1. Abstract  

 A new way of producing the world’s energy by extracting it for free, already cleaned by the gravitational force. The false world scholastic concepts on energy that cannot be produced from nothing and on the impossibility of creating perpetual motion have favored the production of fixed and mobile thermal anthropic energy plants, even if the yields compared to the calorific value of fuels is very low (30 – 40 %) and produce a lot of pollution (SOx, NOx, CO, CO2, and vapour). With the aging of the systems, the efficiency decreases, and in addition to the cost of the fuel, the users must also bear the obligatory costs of the overhauls and maintenance to keep the levels of environmental pollution acceptable. It is evident that despite the many defects, thermal energy from the point of view of power, strength and economy is still the main world energy. But I think that the fault of the current situation is due to the fact that no world public research body has fully done its duty to investigate in a multidisciplinary and impartial way I’m not referring to individual researchers, as no one can investigate freely, but the union could have been strong if there hadn’t been strong conflicts of interest, created specifically by hidden power centers to prevent sustainable inventions from coming out. Such as, for example, the one-way trade of public patents with multinationals, which effectively prevented useful inventions such as those of the rational cleaning of fossil energy from leading precisely, rationally, to the energy extraction system cleaned directly from the environment, without the use of current energy sources, fossil, nuclear, renewable. The rhyme of shows that this could happen. I have always agreed with scientists who assert that the sum total of the energy of the universe equals zero. This does not mean that I believe in perpetual motion which does not produce or consume energy. I simply took note that the energy of the universe comes from nuclear explosions that develop millions of degrees Celsius and are maintained over time for billions of years. This immense amount of energy develops the universal electromagnetism which expands the universe which is always in motion by continuously consuming and renewing energy by means of new nuclear explosions But I realized that the energy of small planets like the Earth, where biological life has developed, is much more delicate and complex and  on earth, took 4.5 billion years to be perfect and able to host humans , the first specimens of which have appeared only in the last 300,000 years. If the Earth’s gravity had been different, human beings would have appeared earlier or a few billion years later, They would also be physically very different from us, as the evolution of living species is directly linked to the purity of the environment of the planet that hosts them under gravitational and atmospheric pressures. The gravitational force is the predominant factor for the expulsion of toxic gases present in the primordial atmospheres, the creation of its own atmosphere composed of the mixture of clean gases with a prevalence of nitrogen and oxygen, the creation of ocean water, glaciers, lakes, rivers etc. Therefore, the clean primary energy of any planet depends mainly on the fortunate environmental and fluid dynamic coincidences of the atmosphere, on the elasticity and compressibility of the air, the incompressibility of water, but we must also take into account the solubility of atmospheric gases in the water and mineral salts. With these elements available, we can extract all the electrical energy we need, exploiting together the fluid dynamic and electromagnetic principles in mobile fixed plants. As we know, we have had great scientists and inventors who have thoroughly studied and experimented with electromagnetic principles and very few who have studied and experimented with fluid dynamics, which also involve organic and inorganic biochemical processes. No scientist or inventor has ever linked the two systems together, as it was necessary to invent the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller and to modify the way of using the autoclaves which must not act as simple actuators or energy absorbers, but as energy accumulators, to statically exploit the air pressure, without dispersing it, along with the biochemical effects involved. Therefore, on planet Earth, at the current state of the art, an efficient development model has been developed only for the electromagnetic part, which has not solved the problems of environmental pollution, the problem of the cost of energy, the problem of transport and the duration of the energy. Basically, the inventions connecting the various branches of science that exist in nature and act at the speeds allowed by the gravitational force and the earth’s temperature have not been developed on planet Earth. The changes that I have proposed, in forty connected inventions, are precisely the inventions connecting the various branches of science, which lead to the completion of the purification cycles and the direct extraction of energy from the earth’s environment. By producing energy in this way, today it would be possible to compensate and locally correct all the natural terrestrial environmental defects: drought, excess heat, lowering of temperatures, desalination, increase in terrestrial and marine food production. We will no longer need to transport energy with current distribution networks; not even the extraction, refining or transport of petroleum products, gas, coal, uranium is necessary, since the primary energy source consists of air and water in their natural state. Users won’t have to pay the bills because they will be the producers. The current world governments, without exception, refusing to experiment with the extraction of clean energy from the earth’s environment, are refusing a perennial manna fallen from the sky, offered free by Earth’s nature. In the year 2023, despite the apparent scientific and technological advances, still no world government has understood the power of scientific windfall. Which does not fall by itself, if we do not trigger it locally by simultaneously exploiting the fluid dynamics and electromagnetic principles. It cannot be a coincidence that none of the inventions collected and described on the website has ever been tested by public and private power centers. It cannot be a coincidence that the legislators also demand from the inventor the payment of patent maintenance fees for not recognizing copyrights. Why don’t they ask for the payment of these taxes even from writers who can’t find publishers and artists who can’t sell their works?

2. Many problems: drought, fires, floods, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, slowing of sea currents, global warming, expensive energy, poor environmental purification, impossibility of extending human life span and only one solution: direct extraction of primary energy from the earth’s environment.

Connecting to the previous summary and the forced choice between universal and terrestrial energy which, for the undersigned, without any doubt, had to be terrestrial, we arrive at the main problem which is the choice of the primary source of this energy, which, unfortunately, for those who invented them, cannot be any of the energies up to now commercialized by governments and multinationals for environmental, economic and practical reasons. These three elements should have been the primary requirements to be met, but, both science, governments and multinationals were in a hurry to create industrial and economic development on earth.


In fact, if the energy of the universe renews itself automatically without drawing energy from other universes, even the small planets that are part of the universe, but endowed with biological life, can do the same. Terrestrial nature has shown that it can do it autonomously for 4.5 billion years without the use of any science or any terrestrial technology. With the appearance of homo sapiens gradually, in about 300,000 years the scientific and technological knowledge of the earth has grown. But the real progress has occurred, above all, in the last 200 years, which are nothing compared to the previous 4.5 billion years. The invention of electricity, and above all, of current generators and electric motors, which work on the same principles as electromagnetic induction, should have made it clear that the earth’s primary energy from which to obtain electricity should have been developed a at the temperature of the earth’s environment in order not to alter the biological balance of the earth’s environment created in 4.5 billion years, but also for practical needs as to make electric current generators and electric motors that work with induced currents we have need to make windings with coils of copper wires protected with insulating paints that cannot withstand high temperatures.

Therefore, immediately after the invention of electricity, electric motors and electric current generators, it was necessary to try to produce the force and acceleration necessary for current generators when cold. Considering this force and acceleration is due to the mass in kg while acceleration is measured in m/s2, science has established that a Newton is equal to 1 kg x m/s2. But I think it is easier to understand the concept of fluid energy by reasoning in the traditional way because a liter of water represents the mass of a kg. The formula that I have used for a lifetime to calculate the power in Kw is the following: Flow rate (l/s) for pressure (m) / 1000 using water as energy vector. Therefore, heat is not used to produce electricity. If we consider that water has a density 830 times higher than air or a combustion gas, this means that at the same flow rate and pressure the power produced in Kw, using water as an energy carrier, is 830 times higher. Furthermore, if we consider that fuels have costs of extraction, transformation, transport and marketing, we do not understand the reasons why science and men of power continue to insist on the production of primary thermal energy. Unfortunately, to the economic damage caused by thermal energy it is also necessary to add the damage caused by climate change directly linked to thermal energy. According to a report published in 2020 by the United Nations, the global economic cost of extreme weather events from 1.6 trillion dollars for the years 1980-1999 to almost 3 trillion dollars for the twenty years between 2000 and 2019. But the period we are experiencing after 2019 seems to be the worst of all time for the climate damage and fires that are happening.

What is serious is the fact that in 2023, the solitary reasonings are still not understood, which the undersigned has summarized in Spawhe’s nursery rhyme, which through forty connected inventions, starting from the cleaning of fossil energy, have led to the extraction energy directly from the earth’s environment in fixed and mobile anthropic plants, which would not only eliminate global warming without energy costs, but would even increase world food production without producing any form of pollution, correcting, where necessary, desertification and the melting of glaciers by sending a greater quantity of alkaline waters to the seas.

Honestly, I think that those who don’t know how to design fixed and mobile anthropic systems are better off being paid without working. Instead, the opposite is happening on planet Earth; whoever proposes the correct solutions must work for free and also lose out financially, because they cannot find public and private interlocutors.

On the entire planet Earth no one has noticed the inventions of current generators and electric motors were already sufficient tools to extract the energy of the environment if coupled differently, to the already existing pumps and turbines. In fact, if we intubate and feed from above a pump used in reverse (which instead of raising the water, pushes it downwards) connected to a current generator, the rotation of the pump produces, through the current generator, a proportional amount of current to the hydrostatic pressure H on the pump axis, for the flow rate in liters per second of the pump itself. In essence, the pump is used as a turbine, with the so-called hydraulic jump.

If we build a similar one in parallel to this system (with a pump equal to the previous one used in the present way, with the water delivery upwards) connected to an electric motor, this absorbs an amount of current proportional to the hydrostatic pressure H on the axis of the pump, for the flow rate in liters per second of the pump itself. The two systems are equivalent in terms of production and absorption of energy with some small differences, the characteristics of the pump, the flow rate and the height H being the same.

If, instead of placing the two systems side by side, we create a single one which produces energy by placing side by side two water basins open to atmospheric pressure, having the same water outlet at the same height H as the previous systems, we can easily see that the conditions of the plant that produces energy do not change and therefore, this continues to produce the same amount of energy, as in a normal hydraulic jump. While the plant that absorbs energy, changes completely as it no longer has to lift water. It only has to overcome the state of inertia of the water which would not circulate without a difference in level between the two side by side basins. The electrical energy absorbed by the electric motor that turns the pump in the direction of the gravitational force is a small percentage of the energy produced by the current generator coupled to the turbine.

 In fact, the water that re-enters the water basin at the exit of the turbine, finds only as opposition the friction with the molecules of water stationary at the exit of the pump used as a turbine, which can be calculated with the formula (V2/g) of a common submerged drain, which does not depend on the height H of the basin, as the water must not rise to the surface. The water that re-enters the reservoir at the exit of the turbine, finds as opposition only the friction with the still water molecules, already present in the basin, which can be calculated with the formula (V2/g) of a common submerged discharge , which does not depend on the height H of the basin, as the water must not rise to the surface. This reasoning and other very similar ones, still misunderstood by the entire world science, led me to design other fluid dynamic systems at the temperature of the earth’s environment for the production of electricity, up to the invention of the pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller , to the modification of the way autoclaves work which will allow us to produce compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy in land, sea, submarine, aeronautical and space mobile plants, which to produce energy always recycle the same water and the same compressed air which renews only the percentage of air which dissolves in water according to the principles of Henry and Dalton, every time the water leaves the closed circuit to the open one at atmospheric pressure. In fact, even in mobile space systems the water recycling tank will always be placed inside a room pressurized to atmospheric pressure, precisely to discharge the air pressure present in the circuit, which is obviously recovered and compressed again in the autoclaves incorporated into global linear motors that will jointly produce Newton and Lorentz thrust. Unfortunately, if the entire world ruling class, including the scientific one, has not understood that it is sufficient to turn the pumps upside down under a suitable hydraulic head to extract energy from the earth’s environment, how can one hope that they will understand the subsequent inventions which have led to the conception of global linear motors that could add the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz even in space, without fuels and nuclear energy? It is even more difficult to understand that the concept of thermal efficiency will no longer make sense if on planet Earth we learn to extract clean energy directly from the environment. In fact, we will always have a 100% yield with respect to the energy spent. While. Today with paid energy we have to settle for a yield of around 15% if we use coal, and 30-40% if we use gas or combustible liquids. With such low yields we have to ask ourselves where does the rest of the energy we don’t use go? The answer is very simple: Unfortunately everything turns into thermal, environmental, nuclear pollution, etc. How can we continue to trust this world scientific and economic political ruling class that does not understand that the only sustainable energy is that extracted directly from the earth’s environment, which is not consumed and can also be breathed by man at atmospheric pressure. If one day man will colonize space, he will do so with such energy (not with the one that NASA and other public and private space entities are using) that it can also be produced in the containers of space caravans by means of artificial light and photosynthesis chlorophylliana as described in the article   29.07.2021 

In my life as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental anthropic plants, I had the honor of directly participating in the construction of an entire stable of an automotive industry with a production capacity of over 1000 cars a day of participating in the construction of small industrial plants with the own thermal power stations, steam, air conditioning and painting plants and small and large purification and water lifting plants. I think it is normal that as a retiree he felt the need to be an inventor, to put together the best experiences with hindsight. Who else could have done it? If all the current inventions compete with each other to conquer slices of the current market, it should be logical that to have a development model without global warming it is necessary to change some important inventions. Only by designing again, globally, the anthropic industrial and environmental plants can all the cycles that open be closed, but also avoid opening cycles that are not needed. Analyzing all the details it came out that even many transports are useless, including those of energy sources and of the energy itself produced, if in the end, with hindsight, one reaches the conclusion that the best solutions are always the simplest and linear, already identified by nature in four and a half billion years. In fact, nature is autonomous from an energy and purification point of view even if the energy and purification cycles, not having technologies, are longer than the industrial processes invented by men.

But the industrial processes invented by men are incomplete from an environmental point of view, therefore, of industrial processes we must above all save the scientific organization of work and apply this organization also to environmental and energy systems, which are less organized in this respect. But who has to do this very important job with the current divisions of competences, the current conflicts of interest, the current industrial property laws? According to my experience, I would leave the current organization of industrial work unchanged, changing only the energy systems with the direct extraction of energy from the environment. Obviously, the industries that produce thermal plants and engines (including the automotive industry) must change them to compressed hydro-electromagnetic plants and engines. As for all the other plants, lacking a scientific organization of work, it is necessary to reorganize them so that the purification processes take place spontaneously together with the energy process, unifying the water and air cycles, in the sewage systems and completing the final purifications in the current purifiers. Obviously, everything will become easier with the direct extraction of energy from the environment.

It is normal that nature cannot meet the needs of eight billion people today, who will certainly be many more in the future, not only because everyone has the right to life but also because human life lasts much longer than in the past. The task of the inventors should have been to locally increase the energy production and purification speed of nature through technological development and the scientific organization of work. More or less, we have to do the same thing that happens in the automotive industry, where many technologies and perfect work organization come together, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to produce more than a thousand cars a day in a single factory. I think it is no coincidence that I have come to extract clean energy directly from the environment, while all the other inventors try to improve the yields of existing energies, which can never have a higher yield than the energy source used and they will never be able to produce collateral polluted effects, nor will they be able to develop primary energy at the same time as the electromagnetic one, nor will they be able to add together the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz. Globally well-designed plants will simultaneously extract primary energy and produce compressed electromagnetic energy at Earth’s temperature, without using unnecessary and expensive energy accumulators, which lower the yield of the energy produced.

Since the entire world ruling class does not want to take responsibility for correcting the mistakes made, the current development goes on by inertia. While science hides and avoids talking about the possibility of extracting directly from the environment, politicians who are more ignorant from a scientific and technological point of view continue to propose obsolete energies, above all, in Italy, the former homeland of very important scientists and inventors.

Italy is going in the opposite direction to the possibility of collecting the windfall that has fallen from the sky offered free by the gravitational force to those who know how to extract it. He wants to resume drilling in the Adriatic Sea to extract oil. He wants to reinstate Mattei’s old plan to build a gas pipeline from Algeria, which could also carry hydrogen-turned-fuel and electric cables from Algeria. All things that would not be useful if Italian science had realized that the homeland of clean energy extracted directly from the environment is Italy. How much does it cost to build a gas pipeline? How much does it cost to transform hydrogen into fuel and what would be the market cost? How much does it cost to transport electricity produced in Algeria and transported to Italy? Personally, as an inventor I am ashamed of being Italian, not for the current government but also for the previous ones who have never collaborated in testing my inventions of public utility on the cleaning of fossil energy and subsequently on the extraction of clean energy from environment. It is not a question of random inventions but of forty inventions connected to each other on the basis of scientific principles of scientists of the past who have never been exploited, above all by current public science, which instead of investigating in the interests of the environment and of the world population, collaborates with multinationals to develop commercial inventions. How much would it cost to test on a small scale whether or not my inventions work, which would also avoid transporting energy from one place to another? They would cost very little. Only a pensioner with a modest life expectancy cannot afford to experience them personally. Probably if I had known that my country and the whole world left me alone, I would not have tried to put my alternative solutions on paper to the current model of multinational development. But, today, I don’t regret having done it because I am more and more convinced that I am right. Only as a free man was I able to do my research, reflections and alternative proposals to the current development model. It is no coincidence that I am one of the few people in the world who, despite carrying out intellectual work, not being an academic, not being an employee, not working illegally because no one pays me, am below the minimum wage that should be recognized to those who do the humblest jobs. The consumer society runs counter to the needs of the environment in which we live. A soccer player’s feet are worth millions of dollars, while an inventor’s brain is worth zero, especially if he’s not plugged into the academic power system. Above all, the legislators who deal with intellectual property should explain why copyrights are granted to all authors of intellectual works except for independent inventors, who have to pay maintenance fees even if they cannot find entrepreneurs and governments willing to invest in their inventions? What does it take to understand that if still today no one has managed to extract clean electricity from the environment, more inventions put together that follow a common logic were needed? What does it take to understand that it takes years to develop all the details, especially if you work alone without financiers and experimental laboratories? It is clear that my solutions from the beginning, when they focused on the correct cleaning of fossil energy, were inconvenient for all the world’s power centers as they involved the modification of the chimneys, the sewers, the purifiers. These changes have not found public and private interlocutors willing to finance them. How could the subsequent ones that plunged the knife even further into the wound of global environmental and energy disasters be financed? If you don’t go into the scientific, technological, economic and work organization details, it is not possible to globally improve the state of the world energy and purification art. With the current laws that penalize poor inventors to the advantage of inventors employed by public bodies and multinationals, no hypothesis of extracting clean electricity directly from the environment would ever have been possible, if this has happened, at least virtually it is due to all my forty inventions, still not financed by any world government. Today copyrights are recognized to all writers, artists, musicians, professors, and also to inventors who produce commercial inventions that damage the environment protected by current world institutions, only because employers pay taxes patent maintenance. How could the undersigned, who is a pensioner and lives only on his pension, have paid such taxes on forty patents filed, if no one wanted to make his inventions?

