This article, longer than usual, is certainly one of the last ones I write, having exhausted my vein as an inventor. It draws inspiration from a recent tragedy in the Italian sea but also summarizes the previous inventions, clearly inconvenient for the current world ruling class, not only political, but also scientific. What you can’t read in online publications, you can download from my website        (

The drawing that serves as the cover of this article aims to stimulate some reflections on the real state of the art, the economy and world well-being. In the article I will speak little of the two inventions shown in the drawing, I will only say that in the current state of the art these solutions cannot be implemented for reasons that are not scientific. If I took the liberty of proposing them, it is because they would be the natural advancement of an alternative state of the art to the current one, which the current world political and economic power centers do not want to experiment for fear that it would work and the entire world ruling class would lose credibility regardless of membership in NATO, communist countries, or developing countries. Recently, the Italian Meloni government changed the top management of Italian state-owned companies, stating that the choice of managers was made on the basis of skills, not political affiliations. I have no doubts about the skills of the chosen people, I have doubts about the skills of the entire global economic, industrial and social system. Not because none of my forty inventions has ever been realised, but because I have never found public and private interlocutors available to discuss the global, non-specific skills of the several hundred details I have developed. In fact, it is not enough for a fixed or mobile anthropic plant to function specifically. It must also connect to the surrounding environment, without altering the pre-existing chemical characteristics. This article should have been my forty-first patent filing but I don’t file it because I no longer believe in the current global public institutions that regulate the intellectual property of inventions due to the simple fact that the intellectual property of inventions does not exist. There is industrial and commercial property, because the real goal of world power men is not to spread scientific knowledge globally but to protect the investments of those who create development and work, regardless of the side effects that commercialized inventions produce. For these reasons, an intense collaboration has developed throughout the world between governments and entrepreneurs and little commercial inventions have been neglected such as the cleaning of fossil energy, based on the unification of the purification cycles of water and polluted air, which would produced carbonates in the water by consuming the CO2 with artificial rainfall. If world governments had been more farsighted, they would have also rewarded the intellectual property of uncommercial inventions without demanding filing and patent maintenance fees from inventors who, like myself, have dealt with such inventions. In fact, to economize the interactive processes that protect the environment, the inventions reported in the SPAWHE rhyme were born in chronological order which gradually, not only would they have defeated global warming, they would have eliminated the use of thermal energy, and therefore, the combustible. If the world’s ruling class had a minimum of global expertise, it would update the scientific and technological state of the art almost annually, as is the case today in the field of artificial intelligence, however the most important sector is that of identifying the best primary source of terrestrial energy it has remained stationary for over two hundred years without anyone realizing that it must be fluid dynamics and electromagnetics at the temperature of the earth’s environment, for the simple fact that thermodynamics and obviously also nuclear power cannot be connected directly to the delicate earthly electromagnetics. Not only for environmental and economic problems, but also for practical ones. In fact, above all, in mobile plants, the current primary energies do not allow us to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. If we fail to add these two thrusts, simply, cheaply and without altering the surrounding environment, we will never be able to produce the total force to overcome the gravitational force. Today, when there is no longer a substantial difference between communist and capitalist countries, planet Earth should be governed scientifically by always applying the best, scientifically proven, tested and updated solutions to the latest state of the art. Today, we need real world statesmen who cannot come out of the current electoral campaigns, but from what they have shown they can do, ethically and disinterestedly in reaching positions of power. In other words, those who are called for merits acquired in the field of work and social activities should govern, not those who propose themselves with electoral propaganda, and obscure power games, which multiply the weapons of combat between the various countries, not for ideological reasons, but out of pure thirst for power. Today, many inventions existing on planet Earth (Almost the majority) do not meet the environmental requirements to be acceptable, but they have been made in billions of specimens anyway. What is worse is the fact that the world economy stops if the world’s primary sources of energy which are uneconomical and polluted stop. Primary energy that costs nothing, nobody wants to produce. Where are the real scientists, the real politicians and the real world economists?

1. Introduction

As anticipated above, having been an inventor against the tide, I cannot speak of my international experiences not having found interlocutors, but only of my scarce contacts with science and national entrepreneurship that deals with the environment and energy.

Enea episode

First of all, I want to mention the only serious letter received from a public research institution over many years of partner research. This is the letter ENEA / 2009/370587 / PRES dated 2/07/2009, in which the former president of ENEA (Italian national energy and environment), the  Prof. Luigi Paganetto, He invited me to a meeting at their home in Bologna, writing me literally: “In order to deepen the technical aspects and the economic implications of the systems and technologies you have proposed, please contact the Dr …………., Head of the Methodology Analysis and Prevention of Anthropic Risk, which will be able to organize a Meeting with industry experts “.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to the undersigned, the collaborators of the President delayed the meeting, and they called me in the second half of the month of September 2009, making me there and back about 1100 km by train just to tell me that the prof. Paganetto had fallen as president of Enea, and they could no take care of my patents, not having enough funds to pursue their patents either. So there was no technical discussion on my patents All this could have been communicated to me with a simple mail, without even incurring the inconvenience of traveling and expenses. This is the level of behavior of Italian and probably worldwide research organizations in relation to private inventors. Later, ENEA, like all other Italian and world search agencies, did not respond to submitting my publications, although it has submitted patents far more important than those produced until 2009.

I think that even though Prof. Luigi Paganetto was the only important personality to answer me, he was the only one to do his duty, among the many thousands of world-class energy and environmental world leaders who They could answer and invite me to a constructive comparison.

I don’t know what important Italian Enea has invented in all these years, but I am sure that if it had proposed the inventions proposed by the undersigned, they would not have gone unnoticed as happened to the undersigned. Unity is strength and probably we could have even improved them in the interest of Italy and the whole world. Instead, Enea has preferred to devote itself to projects such as the C.C.S. to try to bring French nuclear energy to Italy and produce patents to be sold to multinationals. Eni would also probably be different from the current one, but the Eni episode is longer and I will report it below.

ENI episode

I also want to mention an article published in Italian in the magazine, where I post the following correspondence:

I send this mail on 11/26/2012 To c. to. of the Eni technical office.

Dear Sirs, I hereby submit to you a sustainable project, an alternative to the C.C.S. system. and current water purification systems. I know that together with the CNR, ENEA, ENEL you have invested resources in the CCS, but I also think that more than other entities, you are interested in a revaluation of thermoelectric energy and not in a downgrading, as would happen with the CCS. If it had been for the other entities and had the Japanese tsunami not saved us, our country would have already compromised other important economic resources in nuclear energy, which like solar and wind power, will never be able to replace thermoelectric energy, above all, if it will become clean. But this energy can even become protective of the environment with the application of the patent deposits that I propose to you. I started the consultations with you because I consider you to be less compromised with nuclear power and new energies which, as well as they go, can at most be neutral towards the environment. However, in case you are not interested, for the love of our country, I will also consult the other state bodies, assuming they have some kind people, like Mrs. Badini, who will make sure that everything doesn’t end up in a wastebasket before someone read. As certainly happened with my previous inventions which did not concern energy, but the purification of the environment. None of the Italian bodies in charge of environmental protection has ever responded to my proposals of public utility. In a democracy one can also think differently but one must never escape the confrontation, above all, on a technical level. I hope you share my opinion and that the copious documentation I am sending you is at least useful for a technical comparison. Since there are no others aware of these recent four patent filings (11/19/2012), I could interrupt the consultations with you and allow you to extend the patents internationally, even to expand them with details that I have not claimed. This will no longer be possible, when I resume the consultations, communicating the patents to others, above all, if I am forced to publish the book, which I have prepared in parallel with them, of which I am attaching important chapters. Writing a book or articles while developing a topic is part of my working method. It helps me think. In this document I collect the research carried out, reflections and personal opinions. From the voluminous dossier that emerges I extract the original ideas to be patented. If there are. The articles that you can find on the net by typing my humble name, or unknown topics such as sewage, covered or global purification, were born in this way. I generally post them after the ruling class, especially the public, hasn’t received my messages. On this occasion the documentation I have prepared is much more voluminous, but equally, I hope not to publish it. If I have to do it this time, I’ll look for a publisher.

Naturally, I would prefer that Italy seize this great opportunity for growth. I hope you too take this opportunity to grow within ENI, believing in this project. If you don’t believe it, someone else will believe it, but it won’t be the same for us and for the country. The silences received up to now have not discouraged me, because I knew that I was going against the interests of the companies that work in this sector. The global purification systems that I have proposed were conceived in the interest of the environment, not of companies. The solutions I have proposed do not need 90% of the machines and systems currently designed and marketed. But in the case of energy that protects the environment, in addition to earning the environment, the economy and employment, those who produce energy also earn, which I believe is more powerful than those who claim to purify the environment and are unable to do so. with current palliatives. In the book, which I’m not publishing at the moment, I also explain why they can’t purify the environment, while the protective energy will. There is a life of work in this solution which, with all due respect, could not have been conceived by anyone who produces energy or who purifies the environment but only by those who, loving their work, have pigeonholed different experiences by touching other sectors, apparently distant from the environment and energy. Only by realizing great environmental and technical synergies can this goal be achieved. However, I don’t promise miracles, from the example of the transformation of a 320 MWh plant, you will realize how many things must necessarily change to achieve these objectives. I hope you will convey the message to your top management, with your favorable comment and ask me for any doubts. Rome is not far away. We can also meet.

While awaiting your prompt reply, I will continue working on the book that I do not want to publish. It’s really strange the life of a modest environmental inventor.

Luigi Antonio Pezone

I receive this mail  from ENI on 01/18/2013.

Dear Mr. Pezone,

we received the documentation regarding a technology for recovering energy from the fumes of thermoelectric plants while reducing CO2 emissions.

Although your idea certainly appears original and contains some interesting technical ideas, I must however inform you that the sector of the abatement of emissions from combustion fumes does not currently represent an area in which Eni is active from the point of view of technological development. Furthermore, the internal entity, which could potentially take initiatives in this direction – the company Eni Power – when asked about the possible use of its technology, confirmed that at our industrial plants it is not currently necessary to modify the systems already present, moreover fully compliant with legal requirements.

In any case, we thank you for the attention you have given to our industrial group and we hope that you will be able to identify opportunities for the development and enhancement of the technology you propose from other subjects.

Best regards

I reply  to ENI with this email on 20/01/2013

Dear Doctor,

Thank you for replying to the documentation I sent you for inspection, however, allow me to disagree with the too hasty way in which your company dismissed the matter. First of all I would like to clarify that my proposal does not only concern the “recovery of heat from the fumes of thermoelectric plants while reducing CO2 emissions at the same time”. 95% of the heat is recovered from the cooling waters of thermal power plants which you didn’t even mention. This heat is used to produce biogas with a very high methane content, which can be consumed in the plant itself, or put into the network to be consumed in cities.

The support of the very large linear digesters contained in the D.D.C.L. allows the transfer of CO2 and hydrogen sulphide (which, being heavier, stagnate on the surface of the digested sewage) in the calcareous sections of the greenhouse building, improving the quality of the biogas. In calcareous greenhouses, the same waters that have helped to cool the plants and heat the digesters absorb CO2 and calcium ions, becoming alkaline (but we can also get to softening). Lakes and seas need these alkaline waters as they are acidifying. While arid lands, especially near the sea, need fresh water that future thermoelectric plants could provide (obviously expanded with the sections added by myself).

I would like to remind you that current thermoelectric plants, excluding the very few with combined cycles, do not reach an efficiency of 40%, everything else is lost in heat, even heat is a form of pollution, but above all, losses are economic damage for the company. District heating is uneconomical and is not needed all year round, so the heat is currently wasted. (From a calculation by the undersigned also reported in the documentation sent, only the heat wasted in Italy by thermoelectric plants has an economic value of 15 billion euros, four times the amount raked up by the last government with the disputed Imu)

In a global air water purification and energy production system, everything is recycled (including heat) and general efficiency is enhanced. Current plants, being separate, cannot increase yields and cannot close the carbon cycle in a way that is beneficial to the environment. Explain it also to your colleagues at Eni Power, if you are unable to do so, let me contact them, I will see what I can do to make them understand that up to now, we technicians have made a mistake in separating energy from the rest of the environment. Especially that of thermal origin.

I do not doubt that Eni’s plants comply with the legal requirements, I question the legal requirements. We know very well that the legislator cannot prescribe to industrial companies, public and private, emission limits lower than those permitted by the state of the art. Unfortunately, the state of the art is determined by industrial companies, such as Eni and Enel. I am very surprised that it is you who deals with research and technological innovations that you speak of systems that comply with the provisions of the law. These laws have not yet been defined because the state of the art has not found a way to close the anthropic carbon cycle. For this reason, world summits on the environment are held. This cycle will never end if companies like Eni limit themselves to applying the laws.

Furthermore, I must point out that it is not true, as you write, that “the sector of abatement of emissions from combustion fumes does not currently represent an area in which Eni is active from the point of view of technological development” I could cite articles available on the net in which it is stated that you are collaborating with Enea, Enel on the CCS system, even if, probably, you are limiting yourself only to the part concerning the injection of CO2 into the subsoil. I don’t know to what extent it would be advantageous for Eni to increase energy costs by lowering the efficiency of fuels which the process they are developing entails (we are talking about a loss of 11-12% for light fuels, up to 30% for coal) and the need to considerably increase the flow rates of the cooling water. All this without bringing other environmental benefits, such as the transfer of carbonates to water, which would take place with the system I propose. Of course, leaving aside all the other problems that the C.C.S. involves, such as the transport of CO2 and the landfill itself.

Maybe he doesn’t know that in Italian thermoelectric plants circulate quantities of water 20 times higher than those circulating in purifiers. Since purifiers do not protect the environment from global pollution, we might as well eliminate them gradually and replace them with the global covered depurcogeproduction that I propose. Having to purify the liquid digestate of the digesters, these plants would not make a great effort to purify urban waters as well, also obtaining biomass from these to be transformed into energy, instead of seeing it spilled without treatment with the first rainsBut also and above all rainwater would be well received by the new system, as it is eager to absorb those famous carbonates which would transform CO2 into an incomparable environmental resource. I’m not saying that you don’t know how to do your job because thermoelectric plants, in the global purification system that I propose, are the only thing that could be saved, even if they should be reduced in size and better distributed throughout the territory. I simply say that to overcome the state of the art new synergies are needed, with sectors that have never entered the world of energy and purification, such as transport and industrial automation, which could industrialize and put together energy and environmental protection, without dispersing anything. By sheer coincidence, before dealing with the environment, I dealt with industrial plants. I didn’t do it for one day, but in two separate twenties. Only as a retiree was I able to put things together.

Probably, these things are not highlighted much from the documentation I sent you, since I anticipated the chapters of a book that I was completing and I would not have wanted to publish to maintain a minimum of industrial secrecy towards foreign countries, but I was forced to complete the book and to publish articles that summarize the concepts I have expressed to you, hoping that at least abroad they will be understood.

I don’t know under what title you wrote to inform me that your company does not feel like embarking on this arduous undertaking. If you wrote to me personally, or someone ordered you to liquidate me quickly as you did, politely, hoping to be able to identify opportunities for development and exploitation of the proposed technology among other subjects. If Eni had this courage, in Italy, between direct and indirect activities, it would create more jobs than FIAT and in the world it would be the first to close the anthropic carbon cycle. Unfortunately you can’t give courage to those who don’t have it. (Obviously, when I wrote this letter I hadn’t yet invented compressed hydroelectric engines that can replace thermal ones and global linear ones that can also replace aeronautical and space engines)

I ask you, in your opinion which companies could I contact? If those who purify the water do it in the open emitting CO2, after having degenerated the sewage in the sewage system with hydrogen sulphide? The machines they have marketed that work outdoors are of no use in the overall purification of the environment. These companies keep quiet to defend their slice of a wrong market, but even if they admit mistakes, they are too small to address such big problems. Even Eni is small in the face of these problems, but there are no others in Italy. Eni already covers a large part of the sectors concerned, from the production of fuels to energy. It also entered the water management. It is certainly easier to manage than to design. But it is not with management that systems that are unable to protect the environment can be operated. With the system I am proposing, ENI, which is a multinational, in a country with a poor supply of fresh water, where it uses sea water to cool the plant, could return the latter softened, cooled and usable for agriculture, thanks above all to the CO2 which, above all Enel and Enea, want to bury. This would also apply to regions such as Puglia, Sicily, Basilicata, Calabria. The large production of compost could be used to re-fertilize the land; the large quantities of water stored vertically, while being purified, would constitute an important system of prevention against floods and precious reserves in case of drought. Vertical greenhouse buildings are already becoming a reality in some parts of the world, including Europe, above all to produce food (I am attaching the link to an article on the subject), but the undersigned prefers to use vertical buildings to consume CO2, alkalize water and produce energy biomass. To you who deal with innovations, I ask, don’t you find the chimneys that have soared, for one hundred and fifty years, like polluting cannons aimed at the atmosphere, seem scandalous and they do not only concern thermoelectric plants, but all industrial thermal plants, including Ilva of Taranto. Wherever there is a chimney there is a lot to recover to produce biogas, cleaning the energy produced, regardless of the original source, which can also be wood and coal. Excuse my frankness, but when I spread my book, no one who deals with the environment and energy will make a good impression, especially in Italy, where the most responsible have turned ears to reports. You can find mine on Google by typing my modest name. I’m not saying this because I think I’m right, but because of the loss of responsibility that these silences highlight, in a country that doesn’t grow, which wastes resources, doesn’t protect the environment, and where unemployment and debt are rising at the same time public.

The book will be released in about a week, only in digital version, but will also be distributed abroad, at the modest price of five euros (hoping that not the whole world is a small country).

I hope he writes me back, but it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t. Thank God, I don’t get discouraged so easily.

I hope you don’t mind if I transform this letter, which has nothing personal, into an open letter to Eni, naturally without your name.

These truths also serve to spread the culture of the environment among ordinary people, without which the politicians and multinationals, of which Eni is a part (despite public participation), things will never change.

Best regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone

The two episodes that I mentioned above, which I have documented with written evidence, clearly show that my inventions have been snubbed by public science and state-owned companies, but they do not demonstrate that these Italian and world institutions of the same type, have  do not done their environmental and energy design work well, as global warming is a real fact, which no one has solved. While, my inventions still have the potential to solve these immense problems, until these same institutions prove that they do not work. Certainly, it cannot be the undersigned who experimentally demonstrates the scientific truth with a modest income as an Italian pensioner. The crime of omission is the daily bread of all public bodies worldwide.

