The world needs political scientists and judges more close to people and environment.

(twelfth open letter to international courts of justice and to the United Nations)


The recent Italian elections of 04/03/2018 have produced an anomalous fact worldwide, as the traditional parties were punished by the voters and the so-called “Populists” were rewarded. The anomaly is that in the north of the country have won the populist conservatives and the South won the populists who are seeking employment. Political errors are paid, but for myself, scientific errors should also be paid. Politicians do not govern alone. They rely on a ruling class that depends on the ministries, which remains in power even when governments change. This ruling class, largely scientific, has higher salaries than ministers, who in Italy perform one of the most precarious jobs.  In most cases, ministers fail to complete even one legislature. Therefore, who really governs is this irremovable ruling class that coordinates research institutes, public education, prepares ministerial regulations, tenders, establishes the limits of tolerable and non-tolerable toxic emissions. However, this ruling class does not yet know how to answer a fundamental question for human survival: “There is or there is no possibility of producing energy for traveling, working, cooking, heating, cooling, without the use of fossil, chemical and nuclear fuels?” This question cannot be answered by the whole world ruling class, so this is not just an Italian problem. I think that the world’s leading scientific class is running away from its responsibilities. We have an avant-garde astrophysical science that investigates the mystery of the universe, black holes, but none that responds to very simple practical applications. Then we have a ruling class in the ministries of the environment, of the energy of economic development that does not develop the projects globally, behaves as if the global problem were not within its competence. It only deals with specific problems of individual projects, with no overall coordination. This same ruling class has legislated, worldwide, the patent system with a sea of bureaucracy and regulations, so that no one can deposit synergistic ideas that are both energetic and protective of the environment. Who are the scientists who have taught the examiners of patents that simultaneously leveraging the principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry violate the principles of conservation of energy? Who are the legislators who claim from a private inventor, creator of a global energy and purification system, which also has the economic strength and industrial organization to make all the patents included in the system and to submit to payments due to all worldwide patent offices?  Is not it enough to describe in the smallest details how the plants must be built to produce energy protecting the environment, so that those who have the economic means and the organization to do so can do so by paying taxes to the institutions? And these if they are grateful to the inventor who invented the system to recognize copyright as it happens for other authors of works of intellect? In other words, the undersigned, who in a lifetime of work has noticed the errors of many energy plants, purification and organization of work that are the things he has dealt with in working life, and decided to correct them as a retiree , by means of virtual projects but applied to everyday life. By doing this, he found himself in the same conditions as young Italians. Who, not finding work or even political interlocutors willing to listen, have decided to do it themselves, creating an independent populist political movement, which does not accept the candidacies of people already compromised with past administrations. I understood the difficulties of these young people, not very different from mine, and I was among the first voters. It’s a miracle if I managed to get to the end of my job, although virtual, with very few personal physical and economic resources, as it is a miracle that they have won the election, although with a relative majority. In this article, I advise young people who are about to take political power in Italy, to open their eyes, because the real power is not the political one, but the economic one, above all hidden by half scientific truths. This power must be countered with complete scientific truths by entering all the details.


To close or not to close a thermal, chemical or biological cycle, or not to open it, on fixed and mobile plants realized in millions of specimens in the world implies, not only the elimination of the problems that are destroying the planet but also the shifting of world wealth towards the people looking for work. If those who have designed the plants up to now have not found the solutions, it does not mean that such solutions are not possible, but simply that they do not want to invest to correct the mistakes made. Today the controllers and the controlled ones are on the same side. To demonstrate that it is necessary to redo all the wrong installations is necessary a technical and scientific culture in favor of the people that does not exist in any country in the world, otherwise websites like there would be many. Instead there is only one and everyone pretends not to know him not to be in conflict with their employers. Who are the more than 18,000 visitors who have never left a comment? Making environmental complaints to the authorities is no longer sufficient, we need to present detailed alternative projects. Doing the right things from the global point of view: technical, scientific, and organizational work is much more complicated than doing politics, because you are completely alone. It should be justice and lawmakers to protect the free design of scientists, inventors and designers. But this does not happen. Today, multinationals and entrepreneurs go to get the best young brains directly in universities to cultivate them in individual disciplines, so that they do not develop global knowledge that slows down their business objectives. Others win public competitions or access restricted professions, others do university careers. To the people remain the brains not selected by the centers of economic and scientific power. These people, who are the masses, work in large factories or small businesses, if they want to survive and advance economically and culturally, they have to sharpen their intelligence and change many trades, especially learning the organization of work. Personally, although belonging to the past generation, I have lived the experiences of the brains not selected by the centers of power. My experiences, led me to deepen the organization of industrial, environmental and energy work, which allowed me to choose impartially what science and multinationals propose without accepting anything that is not useful globally. Obviously, I could only make the choices virtually by not changing everything that public and private science impose on the masses, convinced that there are no thinking units in the people.

Personally, I do not believe that the word “populist” is a bad word because if we go to see it in any dictionary it means: “Attitude or political movement tending to exalt the role and values of the popular classes” Some people linked to the old ideologies of communism, socialism, liberalism, still identify populism with indifference. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, this discrimination no longer makes sense, because all the countries have become capitalists. Who is responsible for the world’s stock exchanges, which have not been frightened by the Italian electoral outcome? The world stock exchanges had evaluated the electoral programs and were not afraid of the flat tax (based on a fixed rate) of conservative populism, or even of the income of citizenship of social populism and of a new pension reform. Personally, I am not in favor of either the Flat tax, which is not favorable to average low income, nor to the income of citizenship, because everyone has the right to the dignity of a job, not to charity. I write these things because I belong to those categories of people who do not manage the wealth produced by others, but they produce it through their work, if they let them work. At the last and previous elections, as a retiree I started to be an inventor, I could not give my vote to those who ruled, who never took my inventions into consideration. Like many citizens, I have rewarded social populism with my vote, which has never expressed an opinion on my inventions, but at least has shown the good will of parliamentarians who have self-limited salary, allocating the funds saved to micro credit state to create new jobs.  Two other aspects that I liked social populists are: that they did not accept the candidacies of people who were already politically engaged with the previous governments and local administrations and limited the candidatures to two legislatures to prevent politics from becoming a profession. These social and behavioral choices, unique in the world, have not scared the world’s stock markets. Probably, the global stock markets would have been frightened if in the programs of the Italian social populists, there had been also the experimentations and the commissioning of the undersigned environmental and energy inventions, which would have led to profound scientifically critical reflections on the current development model.

What they do not understand politicians, including populist ones, who manage world wealth is the source of wealth they manage, so they focus on tax systems and unemployment assistance. While the problem to be explored is to know the source of wealth and the durability of wealth itself. We with current policies are also consuming the resources of future generations, but politicians of any tendency rely on economic scientific advice, which are equally ignorant in the scientific organization of global work that would be the only specialization in the world that could give some serious answer. This scientific specialization does not exist in any world university to create it requires a new cultural and industrial revolution.