I’m sorry to say it but all the thermal and nuclear inventions have produced more disasters than benefits to all humanity, while those who produced them enriched themselves economically. Even renewable energies, if compared with the energy extracted from the environment (supposedly working) are useless as they are less powerful and uneconomical compared to water and air which would produce energy in fixed and mobile plants without energy accumulators, and without the transport of energy.

Rarely, a single invention can be instrumental in solving Earth’s energy and environmental problems. Many inventions of different origins and many identified, selected and tested scientific principles are needed to create fixed and mobile anthropic plants. If all scientific and technological connections are not made and the world multidisciplinary state of the art is not updated, the system will never work. Universal energy cannot be created by man due to the very high temperatures it entails. Not even the terrestrial one can be created by man, due to the immense amount of biological life and microorganisms involved. None of the current terrestrial energies can only be strengthened locally, without altering the delicate biological and zoological balances involved developed on the planet after a very long period of adjustment, which in the case of the Earth lasted about 4.5 billion years. None of the current terrestrial energies responds to the natural terrestrial needs. To fully respect nature there must be no transport of energy from one place to another, but only the increase in the speed of the physical, chemical and biological processes and this can only be done by favoring the triggering of the scientific principles identified by Torricelli , Pascal, Venturi, Henry, Dalton, but also those of Newton and Lorentz if we want to make mobile systems that move in space and in the atmosphere.

The primary energy source which must necessarily be the air pressure on the water and the water flow rate is always the energy carrier. The operating temperature of the energy systems must be the same as that of the earth’s environment in order not to alter the biological balance, but also in order not to damage the technological components, above all, electrical and electronic, above all, in means of air and astronautical transport, which do not can never be realized without adding together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. The latter can only be produced at room temperature by means of coils of wires protected with insulating paints.

The logic of the design of the world’s public and private anthropic plants does not satisfy any of the aforementioned requirements, having never used the natural energy resulting from the gravitational force, which is also present in every corner of the earth. Very strangely, the inventions brought forward by politicians, legislators, economists coincide perfectly with the commercial ones produced by multinationals. These, not closing all the cycles they open, have not been able to deepen the natural purifying and energy synergies between the gravitational force, atmospheric air and water, to realize that it is possible to extract clean energy directly from the environment for free . I myself, as I described in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme, noticed by chance this authentic ” windfall fallen from the sky”, after having dedicated ten years to studying the way to capture CO2, and transform it into Carbonates in the water, which would also fought the acidification of sea and lake water. Very strangely, this solution has never been financed by global public bodies who have preferred to try to hide CO2 underground by spending immense economic resources without addressing the real problem. Even the American billionaire Helon Musk didn’t like my solution, who had promised 100 million dollars to whoever captured and neutralized CO2 (01.02. 2021 This shows that entrepreneurs and governments are on the same side, not for scientific reasons and the economy of natural resources, but for simple reasons of Machiavellian power “the end justifies the means”. If the aim is the economic enrichment of the ruling class, everything becomes normal, even the trade of public patents to multinationals and the consequent non-recognition of intellectual property to inventors who try to do their duty to protect the environment and the population unaware of the seriousness of the real problems, it distracts itself with football matches, car races, underground music, advertised by all the means of information. Even renewable energies are advertised by the media but have nothing to do with the real renewable energy that no world government has ever financed, precisely because it would put an end to all the illicit public and private enrichments to the detriment of the environment and the entire unsuspecting population of the world.

 Planet Earth, despite being 4.5 billion years old, imported energy breakthroughs occurred in the 1800s with the invention of heat and soon after electricity. Since electric energy to be produced needs another primary energy source which moves permanent magnets and another which produces an electric field, very strangely, no scientist thought that the energy source could be the same because they can do the two things at the same time, extracting clean energy directly from the environment.

Unfortunately, the entire world science, up to the present day, has identified thermal energy as the primary source of electricity. It seemed logical both to the inventors of the nineteenth century and to those of the entire twentieth century that the primary energy should have been produced with heat, which can produce steam with a certain pressure, or with fuels in combustion chambers , whose output of the combustion fumes produces an even higher quantity of energy.  In some cases, the hydraulic jump has been used to rotate the axis of a turbine, integral with an alternating electric current generator; in other cases the wind turbines to turn the axis of the current generators themselves. Finally, photovoltaic panels were used to produce fuel-free hot water, as well as direct current electricity which, with modern inverters, transforms it into alternating current. Too bad that even today, no one has noticed that if we extracted the primary energy directly from the gravitational force, we would have no need for electricity transport networks because the gravitational force is everywhere. Therefore, we would not need heat, steam, fuels, thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric plants, wind turbines and solar panels. We didn’t even need the electric cars that Elon Musk produces because these don’t solve the problems of world transport as trucks, agricultural tractors, planes, ships and submarines cannot be electrified with energy accumulators. The costs of energy accumulators are immense and have a low autonomy, they lower the efficiency of the electricity produced. But above all, they are useless because the compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy produces the primary energy and the induced electric energy together at the same time without any external energy source.

 Even the costs of current energy are immense, as are the immense costs of purification that no one can do correctly. Where did public and multinational designers learn to design man-made systems?

How can you not understand that the current billions of air conditioners that exchange the heat inside the houses with the outside with the air / air system, do nothing but increase global warming? It would be much more logical to exchange heat with the subsoil with water/air exchangers. You can’t fight global warming with commercial inventions. But the problem is asking who authorizes the sale and marketing of these solutions? I think they are the same ones who have hidden my forty inventions.

 I think that the current divisions of scientific and technological skills have not helped to design interactive systems such as the natural terrestrial ones which are very slow but complete and interactive and above all, they close all the cycles they open. What nature lacks is not science but technology, above all the one that increases the pressure of the energy source and the speed of the energy vector. The force of gravity is already a primary energy and is equally distributed over the entire surface of the planet. This energy, by thickening the atmospheric air at a pressure of one bar, already supplies us with a source of physical energy which allows us to lift the water 10 meters by removing the atmospheric air from a pipe immersed in the water according to the experiment of Torricelli (1608-1647) without using any lifting pump. Air extraction would be a small trigger of clean energy extracted free from the environment, which the entire world science has not studied in depth, continuing to prefer the current thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, solar and wind energies. He didn’t want to notice that with the invention of the centrifugal pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, using one power supply to let the water to be lifted in and the other to recycle the water placed at a higher altimetric level in the same impeller , we can balance the two different hydrostatic pressures in the rotating impeller, exploiting Pascal’s principle and lift the water to the upper basin by spending only the energy necessary for a normal recycling of a closed circuit, not the energy that would have been necessary for lifting against gravitational force. Since the energy expended for water recycling is much lower than the energy produced by the fall of water through a turbine connected to a current generator this would be the first demonstration of direct energy extraction from the environment, which is not perpetual motion, but simple exploitation of the most advantageous physical principles: do not raise the waters against the gravitational force, it is better to get around it. Yet no one ever thought about it. No one has ever thought that if instead of the upper basin we place an autoclave pressurized with compressed air, we can locally increase the pressure of the autoclave at any pressure, and with the water that comes out in high pressure equally feed a turbine with current generator and create mobile energy plants of any size. The applications can be endless: terrestrial, marine, aeronautical and space, always recycling the same water and the same air. As we know, air and water are free. If the whole of world science does not understand these simple and linear reasoning, how can the politicians and economists who govern them understand them? Have politicians and economists been fooled by science? Or have scientists and inventors not been enabled to work in a multidisciplinary way by governments and multinationals? In the nursery rhyme of SPAWHE, (Synergic Plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectromagnetic Energy) I summarized my inventions that are uncomfortable for everyone and not financed by any government or by any multinational, but not even commented on by all those who might be interested, including environmental associations, trade unions, consumer associations, young people, world churches. Nobody wants to go into the details of the solutions and choose, detail by detail, which side to take. I made my choices precisely by developing the details, and also allowing non-experts to choose which side to take. Only by working in this way, free from the conditioning of the employers, has it been possible to close all the cycles left open by the commercial inventions of the multinationals. Only at the end of my long work did I realize that the best solutions are also the simplest and most technologically advanced, because clean and environmentally protective electricity can be cold extracted at the temperature and pressure of the earth’s environment , and also stored in the water and air tanks of the autoclaves to create more powerful fixed and mobile plants, with infinite recycling of the energy source and energy vector. Obviously, mobile systems also concern land, sea, submarine, aeronautical and space means of work and transport. This is much more than I had hoped to achieve with my descent into the field as an inventor. And it is much more than the manna that fell from the sky, which if it really happened, was an occasional episode, which has never been repeated in world history.

However, it is equally sad to address these important topics in the silence of science, of the media, of the world population, who have been taught the fundamental principles of conservation and production of the earth’s energy in the wrong way since middle school.

The concept that a body perseveres in its state of motion and rest until an external cause modifies its conditions belongs to space, not to the Earth, where moving bodies stop as soon as the paid energy produced ends by multinationals with the consent of governments and public inventors. The latter, instead of studying alternative and sustainable solutions in favor of the entire world population, with the consent of the governments, collaborate in developing the commercial inventions of the multinationals, which do not close all the cycles they open. Who can prevent this trade if everyone is involved? Given that world governments have given up on being entrepreneurs, delegating development to multinationals that produce work and well-being for all? These are the incurable conflicts of interest that prevent true scientific and technological progress.

Is it possible that in 2023 no world scientist still believes that it is not possible to extract energy from the environment? This is the real manna that comes down from heaven, not for an occasional miracle in favor of a people oppressed by another people, but for an irrefutable scientific and technological discovery that must not have bosses, billionaires and politicians, who were the first to don’t believe these incredible, small inventions that connected together will allow you to extract clean energy directly from the environment in every corner of the Earth. Yet, the mighty of the earth have always had the world’s best scientists and the best equipped experimental laboratories at their disposal. I cannot judge the good faith of the inventors of the past, but I can assert with certainty that after the invention of electromagnetism and electric current generators occurred at the end of the 19th century, all moments were good for gradually inventing better ways to extract free energy from the environment. Instead, I can judge the current public and private world ruling class who did not want to experiment with my solutions because they had already found their godsend, which is paid energy and the transport of energy itself, which no need. They don’t care that energy in many cases is also dirty, so much on planet Earth they have a world monopoly, scientists and inventors being their employees, well paid. Anyway, get paid enough to keep quiet. Of course, I’m not infallible either, but I can’t be wrong about all of the forty inventions I’ve proposed. Only by looking for my mistakes can you find theirs too. But this search for errors will never be done until current laws allow public inventors to supplement their salaries by producing new inventions in line with the current paid energies of multinationals. Scientists and inventors employed by governments and multinationals do not even have to worry about paying patent filing and maintenance fees because employers pay them. They do not have to worry about the expenses to be incurred to participate in international congresses on the environment and energy; Employers pay taxes. While to the undersigned who has only proposed solutions of public utility, certainly not commercial, the national and international patent offices have never given a discount on patent filing and maintenance fees; the organizers of the congresses, while inviting me, cannot cover the travel and accommodation expenses. It is clear that with such disadvantageous conditions, no one can afford to be a free and independent inventor, unless he limits himself to filing patents only, without paying maintenance fees and without participating in congresses, but writing articles on topics covered, even if these articles do not find interlocutors, no one will ever be able to deny the paternity of my inventions.

We must ask ourselves, why the United Nations, which manages the WIPO (World Organization Intellectual Property) in the interests of all countries, allows the proliferation of incomplete commercial inventions by multinationals and demands the payment of the same taxes even on complete and public inventions social utility?  We must also ask ourselves why they do not allow the filing of patents only for intellectuals of public utility, without forcing inventors to become entrepreneurs if they do not find governments and entrepreneurs willing to implement their inventions? We have to ask ourselves what international legislators and the international court of justice are doing in the face of this very serious legislative vacuum, which does not allow the ascertainment of transversal and interactive scientific truths, because they are of no interest to the public and private ruling class, which created global warming?  If everyone works in watertight compartments, including science and justice, the global scientific truth will never come out. All purification and energy solutions are partially good. If this partiality had been sufficient, certainly, we would not have had global warming or even the unequal distribution of world wealth. In fact we must not forget that any energy that currently exists, renewable or non-renewable, costs more than the energy that would cost that extracted directly from the environment. But mechanical transmissions, gears, drive shafts also cost more than invisible electric shafts perfectly synchronized remotely with optical detectors.

We inhabitants of the Earth cannot ignore the strong gravitational force to which we are subjected and the consequent atmospheric pressure based on perfectly clean and elastic gases, which represent an immense accumulator of energy. Nor can we fail to take into account that about 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, but water is also present in the air in the form of vapor and in the groundwater layers in the form of groundwater. Glaciers are also water. But what interests me as an inventor is the fact that water, in its liquid state, is incompressible and has a density about 830 times higher than atmospheric gases, combustion fumes and steam which, according to the quantity of water it contains, oscillates between maximum and minimum density values, becoming very dangerous when precipitation occurs with maximum wind speed and maximum vapor density. So water is an energy vector with the ability to transmit a force approximately 830 times greater than a gas at the same pressure and flow rate. It is stupid to favor thermal, nuclear, solar inventions that increase the production of steam in the atmosphere, instead of exploiting the incredible power of water in its natural state and at the temperature of the earth’s environment. Just because no one believed me and no one paid me to delve into these topics, I could not escape the duty to do so even knowing that even the legislators reward commercial inventions instead of global ones.

As I wrote in the summary, I am 100% sure that it is possible to extract clean energy at low cost from the environment, but even if there was a one in a thousand chance that I was right, the world’s ruling class should still try experimenting because in the current situation those who earn on current commercial energies are at most, a few million people, including entrepreneurs and corrupt or ignorant politicians. While, on the other hand, there are eight billion people of this generation and of all future generations, who would gain from the direct extraction of primary energy from the earth’s environment. There are as many billions of reasons why experimentation should be done immediately, without wasting even a minute. Instead, alongside that supposed million politicians and entrepreneurs there are billions of people who, in good faith spread disinformation, continuing to use current energies without protesting. At most they fight to lower costs. These billions of people can’t even imagine that the solution is at hand, much more than you might think due to school science misinformation about wrong scientific concepts like “perpetual motion”. Nothing more false has ever been taught, because planet Earth is one of the few places in the universe where clean energy is ready to be used and is everywhere. You just have to learn to extract it, not with mathematical formulas but with multidisciplinary and interactive reasoning that has never entered the scholastic and professional training schools, as they are part of the baggage of transversal work experience, which require equally transversal reasoning that clashes with the current specialized university culture and the commercial industrial production of multinationals. This is the main reason why no one has ever tried to extract clean energy directly from the earth’s environment and this is the only reason why anyone who has tried is not believed by anyone. But that doesn’t mean that anyone who thinks differently is wrong. If he’s right, nature and eight billion people win for all future generations. If he is wrong, at most a few million people will lose, who have already enriched themselves sufficiently at the expense of the environment and the rest of the world’s population, thanks to wrong and incomplete inventions.

In the current world situation, it is clear that the very few independent inventors from the centers of power, if they exist (I only know myself) are discriminated against by the current patent law system, which is all in favor of commercial and public inventions and companies, which jointly produced global warming without any concrete scientific and technological opposition. In fact, the current opponents are environmentalists, trade unionists, consumer associations, who do not oppose alternative solutions. These oppositions are the first not to believe inventors not tied to centers of power, precisely because of the education they themselves received and the taboo of perpetual motion, against which I fought with the patent offices, which refused me the most important patents. But considering that even the patents that have been granted to me no one wanted to make them, they only did me a favour. In today’s society, anyone who thinks they know their job well and propose themselves as inventors can only arm themselves with patience, and like myself, develop around forty national and international patents in chronological order. Then he must publish them online on his own website, also on Linkedin, Facebook, Accademia edu and other publishers, explaining how subsequent inventions are connected to previously published inventions. If at the end of all this work he finds himself with forty patents filed and more than a hundred articles published, he still need not despair, because his inventions could always be understood by subsequent generations. This situation makes me think of what I consider to be the best inventor of all time, Nikola Tesla, who, unlike yours truly, had great success, but continued to invest in his avant-garde ideas, until when investors no longer followed him. In the end he died poor and alone. No one will ever be able to deny the great merits acquired by Tesla towards all humanity, since even the inventions that he failed to create were found to be exact.