Hydroelectric car episode

I quote the first part of the following article:

A small Italian miracle of Giuseppe Conte’s government

After refusing to comply for the umpteenth time with the bureaucratic requests of the Italian patent office, instead of being punished for not granting the patent, as has always happened, unexpectedly, I was granted the patent. Obviously, this patent is useless because I have no intention of becoming an entrepreneur at seventy-one years old, but knowing the narrow scientific mentality of the Italian patent office, I think he was forced to swallow the toad by the new government of Professor Giuseppe Conte. Unfortunately, the same toad should swallow the entire Italian society that has actively participated in producing global warming and producing large, useless and harmful public works in the world, which have favored droughts floods deforestations for having misinterpreted the principles of energy and worldwide purifying plants. Today, running out of ideas, this company is the tail light of European development, which does not even shine, by inventiveness. The European community, although it is on average more efficient than the Italian ruling class, has done nothing concrete to change the current development model, which in addition to the environmental damage mentioned above, has also led to COVID-19. This virus is not Chinese, but due to the current world development model. COVID-19 and similar viruses that lie in wait are not a problem that can solve world health facilities, vaccines and social distancing. Anthropic inventions must interact positively with the surrounding environment, not as negatively as current ones, destroying biological and environmental balances. The hydroelectric car with peripheral drive torque on the wheels, of which I was granted, the unexpected Italian patent, is only one of more than forty proposed inventions of the undersigned which have not been tested and financed by any world country. Although around fifteen of these obtained the patent certificate, no country has financed them, including previous Italian governments. These certificates are of no use if, mainly, governments do not practically demonstrate to world entrepreneurs how they must make man-made plants, how to connect them together so as not to damage the environment and alter the natural biological balance. Furthermore, how mobile systems and means of transport must be designed, which, being unable to chemically, biologically, nuclear, interact with the environment, must not open chemical, biological, nuclear cycles, but only physical and electromagnetic ones. Governments cannot grant public utility patents to inventors and wash their hands, waiting for them without economic and technical support to experiment and industrialize their inventions on their own. They must ban the current trade in public patents to private individuals and share copyright with national inventors at an international level, so that growth is global, not local. New international laws on intellectual and industrial property are needed, which must also and above all include the environmental compatibility of inventions.

If the government of Giuseppe Conte has done this little miracle, to order the granting of the patent to an inventor who opposed the bureaucracy, which nobody expected, especially the undersigned, must do many more, because in one hundred years of industrial development the whole world went in the opposite direction from where it was supposed to go. Many famous Nobel prize-winning scientists have created more disasters than benefits to humanity because they have not closed the chemical, biological, nuclear cycles they have opened in their plants. The true positive history of humanity’s political and scientific choices has yet to be written. But it must be written urgently. We can’t waste any more time. Below is the certificate of patent just received from the Italian patent office.

Below is shown an excerpt from the published article entitled: “Open letter to the patent office and the Italian government in the time of the coronavirus”,
Santa Maria Capua Vetere, 09/03/2020.
Subject: Question 102016000087373 (Hydroelectric car with peripheral drive torque at the wheels) – Exam procedure.
With reference to your letter of 10/01/2020, I inform you that I refuse to rewrite for the third time the claims of my patent filing, which I consider intellectual, not simply industrial. The difference between these two types of patents, the first of which is not recognized by the world patent authorities, can only be understood by reading the document attached below, which I also send for information to the President of the Council of Ministers and to some ministers directly involved. in the protection of the environment and in sustainable and cultural development. For myself, the lack of recognition of intellectual property, separate from industrial property, has prevented global sustainable development and our country, which has not grown for thirty years, has suffered more than other countries. Industrial property has been monopolized by large multinationals that also buy public patents in line with their development model. For an inventor who deals with environmental and energy utilities, obtaining a patent is not enough to find lenders. It is essential, above all, the collaboration of public bodies, which in the first place must recognize their mistakes and adapt the public procurement specifications so that these inventions can be realized and act as a guide or imposition also on private entrepreneurs in the civil and industrial sector. But what is strange is the fact that worldwide, the inventor who does not find financiers must also be forced to pay the patent maintenance fees nationally and internationally. In addition, the Italian State does not allow the payment of patent and maintenance deposits to be discharged from taxes to pensioners such as myself, who do not have corporate income. For the Italian State, retirees must wait quietly for death, instead of making use of the experiences they have accumulated in a working life. Above all, the environmental and energy inventive activities that the undersigned has dealt with, need inventors with transversal experiences that today are very difficult to acquire in the world of work in the civil and industrial sector. For this reason the world in just over a century of industrial development has produced global warming.
Today, the whole world science is in search of miraculous energy, but being all specialized in individual sectors, they try to win this race without resorting to the identification of natural interactive principles and the scientific organization of global work. Instead, this race, certainly the most important in the world, I believe that the undersigned won it involuntarily. In fact, I had no ambition to be able to participate when I decided to take part in a slightly less important race, which was that of “sustainable cleaning of fossil energy”, which I also believe I have won, even if the noble participants and the governments have pretended not to notice my participation. However, on my website everyone can read and download the projects, drawings and patent filings that demonstrate that this problem could only be solved by scientifically applying the organization of work to the environment, as it was applied to industrial work. the undersigned found himself unwittingly participating in the even more important contest of miraculous energy. In fact, the deepening of the interactive purifying principles of the air polluted by the fumes and the various fluid dynamic principles of the water polluted by other substances, has led the undersigned to the identification of the most economically advantageous processes for purification purposes and also to the most economic ones for energy production. In fact, after virtually cleaning fossil energy without a penny of help from world institutions, with other projects drawings and patent filings showed that even the problem of sustainable energy could and can be solved only by scientifically applying the organization of work also to the environment. But faced with the usual silence of the scientific and political institutional bodies, having nothing more to offer, he just has to propose the following solution: A joint stock company open to all to finance at least the demonstration prototypes of inventors not linked to the power centers worldwide, which deal with problems of public utility, in the energy and health environmental sectors. I don’t know how many these lone inventors are. But I believe that they are very few because the current laws, not recognizing the copyrights of the inventors, these, finding no financiers, cannot pay the patent maintenance fees and lose all the rights on the work done, even if subsequently, their inventions are will prove accurate.
Today, unfortunately, the solutions to serious problems are monopolized by the centers of power that only pretend to want to solve them, but they cannot do so, if they do not have the courage, to change the model of global development, which they themselves have created, starting from correcting, first the public plants and then issuing the anti-pollution directives to which private companies must comply. Not to reduce emissions, but to eliminate them completely, without compromising on hybrid solutions and inefficient and bulky renewable energy. According to the scientific organization of global work, only one is the best solution, which must be identified, case by case, always using globally the advancement of the state of the art of all the scientific and technological sectors involved. All the other solutions are palliatives that cannot stand comparison in the face of a globally developed solution, which has simultaneously identified the most economic and efficient solution. Not easy to identify, but possible, if you combine the transversal experience, the scientific and technological knowledge and the patience to go on, despite the silences collected. For myself, the silences are tacit consensus of those who do not have the courage to oppose the directives of their employers and those who do not have sufficient scientific arguments to defend current energies in an open confrontation.
I don’t say I won the race for wonderful energy because I think I am a better inventor than others. I had more patience to find the solution, taking many years. If the Institutional bodies really wanted to solve environmental and energy problems they could shorten the time by bringing together technicians and designers with different experiences, ordering them to find impartial and sustainable zero-emission, non-commercial solutions, such as those produced by multinationals. These working groups, sooner or later would have understood that the study of the scientific organization of work is like a comb that cannot move forward unless it completely undoes the knots it encounters from a scientific, technological and economic point of view. For the undersigned, putting together the water and air treatments, dissolving all the nodes that meet along the purification and energy paths, it is not possible to arrive at impartial solutions other than those identified by myself. In fact, I did not know what solutions I would have chosen when I started inventing as a pensioner but I trusted my working method, even if it was longer than the others, having to start from the beginning of all the processes. In fact, environmental and energy solutions cannot be wrong if all the scientific, technological, economic information available at the state of the art are brought together consistently, and the main and collateral work cycles of energy and environmental production are correctly set. This working method, which is the same that Frederick Taylor taught in 1911, has never been applied to the environmental sector, but would have allowed us to find the best solution, which is always one, if we put the same basic information in the research, as today happen putting information into a computer. In fact, if today we visit several factories of cars or household appliances, where automation is very advanced, we seem to visit the same factory for each type of product built in series.
The undersigned, who has learned to put the systems together correctly and to create the related connections in the automotive industry, has also applied the same working method in the environmental sector, linking together the water and air purification cycles. By first modifying the sewers and chimneys and technically undoing the knots of the long purification process, using existing technologies, he modified what he deemed necessary according to his experience and research. Each modified node represents an intellectual patent to identify an alternative development model that cannot be identified in a single patent. Only after untying the depurative nodes, did I continue to advance the comb to also remove the energy nodes, using the same working method. I believe that this work has not been done by any world research group in the industrial and pre-industrial era. If they did, it would have been impossible to create global warming and alluvial disasters produced by current hydropower. Current research groups have untied the knots inside the individual scientific and technological specializations. They did not go to the next stages, which concern the passages through increasingly narrow combs, where only the best energy could have passed. That is, the interactive one between water, air and gravitational force. I have discovered that this energy no center of world power, public and private, wants it, above all, the governments that have mistaken the model of development followed that are hiding behind science that does not have the courage to admit that it has erred in the fundamental principles of energy, which cannot be separated from the basic purification and economic principles: “Maximum energy and purification performance with minimum expense”. These should have been the objectives of world public science, instead they produced: “Maximum expenditure with minimum energy and purification yields”
Luigi Antonio Pezone
I published the above article after I received the patent certificate which the Italian patent office certainly would never have granted me, knowing the previous correspondence, reported above, and my refusal to fulfill the bureaucratic requests they asked me. I expected that the leftist government of prof. Giuseppe Conte ordered ENEA or the CNR (National Research Center) to collaborate with the undersigned to create a prototype of this important invention in the national interest, which obviously would not have concerned only cars, but all land transport, including agricultural and construction site vehicles. Instead, not even the left-wing government has had this courage. Obviously, not even the successive governments of the economist Mario Draghi had such courage and Mrs. Giorgia Meloni although hydroelectric cars, with global linear motors, have at least virtually become flying and floating and as written in this article by adding Newton’s thrust together to Lorentz’s we could save migrants from shipwrecks, forests from fires, go into space without fuel them. Obviously, neglecting the fact that with the previous inventions (always virtual and not financed by anyone) we could have cleaned up fossil energy, prevented floods and droughts by raising the waters and desalination them without fuels and nuclear energy.

