that global public bodies did not want to finance? What purpose would it have served the inventor to spend the money to take legal action? Even if he had won the appeal, the inventor would still have been back to square one. If global public bodies have not financed the patents on cleaning fossil energy which have also been granted at an international level, it is obvious that they would not have financed those on interactive energies either. Global public bodies treat private inventors like unwanted antibodies, while actively collaborating with private companies that buy their patents. Aren’t these conflicts of interest?

2. Thermal and nuclear energies are a brake on the development of electromagnetism which is necessary for space travel.

It makes no sense to produce thermal and nuclear energy on earth while we know that in the universe we will only be able to use electromagnetism to insert ourselves into the orbits of planets and stars. Until proven otherwise, the only way in which science and technology on planet earth have managed to produce electromagnetism has been through the circulation of permanent magnets in an electric field made up of coils of thin copper wires protected with insulating paints, which cannot resist temperatures higher than those of the earth without losing their insulation. So much so that on planet Earth science and technology have not yet managed to add the Newtonian thrust produced with thermal thrusters with that of Lorentz, due to the delicacy of the material and the protective paint they have made this coupling impossible, blocking from over a century this indispensable advancement of the state of the art of aeronautical flights, which with high costs, high energy consumption and very high environmental pollution have created the current civil and military aeronautical transport. While, as far as space is concerned, we have not gone much beyond the solution used by Jules Verne to achieve escape velocity with powerful thermal fuels without thinking about the rational return to Earth.

As I wrote in the first paragraph of this article, in the five years that have passed since the previous open letter to the secretary of the United Nations, I have had confirmation that my way of producing fluid-dynamic, electrical and electromagnetic energy is the only one perfectly compatible with the the terrestrial environment, for economic and practical reasons, for the smaller spaces occupied, the smaller masses used. The more energy we produce in hydroelectric plants with fixed water recycling, the more we will protect the environment, since the energy source (air) dissolves in the energy carrier (water) proportionally to the operating pressure according to the Henry and Dalton principles. While in mobile systems, in addition to water, we can also use a liquid of greater density, which by not leaving the system can extract a greater quantity of energy from the environment without producing pollution. In fact, the primary fluid dynamic force that produces electrical or electromagnetic energy is equal to the pressure times the density of the moving fluid. Heat is used to produce dynamic fluid energy, not electrical energy. The thermal energy source depends on the calorific value of the fuel and in the best heat engines it rarely reaches 40%. Therefore, from a scientific and economic point of view, using a fossil energy source to produce force is a huge mistake that the entire world of science has committed right at the origin of industrial development. Therefore, if we abolish the heat and use a greater density of the liquid and a greater pressure of the compressed air, used one way, at the temperature of the earth’s environment and thanks to my invention of the pump with separate dual fuel supply, which allows you to insert in the pressurized liquid recycling circuit the same quantity of liquid that we released from the autoclave, to produce electricity through a centrifugal pump used as a turbine (powered in reverse compared to the normal use of pumps), we do not violate earthly energy principles , we just use them in a smarter way. In the pressurized hydroelectric system, since the kinetic energy in the pump is provided by the water coming out of the autoclave, the alternating current electric motor of the pump, instead of absorbing current, behaves like an alternator, producing alternating electrical energy (let’s suppose 380 volts). The water that comes out of the pump at atmospheric pressure, after having given up all its kinetic energy to the alternator shaft, thanks to the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, can be inserted back into the pressurized autoclave, using half of the passage section of the inlet while the other half is used by the pressurized recycling water. In the body of the pump, thanks to the expansion of the passage section which occurs immediately after entry and Pascal’s principle which states that the pressure expands in all directions, even the liquid that enters with less pressure acquires the same pressure as it enters new in the autoclave. Therefore, there is no need to provide additional energy to the pressurized water recycling pump because the volume of water contained in the autoclave does not change. Therefore, we do not violate the principle of the impenetrability of bodies. Therefore, with the normal low head of a recycling pump with a single impeller of a closed circuit, and with a small power electric motor we allow the production of electrical energy through a multi-stage pump, which exploits the entire pressure of the autoclave connected to an alternating current generator which produces a quantity of electrical energy much higher than the energy absorbed by the motor which turns the recycling pump.

This apparent energy miracle, enabled by science and technology, cannot be understood by current science, mad This apparent energy miracle, enabled by science and technology, cannot be understood by current science, made by employees of public bodies and multinationals, without the permission of public and private employers. Any innovation can lead to job losses. It is better for public bodies and multinationals to ignore these inventions and wait until the time is ripe to take them into consideration. Meanwhile, we continue to consume thermal energy for years, while the patent offices accuse the undersigned of producing perpetual motion. I, the undersigned, have never seen even a shadow of public and private financiers, despite the fact that he has filed forty public utility patents, which could have even stopped global warming.e by employees of public bodies and multinationals, without the permission of public and private employers. Any innovation can lead to job losses. It is better for public bodies and multinationals to ignore these inventions and wait until the time is ripe to take them into consideration. Meanwhile, we continue to consume thermal energy for years, while the patent offices accuse the undersigned of producing perpetual motion. I, the undersigned, have never seen even a shadow of public and private financiers, despite the fact that he has filed forty public utility patents, which could have even stopped global warming.

The recent atmospheric disturbances that are intensifying throughout the world confirm that the current world ruling class, in order to continue selling oil and nuclear energy, is preventing sustainable development and destroying the planet. In this respect there is no difference between NATO and communist countries.

Strange coincidences often happen to the undersigned. I had already written the above summary and the above premise, that on the day (06.06.2024) by pure coincidence I found a post on Facebook, which certainly cannot be defined as a scientific magazine, attributed to the real Antonio Guterres, where he writes that He’s worried about global warming. I took the opportunity to also include the thoughts of the UN secretary in this article, which is certainly honorable, but the facts that I report demonstrate the opposite. Here is what is written on this post which I copied faithfully: “May 2024 was the warmest May in history, marking 12 consecutive months of the warmest months on record. Humanity’s role in the destructive warming of the planet is equivalent to that of the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs from the Earth, the United Nations Secretary-General said today. We cannot accept a future in which the rich are protected in air-conditioned bubbles, while the rest of humanity is lashed by a lethal climate in unlivable lands, added Antonio Guterres. Guterres finally called for a ban on fossil fuel advertising. The figure below is attached to the post

This graph corresponds exactly to those I extracted from the internet, and published in my articles on this topic. However, as I have written in my publications and patent filings, planet-cooling solutions must not be limited to just banning fossil fuel advertising. The United Nations, which manages the intellectual property and industrial property of international patents, penalizes inventors, like myself, who without economic resources propose solutions for cooling the planet. Which do not find interlocutors in multinationals and governments that rely heavily on fuel excise duties to support public spending. The poor inventors, like myself, who are very few, already do not have the economic means to demonstrate the validity of their inventions, are penalized by the United Nations, which Doctor Guterres presides over, who are asked to pay the same filing fees and maintaining the patents they ask for from multinationals and government bodies, which by mutual agreement exploit fossil fuels, and produce new generation ones in the laboratory. In addition to these, they produce heat with nuclear power plants which notoriously emit very large quantities of steam. Governments and multinationals, by mutual agreement, are studying new thermal solutions such as hydrogen and ammonia transformed into fuels that will not emit CO2 but will continue to produce heat and steam. Thermal power plants will continue to exist, just as the transport of high voltage electricity will continue to exist on aerial pylons which strongly interfere with the normal ion exchange between the earth’s surface (-) and the ionosphere (+) which constitute the armor of an immense natural condenser, which cannot fail to be influenced by the immense quantity of combustion gases, CO2, steam, and very high electrostatic charges due to the transport of electrical energy. The figures below are extracted from my article entitled: COP 28 Science has not understood that planet Earth could be energetically autonomous 19.12.2023