Above all, the story of Tesla demonstrates how difficult it is to be the inventor of inventions of global public utility if you surpass the state of the art of your time too quickly. Unfortunately, today we are in an emergency situation. Tesla’s inventions did not contemplate the extraction of primary energy from the environment which would have been the ideal companion to the production of induced electric and electromagnetic energy to cold extract the primary energy from the earth’s environment, without damaging the planet with fuels and nuclear energy. This is the only way to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, which on planet Earth has never been added. If we manage to add these two drives together, as described in previous articles, given the very low cost of energy, in the near future, the cheapest means of transport will be by air, without consuming tyres, fuel and lubricating oils. Without building viaducts, tunnels and large bridges, such as the one the current Italian government is about to build on the Strait of Messina, in a notoriously seismic area, further increasing the already large Italian public debt of at least twenty billion. Again, shouldn’t I check if I’m right or wrong? If I’m right this bridge would be useless. But the Italian and world air fleets, which consume immense quantities of energy polluting the environment, would also be useless, just as all the current means of transport and work that use fuel on planet Earth would be useless and expensive.

Who are those around the world who have designed a global anthropic plant that closes all the cycles it opens? The truth is that no scientist or inventor has ever tried this. There are no globally designed plants that purify water and air at the same time. According to my industrial and environmental experience, the anthropic water and air purification plants should have been developed linearly in the same sewage systems, also connected to the chimneys which should have captured the heavier gases such as CO2, SOx to produce carbonates and sulphates to purify them together with the water with interactive cycles, energetically autonomous, extracting energy from the environment and favoring the continuous contact of water and air in pressurized aerobic processes by exploiting the solubility of gases in water according to the principles of Henri and Dalton. Everything becomes possible if we extract free primary energy from the environment which produces a driving force which spins an alternating electric current generator with electromagnetic induction at the temperature of the earth’s environment, already designed by Faraday, Neumann, Lenz, Ferraris, Tesla, which in turn feeds one or more alternating electric current induction motors, which work on the same principles by raising the waters and creating energetically free artificial rains, on calcareous materials which prevent the acidification of lakes and seas in the bud.

I investigated at three hundred and sixty degrees on the reasons why in the year 2023, there is still no clean energy extracted directly from the environment and I came to the conclusion that globally we are governed by the hypocrisy of the interests of the individual categories, more or less linked to the centers of political, economic, military, entrepreneurial, trade union, media and science power, rarely applied in general interests. The division of political, scientific, entrepreneurial, economic competences have favored global warming 100%. Even if, recently, the phenomenon may have been aggravated by the slowdown of sea currents, due to the probable beginning of the terrestrial pole inversion phase, by locally extracting energy from the environment, we can also compensate for the negative effects produced by these phenomena, eliminating the production of CO2, reducing the production of steam, increasing food production by means of artificial welling and sustainable desalination with ion exchange resins which are part of the inventions linked to the extraction of clean energy from the earth’s environment.




3. Unjustified pride, manipulated prejudice, the conspiratorial silence of the institutions, the loneliness of inventors not tied to the centers of power

I wanted to give the entire article the title of this chapter, inspired by two famous novels of the last century: “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen and “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Then I thought that the title I chosen is more direct to better understand the inability of the entire world ruling class to manage planet Earth if it still fails to understand how easy it is to collect the manna that fell from the sky for free.

I also quote my introduction concerning the two novels, which are works of imagination and do not concern the world of work and science, but human, family and social events, to underline how the unjustified pride of scientifically wrong solutions, but equally realized and never corrected by science, by entrepreneurs and by governments, even today, they are more than ever, advertised through the media. While, all together, they claim they want to fight global warming. In reality, although we live in the age of the internet, which brings information to all homes and mobile phones worldwide, scientific disinformation is widespread. The world’s major governments are preparing to intensify urban electricity distribution networks to allow faster recharging of urban electric cars, without their scientific advisors having yet realized that the problem is not the availability of electricity, but where does this energy come from? On planet Earth, above all due to the mismanagement of problems by the United Nations Organization, born on October 24, 1945 from 51 nations and subsequently extended to all 196 sovereign states. In fact, if the United Nations had been created by competent people, it would have had to equip itself to enter into the details of the scientific organization of world work, following step by step where are the errors that produce pollution, the excess consumption of natural resources, the excesses of heat, steam, CO2 production, etc. These are the unsolved problems that produce wars, climate change, the unequal distribution of world wealth. The United Nations, if it wanted to represent both rich and poor countries, both communists and capitalists, should have assumed the burden of impartially identifying the way to extract the ideal primary energy from the earth’s environment. This was supposed to be the world’s first and most important invention.  All other inventions we could expect the gradual advancement of the state of the art of individual technologies to improve the performance of individual applications. Instead, on planet Earth, the search for the ideal primary source of the world’s energy has never begun. Today, that by pure chance, this ideal primary source has been identified, all those responsible for this colossal disaster, starting from the United Nations of the G20 and G8 governments, pretend not to understand.

 How can one fail to understand that by remaining unchanged the current primary sources of electricity production, to recharge the batteries of electric cars, we increase even more the consumption of current primary energies, which are mainly fossil and nuclear, which produce CO2 and steam. Even if we transform hydrogen into fuel in the future and reduce CO2 production, we will not reduce steam production or energy production costs. Nor will we solve the energy transport problem because the ideal primary energy does not need to be transported. This is all ridiculous because since the beginning of the industrial age, in hindsight, earth science and technology could have extracted clean primary energy from earth’s air and water without the cost of extraction, industrial transformation and grids. of physical and commercial distributions, as I have demonstrated with patents and publications over the last ten years, without finding public and private interlocutors. In Marquez’s 1967 novel, when there was no internet yet, the final protagonist of a story of family loneliness and constant struggles between liberals and conservatives, manages to decipher an ancient parchment where everything that was written, according to the ancient writer, “it was unrepeatable forever and ever, because the bloodlines condemned to a hundred years of solitude did not have a second chance on Earth”. I am touching the truth written in Marquez’s ancient parchment, not only in matters of the environment and energy, but also in democratic development. I have lived over half a century of personal solitude, fortunately, not familiar, to understand, reflect and propose energy and purification solutions different from the current ones, through the impartial study of the scientific organization of work, updated to the current state of the art, but integrated with forty virtual personal inventions, studied and published in chronological order, which, if carried out in the order indicated in the same “NURSERY RHYME OF SPAWHE” could have belied the harsh condemnation of Marquez’s parchment.  More than two hundred years have already passed since the invention of electricity, and the second opportunity to change the primary sources and energy vectors has not been seized by the terrestrial power centers. Not even the great geniuses of Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla realized that primary energy could be extracted already clean from the Earth’s environment. Not recognizing the second opportunity to change the way the world’s electricity is produced through the inventions described in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme (without fuel, nuclear energy and electricity accumulators) by the world’s ruling class means denying it to future generations. The faults of parents and grandparents fall on the children and grandchildren.

4. The mystery of the failure to extract energy from the earth’s environment and the consequent wrong development model on all fronts.

I have also indicated the trade unions among the world’s centers of power because, like all associations, they only deal with specific problems, such as the defense of wages and consumers. As I write this article, in Italy there is a great debate on the minimum wage to be guaranteed to poor workers which should probably settle at nine euros per hour of which workers will get 50%, after deducting pension contributions and taxes to be paid . It is not much for a worker with a wife and dependent children, in any case it is much more than what an inventor perceives who does not find public and private financers, to whom the guaranteed minimum wage is zero and, moreover, the world legislators impose to pay also the patent filing and maintenance fees and to bear legal costs against ungranted patents. In fact, this is the only category of workers who are not entitled to the copyright on their inventions, if they do not pay the filing and maintenance fees for the registered patents. Legislators do not care that the object of the inventions are purification and energy systems of global public utility, which governments and current multinationals have not been able or unwilling to design.

The situation of inventors not linked to the current centers of power is so paradoxical that it even surpasses racial discrimination. Nobody notices this discrimination because there are very few inventors who go all the way to fight for their ideas. Personally, I don’t give up, not because I expect a profit for my work, but because it involves a long series of inventions which gradually, proceeding in a logical and practical sense, demonstrate that it is possible to extract energy from the environment without consuming any land resource. Demonstrating scientific truth is in everyone’s interest, especially the poorest and most defenceless Anyone filing a patent is not a gambler who bets on the goddess of fortune to get richer. Nikola Tesla has shown that despite having achieved economic success, he invested everything to continue his research until he died poor. All humanity owes a lot to this great man and inventor. I felt the need to transform myself into a retired inventor to fight against the incompetence of the world’s ruling class in matters of the environment, energy and scientific organization of work. If I hadn’t managed to at least publish my solutions, I would have felt guilty towards future generations.

 Today’s consumer society is full of false prophets, false politicians, economists and entrepreneurs. If it is true that the economy must circulate to create well-being, we must also ask ourselves why is it also necessary to consume what should not be consumed? It is right to recycle all used materials, glass, paper, plastic. Fertilize organic materials. It is not correct to consume fossil energies and energy accumulators when it is not necessary, since there are cheaper and cleaner energy sources, which above all, would not be consumed and could be recycled indefinitely. I am referring to incompressible water and atmospheric air which is elastic and compressible even thousands of bars, if both are kept at the earth’s temperature. If terrestrial nature has conceived these two elements in this way, which are basic for the development of plant and animal microorganism life, it is evident that it has also provided us with valid scientific indications to allow us to extract energy from the earth in an economic and clean way. ‘environment. These indications were also confirmed by scientific principles legislated before the industrial era by scientists such as Archimedes, Torricelli, Newton, Venturi, Pascal, Henry, Dalton. Why were these principles neglected precisely when, with the invention of electricity, they could have been better used? This question is not rhetorical, but fundamental for the survival of man and for the survival of planet Earth. Earth’s natural science has taught us that anything that isn’t cheap isn’t even efficient because it recycles everything without wasting anything. Obviously, each type of recycling has its natural times, depending on the gravitational force, atmospheric pressure and the earth’s temperature. The technology developed by man in the last two hundred years should not have altered the natural cycles but only made them faster locally in the presence of higher percentages of polluting substances due to industrial, thermal and chemical processes. For the undersigned, who has lived over fifty years as a designer and installer of man-made industrial and environmental systems and inventor, the most logical thing to do should have been the local increase in air pressure and the speed of water circulation with the relative extent involved in regenerative processes. Since the organic substances decompose, they can be regenerated with aerobic and anaerobic treatments to return to the initial state of water, air or mud to be used as fertilizer. We have a wide choice of air and water pressures and flow rates to use, with no need to use combustion processes. The CO2 which is already present in the atmosphere, due to previous combustions and the respiration of plants and animals, can be neutralized with inorganic chemistry, more or less quickly depending on the pressure and flow rate of water and air involved in the processes (greenhouses limestone with artificial rainfall produced with energy extracted directly from the environment 11.03.2019

When it comes only to energy processes, apart from the positive effects due to the absorption of oxygen contained in the air for the principles of Henry and Dalton, which contribute to the purification of water, as only physical strength is necessary, which can be produced without chemical exchange between incompressible water and compressible air, the pressure of which can even reach thousands of bars if the temperature is maintained within that of the earth. So world science has wronged the entire world development by using fuels to produce force, both from a scientific and economic point of view and above all, for the duration of energy processes, and with water and air that are not consumed they can last indefinitely. Science simply had to use the pressure of the compressed or non-compressed air statically in one direction and anticipate by a century the invention of the pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller which allows the same quantity of water and air to be recycled indefinitely in open and closed plants to produce all the primary energy needed at the temperature of the earth’s environment, from which to extract electricity on site, in fixed and mobile plants, without any need to transport electricity from thermal power plants, nuclear, solar and wind. But the whole of world science has not understood this due to the divisions of competences between the various branches of science. Obviously, not even yours truly would have understood it, if he hadn’t tried to connect some scientific concepts and some technological applications acquired over many years of work. How much does the transport of electricity alone affect the bills of world users? And how much does the cost of the extraction, transformation, transport of fossil energy with methane pipelines, oil pipelines, tankers, gasification affect? And when will the subsequent purification of polluted air that would not have been necessary affect the bills of world users? How have these inefficient purifications affected current energy costs, environmental degradation and global warming? It is clear that in the face of all these major unresolved problems, public bodies and multinationals prefer to remain silent. But what are the great philosophers, the great writers, the great journalists, the media, the trade unions, the environmentalists doing in the meantime? They don’t do anything concrete. They limit themselves to denouncing the single disaster, the single accident, without ever putting their finger on the sore spot which is, without a doubt, THE WRONG WAY TO EXTRACT ENERGY FROM THE ENVIRONMENT.

Whoever made the first atomic bomb won World War II. As we have seen, many scientists on opposing sides participated in winning this war. Whoever practically demonstrates that clean primary energy can be extracted directly from the environment risks winning world peace. However, it seems that no powerful on Earth wants to take on this great responsibility. It is more comfortable to live with the threat of the Third World which would destroy all humanity than to admit that the natural way of extracting energy from the environment in fixed and mobile anthropic plants was wrong. All the powerful of the earth and their most qualified employees snub the simplest and most elementary experiments to cleanly extract the energy of the environment so as not to be forced to demolish what, by mutual agreement, have copied each other without ever thinking globally. Not even the poor, who are many anyway, get together to experiment with the many possible applications to extract energy from the earth’s environment already invented by myself, at least virtually. Are the poor still waiting for windfall from heaven? The real windfall from heaven is the primary energy extracted from the environment. If the poor don’t extract it with their own hands, no one will do it for them. Current public and private science now works only for multinationals. This is demonstrated not only by the current one-way trade of patents, of public ones towards multinationals, but by the silence of all world organizations that do not question the specific competences of the individual branches of science. I don’t dispute the specific skills either. I dispute global competencies that can only come about if you try to make global cycles that no one on planet Earth has tried to make. It is the unrelated specific skills that have produced global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth. In fact, the failed connections of the cycles produce so much damage that they cannot be repaired. So the rich, who are in the business of the wrong systems and inefficient purification systems get richer and the poor get poorer.

 If there was a real interest in world peace, somewhere in the world, the extraction of energy from the earth’s environment would have already been tested, because my website is accessible to all. No one has to pay to access them. Unfortunately, personal enrichment is the main goal of the most intelligent and creative people but also of the unscrupulous ones. Today, even communist countries produce billionaire people who go in the opposite direction of sustainable economy. According to the authoritative magazine Forbes, the richest men in the world are found in America, but close behind are the Chinese and the Russians. This means that none of the current men of power in existence want the prize for world peace. While, everyone else is still waiting for the windfall from heaven without doing anything to capture it.

What is the use of filing patents against ministerial bureaucrats who declare that energy cannot be extracted from nothing? How can the world school train graduates in scientific disciplines who still have these preconceptions? There is nothing simpler and more linear than the connection between gravitational force, compressible air and incompressible water. These three essential elements for terrestrial life were conceived by nature, precisely to allow us to extract free energy from the terrestrial environment, because they are complementary: The water which is the energy vector and has a higher density is found at the bottom, the air is stratified in the atmosphere based on the density of the gases that compose it. The gases present in the atmospheric air in the primordial era such as ammonia and methane which had an even lower density were dispersed in the spatial vacuum by nature itself which reasons and acts by itself, demonstrating that it does not need science, but of inventors who know how to design machines and technologies according to natural scientific principles, already identified by scientists of the past, when the race for immediate commercial profit had not yet begun. Why did post-war science and technology develop only commercial inventions and call them economic, European, American, Asian miracles? This economic miracle created global warming and destroyed the sustainable economy.

Today we are in a paradoxical situation worldwide because we are forced to save energy in winter for heating and in summer for cooling because man-made plants that produce heat and cold instead of exchanging heat with water accumulated at a constant temperature underground they use air/air heat exchangers (especially in summer) which heat up the external environment even more, producing immense quantities of steam which double the CO2 emissions on global warming. We are forced to save energy because world transport (land, sea, aeronautics) which use heat engines, consume fuels that cost too much, and also produce CO2 and steam SOx, NOx, CO, lead oxides and fine particles that we are unable to purify. All this is ridiculous and paradoxical because everything could work with electricity and electric motors powered by primary energy extracted free directly from the earth’s environment, without fuels and nuclear energy, also saving purification costs, which science itself has shown not knowing to design.

I, as an inventor, cannot deny that the scientific, political, entrepreneurial, legislative vacuum on the topics dealt with favored me by not finding competitors working on the same topics on a worldwide level. But the reverse of the coin is the fact that this void is so great that I have not found interlocutors willing to experiment and implement my inventions, in any governmental or non-governmental organization, multinationals or even small entrepreneurs. Nobody likes to work without getting paid. Not even to myself. However, I had no choice. Out of personal pride, I continued to develop the continuation of my first inventions even if no one wanted to experiment with them. These inventions concerned the cleaning of fossil energy, which no government and no multinational wanted and wants to do in a radical way as proposed by the undersigned. The entire world science, public and private, did not want to modify the chimneys, the sewers, the water and air purifiers to produce carbonates in the water, which was the most logical thing to do. World science wanted to capture CO2 chemically and without neutralizing it, bury it underground with the C.C.S. increasing the cost of fossil fuels even more (from 12 to 30%) and creating other seismic and toxic hazards such as the Nyos effect (search on the internet). However, the CCS system, even if it didn’t work, cost the world community at least 50 billion dollars and still hasn’t been completely abandoned.