Whether this revolution can be considered populist or not does not have much importance, nor can I suggest it, not being a political activist, but a simple citizen inventor acting only with his own conscience. Certainly, the good will and the honesty of young people accused of populism is not sufficient to dissolve the inextricable bonds that have been intertwined between public and private interests since the advent of the industrial age. The wrong choices and the common interest in keeping them hidden from public bodies and entrepreneurs have created irreconcilable public debts and incurable damage to the environment. If we do not start from the origin of errors and do not correct themselves, the world economic and environmental political situation will become increasingly serious and the gap between rich and poor will become ever more unbridgeable. These problems cannot be solved by providing small economic benefits as did the previous Italian government or citizens’ income, but only by organizing the human labor in a wide and scientific way in all sectors.

Today, work is scientifically organized only for large series productions. In addition, I know him very well because I did this kind of job for seventeen years in the automotive industry. I loved this kind of work and I wanted to deepen its aspects also outside the big industrial plants. The opportunity was offered to me by a small private company that was looking for an expert in industrial plant engineering. In this company, which worked mainly in the lifting and purification of public water in Italy and Tunisia, I was able to learn the few advantages and the many faults of the world’s public facilities ( Only as a pensioner, I could sum up the two experiences. But the sum was not automatic because in the world of the environment and energy there is little to save, aside, the fundamental principles elaborated by the fathers of science, well before the invention of electricity.

The first sectors to be reformed are the world public bodies, especially public research and planning bodies. Even against the will of the same research institutions, which today are financed by selling their patents to multinationals. This does not mean that world public research should not develop industrial solutions and that good researchers should not be rewarded. The current conflicts of interest that produce the current sale of patents must be avoided It would be sufficient to grant public research bodies intellectual property along with copyright, at international level, like all works of intellect, making patents accessible to all the countries of the world and to all private companies able to implement them. Probably, the best research organizations from all over the world would receive more research funds than the sale of patents to private companies and without creating conflicts of interest.

Why this reform is revolutionary and at the same time essential to the progress and the protection of scientific intellectual work, public and private?

1) the search for commercial solutions to sell to private individuals distracts researchers and public designers from developing global public utility solutions that can not be easily commercialized.

2) Current public works, above all, purifying and energetic, due to their backwardness from the organizational point of view of environmental work, are not very functional and wrong in their position and size; they carry out incomplete cycles, which damage the environment and entail large costs that aggravate the public debt of the individual countries.

3) Today, the complete purification and energy solutions do not develop them because even research institutions study specific machines and plants to find buyers of their inventions. But according to my experience in the field of the environment and energy, machines have to play an important role, but not energy consumption, like the current systems. They serve to overcome the state of inertia so that the process becomes autonomous by exploiting the internal energies produced by the circulation of incompressible water that comes out enters from a closed circuit pressurized by gravity or artificially compressed. It consumes the wear of the machines, but the entire process of the energy is produced by the energy of position due to the principle of Torricelli and for energy purification produced by the principle of Henry in step one-way of incompressible water through two regimes of different pressures produced by the air. The amount of energy and purification produced is proportional to the difference in hydrostatic pressure between the open and closed circuit. If public bodies and private companies in the world, had exploited these physical principles in all possible versions, instead of developing the current thermal, nuclear, solar, and wind energy solutions of the purifying and energetic point of view, global warming would be insistent. The various applications are summarized in the article

4) Even in large industrial companies they have committed the same scientific errors, and parceled out the work, but at least have created professional figures that link the various sectors studying the synergies between the different production cycles, and the connections between the machines and the plants. These connections have produced good results, multiplying industrial productivity, which has not been automatic, but has stimulated new inventions of process automation that have reduced the number of manual operations.

  5) We must ask ourselves what was the reason why world public science, to which most of the energy and purification errors are to be debited, did not create, like the manufacturing industry of the professional liaison figures to study the possible synergies between the various branches of science, in order to increase purification and energy productivity. Public science, made up of thousands of national researchers and millions of world researchers, why did not you think that by putting together the principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry differently, we are not violating the principles of energy conservation, but are they exalted? Do not they understand that, even without the scientific organization of labor, not even industrial productivity would have increased?

6)  The politicians and national economists who managed the wealth produced did not notice the different speeds of development between the various sectors. Not even the European community or even the United Nations has noticed it. Occasional consultations are not sufficient to realize interactive energy solutions because it is necessary to follow moment by moment, not only the main cycles of human activities but also the collateral ones. So it was and it is necessary to work together every day until all the problems have been solved. Accepting the current limits of fume emissions and aquatic discharges was a surrender of science and technology because it was enough simply to change the energy source, saving immensely also from an economic point of view. Where are those who have the courage to apologize to the world’s peoples for the wrong industrial development?

 7) The alternative to the global and continuous collaboration in the development of complete energy and purification solutions is the creation of eclectic professional figures, with transversal experiences that study the layout of the territories and are able to reassemble the plants rationally through the organization of global work, even proposing new machines and connection plants, as is done in big industry.

Even today, this does not exist in the world of the environment and world energy Who wants to learn how to work globally, must be available to personal sacrifice and make the difficult path that had to make the undersigned: change offices and sectors every two or three years in a large industry that uses advanced technology and completely change the sector if it wants to know the sector of public installations worldwide. After a lifetime of work, probably as a retiree, you can have clear ideas and set up reasoning and global designs.  This is the harsh world reality, which you can not learn by always doing the same job and not even reading many books. The synergies are created by entering the details and looking at the same details from different points of view. However, public research bodies and multinationals, continue to not seek synergies and reward specialists, hoping that magical commercial inventions will cover their mistakes that have begun since the advent of the industrial age.

Not having developed the scientific organization of environmental work, all the current purification, energy and water distribution works are arranged randomly on the territory and have no chance to close the chemical and biological cycles they open. So even if those who designed them teach in universities, it can not be said that they represent science.

But what I would like to emphasize is the fact that these people have inculcated in the young scientific principles wrong so deeply rooted that it is difficult to eradicate only with words, also because they have no desire to read scientific thought, being concentrated only to conquer political power. Political power will soon lose it without a scientific substance behind it, as previous governments have lost it. Work is not created with words but with projects and today projects must be developed globally, not superficially, like those that have led us to global warming. The superficial remedies like battery-powered cars the real statesmen can not accept them. Try to imagine an agricultural tractor or a road train powered with batteries. For myself, sustainable growth has never started in any corner of the planet because we have never extracted primary energy from the environment properly. Nor can we identify the ways of salvation in the face of catastrophes that could occur due to natural phenomena but unknown to the direct experiences of men, who do not exceed 5000 years. Which are a small thing in front of a geological age of the earth of about eighty billion years, during which, it is said, the planet, to regenerate its internal energy, has inverted the poles the magnetic poles, about one hundred and seventy times: The north pole from negative becomes positive and the south pole, from positive becomes negative. Obviously, the phenomenon is not instantaneous, but neither painless for men and man-made works, with large movements of the earth’s crust, immense volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and sea motions: The only hope of salvation are the interactive energies with the environment, still ignored by science, although the scientificity of the same could be verified practically spending a few thousand euro, which no one pulls out to give hope to future generations, not only for salvation, but also for immediate work, being almost all to be demolished and rebuild to become rational:,  Unfortunately, the Italian populists, conservatives and progressives, are also silent on these subjects, as the decayed governments have kept silent.