These figures published by many public scientists who have dealt and have dealt with climatology since the beginning of the discovery of electricity, should have advised against introducing into the earth’s environment excesses of steam and excesses of electrostatic charges due to the transport of electrical energy in high voltage on pylons, given that the Creator of the universe had already chosen the system with which to thermoregulate the earth’s climate. And since this system worked perfectly before the thermal inventions produced by other public and private scientists released immense quantities of greenhouse gases such as CO2, steam and unwanted electrostatic charges into the environment, at least these scientists should have been favorable to my way to clean fossil energy and above all to my way of extracting clean cold energy from the earth’s environment. These academic scientists have not said a word for or against my solutions for the simple fact that I am not from academia. Meanwhile, there is a very close collaboration between multinationals and public science, including the level of experimentation in laboratories and patent trading in the C.C.S. system, the cleaning of fossil energy with catalytic converters, the study of new fuels, which do not solve environmental problems because the Creator of the universe by creating the planets like the earth with water and the atmosphere had already decided that energy had to be produced cold. For these reasons, water and air polarize easily and spontaneously in the terrestrial environment to produce everything needed for human life and comfort with simple and economical technologies.

The cold-produced fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic applications can be infinite depending on the shape we give to the system and the use we make of the energy produced which can be used for water distribution, water lifting, distribution of water on the territory , the construction of desalination plants, artificial welling and the raising of water from wells or basins. Or purifying applications, from water and even from human blood, as in the energetically autonomous artificial heart oxygenator of human blood, which is a great invention of the undersigned, for which they invite me to conferences, to which I would have to go at my own expense. While the Bevetti offices have declared this invention “perpetual motion” together with the most important inventions that concern the use of the same energy in land, sea, aeronautical or space transport. It is no coincidence that the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz, so well known worldwide, have never been put together to lift us into space and into the atmosphere. Until we learn to cold extract energy from the environment we will never be able to do so. Fuels have a mass that is consumed and is not regenerated through photosynthesis like water and air. The heat that fuels produce must be disposed of and cooling systems require other masses to be transported. If we want to go into space we must also bring chlorophyll photosynthesis and natural compressed hydroelectromagnetism with water and air inside the cockpits into the space carriages, while outside we can also use one with a liquid denser than water to increase the force and reduce the size of global thrust engines capable of producing both Newtonian and Lorentz thrust at Earth’s ambient temperature. We must also create environments that simulate the terrestrial environment fluid-dynamically, reinforcing the circulation of atmospheric air and water with paths guided by centrifugal pumps, fans and electrostatic currents as represented by the figure below which was developed by the undersigned taking inspiration from the electrostatic painting that has been used on planet earth since the 1950s. That project is still valid and above all in space-based anthropic systems it would be indispensable combined with the equally indispensable pressurization of the environments to atmospheric pressure and the circulation of air in the sense of the universal gravitational force, which could be reinforced with the dynamic fluid circulation invented by the undersigned after the invention of the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller which would allow us to use the toilets, the water taps and the toilet as we use them on earth by means of the depression that we can create on the toilet waste collection manifold and at flushing the toilet by means of a small blender mixer which would convey the sewage into the low pressure tank which feeds one of the two suction bowls of the pump with the separate double feed up to the impeller, which allows the used water and blended faeces to be inserted into the recycling circuit for pressurized water to be purified. As we know, today spaceships pee in special closed containers so that it can be recovered and recycled in a special plant. While feces are made in special plastic containers which are periodically dispersed into space. With my system, still looking for terrestrial financiers, we could also solve the problem of space toilets by producing organic fertilizer for the aforementioned space hydroponic crops.

In the figure below, extracted from the article a space container with toilet is shown, where by enlarging the figure you can see the insertion of the blender mixer.   

I also published some of my complaints about the technological backwardness of public plants compared to industrial ones in the previous open letter to the Secretary of the United Nations, already mentioned 16.09.2019 2024 I continue to propose in vain the way to extract clean electricity directly from the environment without using fuels, without producing CO2, steam and transporting electricity into the atmosphere, always adding new details. These innovations cannot occur through multinationals who are only interested in producing commercial inventions. If we want to protect the environment globally we must create complete energy and purification cycles which are a public responsibility. Multinationals will have to suffer them, not approve. With the current one-way trade in public patents from public bodies to multinationals, even governed by the United Nations, this objective will never be achieved. We must not distribute electricity across the territory, but produce it on site in submerged hydroelectric plants that can be reinforced at will with compressed hydroelectric plants while we use and recycle the water for agricultural or industrial uses, without ever polluting and wasting it. In mobile systems of transport and work vehicles, where the liquid does not exit the circuit, we can always use the compressed hydroelectric system, possibly reinforced with an artificially produced liquid, denser than air, to reduce the size and masses of the systems, not energy consumption. Since, in any case, energy will always be extracted from infinitely recycled compressed air, even in the space and submersible systems of the future (the vents of the air solubilized in the liquid used as an energy carrier of the global linear motors capable of producing when cold, the Newton and Lorentz thrusts will be conveyed into the cockpits to allow the recovery of the air). Heat has never been used to produce terrestrial energy since 1700, when the first boilers and steam were invented by Papin and James Watt. Even more so, terrestrial and aeronautical heat engines and space rockets are not needed.

It is clear that patent office bureaucrats do not realize that the hydroelectric sector has not undergone any creative innovation since the creation of the first hydroelectric power plant in 1982 near Niagara Falls. What I am proposing is a new technology, which can be created on very small and large scales that change the entire world economy.

It should be obvious that this energy is different from all other energies, being spread across forty related inventions, which, having nothing commercial, have not been financed. In fact, they arise from the study of urban, industrial, agricultural energy and parliamentary work cycles and from the consequent modifications of existing urban, sewage, chimney, purifier, water transport and lifting systems, transport and distribution of electricity, neutralization of polluting substances along the energy paths and therefore with the consequent modification of the functioning of some strategic machines. In particular, pumps, turbines, autoclaves and small and large electricity generators.

Faced with global warming that is advancing on all fronts, institutional shortcomings are emerging above all. In particular, justice and science, as justice has the power to ascertain scientific truth beyond any doubt and to demand it from science. Scientific truth must not be specific but global, since, above all, in environmental and energy problems, science is represented by various specializations, which compete with each other to find solutions. Unfortunately, the specific solutions used until now on planet Earth have not solved the environmental and energy problems, otherwise we would not have had global warming and high energy costs. Legislators and judges should always have expected the various branches of science to work in sync on the same topic so that scientific, technological and economic progress occurred globally.