Today we are in 2023 and as already written, since 2005 I have continued to work without being paid by anyone, hoping that before I die I will be able to see how it will end, both the story of cleaning up fossil energy and the next, which should be the extraction of free clean energy from the environment. I paid the bare essentials (about 20,000 euros) of taxes that I shouldn’t have had to pay for filing patents of social utility. I would have been foolish to fully comply with the current laws, also paying the annual fees on the granted patents, given that even today the world’s ruling class does not want to make any of my inventions, both on fossil energy cleaning and energy extraction cleaned from the earth’s environment in fixed and mobile installations that could also take us into space without fuels and nuclear energy. The pessimistic prophecy of Marquez’s parchment mentioned in chapter 2, is still valid for the entire Terran race. It could be disproven by extracting the energy from the Earth’s environment.

For science, politics, business, and the media, it seems like yours truly invented “hot water.” Instead, I invented the only feasible systems to extract free energy from the environment in fixed and mobile plants without producing any kind of pollution.

Returning to the title of chapter 2, for myself, personal pride is neither a defect nor a virtue. It is part of the personality of each of us. It is only necessary to show it if you are forced to do it for the common good, not for personal gain. Prejudice is always reprehensible, both on the part of people and institutions. If an organized prejudice didn’t exist, I would have found at least some interlocutor, not on all subjects, but on someone, given that with my work as a system designer and installer, I managed to survive until retirement without doing too much damage to my employers. If I made my proposals as a pensioner, it is only due to the fact that I already knew that no one would listen to me. As an employee of an automobile company I could not dispute the heat engines, and as an employee of a company that lived on contracts and subcontracts designed by world public bodies I could not say that in my opinion these systems are wrong. I had valid suspicions that they were wrong. But my criticism to be valid and constructive had to be accompanied by alternative solutions, which I was able to study only as a pensioner. It was a long and tiring job because only developing all the details, designing the man-made plants with a different vision, putting together the water and air purification cycles, as has never been done in existing man-made plants, was it possible get, at least virtually, to extract energy from the environment.

Silence, like pride, is neither a defect nor a virtue. But silence cannot afford it, from a moral point of view, those who govern the world, who have to make political, economic and social choices. Silence of silence belongs to organized crime, and to the mafias and drug dealers, if governments and the United Nations also use it, there is no hope for future generations.

Finally, solitude remains, which, like pride, is a personal characteristic necessary for meditating on good and evil. If you carry out research or inventor work, it is a particular indispensable feature, which allows the researcher to work even when no one pays him, when people are sleeping or staying, thinking about those solutions that escape him. Only true researchers and inventors can have this particular feature, because solutions are found in the most unexpected moments. It is no coincidence that a great scientist like Newton and a great inventor like Tesla were solitary people, with very few social relationships. The solitude of reasoning is essential to find the trigger systems of the most important processes, which interactively involve many other parallel processes. The most important example, as far as I’m concerned, is the invention of the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, without which it will never be possible to extract energy from the environment, revolutionize water lifting, purification, sustainable desalination and not even the artificial human heart that will make it possible to triple the duration of human life and perhaps even more if, if men are satisfied to live with mechanical spare parts, cameras instead of eyes, but human feelings. Good or bad? Above all, it will depend on the moral values and affections that we will have cultivated in our current earthly life, as children, parents, fathers and grandparents.

Thanks to some scientists and inventors of the past, some problems have been solved but many others remain. The ones most important for survival. The inventions of the future must not produce pollution, but must also make up for local deficiencies in the earth’s environment. There are very clear signs of the slowdown in sea currents which can also be observed through satellite images. These slowdowns will lead to the formation of large areas of ice and large areas of overheating. Today it seems impossible to intervene on these phenomena, precisely because we have made the wrong choice of the primary source of the earth’s energy, which must be extracted without cost of raw materials from the environment. For example, droughts on agricultural land, excess rain that produces floods, can be prevented before they happen by building support works. It will be possible to provide free oxygenation of polluted waters by consuming only the wear and tear of the machines, not the energy sources. It will be possible to heat or cool homes, workplaces, agricultural greenhouses without fuel. Obviously, even the means of transport will not need fuel, not because they will travel with rechargeable energy accumulators. But because the cheapest and most powerful energy accumulator is compressed air which is not consumed. It partially dissolves in water which is the energy vector that is not even consumed. But above all, science which is still silent on this topic, knows well that the dissolution of air in water produces water purification, unlike fuels which produce pollution (29.12.2017 ). In the medical field, the free oxygenation of the human blood of sick and elderly people will be able to make up for the malfunctioning of the human body. Also in the field of terrestrial and aeronautical means of transport, the same reasoning always applies which is to trigger the process of triggering the energy extracted from the surrounding environment which is hidden in the gravitational force and in the atmospheric air, which together constitute the primary energy source, while incompressible water constitutes the ideal energy vector, which, costing nothing from an economic point of view and having a density about 830 times higher than the combustion fumes and steam used in thermal plants, with the same flow rate and pressure would produce 830 times more energy. It is very strange that the entire world science has never considered putting water and air together in the same plants to produce clean energy without fuel. It stopped at small obstacles due to the one-way exploitation of air pressure and the recycling of water that produces energy that can be brilliantly circumvented, precisely with the invention of the pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller. Isn’t it strange that no one wants to experience it? The fear that it will work is very strong. It is not for nothing that pumps are the heart of all man-made plants in the world. If the current ones are partially wrong, it would change the whole world development for the better. Not finding public and private interlocutors for my international patent, I simply stopped paying the patent maintenance fees, just as I stopped paying the same fees for the other previous and subsequent patents as well. I’m just waiting to see, as long as I live, what this world ruling class and these oppositions want to do, which do not know how to design man-made plants with the logic clearly indicated by the earth’s nature. Probably from God, but I don’t want to embarrass anyone who doesn’t believe in God. Nature is enough. Technology must enhance it, not alter it as it has always done. Planet Earth wants Earth’s primary energy to be cold-mined from the Earth’s environment.

The mystery of the failure to extract energy from the environment becomes even more intense if we try to create means of transport that go into space and submarines, where it is necessary to ensure the air necessary for human breathing and the combustion air to burn the fuels in the external environment it does not exist. Space science has solved the problem with a very strong energy expenditure and a very strong pollution produced with many types of fuels to reach the escape speed of 11.2 km/sec to overcome the gravitational force and enter the solar orbit of the planets to avoid fall back to earth. What has current space science demonstrated with this solution that uses rockets as projectiles that exhaust their internal energy as soon as they reach their goal? This energy cannot have any future development. This system, having to abandon empty fuel tanks along the climb (creating space junk) with the little remaining fuel, can carry out simple unmanned explorations by depositing on some planet some exploratory robots powered by energy accumulators, rechargeable with solar panels.  If the system works we will have more information from the planet concerned, but we will still be very far from real space exploration which would be possible by extracting the compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy from planet Earth, which transferred into space containers would allow space crews to live even in space at pressure the earth’s atmosphere without producing physiological damage to the body such as osteoporosis, cardiac, metabolic, simply infinitely recycling the primary source of energy (atmospheric air) and the energy vector (water), which can be integrated along the journey, with light, artificial photosynthesis and the carbon cycle and even with the capture of interstellar dust particles, which as the undersigned has written and demonstrated with drawings, could be captured by global linear engines equipped with Newton’s reaction thrust and electromagnetic Lorentz. Why do astronauts have to risk their health and their own lives to do the job they love? No one can answer this question better than myself. Because I too have loved my job and have tried to learn about it all my life while it has allowed me to feed my family. But to improve the world’s energy and purification systems, of which space navigation systems are also a part, it is necessary to constructively criticize the organization of work to which one belongs. If necessary, leave this organization to be free to develop your ideas. The example of Nikola Tesla should be an example for all those who believe that being an inventor is the job of a privileged caste. The best ones are also the most hindered, unless they give up on developing their best ideas.

Nothing can be cheaper than water and terrestrial air, even to go into space, but if the current world ruling class hasn’t spent a euro to verify it in terrestrial plants, how would it have been possible to propose the same solution also in space plants? ? Anyone who, like myself, realizes they are an inventor, at least when retired, must find the courage to leave the world of work that has given them a living without being influenced by the wishes of employers who are not inventors, but businessmen , politicians and other things. The inventor, if he has sound moral principles, cannot invent weapons of destruction and man-made plants that damage the environment and the economy of the terrestrial planet. If he doesn’t succeed right away, he has to perfect his inventions until he succeeds. He must not have any economic conflicts of interest. While the current laws on the trade of patents from public entities to multinationals favor these conflicts. How do world legislators not notice these conflicts?

It should be history to judge who the real researchers and inventors are, but negative climatic events are picking up unforeseen speeds and real researchers and inventors, paid or unpaid, by public bodies and multinationals, cannot stand by while the the ruling class does not understand or pretends not to understand the seriousness of the situation. What prevented science from making simple and linear reasoning that led to inventions such as the pump with separate dual power supply up to the impeller and subsequently, the conception of global linear motors? What has prevented science from extracting energy directly from the earth’s environment, which has an abundance of it for all uses and consumptions without producing the damage caused by fuels, nuclear energy and inefficient and cumbersome renewables?

I think that the genius of Albert Einstein appeared too prematurely on this planet, when science and technology had not yet sufficiently probed the enormous natural self-purifying and self-energetic possibilities, which needed only the invention of technological trigger systems, in since clean energy is already present in static form in atmospheric air, pressurized to one bar by gravity, and in water. While, terrestrial interactive scientific principles had already been identified by fluid dynamics scientists before the invention of electricity. Just think of the principles of Archimedes, Torricelli, Newton, Venturi, Henry and Dalton, Pascal, and after the invention of electricity, the electromagnetic ones, of Maxwell, Lorenz, Tesla, Ferraris. Without authoritative support from a scientist like Albert Einstein, which does not seem to exist in the current era, hardly anyone will believe me.

5. The apparent advantage of alternating current over direct current energy.

The long technical and scientific controversy between great scientists and inventors, such as Edison, Tesla and Galileo Ferraris on the substantial differences between direct and alternating current, was certainly won by Tesla and Ferraris on a scientific and technical level who supported alternating current. For the history of humanity there is no comparison between the value of the inventions of Tesla and Ferraris with those of Edison. It doesn’t matter that Tesla died very poor and Edison very rich, Edison was smarter as an entrepreneur. History does not reward great entrepreneurs, but only those who leave a tangible sign of scientific and technological progress and who positively change the previous development model in an irreversible way. Only time will be able to distinguish and separate the apparent advantage from the real one, as the comparison must not only be made on electricity, but also on the primary source that produces electricity. In fact, one of the main unequivocal advantages is the fact that the transport of electricity with high voltage alternating current costs much less than what it would cost with direct current energy. This advantage is only apparent because none of the contenders realized that primary energy could be extracted directly from the environment and therefore there was no need to transport electrical energy remotely.

Above all, if we consider the increase in storms and water bombs throughout the world, I think that the transport of electricity on poles and pylons is also to blame, together with the greater quantity of steam produced by fixed and mobile thermal energy , from nuclear energy and solar panels. In fact it has been ascertained that steam has a double impact on global warming compared to CO2, but the fact is underestimated that steam, acquiring greater density proportionally to the percentage of water it contains compared to air (eight hundred and thirty times higher) produces much more damage from a windstorm. Whereas according to some observations, researchers have established that water bombs are most frequent along rivers, streams, lakes, and that electric power lines line all city, county, county, state, and highways along of rivers, lakes and seas, I think that this presence can contribute to triggering electrostatic phenomena between atmospheric electromagnetism and the electric cables carrying terrestrial energy. Moreover, the same water contained in the clouds and on the earth in the presence of electricity is polarized into two negative hydrogen atoms and one positive oxygen. The electrostatic phenomena between the electricity distribution networks and atmospheric electromagnetism have not been sufficiently studied, like many other problems. The same water atoms are polarized as immense accumulators of electric energy while retaining the fluid-dynamic physical characteristics of density and strength 830 times higher than common atmospheric air. If public science is not able to accurately investigate the individual causes that produce climate change, at least it begins to clearly side with the extraction of primary energy directly from the environment which does not produce CO2 and steam, which above all costs less than all the current energies marketed by multinationals.

Only a great global ignorance of the entire world ruling class has prevented the extraction of energy from the environment when it is needed, at the moment it is needed, without paying the costs of raw materials, industrial transformation and those for the transport of raw materials and of the same electricity produced. Even today, over 130 years after the first electricity distribution networks, no enlightened scientist or inventor or entrepreneur has noticed this false advantage of the transport of electricity that all users worldwide see charged on their energy bills, not only electricity but also for the transport of gas and fuel to the distributors that supply the means of transport.

6. The real advantage of alternating current over direct current energy.

The real advantage of alternating current compared to direct current energy resulting from the inventions of Tesla and Marconi was that of transmitting electromagnetic waves and therefore radio waves through the atmosphere. The transmission of alternating current, even if it is better than that of direct current, is of no use if we can extract the compressed hydroelectromagnetic primary energy directly on the spot, even at the north and south poles and in the deserts, but this still in the year 2023, does not it was understood. Instead, since 1888 the construction of electric current generators and induced current electric motors were a success that lasts over time and will never die, as both the generators and the motors can have the winding on the stator directly fed with alternating current, with voltage that can reach up to 10,000 V, making them more powerful and lighter.

Newton, who was one of the most important scientists of all time, asserted that what we know is a drop, while what we don’t know is an ocean. The drop that Newton knew in the 1600s has grown dramatically with the invention of electricity. After which, just under one hundred and fifty years of industrial development were enough to produce global warming and make large parts of the planet inhospitable, where men themselves cannot survive as they did in past centuries. The fault lies not with the invention of electricity, which is the most important invention of all time, in which many inventors participated, but with the primary energy used to spin the rotors of electricity generators.

My work as a designer and installer of anthropic plants has allowed me to get to know the state of the industrial and environmental terrestrial art. But I was only able to study scientific and technological reflections and insights when I was retired. My goal was not to find a way to extract energy from the environment, but to clean fossil thermal energy with state-of-the-art scientific and technological concepts and economize on the purification costs of the processes used. It was precisely the final phase of this study, when I tried to reduce the costs of purification, which made me identify the complementarity of the characteristics of the water and the air which led me to change the way I use centrifugal pumps , autoclaves and fluid dynamic systems in general, which coupled with the electromagnetic ones, would have allowed me to extract clean energy directly from the environment without producing any pollution. So, all my long (unpaid) work to improve the purification systems, apparently, was wasted. Instead, nothing was wasted at all, because I probably would never have found the solution if I hadn’t connected all the purifying details. Furthermore, in many cases, we cannot give up heating systems. As in the production of steel and the incineration of waste. So the purification solutions of fossil energy characterized above all by the modifications of the chimneys, by the covering of the purification plants, by the creation of artificial rains and limestone greenhouses would still remain valid.

Unfortunately, I had to realize that the world’s ruling class is not interested in cleaning up fossil energy or extracting clean energy directly from the environment. The situation is much more serious than one might think. The problems to be solved are not only technical and scientific, but also legislative. Legislators make no distinction between inventions of public utility and commercial inventions. They demand from independent inventors who deal with environmental and social problems the same filing and maintenance fees that they ask from multinationals; allow the trade of patents from public bodies to multinationals. It is clear that with these laws even public inventors prefer to invent commercial solutions for multinationals, to legally earn additional remuneration. But this trade has prevented public researchers and inventors from studying different and alternative solutions to the consumer society desired by multinationals. Today whoever should have corrected the errors in the interests of the entire world population and the environment is on the same side as the polluters because they are paid to hide scientific truths which would be the shortcut to solving problems globally and without cost (manna from heaven). Instead, public and private researchers concentrate on improving the yields of obsolete solutions, which in any case are and remain paid for, will never be able to come close to the already clean energy extracted directly from the environment. It would require mass resignations of all researchers and inventors who are unable to understand the seriousness of the situation. But courage cannot be given to those who don’t have it. Above all, they are well-paid, well-paid privileged people. Why would they do it? I think that if these people have children and grandchildren they should look to their future. Not in their present.

When the way of producing the earth’s electromagnetism was discovered thanks to great scientists, especially Maxwell and Lorentz, by means of the movement of permanent magnets in two electric fields inductor and induced, all insiders understood that the electric fields had to be made with coils of copper wires protected with insulating varnishes to increase the total electrical resistance of the circuits and reduce the intensity of the parasitic currents which would have produced a greater quantity of heat. Hence, it is clear that induced and inducting circuits cannot be subjected to high temperature. Some alarm bell should have sounded in the heads of world researchers and inventors, but this has not happened to this day. Throughout planet Earth, primary thermal energy has continued to be used, which must be suitably distanced from induced and inductive circuits. Therefore it was not possible to build compact and light plants to be able to add the thrust of Newton and Lorenz. In fact, aeronautical and space installations have to carry around huge quantities of fuels and also cooling systems. They should also bring the combustion fume purification plants with them, but they don’t worry about this because science and world legislators are on their side.