In this article, I do not want to talk about the natural disasters that could occur because of the inversion of the magnetic poles, but resume the synergies between electromagnetism and compressed hydropower that world science does not understand or pretends not to understand. However, without taking responsibility for this silence and without world justice, in turn, dissolve its silence and require it to speak.

Politicians, and world public bodies, probably never knew that wealth inventors produce designers, entrepreneurs, those who work the land and in factories. All others are consumers of the wealth produced. We must not feel guilty because everyone has to play their role, but neither must they create unjustified bureaucratic obstacles.

In the last thirty years in Italy the number of people who produce wealth has decreased because the countryside has become depopulated and the factories have closed while the consumers of wealth have increased and at the same time the damages due to natural disasters have also increased.

The latest survey published on 12/03/2018 by the magazine “Adnkronos” states that in 2016 the share of Italians living at risk of poverty rose to 23%: this is the historical maximum since the Bank of Italy started this type of surveys. The level of poverty is that of people who have an equivalent income of less than 60% of the median.

However, the Italian ruling classes allow themselves to trash the patents that suitably brush the Italian economy, which is made up of small and medium-sized enterprises. For me, the Italian development model, although it was born spontaneously, without a careful study of the scientific organization of work, is proving to be the best in the world. The crisis that is going through with the disappearance of the large factories, is mainly due to the public sector that continues to believe in the great public works of obsolete energy depurative and the purchase of energy fuels that exacerbate the balance of payments. By eliminating the large thermal power stations, the large purifiers, eliminating the heat engines on the means of transport and work, modifying the sewage systems and making them energetic and purifying it is possible to create an immense amount of small and medium-sized enterprises specialized in the construction and management of technological systems that would simultaneously perform the function of heating, air and water purification, exchanging heat with the subsoil, without any emission of CO2, SOx, Nox or fine dust in the atmosphere.  Obviously the means of transport would travel with compressed hydroelectric engines without fuels, much more powerful than the thermal ones, because the public and private science has escaped the fact that the kinetic energy does not produce the heat but the pressure for the passage section for the density of the fluid that circulates in a turbine. Piston heat engines with the expansion of combustion fumes are hundreds of times more expensive and complex and less efficient than a hydraulic turbine that simply has to rotate one-way thanks to the circulation of water that has a density at least 830 times higher than fumes. It has also escaped the fact that it is better to statically exploit the air pressure without making it expand and that it is better to circulate the one-way incompressible water in the hybrid (open-closed) systems. Obviously, even the engines of the tractors that will work the land will work the same way and the agricultural greenhouses heated with electric heat pumps powered in the same way, while the aquifers, polluted by phosphates and nitrates produced by agricultural fertilizers will self-purify by the law of Henry, producing submerged compressed hydropower, which serves to resold the greenhouses and lift the irrigation water, consuming only the wear and tear of submerged pumps and turbines.


Nuclear electric energy could not be produced without the existence of electromagnetism The same thing is valid also for other forms of energy, which exploit the kinetic energy: thermal, hydroelectric, and wind. Magnetism is a natural phenomenon. Electromagnetism is the multiplication of magnetism through science and technology, which has enabled us to realize electric motors, alternators and direct current generators.

The electromagnetic to last over time needs a primary energy, extracted from nature that makes the rotor of the current generator turn.  At the state of the art there are many ways to produce primary energy, but the best is the one that costs less, does not pollute and has the smallest footprint with the same developed energy power. Nerveless, at the state of the art systems that do not pollute are not very efficient and cumbersome (solar and wind energy) But things could change if science admitted its mistakes and the world entrepreneurs, including governments, did the same. In fact, even the third principle from Newton’s dynamics is a natural phenomenon. He says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. But for myself, contrary to what is asserted by law, with the help of technology, in a particular environment, we can multiply the applied force, and the opposition to motion, due only to the friction of the molecules becomes a very small thing compared to the kinetic energy that develops by exploiting the gravitational forces and the energies of one-way static pressures. Naturally lI speak of the aquatic environment, not related to the movement of solid bodies but of the same incompressible liquid with the same density. In fact, in this case, there is a simple friction between the molecules, not a reaction thrust: the liquid takes the shape of the container and is rejected only if the container it is closed and completely full, due to the phenomenon of the impenetrability of the bodies, not due to the opposition of the hydrostatic pressure.

In fact, in an open tank, if we intubate the water from the surface and mount a pump with the outlet oriented downwards, it is not true that the third principle of Newton asserts, because the atmospheric pressure of the pump acts on the suction side of the pump a pressure value of about 10 m of water column, to which we must add the distance between the surface of the water and the axis of the pump installed in depth. If it is twenty meters deep from the suction side of the pump, we have 30 m of water column. We also have the same static pressure at the pump outlet. However, if we put the pump into operation (ie we apply the force), things change completely because we create a depression in the water descent tube where the kinetic energy is developed E = mgh = 1/2 m v2 / 2g, which it is much higher than the energy supplied by the pump motor, which must only win the inertia state. Therefore, at the pump outlet we have the maximum flow rate and the maximum water speed, while in the down tube we have the maximum speed allowed by the friction resistors without other opposing forces. This happens because the kinetic energy developed inside a volume of incompressible liquid, which does not come out of this volume, is affected by pressure losses due to friction with the walls of the tubes and between the molecules. It is not affected by the opposition of the hydrostatic pressure at the exit of the turbine. We have only the pressure drop at the submerged outlet (V2 / 2g) as the pump inlet and outlet pressures are balanced.

This means that in the aquatic environment, directing the delivery of the pump downwards creates a great energy imbalance as it would happen in the atmospheric environment with a downhill car that must be braked by the same engine otherwise, if the descent were infinite, it would reach an infinite speed and would produce a quantity of heat to destroy the vehicle.  An example of this phenomenon we have with the return to Earth of spacecraft that bring astronauts back to earth without autonomous engines, which protect themselves with ceramic tiles fixed to the metal structure to withstand the high temperatures caused by friction with the atmosphere. In the aquatic environment, unlike what happens in the atmospheric environment, we can exploit the kinetic energy produced by the one-way circulation of water without developing heat. But in order to do so, we have to put a turbine in series, which slows down the velocity of the fluid and is connected to the submerged electromagnetic current generator and produces electricity, instead of heat, until the materials are worn. It is obvious that the origin of energy is the same gravitational force that would destroy the downhill car and the spacecraft with the heat produced by friction.  Instead, by realizing the system in the aforesaid way, in the aquatic environment we can control this force, which is exerted on command and transferred to the outside by means of electromagnetism. In other words, compared to the current hydroelectric energy production, with the hydraulic jump, we transform into electricity the kinetic energy of the water due to the 30 m of hydrostatic pressure (20 +10 m), without dispersing the water and without realizing dams, basins and large hydraulic works. In our case the pump does not produce energy but consumes a small amount of the electricity produced, to overcome the state of inertia.