3. In the SPAWHE system, SYNERGIC PLANTS occupy the first place.

Science, especially public science, has the duty and power to experiment with synergies between different scientific principles to always find the best solutions in the interest of the world’s people. The best systems are always the interactive ones that close all the cycles that they open from a chemical, biological and thermal point of view. Today, however, the terrestrial plants, especially the energy and purification ones, under public responsibility, are all incomplete and therefore there are no scientific advisors who can give complete answers to legislators and judges, to condemn environmental crimes, above all, those considered involuntary, due to the advancement of the state of the art. At most, environmental and energy experts can recommend the lesser evil to the state of the art that never advances globally.

This situation was very clear to me already in 2005, when the small plant engineering company for which I worked closed its doors, not due to bankruptcy. I would have felt guilty of this failure too. The heirs who owned this business had no interest in continuing the business of the owner, who was now too old. Since I am also of retirement age, I decided not to look for another job and to start working as an inventor. I had seventeen years of industrial plant engineering experience behind me, in particular in the automotive industry and twenty years in public purification, lifting and water distribution systems. They were two different experiences, but complementary, as the first exploited the most advanced technologies and the scientific organization of work, while the second was and is even less technologically advanced. I have already explained in some other article the reasons why I left big industry to work in a small private company. I took advantage of the resignation encouraged by Alfa Romeo which was purchased by Fiat, but deep down, I was already thinking of finishing my work as an inventor, bringing industrial innovations and the scientific organization of work to the environmental sector. The facts proved me right, but I found enemies on all fronts. Both environmental, industrial and legislative. The current industry, which has made the mistake of terrestrial and aeronautical heat engines, is convenient for public energy to also be predominantly thermal. However, in my activity as an environmental inventor, the idea of ​​creating common cycles of water and atmospheric air which always travel together in industrial painting booths, accompanied by electrostatic polarizations, was fundamental. These concepts have not yet entered the world of purification and energy production because, applied on a large scale, at a global level, they indirectly imply the change of current global energy sources.

But in 2005, I only knew that I had to change the water purification cycles, which had almost no involvement of air in the processes, apart from the oxidation basins, with very high energy consumption. I had to change the sewage systems that destroy organic material before getting to the purifiers; sewerage lifting and water distribution systems which have very high energy consumption and losses of water and sewage along the routes. In my twenty years of environmental activities I had noticed that large public works with dams and artificial basins for the exploitation of the hydraulic jump produce more damage than benefits for agriculture and the management of water resources, as the mountain basins in their natural state slowed down the runoff of water in the event of large storms. Today, however, with the basins kept full to produce energy, the speed of the water descending from the mountains multiplies and the damage also multiplies. Therefore, in the terrestrial environmental sector, the study of the scientific organization of work has been especially lacking, both in the purification sector and in that of water distribution. Unfortunately, in my twenty years of working in this sector, I have realized that nothing can be improved because those who participate in public tenders cannot enter into the merits of the strategic and management choices of public plants. The companies participating in public tenders only carry out the executive design of the civil works and electromechanical works. The tender specifications are very clear, both from the point of view of the civil works and from the point of view of the type of pumps, turbines to be used and the purification methods. The companies that participate in public procurement are not multipurpose design multinationals. They are associations of companies specialized in civil works that associate from time to time with companies specialized in creating electromechanical systems. Therefore, the creative part of environmental and energy planning is firmly in the hands of public bodies and public academic bodies who, unfortunately, are not very familiar with industrial work, which also has many defects, but is well organized from the point of view of work organization. Because the speed of production is essential to beat the competition.

The undersigned, who in addition to knowing environmental systems also knew the efficiency of industrial systems, decided to change the work cycles starting from the origin. That is, from domestic water saving, moving on to the next phase to modify the sewage systems, changing the work cycles and also bringing the purification of fumes, captured by modified chimneys in industrial and civil plants, into the sewer.

This plant of 28.11. 2007 , it is a European patent not created by the public authorities but it laid the starting point for saving water by separating kitchen water inside the apartments that contains oils and fats from cleaner sanitary water, which could be recovered in the floor of the individual apartments and use a second time to clean toilet flushes.04.07.2014 This plant is part of the international patent WO2014/076726 entitled “Global synergy plants for purification, biomass production and thermoelectric cogeneration (GSPDPTC)”.

 04.07.2014 This plant is part of the international patent WO2014/076725 entitled Synergistic digestion, dehydration and linear composting (D.D.C.L)” 04.07.2014 , This plant is part of the international patent WO2014/076727 entitled Vertical synergistic building (FSV = VSB) for water and CO2 purification plus biomass production.

04.07.2014 ,

It seems that my work as an inventor who closes all the organic and inorganic, thermal and biological chemical cycles that it opens in plants has been noticed more by thieves circulating on the web than by the environmental and energy authorities. These have included me in a list of probable beneficiaries of public funds that should be taken from money deposits seized from illegal activities or registered in the name of deceased people without heirs, blocked in various banks or seized by the World Bank. Surely these funds exist on planet Earth, but as I wrote above, the undersigned has never been contacted to experiment with any of the forty deposited inventions. What I ask myself, knowing that others will never answer me, is the answer to the following question: Is it possible that the United Nations and the entire world science has not yet realized that planet Earth wishes to be managed coldly? energetically?

The situation is also paradoxical from a legislative point of view, because the legislator has lumped both intellectual and industrial property with patents. Therefore the private inventor, who invented these solutions, who cannot afford industrial property rights, is not even recognized as having intellectual property rights if he is unable to sell the patents to the highest bidder. But public bodies do not buy patents from private individuals, on the contrary they also sell their patents to multinationals and the latter do not even buy them because the public bodies would have to change the regulations first. Meanwhile, the inventor must pay filing fees as if he were an industrialist, not an inventor. All this is happening while global public bodies, by remaining silent, commit the very serious crime of omission of an official act contemplated in articles 1, 2, 15, 48, 54, 58 of the “Codification project on the responsibility of states for internationally illicit acts”, signed by almost all one hundred and ninety-six sovereign states, at the United Nations itself in 2001, precisely to prevent and punish serious environmental crimes, with international effects.

It is crazy to demand the payment of patent filing and maintenance fees from private inventors, who at most are only fighting to have the intellectual property of the patents recognized. If legislators had behaved the same way towards writers and musicians, culture wouldn’t even exist, because writers and musicians would have to pay taxes before finding publishers or record companies. In fact, today culture, fortunately, exists, while environmental protection and sustainable energy do not exist anywhere in the world as environmental and energy inventions must work globally through interactive connections that nature has foreseen and designed for regeneration of natural degenerative processes, not for the additional ones introduced by the entire world population and above all, by human inventions that introduce additional thermal and nuclear processes. In fact, all organic and inorganic plant, biological, and chemical processes occur at ordinary earth temperatures. Events that occur at temperatures and pressures, such as fires and volcanic eruptions are exceptional events that nature absorbs very slowly and through the earth’s natural times. With the additional pollution produced through thermal, nuclear and chemical inventions produced by men in billions of specimens across the entire globe, nature is unable to maintain the state of equilibrium it had before the proliferation of such inventions. This is the fault of the public and private inventors of industrial, urban, agricultural, fixed and mobile land-based anthropic systems. But it is also the fault of the public authorities who allowed the construction of these wrong systems. Global warming didn’t happen in a day. I, as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental anthropic systems, have seen it grow helplessly in my thirty-seven years of activity, without being able to do anything against incomplete cycles, inadequate machines and evident interests in not changing anything important in the general energy purification process world. Only by starting from scratch and redoing the cycles of purification, water and energy paths was it possible to identify the critical points of water saving, sewerage generations, unjustified energy consumption, incomplete cycles and possible sustainable alternatives.