  1. The current problems of migrants at sea and large forest fires.
    The controversies that have rekindled at European level on the responsibilities of individual European countries in managing the problem of migrants coming, above all, from African countries, after the death of a hundred people, including many children, on 26 February 2023, have induced to propose a personal solution, not a patent, as I gave up fighting with world institutions, which declared my most important inventions “perpetual motion”. The accident was very serious from a political point of view as those who maneuvered the boat full of migrants to escape the police forces, with the rough sea, made risky maneuvers that led the hull to break up on the shallow seabed a hundred meters from the Calabrian coast, in Italy. Beyond the inefficiency of the institutional bodies, which should have intervened with naval means suitable for saving human lives instead of frightening the traffickers, it should also make us reflect on the general state of the world of the entire planet, in the face of such types of emergencies. Another type of emergency, equally serious, is that of the inability to intervene quickly and efficiently against the great forest fires that are seriously destroying the planet. Last year was a record for major fires. A total of more than 758,000 hectares of forest have been burned in the countries of the European Union: they are 7,580 square kilometres, an area almost equal to that of Friuli Venezia Giulia. That’s more than double the average land burned over the previous fifteen years. In the summer of 2019-2020, more than 8.2 million hectares of land burned in Australia, affecting forested areas and national parks such as the Blue Mountains, the fires also devastated some of Australia’s largest cities, including Melbourne and Sydney. The burned area was equal to that of Portugal. The air quality has reached high levels of toxicity, exceeding eleven times the level considered dangerous. So, I wonder how the world’s politicians and economists, who govern the planet, think about solving scientific problems if they let the right hand of science not know what the left is doing? How can they solve global social problems, if the richest 10% of the planet’s population own 76% of the wealth and 52% of the income, while the poorest 50% own 2% of the wealth and 8% of the income ? The poor who have not developed technologically suffer more than all the hardships of climate change for which developed countries are primarily responsible due to the wrong energy and purification inventions, produced since the advent of the very short industrial period of only two hundred years, which is destroying the environmental balances stabilized in the previous four and a half billion years. This should make us all reflect on the errors committed by the entire world ruling class and by the entire terrestrial science since the beginning of the industrial era. But we must also condemn men of culture in general who do not represent the poor, the defenceless, those who have not been able to study. In spite of the great philosophers, thinkers, political associations, trade unions, environmental associations, at least eight generations of human beings of the industrial age have passed, without any of these categories having questioned the problems globally. Each individual category of people fought for their own benefits. This is the main reason why we cannot efficiently rescue migrants in the middle of the sea and it is the same reason why we cannot efficiently extinguish large forest and urban fires due to the fact that we cannot stop permanently in the atmospheric air to extinguish fires with water. I have always maintained that if we manage to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, the cheapest system for traveling in space, in the atmosphere, and in the depths of the sea will be the compressed hydroelectromagnetic one, because this energy system, which does not yet exist on planet Earth, it could produce, with very small costs, immense quantities of mobile energy, not polluting the environment, but extracting the energy from the air which is the energy source, using water as an energy vector. Meanwhile, the Italian government has definitively approved the construction of the bridge over the Strait of Messina, which is expected to cost no less than 8 billion euros. How long can a bridge last in a notoriously seismic area? Did the collapse of the Morando bridge in Genoa on August 14, 2018 teach us nothing? I note that the collapsed bridge was only fifty-one years old and caused the deaths of 43 people.
    Below is the first part of my open letter to the new Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni published on 10.10.2022 (
    “Dear President Meloni, to you who are preparing to participate at the highest levels at the G8, G20 and C0P (Conference of the Parties) summits, I would like to point out the modest considerations of the undersigned, who has experienced industrial environmental and energy problems at the forefront, as a designer, installer, inventor of anthropogenic systems in the last fifty-three years. Unfortunately, my interactive environmental and energy inventions, which have occupied the last sixteen years of my life, have not been understood by world science, politicians and entrepreneurs. For myself, the planet Earth is not yet ready to be administered by politicians and economists. First he has to solve huge scientific problems that cannot be solved with the current science that has always worked in watertight compartments, with mono-disciplinary experiments and applications, completely neglecting the multidisciplinary, interactive, self-purifying and self-energetic principles that Earth nature applies for four, five billion years, transforming the earth’s primordial environment into the present one without the help of any technology. Certainly, four, five billion years is a very long time because nature takes a long time to purify the environment. But the terrestrial industrial age, of only 150 years, was so quick to ruin the environment that politicians and economists cannot manage it. Nor can they trust the real responsible for environmental degradation, which are not the individual branches of science, but those who prevent, in one way or another, that science is applied globally, without changing natural physical, chemical, biological processes. Science and technology should only locally increase the speed of natural processes, without altering them. It is not easy to grasp this concept on the part of world governments that continue to consult individual academic experts from the various branches of science in the face of alluvial, cyclonic calamities, great fires. The situation is much more complex and concerns the entire world labor organization, which must not open chemical cycles that cannot close perfectly and if it is necessary to open them, it is also necessary to create the infrastructures and anthropogenic plants capable of closing these cycles. This is a fairly simple problem to solve in fixed anthropogenic plants, however science has not solved it. It becomes very complex in mobile anthropic systems, which concern, above all, means of transport, terrestrial, marine, submarine, air and space.”
    With this premise I wanted to underline that if the world’s scientific problems are not solved correctly and ethically, planet Earth will become increasingly ungovernable. The war in Ukraine is accentuating the rivalries between the NATO countries and the big communist countries, in particular, Russia and China. The border walls are raised, instead of demolishing them. But what are the real differences between these opposing factions, I can not understand. If what Forbes magazine writes is true, that Chinese billionaires are slightly less than American billionaires and Chinese and Russian billionaires arrive immediately after ( richest-billionaires-in-russia/). These great powers use the same weapons of destruction, the same energy sources. They try to outdo each other by improving technologies so as not to be surpassed from an offensive and defense point of view. To confirm and increase the military strength they do not carry out in-depth research which could lead to a completely alternative development model to the current one, which could also lead to defeating the real common enemies, which are global warming and the spread of disease by viruses, in largely proliferated by the loss of terrestrial biodiversity. It could be said that the Russians took advantage of the Corona virus pandemic to invade Ukraine by surprise, to further aggravate the world’s problems. (;
    This aggression automatically leads to diverting world attention from climate problems, from the devastation of the environment due to fires and the problem of migrants seeking a new homeland unable to continue living in their countries of origin.
    It is clear that in a global context of this type, talking about reducing armaments and alternative energies to those used by war forces is a utopia, but I have been working on these topics for many years before the arrival of Covid 19 and the war in Ukraine and I continue to hope that not all my modest work in favor of humanity is dispersed by the current ruling classes, regardless of political colors, because science should always be impartial, even more than justice. All inventors, who deal with social problems above all, if they work for free, have the right to be tested by world public bodies. This right was denied to me without any scientific, moral, political or trade union opposition. Even if in the whole world there are still street clashes on environmental problems, nobody who disputes and nobody who governs, goes into the details of the scientific organization of the work, which should be analyzed multi-disciplinarily and globally to change the current economic and environmental situation world. Nobody understands that if you don’t go into the smallest details of existing solutions, such as chimneys, sewers, water and air purification. The latter cannot continue to be separated, as they have always been, from the advent of the industrial age, above all, due to the fault of public designers and inventors who do not know the fluid dynamic interactive principles of Pascal, Henry, Dalton, Venturi nor even the way better than using pumps and turbines, as I have tried to communicate in vain, precisely to trigger and maintain these interactive processes over time. It took me many years to globally understand these processes. But after understanding and posting them, I realized they were simple and logical.
  2. The SPAWHE nursery rhyme paradox.
    Probably, the great paradox of SPAWHE’S NURSERY RHYME will also enter history, as it costs too much to clean fossil energy. Better to scrap everything and start again, and extract clean energy, ready for use, as we could do since the early 1800s, thanks to the scientific principles identified by the scientists of the past, mentioned above, and to the pumps, turbines and autoclaves slightly modified by the undersigned.
    Newton said: “what we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean”. Among the many famous phrases of Albert Einstein, I want to mention the following: “Everyone knows that something is impossible to achieve, until someone naive who doesn’t know it comes along and invents it”. I agree more with Newton than with Einstein. The problem is not finding a solution or producing a single invention but framing the operating logic of the general system to always find the best solution. Albert Einstein was excellent in understanding the universal system. He was not as good at understanding the functioning of the terrestrial environment where everything works perfectly at the temperature of the terrestrial environment. The task of the terrestrial inventors was only to locally increase the speed of the processes using higher operating pressures but always in the direction of the gravitational force so as not to waste energy.
    Those who have used heat or nuclear energy, in the earth’s environment, even if they have been successful, does not mean that they have found the right solutions. It just means that they came first to make the inventions. But the facts have shown that they have underestimated the side effects that the inventions have brought about. The best solution should not produce any unwanted side effects. Today, with the technological improvement, the yields of thermal and nuclear plants have improved but the original defects cannot be eliminated. It seems to me that the naive are the most awarded governments and scientists, who have not spent a single word in favor or against the energy extracted directly from the environment with the solutions proposed by the undersigned. While the legislators, instead of rewarding intellectual and interactive inventions, reward and protect commercial inventions. All together they performed worse than the Pharisees who saved Barabbas instead of Jesus. Who are the modern-day Barabbas? If not the economic scientific political mafias that have allowed global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth? For myself, scientists, who are endowed with greater intellectual capacity, are primarily responsible for these disasters, as they are the consultants behind which governments hide.
    It is possible that these consultants do not understand that the causes of environmental disasters are due to the fact that man-made plants are all wrong for one reason or another, as they are not made at the temperature of the earth’s environment, are not interactive and not connected to each other. Of course, I’m not the kind of fool Albert Einstein spoke of, as it took me a lifetime of work in industry and in the environment, to realize that the best way to produce electricity and at the same time purify polluted water was to put four elements together: Air, water, fluid dynamics and electromagnetic principles legislated by science itself. While, to do the same thing also in mobile systems of any type (land, sea, aeronautic, marine, submarine and space) it is necessary to pressurize the atmospheric air and use it in one direction, as explained in detail in various articles and deposits of patents. Scientists, above all, Nobel laureates, have not even realized that this is the only solution that could also allow us to design energetically autonomous artificial hearts, which by oxygenating the blood could extend human life beyond all expectations, suppressing many infectious diseases and ageing.
    It would have been enough to delay development by a hundred years, which are nothing compared to the age of the Earth, and start directly with clear ideas and projects developed in a multidisciplinary and interactive way.
    I also think that we are wasting immense resources on current space exploration based on launching spacecraft with fuels that only create space junk, which will only create problems for real exploration that can only begin when we are able to go and return from space on our own, without fuel and parachutes that astronauts return to the seas. In essence, the space age should have begun in the next few years after correcting the current way of flying in the atmosphere, without fuels and nuclear energy, but with the thrust of Newton and Lorentz put together by extracting energy directly from the earth’s environment . But also learning to preserve it and integrate it into future space containers through photosynthesis and the capture of interstellar dust, as described in the following publications., science/,
    In the light of these publications, thermal inventions such as steam boilers, heat engines, and thermoelectric and nuclear power plants themselves, however complex and technologically advanced they may be, can be considered inventions produced by the inexperienced, as they are uneconomical, they have produced the global warming and nuclear disasters. Only by trying to clean fossil energy seriously, as no one has done, the undersigned realized that the cleaning of fossil energy involved other important energy costs, to economize which, I had to better investigate the design of fluid dynamic systems. Scientifically analyzing the organization of work from a technical and economic point of view, I had no doubts: The fluid dynamic cycles of water and air must never be separated, arriving at the conception of the compressed hydro-electromagnetic system, which as demonstrated in the following ” SPAWHE’S NURSERY RHYME “, will also be able to lengthen human life and even take us into space:
    “The cleaning of fossil energy published in spawhe, to be efficient, should be based, above all on inorganic chemistry that is able to absorb CO2, producing carbonates in the water, so that they counteract the acidification of the oceans and global warming.To speed up the processes and reduce the energy costs that would have involved the circulation of very large quantities of water necessary to neutralize the very large quantities of CO2 emitted by the current thermal power plants and heat engines, it has gradually been transformed technologically into solutions of less space by exploiting the principles Pascal and Henry. In fact, I realized that on planet Earth, all the activities that nature produces through organic and inorganic chemistry, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle can be increased in speed without any need to use thermal, nuclear energy and current renewables. It is sufficient only to increase the operating pressures of the systems, modify the circulation pumps and make the machines work differently. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, the elements extraneous to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, to natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have multiplied exponentially the elements extraneous to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances. Obviously, this is my truth and in the entire website, I explain how, in my opinion, we should have created global plants that purify both fumes and water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas. Having not done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the art of purification to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the state of the global purification art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract the energy directly from the environment. Having not done this, it was not possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of gravitational force, we modify them on the suction side and make them another inlet clearly separated from the main one up to the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one feed to recycle the water from the upper basin and the other feed to introduce into the same impeller the water discharged from a turbine fed by falling water from the same upper basin. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, it being understood that we use a turbine connected to the outlet of the autoclave, we can recover the water drained from the turbine and insert it back into the autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same impeller of the pump by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air, we would have produced a current generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Having not done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this current generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave in order to be able to mount it on cars and trucks, on agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions can still be reduced by using submersible pumps as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes that would act as autoclaves. Therefore, these groups could be used to be inserted directly into the wells to raise the water and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers which today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to Henry’s principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be reduced even further. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water from the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side that would replace the right and left ventricles, creating energetically autonomous artificial hearts that would feed the systemic circuit that oxygenates the brain and the lungs to lengthen the life of the ‘man. Having not done this, it was not possible to think that pressurized cylindrical autoclaves can be incorporated an external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors can be made electric at variable revolutions that would produce an electromagnetic flux of variable intensity which would produce induced currents in a solenoid outside the same water tank. Therefore, we could produce in this tank a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law at the ambient temperature, without fuel that could be added to the reaction thrust of Newton that would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always commanded by generators. of current that produce the primary hydroelectric energy, fed by submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central reservoirs. Not having done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of aircraft to travel in the atmosphere and in space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuel. It was not possible to make the ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to make mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters. It was not even possible to think that in the space travel of the future we can add to the global linear motors an external steel tunnel connected to the turbo fan, where it will produce a higher vacuum higher than the surrounding space vacuum and connect this tunnel with a small vacuum pump to a thickening tank of the captured powders, which will be emptied periodically letting in the atmospheric air which will feed an electrostatic filter that will recover the powders that will be used together with the other interactive purification and energy plant inventions described on the website https: // to make humans survive even in space without suffering physiological damage due to the absence of atmospheric pressure, gravity, food resources and raw materials to build spare parts for the machines necessary for survival in space. In fact, atmospheric air and water will fill the space caravan wagons full of human beings and will be endlessly recycled, suitably replenished with artificial photosynthesis and carbon cycle, while general gravity will be reinforced, becoming very similar. to the terrestrial one, electrostatically polarizing the paths of atmospheric conditioned air and recycled water in the interactive, energy and purification, compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants, still unknown to terrestrial science.”
    SPAWHE’s nursery rhyme, among other things, shows the inconsistency of the international patent system which instead of being an engine of global development has become a brake because instead of promoting the free circulation of industrial and environmental ideas, it has favored the monopoly of inventions in important sectors such as environmental protection and energy production. In fact, it is more convenient for science and public researchers to sell patents to multinationals with the consent of governments. Governments and public inventors gain from it, so taxpayers pay taxes on patent filings. The multinationals who hire fewer inventors and designers win. The entire sustainable development of the earth loses because instead of developing inventions in the general interests, they only develop inventions in the interests of multinationals. Only in this way can we explain the reasons why no global public body has thought of financing the inventions described in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme which follow a logic of global environmental, energy and economic design. If it hadn’t been true, it would have been impossible for the inventions undersigned, starting from the modification of chimneys and sewers, to arrive in a few years also at the conception of the artificial heart that oxygenates human blood and global linear motors which, adding together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, could lead us even in space without fuels and nuclear energy. Moreover, starting from the fluid dynamics principles which have been the least used in the last two hundred years of world development. It could be said that the poor fluid dynamic development opposes with much delay and without the support of public and private science, the powerful thermodynamic development that has produced the current world wealth but also global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth. It is clear that the undersigned cannot find interlocutors because in one way or another everyone has benefited from the current economic development, including the ruling class of poor countries. On the other hand it is said that there is no poverty without defects. The defect of the poor is precisely that of relying on the ruling class instead of making their own inventions. The rich don’t believe the poor even if they live in the same country. Unfortunately, to make sustainable inventions it is first necessary to understand them and the world school does not help to put together practical interactive reasonings which are the only ones that can change the fate of the poor too, without unemployment benefits and citizen’s income. Until the best multidisciplinary state-of-the-art technologically updated solutions are impartially developed, there can be no balanced world welfare on planet Earth. Current politicians are certainly not able to spread this type of culture if they demand free patent filing and maintenance fees from inventors. The facts have demonstrated beyond any possible doubt that nobody finances inventions that are uncomfortable for the world’s economic power centers and nobody experiments them. So why do they require inventors to pay patent maintenance fees? If the world is not ready for the transition from thermodynamic to fluid dynamic development, why penalize inventors by asking them to pay taxes for things that entrepreneurs and world governments do not want to do? It is not a question of individual inventions but of a real alternative development model.
  3. What does the word environmentalist mean.
    Many prominent people worldwide claim to be environmentalists, but what does it mean to be an environmentalist for the world’s men of power? Today being an environmentalist is identified with the least important aspect which is being in favor of current renewable energies, which do not require any intellectual effort to be understood. Instead, the important aspect is not to open thermal, nuclear, chemical cycles, not only useless and harmful to the environment, but also uneconomical and difficult to neutralize without designing the industrial and environmental anthropic plants in a multidisciplinary and interactive way. Scientific and technological problems cannot be solved with simply renewable energies which can only be used in particular cases and without great efficiency. These problems become unsolvable in marine, submarine, aeronautical and space land transportation facilities. Luckily, terrestrial nature has given us a hand by creating atmospheric air clean, elastic, and compressible even at thousands of bars and water, equally clean, incompressible and with a density 830 times higher than air. In other words, atmospheric air, especially compressed air, is the ideal primary energy source under all scientific and economic aspects and water is the ideal energy vector from the same points of view.
    What have science, entrepreneurs, politicians, economists, environmentalists combined in these two hundred years of unbridled industrial development? How did they fail to notice that they have produced global warming by always choosing the worst solutions? Mal common half joy? We dare to tell their children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to be believed on these topics if you don’t start with elementary school and cartoons to train the new generations. The terrestrial interactive principles identified through the correct cleaning of fossil energy described in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme, must enter the human DNA, before the planet self-destructs with the current commercial inventions of multinationals approved by governments and legislators who do not know how to govern and legislate.
    What have public scientists, governments and legislators done to close all the organic and inorganic cycles that open up in the world’s anthropic industrial and environmental plants? How much of their political and economic power have they invested to make this happen? I personally spent my few savings depositing patents on fossil energy cleaning without finding public and private interlocutors among the so-called world environmentalists and when I understood that the best solutions would have been to avoid opening useless thermal cycles, I had no more money to invest in industrial patents, I began to call my patents intellectual, so as not to pay useless patent filing and maintenance fees. But equally my idea of not opening thermal and nuclear cycles didn’t work because, equally, I didn’t find interlocutors among the world’s men of power. I contented myself with saving on the cost of patents, even though intellectual patents have no legal value under international law. So I wonder why copyright is recognized to those who write a fairy tale, a song, a musical score and not to the inventors? However, the fact remains that environmentalists linked to world power have also kept silent on energy solutions which, instead of opening thermal and nuclear cycles, open fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic cycles. Considering the large number of powerful people who declare themselves environmentalists around the world, isn’t it strange that not even these solutions have found interlocutors? So I proposed a joint stock company open to all against errors, omissions and wasted opportunities by science and world power centers (28.02.2020 Of course, without success. What are the world’s wealthy environmentalists afraid of? To make bad investments? Or have they already invested their money in solutions contrary to the environmental principles they claim to have? The ambiguities of the world’s public and private ruling class never end.
    From the beginning of the industrial era, different paths could be taken to produce environmentalist and less environmentalist energies. Who should have studied environmentalist solutions if not world pubic science? What happened in these two hundred years of industrial development? It is clear that governments and public science have not done their job well. If they had at least made a serious attempt to clean up fossil energy, as happened to yours truly, they would have realized that energy can be produced even without using heat and hydraulic jump. Instead to myself who was not a public designer or even a researcher, working alone, without money or experimental laboratories. it took a lifetime of work to first get to know the anthropic industrial and then the environmental systems. If I hadn’t applied the scientific organization of industrial work also to environmental systems to speed up the purification systems of water and air together, I would never have thought of modifying the chimneys, the sewers, the purifiers, the desalination, to create cycles global and interactive without fuels and nuclear energy two hundred years after the start of the industrial age. How many more years will have to pass before some of my inventions will become real even if they won’t recognize my copyright? I am convinced that public science could have gotten there much earlier than myself, if governments had not allowed the trade of patents of public research bodies to multinationals. You cannot serve two masters at the same time. For this reason I left the world of work with a minimum pension. I knew there was a lot of work to do. I didn’t know that until the end I would be alone and I still am.
    The Kyoto protocol, published on 11 December 1997 on the occasion of the Conference of the Parties “COP3”, provided for the reduction of at least 5% of emissions in the time horizon from 2008 to 2012, compared to those of 1990 for each country. Of the offending gases: carbon dioxide (CO2); methane (CH4); nitrous oxide (N2O); hydrofluorocarbons (HFC); perfluorocarbons (PFC); sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). The countries that signed up to the Protocol were 192. Among the great absentees are the United States. While, Canada was the first country to exit. This protocol was very ambiguous, not going into the details of the worldwide plant modifications that should have led to this reduction in emissions. It also introduced carbon trading, which is the exchange of carbon emission credits between countries. In essence, a country that has achieved a reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions above its target (expressed as permitted emissions levels divided into Assigned Amount Units (AAU) over a certain period of time) and therefore has reserve – permitted emissions that have been saved or not used – can sell (using ET) these “credits” – excess capacity – to a country which, by contrast, has been unable to meet its emissions reduction commitments. greenhouse gas emissions. This system, through false certifications, has allowed billionaire scams without any real environmental advantage. In 1997 I had seventeen years of industrial experience and ten years of environmental experience. I didn’t notice any environmental improvements until 2005, when I decided to retire from the world of work to become the inventor of new environmental solutions as a retiree. I didn’t want to continue serving a system that continued to offer nothing new despite climate change.
    What does the Kyoto protocol have to do with the problem of migrants? Apparently it has nothing to do with it, but climate change has worsened the possibilities for development of countries poor in water, development and democracy even more, while world science continues to develop only commercial fossil, nuclear and renewable solutions that do not exploit the principles interactive systems that could also improve the standard of living of the poorest countries, both by improving water desalination systems and by creating other job and human food opportunities through artificial welling and the creation of artificial islands that would reduce the flow of migrants to more advanced countries. If science does not advance globally and becomes fossilized with obsolete, polluting, uneconomical and inefficient energies, there can be no real progress and work for everyone. Even today, that we are in 2023, world science has not been able to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz that could revolutionize world transport, not only on land, but also in marine, aeronautical and space. In addition to remotely monitoring the shipwrecked boats, as it is possible to do with satellite visions, it would also be necessary to intervene quickly to save human lives by air, without fuel costs and without the current obsolete ships of the coast guards of finance and the police nor of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The latter do what they can to save lives with the scarce means at their disposal, above all, opposed by the governments, which instead they should thank, otherwise the hands of the politicians they govern would be even more soiled with human blood.
    Today we must seriously ask ourselves why the powerful public and private capitalists and communists of the Earth, who disagree on everything, do not want to question the primary sources of the world’s energies? In other words, the current world energies are the ball and chain of world development and those that should replace them, even if they succeed in reducing pollution (such as hydrogen transformed into fuel) will always be uneconomical, not energetically independent, and will not be able add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. In fact, the two thrusts can be added only at low temperatures because the heat of the combustion fumes would destroy the electric circuits and the coils of the copper wires protected with insulating varnishes which are indispensable for producing the Lorentz thrust. These coils certainly cannot be in contact with the metal walls of thermal turbofans to add the two thrusts together. Even if an electric turbofan is less powerful than a thermal turbofan, it cannot yet be said whether it can compete in terms of power with a global linear motor, which is a much more complex complete plant, however compact and small in size, which extracts the energy to fly directly from the environment. The description of these engines can be read in other documents, some also mentioned in this article. But beyond that we can separately add the Lorent thrust to vertical surfaces such as the walls of transport vehicles and cylindrical tanks.
    In this paragraph, I want above all to explain the reasons why it is possible and necessary to add together the thrust of Newton to that of Lorentz.
    The first reason is that the primary source of energy should cost nothing.
    The second depends on the first: if energy costs nothing we don’t have to worry about energy costs but only about the result, regardless of the number of global linear motors needed for vertical lift, flight stability and stability in the atmosphere .
    Third point: it is necessary to place the global linear motors close enough together with the electric turbofans that push the air downwards in order to create the air vacuum in the upper area of the aircraft which facilitates the task of overcoming the weight force both from part of Newton’s reaction thrust and Lorentz’s electromagnetic thrust.
    Fourth point: in the horizontal travel phase of the aircraft, orient the global linear motors with the right inclination to maintain the desired altitudes. Even the vertical walls of the means of transport that will incorporate electromagnetic inductors and armatures will be able to help settle the flight attitude, regulating the circulation speed of the permanent magnets.
    Nature, not having technology, cannot accelerate the speed of energy and purification processes where particular phenomena occur that require a greater quantity of energy, or a greater purification speed of the environment involved. Nature follows its course at the speed allowed by the gravitational force, the earth’s atmospheric pressure and the biochemical elements present in the area.
    On planet Earth, since the gravitational force exists, which thickens the atmospheric air for free at a pressure of one bar, which is a powerful energy accumulator, it is wrong to state that it is impossible to create perpetual motion, as stated by the Italian patent offices and against some of my most important inventions. I have always said that perpetual motion is useless and not convenient as we only have to spend a small part of the energy we produce to overcome the state of inertia of the energy carrier which is water to produce all the hydro-electromagnetic energy that we need in fixed installations at atmospheric pressure. But if we want to produce mobile energy without wasting the energy carrier (water) we have to use pumps with separate dual power supply up to the impeller that the entire world ruling class is boycotting so as not to revolutionize the entire world economy.
    Inventions, even if developed only virtually, without public and private money, cannot be created from scratch. As described in SPAWHE’s nursery rhyme, if I hadn’t virtually put together the water and air purification systems in chimneys, sewers, purifiers (where they are still separate), I could not have invented compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy and neither global interactive linear motors that could add Newton and Lorentz thrust together. Why is it important to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz in the atmospheric environment? It should be obvious that, in addition to overcoming the gravitational force, we also need to stop permanently in the atmosphere to extinguish forest and urban fires but also to rescue shipwrecked people, such as migrants, forced, not only by smugglers, to risk their lives and the few possessions they own on board dilapidated boats. We must not only demand that those who speculate on the irregular flow of migrants be severely punished. We also have a moral duty to design and build sustainable and efficient fixed and mobile anthropic systems that protect the environment and human lives. I can prove that neither public science nor any world government is doing this, otherwise some of my forty interactive inventions would have been funded, tested and implemented. Governments and public science have only favored commercial inventions to the detriment of the real economy of natural resources. It is no coincidence that the only energies not financed worldwide are also those that cost the least at a commercial and industrial level as they do not require transformation, transport, purification, cooling and heating costs. Since the primary sources are available at every latitude and longitude of the earth.
    With satellite images, it is possible to easily identify the boats of migrants in difficulty in the middle of the seas, but they cannot be rescued quickly due to the inadequacy of the rescue means and the unsustainable costs that the rescuing countries have to bear.
    In the world’s scientific and technological state of the art, this cannot be done for the ridiculous reason that science and world governments do not want to change the primary sources of world energy. None of which, among the existing ones, despite the considerably higher costs, can allow you to stop permanently in the atmosphere in order to carry out rescue operations or put out fires. Nor can we support high loads of fire water and when we want to go into space, leaving the atmosphere, lacking Newton’s reaction thrust, we have no back-up solution to reach electromagnetic space orbits, just because science world does not want to produce cold energy means of transport without fuel and nuclear energy.
  4. Historical and Futuristic notes on the production of electromagnetic energy and the Lorentz force.
    Albert Einstein said that everything that science can invent has already been invented by nature. I have always shared this statement and have tried to apply technology to the earth’s natural cycles, even without fully understanding them, but trusting the earth’s nature. My logic as a designer and installer of anthropic industrial and environmental systems has made me understand that it is sufficient only to search and find the existing interactive principles between water and atmospheric air (such as those of Henry and Pascal) and the system for trigger them at higher than natural speeds, to purify the environment and produce energy at the same time. I think I did my job well even if I couldn’t prove anything practically, living only on my modest retirement income. What I find strange is the fact that many people, not just scientists, have understood the complex theories of relativity, quantum and nuclear physics, the laws of thermodynamics, universal electromagnetism. But no one wants to enter the daily logic of the scientific organization of work which should force you to always choose the simplest and most natural solutions. For myself, this is what technology must be for, not trying to copy systems that do not belong to the earth’s environment. It is important to know how the universe works, but it is even more important to understand how the earth’s environment works.
    In fact, we don’t need high temperatures to warm up in winter and we don’t live because of the nuclear explosions that produce galaxies, stars, black holes, dark matter and universal electromagnetism. We live thanks to photosynthesis, the carbon cycle, the earth’s fluid dynamics which are produced at the temperature of the earth’s environment, both in the hot and cold months. In the last two hundred years we have also lived thanks to industrial inventions, largely wrong, which have produced an excess of heat and released many unwanted gases into the environment, to the point of producing global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth. In fact, the current energy sources and related industries: thermal, nuclear power plants, land, naval, aeronautical, space means of transport, enrich a few people and harm the entire world population. It is not scientifically proven that without the current energies, we would not have had the current technological development. Indeed, it can be proven that planet Earth was designed by the creator of the universe or, mysteriously, by nature itself to allow us to extract all the energy we need for free, without chemical and industrial transformations, including that which could take us into space. , without disseminating in the space surrounding the earth’s atmosphere the technological rubbish disseminated with launches produced with energy-independent fuels.
    From modern inventions we must above all save terrestrial electromagnetism which can only be produced at terrestrial temperature. It is fortunate that terrestrial electromagnetism dialogues perfectly with universal electromagnetism produced at millions of degrees centigrade, while it is unfortunate that terrestrial science has not yet understood that only if it had been coupled with terrestrial fluid dynamics could it have extracted the energy from the terrestrial environment and add to the thrust of Newton (1642 -1726) that of Lorentz (1853 -1928). Unfortunately, this was not understood even by Albert Einstein (1879 – 1855) and Hendrix Lorentz himself, who were friends and frequented each other, as shown by the photo shown in this article.

To the photo above Ideally we must also add the image of Isaac Newton, who lived two centuries before Lorentz.

Newton accurately calculated the acceleration of gravity 9.81 m/s2 with the universal gravitational constant G which is 6.67 ⋅ 10¹¹ N⋅M²/kg²). We should probably also add the portrait of Evangelista Torricelli.

I’ve always wondered how did Evangelista Torricelli, who lived between 1608 and 1647, know the force of Earth’s gravity? Newton was only five years old when Torricelli died. It is probably true that before Newton it was Galileo Galilei who exactly quantified the earth’s gravitational coefficient, of which Torricelli was the disciple. If this were not the case, it would have been impossible to use the same acceleration coefficient as the Earth’s gravity. However, what interests us is the fact that both Newton’s principles and the one published by Torricelli are useful.

Torricelli’s law states that the speed of a fluid exiting a hole is equal to the square root of the double product of the acceleration of gravity and the distance “h” between the free surface of the fluid and the center of the hole that has been drilled : V =√2*h*g. This formula tells us that in the outlet hole the pressure is transformed into kinetic energy and the mathematical law that connects the static pressure h, with the speed of the water. If we multiply the speed by the section of the hole we have the flow rate and if we multiply the flow rate by h we have the amount of electrical energy that we could produce directly at the hole exit by connecting an electric turbine with its current generator. Obviously, as the water level drops, the energy production decreases until it reaches zero. Therefore, since the beginning of the industrial age, when the first hydroelectric plant with the hydraulic jump was built, the designers should have studied the reasoning in depth to also and above all build hydroelectric plants without the hydraulic jump, exploiting only the energy of the position of the water within the same basin. Certainly, the hydroelectric energy produced would have been much lower than that produced with a hydraulic jump of several hundred metres. But by studying the system well, they could have produced electricity indefinitely without letting the water come out of the basin. In fact, Newton’s inertia principle and Torricelli’s principle should have been read together to find better solutions from an energy, economic and environmental point of view. Because if it is true that a body perseveres in its state of motion or rest until an external cause modifies its conditions, and we consider the hole in the wall to be the cause of the transition from the state of rest of water to a state of motion accelerated, we must also study the way so that this state of movement that we use above all to produce electricity does not end definitively with the water leaving the tank, making better use of the technologies available and trying to improve them with new inventions. In this specific case, it is advisable to spend a small part of energy to trigger and keep the energy process triggered by means of a pump mounted in the opposite way to the current way, with the water coming out in the direction of the gravitational force. Which only has to overcome the load losses of the hydraulic circuit so that the motion can continue indefinitely in the turbine with its current generator that we will mount immediately under the pump producing more energy than the pump consumes. How come world science has never noticed this possibility and has left me alone to fight over two hundred years since the birth of the first hydroelectric plant with the patent offices, which, not grasping such an elementary concept, have declared my solution perpetual motion? In fact, the electric motor that powers the pump absorbs the energy of a closed circuit because the water does not leave the basin, while the electric current generator coupled to the turbine produces the electric power of an open circuit which exploits the entire hydraulic load , where the speed reaches the value calculated by Torricelli which, multiplied by the passage section, produces the following amount of energy through the current generator (flow rate in m3h * ht in m). If the pump is positioned fifty meters below the water level, and has a flow rate of 50 m3h, it produces an amount of energy equal to 2500/102 = 24.5 kWh (102 is the conversion factor to have the value in kW). While to trigger the process that generates the production of kinetic energy, the pump motor must overcome only the head losses necessary to overcome the state of inertia, which we can estimate of only five meters of column of water, absorbing a quantity of energy ten times lower than the production of electric current produced by the current generator coupled to the turbine, because the circuit is open and ends at the water outlet from the turbine with a simple pressure drop equal to √2g. The water that produces the energy passing through the turbine must not rise to the surface. It only changed position as in a normal submerged drain. Since water is incompressible in an open circuit, it always maintains the same level due to the principle of communicating vessels. This very simple concept, also used to calculate the head losses in the hydraulic circuits, has penalized the entire world development, for over two hundred years, preventing us from moving on to the successive phases which led me to invent inventions with pumps modified by means of the separate double power supply up to the impeller which will also allow us to create pressurized circuits with compressed air, provided that the air pressure is used in one direction (like the gravitational force) and energy is produced with the quantity of water that passes through a turbine and is discharged in an open tank or inserted back into the pressurized tank by means of the pump with the separate double supply up to the impeller, with the same quantity of water output. Indeed, this pump was invented to absorb a small amount of energy by exploiting the higher pressure existing in the open or closed circuit. If I weren’t right, the water, mostly rainwater, could not even be discharged through the submarine pipes. In fact, this is only possible because the hydrostatic pressures between the water on the seabed and that inside the pipeline are equal. Therefore, a small kinetic energy at the exit of the pipeline is sufficient to discharge the water even hundreds of meters deep. Today, precise calculations of the pressure drops of the hydraulic circuits are no longer necessary because, with the regulation of the motor revolutions, by means of an inverter, we can increase the speed of the water in the supply pipe until the process is triggered with the amount of electricity produced drawing less and less energy from the pump motor. In the case of the autoclave, the principle of the impenetrability of bodies is exploited and no more water can enter than how much is left, otherwise we would have to overcome the hydrostatic pressure present in the autoclave, consuming a greater quantity of energy. Let’s face it, if the Italian and European patent offices have declared submerged hydroelectric energy “perpetual motion”, how could they understand the functioning of the more complex system of the combination of the pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller coupled with the autoclave? Why is world science that has understood much more complex systems, such as the division of the atom and quantum physics, silent on this matter?  If it is true that the centrifugal pump was invented by the Italian Erone Alessandrino around 1592, it is possible that the undersigned was the first in 2014 to say that pumps, when used in the direction of the gravitational force, become a formidable tool for triggering the extraction of fluid-dynamic energy from the environment and which, slightly modified in 2015 (with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller) can also trigger purification processes (for Henry’s principle) and at the same time energy (for Pascal’s principle).

The Venturi effect, discovered by Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746 – 1822) is also called hydrodynamic paradox, since it can be thought that the pressure increases in correspondence with the bottlenecks; instead, due to the law of flow, derived from Bernoulli’s theorem (1700 – 1782), based on the principle of conservation of energy, in correspondence with the bottlenecks it is the speed that increases and the pressure decreases. Therefore, if we consider the water inlet in a centrifugal pump as a bottleneck, and we divide the water inlet into two parts, one of which is fed at high pressure and the other fed at low pressure, the higher speed of the water, does not penalize the entry of water with lower pressure, as long as the two flows do not meet before entering the rotating impeller. Furthermore, if we observe from the figure below, how the impeller of a centrifugal pump is made, we can notice two phenomena:

1. at the center of the impeller, the rotation produces a centripetal force which further increases the speed produced by the inlet slot.

2. that the profile of the impeller blades widens in the shape of a spiral, increasing the passage section of the two water flows, entering with different pressures. For the principle of Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1662), the greater pressure expands in all directions of the fluid container, which in this specific case is the pump body, but since the flow is open in the direction of the pump body outlet , in this section, we will have a single water flow rate and a single pressure, which is the higher pressure, which allows the same quantity of water to return from the autoclave. Obviously providing through the electric motor of the pump only the energy sufficient to overcome the load losses due to the friction between the molecules and the metal contact surfaces. However, the energy advantage is always immense, considering that we have not used paid fuel and we have not produced any pollution.

If we consider that all the scientists involved in these fluid dynamic processes, described above, lived before the beginning of the industrial era and we also add Joseph Henry (1787 – 1878) who ascertained that a gas which exerts pressure on the surface of a liquid it enters into solution until it has reached the same pressure in that liquid that it exerts on it. This law also confirmed by John Dalton (1746 – 1848) who states that in a mixture of gases, the total pressure is given by the sum of the partial pressures of each single gas. Today, with hindsight, we could say that modern science had all the elements to produce low-cost clean energy using atmospheric air (as an energy source) and water (as an energy vector), compared to current energies , which are not only polluting, and paid for, they also need to be transported and marketed. Therefore, current energies (which need to be transformed, marketed and transported), in times of emergency (earthquakes, floods, storms, wars) are the first to fail, forcing populations into cold, heat, darkness, and without the possibility of moving and saving themselves independently, because it is the company created by governments (regardless of political colors) and multinationals, they have only produced commercial inventions, which damage the environment and also the economy. But the poor, like migrants, also lack access to basic survival needs because energy extracted from the environment would cost nothing and produce no pollution.

Therefore, my invention of the pump with the double separate supply up to the impeller in 2015, which no public body and no multinational company financed, arrived with an unacceptable scientific delay and my subsequent inventions, with the one-way exploitation of autoclaves to mobile plants, of any size, which would make all other world energies obsolete from a technical, scientific, environmental and economic point of view, are even more unacceptable by the entire world ruling class. Everyone can be wrong, including yours truly, but the scientific principles I use are not unknown principles. They are very well known and are very simple linear. I just reasoned trying to put together my experiences as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants, coming to the conclusion that we must never oppose the gravitational force and we must get around the hydrostatic pressures by creating systems that are always full of water. We have to produce electricity without leaving the water basin so as not to waste the water resource which is also the energy vector. In my open systems, we must use only the water that comes out of the overflow of the systems for agriculture, industry and civil uses. This solution does not penalize the users if all the plants are connected to each other producing more electricity than they consume by drawing from the nearest water sources (lakes, rivers, reservoirs, wells, desalination plants). Instead, in pressurized mobile systems with high pressures, we must insert a small pressure disconnect tank (with air vents), located at the outlet of the turbine, or of the pump used on the contrary which acts as a turbine. The pressostatic balance between the high pressure water and the low pressure water is achieved dynamically in the pump body with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, recycling about 50% of the pump flow rate from the autoclave tank, exploiting the principle by Pascal.

Fresh water is a precious resource, but we are using it in the worst way because those who designed the systems did not correctly use the scientific principles that connect it to gravitational force and atmospheric air. The current hydroelectric plants produce more disasters than benefits because to exploit the one-way hydraulic jump, they accumulate water in the mountain valleys, which in many cases produce floods. In fact, when the basins are already full they cannot absorb any more water and the rivers and streams overflow. Water must be taken from rivers and lakes and accumulated in the reservoirs of the valleys to always keep it available for agriculture and other consumption by producing hydroelectric energy throughout the year, not just when the mountain reservoirs are full. But the entire management of world energy and also the energy sources used are wrong. Climate change is proof of this, such as low and high levels of rivers and lakes, melting glaciers, rising sea levels and air pollution. Moreover, also losing out economically because the energy extracted from the environment costs nothing. Where are the skills of public and private managers and world governments? But also of the associations of categories that suffer these environmental and economic hardships, protesting, but never asking for the experimentation of alternative solutions by inventors who do not belong to the centers of power.

I have no doubts that the systems I propose will allow us to purify water and air at low cost, to desalinate and produce energy indefinitely without fuel and nuclear energy in fixed and mobile plants and even to oxygenate human blood in the artificial heart, but above all to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz to go into the universe without fuels and nuclear energy. Obviously it is necessary to make investments and refine the technologies involved for this reason I consider my inventions intellectual and virtual, as it should be for all world inventions, before proceeding to implement them on a large scale on an industrial level and in billions of specimens, such as it has happened with heat engines, steam boilers, air conditioners that exchange air for air instead of exchanging it for ground water, and so on.  With today’s inventions, global warming was inevitable.

6. Pictures make scientific errors understand more than words

It was sufficient to turn the pumps upside down and make them pump in the direction of the gravitational force powering the turbines to produce much more energy from the current generator connected to the turbine than the rotation of the pump absorbs. On the other hand this is also confirmed by the common energy calculations of Bernoulli’s theorem. However, this simple solution that I called “submerged hydroelectricity” that I published in 2014, I don’t know that anyone has implemented it in the whole world.

In other words, in 2023, with all the technologies developed, we cannot build fixed plants that are completely energetically autonomous, due to the simple fact that no scientist or inventor has thought of producing hydroelectric energy without the hydraulic jump, exploiting the energy of surface water which, feeding a normal centrifugal pump, overcomes the state of inertia which feeds a turbine, without dispersing the water. The above figure can be created in any lake or in calm river or sea wells or in any private well, without any need for fuel, since the pump motor needs to supply a small amount of energy to trigger energy production kinetics in the pump supply pipe, while the current generator produces a much higher quantity of energy which can be calculated with the following formula: Flow rate (l/s) * h (m).

In the next image we can see, not only how we can not disperse the water, but also, how we can lift and transfer the water at a distance producing more energy than we consume. This is also a solution published in 2015 and I don’t know that it has ever been implemented. We have to work in a basin that is always full to the maximum level and use for consumption only the water that comes out when it is overflowing, which is automatically replenished by other basins connected in series to the main water source, as shown in the drawing below. As can be seen from this drawing, pumps are not used to lift water as they are currently used all over the world, but only to overcome the state of inertia of the water, so that it contributes to producing electricity through kinetic energy which is produced in the pipes that exploit the positive hydrostatic head on the pump axis. As can be seen, the pumps used are pumps with separate dual power supply up to the impeller because they must feed two circuits at the same time; one comes from the basin on the left with lower hydrostatic pressure and one comes from the upper basin with higher hydrostatic pressure. The rotation of the pump with the flow oriented in the direction of the gravitational force and Pascal’s principle ensure that the underlying turbine is fed with the sum of the two flow rates and with the greater pressure coming from the upper basin. This simple solution, published in 2015, still not implemented anywhere in the world, would have shown that the energy produced by the current generator is much higher than the energy absorbed by the motor that turns the pump because the current generator produces the quantity of energy proportional to the kinetic energy developed on the axis of the turbine which is located below the axis of the pump axis, whose motor must overcome only the state of inertia of the water leaving the turbine without any opposition from the leaf hydrostatic capacity of the basin itself, since, as can be seen from the drawing, the turbine outlet is connected to the upper basin by means of a large section pipe. Therefore, it is sufficient to conserve at the outlet of the turbine a quantity of kinetic energy sufficient to allow the total flow of water to re-enter the upper basin producing much more electrical energy than that absorbed by the pump to overcome the state of inertia of the water and maintain the system in operation. In fact, the hydraulic condition created in this plant which is connected to the same upper basin and therefore has the same total static pressure, is technically called “submerged discharge”. According to the laws of physics, hydrostatic pressure cannot oppose the circulation of water within the same basin. It can only dissipate the energy that disturbs the natural state of rest in heat by friction between the molecules according to the formula “V2/2 g”. Therefore, the principle of inertia which states that a body remains in its state until an external force causes it to accelerate is always valid, but we must also consider the starting position of the molecules that are involved in the acceleration. If these molecules move in the direction of the gravitational force, they produce much more energy in the current generator connected to the turbine than the electric energy absorbed by the pump motor. If, on the other hand, the molecules at the pump outlet move in the opposite direction to the gravitational force, they absorb a large amount of energy. Yet we have been doing it since the beginning of the industrial age. Spending on raising water is second only to our worldwide transportation spending. But even global transport, for myself, can extract energy from the environment through the invention of the pump with the dual power supply separated up to the impeller, which the world’s public and private ruling class persists in not experimenting with. This ruling class, which supports each other all over the world regardless of political colors, does not realize that the dams and reservoirs in the mountains for the purpose of producing trivial electricity with hydraulic jumps have produced more disasters than benefits. Probably, if compressed hydro-electromagnetism, which is still unknown to terrestrial science, had been understood in time, neither the first and second world wars nor the colonial wars would have broken out to get to the conquest of the wrong energy sources, which produced the global warming. Probably, we would not have had the atomic bomb exploded on Hiroshima, the Chernobyl disaster and the Fukushima disaster.

Legend of the drawings Fig 1: (ac) air compressor; (acg) alternating current generator; (ai)  axial impeller; (C) collector;  (caipds) capsid axial intubated pump with dual suction; (cfca) connection for fast fill compressed air; (csp) connection systems pipe;   (cst) containment system tube; (cv) check valve; (dgh) delivery geodetic height; (dthdc) deviation towards hydraulic drainage canals; (ecpc) electrical current produced cable; (fcp) flange for coupling to the pump; (fdsfs) flanged dual supply and flow separator; (fss) flow separator in sheet steel; (htva) hydraulic turbine with vertical axis =; (iwft) inlet water to feed turbine; (lf) lift ring; (lfcv) level floating control valve; (mpl) probe of the minimum or maximum level   (pat) pump as turbine; (ptr) pressure tested reservoir; (od)  overflow discharge; (pwa) pump with autoclave;  (sav) supply additional valve; (sacg) submersible alternating current generator; (sacm) submersible alternating current motor; (sfff) special flange with four feeds;  (sgh) suction geodetic height; (sov) shut-off valve; (sovfa) shut-off valve with flow adjustment; (sph) suction piezometric height; (srip) supporting ring for intubate pump; (srt) supply reservoir tube; (sss) shaped sheet steel; (sv) safety valve; (tcp) tube containing the pump; (tpups) three-phase UPS; (wdn) water distribution network; (wddr) water distribution and disconnection reservoir. (wsdr) water disconnection reservoir.

The drawing below demonstrates that the same solution could also be used by transporting desalinated water from the seas to the hinterland without incurring immense energy costs both for desalination than to transport them at a distance like the previous solution. ( ) 

Still in 2023, science, politicians, entrepreneurs pretend not to understand these elementary solutions that would have completely prevented global warming, saved the resources present in the subsoil and with the same system, create other inventions, such as the artificial Welling which in addition to fight global warming, could give jobs to millions of people and increase food production, extracted from the sea. ( In fact, natural welling occurs in only 5% of sea surfaces. But also other very important inventions, of which I have already written and will continue to write in this and other articles, until the world ruling class, entrepreneurial economic scientific policy, assumes its responsibilities in the face of global warming and the unequal distribution of wealth world.

Oddly enough, with the invention of the first forms of electricity born through the experiments of Alessandro Volta (1725–1847), Carles Augustin Coulomb (1736-1806), and the experiments of Luigi Galvani (1737 – 1798), who were unbiased to the source energy, the entire ruling class preferred to produce energy through heat, demonstrating a poor knowledge of the earth’s fluid dynamics both from an economic and environmental point of view, but also from a practical and work organization point of view. It makes no sense to produce electricity through heat if we have to rotate the rotor of a current generator and transmit it to the stator since both the rotor and the stator work at room temperature and cannot overheat. It makes no sense to build large thermoelectric and nuclear power plants, and then transport the energy remotely on pylons and cable ducts. It seems that the world’s ruling class has acted in concert to plunder the resources destined for future generations.

We can exploit the pressure energy of the compressed air in a closed recycling tank, which can also be used to replace the heat engines as seen in the hydraulic diagrams shown below, and create local energy production plants wherever it is needed, even on land transport.

 Legenda del disegno 1/1: (ac) air compressor; (acg) alternating current generator; (ai)  axial impeller; (bd) bottom drain; (caipds) capsid axial intubated pump with dual suction; (cfca) connection for fast fill compressed air; (cv) check valve; (dph) delivery piezometric height; (ecpc) electrical current produced cable; (fcp) flange for coupling to the pump; (fdsfs) flanged dual supply and flow separator; (fss) flow separator in sheet steel; (htva) hydraulic turbine with vertical axis; (iwft) inlet water to feed turbine; (lf) lift ring; (lfcv) level floating control valve;  (lf) lift ring; (li) level indicator; (mpl) probe of the minimum or maximum level; (ow) outlet water;  (pat) pump as turbine; (ptr) pressure tested reservoir; (sacg) submergile alternating current generator; (sov) shut-off valve; (sovfa) shut-off valve with flow adjustment;  (sph) suction piezometric height; (srip) supporting ring for intubate pump; (sss) shaped sheet steel; (sv) safety valve; (tcp) tube containing the pump;  (tpups) three-phase UPS ;  (vvv) ventilation and vent valve;  (wdn) water distribution network; (wsdr) water disconnection reservoir.

Newton through physics, mathematics and astronomy, had understood everything about the gravitational force. The law of universal gravitation states that two material points attract each other with a force of intensity directly proportional to the product of the masses of the single bodies and inversely proportional to the square of their distance.

F = G * m1 * m2 / r2. Where G is the acceleration coefficient of the Earth’s gravity, which at sea level is 9.807. This force goes one way, from the body with the least mass to the greatest mass. Mass is an intrinsic physical characteristic of matter itself. A body with a mass of 1kg has the same mass on Earth, on the Moon, or in interstellar space. Mass is measured in kg, while force and weight should be measured in N (Newtons) or kgf (kilogram force). 1 newton is the amount of force required to accelerate a body of mass 1 kg by 1 m per second squared. F = m • a (1 N = 1 kg • 1 m/s2)

Returning to the subject of this article, if we want to produce a linear thrust that can go in any direction, we must build mobile flying systems equipped with normal Newton reaction thrust, such as is currently produced in helicopters and we must add some linear motors global ( which work in parallel, so that the sum of the physical reaction thrusts of Newton and the electromagnetic ones of Lorentz, of the individual engines are able to overcome the gravitational force of all the masses involved. To make plants lighter and cheaper, we must learn to extract electrical and electromagnetic energy from the environment, primarily to avoid carrying the weight of fuels. The other heavy elements that we can eliminate are those due to the cooling systems of heat engines since we will not produce heat. We must eliminate mechanical and thermodynamic transmissions which are hundreds of times heavier and more expensive than electric ones.  We have to seamlessly combine electrical and fluid dynamic systems separated only by metal walls, cladding and using electrically insulated supports. Where it will be necessary, we must also isolate them magnetically, so that the electromagnetic thrust of Lorentz always works in the same direction as that of the Newton reaction. It will not be a problem to adjust the air navigation speeds, the altitudes, the directions in which to go by regulating the number of revolutions of the electric motors that circulate the water with an inverter, which is the primary energy vector of the electric motors of the propellers, of the turbofans , and of those which make the permanent magnets circulate. Every small adjustment of these motors will correspond to a small altimetric or directional variation, without being tied to the ground, as occurs in modern magnetic levitation trains which cannot change the direction of travel in order not to derail, and cannot be energetically autonomous, not wanting to extract energy directly from the environment, as could be done using compressed hydroelectric power generators.

6. The ambiguities of science

  The worldwide silence on these sustainable inventions should make us all reflect on the errors committed by the entire world science since the beginning of the industrial age, but also by governments, regardless of political colors. These solutions show the true democracy of terrestrial nature, not that of current governments, because if water and atmospheric air belong to everyone, the resources that are underground should also belong to everyone. The surface rights of landowners should be better regulated in the name of the rights of future generations. 5. The ambiguities of science

  The worldwide silence on these sustainable inventions should make us all reflect on the errors committed by the entire world science since the beginning of the industrial age, but also by governments, regardless of political colors. These solutions show the true democracy of terrestrial nature, not that of current governments, because if water and atmospheric air belong to everyone, the resources that are underground should also belong to everyone. The surface rights of landowners should be better regulated in the name of the rights of future generations. ( From this article I extract the following paragraph:

“A complete system that produces electricity on board an aircraft means of transport does not need to create an armature fixed to the ground as in Maglev trains. The non-rotating global linear motor can be made up of permanent magnets circulating linearly in the external slots of the tube which contains the fluid dynamic system by means of the assembly of the same magnets on a mechanical transport roller chain equipped with fins on which the magnets are screwed , after inserting an insulating gasket, powered by one or more electric motors and gear wheels which make them circulate linearly along the entire length of the hydraulic system, which in this way also becomes an electromagnetic energy inductor. In fact, by incorporating the chain that carries the magnets in a magnetically insulated tube in the return slots, we can create a continuous one-way magnetic flux, which interacts with a solenoid external to the fluid dynamics system, producing the Lorentz thrust. We don’t need to make two opposing inductors and the sliding rail in the center along the entire path. Since there is no need for a sliding track, this system can also be implemented in airspace. While on planet earth it should be combined with Newton’s drive to travel in the atmosphere.

Faced with this solution, even high-speed trains become obsolete for many technical and economic reasons. It should be evident that the cheapest way to travel on planet Earth and in space becomes by air. In fact, the electromagnetic thrust also propagates in a vacuum, but its strength decreases with the square of the distance between the bodies that attract or repel each other. If we suppose to divide the external circumference of the containment tube of the turbofan and of the underlying pressurized hydroelectric plant with 36 external sliding slots of the magnets (one every ten degrees) we will have 18 rows of permanent magnets going down and 18 going up in the inductor circuit. We will only use non-magnetically isolated rows. In this way we will produce two overlapping but separate inductor circuits, as internally they perform different functions: One produces the Newton thrust and another the compressed hydroelectric energy, which is the primary energy of the entire plant. Instead, the armatures of these two different superimposed systems will consist of simple solenoids as long as the entire systems and will produce two Lorentz thrusts going in the same direction. There is no need to have the armature fixed to the ground as in maglevs as they always flow in the same direction to infinity. The total thrust will depend on the quantity of components used, their size, their speed and the size of the external induced solenoids, responding to the laws of Newton, Faraday, Neuman, Lenz, Lorentz.

This complete but simple system constitutes the “interactive global linear motor” and can be reproduced in many elements fixed around the perimeter of the means of transport. Compressed hydroelectric primary energy is not new, even if it was never built. In fact, the undersigned has developed this solution in different versions. The most suitable version for realizing “interactive linear motors” is the one that the undersigned used in the patent filing entitled “Pressurized hydroelectric plants submerged in wells with lifting and oxygenation” filed on 08/11/2016. The same solution was also used in the patent filing entitled “Energetically autonomous blood oxygenator artificial heart” filed on 05/29/2018. Without these previous interactive inventions I could not have conceived of the “primary and induced global interactive linear motors” which improve my previous interactive flight system concerning the way of navigating in space and in the atmosphere N. 102017000059993 dated 01/06/2017.

The terrestrial and space transport system with primary and induced global interactive linear motors, the undersigned has developed it only virtually, like the above-mentioned interactive purification and energy systems, which no one has financed. We should not be surprised by this strange advancement of the state of the art in sectors so important for the survival of the planet and humanity. Nor should we be surprised at the lack of funding for private inventors and we shouldn’t even be surprised at the fact that public science and the private science of multinationals do not investigate interactive systems. This happens because inventors employed by public and private bodies cannot work on their own ideas. They must comply with company directives.

The freedom to think impartially can only be afforded by inventors who have no masters who have to defend their own interests and the investments already made. Since interactive solutions have not been implemented in any sector of world development, it is common for both public research institutions and multinational companies to pretend that these solutions do not exist. It is not talked about in congresses and not even at international COP meetings organized by the United Nations. While the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) which is a United Nations body, does not protect inventions of public utility and the intellectual property of inventors. It demands from them the same filing and maintenance fees that it demands from the industrialists, even if they can’t find lenders. These bureaucrats have not understood that inventors must not become entrepreneurs, as they would lose the ability to invent in the general interest, having to defend the investments made, even if they realize any mistakes made. At least a part of the inventors must be free to invent in the general interest through virtually connected inventions developed to identify an alternative development model. The current patent legislation penalizes inventors who seek complete solutions that cannot be achieved with isolated inventions. Above all, environmental and energy inventions must be interactively linked to each other. It is no coincidence that the current inventions produced in these sectors have led to global warming. Current renewable energies are not a solution either. Not being interactive, they do not have the technical and economic requirements to validly replace fossil energy.”

But we must ask ourselves the following question: how come no one has ever looked for these solutions and above all, no one wants to talk about them? What do ordinary people expect? They probably think that scientific and technological evolution occurs spontaneously because every inventor who invents something useful becomes an entrepreneur and puts it on the market. Things cannot be conceived in such a simplistic way. Environmental and energy public utility inventions are not like commercial inventions. They must involve everyone, especially truly democratic governments. Where are these governments? I, turning into an inventor as a pensioner, never thought of turning into an entrepreneur as well. Apart from advanced age, which would not have allowed me, where should I have started, with which funding and which collaborators? There is an immense work to be developed. Having clear ideas is only the starting point. Today we don’t even have a starting point.

Certainly, if I had thought about profit, I would not have started with the modification of chimneys, sewers and water savings. As an entrepreneur, to whom could I have sold these inventions, which are a matter of public competence and clearly the world’s public bodies have shown that they are not interested in modifying the chimneys, nor in those of the sewers, nor in saving water. When I finally discovered that everything is already connected interactively by the earth’s nature and that I simply had to modify the water circulation pumps and the way the autoclaves worked, I found silence, not only from governments but also from entrepreneurs and multinationals, who prefer the current market, having invested in pumps that work in the wrong way, turbines designed to exploit only hydraulic jumps, heat engines, thermoelectric plants, nuclear plants, wind turbines waiting for the wind, and solar panels waiting for the sun to produce energy that must be transported on pylons or cable ducts to be used in factories and homes. Everyone pretended not to understand the energy that can be produced on site, even at the north and south poles and in the deserts and used on the same site in a fixed and mobile version without large dimensions and without producing even a gram of pollution. How can a retiree turn into an entrepreneur and fight against all these people?

Unfortunately, global scientific reasoning can only be done through the impartial analysis of the work updated to the industrial and environmental state of the art, and through this it is possible to search for the weak points that do not allow sustainable development and the protection of the environment. Nothing can be solved by supporting current commercial inventions, without modifying them to close the unwanted cycles they open.

Why don’t world governments want to change the chimneys, the sewers and don’t want to realize the water saving as proposed by the undersigned? I think that we don’t even know the reasons. Just as they don’t even know anything about the subsequent inventions that from the cleaning of fossil energy have brought me into space without fuels and nuclear energy. Governments like the inventions of multinationals that solve employment problems. It doesn’t matter if their inventions aren’t perfect from a technical, scientific and economic, global point of view. It is easy to govern in this way and the results are there for all to see, especially considering the unequal distribution of world wealth. For myself, the fact that no public body and no global multinational company has financed interactive inventions is not a defeat, but a demonstration of the seriousness of the current conflicts of interest involving the entire world ruling class. With the general silence of the world’s ruling class and of a large part of the scientific media, no concrete steps can be taken in the direction of interactive systems, which are the only ones that can positively change world development. Above all, the silence of world science is very serious.

A complex invention such as the “interactive global linear motor” cannot arise out of nowhere as it is an invention transversal to various scientific laws and technologies. It is very serious that both public researchers and the multinationals of purification, energy and transport have not noticed the gradual development of the state of the art parallel and alternative to their solutions. They enjoy large funding, great opportunities to test their inventions in laboratories and there is a thriving patent trade from public researchers to multinationals with the consent of all world legislators. However, together, they have not produced a single interactive invention. How could the global giants produce from scratch and against their intertwined economic interests in a century of wrong industrial development invent the “primary and induced global interactive linear motors” which aim to achieve Newton’s and Lorentz’s thrust together? The most backward part of this system is fluid dynamics. This is really strange because the fluid dynamic concepts, as well as clearly legislated by Torricelli, venturi, Pascal, Henry, Bernoulli before the invention of electricity, are easier to understand and also simpler to experiment, compared to electromagnetism , to nuclear energy, the production of new expensive chemical fuels or super-compressed hydrogen. However, since the beginning of the industrial era not a single dollar or euro has been spent to rationalize the connections between water and air in common processes both in post-combustion, in purification and in the production of submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy with recycling of water and the exploitation of the static pressure of the air. These topics that seem completely unknown to world science. They are processed only on the website, without public and private interlocutors. Yet the conclusion reached by the undersigned even before this very important virtual intellectual invention is very clear: if you change the primary source of world energy, it changes the entire world development and the entire world ruling class, including the scientific one, must apologize for having created a development that is damaging the planet not only from an environmental point of view but also from an economic point of view.

Unfortunately scientific misinformation is global because this message should be broadcast in all schools worldwide. Instead, separate science subjects continue to be taught in schools. Global scientific and technological reasoning could only be done by people who, loving their work, realize that things don’t work and cannot work if the scientific disciplines continue to be separated. Everyone has something to lose by discovering the real reasons for global warming and so they talk nonsense about ecological transition and renewable energies while continuing to ignore the real problems that are interdisciplinary, based on the scientific organization of world work, which cannot afford to exist of scientific rivalries between one type of energy and another. It is necessary to impartially adopt the best solution from a scientific, environmental and economic point of view. This cannot be done with the current communist and capitalist world governments and the current specialized, scholastic, corporate, trade union culture, which transmit false messages, without ever going into the details of the solutions which must always be interactive to be competitive. As is photosynthesis, the natural carbon cycle, biochemistry at Earth’s temperature. It is important to know what happens in the universe, but first we must learn how to produce and manage the real earth’s energy, which will certainly also allow us to acquire the necessary knowledge to reverse the processes and starting from photosynthesis, the carbon cycle, biochemistry and terrestrial electromagnetism to also go into space in environments specifically designed for human survival. Today we are still far from conceiving these solutions. We are also wasting resources in the futile space race with the wrong energies.

7. I propose again the summary and the initial part of the description of the following Italian patent filing-

Aerospace and submarine transportation system with global interactive primary and induced linear motors. Italian Patent Filing n. 102020000000031 dated 03/01/2020. (

Venticinquesima lettera aperta alla Corte di Giustizia Internazionale e alle Nazioni Unite.


To purify the environment, it is essential to identify the interactive principles between water and air. It also serves to design a rational terrestrial and spatial transport system. In fact, gravity and atmospheric pressure hinder the lifting and movement of the masses. The thrusts of Newton and Lorentz have been legislated for centuries, but in air transport only the first are used because of the difficulties encountered by science in inventing a space-saving system that produces sufficient electricity on board the means of transport to feed both thrusts, which together, with their accelerations, would zero the weight of the mass, which is a vectorial force,  according to the relation F = m * (a – aL – aN), where “aN” and “aL” are the respective accelerations of Newton and Lorenz in the opposite direction to gravity. This problem was solved with the invention of the “primary and induced global interactive linear motor”, which is a complete system, which exploits air pressure statically, one-way, circulates pressurized water through a turbine with current generator and uses a pump with the separate double supply up to the impeller, which recycles the water discharged from the turbine by inserting it again into the internal recycling circuit of a pressurized autoclave in the form of a tube, placed in series or in parallel to an electric turbofan, while the primary electric current produced by the generator feeds the turbofan motor and moves the permanent magnets of two parallel or superimposed inductor circuits, concentric to the autoclave and to the turbofan, induced currents are also produced in the external enclosures of the autoclave and turbofan they generate two Lorentz thrusts which add up to the Newton thrust of the turbofan. Therefore, the electric turbofan becomes an induced interactive linear motor that simultaneously produces the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, while the primary plant, in addition to feeding the inductor circuits, produces in its own armature the Lorentz thrust which is added to the two thrusts of the turbofan. Considering that space starts, conventionally, only 100 km away from the surface of the earth, it will not cost much to climb into the atmosphere vertically with the forces of Newton and Lorentz together. It will cost even less to move into the void with just the electromagnetic drive and get off at the destination airports. Obviously, even submarines will be able to use these interactive global engines by replacing the turbofan with marine propellers, making them cheaper and safer. These plants will also be able to defend us from the high waters with the thrusts of Lorentz and Newton while the primary energy oxygenates the water with the static air pressure in the autoclave according to Henry’s principle.

Before starting the description of this patent filing, I consider the following premise necessary: “Nature, by thickening the atmospheric air, has given us the tool to slow down the fall of bodies and to counteract and overcome it if we want to overcome the gravitational force, allowing us to produce the compressed hydroelectric primary energy that directly produces the drive torque at the output of a turbine connected to a current generator that produces direct electromagnetic current, which produces Newton’s thrust by means of propellers and fans and the inductive and induced Lorentz one by means of permanent magnets and solenoids. The most difficult energy to discover was the primary one with the recycling of water, which also allows the best energy gain thanks to the Pascal principle which states that the pressure of a compressed gas (air) expands in all directions and therefore if it cannot expand it exerts static pressure on the surface of the liquid (Water), referring to the Torricelli principle which states that the velocity “v” of water leaving a hole subjected to pressure “h” is equal to the square root of 2gh, where g is gravity acceleration. This is the speed of the water that passes through the turbine and moves the shaft of the current generator. However, the invention that was missing to exploit the same amount of water indefinitely, and to allow energy and purification gains was “the pump with the double separate supply up to the impeller”. In fact, this pump, having two clearly separate supplies that meet only in the rotating impeller (not before) allows to insert the water discharged by the turbine directly into the internal recycling circuit of the autoclave without having to overcome the opposition of the static pressure. But the same amount of water that enters low pressure is simultaneously expelled at the same time by the pressure “h” of the autoclave which makes it enter again into the hole that feeds the turbine with the Torricelli speed, due to Pascal’s principle or impenetrability of bodies. This allows an immense energy gain, which does not require fuels, electrolytic materials or active radios. It only depends on the pressure and wear of the materials that make up the pump, the turbine, the turbofans that produce Newton’s thrust and the mechanical motion transmission organs to the wheels or marine propellers and to the permanent magnets that produce the induced currents, which they produce the Lorentz thrusts. To this we must add that every time the water that produces the energy passes through the autoclave it absorbs a greater quantity of oxygen according to the laws of Henry and Dalton, therefore these systems can also be used as purifiers of polluted water. It is no coincidence that the degree of water pollution is measured in BOD which means the need for dissolved oxygen. Isn’t it ridiculous that we consume a lot of energy today to oxygenate the water, while the oxygenation of the water could be a secondary effect of energy production? Who should answer for these worldwide mistakes? Certainly not the patent offices that have declared the energy systems proposed by the undersigned “perpetual motion” and “utility model” the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller. In my opinion, public and private world science must respond. For a matter of intellectual honesty, otherwise the legislators will continue to believe indefinitely in the fable of “perpetual motion” that does not exist, but if it existed, it could not compete with interactive energy, which does not exist only because of the inability of science public and private, which together have not been able to extract it from nature “.

Since described in the summary, in the near future, the simplest and most economical way to produce energy, purification, and above all, to move on the earth, in space and in submarine environment will be with the “primary linear and induced interactive linear engines”. This is the name I gave to these complete energy and collateral depurative systems, autonomously energetic, that do not require public infrastructures such as roads, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, railways, subways, energy distribution networks. i don’t think it’s a coincidence that Newton’s thrust opposes the flow of air that enters the turbofan and that it goes in the same direction as the Lorentz force, if the flow of the permanent magnets that we use to produce the induced current, goes into the same direction as the air passing through the turbofan.  In fact, even the electromagnetic force of Lorentz is opposed to the magnetic flux that generates it. On the other hand, these laws have been widely tested even if no one has thought of sliding permanent magnets outside the turbofans and creating the air gap and an induced outside solenoid. And to do the same thing even outside the primary circuit producing compressed hydroelectric energy and the compressed air and water tanks that feed it and that recover water and air in an infinite recycling cycle that does not it leaves nothing out of primary energy sources. More than a hundred years after the important discoveries of electromagnetism, it can be said that apart from the Maglev high-speed trains that use them only partially, there are no practical applications of linear motors, which instead have great potential if they are used in conjunction with production of primary compressed hydroelectric mobile energy and to the cylindrical surfaces of electric tanks and turbofans.

According to many authoritative scientific publications, including “Nature Geoscience”, the Earth’s core is composed of a viscose inner part, made almost entirely of iron and a fluid outer core, made of iron and nickel. The movements of the material in the external nucleus give rise to the earth’s magnetic field. The terrestrial atmosphere that is produced by this field and the electromagnetic interactivity with the surrounding satellites and planets protect us from solar radiations and have allowed the creation of very rare climatic conditions in the universe that have allowed the development of photosynthesis and all the terrestrial life forms. We do not know if there are other civilizations similar to men, but there are certainly planets similar to the earth where human life could be compatible. How to reach them? Despite the scientific and technological advances made in the last century, after the publication of Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity, the development of astronomy and quantum physics, we have not yet taken the first step in the right direction. In fact, we leave the earthly atmosphere with a polluting and rudimentary system such as rockets fueled with chemical fuels, which bypass the insights necessary to develop a sustainable, interactive, universal aerospace transport system, which also guarantees the return of transport vehicles to the earth. Not just astronauts with makeshift vehicles like spaceships, parachutes and inflatable dinghies in the seas.

Reading the following article available on the web,  I extracted some concepts that led me to revise my previous patent filing concerning the way to navigate in space, N. 102017000059993 of 01/06/2017, based only on the reaction thrust of Newton (  From the aforementioned article and other similar ones, we can learn that in the universe, matter forms a web of clusters of densely populated galaxies and connecting strands separated by vast empty spaces. When astronomers began to observe magnetic fields in space, they noticed something strange: the universe is magnetized. Scientists expected to find these magnetic fields in active regions, where plasma currents like those inside stars can generate them. But apparently even the empty cosmic traits, where scientists had expected that it could hardly happen, are woven magnetism. To explain the incredible strength of magnetic fields in space, scientists have hypothesized that the seeds of magnetic fields can be amplified by cosmic turbulence. For the undersigned the identification of the causes that have produced and produce the magnetic fields are important, but it is above all important, to concentrate on the way to use the technologies to move away from the undesired magnetic fields and to use the electromagnetic currents that make us comfortable also in the design of the means of transport of the future. The “polarization” (the direction along which the electromagnetic wave oscillates) can be exploited and interact with the electromagnetic waves that we will produce on board the aircraft that will act in the same direction. This does not mean that we must produce nuclear energy on board aircraft, as has been interpreted by the major scientists of the last century and current, who have spent immense economic resources in order to create such energy and are still spending (especially the ITER project from twenty billion euros that are being tested in the south of France, which promises to extract energy from sea water and lithium). Until now, nuclear energy has only produced disasters and even if it had not produced them, it is unthinkable that the large reactors it requires can be mounted on transport vehicles. While it is essential that electromagnetic energy is produced on board the air and space transport vehicles, but this needs a clean and non-depletable primary energy source, as it should have also been on land transport if we did not mistake the primary sources world energy. The source of this energy cannot be, for different reasons, neither thermal (due to the enormous heat it should develop), nor nuclear (for the same reasons and radioactive contraindications), nor solar, which is not very powerful and discontinuous. Moreover, to have a very long autonomy we cannot use elements that come from other sources (fuels, chemical elements, catalysts, radioactive metals).

World science on planet Earth has made the mistake of not properly investigating and exploiting the energy present in the environment produced by gravity, which has thickened the air to allow us to statically exploit the atmospheric pressure. On the other hand, nature uses the simple atmospheric pressure on the water to produce sea currents, artesian wells, rivers, waterfalls, teaching us that it is convenient to use the force of the water under the pressure of the air which can act even statically, taking advantage of its own elasticity. World science has not perfected this system technologically with new and simple inventions. The undersigned did this by first inventing the “artificial welling” (patent filing 102014902290390 of 09/03/2014) and then “submerged hydroelectric energy” (Italian patent filing 102014902298581 of 06/10/2014) and subsequently, ” the pumps with the separate double supply up to the impeller “(Italian patent filing 102015000048796 dated 07/09/2015) which would allow to exploit the compressed air pressures in the autoclaves to produce fixed and mobile electromagnetic energy. An invention is considered as such when it has the requirements of novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability. Above all, it must not be easily understood by the experts. Obviously, if the experts do not understand them or pretend not to understand them in order not to scrap the previous inventions, they do not even include the patent offices, which very quickly declare that they are contrary to the principles of energy conservation. The current system of managing and granting patents, above all, of public, utility is obsolete and against the interests of the environment and the world population.

8. The underestimated importance of Earth’s primary energy production

The question that I have been asking myself for many years and which still today, in the year 2023, does not find answers due to the absence of interlocutors, is the following: Why has world science never interpreted the natural gravitational attraction (which thickened the atmospheric air) as a fluid dynamics phenomenon of the second law of Newton’s DYNAMICS? Even today, science interprets this phenomenon as THERMODYNAMIC, while since Newton’s time it could be interpreted as FLUID DYNAMIC. This we must ask of modern science that has produced global warming and, of course of the politicians who have governed in the last two hundred years who have the same responsibilities as science, since they choose the public and private investments to be made on planet Earth. All I know is that I have never found public and private interlocutors and that I have been forced to leave the world of work to develop simply fluid-dynamic solutions, first purifying, then to produce energy.

I only collect silences because those who have made a mistake in public and private investments, capitalists and communists, do not have the courage to admit that they have misinterpreted the earth’s energy and purification principles. They must be mainly FLUID DYNAMIC, as all the photosynthetic cycles and the carbon cycle take place at the earth’s temperature. The thermodynamic principles must be used only within the range of terrestrial temperatures, with the exception of metal fusions, but with plants designed differently from the current ones. As they must close all the cycles that open in the plants themselves in a natural way, through direct contact with water, air and natural inorganic reagents (buried limestone greenhouses). But always at the temperature of the terrestrial environment. Unfortunately, the left hand of science of all times has never known what the left is doing, and all anthropic industrial and environmental systems, public and private, are incomplete, starting from the simplest and most elementary ones, such as chimneys and sewers. It is not possible to consider the chimneys as simple pipes facing the atmosphere, because these pipes produced in billions of specimens legally disperse, with the approval of world science, into the atmosphere all the combustion gases which can no longer be recovered and purified (SOx, NOx, CO, CO2, fine particles). The chimneys that I have modified are among the first inventions to electrostatically filter the gases and recover them by slowing down the speed of their release into the atmosphere to capture the gases and purify them together with the water, have not been taken into consideration worldwide, because, as stated in this article from the company from the Eni company, the plants of the thermoelectric plants comply with the regulations. But who wrote these regulations? Technicians, politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, professors?

We will never know for sure how biological and human life developed on planet Earth. But we know for sure that everything happened at Earth’s temperature and atmospheric pressure. Investigating the real origins is impossible. We must look ahead and ensure that the human race does not die out at the same temperature and atmospheric pressure. As long as men fought each other with primordial weapons, there was more hope of survival. But with the advent of the industrial age and electricity, things have changed radically, not because electricity is wrong, but because the primary energy sources are wrong. There is nothing that can cost less and be healthier than the air we breathe and the water we drink. Today we could be the architects of our own destiny as long as we learn to design industrial and environmental anthropic plants. We cannot do it in the best way because we have to be content with the technological tools available on the world market which have not been designed respecting the existing interactive principles between atmospheric air which is the earth’s primary energy source and water which is the energy vector in all processes in all terrestrial, chemical, physical, biological purification and energy processes. In other words, men and science in particular have not been able to copy from nature.

Designing complete industrial and environmental anthropic plants should have been the first rule to be taught in world high schools, however the division of current scientific skills does not allow it and all current industrial and environmental man-made plants, fixed and mobile, are wrong. It is obvious that I have not found financiers and public and private interlocutors, capitalists and communists. All are guilty, at least of the crime of omission. Obviously, I too could be wrong, but I only copied, being a simple former designer and installer of industrial and environmental anthropic systems. (,  It seems that world science does not know that the amount of energy produced is given by the flow rate by the density of the energy vector (water) by the pressure exerted by the energy source (air). The latter can be exploited statically, without consuming it, apart from the small quantity that dissolves in the water up to the saturation point which purifies it completely. While clean and purified water can be 100% recycled by means of my invention of the pump with separate dual power supply up to the impeller, which no one wanted to create so as not to upset the current market, not only for world energy, but also purification, because as mentioned above, in each cycle of passage to a higher pressure, the water and the air purify each other. It is no coincidence that the undersigned has also used the same system to design an energetically autonomous blood oxygenator human heart, which could lengthen human life beyond all expectations (

Dal mio articolo La relatività e l’idrologia nella nuova idrologia (  estraggo quanto segue:

The formula E = mc2 by Einstein, who became the most famous in the world expressed in any reference system the total energy of a particle stationary with respect to that particular frame of reference. If the body is in motion, the formula becomes E = mg c2, where “m” is the mass relativistic, “g” is the coefficient of expansion, “c” is the velocity of the electron.  This formula is very similar to that of Newton, concerning the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy. But Einstein says that the energy provided it does not increase the speed of the body, but it’s mass: the body becomes more and more “heavy”.  In space-time concept, which combines our classic notions traditionally distinct space and time into a single construct unique and homogeneous, many scientists have shown that what we call gravitational force has a curved shape that depends on the mass of the sun and planets but Einstein showed that the masses distort space-time in their vicinity, and other bodies move in trajectories determined by the geometry of space-time (for example wind).  In other words, a concentration of matter bends space (and time) as an elastic membrane. In the black holes the time is slowed down to a great deal; It can assume that, at their core, the weather is completely stopped. This explains the densification of matter and the reasons for which the material becomes heavier. It makes Well l this concept the following figure published in a short video available online by the journal “La stampa tv scienza”.

For example, Einstein’s equations can say whether and under what conditions it is possible that the concentration of matter in the cosmos form a black hole, and what would happen in its surroundings.

But applying this concept to the terrestrial area, there are many phenomena which confirm that matter is transformed into energy when happen the alteration of the inertial balance for various reasons, as might be the passage of a comet in the vicinity, the potential differences between the clouds and the clouds and the earth, whose potential differences even produce immense electric shock. The same winds are air masses moving horizontally on the Earth’s surface, from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure. The wind direction is influenced by the rotation of the earth. With the wind turbines we lay capture infinitesimal parts of this energy physics. For myself we can capture much more energy, if we ourselves break the balance of the inertial masses, where the conditions are more favorable, in particular, on the border between the atmosphere and any body of water with the system called by me “submerged hydroelectric “.

in fact, the insight of the undersigned, to create energy recalling from below the water surface by means of a pump upside down, is also confirmed from the point of view of Einstein well as that of Newton: with the concentration of a mass of water in the pipe down, we have only at the initial potential energy: E = U = m * g * h.  If the mass of water moves due to a descending flow produced inside the tube from the pump, at the lower end, the entire mass of water contained in the tube, according to Einstein, the undersigned, Bernoulli’s theorem, the principle of newton (represented in the figure with the head of Einstein) moves downwards, dragging other particles from the water surface downward, becoming increasingly heavy, not fast, because the speed of the material, especially in the terrestrial environment has a very low limit: all the energy is dissipated as heat. But in our case this does not happen because the speed of the water is braking with the blades of a turbine and related alternator, producing hydropower infinity, with very low energy consumption, since the water, in plants always full, it is not dispersed , as in hydroelectric traditional and does not need to be raised to the upper level. In fact, since the level of suction and discharge of the pump coincide, the circuit ends at the turbine outlet. Having the same density throughout the basin, the water simply moves up and down and all the water that enters the descent tube is surface water that moves only horizontally until the entry of the tube, without lifting expenses against the gravitational forces”.

With energy extracted from the environment, it is not necessary to incur the costs of transporting energy in the form of fuel or electricity. While, with the invention of global linear motors which add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz it can be said, instead, that the compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy, extracted from the terrestrial environment, allows to transport men and objects in the terrestrial environment and space.

In the current state of the art, it can be said that linear motors do not exist. Those that are currently used with this name are simple electromechanical actuators that couple a motor that produces a torque which, when connected to a reducer that uses the worm screw system, allows the force to be transmitted in a straight direction through a shaft that goes forward and backwards. Obviously within a few meters.

To make a real linear electric motor, the armature and the inductor should be parallel, and the armature should slide on the inductor, but this is not possible in an infinite space such as atmosphere and space, unless the system conceived by the undersigned is not used, called global linear motor which is a complete plant, dynamic and electromagnetic fluid, which produces compressed hydroelectric primary energy, and exploits it, both to power the electric turbofan motors, and the motors to move the permanent magnets of the inductors so that they produce current circulation in the external inductors. Obviously, to produce the electromagnetic thrust in only one direction it is necessary to obscure fifty percent of the path of the permanent magnets, so that the Lorenz thrust always goes in the desired direction by moving the armature, the inductor and the mass connected to them together. Obviously, by reversing the rotation of the motors that move the magnets, we also reverse the direction of the force and mass connected to the global linear motor. But all these things can only be done cold because any source of heat would destroy the insulation necessary for the electromagnetic functioning of the equipment.

Obviously, Maglev high-speed trains are also linear motors, but since the inductor is closely connected to the track that drives the train anchored to the ground, it cannot change the direction of travel, but only go back and forth. Nor can the wagons lift off the ground.

The new solution proposed by the undersigned has strengthened Newton’s thrust by adding propellers with electric motors on the global linear motors placed above the flying container to ensure greater stability in the operations of rescuing migrants and extinguishing fires. I think there can be no comparison with the current canadairs and helicopters that are used to put out fires, while no one has ever thought that migrants could also be rescued by air. In fact, helicopter propellers can allow the aircraft to be lifted vertically and even stop in flight, but they cannot carry high loads, they are not very stable, they consume a lot of energy with fuels and produce a lot of pollution. On the other hand, a flying container, as shown in the drawing, in addition to the propellers powered by electric motors, can have 9,12, 15, 18 global linear motors working in parallel and can lift any load, support it stably to carry out all rescue operations and shutdown. Furthermore, to support the large mass constituted by the fire-fighting water, we can create double walls which incorporate the flying containers which incorporate in parallel the circulation of the permanent magnets which constitute the inductor and the coils of the wires which constitute the armature. If energy costs nothing and does not pollute, there is no reason to save it. How come world science didn’t think of this solution before ruining the earth’s environment and economy? Why is he silent and does not assume his responsibilities?

9. A kind of general reaction principle contained in the compressed hydroelectromagnetic system.

If for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, this principle does not necessarily refer only to elementary forces. Broadening the concept, it can very well refer to much more complex systems. In fact, it is simpler and cheaper to go into space and the universe by following the reverse path of terrestrial energy which has been cooled by the various layers of the atmosphere and at the same time, cleaned by the gases present in the primordial era, mainly methane, ammonia, hydrogen , up to producing the current atmosphere, consisting mainly of nitrogen (78.9%), oxygen (20.9%), argon (0.93%), CO2 (0.04%) and small percentages of other gases , the earth’s temperature and the pressure of the earth’s atmosphere. Thermal energy, and the gases developed by nuclear explosions belong to the universe. In other words, if we want to go into the universe in a rational way, we have to start from chlorophyll photosynthesis and artificially create atmospheric pressure in terrestrial means of transport, replenish all the food elements that explorers will consume through the capture of interstellar dust, and of course, extract from these elements all the energy needed for the journeys of entire generations of human beings. I’ve already written this in previous articles, but the first step is to get off the ground and navigate the earth’s space in a rational and economical way to save the lives of shipwrecked, flooded, missing people, to put out fires. With the development model that we have created, during natural and accidental disasters, the first things that humans lack are precisely those most necessary for survival. Electricity distribution stops, roads are blocked, fuel stocks run out. The simplest, cheapest and most rational solution, which is to extract energy from the earth’s environment at the moment it is needed with fluid dynamics and compressed electromagnetism alone, nobody wants to implement it in order to continue to enrich the mafias, the unscrupulous entrepreneurs , corrupt and ignorant politicians. World science is guilty of all this, above all, which hides behind the separation of specific skills and the trade in patents which, before being industrial, should be intellectual, demonstrating that the processes used close all the chemical, thermal and nuclear cycles, which open , or they avoid opening them.

I think this is the real reason why in a few years of industrial development we have produced global warming. Sustainable inventions do not allow illicit enrichment and speculation on raw materials. The system must operate globally automatically, developing all possible connections between the water and the air at ambient temperature, with or without pressurisation. Politicians who govern, instead of demanding sustainable inventions from science and inventors, based on multidisciplinary and interactive reasoning, aggravate the problems by allowing one-way trade from public inventors to multinationals. They have created a kind of soccer market for science and technology where commercial advertising matters more than the real utility of the inventions. How can they understand that current renewable energies have no potential to replace fossil and nuclear ones?

I am not surprised that compressed hydro-electromagnetic systems do not exist because all the simple previous phases that I described in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme do not even exist, which start, precisely from the modification of the chimneys, sewers and purifiers. There is a lifetime of work behind their conception which is not only based on scientific but also practical concepts which science cannot have. While global energy and technology entrepreneurs cannot accept that these inventions, which cost nothing in research and design, to any global taxpayer, could ruin their business. I think that both science and politicians, and entrepreneurs, are still in time to remedy instead of pretending not to understand.

10. The difference between aerodynamics, Newton’s reaction principle and the Lorentz force

Today, the current way of flying in the atmosphere is based on aerodynamic principles and the consequent floating of aircraft in the atmospheric air. Aircraft must be equipped with a strong kinetic energy produced by the almost horizontal thrust of a newton to float in atmospheric air. Obviously, in the take-off phase the thrust must be much higher and there is a greater consumption of energy and a greater danger of flight accidents. While in the descent and landing phases the planes must slow down the kinetic energy and try to glide gently on the runways. It is obvious that atmospheric perturbations are very dangerous and cannot be easily managed with the energy supplied by the few combustion turbofans that produce the thrust of newtons, due to obvious fuel cost problems, regardless of the environmental pollution they produce.

Returning instead to the system of flying in the atmosphere with non-aerodynamic wagons, without fuels but with a sufficient number of global linear motors and compressed hydroelectric current generators which can produce at any instant, simultaneously, the thrust of Newton and Lorentz in any direction without thinking about aerodynamics, the cost of energy and atmospheric pollution, which we do not produce, we must not think of creating an air vacuum and displacing a large vacuum bubble in the atmospheric air in which the medium of transport of goods and men. We simply have to create moment by moment, the vacuum above and around the aircraft with a sufficient number of propellers and global linear motors that simultaneously produce the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. Therefore, the vacuum bubble does not move, it is the aircraft itself that creates it and closes it immediately after its passage, thanks to the air elastic, which also produces Newton’s thrust in the direction of travel.

Obviously, this solution was not possible to conceive with current thermal turbofans. Apart from the environmental problems, the enormous cost of fossil and chemical fuels, the high temperatures would not have allowed the Newtonian push to be combined with the Lorentz thrust which can only be produced with the circulation of permanent magnets and coils of copper wires protected with insulating paints, while even the primary energy produced with compressed air and the energy carrier made up of water cannot afford to lose their characteristics of elasticity, compressibility by the air and incompressibility by the waterfall. Both must be kept at a terrestrial temperature, simply by regulating the amount of current circulating according to thermostats that measure the temperature.

From a technical and scientific point of view, I don’t think that there can be anything that can compete with the elasticity of the air and the incompressibility of water regardless of the economy and environmental pollution. So I wonder why we have to pay scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, politicians, professors, scientific representatives who by not reasoning globally and impartially harm humanity instead of helping to choose the best solutions in the general interests, which are not difficult to identify with the current advancement of the technological state of the art, if one puts aside ridiculous category interests? The most ridiculous of all are precisely the politicians and economists, who have the greatest decision-making power. These, having no scientific and technological skills, reason on the basis of the laws of the market created by wrong inventions since the advent of the industrial age, instead of funding multidisciplinary and impartial research and experimentation. In the face of major environmental disasters, politicians and economists hide behind technical and scientific experts. But how can technical and scientific experts prevent environmental disasters if they work in watertight compartments since elementary school, in universities and in the world of work? All man-made systems, even the simplest and most elementary, must be designed with multidisciplinary skills, not to complicate them but to simplify them: Everything must be done in the right place, at the right time, with the right technology, according to a precise organization of global work that closes all the cycles it opens, or avoids opening them.

Science, more than justice, must be impartial because if justice makes mistakes, the guilty are not always found. Instead, the errors of science are easy to spot if you really want to spot them. It is sufficient to check if all the cycles that open are closed because the fixed and mobile anthropic plants must not emit any toxic emissions into the environment. Today this does not happen because those who govern the world have believed in inventors and scientists who have not done their job well. This can’t last forever.

Returning to the fundamental energy concepts, the induced energy that exploits the electromagnetic principles is still completely separated from the main primary energies and from the secondary renewable ones such as wind turbines, solar panels, digesters producing biological energies, electrolytic, and the hydroelectric one with the hydraulic jump. In fact, all of these energies must be produced and transported over a distance to produce the electromagnetic applications, including the Lorentz thrust. While in mobile atmospheric and space plants the energy, as demonstrated by the undersigned, the primary and induced energy must be produced together on board the means of transport at room temperature, otherwise the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz cannot be added. In other words, the primary energy source must be breathable by humans and the energy vector must be drinkable by humans.

How can we trust the skills of public and private managers and of science itself, of which the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing? Unfortunately the hands of science are not only two. There are many more. Although some scientists such as Torricelli, Venturi, Pascal, Henry, have identified some interactive principles that are very useful in understanding fluid dynamics principles, without the knowledge of which, it would have been very difficult for me to propose solutions that current science and the patent offices international standards consider “perpetual motion”. Therefore, not feasible, only because they have not found them in their prior art searches which they normally do to reject already invented solutions. In my case, the inventions have rejected them all the same for the opposite reason: if no scientist has proposed these solutions, for the patent offices, they are contrary to the principles of energy conservation. I, who am a simple pensioner who has spent more than he could have to file patents unwanted by the world’s ruling class, argue that the current global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth, until proven otherwise, have produced the inventions already made, not those never financed by any government or by any multinational. In fact, I had to leave the world of work to be able to think and propose them after thirty-seven years of work in industry and the environment, to get to know both industrial and environmental plants.

On planet Earth, since there is gravitational force, which thickens the atmospheric air free at a pressure of one bar, and since compressed air is a powerful energy accumulator, there can also be perpetual motion which consumes the energy extracted from the compressed air naturally as in artesian wells. But perpetual motion can also exist which exploits the energy extracted from the compressed air at higher pressures, if we statically exploit the force of the air pressure without consuming it. That is, consuming only the small part of energy that requires the reintegration of the quantity of air that dissolves in the energy vector (water) always maintaining maximum purity (Henry’s principle). This should make us all reflect on the mistakes made by the entire world science since the beginning of the industrial age and governments that have allowed the useless costly global pollution. But we must condemn the entire world population of the last two hundred years who have never protested against this immense scandal which still persists in the face of the great philosophers, thinkers, trade unions and environmental associations of all times. However, returning to the current problem, which inspired me this update of the virtual state of the way of flying in the earth’s atmosphere, we cannot efficiently rescue migrants in the middle of the sea for the same reason that we cannot turn off large forest and urban fires efficiently due to the fact that we cannot stop permanently in the atmospheric air to extinguish the outbreaks with water, or lower baskets from above with electric hoists to extract people directly from the boats to be rescued without putting not even the rescuers are in danger in case of rough seas.

It will be sufficient to adjust the number of revolutions per second of the motors of the water circulation pumps, of the turbofans and of the motors that move the permanent magnets with suitable inverters to move the aircraft in space, or stop in space for the time necessary to putting out fires or rescuing shipwrecked people.

Today, however, Italian, European and world politicians discuss the faults of those who speculate on the desperation of the poor and defenseless, they even discuss the faults of NGOs that try to prevent such disasters with the few means available. They do not question who are truly responsible, especially their predecessors who were unable to choose between sustainable and unsustainable inventions, always choosing the irreplaceable ones. As I write this article, the Italian government is allocating the money necessary to build the bridge over the Strait of Messina which is another costly, perishable, and obsolete work because if we extract energy directly from the environment with interactive engines, globally the most effective, and economical will be the one by air without perishable infrastructure costs, energy costs, purification. We cannot continue to be governed by political and scientific world ruling class that has never reasoned multidisciplinarily. Even the artificial intelligence that could be a hope if it is funded by the same humans who created global warming will never shed light on such problems. Artificial intelligence can improve what exists, not what has never been funded and tested like the virtual inventions of Spawhe’s nursery rhyme.

Considering the current state of the world scientific and technological art in the field of environment and energy, we must ask ourselves which sector is not sufficiently developed to extract energy directly from the environment with lower costs? In hindsight, I think that sector is the hydroelectric sector. World science has considered the hydraulic jump as a limit beyond which one could not go. Instead, the undersigned has demonstrated with many examples in this article and in many previous articles, that the hydraulic leap was only a starting point, which unfortunately has remained stationary for over two hundred years, allowing for global warming of the planet and an unfair distribution of world wealth. This is demonstrated by the fact that we have reached a dead end that we cannot get out of the earth’s atmosphere without resorting to rockets with ever more powerful and expensive fuels, which not only cannot go far, but cannot even allow the astronauts to return safely. on earth. All this is due only to the fact that science does not accept that it is possible that it is possible to produce electricity directly through autonomous compressed hydroelectric current generators which, without fuel and without the production of unwanted heat, can produce additional vertical Lorenz thrusts which, added to the Newton thrust would allow us to get out of the atmosphere and then continue in empty space also employing the energy part of the same current generators that produced Newton’s thrust, to strengthen Lorentz’s thrust when, when, due to the lack of atmospheric air, the Newton’s thrust becomes inefficientIn fact, in addition to the global linear motors which will simultaneously produce the thrust of Newton and Lorenz, in a more compact form, designed for the exterior of aeronautical and space aircraft, other compressed hydroelectric current generators can be created inside the means of transport , whose energy produced can be applied to tanks of water and compressed air anchored to the floor and to the same containment walls of the flying means of transport, obviously, by arranging the circulation of permanent magnets on the suitably insulated and protected surfaces and creating outside, the induced circuit which produces the Lorentz thrust, upwards, in opposition to the gravitational force, I have explained the compressed hydro-electromagnetic circuit many times and I repeat it once again: the water contained in an autoclave can be recycled indefinitely by means of the pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller. We just have to get the pressurized water out of the autoclave, make it pass through a turbine with relative electric current generator and discharge the water without pressure into a tank equipped with a vent valve at atmospheric pressure which allows the recovery of the air which can be repressurized to always maintain the same pressure in the autoclave. In the meantime, the water discharged from the turbine feeds one of the two inlet ports of the recycling pump with the dual separate feed up to the impeller, while the other feed of the same pump is connected to the high pressure water outlet of the autoclave. Obviously, the two flows meet in the same impeller. They can only add the two flow rates and exit from the common pump outlet with a single pressure, which is the greater one (due to Pascal’s principle). Since the pump has a separate dual power supply, equipped with a single impeller, it cannot produce a pressure higher than that of the autoclave, therefore no more water can enter the autoclave than it has gone out to produce electricity through the turbine. Therefore, this cycle can be reproduced indefinitely by always recycling the same water and recovering the air that comes out of the atmospheric vent which, with a very small compressor, always maintains the same pressure as in the autoclave. Clearly with this solution we do not produce any form of pollution, on the contrary, every time the water that produces electricity passes through the autoclave, it absorbs a greater quantity of oxygen according to Henry and Dalton’s principle, therefore, it becomes more and more pure. With this primary energy, extracted from the environment, which even purifies the water, we can directly power the electric turbofans which produce Newton’s fluid dynamic thrust and at the same time also power a considerable quantity of electric motors which carry permanent magnets on insulated supports which produce the electromagnetic flux variations in coils of wires incorporated in special metal containment casings, mounted outside the electric turbofans, of the same autoclave, to produce the quantity of induced electric energy necessary to produce, in addition to Newton’s fluid dynamic thrust, also the electromagnetic one of Lorentz. Therefore, while the air flow produced by the electric propellers and turbofans goes in the opposite direction to the direction of travel of the flying containers in the atmosphere, the various electromagnetic Lorentz thrusts produced through the same global linear motors, inside the container and in the walls of the same, they push all the masses of the flying container involved into the vacuum bubble that is created in the atmospheric space. These joint physical and electromagnetic fluid dynamic effects will certainly be more efficient, rational, cheaper and less polluting than fuels even if these will be called hydrogen and new generation nuclear. We will have infinite flight ranges and no energy transformation costs. We will be able, as now, to go in any direction, vertical, horizontal, angular. By simply regulating the number of revolutions of the electric motors of the pumps with the double separate power supply up to the impeller they produce the primary energy (compressed hydro-electromagnetic); by regulating the number of revolutions of the motors that make the electric turbofans turn, which produce Newton’s thrust, and those of the motors that make the permanent magnets move, which regulate the production of induced energy and therefore, the Lorentz thrust.  But above all we will be able to stop in the atmospheric air to extinguish fires or rescue shipwrecked people in the sea. Flight accidents will be very unlikely because every global linear motor and every electric current generator will be energetically autonomous as energy is not consumed (only a percentage of air dissolves in water according to Henry’s principle, which evaporates in the atmospheric environment at the outlet of the hydraulic turbines (Obviously this amount of air is automatically restored with small compressors). As can be seen from the figures, in each aircraft there will be many global linear motors working in parallel. If one fails, the pilots will always be able to adjust the flight attitude, until the arrival of the destination, without ever risking human lives. Naturally, if we can do this, it will no longer be convenient to transport goods and men by land. At least the great distances will be done by air without structural costs such as bridges, tunnels, railways, highways.

The inventions contained in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme have been boycotted on planet Earth because it represents an alternative development model to the current one it has produced, in addition to pollution and viruses and the current distribution of world wealth. In Space we cannot afford pollution, viruses or obsolete technologies listed today on world stock exchanges. Only by impartially selecting the actually useful sciences and technologies can we colonize the space because all knots must be untied beyond any possible doubt. Only terrestrial hydro-electromagnetic energy that purifies itself and is not consumed is compatible with space colonization. With the current energies used by space entities we are only wasting resources because space energy must be breathable by man. Unfortunately, the advancement of the world state of the art cannot be done by inventors not financed by governments and multinationals. With the current scientific culture that considers interactive energies “perpetual and contrary motion and the principles of energy” it has not been possible to create small interactive domestic purification plants that produce electricity with the recycling of water and air described in the article

These systems would interface perfectly with global linear motors that would use the same energy source that humans can breathe, as the atmospheric air that pressurizes the energy vector (water) needs to leave the vents placed in the discharged water recovery tanks from the turbines. These discharges of air cannot take place in the external environment as on earth. They must necessarily take place in the conditioned environment of space containers, not only for economic reasons but also for survival, as described in the articles:,

It makes no sense to expose current astronauts and in the future men who will go into space to heart disease, lung disease, osteoporosis by living in environments not pressurized to atmospheric pressure, above all because water and air are also the most powerful elements for producing together the external thrust of Newton and Lorentz that we need to exit the atmosphere and for space navigation with infinite energy recycling.