What is the difference between this system and the current hydroelectric energy production system, which uses a one-way hydraulic jump using only turbines? The difference is substantial because the current production of hydroelectric energy in the atmospheric environment occurs with the simultaneous exploitation of the energy of water position and pressure energy. Currently, at the exit of the turbine, instead of having a submerged outlet we have an outlet at atmospheric pressure that is always equal to V2 / 2g but with a coefficient of friction between the molecules of water and different air, being the air about 830 times less dense than water. Instead, we would have had the same pressure drop at the outlet if the turbine output were equally submerged in a hydraulic basin at a lower altitude.  In fact, in this case, the load loss at the outlet would be the same since the friction would still occur between water molecules. The level of water present in the receiving water basin does not matter if it does not exceed the piezometric height that originates the flow of water.

From these arguments it is easy to understand that the great advantage of submerged hydroelectric power springs above all from the very low resistance to water discharge in the bottom and from the unnecessary lifting of water on the surface to continue producing energy in a continuous cycle without energy costs, apart from the one needed to run the pump that is produced by the same system.  But there are also other environmental and economic advantages because this system is the tip of an iceberg that revolutionises the production of sustainable global energy even on transport, as already published, and that I continue to publish in the general silence.

Why is it important to understand that the submerged outlet is very similar to the atmospheric one? The answer is simple: Because current world hydroelectric plants waste water resources and engineering works to produce energy precisely because this similarity has not been understood, which, however, to be exploited must put in series a pump and a turbine and maintain water systems always full at the maximum level to exploit the energy of position of the surface waters compared to those of the bottom within the same basin.  This concept not only leads us to understand the way to circumvent the gravitational force, but also to understand the mystery of sustainable and interactive energy production that uses together the principles of Pascal Torricelli and Henry. In fact, with this system we can produce an amount of energy much higher than the current one since it does not exit the water by plants can achieve many parallel systems. This system allowing the continuous transfer of surface water to the seabed allows the fight against eutrophication oxygenation by oxygenating the water, thus consuming nitrates, phosphates, ammonia nitrogen and fecal coliforms.

Why did the patent offices criticize the undersigned that this system is contrary to the principles of energy conservation? Because they assimilate the circuit to a closed circuit. I have already written that the patent offices are not scientific authorities and must not make scientific judgments but only certify the date of receipt of the patent filing. The patents contain innovations in science in the public interest should not be commercialized but made available to all, recognizing the authors copyrights because the inventors should not be blackmailed by the existing economic power centers.  For this reason I have never worried about their judgment. International justice must be clear. The inventors cannot be left alone. As much as I have explained in many ways, that this is not a closed circuit, I cannot even spend my few savings in legal recourse. Even if I won all legal appeals, no one would restore the violated rights of inventors and would demolish the existing power plants and water treatment that are creating more harm than good to humanity environment and the economy. In fact, all the patents that have been granted to me on the cleansing of fossil energy, have not found any lenders. The battles of civilization must involve the whole society. This patent filing dates back to 06/10/2014 with the filing number 102014902298581 and has been published in many articles, but always ignored by science. This project also took part in the “2015 European Social Innovation Competition” without being taken into consideration ( It is not enough to reform the patent offices offices but the entire world scientific and bureaucratic apparatus, which live in a different world from the world in which one works and produces. In the 2015 European competition I participated with 15 innovative projects on a global level, not because I was hoping to win a prize. But to force these scientific personalities paid by taxpayers to read also alternative solutions to current energy production and purification. I did not participate in the competitions of the years 2016-2017, but this year I will participate again in the European Social Innovation Competition 2018, starting again from this invention ignored in 2015.

I do not want to be a protester, but I think science should be above all transparent and impartial and as long as it continues to be silent it will not be transparent or impartial. No one can stop me from believing in my work until someone demonstrates otherwise. They certainly cannot do it with silences, probably not even with words, otherwise they would have already said them. . We need prototypes that unfortunately the undersigned can not afford. But even if he has the economic power to make them come true, why should he make them if they are public projects? I think that the poor had more courage and spirit of initiative in past centuries.  Today they are distracted by television and social networks, they do not even fight for their inventions and their inventors. They do not realize that intellectual property laws protect only multinational corporations. But I wanted to work equally on these issues and publish my solutions to try to create a small breach in the wall of silence that was created between governments and multinationals at the expense of democracy, justice and the environment and the distribution of world wealth. The rest must be made by the people who have to wake up and choose representatives who can carry forward not only political and social discourses but also technical and scientific ones. Wealth and well-being are not created with words but with precise technical and scientific choices. If the technical and scientific choices drive the rich and the servants of the rich, the people can only hope for unemployment benefits to keep them good. These subsidies offend the dignity of man. These should only be granted to those who are unable to work, because in the world there is much work to do to rebuild the entire company which is not a measure of a man and not even respect the natural cycles of nature.

In closed circuits, however they are pressurized, electricity can not be produced because the energy of position “h” (20 + 10 m) of the water can not be exploited, the gravitational force can not be entered, the pressure of the compressed air and not even create a depression that favors the entry of renewal water and external energy. While in the case described, all these things happen: the water is renewed at each passage in the down tube and the circuit ends at the exit of the turbine, exploiting only the kinetic energy that develops in the down pipe, not the pressure leap that it occurs in the atmospheric environment between the inside of the descent tube and atmospheric pressure. What counts is the dynamic pressure slowed by the turbine that makes the shaft turn  of generator of electric energy, which is produced in both cases. It would not be produced if the water did not leave from the surface with a ducted path fed by atmospheric pressure in either case. In fact, this circuit is open even if the hydrostatic pressures in and out of the pump are the same: the surface water, through the down tube, the pump and the turbine and stops in the bottom without going back to the surface, while other water enters in the down tube in a continuous flow fed by the gravitational force and by the positive head on the pump, while all the surrounding water remains in static conditions.  The low prevalence of the pump should not be misleading. The deeper the pump and the larger turbine is installed, the greater the mass of moving water the greater the electrical energy that is produced, which does not depend on the energy absorbed by the pump motor.

This system that the undersigned has called submerged hydropower has not been understood by science and by patent examiners, but it is clear that in the aquatic environment the third principle of dynamics is not valid and we can multiply the energy consumed by the circulation pump proportionally to the hydrostatic pressure “h” which acts on the suction side of the pump. On the other hand, the science that does not understand, or that pretends not to understand, is also contradicted in the hydraulic calculations that it makes when choosing hydraulic pumps in lifting systems. In fact, to determine the prevalence of a pump with respect to the prevalence of the system, it subtracts from the system prevalence the positive head on the lifting pump axis.  It is obvious that if the leaf on the suction side becomes the same as the one on the flow, even if we are in an open circuit the pump works with a few centimeters of water column: What did not deepen the science is the fact that functioning in this way the pump wins the inertia state and allows the exploitation of the position energy of the surface water and the atmospheric pressure. Science has not even considered that atmospheric pressure can be replaced by the artificial pressure of compressed air, creating much smaller and much more powerful plants, both from an energetic and purifying point of view, exploiting together the principles of Pascal Torricelli and Henry.