This is not a cultural problem, but a general design problem. Culture is limited only to the diffusion of words and does not move much wealth, while alternative energy, industrial and purification ideas would inevitably lead to a more equitable distribution of global wealth. This should be understood by the world’s opposition. But how can they understand this if the best brains, the multinationals, pick them up directly from the universities before they learn to think with their own heads, while those who win public competitions, despite being good, will never be put in the conditions to fight against the system that feeds and supports them? These are the reasons why international and national organizations are especially afraid of simple and new ideas that can, surprisingly, only come from small private inventors. Which must also be isolated from a legislative point of view, not even granting them intellectual property rights. Despite all these limitations, no one was able to avoid the fact that, even without money and experimental laboratories available, I could develop energy and purification solutions, making do with what nature makes available to everyone for free: water, atmospheric air and strength. gravitational, which no government and no powerful multinational has taken into consideration, having never thought that energy could be extracted directly from the environment. In truth, I didn’t even think so. But as I wrote, in an attempt to seriously clean fossil energy (not hiding it underground with the C.C.S. system which is an authentic collective madness of the International Energy Agency IEA), I found myself inventing two systems that allow do it, in fixed and mobile plants, thanks to the sustainable management of water, which today is rebelling on the entire planet, due to the incompetence shown by the designers of fixed and mobile anthropic plants with the consent of the entire world ruling class.

4. In the SPAWHE system, artificial welling and hydroelectromagnetic energy represent food production and the true strength of global energy.

Who, if not the UN, should have had an interest in financing these inventions which could make many wars, now strategic, useless in order to procure technological raw materials and port outlets for commercial development? In fact, if, as seems possible, we extract clean, cold energy directly from the environment, it also becomes simpler to add together the push of Newton and Lorentz and therefore, the most economical means of carrying out movements of goods between a country and the other will be by air, which does not require structural works on roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, ports. While to produce and distribute energy, we will not need high voltage cables in the atmosphere and underground, nor artificial reservoirs in the mountains, which require large dams, which have produced more disasters than benefits for all humanity, only to exploit the banal and obsolete hydraulic jump, which requires large-scale works and does not allow for widespread interactive global water distribution, which through submerged and compressed hydroelectric power can reach any place on Earth to produce at low cost all the comforts necessary for man even from a climatic point of view. Not only. Recently, I no longer use the term hydroelectric but the term submerged and compressed hydroelectromagnetism as the system also involves the ion exchange inherent in the water molecule which spontaneously dissociates into H- and OH- ions in the presence of very small differences in electric potential. giving rise to the most incredible biological reactions, due to chlorophyll photosynthesis, which we take for granted because they were given to us by nature, but in reality they developed gradually over billions of years. It is no coincidence that among my inventions there is also the energetically autonomous human blood oxygenator artificial heart, which exploits precisely this ion exchange to oxygenate the lungs and the brain through two very small mini autoclaves, mini pumps coupled with mini motors and mini turbines coupled with mini power generators. These inventions are today hindered by a ruling class that is overheating the planet with the complicity of the United Nations organization, which should also be at the forefront from a scientific point of view to help the most backward countries not to fall behind in development. However, the most difficult thing is to make people understand that we must not copy the more advanced countries because they are exploiting the wrong energy sources, to the detriment of the less developed countries which will receive fewer resources due to climate changes produced by the wrong energies, which require investments to repair the damage and therefore fewer resources to allocate to the growth of countries that are not yet developed.

Who, if not the UN, should have had an interest in financing these inventions which could make many wars, now strategic, useless in order to procure technological raw materials and port outlets for commercial development? In fact, if, as seems possible, we extract clean, cold energy directly from the environment, it also becomes simpler to add together the push of Newton and Lorentz and therefore, the most economical means of carrying out movements of goods between a country and the other will be by air, which does not require structural works on roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, ports. While to produce and distribute energy, we will not need high voltage cables in the atmosphere and underground, nor artificial reservoirs in the mountains, which require large dams, which have produced more disasters than benefits for all humanity, only to exploit the banal and obsolete hydraulic jump, which requires large-scale works and does not allow for widespread interactive global water distribution, which through submerged and compressed hydroelectric power can reach any place on Earth to produce at low cost all the comforts necessary for man even from a climatic point of view. Not only. Recently, I no longer use the term hydroelectric but the term submerged and compressed hydroelectromagnetism as the system also involves the ion exchange inherent in the water molecule which spontaneously dissociates into H- and OH- ions in the presence of very small differences in electric potential. giving rise to the most incredible biological reactions, due to chlorophyll photosynthesis, which we take for granted because they were given to us by nature, but in reality they developed gradually over billions of years. It is no coincidence that among my inventions there is also the energetically autonomous human blood oxygenator artificial heart, which exploits precisely this ion exchange to oxygenate the lungs and the brain through two very small mini autoclaves, mini pumps coupled with mini motors and mini turbines coupled with mini power generators. These inventions are today hindered by a ruling class that is overheating the planet with the complicity of the United Nations organization, which should also be at the forefront from a scientific point of view to help the most backward countries not to fall behind in development. However, the most difficult thing is to make people understand that we must not copy the more advanced countries because they are exploiting the wrong energy sources, to the detriment of the less developed countries which will receive fewer resources due to climate changes produced by the wrong energies, which require investments to repair the damage and therefore fewer resources to allocate to the growth of countries that are not yet developed.

No one understood my forty patents on cleaning fossil energy and no one financed them. Above all, the United Nations which asks for taxes to be paid to inventors not linked to the economic centers of power, instead of financing them. They do not distinguish the difference between public utility inventions and commercial inventions. No global public body has ever thanked me for having proposed a system for the recovery and conditioning of domestic water in apartments, for having modified the chimneys to recover oxides and CO2, for modifying the sewer systems by inserting sewage sedimentation tanks, greenhouses limestone, superimposed biological ponds, covered purifiers that consume CO2 within the system, artificial welling, vertical desalination with circulation of ion exchange resins and submerged and compressed hydroelectric plants in fixed and mobile versions. These inventions certainly cannot be considered commercial inventions, as they follow global energy and purification cycles which cannot be achieved without the collaboration of public bodies.

In several previous articles I have proposed that the United Nations itself transform itself into an experimental body for sustainable solutions or alternatively create a specific company to finance energy and purification solutions such as those that the undersigned has been proposing in vain for many years. 28.02.2020

But all the issues are slowly coming to a head.

This would never have happened if it hadn’t been for the tenacious work of the undersigned on cleaning up fossil energy described in the SPAWE nursery rhyme, which I report in almost all of my articles. Not to make them longer, but to make it clear that without that long work, I would never have been able to identify the need to create artificial rainfall to produce carbonates in the water in order to use the CO2 for the benefit of the environment. It was the need to lower energy consumption which involved raising the water necessary to produce the rain that made me invent submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy, which still today, the entire world science starting from the IEA and IPCC (awarded with the Nobel Prize together with former US President Al Gore in 2007), who are throwing hundreds of billions of dollars into the harmful C.C.S. solution. If the IEA and IPPC had tried, as I have done, to seriously clean up fossil energy, and truly worked for the environment, they certainly would have invented my submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy. They certainly would have earned another Nobel Prize, while the undersigned is still looking for interlocutors with filed and expired patents because he never had the money to pay the patent maintenance fees to WIPO which is an organ of the United Nations.