When the undersigned, who is not an electrotechnical specialist, but a mechanical and fluid dynamics one, decided to cold-extract the primary energy from the earth’s environment, he solved several problems at the same time as he avoided heating the electrical circuits with the heat of the combustion, avoided the pollution produced by nitrogen oxides, sulphur, lead, CO2, and steam, avoided paying the cost of fuels and made it possible to combine the production of primary and induced energy without any separation. But since none of the scientific, economic and political terrestrial powers liked this idea, after not liking the inventions on cleaning fossil energy, the undersigned was also forced to invade the field of primary energy production, which logically , economic, environmental and practical, can be neither thermal, nor nuclear, nor solar, nor wind, but simply fluid dynamics, and mechanics, with the gravitational force and atmospheric air as the primary source of the earth’s energy and water as a carrier energetic. Water has a higher density of about 830 times higher than the combustion fumes of thermal engines and steam of nuclear plants, at the same flow rate and operating pressure it has an equally higher efficiency without the need to have fuel extraction costs and radioactive metals from the environment; not even transport transformation costs of the energy sources and of the energy produced and without the need to build thermal and nuclear power plants, but not even heat engines which should also be cooled to produce electricity and electromagnetism, which could only add together the thrust when cold Newton and Lorentz to create the means of land, marine, aeronautical and space transport and work. Fluid dynamics and electromagnetism alone, without other elements, would have been enough to solve all the energy and purification problems of our time. But, as we know, the story went differently. The political regimes face each other on opposite sides between NATO and former communist countries, but they agree to defend to the bitter end the commercial energies that have produced global warming.

Unfortunately, scientific and technological progress, which should have accompanied the transition from agricultural to industrial development, has been disturbed by two pre-existing phenomena: The existing need to use the heat of fire to cook food, warm up in the cold months, has led automatically also to realize the first means of transport using heat. The first means of transport were the steam locomotives on tracks, propelled by a steam engine and intended for the railway traction of freight wagons or passenger carriages, invented by several engineers (including Richard Trevithick and George Stephenson) in the early 19th century. The steam locomotive revolutionized the rail transport system allowing the transition from animal traction to mechanical traction. The invention of heat engines is due to Eugenio Barsanti and Felice Matteucci, in 1853 they detailed the operation and construction in documents and patents filed in various European countries such as Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany. Therefore, even the production of electricity has had thermal energy as its primary source. The second negative phenomenon that has prevented the deepening of the fluid dynamics principles for cold developing the primary energy to be coupled to electromagnetism, have been the most serious war events of all time. We must not forget that in 1915 the First World War started until 1918 and only twenty one years later, the Second World War broke out (1939 -1945). It is clear that in this historical period the contending countries concentrated their efforts to increase the strength of the heat and produce ever more efficient means of warfare. The first tank was created in the UK. The first examples entered service on the Western Front in September 1916.

 Special relativity (1905) and general relativity (1916), despite the good intentions of Einstein, who advocated a single world government and was against the division of the atom, seemed manna from heaven to the contending countries, as the best scientists they had immediately understood its immense war capabilities. Whoever produced the nuclear bomb first would have won World War II. So it was. Even today, politicians and economic power centers condition science and technology. Whoever owns the most weapons of mass destruction is the most feared and respected. This is demonstrated by the war in Ukraine and the outbreaks of other wars around the world, behind which there are always opposing fronts that have nothing to do with the old communist and capitalist ideologies but only with economic interests, world stock exchanges, fossil and nuclear energy. The world situation has become even more complicated because, today, all the major countries concerned have atomic bombs. Countries that do not have it must necessarily ally with those who do and provide logistical support to nuclear installations.

Today, that there would be the concrete possibility of extracting all the energy we need directly from the environment for free, none of the old and new contending countries is interested in this great opportunity for fear of weakening in terms of war and momentarily, also in terms of trade , because even if energy costs nothing and the inventor is a simple pensioner, who does not expect any compensation for his work, other than to be treated as authors of intellectual works, such as writers, musicians, artists , professors, who unlike inventors, are not required to pay filing and maintenance fees on filed patents. What are my faults as an inventor, if the ruling class does not want to make my inventions to continue producing man-made plants that are wrong from an energy, environmental and economic point of view, but useful in the event of small and large wars? The correct anthropic systems cannot be changed in a day. It takes many years and all countries have to agree.

We need to stop the wars that no one can win because no one is completely right. If the United States has the most powerful army, Russia has the primacy of the most consistent nuclear stocks while China has the largest number of soldiers in active service, a good 2 million people. USA. and Russia have 90% of the atomic warheads on Earth in their hands but Russia, as mentioned, has more. According to SIPRI – Stockholm International Peace Research Institute – the atomic arsenals in the hands of the various countries are divided as follows: Russia: 6225; Use: 5550; China: 350; France: 290; United Kingdom: 215; Pakistan: 165; India: 156; Israel: 90; North Korea: 40.

From Wikipedia I extract the name of the great geniuses who helped produce the first atomic bomb: Ernest Rutherford, Niels Bohr, Werner Karl Heisemberg, James Chadwick, Enrico Fermi, Otto Hann, Fritz Strassman, Lise Meitner, Otto Frisch, Ernest Orlando Lawrentz, Leo Szilard, Edward Teller, Eugene WIgner, Fransis Perrin, Artur Comton, Robert Oppenheier, Robert Serber. These great geniuses, and those who worked on the opposite side, certainly, in good faith, could not do anything but obey their country to try to win the world war.

It is obvious that faced with the force of nuclear energy and thermodynamics, the more delicate terrestrial fluid dynamics lost all interest for science and the world ruling class. But fluid dynamics made up of water and air is the only energy that costs nothing. It does not need to be transformed and transported, therefore it can locally compensate for the environmental deficits that exist and have always existed on planet Earth. With sustainable desalination that does not consume energy, deserts can be irrigated, with artificial welling it is possible to at least triple the production of fish in a natural way. With the cold energy produced it is possible to add together Newton’s fluid dynamic thrust and Lorentz’s electromagnetic thrust, which notoriously cannot be developed when heated because it develops through coils of wires protected by insulating varnishes. This is the reason why these two thrusts have never been added together in any type of land, aeronautical, space or marine transport. Even submarines have been designed with thermal and nuclear energies even if these energies force submarines to go back to the surface to look for combustion air and/or remove the CO2 produced by human breathing from the environment. How many submarine accidents have been due to these scientifically wrong choices? If with hindsight, science had understood that it is much simpler, cheaper and linear to produce cold electric and electromagnetic energy with the compressed hydro-electromagnetic system which would have solved both the problems of combustion air and those of the production of CO2 at the same time human breathing, both that of the production and disposal of radioactive substances in nuclear reactors and also the disposal of heavy, expensive, useless electricity accumulators. In fact, submarines travel above all with energy accumulators and are forced to go back to the surface to recharge them, risking being shot down because none of the designers and inventors has even today realized that they could remain submerged almost indefinitely if they had been powered with compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy that could have been invented even before the First World War of 1915-1918. In fact, the first hydroelectric power plant was built at Niagara Falls in the United States in 1881.

If the state of the art of hydroelectric energy, from a creative point of view, had not stopped at the hydraulic leap, as it still is, the following two world wars could have been fought by land, sea, submarine and aeronautics with compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy, without fuels and nuclear energy. They probably wouldn’t even have been fought, because most wars have been fought over the wrong sources of energy.

Unfortunately, this hindsight, on planet Earth, in 2023, still does not exist. Nuclear science is still the most awarded with Nobel prizes, not so much for the concrete results achieved, but for the false hopes sown. It is one thing to separate atoms to locally produce electrolytic and electrostatic energy; one thing is to excite atoms to locally produce laser beams. Another thing is to divide currents to produce nuclear energy that is not compatible with the earth’s environment.

Instead, fluid dynamics, more practical and concrete, is still the Cinderella of world energy and no scientist has ever thought of rationally linking it to electromagnetism before myself, who is certainly not a scientist, but a simple technician who installs man-made industrial plants and environmental issues, that he had to wait until he retired to express his opinion freely. But the freedom to write the solutions does not coincide with the most elementary copyrights that international laws also recognize to those who write a song, a fantasy novel, or a musical score. According to current international laws, inventors must pay patent filing and maintenance fees at national and international level and if they do not find public and private interlocutors, as happened to me, they must continue to pay maintenance fees. Let’s not talk about the patents not granted with the accusation of perpetual motion by the bureaucrats churned out by world universities, who cannot understand that on planet Earth it is sufficient to make the pumps work in the direction of the gravitational force to extract energy from the environment. Anyone with a minimum of common sense can demonstrate this, yet science, the world’s ruling class is silent on these elementary concepts, but allocates trillions to repair the damage caused by climate change, rebuilding embankments in flooded areas, planting trees where they have been set on fire, in order not to recognize that the interpretations of the energy diversities of the terrestrial planet have been wrong compared to those of the universe.  For this reason I say that it would have been better for everyone if Einstein’s genius had been even greater and had realized that clean energy could be extracted from the environment, before the mad rush to supply the wrong fossil and nuclear energy sources began . It would have been good for everyone, even if the genius of Nikola Testa had realized that the invention of alternating current is used for many applications, but not for the transport of electricity, which by changing the current primary energy sources, could be produced everywhere in fixed and mobile installations, terrestrial, marine, submarine, aeronautical and space, simply by adding together the fluid dynamics and the terrestrial electromagnetism which, as the undersigned has demonstrated, would be the only opportunity to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, which it has never been added because it can only be added when cold.

Today it is too difficult an undertaking for a simple pensioner, while all the others are paid not to oppose, but to keep silent about these inventions that arrive late. Just see how many of my interlocutors are on Facebook, Linkedin, Academia edu, Twitter. My website is a desert, as if I invented hot water. Instead, the damage produced by the wrong energies, old and new, are just beginning and will also add up to natural phenomena that human beings have never experienced, such as the inversion of the earth’s magnetic poles that astronomical science is managing to document better than in the past. past.   Therefore, it is essential to make up for lost time and immediately start extracting clean energy from the environment without interfering with the earth’s natural processes but mitigating locally with interactive technologies the problems due to drought and indomitable fires on which we have never been able to intervene precisely because science has never been able to extract clean energy from the environment nor to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz to stop on the hearths of fires.

The fact that Albert Einstein advocated a single world government (Like yours truly) shows that he was not a person tied to temporal power. While the fact that he hasn’t realized that energy can be extracted directly from the earth’s environment makes his genius more humane, but frankly, I who have noticed it and who have gathered only silence and indifference, I would have preferred that my merits of inventor went to him. Because whoever understood the special and general theory of relativity could not have failed to understand the reasons why energy can and must be extracted directly from the earth’s environment, which is closely linked to the gravitational force and the presence of atmospheric pressure terrestrial.

This means that in all planets similar to the Earth it is possible to extract clean energy from the environment and consequently, also to create means of space transport, which using the essential elements of the earth’s primary energy (air and water) and producing the electricity, induced currents and terrestrial electromagnetism, by locally creating artificial light, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle, we can also create the thrust of Newton and Lorentz without dividing the atom, as Einstein himself wished. Now that we are in 2023, we must ask ourselves why what escaped Albert Einstein and Tesla has also escaped the other scientists? I think it is the fault of the division of responsibilities imposed by public and private employers, who, in order to protect the current development model and the world stock exchanges, have favored separate specialist activities for individual public and private sectors.

The right hand of science does not know what the left hand is doing. In fact, the trade of international patents between public bodies and multinationals takes place within the same sectors to which they belong, never across the board. It is normal for the scientific faculties of a university to collaborate with other universities in foreign countries and multinationals specialized in the same sectors. It is also normal that university faculties do not collaborate with the scientific faculties of the same university with other specializations. Therefore it is normal that both the scientific faculties and the multinationals, specialized in specific sectors, have not realized that clean energy can be extracted directly from the environment because the extraction system requires transversal reasoning to the individual specializations. If the wrong systems are not corrected first, it is not possible to go ahead and be ready to face the climatic and geological changes that the next inversion of the magnetic poles will bring about. However, there is no hurry if, as astronomical science claims, the process will last 20,000 years.

 7. Transversal reasoning is essential to extract energy from the environment.

The transversal reasoning that can lead us to understand that it is possible to extract energy from the environment are above all fluid dynamics. I have cited many, unfortunately, in a disordered way, because there are many such arguments and I quote them at random while writing an article. Therefore, other examples can be extracted from previous articles. These examples, even if they say different things, are never in conflict with each other. In this article I give another example:

Come un naturale sollevamento a sifone terrestre, non può innescarsi da solo, senza aspirare prima l’aria atmosferica nel tubo di sollevamento (l’aspirazione dell’aria costituisce l’innesco), altrettanto non è possibile estrarre energia idroelettrica dall’ambiente terrestre senza l’invenzione della pompa con la doppia alimentazione separata fino girante. La quale, tuttora non mi risulta che sia mai stata realizzata, sebbene sia un brevetto nazionale e internazionale del sottoscritto dell’anno 2015. A quali porte deve bussare un inventore privato che non appartiene alla scienza pubblica e privata e alle multinazionali, se anche i legislatori lo penalizzano chiedendo il pagamento di tasse di mantenimento dei brevetti, prive di qualsiasi logica morale e legale? 10.09.2015 

The science invented by men before the invention of the pump with the double supply separated up to the impeller (which was not realized because the inventor is a simple pensioner) is the exact opposite of the natural terrestrial science from a technical economic scientific point of view purifying and energetic. In fact, if we observe the functioning of the already mentioned siphon, we can say that it is an explicit invitation to extract energy directly from the gravitational force without fuels and nuclear energy. In fact, to trigger a siphon all we have to do is extract the atmospheric air present on the suction side of a centrifugal pump. Once the siphon has been triggered, the water continues to rise as if the pump were not performing any function, within a ten-metre rise (which is the equivalent of the earth’s atmospheric pressure). To raise the water to a level higher than ten meters, it is necessary to supply the pump motor with a greater amount of electrical energy. To stop the water from rising it is necessary to let the air enter the siphon by means of a valve which is called a de-priming valveThe best unpriming valves are electromagnetic as the mechanical ones are affected by the perturbations of the unsteady motion produced by the entry of air into the duct. In the case of an open circuit with a positive hydraulic pressure on the suction side or a closed circuit pressurized to a pressure above atmospheric by means of an autoclave, the invention was necessary to trigger the advantage of the siphon which allows the water to be lifted for free of the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, because the water, not provided with a sufficient positive head, cannot rise without the use of a traditional pump which absorbs electricity, nor can it enter a closed circuit pressurized at a higher pressure, unless the following conditions are created:

1. In open circuits it is necessary to connect the two separate supplies to the suction and delivery basin, so that the principle of communicating vessels and Pascal’s principle are partially exploited in the rotating impeller

2. In pressurized closed circuits it is necessary to open them at the outlet of the turbine, or of the pump used as a turbine, and let the same amount of water enter that came out to produce electricity in one of the separate feeds up to the impeller, while the other feed recycles the pressurized autoclave water with the same flow rate.

3. In both of the aforementioned cases, the pressures in the body of the impeller in rotation of the water, which enters at atmospheric pressure and that recycled at a higher pressure from the autoclave, or coming from the upper basin, must be balanced. These two equilibrium conditions are created automatically, supplying the pump only with the energy necessary for recycling. Not what would be necessary to lift the water or to overcome the pressure of the autoclave. Pascal’s principle and the principle of the impenetrability of bodies take care of letting the same amount of water enter the autoclave as it comes out to produce electricity.

Therefore, the invention of the pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller is essential if we want to extract energy from the earth’s environment without wasting economic resources in fuels and nuclear energy but also in solar panels, wind turbines, because in any case they require higher costs of production and transfer of the electricity produced to the place where it is to be used. While compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy not only does not need to be transported, as well as producing clean energy without energy costs, it purifies the water by dissolving oxygen every time it passes through the autoclave according to the Henry and Dalton principle. The system can even be miniaturized with two very small pressurized autoclaves to enter the human thorax and produce sufficient electricity to manage some artificial organs autonomously while human blood can be purified and nourished as it passes through the small autoclaves, making up for the lack of pulmonary oxygenation, due to disease and old age.

In the world’s agricultural activities, without energy costs, we can lift and transport large volumes of water remotely. If there is no fresh water, we can use sea water by recycling it several times on itself, favoring ion exchange with specially chosen resins already existing on the market, without consuming electricity for a fee. 10.06.2016   

The figure above is extracted from the article, 22.07.2016, represents one of the systems that I participated in realizing in Italy. This plant, designed by the independent body of Flumendosa, with pumps from Società Termoeccanica, motors from Ansaldo, built by the Impregilo company, with the electromechanical works subcontracted to the company “Ing. Caccavale and C. s.a.s.” of which I was in charge of plumbing and mechanical systems. For myself, this plant should be redesigned, like most of the world’s anthropic plants, according to the hydraulic diagrams and pumps that I propose.Because if it is true that the current lifting system has the capacity to lift 5 m3/s of water to a height of 220 m, it also has the capacity to consume around 14666 Kw/s, considering the pump efficiency of 75%. While with the hydraulic schemes proposed below, realizing the lifting with four step systems by means of the combination of dual fuel pumps and turbines we could produce about 4000 kW/s by consuming only about 40 kW/s for the recycling of the even in the phases in which there is no withdrawal of water from the lifting system.  The precise calculations can be made at a later stage. At this stage, only the concepts are important. The current plant, as it was conceived, involved complex calculations of the perturbations of various motion, carried out by the University of Naples and for the neutralization of this phenomenon no less than eight steel tanks pressurized with compressed air with a capacity of 70 m3, with a test pressure of 30 bar. The cost of this system could also be avoided by creating step lifting with water recycling and pumps with dual power supplies on the suction side. Below is a scheme of lifting steps in an open vessel.

Mine is not a criticism of the project and Italian technology, so much so that as an installer technician, I proudly participated in the creation of this work. But knowing that there are many thousands of water lifts of all kinds around the world, I think it was helpful to calmly reflect on these works as a retiree. In fact, the world expenditure for raising water for agricultural, civil and industrial purposes, after that for transport, is the largest in the world. If we think that this energy cost can be transformed into energy production by extracting energy directly from the environment, it should make us think, not only scientists, but also politicians, economists, professors who teach in schools and the entire world population. What is certain is the fact that it is not convenient to raise the waters against the gravitational force. This is a universal energy principle and it is precisely through this principle that we could eliminate almost all terrestrial energy costs, including those of transport, which are in first place. We must use our intelligence and technology to avoid this unnecessary and immense economic expense. Generally speaking, we can use the above scheme to lift, accumulate and transport large quantities of water for agricultural purposes at atmospheric pressure, in order to lighten river floods, prevent floods and have large volumes of water available for drought periods. When it comes to drinking water and industrial water distribution networks, it is advisable to use the combination of pressurized autoclaves with pumps equipped with a double separate power supply up to the impeller and pumps used as turbines coupled with electric current generators, which would make these plants, not only energetically autonomous, but also producers of energy for the adjacent public and private systems, as well as water purifiers, since, every time the water passes through the autoclave, it purifies itself by absorbing the oxygen contained in the air the physical principles of Henry and Dalton, as can be seen from the diagrams shown below.

Non è stato un caso che l’invenzione successiva del sottoscritto sia stata l’auto idroelettrica, brevettata nel 2016, che è la capostipite delle altre invenzioni che rivoluzioneranno i trasporti mondiali.     14.01.2017 Non è strano che ancora nel 2023 nessuno parla del nuovo modo di progettare gli impianti di sollevamento delle acque e di realizzare i sistemi di trasporto mondiali rappresentano che le maggiori spese energetiche mondiali e creano i maggiori problemi ambientali mondiali? Come possiamo fidarci dell’attuale classe dirigente mondiale, compresa quella scientifica?   

The figure above should also make it clear to laymen in the field of science, physics and technology that by changing the way centrifugal pumps work, we have no limits on the size of the plants, nor limits on the maximum lifting height. The reasoning is valid both if the system works at atmospheric pressure and if it is connected to an autoclave at any operating pressure. The only condition to be respected is that the same quantity of water entering the systems at low pressure as exiting at high pressure, both for the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies, and for the principle of Pascal, which allows the pressure to be maintained in all directions, not the increase in pressure which requires the supply of new energy, which in any case, if it were extracted from the environment, would cost nothing, except for greater wear on the electrocompressor and circulation pump.  As can be seen from the drawing, I have divided the water inlet into four alternating sectors (LP) low pressure and (HP) high pressure, but it would have been the same thing to divide the water supply into two circular rings of equal section, placing in the center the smallest one (LP) which would benefit most from the greater centripetal effect produced by the rotating impeller. It should have been practical experimentation to define this detail. But faced with the silence of the entire world ruling class, including the scientific one, I could do nothing but wait for a future generation to come out that is wiser and farsighted than the current one. At least on environmental and energy problems.

The current science, which has not been able to extract the clean energy provided free of charge from the earth’s environment, has created immense economic damage to the world economy because in addition to paying the cost of fossil fuels and nuclear power, human beings must also pay the costs of purification, for which, unfortunately, science itself has not been able to design the plants, keeping the specific skills of the various branches of science and trades separate. Today we have fixed and mobile thermal plants that waste resources and do not close all the cycles they open and nuclear plants that have not been able to decontaminate radioactive pollutants, which must be hidden in underground storage sites because nobody knows how to neutralize them. While the plants in operation produce greenhouse gases such as CO2 and steam in industrial quantities throughout the planet that have nothing to do with CO2 and the natural evaporations produced by vegetation and living beings.

I think that energy and environmental science cannot be proud of its work, nor can it continue to keep silent about the inventions of the undersigned, who lived on the front lines as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants from 1970 to 2005, and then transformed into retired inventor, escaping both the logic of scientific specializations, and that of entrepreneurs who think only of profit, and that of governments that think only of electoral consensus, which the creation of jobs can create.

The logic of the scientific organization of first industrial and then environmental work led me to think differently than industrial and environmental designers and inventors, and therefore to unify the work cycles, air water purification and energy production, which eventually, after about ten years, led me to the first inventions that directly extracted clean energy from the environment. But the path wasn’t easy because first I tried my hand at cleaning fossil energy, producing carbonates in water, and then to economize the processes of this solution, developing other details, I realized that on planet Earth l ‘thermal energy and not even nuclear energy. It doesn’t even need energy transport.

World science has always kept silent about my solutions. He never dared to call them “perpetual motion” as the Italian and European patent office bureaucrats did, in some cases, because the energy comes from the gravitational force by means of scientific and technological reasoning that they have not been able to understand, having had bad teachers in the universities they attended.

The figure below shows that all world users in rich and poor countries could produce clean energy by themselves, also producing heat and cold for their own comfort, without being subject to frequent power outages from public network operators.

The figure below shows how the energy produced in individual homes could be connected with geothermal wells that exchange heat with the subsoil instead of using current commercial inventions that contribute to warming the planet even more with air / air exchangers that do nothing but transfer the heat of the internal systems to the atmospheric air. But it also shows other purification and energy details that have never been realized on fixed and mobile energy that can only be found on the website, as neither public bodies nor multinationals have them financed, for evident common interests, to continue producing incomplete commercial inventions, which by not solving problems globally and ensure work for everyone, without realizing that the planet is heading towards its own self-destruction, as every incomplete commercial invention is produced in billions of specimens.   Since the times of Archimedes, science has always been at the service of the mighty of the Earth, otherwise scientists and inventors would have starved to death. The undersigned is well aware that he has escaped this blackmail after earning a modest work pension in order to be able to propose, at least virtually, radically alternative solutions to the current ones. I have never been surprised by the silences I collect. I only care that, sooner or later, the truth comes out. My life would have been in vain if I hadn’t proposed these inventions. It’s not enough to be a good father, a good grandfather. If one realizes that he has a vocation, not necessarily a religious one, he cannot back down just because he cannot find interlocutors.

Science linked to global entrepreneurs has got it all wrong on an economic, energy and environmental level because the technological state of the art can only advance through the gradual improvement of the technologies and synergies used. In many cases this improvement cannot take place because those who have made the wrong investments must try to amortize the invested capital. But in the majority of cases it is the energy sources used that create profits, not linked to work, but only to the marketed product, which is not universal, but privately owned. This is unfair from a moral point of view because everything that is underground, as well as in the water and in the air should be a heritage of humanity. The misappropriation of the wrong energy sources, with the consent of scientists, professors and legislators is destroying the planet democratically, because the divisions of competences do not allow to deepen knowledge globally. Those who propose synergistic, interactive and multidisciplinary inventions, instead of being rewarded, are isolated and penalized by governments and legislators through the current global patent system, which force them to pay taxes that they would not have to pay in the absence of public and private financers. This is not democracy but a hidden dictatorship that rewards wrong inventions instead of correct ones that no one can appreciate because no world government finances them.

However, some of the science is working very well. I am referring in particular to astronomical science, which, not being interested in commercial inventions, has realized through past and present astronomical observations that the planet has considerably accelerated atmospheric irregularities, with a significant tendency to overheating. Astronomical science, by better analyzing the data accumulated from observations, has managed to estimate with greater precision the data collected on the phenomenon of magnetic pole reversal. Today he can say with certainty that the last inversion occurred about 773 thousand years ago and that the duration of the process will last about 20 thousand years. On the one hand we don’t have to worry because being a very long process, it won’t be very traumatic. On the other hand, it should make us reflect and appreciate more the climatic stability we had before the industrial era that began less than two hundred years ago with wrong thermal inventions, followed by even more wrong nuclear inventions, since, clearly, planet Earth in every way he made it clear that he wanted to be handled cold.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy even for myself to find a way to cold extract energy from the environment. If I have succeeded, at least virtually, it is only because I have learned to know industrial and environmental anthropic machines and systems in a lifetime of work, as a designer, installer of systems and also as a participant in public and private tenders. Tenders cannot be won if the best price is not achieved, with the same performance required by the tender specifications.  Making plants economical and sustainable is not taught in any world school and the same public tender specifications do not help to find the best solutions by imposing on the participants of the tenders the way in which the plants must work. It is true that competitive tenders also exist, but small companies cannot participate in these tenders, as they know better the machines and systems that they install and put into operation on a daily basis, but do not have the capital to invest to fight a system that however it makes them survive. It is no coincidence that, as a pensioner, I withdrew from the world of real work, starting the activity of an inventor from scratch, not to communicate new scientific, physical, thermal, fluid-dynamic, chemical, mathematical, biological, electrotechnical, electronic, but in order to be able to freely develop the connecting details of these scientific principles, which in my opinion, have not been sufficiently developed, due to the divisions of competences of the various branches of science, entrepreneurs and multinationals and as mentioned, the impossibility of intervening by those who really know the systems, as there are too many details to develop, connect differently, experiment and gradually proceed to create more complete and efficient global work cycles.

It is no coincidence that my activity as an inventor started in 2005 with the unification of the water and air purification cycles, which are still divided today as no one has made my first inventions, first modifying the chimneys, then the sewers, then purifiers, then fixed energy production plants and then mobile, terrestrial, marine, submarine and space plants. All these inventions have been greeted with silence by science, entrepreneurs and world politicians. The experimental phase and the gradual introduction into the most complete and efficient global work cycles has never begun. Therefore, the undersigned was forced to hypothesize that they worked without experimentation and the gradual advancement of the state of the art in order to invent subsequent inventions. Probably, these inventions will be able to be appreciated more in the next presumed 20,000 years, if it is true that the planet is about to carry out a new very long reversal of the poles, in front of which the life of men is so short, as to represent an infinitesimal fraction of such time. However, thanks to new information technologies and the Internet, some men of science will never be forgotten even in billions of years, such as Niccolò Copernico, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton before the invention of electricity and electromagnetism, in which well-known inventors participated, just to name a few:  Charles Augustin de Coulomb, Luigi Galvani, Alessandro Volta, Hans Cristian Ostered, Andrè Marie Ampere, Geoge Simon Hom, Michael Farady, Ioseph Henry, Heinrich Daniel Ruhmkorff, Antonio Pacinotti, Wilhelm Eduard Weber, Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, Thomas Alva Edison, Galileo Ferraris , Nikola Tesla, James ClerK Maxwell, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz. Obviously, also Albert Einstein who in the same historical period published the special and general theory of relativity, which concerns the energy of the universe, only marginally, that of the earth.

8. the invention of electricity and electromagnetism was the watershed of scientific and technological development on earth.

All the talented scientists, mentioned above, took for granted that the primary energy that drives the electric current generators had to be thermal, then nuclear, and only later, faced with the environmental problems produced by these energy sources, did we begin to talk about renewable energies, of biological origin, solar, wind, electrolysis, hydrogen transformed into fuel, new generation nuclear power.

Yet, none of these energies will be sufficient to deal with what will happen during the very long reversal of the magnetic poles, as they have not been able to avoid global warming in a very calm period from the geological and climatic point of view of the planet. In fact, the next 20,000 years will involve major seismic movements and considerable variations in ocean currents. The faster the pole reversal, the greater the damage caused to the geological and climatic level of the planet. We are already noticing considerable variations in sea currents at the Antarctic pole.

“From my article of 02.19.2018, I extract the following paragraph:

THE MYTHS OF DISAPPEARED CIVILIZATIONS. The myth of Atlantis told by Plato, according to the author, also refers to a precise source, the legislator and poet Solon (615-535 BC), who, having landed in Egypt during one of his journeys, collected some information on the ancient geological phenomena. The priests told him that in 9570 BC. there was a large island called Atlantis located beyond the Pillars of Hercules. This island was ruled by the descendants of Poseidon. The name came from the eldest son of the sea god, Atlas, from whom the Atlantic Ocean also took its name. From a scientific point of view, there are various phenomena that can justify the disappearance of an entire territory, such as the sliding of the earth’s crust, or a large volcanic eruption. Other phenomena can lead to the emergence of a large territory from the sea, as happened in the case of Lake Titicaca, on whose shores the Inca culture was born. This lake was raised to a height of 3800 meters directly from the sea together with the Andes and probably also with the civil works built by the Incas. Sea shells can still be found on the shores of the lake today, while the INCA works belong to a much more advanced culture than the local inhabitants who inherited them without understanding their origin. In fact, the Spanish colonizers found themselves faced with works superior to their scientific knowledge, which could not even belong to the local populations. I think that we shouldn’t investigate the past so much but organize ourselves so that in the future of everything that happens on earth there are witnesses who can tell exactly how things went.”

The case of the displacement of Lake Titicaca from the height of the sea to a height of 3800 meters may seem impossible, but if we frame it from the point of view of the inversion of the Earth’s magnetic poles, of the time of 20,000 years it took to take place, it is it is probable that the living beings who inhabited the earth 773,000 years ago did not notice anything due to the brevity of the life of the same living beings who occupied the earth. If we consider that the ancestors of human beings (Homo sapiens) only appeared on Earth 200,000 years ago and that we have created the technologies to transmit our scientific knowledge to future generations only in the last hundred years, we will be the first living beings who will be able to start monitor this great terrestrial and spatial phenomenon, which will involve approximately 5,000 future generations. Unfortunately we are arriving unprepared to start this monitoring correctly, because world science, not having learned the correct way to extract energy from the earth’s environment, has greatly contributed to warming the planet and disrupting the territories. It will be more difficult to understand at a climatic level how much depends on natural phenomena and how much on human errors. Surely if science had understood how energy must be extracted from the environment, it would also have understood the system of lengthening human life, with the energetically autonomous blood oxygenating artificial heart 31.05.2018  By lengthening human life, the men of the future will be able to take many generations less to fully understand the phenomenon of pole reversal and locally make the technological corrections that will allow the reduction of climatic, environmental and food production damage thanks to inventions such as artificial welling , sustainable desalination, faster fire extinguishing and airborne rescue of those involved in the tragic events. Unfortunately, even the artificial heart that oxygenates the blood has been boycotted by the current centers of world power. Fortunately, we are still in the early stages of magnetic pole reversal. Everything can still

 improve, at least for future generations.

9. The beginning of the Magnetic Pole Reversal will probably be noticed through the variation of the sea currents.

 Estraggo dall’articolo la seguente figura

It is essential that we humans learn to better extract energy from the environment without interfering with the earth’s natural processes. In fact, if the Earth is forced to invert the position of the magnetic poles, it means that there are higher balances of the solar system, of the milky way and of the galaxy in which we live to which the planet must adapt. Everything is connected in the universe, but this does not mean that we have to helplessly watch these geological and climatic evolutions. We simply have to learn to build anti-seismic structures that are lighter and less invasive for the terrestrial environment that hosts us. We must avoid building large cities, large skyscrapers, large bridges, large tunnels because they are expensive works and require large maintenance costs.

If we learn to painlessly extract energy from the environment and add the thrust of Newton and Lorentz together, the easiest and cheapest way to travel great distances will be by air. In other words, the terrestrial environment must not be aware of our presence. We cannot continue to use nuclear fuels and energy that adversely affect the natural environment. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose by abandoning these two types of energies. But current renewable energies are inadequate, cumbersome, uneconomical, inefficient to replace thermal and nuclear energies.

Unfortunately, current science is clearly working against sustainable inventions such as the pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller which should be considered a heritage of humanity as a whole.

the worldwide silence on this invention and the previous ones that inspired it and the subsequent ones that completed its applications, all being virtual, with zero funding, demonstrate which side science is on. I think that these solutions can also be overlooked by academic scientists, but not by inventors who must necessarily know the technologies and the scientific organization of work updated to the latest state of the art of world development. If there were no interests on the part of public and private employers, it would have been impossible not to find interlocutors. Only partisan interests, which prevent the impartial application of science and technology in favor of all humanity, have been able to prevent the experimentation of all these connected inventions.

Nature, however perfect, cannot prevent climatic, geological or thermal imbalances in all parts of the planet, nor can it alone prevent seismic events and put out fires in the woods and savannahs. Inventions must be impartial like justice and accessible to all like good music, works of art, good reading books.

Scientists and inventors, due to incapacity or to satisfy the wishes of their employers, having not reasoned globally, have produced global warming, and having not studied in depth how to clean up fossil energy, they have not been able to realize that it is more simple to extract clean primary energy directly from the environment without using fuels, nuclear energy and the current renewables, which in any case are discontinuous, cumbersome, have low yields and require the transport of the energy produced.

Ever since the undersigned invented the system for extracting energy from the environment and science pretended not to understand, it can be said that all branches of science have fallen down at the same time, because it is not just a question of physics, chemistry, biology, but also economics and finance as there can be nothing cheaper and more sustainable than electricity extracted directly from the earth’s environment.