In fact, to exploit this system also outside the aquatic environment, we have to build systems that are always full of water and modify the way of feeding the current pumps, so that an external quantity of water can enter through the circulation pumps. The same amount of water that enters the pump from the external circuit is expelled from the entire system due to the impenetrability of the bodies, through the overflow of the tank if it is at atmospheric pressure, or from a safety valve, or from a special opening submerged connected to a hydraulic turbine. In this last case we can exploit the energy of expulsion of the whole system to produce electricity in the generator connected to the turbine as in the previous submerged example. Obviously, also in this case the energy of expulsion of the whole system is much higher than the energy expended to let the excess liquid enter the system if the entry takes place on the suction side of the same circulation pump. Which consumes little energy because it works with the balanced pressures in suction and delivery like all the circulation pumps.

 In a sense, the amount of excess water that enters the already full hydraulic system, which could be assimilated to the atomic energy produced by the breaking of the atom, as effectively explained by Albert Einstein in the example already mentioned in the article “The atom M is like a rich miser who, as long as he lives, gives no money (energy). But in his will he leaves his fortune in inheritance to his sons M ‘and M “, on the condition that they allocate a small amount for social purposes (less than a thousandth of the entire patrimony of energy or mass). The children together receive a little less than their father does, but the part destined for society, although relatively small, is nevertheless so important (considered as kinetic energy) that it constitutes a great threat. Threatening this threat has become the most pressing problem of our time “.

As explained above and in numerous other publications, in our case there is no need to divide the atom: it is sufficient to create an open / closed dynamic fluid circuit, which allows multiplication of the primary energy extracted from nature, and ‘electromagnetic energy without violating the principles of energy conservation and without resorting to nuclear energy and all the complications that entails environmental and economic.  In fact, the system automatically expels the same amount of water that enters excess through the recycling circuit without changing neither the volume of water nor the pressure of the compressed air, producing hydroelectric energy by statically exploiting the principle of Pascal (which does not consume energy ) and the Torricelli principle (which equally does not consume energy).

It should be obvious that this system can be used on all means of transport, including space, also checking the speed of return to the atmosphere that today is entrusted with heat shields and parachutes because not even NASA has thought about this energy, waiting forever clean and small-scale nuclear energy.

These arguments do not arise only from the technical and scientific reasoning but also from the reasoning of the organization of global work. Each technical and scientific step can lead in one direction or another direction, completing all the cycles, or not completing them all. This is a technical but also a moral choice. We can also call it an economic choice. Pure science cannot hide behind the word games. He has the duty to develop all the options and only at the end choose the best solution for the good of all. In my experience, world public science has not done its duty. If he had investigated, eventually it would have arrived at my solutions and the world public legislators would have been obliged to legislate them in favor of the environment and the sustainable economy. Instead, on these topics, despite the many publications there is a silence of the grave. There are too many options deliberately overlooked by science. For many years, I have been wondering what has influenced science without ever having answers? Yet even the soldiers sometimes disobeyed orders not to produce innocent victims.

This is also due to the fact that legislators allowing the sale of public patents to multinationals, have prevented public designers from thinking globally. Global reasoning is very different from commercial reasoning. Li would have led to a different organization of the power equipment and water treatment in the territory, creating unique cycles for water and air to economize the cost of treatment and facilities. Gradually this way of working would have led them to the production of interactive energies that protect the environment, which unfortunately, today have been developed only virtually by myself, without money, only with reasoning. It is not strange that the plants that have come out of such choices are different from the current ones. What is strange is the fact that they are also cheaper in all applications: in industries, in agriculture, in urban centers, in the various purifying sectors, on the means of transporting goods and men, as well as being non-polluting, but even protective of the environment. What is even stranger is the silence of science and world justice.

Global reasoning is a huge job, which I certainly did not presume to do alone. I looked for allies all over the world without finding them. Does not this reflect world leaders and UN leaders? As written in other articles, this work should have done together with the United Nations a group of scientists and technicians, with public funds available for the various experiments. Instead the United Nations did not do it. The state of the art of interactive energies has had to grow through about thirty inventions linked in a logical way not financed and not tested, but for myself, the experimentation is not necessary to ascertain the functioning, of which it is certain, but only to convince global skepticism and improve the construction technologies of the necessary components.

The United Nations has organized twenty-three useless conferences between the parties (COP) and today we are still at the starting point. Today there are no global solutions in the interests of all. There are partial solutions of individual countries, which exploit the resources they have to produce energy, work and well-being. We need to ask ourselves why the world’s public bodies of well one hundred and ninety six sovereigns have limited themselves to establishing limits of CO2 emissions and fine dust, for fixed and mobile heating systems and have never thought to react at least in the fixed systems the air polluted with calcareous material to produce carbonates in wastewater and in cooling systems? Does not world public science know that the natural carbon cycle works this way? Because the anthropic carbon cycle should work differently, by capturing CO2, by a chemical washing of the fuel and then buried in the subsoil as would be the case with the C.C.S. which is expensive harmful and dangerous for the entire human race? The C.C.S. system it cost many billions of dollars only in experiments, while no world public body has spent a single euro to clean the fossil energy according to the natural systems, proposed and patented by the undersigned, published on


To be, or not to be, that is the question: whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them ; “Who would want, if not, to bear the lashes and insults of the time, the harassment of the tyrant, the contempt of the arrogant man, the anguishes of the rejected love, the delays of the law, the arrogance of the great, the kicks in the face that the merit patient receives from the mediocre, when from his own hand could weld his account with two fingers of dagger? “;  “Dying to sleep. Sleeping, maybe dreaming. The obstacle is right here; because in that sleep of death, all the dreams that may come when we have freed ourselves from the tumult, from the tangle of this mortal life, will have to induce us to reflect “.

“To be or not to be” brought back to our times, means that life is fleeting and that the world institutions must protect fundamental values, rewarding the deserving and punishing the guilty and the arrogance of the powerful. But this does not happen, as it did not happen in the fifteenth century.

Today we live in a world where all science is sided by the powerful to not lose the salary, including the public, which should be at the service of the people, but for the reasons outlined above, this does not happen. The science that opposes the poorer classes against injustice, environmental malaise, poor health, unemployment, unfair taxes, energy costs is almost zero. Unfortunately, even the Italian populists, are demonstrating the same scientific ignorance of the environment, of those who preceded them. It is not easy to realize that global warming is a hoax created by the scientific ignorance of those who have ruled the world since the advent of the industrial age. Therefore, even public debts should pay those who have unduly enriched by making wrong works and selling fuels that are not needed. If fuels are not needed, thermal engines, nuclear and thermal power plants are not needed either. Not only because they pollute but also because they are uneconomical. While for reasons of efficiency and economy the large hydroelectric plants, the large purifiers, the electric cars, the solar panels and the wind turbines are also wrong. If the people of the world do not learn to reason scientifically at least on the sciences and technologies acquired and do not question the choices made by world science, which have generated global warming and also the current social differences, nothing will change either environmentally, nor from the point of view of job creation. In the aftermath of the Italian political elections, many political concerns were expressed by the foreign press, while the stock exchange had no reaction. If  warhorses of Italian populists are the flat tax and the income of citizenship, without worrying about the way wealth is produced, who owns world wealth can sleep peacefully, it will not change anything from the past.

