Open letter to Sir Leonard Valentinovich Blavatnik, for information to Mr Bill Gates and Mr Elon Musk regarding environment and energy.


Since this is an open letter, I believe a premise is necessary, out of respect due to the people unwittingly involved.

On December 23rd I received the following short letter:

Good day, My names are Leonard Valentinovich, You are among the selected people to receive DONATION from my company ( Access Industries ), if you are in interested in receiving financial donation, kindly write back to me for more details.

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Warm Regards

President(Access Industries)

Sir Leonard Valentinovich Blavatnik

The reason why I am also involve Mr Bill Gates for information can only be understood by reading a previous open letter of mine published on 10.06.2016:

The reason why I also involve Mr Elon Musk for information can only be understood by reading a previous open letter of mine published on 01.02. 2021:


Due to the fact that I write articles that are very critical of the institutions that do not finance my environmental and energy inventions, I receive many letters from fake financiers, who instead of helping me, try to extort money from me. I responded to the letter above in generic way, sending the following response:

Dear Editor, or organization of national and international conferences and competitions, or investor, or benefactor, I think that today’s consumer society has created global warming because it has only used specific skills, never global ones. It continues to do so despite, today, with small changes to the technologies developed, it would be possible to trigger interactive energy and purification processes that would make the current commercial, fossil, nuclear and renewable energies useless and obsolete, which by carrying out specific cycles, thermal, nuclear, solar, wind turbines, cannot interact interactively with the surrounding environment in order not to produce unwanted polluting effects, or the simple production of heat and steam which in any case represent a serius global problem. Nor can they solve the problem of transporting energy sources and the electricity itself produced to the points of use of the energy. Current world development would be very different and more sustainable if science and the current ruling classes had learned to directly extract clean primary energy (the one that must be transformed into electricity) directly from the environment. Unfortunately, as simple and elementary as the processes are, it seems that the entire world ruling class, including the scientific one, do not understand that this is the only solution that would allow us to simultaneously solve the environmental, energy and short-term sustainable development problems without waiting for the current world ruling class to provide us on a silver platter with the new ecological transition based on new nuclear power and hydrogen transformed into fuel, thus completing ruining the planet from an environmental point of view and accentuating even more so the gap between rich and poor, since such energy undoubtedly comes at a cost. I, who in my life have always been a designer and installer of industrial and environmental anthropic systems, adapting to exploit existing technologies, had to wait until retirement to design industrial and environmental anthropic systems according to God’s science, favoring natural processes. Which initially entailed a greater energy cost due to the greater circulation of water necessary for purification and energy purposes. From the beginning I had chosen fluid dynamic processes instead of the thermal ones that other public and private inventors of the present and past have chosen. My simple and elementary logic was and still is based on the fact that global global warming cannot be fought by continuing to produce heat, since in terrestrial industrial and environmental work processes, it is rarely necessary to exceed the boiling temperature of water. Electrical energy itself does not need heat to be produced. It costs much less if produced cold, avoiding the subsequent cooling and purification costs that the use of fuels entails. Especially in mobile anthropic plants, purification is an impossible problem to solve, while heat prevents the Newton and Lorentz thrust from being added together. The latter, on planet Earth, unlike the universal one, can only be produced cold with the current induced in copper wires protected with insulating paints that cannot withstand temperatures higher than ordinary terrestrial ones, and the same water that boils it cannot be used correctly as an energetic, electrochemical and electromagnetic carrier. Therefore, there exist on planet Earth an incredible series of scientific design errors that no one wants to correct and these errors are affecting all sectors of human activity, including public health and the race towards sustainable space exploration which require inventions that exploit the principles oxidative interactors of human blood to extend human life (artificial heart oxygenator of blood) and global linear engines that add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, still hindered today by the silence of science at the service of political and economic powers. While, legislators, at the service of the same powers, favor commercial inventions, disadvantaging sustainable intellectual ones that need to experiment with truly alternative solutions which, based on scientific paradoxes, such as those of Pascal (1623 – 1662):”pressure expands in all directions” and  Venturi (1746 -1822): “increasing the velocity of a fluid decreases the pressure” are not easy to understand with physics and mathematics formulas. It is no coincidence that Pascal and Venturi were two Catholic priests who also dealt with science, uninterested in economic power. Today the Catholic Church no longer deals with science. To do charitable work he uses public contributions, private donations and invests, like everyone else, in global stock markets. The investigators have no doubts, many investments are speculative and ethically incorrect. The list of investments contrary to morality is long:  Divided as follows: 198 million in shares, 61 million in futures and 8 million. one million ended up at TullowOil, an Irish oil company, banned from the United Kingdom and accused of having created an environmental disaster in Uganda, with toxic sewage spilled into the aquifers.