Paradoxically, the division of the atom and the nucleated energy that has cost humanity immense research expenses, experiments and many environmental disasters, regardless of the atomic bomb, has resulted less suitable than the primary interactive energy between water and air, which it cost zero dollars in research and experimentation, as it was developed only virtually with zero funding, in the general silence of public and private science and multinationals.

What does it take to understand that on planet Earth the concept of perpetual motion makes no sense? Thanks to the gravitational force and the difference in the pressures of the fluids, differences can be created everywhere between the low energy absorbed by the water circulation pumps (with the double separate supply up to the impeller) which work with balanced pressures in suction and delivery, and the high energy produced by the turbines that feed the current generators, which exploit the water introduced in excess into the recycling circuit through the separate feed, which is expelled from the overflow of the upper basin or from the pressure of a autoclave, for the principle of the impenetrability of bodies, to feed the turbines again in infinite cycles.

It made no sense to develop energy and purification technologies on Earth that excluded the interactive principles between water and air and try to fly in the atmosphere and in space with polluting and uneconomical energies. It makes no sense to ignore the human blood oxygenating artificial heart that could extend human life by hundreds of years. It is unthinkable to start the search for new planets without bringing along the best of terrestrial science and technology which unfortunately has not been developed on Earth due to obscure and ignorant economic power games in which the entire world ruling class has participated, including the scientific one.

Many anthropic plants, for those who know science and technology in a multidisciplinary way, seem designed by amateurs because they are incomplete (sewers, chimneys, power plants and thermal engines, water and air purifiers), but the damage to human health is diluted over the years and it is attenuated by medical advances. Even the world’s public and private space bodies are planning anthropic space systems as amateurs, not considering that breathing and human physiology are designed by the divine or natural system to balance the earth’s atmospheric pressure in the human body, not other pressures. For this reason we have to pressurize space transportation means to atmospheric pressure. It is no coincidence that atmospheric pressure is made up of a mixture of gases that humans breathe, but which can also be compressed to thousands of bars if kept at a temperature higher than -140.6 degrees Celsius. I don’t think it’s a lucky coincidence. I believe that the Creator of the universe, whoever he is, wanted to show us the correct way to produce terrestrial and also spatial energies and purifications. I also believe that whoever is the Creator of the universe has lost his temper. For this reason he communicated these simple scientific truths to a modest pensioner. Not to the Nobel prize winners, who would not have had the patience and probably not even the practical experience of a designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants to develop all the interactive details that the undersigned has developed to demonstrate these conclusions with zero funding public and private.

Below are the drawings of the entire system with the relative legends.

Let’s imagine that the container and the flying cars shown above, equipped with a global linear motor (with Newton and Lorentz thrust) travel in space around the Earth. Since the atmospheric air has become rarefied, we will lose most of Newton’s reaction thrust and we will only have the Lorentz thrust available to overcome the force of attraction towards the Earth. Considering the latest updates reported in this article, we will be able to reinforce this force not only to transport greater quantities of water to extinguish fires, but also to increase the electromagnetic force of Lorentz to the detriment of that of Newton, which has become less efficient. We will be able to make a calculation and travel in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the Earth to shorten the atmospheric flight times and descend to the airports of terrestrial destination. But with the same technology, we will also be able to continue in infinite space to go to other planets. Having figured out how to produce primary energy cold, how to make permanent magnets circulate one way, how to isolate the unwanted reverse path of the same magnets and how to regulate their speed, with the consequent regulation of the force of the push, why can’t we think of transforming the entire or partial external vertical surface of the flying containers into an inductor where the magnets slide and in front of it, integral and electromagnetically isolated, a wall separated from the air gap, containing the wound armature, which rises together with the inductor and with all the masses contained in the container itself with only the Lorentz push? This solution would be identical to the Maglev system of high-speed trains, but with the possibility of going in all directions, not having the armature connected to the ground. It will be the arrangement of the external global linear motors, which will provide the other directional thrusts. The most onerous work is precisely to neutralize the one-way gravitational force of the nearest planet with the Lorentz push that can choose whether to favor it or oppose it. Obviously, as already written, we must create terrestrial life conditions inside the traveling containers with the same atmospheric pressure and use the air itself (pressurized) as a primary energy source that is not consumed. The CO2 that we produce with our respiration, and the respiration of any vegetable plants, could be neutralized by producing carbonates in the water and this could be infinitely sweetened, bringing with us the necessary ingredients and capturing others through specific applications mounted on global linear motors ( Why does world science behave as if the Lorentz thrust in aeronautical and space transport cannot be achieved? If compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy does not consume the air and water which are respectively the primary source and the energy vector, but recycles them indefinitely, even the space race becomes possible and sustainable.

SpaceX launched its Starship rocket for the first time on April 20, 2023, but failed to reach space after suffering a mid-flight failure. According to media reports, this failure, in just one day, cost about thirteen billion dollars to investors, mainly Elon Musk. But even if the launch had succeeded perfectly, the failure of the energy solution would have only been postponed with another billions of dollars wasted, because the energy solution is not sustainable and cannot really take us into infinite space.

I added this news because in my article entitled “Open letter to Mr. Elon Musk who promised 100 million dollars to those who manage to capture CO2 from the atmosphere” ( and in the related articles I think I have explained that it is not necessary to reach the escape velocity of 11.2 km/sec to exit the earth’s atmosphere if we will produce an energy that is not consumed in space transport means. But to produce that kind of energy, I first had to learn how to clean up fossil energy by producing carbonates in the water. Only to economize this process, at a later stage, I invented compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy, which can be produced cold, without fuels and nuclear energy. Certainly, this energy may not be as fast as a rocket, but it is much cheaper, ensures the return trip to Earth much better than current airliners and without producing even a gram of environmental pollution. I don’t know if anyone lived up to Elon Musk’s expectations and received the $100 million prize he promised. I only know that my solution, which has never been funded by any government or multinational, gradually led me to go into space without fuel and nuclear energy. Even if this has not materially happened, I hope that future generations before making bad investments, based on single scientific principles, will learn to think globally. After having made billionaires’ wrong investments by mutual agreement, between public and private science, it is much more difficult to tell the world’s people that they have made the wrong solutions and correct the errors. Getting the earth’s primary energy source wrong is not a remediable mistake because even by increasing energy yields and improving purification systems, we will never be able to have energy that costs nothing and that the more we produce, the more we will protect the surrounding environment in how much the energy source (atmospheric air) and the energy vector (water) purify each other according to the principles of Henry and Dalton according to the operating pressures.

11. Conclusion

The international thriller of identifying the best primary energy in the world could have been solved two hundred years ago immediately after the invention of hydroelectric energy and electromagnetism simply by scientifically applying the organization of work to save water resources, energy sources, the costs of purifications, of water and air, instead the division of scientific competences and the political and economic power lobbies, have produced global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth and the solution is still not seen due to the escape of scientific, institutional, legislative responsibilities, at all levels and in all countries of the Earth Of course,  this division of competences has also produced many innocent victims due to pollution, such as lung disease, floods, storms, droughts and other damages. These people could die of old age. But even old age could be delayed because the energetically autonomous artificial heart oxygenator of human blood is nothing more than a double small autoclave system with a current generator powered by mini pumps with a separate double power supply up to the impeller. One for the systemic circuit and one for the pulmonary circuit. There are no alternatives, planet Earth wants to be governed scientifically by always applying the best solutions that are impartially updated with state-of-the-art fluid dynamics and electromagnetic technology. If we don’t first update this state of the art, we won’t be able to stop the current terrestrial genocide and we won’t be able to make concrete progress even in space exploration. Current human life is too short to organize space travel having completely mistaken the fundamental principles of purification and energy which are identical, both for making the internal life of the human body work, both for the environments inside space containers and for linear motors global that add the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz in the various ways described above, but certainly improveable with the real advancement of the state of the art.

We are the architects of our earthly destiny. But science cannot continue to invent new energies that are not compatible with terrestrial life. Current fossil and nuclear energies would not have worked even virtually because they do not close all the cycles they open. Current science has cheated by setting arbitrary emission limits in water, soil and the atmosphere. Compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy has already demonstrated in the virtual phase that they would protect the environment and also the human body. Indeed, with the invention of the artificial heart based on the same principles and the subsequent technological and artificial intelligence updates, human life could be extended by several hundred years without changing the DNA, but only the physical aspect, as we will be concerned above all to feed the brain. The other more perishable organs would gradually be replaced with artificial organs.

This means that impartially applied science, above the interests of current governments and current multinationals that hinder the creativity of inventors not tied to economic centers of power, penalize progress and life on the planet itself, for the sole purpose of avoiding collapses of the world stock exchanges and not change anything about the current power games, no longer linked to communist, socialist, capitalist, religious politics, but only to the conservation of the economic power of whoever holds it. Those who still do my former job as a designer and installer of anthropic plants today are not inventors, nor was myself. They try to use the best of their abilities and the technologies made available by the state of the industrial, environmental, civil infrastructures, agriculture, transport, lifting and distribution of irrigation water and distribution for civil and industrial use. If I hadn’t loved my former job, I wouldn’t have felt the need to turn into a retired inventor. I couldn’t do it earlier because there were too many details to develop and as an employee I was already too busy solving everyday work problems. However, I realized that the tools made available by science and technology were sufficient to design the man-made plants according to the existing public and private tender specifications. Not the most complete and rational systems, as they could have been by better studying the scientific organization of work. Above all, by combining the water and air purification cycles in the same plants. There are too many details not developed by public and multinational inventors. I who developed and patented them as a pensioner even at an international level with a great personal economic sacrifice, in the vain hope of finding public and private interlocutors that I have not found. I had to surrender to the evidence: public science and that of multinationals are perfectly aligned and by mutual agreement they have neglected precisely the sectors in which I have intervened with more social than commercial inventions. However, I could not have gone on with the subsequent phases, without modifying the chimneys, the sewers and the purifiers as described by myself in the first part of Spawhe’s nursery rhyme.

If a true world democracy existed, instead of COPs (Conferences of the Parties) scientific referendums would have to be held on the inventions to be financed, on a global level, assessing the side effects, case by case, with calculations of risks and convenience from the point of economic and social point of view. Today, there are very few inventions in the world without negative side effects, apart from solar and wind energy, which are erratic and inefficient. Suffice it to say that to produce a kw/h in the best solar conditions, you need about 10 square meters of panels and to exert the pressure of a bar on a wind turbine, you need a wind of about 80 km/h. While with compressed hydro-electromagnetism, although it is still only a virtual invention, we could produce energy infinitely with pressures of even hundreds of bars (to be tested) and with the complete recycling of the primary energy source (air) and of the energy carrier (water), which cost nothing from an industrial and commercial point of view.

For those who know even only partially the interactive principles of Pascal, Henry and Dalton, it should be easy to understand that the more energy we produce in fixed and mobile versions, the more we will protect the environment, because every time we introduce low pressure recycled water into the pressurized autoclave, by means of the pump with the separate supply up to the impeller, the quantity of oxygen is increased up to the maximum saturation point. So the energy system also acts as a purifier. So we have to ask ourselves how we can trust the current public and private world ruling class, including NASA, which has never thought of this solution, which, as I explained, would make it possible to add the thrust of Newton and Lorentz and also to go into space in sustainable way for the earth’s economy?

I am sure that if there were more impartial scientific dissemination, my inventions would be voted by a large majority of the entire world population, even without fully understanding how they work. Only hope would be enough to obtain a plebiscitary consent to experimentation, because nobody likes to pay the current cost of world energy with all the costs of extraction and transport of raw materials, refining and transport of refined energy up to thermal power plants , pay fuel distributors and transport electricity from plants to factories and cities. No one likes to pay the huge costs of purification, which could be incorporated free of charge into sustainable energy production. Not to mention the fact that we could all be energetically autonomous by simply extracting energy from the environment in fixed and mobile plants. Energy autonomy would save millions of people every year from natural disasters because when such disasters occur, the first thing that is lacking is the energy to save oneself and to defend oneself from the cold.

How can we declare global public and private managers competent who do not notice these huge problems that are still unsolved, while they go in the opposite direction to solutions? Unfortunately, global scientific referendums do not exist and no one proposes them, because the basic culture is lacking to enhance the natural interactive principles that occur spontaneously in nature, but in anthropic plants designed by men they cannot take place if the systems that trigger the interactive processes at different speeds from the natural ones, due to the different concentrations of the components, temperatures and pressures. Unfortunately, these reflections resulting from many details assimilated in a life of work with diversified experiences, I have only been able to put together as a pensioner and they arrive very late. 

With the current divisions of science and technology, public and private, no one was going to pay me as an employee to put all the pieces together. The only alternative was to leave the world of work. My inventions are only virtual, although regularly filed. I would have been foolish to comply with the rules on patent filings to the fullest, given that these rules were made only to protect the industrial inventions of those who have the economic power to make them. It is clear that in these conditions commercial and military inventions took over. Economic and military strength clearly prevails over inventions of social utility. The permission granted by governments to public researchers who sell patents to multinationals has made it much worse.

The design of public and private anthropic plants in the world is simply disastrous, but politicians claim that managers with many years of experience make the technical, scientific and environmental choices. This is the real problem. There are no globally designed anthropic industrial and environmental plants on the planet. My inventions were not born in a day but over the course of about sixteen years. But before becoming an inventor, I worked for thirty-seven years in industry and in the environment. Who decided before and after my inventions not to modify the chimneys, the sewers and the purifiers to create complete cycles? Who decided not to finance pumps with separate dual power supplies up to the impeller that are essential for recycling fresh water in infinite open and closed energy cycles? Especially now that climate change is increasing, floods, and droughts alternate, we must eliminate the costs for lifting and distributing water, reduce those for desalination and leave the rivers and streams always ready to receive the water and prevent floods. I have already published these solutions for several years. Where are the solutions of science and world public managers? Not only do these not do the work for which they are paid, they also refrain from commenting on the work of private inventors, making them look like dreamers. All this, with the consent of progressive, conservative, communist or theocratic governments.

Scientific and technological synergies serve to simplify man-made systems, not to complicate them. Those who still today do my former job as a designer and installer of man-made systems are not inventors. They try to use the knowledge and technologies made available to the best of their ability, from the state of the art in industry, environment, and civil infrastructures, agriculture, transport, lifting and distribution of irrigation water and distribution for civil and industrial use. But the technologies developed are not sufficient to correctly close all the cycles that open up in individual anthropic, thermal and chemical plants. For this reason, the plants must be connected to each other, modifying the chimneys, the sewers, the purifiers so that the cycles are not interrupted and continue from one plant to another without interruption, before being discharged into the waters, the atmosphere, the soils. Not having made these global reasonings, the tools made available by science and technology are sufficient only to design the plants according to the public and private tender specifications, not more complete plants, which, as mentioned, must close all the cycles they open. Unfortunately, the details that have escaped public and multinational inventors are too many. They cannot be included in the scientific organization of the current work without changing the size of the plants and their arrangement on the territory. In other words, thermal power plants with productions of thousands of megawatts per hour but of smaller dimensions distributed differently over the territory cannot be conceived, otherwise the cycles can never be completely closed. The alternative solution, which came out when I understood that public and private science had no intention of changing the way of designing thermal and nuclear plants, was to try to produce electricity cold, by better investigating the aspects fluid dynamics and electromagnetics. I think I succeeded, but the downside is the fact that I only collected silences, far superior to the silences collected on the cleanup of fossil energy. Meanwhile, the current government and multinational experts will continue to waste resources even in the space race because fossil and nuclear heat are not even needed to go to space. What are we going to do in space without rebuilding, at least in space containers, photosynthesis, the carbon cycle and the terrestrial atmospheric pressure necessary for our survival? It is no coincidence that atmospheric air, even in space, can be the primary source of energy and water the ideal energy vector. It is no coincidence that those who have not wanted to experiment with this solution on Earth are wasting resources and also polluting the space around the Earth with satellite residues which must be removed when we finally understand what solution and with what energy we will be able to go to and from the space without damage to human health and without flight accidents, mainly due to the wrong energy sources.

Paradoxically, today that the scientific and technological state of the art has grown, the job of inventors should be easier. Instead, for those not linked to economic and political centers of power, it has become very complicated due to conflicts of interest between public inventors, multinationals, governments and legislators. Only in this way can we explain the reasons why the simple and linear inventions on the cleaning of fossil energy and subsequently those of hydroelectricity without the hydraulic jump and still later, compressed hydroelectricity and still after compressed hydroelectromagnetism which can allow Newton’s thrust to be added together to revolutionize aeronautical and space transport as well. Only in this way can we explain the reasons why intellectual copyrights are not recognized only to inventors, which are also recognized to those who write a fairy tale, a song or a musical score. Only inventors are asked to pay maintenance fees on granted patents even if they do not find public and private lenders or even those who buy the patents. Only inventors are asked to pay to legally oppose patents that have not been granted, as if the mere patent filing did not constitute an official document of the intellectual invention having taken place. Which side are the United Nations that manages the WIPO (world intellectual property organization) on? This famous world organization has not noticed that the sectors in which I have worked as an inventor have slept for two hundred years without anyone inventing anything to first unify the water and air purification cycles and then the energy ones. In fact, neither unified purification cycles nor interactive energy cycles exist yet. For the world’s public and private ruling class, global warming is as if it didn’t exist. They continue to send billionaire rockets into space without bothering to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz or even to create human habitat in space wagons at atmospheric pressure with the recycling of water and atmospheric air. Isn’t it strange that in my solutions, water and atmospheric air are also the only indispensable elements for realizing sustainable energy processes that will take us into space without fuels and nuclear energy? When will the world’s billionaires who finance these operations realize that the real science to go into space must start from the artificially created chlorophyll photosynthesis in space wagons? If they really have business sense let them use their money better. Only finance ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ARTIFICIAL HEART OXYGENATOR OF HUMAN ENERGY INDEPENDENT BLOOD and sustainable inventions WITHOUT FUEL AND NUCLEAR ENERGY.

  Luigi Antonio Pezone