From the experience I had in the eleven years of work spent as an inventor, to studying sustainable environmental and energy solutions, I had to note with pain that the enemies of the environment are above all in ministries, not as ministers but as officials, who do not they assume their responsibilities and do not do research to find solutions but only to deepen problems and ask for public funds to continue spending on ineffective solutions that do not lead anywhere.

Apart from the fact that nobody is a prophet at home, how could the young Italians who won the elections, believe the undersigned? If at school the teachers taught him without the slightest doubt that energy can not be created from nothing? No one has made it clear that nothingness is only an absolute void, which does not even exist in space. On planet earth we are surrounded by energy, we only had to teach the right way to extract it, but nobody did it, not in Italy, but not even in the world, and these young people like those who preceded them, are going to rule with blunt weapons, making promises they cannot keep. Not even European bureaucrats take account of private inventors not linked to the centers of power and therefore not financed ( What is worse is the fact that the world bureaucrats have created laws on the intellectual property of inventions that do not recognize the copyrights to the inventors, even if in a few years the inventions prove to be correct. For myself, united Europe did not bring great benefits to the Italians. But without Europe we would have been even worse because at least it forced us to contain the already very high public debt. The public debt can be reset only by a global coup d’état, or by creating sustainable inventions that cost little and make a lot, such as those reported in

Today, anyone who wants to understand the fundamental concepts of the economy can do so by reading articles published on the internet. A country that can not design, can not free itself from debts, towards its citizens or foreign states. The basic concepts are as follows:

1) The public debt is manifested as the bonds issued by the Treasury. It is formed because the expenses of the state are greater than its revenue.

2) The difference between income and expenditure if it is financed by the issue of money produces inflation. Today, Italy being anchored to the euro cannot issue money and is forced to pay the government bonds and the related interest.

3) Public spending is divided into expenditure “for the minimum state”, and in that “for the welfare state”. The first finances the police, magistrates, soldiers. That is, order, justice, defense. The second finances public works, education and health.

Italy is a country rich in small and medium-sized enterprises that in the global economy become less competitive due to the automation of consumer goods production, which requires large investments, and companies connected to the economic power system. However, these small businesses, which are left to themselves, must support large bureaucratic apparatus inefficient large thermal power stations, hydroelectric large inefficient purifiers and large water and energy distribution networks that disperse much of the water and energy, while with its small businesses, redeveloped, could be a model of world development.

For the undersigned, who has lived both the experiences of the organization of industrial work, and those of small businesses not related to industrial mass production, small businesses, in order to survive must be retrained, and take care of the interactive public depurative and energy services connected urban construction, agriculture, sewage systems, these systems being completely redone to make them interactive and protective of the environment worldwide. Multinational companies can supply standard components, but interventions must be carried out by small companies in a capillary way, modifying water, energy, heating and air conditioning systems, making everything interactive and automatically purifying, without fuels and without major public works that have ruined and heated the planet. Large thermal and nuclear power plants, large purifiers, pipelines, oil pipelines are uneconomic and damage the environment.

However, personally, I hope, even a world government, even if the United Nations are demonstrating, equally, not to be able to plan globally and not even want to organize to do so. Sooner or later at least the United Nations must understand that things can not go on in the current way, at the mercy of world stock exchanges, with public and private science enslaved by the centers of power that do not allow work on sustainable solutions. It is no coincidence that the only global sustainable system is only virtual and has been created by a retirement only with its own personal experience. Sooner or later justice must understand that all those that do not close the thermal, nuclear, chemical cycles that open up can not be considered as applicable sciences. My interlocutors will continue to be international organs of justice and the United Nations, although with the present, I have arrived at the twelfth open letter without an answer.

The world of the environment, energy, fishing, tourism, oceanic desalination ( of agriculture can largely offset the jobs lost in industries because of industrial automation for a number of reasons that the world has not taken inconsideration:

1) a large part of the land, marine, aeronautical and space transport industries, as well as agricultural and earth-moving machines, must be rebuilt from the foundations, having made a mistake in using thermal engines. Not only because they are polluting, but also because they are less efficient than compressed hydroelectric ones.

2) The new industrial, agricultural and urban systems must integrate perfectly with the environmental cycles and therefore the jobs lost due to automation can be recovered by extending the treatment cycles to the collateral sectors to the main productions, which are they have been neglected above all by world public science, which continues to remain silent on this subject, although the solutions to be implemented have been published on It is not necessary to complete all the cycles in the workplace, but through invisible works integrated into the paths of the fumes and wastewater that produce energy purifying the environment.

3) Not only must the global transport industry change, but also that of heating and cooling systems, boilers and heat pumps, which must exchange heat with water and not air. Because in doing so the plants purify water and air together and become energy producers with these elements. Cooling the planet, not heating it. However, world governments continue to finance current energy and environmental palliatives, to build methane pipelines, oil pipelines and oil tankers, which are not needed because energy costs nothing, apart from the wear and tear of the machines that produce it, which is less than usury of thermal machines since there are no thermal shocks and dynamic fluid circuits are also cheaper, not having to cool the materials and the fumes. Not even filter and purify the fumes emitted into the atmosphere.

4) If we do not produce fumes pollution in urban centers we will have to worry only about the biological pollution that not only does not increase the percentage of CO2 in the environment. But even realizing complete purification cycles and consuming the CO2 produced with artificial rains in limestone greenhouses, can subtract CO2 from the environment. What is the world’s public science telling the world with 23 COPs organized by the UN without any concrete results, while the percentage of CO2 continues to grow? These articles explain that the world of science and global entrepreneurship has been idling for a quarter of a century on a problem that should not have existed if the fixed and mobile heating plants and the world’s purification plants were designed with greater competence. (,,,,,,,

Is it true science or is it a colossal mockery of the world’s people? I do not think it’s true science. And to prove it, not as a scientist, but as a simple technician and installer of plants, I tried to demonstrate how one should design the fixed and mobile interactive energy plants without destroying the environment, but protecting it:      ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,    These publications, partly reported on Facebook, have not convinced public science, entrepreneurship, who would like to live on income on the inventions of the past, accepting the current state of the art with the relevant emission limits (completely eliminable together with fuel costs).


I leave last an argument unknown to politicians, scientists, judges and myself, before starting to invent the global depurative energy solutions: “The organization of global work” that can be called “global Taylorism” in honor of the inventor of the scientific organization of industrial work.