This invention even concerns medicine and surgery because one of the most important applications is the possibility of creating small artificial hearts that are energetically autonomous blood oxygenators (31.05.2018

Today, men in power have infiltrated all public institutions to prevent more sustainable and democratic development. The monitors and those who should be monitored are on the same side. The reality of private interests in acts of public offices is overtaking the imagination of writers and inventors, like myself, spend more time writing polemical articles against the system of power than doing their job. Even if it is not easy to replace professional writers, and it is additional work, it is necessary to do it because only by publishing the details of the unrealized solutions it is possible to wake up real writers, so that they do not work only on fantasy but tell the loneliness of those who are forced to compose a puzzle artfully messed up by men of power, unsuspecting scientists and legislators. The latter, coincidentally, do not recognize intellectual copyrights to inventors who refuse to pay patent maintenance fees that the world’s public and private ruling class has shown that it does not want to implement due to obvious conflicts of interest. Is there divine justice? This is another dilemma that no one can give a scientific answer to, but I don’t ask myself this question because I’ve never worked for earthly or divine reward. My professional dignity is enough. I am sure that I did my job well with the modest means I had at my disposal. I have a clear conscience in front of men and the creator of the universe, whoever he is. According to the Catholic religion, many are called and few are chosen. I don’t know how many people have been called and I certainly don’t feel I have been chosen. I only did my job hoping it could serve above all the poor and defenseless, who sometimes seem to be forgotten, both by men of power and by God. If it is true that temporal power and human science do not believe that energy can be extracted directly from the earth’s environment, what does God’s science think? Who, even if he has renounced temporal power, always has more power than a pensioner to ascertain a truth that is perfectly in line with the laws of nature, which men have distorted with the use of fuel and nuclear energy. If it is true that nuclear energy is also the work of the creator of the universe, I point out that he used it in the universe, not on planets like the Earth where biology and multiple biodiversity have developed, composed of genes, species, ecological niches and ecosystems in several hundred million different specimens. Personally I think that whoever created the universe has very great scientific skills, and while not wanting to interfere with the free will of living beings, certainly, does not like the current energies chosen by men, which are altering all the biological balances that the creator of the universe created on Earth. In logical sense he set things up so that the human race could painlessly extract energy from the environment for the earth’s environment and probably also explore the universe. Maybe I’m wrong in not considering myself elected, but the fact remains that whatever the truth, even those who represent the world’s churches must play their part. He can’t just do charity work. I have already written something about this topic in the written article. 06.2015  World churches have a great ability to raise public and private funds. In Italy they take 5 per thousand of tax returns. They were once a very important point of reference for worldwide research and experimentation. Today inventors who believe in the Catholic GOD or in a high equivalent GOD are left alone to fight against the overwhelming power of multinationals and governments, which by mutual agreement produce only commercial inventions, which are destroying the environment because they do not know how to rationally extract the energy from the environment and not knowing how to do it, they produce thermal, chemical, nuclear cycles that cannot close completely. Since these fixed and mobile plants are produced in billions of specimens because the economy must circulate to create wealth and work, I wonder why wealth and work do not rely on those who demonstrate their ability to design complete plants that close all the cycles that open?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is simpler than you might think. The current systems, working in watertight compartments, are inextricably linked to the developed technologies that compete with each other, but they do not change or improve them if the world’s legislators do not impose it with legislative provisions. Anyone who really wants to propose radical energy and purification solutions such as “the extraction of clean energy directly from the environment” is forced to leave the current organization of world work, but by leaving, they cannot find public and private interlocutors willing to listen. As a Catholic inventor, I would have preferred a more active Church on a scientific level at least to counter commercial inventions that do not close all the natural cycles they open. Which are many and have contributed greatly to global warming. Just remember that I used Giovani Battista Venturi’s system to propose the invention of artificial welling and Pascal’s principle to invent the pump with separate dual power supply up to the impeller, which are two fundamental inventions for saving planet Earth from the current commercial inventions. Pascal and Venturi were two Catholic priests. Without their contribution I would not have been able to present my inventions, which clearly do not interest the powerful Terra. Unfortunately, they don’t even concern the Catholic Church which was once an important scientific reference point. Today the Catholic Church, like all other churches, has delegated scientific power to governments and multinationals. I agree that the scientific choices are very complex and articulated, but they do not concern the problem of extracting energy from the environment, which is simple and linear if one carefully observes the functioning of the earth’s nature, as I did , developing only the necessary technologies to support natural energy.

10. The tragedy of the Titan and the inadequate state of the art of submarine systems. The recent tragedy of the Titan which occurred on June 20-22, 2023, which resulted in the deaths of five people, two of whom paid $250,000 for the simple curiosity of seeing the wreck of the Titanic up close, shows that science and technology it is not in the service of the common good, but only to create profits by speculating on everything. From this affair, in addition to structural defects and resistance of the materials used to the strong hydrostatic pressure, the fact also emerged that if the submarine had not yielded due to the poor resistance of the materials to the strong hydrostatic pressure, the occupants also ran the risk of dying for other equally important reasons, as it was certainly energized by means of electric energy accumulators, which is subject to running out, but at the same time, the reserve of breathable air is also consumed due to the increase in the percentage of CO2 in the air . Remaining intoxicated by their own breathing would have been even more paradoxical than dying from pressure static crushing.  The tourist commodification of the wreck of the Titanic which sank on 15 April 1912 at a depth of around 3,800, therefore under a hydrostatic pressure of 380 atmospheres, bars, or around 5,600 psi, has made us lose sight of the fact that we live thanks to the breathing of air atmospheric that contains CO2, which with our breathing increases the percentage from the current 420 ppm present in the air to much higher values, up to around 5000 ppm without consequences for our health, but once these limits are exceeded it is necessary to renew the air to avoid dying of asphyxiation, or to neutralize the CO2. Each of us “consumes approximately 250-300 milliliters of oxygen per hour for every kilogram of body weight, and eliminates the same volume of carbon dioxide, as well as 30-40 grams of water vapour: it is therefore a good idea that the work rooms are equipped for each person of at least 10 mc (m3) of breathable and renewed air”. Obviously, these atmospheric conditions cannot exist in submarines and spacecraft, but we can get pretty close to such conditions if we change the primary source of energy that drives the submarine or spacecraft. Why use electrical energy accumulators if compressed air is a natural energy accumulator? Compressed air costs less, and knowing how to rationally design the systems can also guarantee the exchange of air and the neutralization of CO2. How does science justify itself in the face of this small disaster? Certainly, I do not expect answers because science has never responded to my solutions to extract clean energy directly from the earth’s environment, without fuels, nuclear energy or even electricity accumulators. However, I cannot help mentioning what I call the energy of survival in this article as well. If the Titan’s energy source had been compressed air, and the energy vector simple water, the atmospheric air in the atmospheric environment would not have been exhausted but renewed automatically with each passage of the water in the autoclave, neutralizing the excess CO2 producing carbonates in the water. This absorption could also be increased by adding a small dose of calcium oxide. (

Both in systems at atmospheric pressure and in those pressurized with compressed air, it is necessary to change the current way of using the pumps, which must not be used as we currently use them. They don’t have to lift the water, but they have to pump it in the direction of gravitational force. Furthermore, to create infinite energy and purification cycles, they must be equipped with a dual power supply on the suction side, since with one power supply they must recover the water that has already been used to produce hydroelectric energy or low pressure water to be purified, while with the other supply, they must endlessly recycle the water fed from the upper basin, or from an autoclave pressurized with compressed air.  With this system, thanks also to the conformation of the impellers of the centrifugal pumps, during the rotation the two inlet pressures are balanced, and since the greater pressure expands in all directions, at the pump outlet we will have the same pressure as the upper basin or of the autoclave that feeds the system. Obviously, since the motor that turns the pump is sized only to overcome the state of inertia of the hydraulic circuit, only the same quantity of water can enter the autoclave that went out to produce electrical energy through the pump used as a turbine, for the principle of the impenetrability of bodies. However, as mentioned above, the difference between the energy spent and that produced can be hundreds of times to the advantage of the latter. It will only depend on the future advancement of the scientific and technological state of the art and the resistance of the materials used. This future has not yet begun due to the common silence of science, of entrepreneurs and legislators, of the media, which have left the undersigned completely alone, who is an ordinary pensioner, without economic means and public and private companies that collaborate to producing this type of energy, which in the mobile version usable in air, space and submarine means of transport, is called compressed hydroelectromagnetic and uses compressed air as an energy source and water as an energy carrier. Atmospheric air, thanks to its flexibility, is the largest, most powerful and cheapest energy accumulator in the world that science will never be able to match, while incompressible, drinkable water is the most powerful, cheapest energy carrier, which circulating in one direction in pressurized autoclaves with compressed air, passing through multicellular pumps used as turbines coupled to electric current generators, it can supply all the clean and breathable energy for man. In these versions, we don’t even have to fear the CO2 pollution produced by human breathing, if at the same time a process is inserted in the system that neutralizes the CO2 present in the air which pressurizes the autoclaves which constitute the primary source of energy. In fact, in future astronauts the CO2 produced by humans can be used as carbon fertilizer for food plants essential for human nutrition grown in the flying containers of the future, especially with hydroponic crops, but in smaller plants, which will have to act as a connection and short-term excursions in space and on the seabed, a simple small calcium oxide dissolution plant would be sufficient, which would produce calcium milk with relative dosing pump which would supply the exact quantity of calcium milk according to the number of traveling people to maintain the amount of CO2 present in the air is constant according to the known chemical relationship Ca OH2 + CO2 = Ca CO3 + H2O , which essentially would originally subtract CO2 from the environment by producing carbonates in the water discharged from the pumps used as turbines, before being re-entered into the pressurized circuit of the autoclaves. These processes can be repeated indefinitely in small and large systems, thanks to the invention of the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller which will allow the amount of water that produced the compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy to be inserted back into the autoclave , thanks to the fact that working with two suction mouths and a single outlet, the single impeller allows to balance the outlet pressure according to Pascal’s principle and consequently, to recover without energy costs the water used to produce hydro-electromagnetic energy . I, the undersigned, have called this electrical energy hydro-electromagnetic, because in addition to powering the propellers that produce Newton’s thrust from land, aeronautics or submarines, it can also power electric motors that turn permanent magnets that induce the production of induced currents in coils of wires which, suitably wrapped around water tanks, compressed air, the autoclaves themselves, or even along the walls of the containers that contain men and equipment, can produce the Lorentz electromagnetic thrust in the desired direction to oppose external forces , which prevent it from lifting, collaborating with the Newton force to move the container in the desired direction. Unfortunately, terrestrial science has never designed a completely autonomous anthropic plant from an energy and environmental point of view in the fixed plants of the terrestrial environment. How could he design energy autonomous mobile anthropic plants? If earth science never developed the details for cleaning the earth’s environment of smokestack fume emissions, how could it produce clean energy in mobile plants? Only the undersigned who has tried to purify the combustion fumes, developing all the details, has realized that the cost of world energy would increase considerably by continuing to use the same primary energy sources. Only the development of details can allow solutions to be found. Why didn’t public science and multinationals develop these details? And above all, why did they remain silent about my final solution, which proved that it is cheaper and more convenient to extract clean energy directly from the earth’s environment than to clean fossil energy?

My inventions, never realized, have grown only virtually to the point of seeming science fiction, without any public or private scientist ever commenting on them. In fact, these inventions do not exist, for academic science, entrepreneurs and governments, even though I have been granted seventeen patents, of which six have been transformed into international patents. The latest patents, the most innovative ones, have not received the patent title, which in any case is useless. If governments and multinationals have not invested in granted patents that are preparatory to those that have not been granted, they certainly do not intend to finance unallocated patents with trivial charges, such as perpetual motion, because, according to their school acquisitions and verification of previously filed patents it is not possible to extract energy from nothing. Consequently, through the patent offices managed directly by the United Nations through the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), the gravitational force, atmospheric air and water which are the elements that the undersigned uses to produce primary energy, are nothingness. If world science is so badly represented even at the United Nations, how can a pensioner without capital and experimental laboratories practically demonstrate that energy is everywhere on planet Earth and it is public and private science that has not been able to extract it?

Instead of spending money in legal appeals against the world’s power centers, I preferred to publish my solutions independently on a small website, born in 2013, which bears the acronym SPAWHE which means Synergic Plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectric Electromagnetism. The inventions and related articles have been published in chronological order since 2005, creating a virtual advancement of the state of the art that does not exist in reality. In fact, I could not invent subsequent inventions without assuming that the previous ones worked.

Only through this virtual technological development has it been possible to invent global linear motors that could also take us into space without fuel and nuclear energy, even add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz and capture interstellar dust to integrate the missing minerals in the power processes of future technological development. Obviously, even the seabed is an unknown universe like the space one for opposite reasons. However, there is no need to go down to the depths of the ocean to create artificial welling as the carbonates that produce zooplankton can be extracted from above, by the venturi effect, creating artificial islands on the surface

But to access both systems (space and submarine) we cannot give up adding together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz and these thrusts cannot be added with the current terrestrial energies but only with those virtually proposed by the undersigned, despite the great silences of the science belongs to the world’s public and private ruling class.

11. The defense from high waters and the oxygenation of the polluted seabed of cities like Venice by means of free energy extracted from the environment.

Faced with the phenomenon of the melting of land and sea glaciers, we cannot underestimate the importance of creating local barriers that protect coastal cities from high tides

According to the new report “Act Now or Pay Later: Protecting a billion people in climate-threatened coastal cities” by the British NGO Christian Aid, by 2060 more than a billion people will be exposed to coastal flooding due to a combination of factors : sea level rise, storm surges and extreme weather conditions. This report states that those most at risk live mostly in the three biggest carbon polluters: United States, China and India. Projections for 2070 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change put the Indian cities of Kolkata and Mumbai, with 14 million and 11.4 million people respectively at risk, at the top of the list of metropolises where the population will be most exposed to coastal flooding . Followed by Dhaka (Bangladesh), Guangzhou (China), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam); Shanghai (China), Bangkok (Thailand), Yangoon (Myanmar), Miami (USA), Haiphong (Vietnam), Alexandria (Egypt) Tianjin (China) Khulna (Bangladesh), Ningbo (China) Lagos (Nigeria), Abidjan (coast of Ivory), New York City/Newark (USA), Chittagong (Bangladesh), Tokyo (Japan), Jakarta (Indonesia). The top 7 cities on the list are all Asian, followed by Miami in eighth place, which however is expected to suffer the greatest economic losses from coastal flooding by 2070, exceeding $3.5 billion in damages to exposed assets. Apparently the USA will pay the heaviest price for being the world leader in CO2 emissions: New York is also expected to suffer damages of 2.1 billion dollars. Still less than the Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou with exposed assets of 3.4 trillion dollars, which ranks second in the ranking of economic losses from coastal flooding.

The study’s lead author, Alison Doig, a climate change expert at Christian Aid, explains that if we don’t do something about it, this perfect storm risks incurring a heavy human and financial cost. Cruelly, it will be the poor who will be most affected. While the financial cost in the cities of rich countries will be crippling, the wealthiest people at least have the ability to relocate and receive insurance protection. Evidence shows that, from New Orleans to Dhaka, it is the poorest who are most vulnerable because they have the worst infrastructure and lack social or financial safety nets to help them recover.

If you look at the figure below, it can be seen that the undersigned has used global submarine linear motors to make mobile barriers (31.01.2020 It can be seen that this is different from the one used in the atmosphere and in space because the electric motor connected to the propeller which produces Newton’s thrust is placed inside the barrier, in order not to be subject to hydrostatic pressures and corrosion. These systems, due to their own weight, will be placed on the seabed. The ascent to the surface will not take place as in the case of the Mose in Venice, by emptying the water and filling it with atmospheric air, by means of powerful electrocompressors powered by a thermal power plant, but simply by using the primary energy from the earth’s environment, already stored in the pressurized autoclaves which simultaneously produce the fluid-dynamic primary energy which drives the current generators and the induced ones to feed the propeller motors which produce Newton’s thrust and the motors which circulate the permanent magnets which produce the induced energy externally to the autoclave tanks which produces the Lorentz thrust. Obviously, this thrust can go upwards or downwards, but it will be much less than that required in the terrestrial environment due to the weight of the barrier in descent and the presence of the Archimedean thrust in the ascent phase.

The above solution was designed by the undersigned as a sustainable alternative to the mobile barriers against high waters used to protect Venice from high waters. In fact, the sluice gates of Venice are raised filling them completely with air with very long times and high energy costs. For this reason the Moses of Venice could be called the Monster of Venice. If we think that the Mose in Venice is a work that was designed in 1980, but started to be built in 2003, after many scandals and 35 arrests for corruption and tax fraud of both managers of the Venezia Nuova Consortium and local politicians. The final cost of this work is around 7 billion euros. In addition to the construction costs, a mammoth and complex infrastructure such as the Mose requires constant ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions and implies considerable operating costs. In August 2020, with the “August” decree, the second Conte government allocated (art. 95) 40 million euros a year, between 2021 and 2034, for “the ordinary management and maintenance activities” of the Moses. With the Budget law for 2021, then, the same government added a further 23 million a year starting from 2022. Overall, therefore, Mose can count on 63 million euros a year for maintenance costs, such as also indicated by the quarterly report on the work published by the structure of the extraordinary commissioner Spitz. The press office of the Extraordinary Commissioner for Mose explained that in the period 2020-2021 each lift cost 272 thousand euros, while in 2021-2022 the costs fell to 211 thousand euros per lift, thanks above all to improvements in the procedures: for For example, in the past it took 60 minutes to raise the sluice gates, while now 30 are enough.

These costs are absurd if we consider that the lifting and lowering of the protective barrier could take place with compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy extracted directly from the environment. It is not necessary to pump immense quantities of compressed air into the gates to empty them of water so that they can lift if we add together the Newton thrust achieved with the electric marine propellers placed outside, in the lower part of the barrier and the Lorentz thrust towards the ‘top created inside the barrier with induced electromagnetic energy and the recycling of the primary energy made up of the infinitely recyclable compressed air and water tanks. Without any contribution of electricity coming from the outside, which obviously, today is produced from fossil energy. It would cost the same if produced with old and new generation nuclear energy and even more with the current discontinuous and cumbersome renewable energies. Furthermore, the energy extracted from the earth’s environment would have the advantage of being able to operate all year round, not only to lift the barriers but to oxygenate the polluted seabed. In fact, by only turning the propellers that produce Newton’s thrust at a low number of revolutions, the barriers will not rise but will create upward currents of water which will produce an artificial welling which will activate the production of zooplankton and phytoplankton with a considerable increase in health of basins and fish production.

However, in the case of the city of Venice, and other lagoon cities, I personally would not have created a large useless and costly dam such as the Mose which consists of four barriers, in turn made up of 78 independent mobile sluice gates, capable of temporarily separate the Venice lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. I would have simply blocked all the city canals that flow into the sea, with submerged concrete tunnels resting in a stable manner on the seabed which would also act as underpasses, equipped with access stairs and lighting and internal air conditioning systems, furthermore on the walls of the submerged tunnels I would create large windows such as those that can be seen in large aquariums, so that those who pass through the tunnel for necessity and tourist visits can practically understand how important oxygenation of polluted seabeds is and also the reasons why the waters of Venice and those of similar cities are very similar to the waters of the sewers. This is due to the fact that if we do not learn to extract the energy offered to us for free from the earth’s environment we cannot even afford to oxidize the waters of the seabed which require an immense amount of energy, not because the air diffusion technologies are wrong, but because the primary sources of energy used are wrong. This applies to all world fixed and mobile land, marine and submarine purification and energy applications and with minor modifications also to aeronautical and space applications.

The drawing below schematically shows how it could be possible to create submerged crossing tunnels, especially at the ends of individual navigable canals with small boats that are not disturbed in their navigation. The energy produced through the compressed hydro-electromagnetic current generators that can be created in the access compartments to the submerged tunnel and the submerged current generators can supply all the energy needed to power the street lighting of the lagoon city, power the compressors that power the diffusers of air, raise and lower the gates and raise and return to the sea the waters that manage to infiltrate through the seals of the bulkheads.  Always with energy costs equal to zero as regards the extraction, refining, transport, purification processes of the energy produced. The only costs that the citizens of lagoon cities like Venice will bear will be those due to the wear and tear of the machines that will operate throughout the year to trigger the energy and purification processes which, as we know, cannot take place on their own. These processes, as described in the title of this article are an authentic scientific windfall fallen from heaven still misunderstood by the current scientific advisors of world governments. Other than the investment and management costs that are charged to the Italian people by the monster of Venice. I have not filed this further environmental and energy solution as a patent because I do not believe that current world institutions are able to implement these innovations, otherwise they would have also included my other forty previous inventions on these topics, which are still waiting for some country to implement them , although, legally, no one, public or private, owes anything to the inventor, who has not paid the maintenance fees on granted patents and has not filed legal oppositions on non-granted patents. It is clear that there is something very serious, which is not right, in the entire world ruling class.

12. Le immagini fanno comprendere più delle parole gli errori scientifici mondiali

It was sufficient to turn the pumps upside down and make them pump in the direction of the gravitational force powering the turbines to produce much more energy from the current generator connected to the turbine than the rotation of the pump absorbs. On the other hand this is also confirmed by the common energy calculations of Bernoulli’s theorem. However, this simple solution that I called “submerged hydroelectricity” that I published in 2014, I don’t know that anyone has implemented it in the whole world.

In other words, in 2023, with all the technologies developed, we cannot build fixed plants that are completely energetically autonomous, due to the simple fact that no scientist or inventor has thought of producing hydroelectric energy without the hydraulic jump, exploiting the energy of surface water which, feeding a normal centrifugal pump, overcomes the state of inertia which feeds a turbine, without dispersing the water. The above figure can be created in any lake or in calm river or sea wells or in any private well, without any need for fuel, since the pump motor needs to supply a small amount of energy to trigger energy production kinetics in the pump supply pipe, while the current generator produces a much higher quantity of energy which can be calculated with the following formula: Flow rate (l/s) * h (m).

The drawing below demonstrates that the same solution could also be used by transporting desalinated water from the seas to the hinterland without incurring immense energy costs both for desalination than to transport them at a distance like the previous solution. ( ) 

Still in 2023, science, politicians, entrepreneurs pretend not to understand these elementary solutions that would have completely prevented global warming, saved the resources present in the subsoil and with the same system, create other inventions, such as the artificial Welling which in addition to fight global warming, could give jobs to millions of people and increase food production, extracted from the sea. ( In fact, natural welling occurs in only 5% of sea surfaces. But also other very important inventions, of which I have already written and will continue to write in this and other articles, until the world ruling class, entrepreneurial economic scientific policy, assumes its responsibilities in the face of global warming and the unequal distribution of wealth world.

Oddly enough, with the invention of the first forms of electricity born through the experiments of Alessandro Volta (1725–1847), Carles Augustin Coulomb (1736-1806), and the experiments of Luigi Galvani (1737 – 1798), who were unbiased to the source energy, the entire ruling class preferred to produce energy through heat, demonstrating a poor knowledge of the earth’s fluid dynamics both from an economic and environmental point of view, but also from a practical and work organization point of view. It makes no sense to produce electricity through heat if we have to rotate the rotor of a current generator and transmit it to the stator since both the rotor and the stator work at room temperature and cannot overheat. It makes no sense to build large thermoelectric and nuclear power plants, and then transport the energy remotely on pylons and cable ducts. It seems that the world’s ruling class has acted in concert to plunder the resources destined for future generations.

We can exploit the pressure energy of the compressed air in a closed recycling tank, which can also be used to replace the heat engines as seen in the hydraulic diagrams shown below, and create local energy production plants wherever it is needed, even on land transport.

 Legenda del disegno 1/1: (ac) air compressor; (acg) alternating current generator; (ai)  axial impeller; (bd) bottom drain; (caipds) capsid axial intubated pump with dual suction; (cfca) connection for fast fill compressed air; (cv) check valve; (dph) delivery piezometric height; (ecpc) electrical current produced cable; (fcp) flange for coupling to the pump; (fdsfs) flanged dual supply and flow separator; (fss) flow separator in sheet steel; (htva) hydraulic turbine with vertical axis; (iwft) inlet water to feed turbine; (lf) lift ring; (lfcv) level floating control valve;  (lf) lift ring; (li) level indicator; (mpl) probe of the minimum or maximum level; (ow) outlet water;  (pat) pump as turbine; (ptr) pressure tested reservoir; (sacg) submergile alternating current generator; (sov) shut-off valve; (sovfa) shut-off valve with flow adjustment;  (sph) suction piezometric height; (srip) supporting ring for intubate pump; (sss) shaped sheet steel; (sv) safety valve; (tcp) tube containing the pump;  (tpups) three-phase UPS ;  (vvv) ventilation and vent valve;  (wdn) water distribution network; (wsdr) water disconnection reservoir.

Newton through physics, mathematics and astronomy, had understood everything about the gravitational force. The law of universal gravitation states that two material points attract each other with a force of intensity directly proportional to the product of the masses of the single bodies and inversely proportional to the square of their distance.

F = G * m1 * m2 / r2. Where G is the acceleration coefficient of the Earth’s gravity, which at sea level is 9.807. This force goes one way, from the body with the least mass to the greatest mass. Mass is an intrinsic physical characteristic of matter itself. A body with a mass of 1kg has the same mass on Earth, on the Moon, or in interstellar space. Mass is measured in kg, while force and weight should be measured in N (Newtons) or kgf (kilogram force). 1 newton is the amount of force required to accelerate a body of mass 1 kg by 1 m per second squared. F = m • a (1 N = 1 kg • 1 m/s2)

Returning to the subject of this article, if we want to produce a linear thrust that can go in any direction, we must build mobile flying systems equipped with normal Newton reaction thrust, such as is currently produced in helicopters and we must add some linear motors global ( which work in parallel, so that the sum of the physical reaction thrusts of Newton and the electromagnetic ones of Lorentz, of the individual engines are able to overcome the gravitational force of all the masses involved.

To make plants lighter and cheaper, we must learn to extract electrical and electromagnetic energy from the environment, primarily to avoid carrying the weight of fuels. The other heavy elements that we can eliminate are those due to the cooling systems of heat engines since we will not produce heat. We must eliminate mechanical and thermodynamic transmissions which are hundreds of times heavier and more expensive than electric ones.  We have to seamlessly combine electrical and fluid dynamic systems separated only by metal walls, cladding and using electrically insulated supports. Where it will be necessary, we must also isolate them magnetically, so that the electromagnetic thrust of Lorentz always works in the same direction as that of the Newton reaction. It will not be a problem to adjust the air navigation speeds, the altitudes, the directions in which to go by regulating the number of revolutions of the electric motors that circulate the water with an inverter, which is the primary energy vector of the electric motors of the propellers, of the turbofans , and of those which make the permanent magnets circulate. Every small adjustment of these motors will correspond to a small altimetric or directional variation, without being tied to the ground, as occurs in modern magnetic levitation trains which cannot change the direction of travel in order not to derail, and cannot be energetically autonomous, not wanting to extract energy directly from the environment, as could be done using compressed hydroelectric power generators.

13. SPAWHE nursery rhyme.

In this article I update the introduction to the already published SPAWHE nursery rhyme with the following question: Is it possible that in 2023 still no world scientist believes that it is not possible to extract energy from the environment? This is the real manna that descends from heaven, not for an occasional miracle in favor of a people oppressed by another master people, but for a series of irrefutable scientific and technological reasonings, which have not been made by public and public scientists and inventors. those of the multinationals, despite having always had the best scientists and the best equipped experimental laboratories at their disposal. The extraction of energy from the earth’s environment is still completely virtual, but it is the result of forty inventions, equally virtual, that governments and multinationals have never wanted to finance and experiment. Even the world legislators are guilty, as they have put the incomplete, polluting and uneconomical inventions of multinationals on the same level and those which, by creating complete and interactive cycles, would have purified the environment, prevented global warming and created the true global economy, based on the saving of natural resources, the prevention of climatic and incendiary disasters, the innovation of world transport, land, sea, submarine and space without fuels and nuclear energy.

These simple but interactive inventions, transversal to current sciences and current technologies, have been filed as Italian patents and some as international patents, finding no public or private interlocutors. I cannot judge the good faith of the inventors of the past, but I can assert with certainty that after the invention of electromagnetism and electric current generators occurred at the end of the 19th century, above all, through the work of Nikola Tesla, Galileo Ferraris, Maxwell and Lorentz, all moments were good to gradually invent the best systems to extract free energy from the environment, also thanks to the scientific principles already known before the electromagnetic inventions, by Newton, Torricelli, Pascal, Venturi, Henry, Dalton. But this didn’t happen. Instead, I can negatively judge the current public and private world ruling class who did not want to verify the possibility of collecting the manna from heaven proposed by the undersigned, which would be in favor of the whole planet and all living beings. The current economy is based on the super power of multinationals, which, having bought the best scientists and inventors, are not afraid of competition. They are well aware that even public inventors indirectly work for them, as governments allow them to supplement their salaries by producing new inventions in line with current paid energies. Scientists and inventors employed by governments and multinationals do not even have to worry about paying the patent filing and maintenance fees, which are paid by employers. It is clear that with such advantageous conditions, only a madman can propose inventions against the interests of multinationals, governments and the United Nations. The latter manage WIPO (World Organization Intellectual Property) in the interests of all countries, but not of inventors independent of economic and political power centers, who would only like to file intellectual patents of public social utility, without being forced to become entrepreneurs without money, and without experimental laboratories and above all, without paying the maintenance fees for industrial patents that only multinationals and those who make an economic profit from the inventions, made and marketed can afford to pay. Unfortunately, it seems that WIPO, which represents the United Nations, does not understand this simple and linear reasoning.

Those who manage the current terrestrial development model have systematically boycotted all the sustainable inventions of the undersigned concerning the cleaning of fossil energy and when the undersigned, to make the cleaning of fossil energy more economical, also invented the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller that will allow us to extract the fluid dynamics primary energy from the environment independently from fossil, thermal, nuclear, solar, wind, electrolytic energy sources, has also boycotted this invention, which represents a true windfall  fallen from the sky, that the more it works, the more it protects the environment without consuming any of the world’s current energies, but only the wear and tear of materials. Above all, this windfall would avoid all the costs of extraction, transformation and transport of energy sources and of the electricity produced.

Anyone who pretends not to understand the importance of these inventions cannot represent any government or any organ of the United Nations, instead these gentlemen occupy all the terrestrial scientific commissions, which until now have prevented true sustainable scientific and technological progress according to the nursery rhyme by SPAWHE below.

“The cleaning of fossil energy published in, to be efficient, should be based, above all on inorganic chemistry that is able to absorb CO2, producing carbonates in the water, so that they counteract the acidification of the oceans and global warming.To speed up the processes and reduce the energy costs that would have involved the circulation of very large quantities of water necessary to neutralize the very large quantities of CO2 emitted by the current thermal power plants and heat engines, it has gradually been transformed technologically into solutions of less space by exploiting the principles Pascal and Henry.  In fact, I realized that on planet Earth, all the activities that nature produces through organic and inorganic chemistry, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle can be increased in speed without any need to use thermal, nuclear energy and current renewables. It is sufficient only to increase the operating pressures of the systems, modify the circulation pumps and make the machines work differently. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, the elements extraneous to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, to natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have multiplied exponentially the elements extraneous to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances. Obviously, this is my truth and in the entire website, I explain how, in my opinion, we should have created global plants that purify both fumes and water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas. Having not done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the art of purification to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the state of the global purification art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract the energy directly from the environment. Having not done this, it was not possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of gravitational force, we modify them on the suction side and make them another inlet clearly separated from the main one up to the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one feed to recycle the water from the upper basin and the other feed to introduce into the same impeller the water discharged from a turbine fed by falling water from the same upper basin. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, it being understood that we use a turbine connected to the outlet of the autoclave, we can recover the water drained from the turbine and insert it back into the autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same impeller of the pump by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air, we would have produced a current generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Having not done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this current generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave in order to be able to mount it on cars and trucks, on agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions can still be reduced by using submersible pumps as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes that would act as autoclaves. Therefore, these groups could be used to be inserted directly into the wells to raise the water and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers which today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to Henry’s principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be reduced even further. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water from the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side that would replace the right and left ventricles, creating energetically autonomous artificial hearts that would feed the systemic circuit that oxygenates the brain and the lungs to lengthen the life of the ‘man. Having not done this, it was not possible to think that pressurized cylindrical autoclaves can be incorporated an external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors can be made electric at variable revolutions that would produce an electromagnetic flux of variable intensity which would produce induced currents in a solenoid outside the same water tank. Therefore, we could produce in this tank a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law at the ambient temperature, without fuel that could be added to the reaction thrust of Newton that would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always commanded by generators. of current that produce the primary hydroelectric energy, fed by submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central reservoirs. Not having done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of aircraft to travel in the atmosphere and in space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuel.  It was not possible to make the ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to make mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters. It was not even possible to think that in the space travel of the future we can add to the global linear motors an external steel tunnel connected to the turbo fan, where it will produce a higher vacuum higher than the surrounding space vacuum and connect this tunnel with a small vacuum pump to a thickening tank of the captured powders, which will be emptied periodically letting in the atmospheric air which will feed an electrostatic filter that will recover the powders that will be used together with the other interactive purification and energy plant inventions described on the website https: // to make humans survive even in space without suffering physiological damage due to the absence of atmospheric pressure, gravity, food resources and raw materials to build spare parts for the machines necessary for survival in space. In fact, atmospheric air and water will fill the space caravan wagons full of human beings and will be endlessly recycled, suitably replenished with artificial photosynthesis and carbon cycle, while general gravity will be reinforced, becoming very similar. to the terrestrial one, electrostatically polarizing the paths of atmospheric conditioned air and recycled water in the interactive, energy and purification, compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants, still unknown to terrestrial science. Current science has forgotten that the primary fluid dynamic energy is produced by the flow rate for the pressure and density of the fluid itself. Therefore, the best solution to produce clean energy at low cost and in infinite quantities is: to use compressed air as an energy source (which is not consumed) and water as an energy carrier (which with the use of new pumps with separate double power supply up to the impeller, can recycle it indefinitely by exploiting the maximum pressure of the compressed air and the maximum density of the water at the same time. In the simple formula of fluid dynamic energy mentioned above. No heat source is needed. This is the biggest mistake in world science and nobody wants to correct it.”

Luigi Antonio Pezone