The excess heat produced by terrestrial systems has caused global warming. Heat is not an abstract thing, in the atmosphere it is called vapor or combustion smoke. It was a big mistake to worry only about CO2 and an even bigger mistake to try to capture it with a chemical wash without neutralizing it, increasing the cost of fuel by 11 – 12% and even that of coal by 30% and then trying to compress it and store underground at 800 – 1000 meters deep, forgetting the experience lived by the people and animals involved in the Nyos effect. On August 26, 1986 of that year, the effects were seen: 1,746 people died in a single night from asphyxiation. None of those who breathed that air were saved, not even the animals, who died by the hundreds. Subsequent analyzes revealed that a large quantity of carbon dioxide had accumulated at the bottom of the lake. The deep waters – perhaps due to an underground landslide or the consequence of the gap and the thermal shock due to very heavy rains – began to rise, bringing the gases to the surface which spread to the neighboring places and valleys, transforming that area into a chamber gas fired in the open air, for a radius of 25 kilometres.

According to the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the acidification process of ocean waters had never been so rapid for 300 million years. “The current concentration of CO 2 has exceeded 420 ppm, marking a 50% increase compared to the levels reconstructed at the end of the 18th century” “Such high values ​​have never been reached in the last 14 million years, and this trend, if left unmitigated, it could push CO 2 concentrations to levels of 600-800 ppm by the end of this century.”

In fact, ocean acidification is linked above all to the increase in CO2 which, being 1.5 times denser than air, stratifies over the entire surface and is therefore absorbed. While in the Earth’s atmosphere, absorption is three-dimensional and in addition to CO2, the presence of vapor and electrostatic phenomena between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere also contribute, which until now have been underestimated. Current science, powerless against CO2, has also underestimated the immense quantity of steam released by energies that do not produce CO2, but also the contribution triggered by the transport of immense quantities of high voltage electrical energy on aerial pylons, which, currently, even if we stopped fossil energy, it would have to be produced by biogas, hydrogen, ammonia or nuclear and solar thermal power plants, which produce steam. While wind turbines, like all other energies, require the transport of energy on pylons which also trigger large atmospheric disturbances. While the cleanest and cheapest energy that does not produce CO2, steam, does not need to be transported on high voltage pylons, which even purifies the polluted water that is recycled during the energy process, which can take place directly in the sewers, in the purifiers , in the aquifers in individual civilian homes, in industries, in mobile plants, at the temperature of the earth’s environment, is still boycotted by the entire world science.

the undersigned, after years of solitary meditations, which cannot be experienced by an ordinary pensioner, has proposed solutions that can globally change the current development model of planet Earth. Which only needs to interface with the scientific laws of the universe, which has already established through atmospheric and subsoil stratification how it is possible to produce clean energy on Earth, without fuels and without nuclear energy. These inventions, ignored by science and by the powerful of the Earth, are specifically terrestrial and are called: covered purifiers, smoke capture and neutralization chimneys, sewage sedimentators, superimposed biological ponds, limestone greenhouses with artificial rainfall, artificial Welling, vertical watermakers with resins ion exchange, pumps and turbines with dual separate power supplies up to the impeller, submerged hydroelectric plants in open cycles; hydroelectric plants compressed with autoclaves; Hydroelectric plants with autoclaves submerged in basins, hydroelectric plants with autoclaves submerged in wells. This last solution, having forced the inventor to reduce the overall dimensions as much as possible, has allowed us to virtually develop a small artificial heart that oxygenates the blood and produces electrical energy, which in reality is electromagnetic energy due to the ionization of the water contained in the blood human, which is the same one that makes grass grow in the fields and microorganisms, both aquatic and terrestrial. It is the same energy that we must also bring into space if we want to explore the universe because without it we cannot survive. It is truly fortunate that even terrestrial electromagnetism, which is very different from that of the ferromagnetic cores of stars and planets, can only be produced cold, needing to use thin copper wires protected with thin films of insulating paints such as can see by looking at the windings of small and large electric motors, alternators, and automation mechanisms. However, the delicacy of electro magnetism was forced by the economic interests of powerful people of the World War I to use heat as the primary source of world energy, economically penalizing the entire world development, starting with steam boilers, thermal engines, nuclear fissions and fusions, while it would have been simpler, more logical and economical to cold develop the energy that the undersigned has been proposing in vain since 2014 which is called submerged and compressed hydroelectricity, which, through fluid dynamics, the compressibility of atmospheric air, ‘incompressibility of water and liquids in general, the principle of the impenetrability of bodies, the principles of Torricelli, Pascal, Venturi, Henry, Dalton, which also favor biochemical, biological processes, without reaching combustions that require cooling and purification processes which imply greater complexity of the processes with dimensions and weights which, especially in mobile systems, cannot be achieved. Therefore mobile systems are more polluting than fixed ones. Current science, instead of simplifying the processes by cold producing energy already clean from the environment, has complicated the energy processes even more by conserving thermal power plants, the production of CO2, steam and high voltage energy transport. , which are the things that most influence climate change, due to the alteration of the natural ion exchange between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface which has always regulated the climatic conditions of the earth’s environment which occurs through electrostatic phenomena called lightning that occur on the planet earth at a rate of approximately 2000 per second, which obviously become more violent in the presence of a greater quantity of steam, CO2 and high voltage pylons in the environment.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the UN, which manages the world’s intellectual property, including industrial property, did not notice anything. In fact, the current legal management of global patents entrusted to the UN, through WIPO (World Intellectual Property) does not grant intellectual property to inventors, but only industrial property. Which involves the payment of filing and annual maintenance fees, which only governments and companies that commercially exploit inventions can afford to pay. Since the preparatory inventions that led to the conception of submerged and compressed energy were not financed and tested, these inventions were not understood either.

This absurd way by the UN of managing the intellectual property of inventions does not allow private inventors to participate in the search for the best solutions as these must necessarily be composed of multiple connected systems and therefore multiple patents. Patents that do not find financiers do not participate in the advancement of the state of the world art. Therefore, a private inventor who believes in the validity of his solutions can only work by assuming functioning patents that have legally lapsed due to not having paid maintenance fees. For this reason, at least projects that concern all of humanity should be managed and tested directly by the United Nations. The secretary of the United Nations cannot ask like any other citizen to ban the advertising of fossil fuels, after the organization he has headed for many years has annulled both the patents on the cleanliness of fossil energy and the patents that aim to extract clean anergy directly from the environment. If they were not informed of the existence of these patent deposits, many United Nations collaborators have committed a crime of Omission of Official Acts. This is not a single patent but a long series of patents connected to each other because global warming cannot be defeated with single inventions but with an alternative development model.

5. The real reasons for global warming

Global warming developed on planet Earth because world science did not know how to correctly design the systems that manage the world’s drinking water that would have kept the temperature of the environment at the same level as in the year 1850 before the human inventions that they created together began global warming also contributes to the well-being of the industrial era.