To conceive of the various forms of interactive energies I was especially necessary knowledge of the organization of industrial work that I have virtually transferred to the environmental and energy work, after knowing how they work these plants in Italy and even abroad. From these experiences, I have understood that the world to work well and to create development and well-being for all, should be managed at least as regards the environmental and energy aspects through the scientific organization of global work. The inventions of social utility, such as the interactive energies, should be requisitioned by the world organization of the United Nations, experimented quickly and made available to the whole world population, instead they are hindered by the same world institutions to continue to sell oil, coal and move forward with nuclear energy, on which they continue to invest.

Science should not be closed in research laboratories and should not have masters who influence it in their choices. It should be applied globally and impartially, closing all cycles that open thermal, chemical, biological and nuclear, or avoiding opening such cycles, relying only on cycles of ordinary physics. But this system is hindered by the world silences of all trade associations, which pursue partisan ends because the designs that come out of adopting Interactive systems between water and compressed air are very different from the current ones and much more efficient and economical, especially for public purifying and energy plants. However, the problem also concerns other world installations, both fixed and mobile, because if the public facilities improve, the legislators cannot but transfer these improvements to the private plants as well. Therefore, as written in one of the previous chapters, a new industrial revolution is needed to correct all the mistakes of the past, not only industrial but also due to politics, which can no longer refer to the old ideologies of the social classes.

The class struggles that the world has experienced from the French revolution, to Marxism up to the French and Italian springs of 1968, no longer make sense after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the openings of China which is about to become the world’s greatest power. The borders must be broken down at least for environmental and energy solutions that will scientifically prove to be impartial and above the parties, in the interests of everyone, even from an economic point of view. All public and private companies in the world in the shortest possible time must adapt to interactive systems that reduce public energy and purification costs and reduce private ones (apart from the wear and tear of the machines). Obviously, the other industrial and commercial activities, adapting to a healthy general system, can play a healthy competition based on the same principles. But it is necessary to reinforce the organization of the United Nations so that there is a clear distinction between commercial inventions and universal ones of social utility.  The latter must be widespread, not protected, and commercial inventions must not be in contrast with the universal and socially useful ones, which must have the recognition of the common heritage of humanity, like works of art, precisely because they go beyond the interests of individual countries.

The most striking example of this impartiality is precisely the interactive energy that uses as energy sources the water and air that belong to everyone. Moreover, even the physical principles he uses do not belong to any multinational corporation. They are impartial and cross-cutting to different scientific and technological disciplines, inherited from inventors and scientists of the past that the undersigned has put together impartially: Newton, Pascal, Torricelli, Henry, Herz, Plank, Maxwell, Venturi, Bernoulli, Einstein.  Would not the war be a power to get water and air, once it has been proved that it is the cleanest, most powerful source of energy in the world? Just a few thousand dollars to prove it, but no one has so far taken them out, probably to hide this world shame. For how long can this silence last, which dishonors above science as a whole?

There can be no serious fight against global warming until the politicians and public bodies worldwide understand that development and growth cannot be done by improvising obsolete public tenders for hydroelectric, thermoelectric, urban, purifying and even leaving free to private companies, by imposing ridiculous emission limits for water and fumes discharges, fixed installations and means of transport. It is necessary to simulate a basic model of universal development that respects the basic principles of nature and in particular the universal carbon cycle. It is necessary to avoid opening cycles of organic and inorganic carbon that cannot be closed and also the use of radioactive materials that produce radioactive waste that can not be neutralized. It is necessary to have escape plans for human survival in the event of unconditional natural disasters, the scarcity of fuels, energy accumulators, and infrastructure that can be destroyed by earthquakes and tsunamis. All this requires a widespread organization of world work, starting right from the world’s purification and energy systems, of which I subscribed, on the website has provided only the initial part on the website

The inability to design sustainable public facilities, energy and purification, has increased the public debt and aggravated the balance of payments to obtain supplies of energy that would not have served since the origins of the industrial age. But what is worse is the fact that world public science, instead of leading private industries towards sustainable solutions, has become an accomplice and succubus of multinationals, developing and selling commercial patents while being paid by taxpayers. Most of the global public purification plants and energy cannot be recovered: they are to be demolished and rebuilt with different criteria and distributed differently in the territories.

The current global problem is not the lack of technologies that can protect the world from global warming, but the lack of people able to put them together properly without breaking the existing balances of power. But break this balances  is essential because polluters are in the forefront in the fight against pollution in order not to change anything important, but merely palliatives that make us lose time in a fight that is becoming increasingly urgent. Please read carefully the below listed and choose from fake donors and the real fight against global warming.

The current division of assets and productive human and social skills, it does not help the harmonious development of industry, agriculture, energy, urban cities, and does not allow the return of the mineral to land and carbonates to the seas in closed cycles. Despite the scientific knowledge and technological development, the world is still ruled areas separated by downloading the superfluous in the environment, without structural works, to administer the waste in a rational way. Economists and politicians only care budgets economic and depuration that displace local environmental problems on a global level, with the tacit approval of the scientists, public and private, focused on large commercial inventions. But in the environment the great commercial inventions do not serve. There are enough logical, structural, linked inventions so that nothing is wasted, especially, organic pollution, heat and CO2 that can be turned back into renewable energy and alkaline waters directly counteract global warming. Not indirectly, as with the energy solutions business, not related to the systems

Today, in the light of global pollution, the economic concepts of Taylor, who theorized “the organization of work in the factories” to increase the efficiency of production and the concepts of Keynes, who theorized “state intervention in support of demand for consumer goods “, need to be updated with new concepts not processed by old economists while new have focused mainly on “monetarism”. Economists, strangely, they forgot to take into account the “primary source of capital,” which are the natural resources. This source, the global economy is destroying  because don’t want  to share a little more wealth equally, creating more job opportunities, with the consent of the rulers, who although they claim the economy, jobs and the environment are not showing the knowing how to intervene with global solutions that make the interests of all, including future generations who are preparing not only to the increased population growth in human history (nine billion people) but will do so even more poor in natural resources and at the mercy of violent and sudden climate change created, in large part, by a reckless industrial policy for anything mitigated by good intentions adopted by the Protocol KIOTO held in 1997. For SPAWHEs inventor, Environmental problems, employment and food, can be addressed only by expanding the work cycles in all human activities to “conserve natural resources, which are in fact, “the primary source of economic capital” just neglected by the economists, that in practice rule the world in five continents as central bank governors, as ministers of the economy and as advisors of governments. This obvious solution, proposed in the system SPAWHE, is nothing more than the extension of the rational and modern thoughts of economists Taylor and Keynes, who could not, in their time, know the importance that would have assumed global pollution. In fact, if we try to extend the thought of Taylor and Keynes also to the environment, we realize that the organization of work should not only factories but throughout the country and that the “state” must not support the demand for goods, creating only consumer incentives, but creating the infrastructure, so that production cycles can continue over factories, farmland, energy production, closing completely even natural cycles, side to the physical production of consumable good, bringing minerals and carbonates to land, lakes, seas in the right proportion, thus creating jobs for all. Practically, the production of consumer goods must be in harmony with the environment, not against.