Personally, I am for a poor Church that does not flaunt works of art, closer to the poor and defenseless and I appreciate the work that the current Pope Francis is doing, who is slowly bringing out hidden truths that would never have emerged without his courage and the courage of the suburban priests who continue to live among the poor and defenseless. The only thing the current church lacks is scientific in-depth analysis which, compared to the past, has decreased instead of increasing, leaving the field free to terrestrial temporal powers. Words condemning pollution and the generic invitation to sustainable solutions are not enough. It is necessary to go into the details of the solutions taking inspiration from terrestrial nature as the undersigned did in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme, vastly exceeding the current scientific and technological state of the art. Unfortunately, without economic means and experimental laboratories nothing can be demonstrated. If even world churches invest their savings in world stock markets, the true search for sustainable development will always remain a mirage for future generations.

I read from Wikipedia that Sir Leonard Valentinivich BlavatniK’s capital is approximately 29.6 billion dollars, while the personal wealth of Mr Bill Gates, according to magazine, is approximately 104 billion dollars, that of Mr Elon Musk according to the magazine, it is 187 billion in capital. I wonder how many demonstrative prototypes of my purification and energy solutions could be made with a small drop of such wealth and how many could be made with the capital that the world churches and the United Nations have at their disposal. I’m not talking about definitive investments but only about very small prototypes, on a small scale, to verify how they work. The United Nations, in addition to organizing the annual COPs, also manages the laws and regulations on the intellectual and industrial property of inventions, encouraging the trade of commercial patents between public and private bodies without verifying whether scientific and technological alternatives and a different system exist. of designing anthropic plants, to bring all the countries of the world to the same level of development, to avoid the problem of migrants fleeing from misery, poverty and wars. I’m not complaining because no one paid me for my work as an inventor and for the filing fees they forced me to pay, even though I was dealing with social problems. I complain because the entire current society did not want to experiment with my solutions for fear that they would work, demonstrating that the men of power of all times have always manipulated science, not financing inconvenient experiments for the preservation of their power. Considering that 99% of inventors are employed workers, as I was, before retiring to be an inventor, they certainly cannot dedicate their time to inventing inventions that cut across individual specializations. In fact, both the world that prepares people for work, and the world of work, to be efficient, are specialized in individual sectors and as an installer of anthropic systems, first industrial and then environmental for thirty-seven years, I have realized that above all in purification systems, not all open chemical and biological cycles can be closed in fixed systems and even more so in mobile systems. This elementary logic was not taught in any world school and therefore was not transferred to the world of work. To close the cycles within anthropic systems it is necessary to design the systems and the machines that work within them differently. This is the task of designers and inventors, especially public ones, who should correct the wrong inventions by private inventors, especially those of multinationals that produce large-scale fixed and mobile anthropic plants. After nine years of environmental proposals on cleaning up fossil energy, greeted with general silence by public bodies and multinationals committed together to improving thermal efficiency without changing the way the systems are designed, my inventions have made the leap in quality, coldly extracting clean energy directly from the environment. The silences that I had already collected between public bodies and multinationals have become even greater. On the other hand, if every citizen of the world extracts the clean energy they need, directly from the environment, without paying for it, what will the powerful people of the Earth live on? Strangely, the Catholic Church preaches not to worry but to look at the birds of the sky, which neither sow nor reap, nor gather into barns; yet the heavenly Father feeds them. Personally, I believe more in the saying “help yourself, God will help you” and I believe I have been helped by GOD, otherwise I would not have been able to put together, in chronological order, without economic means, the purification and energy inventions different from the current ones, reported in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme starting from the underestimated scientific principles of Pascal and Venturi, who were men of faith. These two scientific paradoxes, without the use of particular technologies, would allow energy to be extracted directly from the environment for the simple fact that whoever created atmospheric air and water made them perfectly complementary from a scientific and technological in all physical, chemical, biological and electromagnetic aspects.

Studying these solutions, I realized who created the universe. had already predisposed physically, chemically, electromagnetically. the composition of compressible air and incompressible water at the temperature of the terrestrial environment, so that sooner or later, some terrestrial inventor would realize that all the other energy inventions invented by men are useless and counterproductive from an economic point of view. Faced with such perfection, I have become much closer to God, while the Catholic Church has become closer to the mechanism of the world stock exchanges, which also uses the artificial intelligence of quantum computers to accentuate the difference between the rich and the poor. In fact, none of my solutions have been taken into consideration by those who are developing artificial intelligence, but on the other hand, algorithms have been created that are able to accurately predict growing companies and those that will lose market share. In this way, world democracies will no longer be founded on real work but on speculation driven by those with global economic power. The rich will become richer and richer without working and the poor will become poorer and poorer, even if they kill themselves with work. It is no coincidence that none of my forty inventions have been tested in any country in the world. It is no coincidence that the Catholic Church has also fallen into this trap, together with the trade unions and associations. I had already predicted something similar in this article published on 15.06.2015 , In 2015 I had only had the first alternative energy intuitions, which would have led me to the conception of compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy. I would never have been able to conceive this type of energy without first solving the purification problems by exploiting the natural principles favored by the gravitational force. But at the beginning of 2024, we are still at the starting point because these insights were entrusted to a simple pensioner and not to a famous Nobel Prize-winning scientist. Yet, in my opinion, a Nobel Prize winner who does not know the world of industrial and environmental work in detail would never have thought of rationally connecting the work cycles together, as a simple system installer technician can do. It is precisely the scientific organization of work that must be global, which could allow us to resolve both the problem of global warming that we are experiencing, and the problem of migrants, and of wars between neighboring peoples, and religious conflicts. We are a very small planet in the immensity of the universe, only science applied impartially above the interests of governments and multinationals can allow true sustainable development for future generations, who instead risk premature extinction due to the great science that it does not know how to copy from the simple solutions that nature has already created without the use of any technology. the task of the inventors was and is only to increase the speed of fluid dynamic processes which also bring with them electromagnetic ones without fuels and nuclear energy and without the transport of energy from one place to another. Because even the simple transport of electrical energy negatively interferes with the natural ion exchange between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere which electrically and electromagnetically regulates the climatic conditions of planet Earth, intervening directly on the regular progress of chlorophyll photosynthesis and the carbon cycle that functioned perfectly before the start of the industrial era. My latest articles published on the occasion of COP 28 talk precisely about these topics but it seems that no one has read them, as on the other hand, the entire spawhe nursery rhyme which is nothing more than a long series of sustainable inventions proposed by a simple pensioner who does not belong to the academic, political, economic or entrepreneurial world. Unfortunately, silence on my solutions is general, since in the current economy, the world stock exchanges are in charge and indirectly public science also works for multinationals that produce only commercial and incomplete inventions. This is the reason why no world power center has experimented with the sustainable inventions contained in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme, which should be considered a world heritage site, against the current deviated powers, to allow the conservation of the natural environment, not against the technological development, but with the help of slightly modified technology, as amply demonstrated in my lapsed patent filings and published articles. In my life as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants, I learned about the strengths and weaknesses of these plants and in my subsequent life as an inventor independent of the political, economic and entrepreneurial centers of power, I selected the best scientific principles, the best and cheaper technologies. I assembled them differently from how they are currently assembled because this is my job, which unfortunately I couldn’t do as an employee. It is obvious that I have displeased almost all the world’s centers of power, but my goal was not to obtain their consent, but to do my part to leave a better world for future generations.

All my work experience would have been useless if, as a retiree, I had not synthesized, selected, and virtually assembled an alternative development model to the current one. For this reason, I created my website, where everyone can access my inventions and published articles for free. Clearly, having never received public or private funding and having never paid the maintenance fees for the patents granted to me, according to current national and international laws, my patents are worth nothing on a legal level. This doesn’t matter. What is important is that the scientific truth still comes out even if I had made some mistakes. Therefore, I will be able to all publishers who do not ask me for money to publish my articles published in chronological order on the following article entitled:

“spawhe’s nursery rhyme and the map of the website”.

The chronology shown in the map is important, since what was published later could not exist without the existence, at least virtual, of what was invented previously. Therefore, my solutions may seem like science fiction while we are still fighting, in vain, against global warming with blunt weapons due to the wrong energies that produce more harm than good, making us pay dearly for the well-being in the environments in which we live to the detriment of all the surrounding environments. With the current world energies, the scientific and technological state of the art has reached a dead end. At most, it can still earn a few points of efficiency, while the direct extraction of clean primary energy from the environment, as written in my last articles ( an authentic scientific windfall that perennially falls from the sky at the request of individual energy users who will become producers of energy at any latitude, longitude and altitude of the Earth, this being extracted directly from the gravitational force, from atmospheric air and from incompressible water, in fixed and mobile installations. This state of the art can never be achieved with current terrestrial energies, which is why my systems seem like science fiction and could even take us into space because this type of energy is infinitely recyclable. It could also extend human life with my artificial human blood oxygenator heart far more than any other scientific perspective based on traditional medicine, cardiology and neurology. It is clear that I felt the moral duty to design these solutions even if no one has ever paid me to do it and no one has ever encouraged me to go ahead. I hope that you publishers too make a small exception to your profit rules so that scientific truth comes out in the interest of future generations. The more you publish my articles for free, the more possibilities there will be to improve the lives of future generations, including your children and grandchildren. Even if I had made some design errors that I could not verify due to the absence of economic means and experimental laboratories, it would still be the first step to find out where my errors are. The current silence is only institutional silence against the scientific manna that could fall free from heaven in favor of everyone, including those who do not deserve it. I enclose with this letter the map of the website and the list of articles that you can download in pdf and publish. If you want the word version of any article, I’ll send it to you immediately. In the meantime I would like to point out my latest articles which, not by chance, has the following titles: twenty-seven-previous-cops/

I don’t pay publishers and I don’t participate in conferences because no one has ever paid me for my work as an inventor and none of my inventions have been created. I work for future generations, anyone is free to publish my articles or dissociate themselves.

Best regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone 

As you can see, I sent to Sir Leonard Valentinovich the same letter that I send to publishers who ask me for articles to publish or conferences to participate in, also adding the words investor and benefactor at the end. Then, reading the profile of the person concerned on Wikipedia, who is truly a very important person, I had second thoughts and sent a more specific response to the same address (, out of respect due to the important person of the entrepreneurial world, which I did not know, being a modest worker. This reply came back to me as an unknown address and I thought that in this case too, as I suspected, it was a letter written by a false benefactor. At this point, I decided to transform my response letter into an open letter, as already done on some previous occasions published on my website ( I think it is necessary for readers to understand the conditions in which inventors who do not belong to public institutions and multinationals, who collaborate with each other also work through one-way patent trading (from public bodies to multinationals). While private inventors would have to pay filing fees, maintenance fees and expenses for legal appeals without finding interlocutors and financiers, even if they deal with serious environmental, energy and health problems, as in the case of the undersigned.

This is the substance of the letter sent to the address copied from the email received ( which turned out to be unknown, but by transforming it into an open letter, I further expanded some concepts.

Dear Sir Leonard Valentinovich Blavatnik, I now respond to your donation offer to me. My previous letter that I sent to you was a generic letter, which I send to the publishers who would like to be paid to publish my articles and to the organizers of the conferences in which I do not participate since I would have to participate at my own expense at least in the costs of travel and accommodation in the places where the congress takes place. My activity as an inventor from an economic point of view is at a total loss, but this does not mean that my inventions are not good from a technical and scientific point of view, especially in the latest published articles (,, I found authoritative confirmations from many scientists that planet Earth is energetically autonomous with perfectly clean electrical and electromagnetic energy, created by the ion exchange between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. Without this energy there would be no life on Earth. This energy has always been renewed through atmospheric disturbances and lightning which were perfectly under control before current terrestrial inventions. Today, they are no longer under control because we have made mistakes in both the purification and energy systems. My solutions developed independently from the studies, research and experiments of the many meteorological scientists who have understood the functioning of global terrestrial energy, have the merit of having used interactive purification and energy systems between water and air that purify each other using gravitational force and atmospheric air as an energy source and water as an energy carrier. Therefore, with these elements available in every corner of the Earth we can cold produce all the energy we need without producing CO2 and steam which are responsible for current climate changes. Strangely, the entire world of science is silent on my solutions and equally, strangely, I receive several letters from false donors who, before granting me the donation, ask me to pay a few hundred euros to complete strange notarial or administrative procedures which convince me that it is a question of a false donation, therefore, I am forced to renounce the alleged donation. Until now it has never happened to me that the donor has unblocked the procedure by anticipating the necessary expenses. Therefore, I never received any donations and could not test any of my inventions practically. With my modest pensioner’s income I have limited myself only to paying the filing costs, not those of the annual maintenance of the patents foreseen by the current laws, as I consider them unfair, since I have never proposed commercial inventions but ones of public social utility. However, even if I wanted to pay them I couldn’t pay them. I limited myself to publishing them on my website and making them available for future generations and anyone who wants to publish them without demanding payment. I have never asked for donations from public or private entities but I have declared myself available to collaborate or personally create demonstration prototypes, with public or private bodies if anyone is interested in my collaboration while I am still alive. What I believe is important is the verification of the scientific truth, without which it is not possible to correct the wrong inventions that are producing climate change. Since my inventions are of public utility, I cannot remain indifferent to those who offer me donations, but only declare that I will use this donation to ascertain the scientific truth in everyone’s interest. Despite such claims, so far I have only received fake donations. In the case in question, I do not think that it is up to the undersigned to declare false a priori a person who presents himself with the name of one of the most important entrepreneurs in the world. Until proven otherwise, I reply to anyone who offers me an unsolicited donation that I will use their money to ascertain the scientific truth and not for personal use.

I attach to this letter two recent false donations

As I have written in several published articles, I have nothing against oil as a resource of the planet, and I would have nothing against the use of fuels to produce energy, if the scientific and technological level of the state of the art on Earth were able to neutralize all the side effects that such use produces in the surrounding environment (thermal, chemical, biological, acoustic). In fact, I have also proposed an alternative use of the oil resource. One of my most important inventions, which no one has financed, is called “Artificial Welling”. This invention could at least triple current world food production at very low costs. This important invention could never be achieved without petroleum derivatives. In fact, the production of natural fish currently occurs through natural welling which occurs only in 5% of the surface of the oceans which correspond to the coastal areas, where sea waves create currents which allow the carbonates deposited in the seabed to rise to the surface producing the phyto plankton which allows the development of zooplankton. To create artificial welling it is necessary to create artificial islands dedicated to fishing and tourism offshore the oceans, far from earthquakes and tsunamis. Probably with this solution we could also solve the problem of migrants, giving them the opportunity to find a job and a home. My solutions on that topic are described in the following articles and patent filings:

10.06.2016 ,  10.06.2016

What I, as a former designer and installer of anthropic industrial and environmental systems and today an inventor, do not approve of, is above all the nuclear evolution that is making its way in the world ruling class. Albert Einstein was against the division of the atom and I agree with him because with current technologies at low costs we can obtain everything needed for scientific and technological progress. In some cases, we can limit ourselves only to the excitation of atoms. Just think of the invention of laser beams which are having very important applications in the industrial and medical fields, especially in surgery. However, I believe that the most popular, simple and important inventions for humanity are those of the undersigned which are based on the scientific paradox discovered by Giovanni Battista Venturi of the speed of fluids which reduces the pressure at bottlenecks until the fluid enters pressure another fluid with different physical or chemical characteristics that find many applications in the medical, industrial, environmental and energy fields. I personally used this scientific paradox to design, as stated above, the artificial welling which with very low costs could at least triple the world’s power supply capacities and in a subsequent phase, I used the same principle to invent the pump with the double separate power supply up to to the impeller which allows a low pressure fluid to be introduced into the high pressure recycling circuit to purify the water and produce clean electrical energy indefinitely by exploiting the static pressure of a normal autoclave in fixed and mobile systems and producing clean electrical energy all infinite at the temperature of the Earth’s environment, without fuels and nuclear energy. To understand this miraculous invention it is sufficient only to understand how centrifugal pumps work by observing the drawing below.

The drawing above extracted from the article, schematically, shows how it could be possible to create submerged crossing tunnels, especially at the ends of individual navigable canals with small boats that are not disturbed in their navigation. The energy produced through the compressed hydro-electromagnetic current generators that can be created in the access compartments to the submerged tunnel and the submerged current generators can supply all the energy needed to power the street lighting of the lagoon city, power the compressors that power the diffusers of air, raise and lower the gates and raise and return to the sea the waters that manage to infiltrate through the seals of the bulkheads. Always with energy costs equal to zero as regards the extraction, refining, transport, purification processes of the energy produced. The only costs that the citizens of lagoon cities like Venice will bear will be those due to the wear and tear of the machines that will operate throughout the year to trigger the energy and purification processes which, as we know, cannot take place on their own. These processes, as described in the title of this article are an authentic scientific windfall fallen from heaven still misunderstood by the current scientific advisors of world governments. Other than the investment and management costs that are charged to the Italian people by the monster of Venice. (each lift cost 272 thousand euros, while in 2021-2022 the costs dropped to 211 thousand euros per lift, thanks above all to improvements in procedures: for example, in the past it took 60 minutes to raise the gates, while now it takes 30).

I have not filed this further environmental and energy solution as a patent because I don’t believe that the current world institutions are capable of implementing these innovations, otherwise they would have also included my other forty previous inventions on these topics, which are still waiting for some country to create them , although, legally, no one, public or private, owes anything to the inventor, who has not paid the maintenance fees on the granted patents and has not made legal oppositions on the non-granted patents. It is clear that there is something very serious, that is not right, in the entire world ruling class.


The numerous figures reported in this article were extracted from the 111 previous articles reported on the website which describe in detail an alternative development that has never occurred on planet Earth. So, one could infer that this website was created by the imagination of the writer, that would be me. It is instead based on physical, chemical, biological principles, existing technologies, put together by the undersigned differently in existing anthropic plants to favor and trigger the natural interactive processes that would gradually lead to global purification and the extraction of the energy source and the ideal energy carrier , already identified by nature, which are nothing other than compressible air and incompressible water, conserve respectively in the gaseous and liquid state (i.e. at normal terrestrial temperatures and pressures), so as to be able to interact both in purification and energy processes with lower costs and no unwanted side effect. Unfortunately, this global system, which consumes neither the energy source nor the energy carrier, which are automatically renewed at the end of the processes, created entirely with air in the gaseous state and water in the liquid state, has not been understood by the current consumer society, which with combustion and nuclear energy have produced immense quantities of CO2 and steam which, being greenhouse gases, have altered the entire Earth’s climate balance. Unfortunately, on planet Earth, we have created a ruling class that profits from the current energy and purification systems and also profits from the reconstruction works essential to repair the damage caused by the increasingly frequent storms, floods, droughts and fires throughout the world. Therefore, in the current consumer society, the few rich are becoming richer and the many poor are becoming poorer.

In the following article published in the journal BioScience, it says that a document warning that “life on planet Earth is under siege” as we continue to spiral ever faster towards environmental collapse has been co-signed by more than 15,000 scientists from 161 countries. I wonder what solutions these scientists propose other than the usual renewables which are worth nothing compared to interactive purification and energy systems. I believe I have practically demonstrated that planet Earth, unfortunately, is governed by power lobbies, not only political and economic but also scientific and academic, otherwise at least some of these inventions would have had to have been tested and we would know if they work or not. published in the journal BioScience, it says that a document warning that “life on planet Earth is under siege” as we continue to spiral ever faster towards environmental collapse has been co-signed by more than 15,000 scientists from 161 countries. I wonder what solutions these scientists propose other than the usual renewables which are worth nothing compared to interactive purification and energy systems. I believe I have practically demonstrated that planet Earth, unfortunately, is governed by power lobbies, not only political and economic but also scientific and academic, otherwise at least some of these inventions would have had to have been tested and we would know if they work or not. It was useless to explain to bureaucrats graduated from Italian and European universities that perpetual motion does not belong to my culture as an inventor as it is simply useless, not being able to consume or even produce energy. My inventions are based on a long experience acquired in the installation of industrial and environmental systems which are imperfect in terms of organizational work, since they do not sufficiently exploit the interactive principles existing in nature, due above all to the gravitational force and electromagnetism that terrestrial science has been able to invent, but not adequately exploit to extract clean primary energy at atmospheric temperature and pressure. My activity as an inventor has focused, above all, on the fluid dynamics of water and air and terrestrial electromagnetism which has nothing to do with current renewables which are in any case mono-disciplinary commercial energies that are not able to exploit the gravitational force and terrestrial electromagnetism to connect to universal electromagnetism, to the point of adding together the Newton and Lorentz force which can only be added cold in fixed and mobile systems. In fact, all my inventions are based on improving the contacts between water and air first at a purifying level and in subsequent inventions, on improving the force that water and air can produce together

coupled with terrestrial electromagnetism, which is very different from the universal one, being developed with permanent magnets, coils of wires protected with insulating paints, certainly not suitable for nuclear and thermal energy. These considerations of mine, which strangely, on planet Earth, no one seems to have made, could allow us to extract energy from the environment for free in every corner of the Earth, in small and large, fixed and mobile, fuel-free anthropic plants, nuclear energy and inefficient and cumbersome renewables, as explained extensively in my inventions and articles published on . These considerations of mine, which strangely, on planet Earth, no one seems to have made, could allow us to extract energy from the environment for free in every corner of the Earth, in small and large, fixed and mobile, fuel-free anthropic plants, nuclear energy and inefficient and cumbersome renewables, as explained extensively in my inventions and articles published on. The old multinationals have produced global warming, also losing out economically. The new ones are equally wrong as they do not have the strength and interactivity to act where needed, when needed, in a simple and economical way, without industrial transformations, marketing and transport of energy. It is a global shame that not a single euro has yet been spent on planet Earth to experiment with interactive purification and energy solutions. Personally, I, who have lived over fifty years of current industrial and environmental experiences, am very disappointed by all the world institutions, without exception. However, I believe that planet Earth should be governed scientifically, because only science cannot make mistakes, as long as everything is tested and verified practically through prototypes demonstrating the efficiency of the inventions before producing them in billions of specimens, as was done with the current inventions of multinationals. But also large public works such as dams which have produced more disasters than benefits. You can’t accept anything sight unseen. This is why there are patents that describe to the relevant authorities how the invention will be created and how it works. But patents can have commercial production and public utility objectives. It is not difficult to identify the difference between commercial and public utility patents, yet, private inventors who deal with these types of problems are punished by legislators, to leave the field free to institutional inventors, who, as mentioned, by not paying filing fees and maintenance (paid by taxpayers), they only collaborate with multinationals, isolating inventors who try to do the work they should have done, without funding, laboratories and workshops to test interactive inventions, which are the only ones that could save the life of the planet, reduce the current gap between rich and poor, save many lives from climate disasters and even extend the human lifespan, because the human body also benefits from blood purification by means of an artificial heart that exploits the principles interactive. There needs to be a minimum level of coherence on the part of governments and the United Nations. Inventors dealing with environmental and social problems should not be required to pay fees in addition to the filing fee, which should be a symbolic fee. Even the United Nations should take on the burden of experimentation, in favor of all the countries of the world. This elementary logic does not exist in current government authorities and the United Nations. Peace is also and above all built with the right inventions in the right places. In fact, during climatic and seismic disasters, the first things that are missing are energy and clean water which would never be missing if water were the energy carrier and clean air and gravitational force were the primary source. of world energy, as the undersigned has proposed since 2015, while science itself, which makes useless appeals, has not said a word to ask for the experimentation of interactive inventions. My proposal published on 28. 02. 2020. to create a joint-stock company to make up for the errors, omissions and wasted opportunities by science and the world’s centers of power, up to now, has not raised even a single euro.

For all these reasons I affirm that COP 28 cannot be anything other than the usual conference on scientific hypocrisy, like the twenty-seven previous COPs.

By pure coincidence? On 26.11.2023 at 8.25 pm I had just published the following article, when I received a proposal to purchase my website. I responded to this proposal, the sender of which I do not disclose, in the following way: I cannot sell my website as it is inextricably linked to my inventions which were conceived in interest of the planet and of the entire world population, therefore my aforementioned proposal to create a joint-stock company experimenting with new solutions not tested until now is still valid. Those who believe in these proposals have the opportunity to buy the greatest number of shares, demonstrating that they truly want peace and general development. As I wrote in this article and in previous articles, the current United Nations which manages COPs, the intellectual and industrial property of patents, have spectacularly failed in their task, allowing the production of global warming, the unequal distribution of world wealth. Probably, even wars and the massacre of civilians and children, who are completely unrelated to the current power games, who in any case have scientific ignorance, because science cannot be wrong if it experiments with all the solutions, before producing them on a large scale, as it is still doing with current inventions that are totally or partially wrong.

I want to add another quick note: Isaac Newton (1642 – 1726) said that what we know is a drop while what we don’t know is an ocean. Today we can say that what we have learned is enough to better appreciate what men had in the pre-industrial era. Above all, thanks to Newton, we understood the difference between mass and force, since, The unit of measurement of force in SI is the newton, defined as the force that gives a body with a mass of 1 kg the acceleration of 1 m/s². Considering that in the atmosphere at Newton’s time we had small quantities of vapor in the atmosphere due to natural evaporations and today almost all the energies we produce emit vapor (nuclear, thermal, solar) and that the drops of water contained in the vapor have a mass 830 times greater than air, it should be obvious that atmospheric disturbances produce immensely more damage than they did in Newton’s time. I think that if Newton were still among us he would have noticed, while the science of the last 150 years has not noticed anything and insists on producing steam even with the new ecological transition based on hydrogen transformed into fuel, new nuclear power, intensification of solar energy and electric cars that are not energetically autonomous, such as those proposed by the undersigned which would extract cold electrical energy directly from the environment like all land, marine, submarine, aeronautical and space means of transport. It should be clear that the most important invention of the undersigned is the “pump with double separate power supply up to the impeller” because it allows the creation of systems that transmit only the force, without the mass, combustion fumes, and steam, since the compressed air which is the energy source and the water which is the energy carrier, do not leave the system and are recycled endlessly. And since electrical energy is produced cold, it is perfectly compatible with coils of wires painted with insulating paints which also allow for the creation of the Lorenz thrust which is essential for navigating in the atmosphere, in space and under the sea, without also polluting the atmosphere, space and the sea, after having polluted the Earth with the wrong energies. This invention is one of the most important of all time. But right now it’s just the most thwarted invention of all time.

We must find the courage to eliminate all the wrong inventions and manage planet Earth with one government, one currency and all the religions we want, abolish all weapons of destruction and thermal and nuclear inventions. There is space and food for everyone on planet Earth if we learn to better extract energy from the environment without interfering with the normal electrical and electromagnetic functioning invented by the Creator of the Universe which regulates the temperature and climatic conditions of the Earth through a natural capacitor which exchanges positive and negative ions between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface without the use of any technology. Terrestrial human electricity, invented by many scientists in the late 1800s and early 1900s, developed good technologies, but was unable to use the same energy sources used by the creator of the universe, which were none other than the same gravity discovered by Galileo Galilei and Newton, ionizable and compressible atmospheric air, and ionizable and incompressible water, without using fuels and nuclear energy. In fact, the Creator of the universe, although he also created nuclear energy, did not use it to air condition the earth. He used atmospheric air pressed by gravity as an energy source and incompressible water, with a density 830 times higher than air, as an energy carrier. The choices made by the Creator of the universe were not random. He wanted to protect living things. It was no coincidence that the undersigned, a simple technical designer and installer of industrial and environmental systems, copied from natural systems a different way of purifying by putting together the water and air cycles in covered systems that do not emit emissions pollutants in external environments, has switched to the production of electricity, always using the same elements (water and air) pressurized differently in cycles open to atmospheric pressure or closed, with higher pressures in autoclaves, to first extract the primary energy, which it is used to produce the physical force, which creates the driving torque or the linear thrust necessary to move permanent magnets in an electric field which create the extracted induced current which is thus extracted directly from the environment, without fuels, nuclear energy and related costs of raw materials and the complexity of production plants.

Luigi Antonio Pezone