If hindsight at least existed on planet Earth, some famous Nobel Prize-winning scientist would have to admit that global warming could have been avoided. Instead, in order to study atoms, nuclear explosions and the mysteries of the universe, this science has neglected the study of terrestrial energy, which is much more delicate and complex. But powerful enough to also take us into the universe, gradually, through successive phases, which can be summarized in the following phases:

1. the extension of human life by means of the energetically autonomous blood oxygenating artificial heart.

2. Creation of mobile environments pressurized to atmospheric pressure with circulation of air conditioning and recycled water in compressed hydroelectromagnetic systems, suitable for hosting systems capable of producing totally recycled human food.

3. Creation of motorized frames equipped with compressed hydroelectromagnetic global linear motors with Newton and Lorentz thrusts equipped with an interspace dust capture and separation system.

Unfortunately, it is premature to talk about future astronomical possibilities if humans do not first solve the climate problems caused by wrong energy and purification choices. But for information purposes, I recommend reading the following articles in chronological order:

 91) 29.07.2021

90) 29.07.2021

74) 31.01.2020,

73) 31.01.2020

The undersigned spent about nine years studying fossil energy purification systems, which are not useless as they also serve to neutralize the CO2 of large plants such as steel mills and incinerators through artificial rainfall and limestone greenhouses without finding public interlocutors and private. And the following ten years to make known the way to cold produce energy through polemical articles against science, politicians and world entrepreneurs who pretend not to understand these solutions, which in a logical sense, could never have created the global warming, not producing CO2, steam and any other form of pollution from combustion fumes and nuclear waste and without interfering electrostatically with the natural ion exchange between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere. These same solutions, in an equally logical sense, if implemented now, not in 2030 or 2050, wherever possible, would immediately begin to cool the planet and use water in a more rational way. Since even water has lost patience with this ruling class and doesn’t show up for months. Then it appears all at once, flooding cities and countryside, breaking the banks of rivers and other types of disasters, which, added to the bad purification systems, which in any case have not improved, require continuous declarations of a “state of calamity” to be blamed on the people of the world. As I wrote in my last article, only by rationalizing the world water cycle can we solve the current problems of global warming but also of the world economy. This is the truth that no one wants to admit:;

This is SPAWHE’s nursery rhyme:

“The cleaning of fossil energy published on, based, above all, on inorganic chemistry, which is able to absorb CO2 by producing carbonates in the water, to speed up processes and reduce energy costs that would have entailed the circulation of very large quantity of water necessary to neutralize the very large quantities of CO2 emitted by current thermal power plants and heat engines, has gradually been transformed technologically into smaller-sized solutions by exploiting the principles of Pascal and Henry. In fact, I realized that on planet Earth, all the activities that nature produces through organic and inorganic chemistry, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle can be increased in speed without any need to use thermal, nuclear energy and current renewables. It is sufficient only to increase the operating pressures of the systems, modify the circulation pumps and make the machines work differently. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, elements foreign to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have exponentially multiplied the elements foreign to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances. Obviously, this is my truth and throughout the entire website, I explain how, in my opinion, we should have created global plants that simultaneously purify both fumes and water before they go on to pollute the soil, rivers, lakes and seas . Not having done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the purification art to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the global purification state of the art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of the gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract energy directly from the environment. Not having done this, it was not possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of the gravitational force we modify them on the suction side and make another inlet clearly separate from the main one until reaching the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one power supply to recycle the water of the upper basin and the other power supply to introduce into the same impeller the water discharged by a turbine fed by gravity from the water of the same upper basin. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with an autoclave pressurized with compressed air, given that we use a turbine connected to the autoclave outlet, we can recover the water discharged from the turbine and insert it back into the ‘autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same pump impeller by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air we would have produced a power generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Not having done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this power generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave to be able to mount it on cars, trucks and agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could still be reduced by using submersible pumps such as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes which would act as autoclaves. Therefore these groups could be used to be inserted directly into wells to raise the water and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers which today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know well that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to the Henry principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be further reduced. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water of the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side which would replace the right and left ventricles, creating energetically autonomous artificial hearts which would power the systemic circuit which oxygenates the brain and the lungs to extend the life of the ‘man. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the pressurized cylindrical autoclaves could be incorporated with external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors could be created. electric ones with variable speeds which would produce an electromagnetic flow of variable intensity which would produce currents induced in a solenoid external to the water tank itself. Therefore, we could produce in such a tank a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law at room temperature, without fuels which could be added to the Newton reaction thrust which would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always controlled by generators of current that produce primary hydroelectric energy, powered by submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central tanks. Not having done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of airplanes to travel in the atmosphere and space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuels. It was not possible to make ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to create mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters. It was not even possible to think that in future space travel we can add to the global linear engines an external steel tunnel connected to the turbo fan, where a high vacuum higher than the surrounding space vacuum will be produced and connect this tunnel with a small vacuum pump to a condensation tank for the captured dust, which will be emptied periodically by letting in atmospheric air which will feed an electrostatic filter which will recover the dust which will be used together with the other interactive purification and energy plant inventions described on the website https://www.spawhe. eu to allow humans to survive even in space without suffering physiological damage due to the absence of atmospheric pressure, gravity, food resources and raw materials to build spare parts for the machines necessary for survival in space. In fact, atmospheric air and water will fill the space caravan wagons full of humans and will be endlessly recycled, appropriately replenished with artificial photosynthesis and the carbon cycle, while the general gravity will be strengthened, becoming very similar to the terrestrial one, electrostatically polarizing the paths of conditioned atmospheric air and recycled water in interactive, energetic and purification, compressed hydroelectromagnetic systems, still unknown to terrestrial science. Current science has forgotten that primary fluid dynamic energy is produced by the flow rate and the density of the fluid itself. Therefore, the best solution for producing clean energy at low cost and in infinite quantities is: using compressed air as an energy source (which is not consumed) and water as an energy carrier (which with the use of new pumps with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, can recycle it infinitely by exploiting the maximum pressure of the compressed air and the maximum density of the water at the same time. In the simple formula of the fluid dynamic energy mentioned above, no heat source is needed the biggest mistake in world science, because water is not only the best physical and hydraulic energy carrier, it is also the best electromagnetic carrier, having the natural ability to ionize into ions (H+) and (OH-). it was conferred directly by nature, that is, by GOD. Excluding water from the production of energy means excluding physical, chemical, biological, neurological life, above all, producing energy coldly. So much so that among the inventions of the undersigned, there is also the artificial heart which oxygenates human blood, which could extend human life by several hundred years. Obviously, together with other parallel inventions in the field of medicine, robotics, artificial intelligence, which are still to be developed. But air and water, which are fundamental, are provided free by Nature and the artificial heart, at least as a project, is provided free by the undersigned, who has not found financiers. I believe that the artificial heart that oxygenates the blood was not financed by the current ruling class because, if it works, it shows that men have made mistakes in the most important inventions for the survival of nature and the human race, just to accumulate money.”             

6. To understand science and above all the scientific paradoxes that trigger the interactive processes that allow energy to be extracted from the environment, figures are worth more than words.

The accident at the Bargi power plant on 03.12.2024 took me back ten years, to 2014, when, after nine years of activity as an inventor, thirty-seven years of work as an installer of industrial and environmental anthropic systems, fighting against the commercial solutions of multinationals and the large-scale purification and energy projects of global public bodies, I also came to the conception of submerged hydroelectric energy without the hydraulic jump. These large institutions, instead of cleaning fossil energy by producing carbonates in the water (as the undersigned proposed), made large investments to hide CO2 underground (including the Italian Enea and Eni who officially rejected my solutions, as I written in other published articles) investing billions of dollars in the C.C.S. system. Instead, the undersigned, seriously trying to clean up fossil energy, realized that there were other cheaper and cleaner ways to produce energy. In fact, I realized that by turning the centrifugal pumps upside down and making them work in the direction of the gravitational force coupled with the turbines, instead of raising the waters, we could extract clean electrical energy directly from the terrestrial environment, without costs of extraction, transport, industrial transformation and energy distribution.

Why has this solution never been talked about in the whole world after ten years? This question certainly cannot be answered by the undersigned who has done everything he could to communicate with the world’s centers of power, including the creation of the website, open to all and where everyone can download the publications.

From the comparison of the two figures above it can be understood how the majority of the civil and hydraulic works already completed could be saved by transforming the current hydroelectric plant with the hydraulic jump into a submerged hydroelectric plant without the hydraulic jump with the recycling of the water autonomously energetically which can operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, except stops for extraordinary maintenance.

It is true that in the upper figure the plant produced almost double the hydroelectric energy, but it is also true that when they used turbines in reverse to return the water to the upper basin they consumed a quantity of energy more or less equal to that which they had produced . The only advantage that the plant managers had was that of producing energy during the day when there was a greater absorption of energy by the industry of urban centres. However, this ephemeral advantage led to the destruction of the power plant, since the risk of water hammer in the phase of raising the waters to the upper basin was underestimated, in the case of the sudden interruption of the current in the phase of rising the waters, which stopped suddenly and oscillating inside the pipe to return back due to gravity, they produce immense perturbations of varied motion against which the power plant was not protected. In fact, it was a coincidence that this accident occurred fifty years after the plant was put into operation because it could have happened much earlier.

The second figure shows the modified scheme of the hydroelectric power plant of the undersigned, which transforms the classic hydroelectric power plant into a submerged hydroelectric plant, reinforced with compressed hydroelectric energy extracted directly from the environment. Where you can also notice the additional compressed hydroelectric current generator which can be made with a liquid denser than water which does not come into contact with the water of the main system. The electric current produced by the energy source which is the compressed air of the autoclave which does not come out of the autoclave, circulates in a multi-stage centrifugal pump which acts as a turbine. water or a denser liquid that acts as an energy carrier. The rotation of the alternator connected to the shaft of the pump used as a supplementary turbine produces the electric current which turns the electric motor which powers the turbine recovered from the old system which is also mounted as a pump in series with the final turbine which discharges the water in a submerged outlet in the lower basin of Lake Suviana connected to the upper basin of Lake Brasimone. Therefore, we produce submerged hydroelectric energy with only one of the two pipelines of the Bardi power plant, but we exploit the same hydrostatic head reinforced with the rotation of the upper pump and the additional current generator which serves to supply a greater quantity of electrical energy to the engine which it turns one of the two former turbines which will always be used as a pump, to feed the one which will continue to be used as the only turbine with a greater quantity of kinetic energy. This additional energy will also be extracted from the environment without additional civil, hydraulic works and fossil energy. At the end of these modifications, the Bargi hydroelectric power plant will produce hydroelectric energy throughout the year with an adjustable quantity of electrical energy according to the demand of the network, but at the same time, it will allow all the excess water to be transferred to other reservoirs smaller in size which will function with the same criterion, producing adjustable energy throughout the year and transferring the excess water to the basins located downstream which will function in the same way, extracting the energy and water needed from the environment, without fuels, nuclear energy, solar panels, wind turbines. Without producing CO2 and steam, which are greenhouse gases, and without transferring energy to aerial pylons which electrostatically interfere with the natural ion exchange between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface. With the proposed modification to the Bargi power plant we will be able to solve the major problems created by current hydroelectric power plants. The main one is that they favor floods, since when heavy rains find the water basins full, they pour into rivers and streams with greater speed, creating the great disasters that we all know by now and that I have been denouncing since before I proposed the invention. of submerged hydroelectric power. In fact, we were able to produce hydroelectric energy all year round while keeping to a minimum the level of the upper basin which could accommodate torrential rains, avoiding most of the current disasters.

The second advantage is that we produce hydroelectric energy for everything with recycled water with a pressure and flow rate higher than the normal hydraulic head as it is reinforced with compressed hydroelectric energy which also works all year round with the electrical energy extracted from the environment by means of compressed autoclave and related hydroelectric circuit which gives greater power to the main pump motor which powers the turbine instead of the hydraulic jump. We must ask ourselves how many hydroelectric plants that today create disasters can be modified in this way and how many other smaller ones can be created that work in the same way all over the planet, creating a large submerged hydroelectric network reinforced with the compressed hydroelectric in place of the current thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, solar power plants, wind turbines, high voltage electrical energy distribution networks, which are all plants with costs of raw materials and technologies higher than water and atmospheric air and which with the production of CO2, steam, heat or the simple transport of energy over a distance, interfere with the natural electrical and electromagnetic ion exchange between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere which is the true thermoregulatory system of the earth’s climate.

On planet Earth the only element that must circulate everywhere is water in its natural state which is used in all agricultural, industrial, urban, purification, energy, chemical, biological, photosynthetic, electromagnetic and physiological applications. Even the human brain cannot survive without water, being composed of 70% water.

Natural water basins must always be conserved at minimum levels, together with rivers and lakes to prevent floods, and a terrestrial network of smaller basins fed in cascade by the aforementioned primary sources of water must immediately be created. This universal water network must also become an energy network, as it will be able to produce clean electricity extracted from the terrestrial environment without fuels, nuclear energy, solar panels, wind turbines. Wherever the water arrives, we can produce the necessary electrical energy of any power.

I report below the scheme of submerged water distribution reinforced with compressed hydroelectric energy resulting from the solitary reasoning of the undersigned which began in 2006 and has never been interrupted which first led to the cleaning of fossil energy and gradually, slowly, also to the extraction of energy from ‘environment. With this type of water distribution, water can be moved across all terrestrial territories, even to the poles and deserts, making it circulate continuously, keeping it in a liquid state, oxygenating it and producing energy, instead of consuming it. In essence, if we earthlings had correctly interpreted how planet Earth works from a physical, chemical, biological, climatic and economic point of view, we would have had to support the natural distribution of the world’s waters and create submerged hydroelectric power plants in strategic places reinforced with hydroelectric plants. compressed which allow, at the same time, both to accumulate water when it falls in excess, and to produce hydroelectromagnetic energy throughout the year with recycled and oxygenated water through a hydroelectric network which partially replaces the current water distribution networks and totally replaces the current networks production and distribution of electrical energy because, where the water arrives with the reinforced submerged hydroelectric system, the quantity of electrical energy sufficient to satisfy all industrial, agricultural and urban needs also arrives, with lower costs and without producing any type of pollution without any need for current energies which can have an auxiliary role.

The Bargi power plant disaster in Italy on 03.12.2024 was the opportunity for the undersigned to write three successive articles on this topic essential for the survival of planet Earth, of which this is the third. The other two are:

 115) 26.05.2024; https://

The Bargi power plant disaster in Italy on 03.12.2024 was the opportunity for the undersigned to write three successive articles on this topic essential for the survival of planet Earth, of which this is the third. The other two are:

 115) 26.05.2024; https://

Albert Einstein’s relativity made us understand quite well how the Universe works, but science, over a hundred years later, still has not understood the functioning of the terrestrial environment, where everything is not only relative, but also and above all interactive. Planet Earth was conceived by the Creator of the universe to be managed at the Earth’s temperature, precisely because of the water molecule, which is present everywhere: in the carbon cycle, in chlorophyll photosynthesis, therefore, in vegetation, in microorganisms, in blood of men and animals and also in the brains of living beings. Therefore, the only energy truly compatible with the terrestrial environment is that which has never been created on planet Earth. Earth science was inspired by the principles of thermodynamics that apply in the universe. It can also be seen from the Nobel prizes awarded to physicists who continue to study the division of the atom while the planet overheats and multinationals produce commercial inventions and try to improve the efficiency of heat engines with the help of public research laboratories that on planet earth , in hindsight, should not even have been invented at the same time as steam boilers. The concept of thermal efficiency, which depends on the lower calorific value of paid fuels, bears no comparison with the energy that can be extracted cold, free, directly from the environment. This has never been taught in any university on planet Earth, which is why none of my inventions have ever been tested, and even my most important inventions have been declared perpetual motion by the bureaucrats of the patent offices. I keep the documentation for posterity. Now that I am still alive, I prefer to continue fighting against the scientific and economic hypocrisy that governs planet Earth. Advertising replaces reality. Everything is appearance with little substance. They reward themselves with immense flows of money that create illusions in future generations instead of correctly teaching the way of working which must be multidisciplinary. Of course, we also need specialists. But anyone who wants to be an inventor must also risk not being understood by going beyond the current scientific specializations that prevent the transfer of experiences from one sector to another.

It is no coincidence that my purification and energy systems were not understood because I brought the scientific organization of industrial work to these sectors where it has never reached. This organization serves to speed up purification and energy processes as in industry it serves to increase the speed of production. But the transfer of experiences must be mutual. I, who had had my first work experience working on specific Alfa Romeo systems, when I also acquired environmental system experience, I realized that even heat engines and boilers are outdated from the point of view of economic and environmental sustainability on Earth. As an inventor I cannot remain silent about these things, just as I cannot remain silent. Earth’s electromagnetism is different from that of the universe in that it can only work at Earth’s temperature. This is why on planet earth we have never managed to add together the push of Newton and Lorentz. Sure, we built high-speed trains. But they cannot lift themselves off the ground and cannot change direction of travel because the motor armature is mounted on board the train while the inducer is made up of the track that guides the train, which is firmly tied to the ground. Therefore, we cannot rise into space and go, as in science fiction films, in any direction. Therefore terrestrial science is also getting the space race wrong. If we want to go into space we must create lighter and more rational systems that coldly add the Newton and Lorentz thrust, without producing heat. Heat is what lowers the efficiency and raises the costs of the primary energy that must be transformed into electricity. By cold producing terrestrial energy we save terrestrial resources and take the first step to also produce space energy.

These solutions seem like science fiction because they do not come from academia, but from solitary reflections of the real world of work. To conceive submerged and compressed hydroelectromagnetic energies, the undersigned has spent a lifetime of work, first in the design and installation of industrial plants, then in environmental plants, and finally, since 2005 as a pensioner. Since the entire world science is busy producing commercial inventions, they have accepted a certain degree of pollution in exchange for progress. I myself was very cautious in affirming the possibility of extracting clean energy directly from the environment. I started to believe it only when I realized that no one really wanted to clean fossil energy with my purification solutions that would have produced carbonates in the water. This made me very suspicious because it would always have been better to face the costs necessary for the modifications of the chimneys, sewerage and purification systems, rather than building the C.C.S. with the very high costs and high hidden dangers, already published in other articles and cited in this article. To convince this ruling class incomprehensible to the undersigned who has only known the world of work, without power games, I tried to further economize the management costs of the proposed systems. In particular the cost of raising the water necessary to produce artificial rainfall. This is the only reason why I invented submerged and subsequently compressed hydroelectric power. It was always the same people who pretended not to understand my inventions who encouraged me to move forward without them. And it was always their silence that stimulated me to conceive the hydroelectric car, the artificial heart that oxygenates human blood, the global linear engines that will be able to take us into space without fuel. I don’t thank these opponents, but if my inventions are truly created and implemented and are useful to the world community, the credit goes to them too. Because only when I get angry can I be at my best as an inventor.

However, I want to say that even commercial inventions would work even better without paying the energy bills that come from thermal, nuclear, panel, solar, wind turbines and current hydroelectric power plants which have involved huge investments to exploit the hydraulic leap that concentrates production of energy in a single point, such as large thermal and nuclear power plants. Instead, the natural distribution of terrestrial waters without human intervention would have been perfect, because the water would have followed natural paths without dams and artificial basins. With submerged and compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy we would have been able to use water where it is needed, especially in the plains where it arrives naturally, and produce submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy on site without nuclear thermal plants, solar panels and wind turbines. So, we wouldn’t have produced the CO2, and we wouldn’t have had to hide it underground with C.C.S. saving the necessary hundreds of billions, partly already spent, which create other even more dangerous problems. But the greatest advantage of submerged hydroelectric power is the fact that the more we produce energy, the more the water becomes purified and even when we move the water several kilometers away, we can do so by producing energy instead of consuming it, in the meantime the Water purifies itself by absorbing oxygen according to the principles of Henry and Dalton.

Below are some figures of indispensable plants for purification and sustainable terrestrial develop ment that are completely unknown to public terrestrial science.

The drawing above extracted from the article, shows schematically how it could be possible to create submerged crossing tunnels, especially at the ends of individual canals navigable by small boats that are not disturbed in their navigation. The energy produced through the compressed hydro-electromagnetic current generators that can be created in the access compartments of the submerged tunnel and the submerged current generators can provide all the energy needed to power the street lighting of the lagoon city, power the compressors that power the diffusers of air, raise and lower the gates and raise and return to the sea the water that manages to infiltrate through the sealing gaskets of the bulkheads. Always with zero energy costs regarding the extraction, refining, transport and purification processes of the energy produced. The only costs that the citizens of lagoon cities such as Venice will bear will be those due to the wear and tear of the machines that will work throughout the year to trigger the energy and purification processes which, as we know, cannot happen alone. These processes, as described in the title of this article, are an authentic scientific manna that has fallen from heaven and is still misunderstood by the current scientific advisors of world governments. Other than the investment and management costs that are charged to the Italian people by the monster of Venice (each lift cost 272 thousand euros, while in 2021-2022 the costs dropped to 211 thousand euros per lift, thanks above all to improvements in procedures: for example, in the past it took 60 minutes to raise the gates, while now 30 are enough)

I have not filed this
further environmental and energy solution as a patent because I don’t believe
that the current world institutions are capable of implementing these
innovations, otherwise they would have also included my other forty previous
inventions on these topics, which are still waiting for some country to create
them , although, legally, no one, public or private, owes anything to the
inventor, who has not paid the maintenance fees on the granted patents and has
not made legal oppositions on the non-granted patents. It is clear that there
is something very serious, not right, in the entire world ruling class.