Today, throughout the world, the reverse happens: to produce goods to be consumed at all costs you take too many shortcuts environmental as if the ultimate goal is not the common good but only the rapid return on invested capital and with the greatest interest. While for the inventor it comes to resume the thought of old economists as Taylor and Keynes who laid the seed to increase industrial productivity and mitigate the social imbalances of modern society. Today it is simply to bring the environmental protection at the same level of the industrial production, applying the same concepts. In fact, the territory has to be organized like the inside of a car company, where all departments are connected, each operation purifying and energy has to be done at the right place at the right time otherwise lost efficiency: This is Taylorism applied to environment. Today, without a global view of the problems, politicians, economists, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, trade unions, environmental associations, fail to develop the solutions that need to be organized industrially from the productive point, not only technological. It is necessary to understand that the large fossils plants cannot be neutralized in the ordinary management and great works nuclear or hydroelectric power, which cannot be handled in the event of extraordinary incidents. These works do not bring any economic advantage and do not help the return to the land of minerals, carbonates to the seas, do not prevent that nitrates and arsenic go in groundwater and not oxygenate the polluted seabed. They keep putting patches to systems that need to be replaced or changed radically to pretend that the problems are under control. No matter if the pieces that put exacerbate environmental problems, and cost a lot of money like CCS does not recover even heat and the CO2 for the environment protection. Not opening up to Taylorism, the areas of purification and energy cause more harm than good and they justify this damage by saying that comply with regulations. But, the rules can not overcome the state of the art and the state of the art can not grow if they themselves prevent the emergence of global systems that are both energy, purifying and with greater production capacities: scientific collegiality, today is limited to occasional advice. It is never constant and never global. Instead, it must be realized, full-time, where they prepare the public utility projects, which must be above partisan interests, and must not be specific but global. These obvious procedural today do not happen anywhere in the world, because no plant is designed jointly by experts of various disciplines. No company can afford to have experts who can follow all cycles that are put into play when we make any transformation of matter. But they did not understand that it is not necessary that the cycles are closing all where they begin. The important is that the cycle is not interrupted or contaminated, for this is designed SPAWHE. Lavoisier’s law says that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed. Each transformation has its own side effects, which in the industrial society well-designed would become resource (SPAWHE) while in today’s society (worldwide) turn into poison.

It is not sufficient that the law consider pollution as a criminal offense, contemplating only large spills poison. Even slow pollution by CO2 emissions and the failure to implement the alkaline of treated water to the receiving water body is environmental damage, as the omission treatment of sewage farm, the recovery of the heat of the cooling water. Even the degeneration sewage is both an environmental and economic damage, destroying the power energy and increasing the costs of sludge treatment plants, wasting other resources in open tanks that emit the CO2 and consume chemical flocculants, to produce acidic water and sludge that cannot be used in agriculture. Are not these environmental crimes and economic legalized?

What will future generations live, if no government is able to carry out a comprehensive environmental reasoning? Including public professors, who form our youth in the universities, where science and research are divided as lobbies, like the current policies and the multinationals? The nature of the planet Earth that was formed over billions of years, has proven infallible connection cycles between water, air and biological fossil energies, that were able to neutralize the early atmosphere made mostly of hydrogen and methane, while we do not we are able to neutralize the CO2 emissions by just copying what he did nature. That is, adding to each thermal plant a greenhouse limestone with artificial rain, of course, proportional to the quantity of energy produced, for which the thermal plants can not be placed at random on the territory. It ‘so difficult to understand that where you can not neutralize the CO2, you can not achieve thermal plants? But that does not mean we can not produce a positive energy to the environment. Just think that the only atmospheric pressure, without expanding, in an empty air hose, has the power to lift water to 10 m. Thus, an artificially pressurized tank with compressed air, without expand, can lift the water into an empty tube up to 350 m, or it can take advantage of these 350 m of energy in a turbine for produce electricity.  The problem to be solved was only to recover the water that comes from the turbine and insert it back into the pressurized tank without spending a lot of energy. This issue, I think it was brilliantly solved by ‘invention of the pumps with double separate supply until the impeller, which allow the continuous internal recycling to the accumulated volume of water. Which, based on the fact that water is not compressed, balancing the hydrostatic thrust in suction and discharge of the pump, therefore, not only it allows you to circulate water with very little prevalence and very little electricity, but also to include, through the second suction mouth, inside the impeller, the water discharged from the turbine, which replaces the expelled from the air cushion. So realizing a cycle can be repeated indefinitely: until the pump runs, it keeps the operating pressure, and there are no water losses.

For politicians and world legislators, technicians to listen are not the inventors, who are not even recognized copyright. For them technicians are economists and bankers who created the global economy, which has created a very small percentage of the rich, an average percentage of middle class that is afraid of losing their jobs, and a very wide percentage of the poor. This economy is based on monetarism and industrial systems, urban, recycling only what is marketable, while water and air, having a low commercial value, are not recycled but purified and filtered, without ever achieving complete cycles. The new renewable energies are nothing more than window dressing, which are maintained by taxpayers’ expense, increasing energy costs.  Solar energy has a very low efficiency, wind power has very high environmental impacts and better yields high bulk and high disposal costs, compared to sunlight, but still very low compared to the compressed hydropower energy. Suffice it to say that it would take a wind traveling at 80 km / h to apply pressure of just 0.83 bar on the blades of the wind turbine. Certainly not comparable to the 35 bars that we might have on the smaller blades of a hydraulic turbine, with its pressurized tank which will also stay in the bonnet of a car, let alone in the bonnet of a truck, a train, a ship, or of a plane.  The pressurized hydroelectric energy, which is not an energy neutral, but protective of the environment, as it brings oxygen in the waters, and installed in a submerged version can protect from high water and floods, for myself, has a cost of production that is lower of extraction, refining and transport of fuels. Therefore, from the economic point of view, it can not be compared with any of the current energies. Nevertheless all my reasoning and all my patents are greeted with silence from world governments   e and with the incompetent refusal of the patent offices that declare them against the principles of energy conservation. It is the fault of the examiners’ educational training, because the world universities have not realized that the principles of energy conservation have been legislated neglecting the synergies between the compressibility of the air and the incompressibility of the water and the absence of the pumps. with the separate double feed that only an expert designer could rationally put together to multiply not only energy yields but also purifying ones.  In the article, I describe the persecution suffered by the patent offices, while in the article  I quote the thought of Einstein who did not advocate the turning point of his theories of relativity, which they have been trying for a century to violate the principles of energy conservation with many billions of public funding and many Nobel Prizes awarded.

As a man and as a technician, I am struggling to express my political vote to politicians who do not know where real world wealth comes from and how it should be preserved; I can not give my consent to a science that has never been applied globally; I can not accept justice that does not legislate justice and when it does not apply the laws that should condemn the powerful, as I wrote in the article For myself, all the world’s politicians and legislators are guilty of international crimes against the environment encoded in 2001 by the UNITED Nations. Especially in articles 1, 15, 48, 54, 58, by failing to respond to projects of recognized international utility, developed by citizens who do not have funds and who cannot find even private lenders, because the protection of the environment and energy is a public responsibility.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone