In this article I summarize my activity as an inconvenient inventor for science and the powerful of the Earth, who jointly have neglected the terrestrial interactive principles to create specific inventions disconnected from each other, which clearly are not compatible with the terrestrial environment, not closing all the chemical and biological cycles they open. This has led to a completely wrong environmental, industrial and economic development which today is impossible to correct due to the fact that all the world’s scientific, political and economic centers of power are involved. I recall the concepts of the theories of relativity developed by Albert Einstein and published in the years 1905 and 1916. The special relativity of 1905 states that in space the laws of physics are the same for all inertial reference systems: “a body perseveres in its state of motion or rest until an external cause modifies the conditions”. The general one of 1916 extends the explanation of relativistic phenomena also to non-inertial phenomena, which are subject to acceleration, but always in the spatial context and in relation to the specific and general aspects of physics. The general one of 1916 extends the explanation of relativistic phenomena also to non-inertial phenomena, which are subject to acceleration, but always in the spatial context and in relation to the specific and general aspects of physics. Very different from specific and general spatial relativity is general terrestrial interactivity, which does not only concern physics, since, in the terrestrial environment, in the presence of biological, zoological life, organic and inorganic chemistry, the chemical and biological interactive connections that nature closes in the atmosphere, in aquifers, rivers, lakes and seas, purifying them automatically through natural interactive phenomena, such as chlorophyll photosynthesis and the carbon cycle. From space we receive unidirectional gravitational force towards the center of the Earth and bidirectional electromagnetism. Thanks to these two invisible forces, everything is transformed and renewed in natural times due to the annual rotation cycle around the sun, to the daily rotation speed around the magnetic connection axis of the poles, with a quantity of energy, also influenced by proximity to the planets and satellites of the solar system. Therefore, natural terrestrial interactivity is closely connected to the energy of the solar system, which through gravitational and electromagnetic forces are the true drivers of all physical, chemical and biological processes. These processes have nothing in common with distant nuclear and space thermodynamic origins, as they occur at atmospheric temperature and pressure. Above all, this should have given pause to science and terrestrial inventors, who, instead of reinforcing the natural interactive terrestrial processes, which reproduce themselves at the terrestrial temperature, have distorted them, resorting to the heat produced by fuels and nuclear energy, which not only have high costs and produce pollution and radioactivity, they do not strengthen the natural interactive principles of the earth, but damage them, also introducing very large quantities of greenhouse gases into the environment, such as steam and CO2. Less than two hundred years of wrong industrial development were enough to alter the biological and climatic balances laboriously created by terrestrial nature in the previous 4.5 billion years. It was not difficult to understand that although terrestrial nature did not have technologies at its disposal, it had already made all the arrangements to allow us to produce, with minimum cost and minimum exploitation of natural resources, only the technologies indispensable for purifying water and air. and extract the energy from the environment needed to produce electricity for free, without producing any form of pollution. In fact, atmospheric air pressurized by nature at a pressure of one bar is a perfect clean gas that contains 21% oxygen with purifying oxidizing power. If we suck air from a tube immersed in water, it rises about ten meters as demonstrated by Torricelli (1608-1647), without expending energy to lift it. Science should have deduced that if we pressurize an autoclave to a pressure of ten or thirty bars and open a water outlet valve, it rises to a height of 100 or 300 meters, instead of the 10 meters allowed by atmospheric pressure. We can mount this energy system on fixed and mobile systems. If we keep the pressure of the autoclave constant by simultaneously introducing the same quantity of water that comes out through the pressurized recycling circuit of the autoclave, we can create infinite purification and energy cycles, as the water that enters the autoclave absorbs oxygen and when it comes out, partially purified from the absorbed oxygen, it can produce electrical energy through a turbine coupled to a current generator. How can the water discharged at atmospheric pressure be inserted into the pressurized recycling circuit at 10 or 30 bar? It wasn’t easy to understand, since I arrived at it after ten years of activity as an inventor, but in the end I realized that it is sufficient to create pumps with a separate double power supply up to the impeller, one of which is powered by the discharged water. from the turbine that produced the primary energy and the other is connected to the autoclave recycling circuit. Therefore, on planet Earth we do not need the heat produced by fuels, solar panels, nuclear energy. We can produce electricity without producing any form of pollution, including CO2 and steam. We don’t even need to transport electricity remotely, being able to extract it directly from the environment where it is needed in fixed and mobile systems. Therefore, even renewable energies (wind, hydrolytic, biological, solar) are not convenient. Even more so, we don’t need electric cars or even turning hydrogen into fuel. We must ask ourselves why all the world governments and all the multinationals and above all the United Nations, which manage the intellectual property of inventions, have not understood this invention which could be one of the most important in the history of humanity, also transformed into an international patent ( PCT/IT2016/000202- 08/31/2016) (WO2017/042847- 03/16/2017) which the undersigned saw expire on 08/07/2018 after 31 months from publication without finding interlocutors among all the world’s political scientific personalities companies who say they want to fight global warming and why these same personalities have also boycotted the previous and subsequent inventions (forty), which gradually led to the global invention of “Artificial Terrestrial Interactivity” which is indispensable to defend ourselves from changes climate change, increasing food production by means of artificial welling, desalinating water, irrigating deserts, to go into space with energy that is not consumed and which would protect human physiology, maintaining terrestrial temperature and pressure in space environments. Furthermore, it should not be overlooked that the artificial heart has also been boycotted which, with two small autoclaves in place of the right and left ventricles, would oxygenate human blood, greatly extending the current short human life. I, as the intellectual inventor of general artificial terrestrial interactivity, am still looking for institutional interlocutors, not multinationals, not mafias. If, at least the United Nations were not a political body but an impartial experimental scientific body, general artificial terrestrial interactivity would have already been tested, not only on the basis of the solutions proposed by the undersigned in forty inventions, but of all the inventors, always choosing the best, simplest and most economical solutions, because science, unlike justice, cannot make mistakes given the possibility of experimenting before acquitting or condemning. The current United Nations, however, demands from inventors like myself the payment of annual patent maintenance fees and the payment of fees for making legal appeals against non-granted patents, instead of taking on the burden of experimentation in the interest of the entire world population. I only paid the filing fees because I am only interested in the intellectual property of my inventions. I have never paid the maintenance fees for national and international patents because I never thought of being an entrepreneur in retirement. I have never made legal appeals against patents that were not granted to me because I have no money to waste against a system that does not appreciate the scientific and impartial organization of work. But I filed and published my solutions anyway. I simply wanted to demonstrate that the majority of the world’s purification and energy systems are wrong and that the current ruling class has no intention of correcting them. If intellectual property is worth nothing economically to the United Nations and the current world ruling class it doesn’t matter. But if we lived in a true world democracy, it should be founded on the scientific organization of work, not on the speculation of the world stock markets. I don’t consider myself a victim but an innovator because I think there has never been an inventor forced to produce forty inventions without seeing even one tested and created. History will prove who is right or wrong about the quality of inventions. Those who have political and economic power must take on the burden of experimentation before deciding what is right or wrong for the planet we live on. This is the only reason I became an inventor in retirement. If in my working life I had not tried to scientifically understand the world of work, on what basis would I have based my inventions? Many democratic countries like Italy base their constitution on work. But it is not enough if the work is not organized scientifically and impartially because science cannot be wrong if it is applied globally. Unfortunately, I was forced to write an article that states the opposite: “The scientifically disorganized work of public bodies and multinational corporations on planet Earth.” If governments and a large part of the world population are more interested in financial speculation, which has nothing to do with honest daily work, it is not possible to defeat global pollution, the unequal distribution of world wealth and wars are fought all over the world. It is necessary to expel the merchants from the Temple, if necessary also the politicians who prevent the testing of sustainable inventions. It is no longer the time for mediation: every choice must be made impartially in the right place, at the right time, with the right solution. This is the logic of the SPAWHE nursery rhyme (Sinergic Plants Artificial Welling Hydroelectromagnetic Energy). 2.Global warming exists because world governments and legislators have never forced the inventors and designers of anthropogenic plants to close all the cycles they open.

I have always thought that as a pensioner, if I had maintained a reasonable state of health, I would have invented new purification and energy solutions, since, above all, as an installer of systems contracted by public bodies, I noticed that they could be designed in a more efficient

studying the purification cycles and work organization better. The latter, learned by the undersigned in my previous experience, which lasted 17 years in the automotive industry. The industrial sector is very different from the environmental one, but if you know both sectors, it is possible to find a common logic, precisely by studying the scientific organization of work, which in industry must speed up the quantity of production in the unit of time per reduce production costs and beat the competition, while, in the environmental sector, it must speed up natural biological and biochemical interactive processes, to increase food production capacities and control the temperatures of open or closed production plants.

Even today, public designers, not having to deal with the laws of the market, do not pay attention to the scientific organization of work and the increase in the speed of processes which can only occur by better studying the work cycles and also the machines necessary to create the projects. processes. My twenty years spent installing environmental anthropic systems, designed by public bodies, have been an immense source of knowledge of the errors committed from the point of view of productivity and process efficiency, against which, as a simple technician responsible for a small team of workers I couldn’t do anything except try to win the tenders by purchasing the equipment at the best price and better organizing the work of my team of workers. Some might ask themselves the reasons why I moved from large industry to a small company installing environmental systems, and into a less technologically up-to-date sector. I can answer that professional curiosity was the predominant factor and that I was convinced that by observing environmental work from an industrial point of view I would enrich myself professionally. In other words, I preferred a horizontal career instead of trying to try to move up in corporate hierarchies. I have never regretted this choice, but at the same time, I couldn’t wait to retire and start my business as an innovative inventor in the environmental and energy sector. My twenty years of humble work as an installation technician were fundamental in identifying the details to be explored scientifically, with greater calm as a pensioner, without the stress entailed by working in a small company that has to beat the competition on a daily basis.

As an environmental inventor, I couldn’t help but start from the sewerage sector, because, as they say, “he who begins well is halfway there”. The current sewer systems are an authentic global disaster: the inadequacy of the way of transporting sewage to the final purifiers lacks any respect for biological cycles. Even today, purifiers are forced to regenerate septic water with immense energy consumption and poor quality results, as the very long journeys to reach the purifiers destroy organic matter producing hydrogen sulphide and sulfuric acid which also corrode sewer pipes. With the rains, from the overflow drains, the acidified sewage goes directly into the surface waters of rivers, lakes and seas. Only in the latter case in some cases are underwater pipelines used, which cause less damage. The few waters that purifiers are able to purify with regenerative oxygenation cycles produce acidic water because the processes of alkalising the water involve the use of calcium oxides whose production involves heating limestone rocks to a temperature of around 1000 degrees, which involves high CO2 emissions and therefore current regulations allow water with a pH of 5.5 to be discharged which however continues to acidify rivers, lakes and seas.

My solutions which involved the oxygenation of water directly in sewer sedimentation tanks (which still do not exist anywhere in the world) by means of cold artificial rainfall on calcareous material, without any CO2 emissions, were not taken into consideration. It is true that when I proposed them with the current energies they would have entailed high energy costs, but in the following years when, with the invention of the pumps with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, I demonstrated that even the raising of the water could take place by producing energy , without energy costs and CO2 emissions. The worldwide silence of the environmental authorities and of science itself continued even after the publication of these solutions. In fact, by extracting electricity directly from the terrestrial environment with open hydraulic circuits or pressurized with autoclaves, which no one has built, for fear that they work, causing all the world’s stock markets to collapse at the same time.

For this ruling class and the legislators, as an inventor I should have created at least the demonstration prototypes alone with the powerful means made available by my pension of 1800 euros per month. Furthermore, legislators demand from inventors not only filing fees, but also patent maintenance fees and legal fees for appealing against patents not granted, by ministerial bureaucrats who define my inventions as “perpetual motion”. Instead, perpetual motion is not convenient because it would be useless, as it does not produce or consume energy. I have preferred solutions that extract clean primary energy directly from the Earth’s environment through the advantageous principles of fluid dynamics and electromagnetism to design interactive systems with infinite energy autonomy, which only wear out the machines that allow their production at room temperature terrestrial which with artificial light and chlorophyll photosynthesis can also be reproduced in the space transport means of the future. It is clear that these legislators, with these regulations, discourage private inventors and favor the inventions of multinationals and public bodies. In fact, there is a thriving one-way trade in patents, from public bodies to multinationals, well regulated by the legislators themselves who even establish the quotas due to inventors and the public bodies they belong to when patents are sold. I didn’t know these laws and regulations when, as a pensioner, I started producing my first inventions. When I learned about them, I thought that if the inventions are valid and of public utility, in the age of the internet, in some way, they would have found interlocutors and financiers. I was wrong. None of my forty inventions have found interlocutors or financiers. But in the first years of my activity as an inventor I still deluded myself that by developing the details and publishing them, there could still be some margin for making scientific and organizational truths about work known, especially in the environmental and energy sector, under accusation, above all, for global warming. I was wrong in this case too, because for the current ruling class even global warming is a business, being always in the front row to raise funds to repair the damage, with solutions that are never global and that do not exploit the interactive principles, known by same science at the natural terrestrial speed, not at the higher speed that the undersigned proposes through his own fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic interactive technological inventions.

3. Who boycotted the extraction of clean energy from the environment in the last century?

What stimulated me most to persevere in my activity as an inventor was the observation that inventions in the field of chemistry and physics, however complex, are worth nothing compared to biological, biochemical, interactive electromagnetic processes invented by terrestrial nature without the use of no technology. I have already mentioned in some other article this distant episode which recounts the only contact I had with the Italian ENEA, of which I still retain the evidence in case anyone felt defamed.

For those who don’t know, especially abroad, ENEA is the acronym for “National Energy and Environment Agency. The protocol number is ENEA/2009/370587/PRES dated 2/07/2009, in which the former president, Prof. Luigi Paganetto, invited me to a meeting in their headquarters in Bologna, writing to me verbatim: “In order to to delve deeper into the technical aspects and economic implications of the systems and technologies you propose, please contact Dr (name omitted for confidentiality), responsible for the Anthropic Risk Analysis and Prevention Methods Section, who will be able to organize a meeting with industry experts. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to the undersigned, the president’s collaborators delayed the meeting, and summoned me in the second half of September 2009, making me travel about 1100 km by train there and back just to inform me that the prof. Paganetto was no longer the president of Enea, and they could not deal with my patents, not having sufficient funds even to carry out their patents. Therefore there was no technical discussion about my patents. All this could have been communicated to me even with a simple email, without making me also bear the inconvenience and travel expenses. This is the level of behavior of Italian research institutions towards private inventors. However, I think that the former president of Enea liked my project on domestic water saving which was also a European patent (E P 1860072A2. entitled “phosphor removal from detergents wastewater and graywater recycling system for flushing toilets”), an alternative to the project created by Enea with European funds called “Acqua Save” whose prototype built in Bologna cost two billion old lire, based mainly on the recovery of rainwater to be used for toilets. Their project was expensive and cumbersome as it occupied the entire ground floor of a building with eight apartments. My project, however, was completely invisible and incorporated into the floor and walls in special Maxi boxes for cleaning toilets. Furthermore, my project was the first example of an interactive project as it allowed users to collaborate in protecting the environment by automatically dosing a small amount of calcium and ferric chloride into toilet flushes for the prevention of hydrogen sulfide and the precipitation of phosphorus directly into the sewerage system which I had modified with other patents by introducing sedimentation tanks along the sewerage routes and a sludge extraction and dehydration system incorporated in special mobile tankers. Subsequently, in 2015, when I invented the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller which would have allowed the extraction of clean electrical energy from the environment without the cost of fuels, it was possible to create artificial rainfall with the same surface water as sewer settlers introduced into the sewers with a 2009 patent. With these rains, circulated on limestone boulders suspended in metal baskets, it was possible to coldly remove the calcium oxide necessary to keep the sewer waters alkaline, therefore, the sludge settled in the bottom of the sedimentation tank would have produced a methane fermentation, rather than an acidic one like the current one with the production of hydrogen sulphide and sulfuric acid. We would have produced methane which, when combined with the surface water of the sedimentation tanks, would have been transformed into CO2, which, passing through the limestone rocks, would have produced  CaO + H2O + CO2 = CaCO3 + H2O, creating an interactive cycle that would have kept the sewer waters in their alkaline. Therefore my solution of entrusting users with the task of dosing the calcium in the toilet waste trays has been overcome. But what is serious is the fact that the global public bodies that deal with these problems, including the Italian ENEA, have not noticed this virtual advancement in the state of the art of the global sewerage system. They couldn’t think that all my virtual inventions that they didn’t want to experiment with, in 2020 I would use them to virtually design space carriages combined with global linear motors with Newton and Lorentz thrust. In fact, I resumed my old project from 2007, snubbed by Enea, because in space we cannot create either sewer sedimentation systems or artificial rainfall on calcareous material. We must chemically neutralize the CO2 produced by human breathing with the small calcium oxide dispenser envisaged in my 2007 European patent. And the water recovery and recycling system must also be invisible like the one envisaged by the undersigned in the same project. Since all my activity as an inventor has been concentrated in the development of interactive purification and energy systems, I have not understood whether there is a worldwide prejudice against private inventors, or whether public bodies and multinationals do not like interactive systems in principle. I don’t believe I have cheated if with these systems, at least virtually, I have solved the major problems of our time, including the unequal distribution of global wealth. Obviously, with my modest pension and the few years I have left to live I can’t prove anything, but I took away the satisfaction of putting my solutions on paper.

I also want to remember the Italian ENI, which responded to my proposals with international patents on cleaning fossil energy that they already comply with the regulations. Who made the current regulations? Didn’t they realize that these regulations caused global warming? I wrote the following article on this topic when I didn’t yet have my SPAWHE website The episodes of Enea and ENI touched me deeply in my professional pride, to the point that today I thank them because they had the merit of making me angry, to the point of bringing out the best in my latent ability to think globally and multi disciplinary. It doesn’t matter that none of my inventions have been created yet, the important thing is that they exist and have been published and will continue to exist to be verified by a world ruling class that has no desire to verify them so as not to admit their own design errors and global environmental and energy management.

Global public bodies, such as Enea and ENI, have continued to obey public and private employers, going against terrestrial nature with their designs and inventions, which have excluded both purifying and energetic interactive principles, which are due to gravitational force, chlorophyll photosynthesis and the terrestrial carbon cycle. These interactive principles, as the undersigned has demonstrated in forty national patent deposits, of which six are international, can be locally strengthened by designing differently the anthropic energy and purification plants, both fixed and mobile, to the point of reducing every form of water pollution and of atmospheric air. In other words, the more energy we produce, the more we will protect the environment, since the universal terrestrial energy source will be atmospheric air (more or less compressed) and the energy carrier will always be incompressible water at the temperature of the terrestrial environment. As we know, water and air purify each other due to Henry and Dalton’s physical principles on the solubility of gases. But in the design of machines and systems we must also exploit other principles such as that of the impenetrability of bodies, Pascal’s and Torricelli’s principles, and those of terrestrial electromagnetism developed by many scientists and inventors which allows us to add together the temperature of the terrestrial environment the push of Newton and Lorentz which cannot be added at high temperatures so as not to damage the electrical circuits. However, in some cases it is necessary to resort to a scientific paradox to trigger an interactive energetic and purifying process at the same time. I am thinking in particular of  fluid mechanics and the Venturi effect (or hydrodynamic paradox) which is the hydrodynamic phenomenon, discovered and studied by the physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746 -1822), whereby the pressure of a fluid current decreases with the increase of speed and increases as speed decreases. This paradox occurs in all centrifugal pumps, as the center of the rotating impeller produces a centripetal force which increases the speed of the water entering the impeller which simultaneously undergoes a reduction in pressure in the impeller entry passage section. In the following phase the impeller, due to the spiral shape of the blades, decreases its speed while the pressure increases rapidly. This phenomenon or hydrodynamic paradox allowed the undersigned to invent in 2015 the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller still misunderstood by the entire world science although it was registered as an international patent and also lapsed as a patent, as written above, due to incomprehensible written laws by global intellectual property legislators.

The figures above should make even lay people in science, physics and technology understand that by changing the way centrifugal pumps work, we have no limits on the size of the systems, nor limits on the maximum lifting height. The reasoning is valid both if the system operates at atmospheric pressure and if it is connected to an autoclave at any operating pressure. The only condition to be respected is that the same quantity of water must enter the systems at low pressure that exits at high pressure, both for the principle of the impenetrability of bodies and for Pascal’s principle, which allows the pressure to be maintained in all directions, not the increase in pressure that requires the supply of new energy, which in any case, if it were extracted from the environment, would cost nothing, except greater wear of the electrocompressor and the circulation pump. As can be seen from the drawing, I divided the water inlet into four alternating sectors (LP) low pressure and (HP) high pressure, but it would have been the same thing to divide the supply into two circular rings of equal section, placing in the center the smaller one (LP) which would benefit more from the greater centripetal effect produced by the rotating impeller. Practical experimentation should have defined this detail. But faced with the silence of the entire world ruling class, including the scientific one, I could do nothing but wait for a future generation to emerge that is wiser and more far-sighted than the current one. At least on environmental and energy problems. Current science, which has not been able to extract the clean energy provided for free from the earth’s environment, has created immense economic damage to the world economy because in addition to paying the cost of fossil and nuclear fuels, humans must also pay the costs of purification, for which, unfortunately, science itself has not been able to design the systems, keeping the specific skills of the various branches of science and crafts separate. Today we have fixed and mobile thermal plants that waste resources and do not close all the cycles they open and nuclear plants that have not been able to decontaminate radioactive pollutants, which must be hidden in underground storage sites because no one knows how to neutralize them. Current science, which has not been able to extract the clean energy provided for free from the earth’s environment, has created immense economic damage to the world economy because in addition to paying the cost of fossil and nuclear fuels, humans must also pay the costs of purification, for which, unfortunately, science itself has not been able to design the systems, keeping the specific skills of the various branches of science and crafts separate. Today we have fixed and mobile thermal plants that waste resources and do not close all the cycles they open and nuclear plants that have not been able to decontaminate radioactive pollutants, which must be hidden in underground storage sites because no one knows how to neutralize them. The logic of the scientific organization of work, first industrial and then environmental, led me to think differently than industrial and environmental designers and inventors, and therefore to unify the work cycles, air water purification and energy production, which finally, after about ten years, led me to the first inventions that directly extracted clean energy from the environment. But the path was not simple because first I tried my hand at cleaning fossil energy, producing carbonates in water, and then to economize the processes of this solution, developing other details, I realized that on planet Earth it is not necessary to thermal energy and not even nuclear energy. It doesn’t even need energy transport. World science has always been silent about my solutions. He never dared to call them “perpetual motion” as, in some cases, the bureaucrats of the Italian and European patent office did, because the energy comes from the gravitational force through scientific and technological reasoning which they were not able to understand, having had bad teachers in the universities they attended.

Let’s try to compare the nursery rhyme of which virtually globally applies the interactive principles on earth and in space, with the solutions carried out by public bodies such as the Italian Enea and ENI and by global public science, such as the imprisonment of CO2 underground with the C.C.S system and the insistence of global public bodies to build old and new generation nuclear plants which are not compatible with temperatures, pressures and terrestrial biological processes and will never allow them to be added together the push of Newton and Lorentz. Consequently, terrestrial electromagnetism, cold extracted in the terrestrial environment, in space, can connect to universal electromagnetism which has thermal and nuclear origins, not compatible with terrestrial nature. NASA and the world’s private space bodies have not yet understood this and are spending billions of dollars to produce energy that is worth nothing compared to the interactive energy extracted for free from terrestrial nature.

Today, even if I am still alone, I am proud of my inventions, above all, because they were not appreciated by public bodies, such as Enea, by multinationals, by space bodies who, with their enormous resources, have produced inventions regardless of terrestrial interactive processes , on which the undersigned continued to work, following the logic of the scientific organization of work which always chooses the simplest and most economical solution updated to the state of the earth’s technological art, gradually, over the years, moving from the rational cleaning of fossil energy to the production of electricity, extracting clean primary energy directly from the environment, where it is needed, when needed, in fixed and mobile systems. Therefore, we have made a mistake in the entire industrial development because there is no need for the current transport of electricity and even less for the transport of fossil energy from mines, from land and sea wells, by means of tankers, oil pipelines and methane pipelines. , gasifiers and degasifiers. Thanks to the extraction of clean energy directly from the environment, it will no longer be possible to leave the world’s populations without electricity and heating and cooling systems in the event of wars such as in Ukraine, the Gaza Strip and anywhere in the world. It will not be possible to blackmail the world’s people who have to escape from fires, floods, earthquakes, to queue first at petrol stations to save themselves. We will even be able to store the energy source (compressed air) in the tanks of aeronautical and space transport vehicles without consuming it, to begin space exploration seriously in a sustainable way.

All this seems like science fiction because the inventors domesticated by public and private centers of power, who number many millions, well paid and protected by international laws that protect industrial property, have not been stimulated by world legislators to produce intellectual inventions. In fact, intellectual inventions can be produced even by inventors without money and by public and private employers such as multinationals. Of course, this type of work should also be legally recognized. Today, however, with current legislation only industrial patents can be filed and whoever files a patent, if he does not pay the maintenance fees in the years following filing, loses all legal rights to his invention which has not found financiers and can neither sell nor exploit his patent in subsequent years, unless he files it again under another name and pays the filing and maintenance fees again, provided that in the meantime, his invention has retained the requirements of novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability.

All this is absurd from a legal point of view as all other authors of intellectual works are recognized as having copyright even if they find publishers several years after writing a book or a musical score or a painting by the author.

The ignorance of legislators and patent offices themselves in matters of intellectual property is very serious and penalizes the entire world development as developing interactive projects is much more complex than the development of a specific commercial invention which requires few claims of novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability. Interactive inventions on planet Earth do not exist, apart from those developed by nature without technologies, which are still difficult to understand perfectly today, such as, for example, chlorophyll photosynthesis and the terrestrial carbon cycle. Unlike specific inventions, which exploit individual physical, chemical and thermal principles, they must be multidisciplinary as they must connect with the surrounding processes and with previous and subsequent inventions of the same inventor or other inventors. Interactive inventions cannot be defined as commercial inventions and current patent offices can rarely understand them. In fact, the Italian and European patent offices have defined the most

inventions of the undersigned as “Perpetual motion” to say that they are not patentable, as it is impossible to create them with existing scientific knowledge and technologies. I would have had to oppose these decisions with legal appeals, spending more money unnecessarily, since, in any case, I would not have found public and private interlocutors available to finance them. In fact, if the world ruling class did not finance the cleanup of fossil energy, which although based on interactive processes, was at a lower technological level than energy, they certainly would not have financed the latter. Above all, those mounted on land, marine, submarine and space mobile installations. There is certainly a lot to work on these topics and a simple pensioner will not be able to develop all the details. But the environmental, energy and legislative authorities are even preventing the laying of the first stones for sustainable development in everyone’s interest.

In this global context, how can employees escape the wishes of their public and private employers. How can companies installing human-made systems fail to participate in tenders? Who can dispute such a complex and articulated system in which everyone is directly or indirectly involved? Only by correctly, scientifically and impartially developing the organization of work is it possible to identify errors and correct them. I have done my job and indicated the path to follow, but the path is very long and concerns all human activities. How can the question that gave the title to this chapter find answers: Who has boycotted the extraction of clean energy from the environment in the last century? Who consciously and who unconsciously robbed future generations of the energy that would protect the environment instead of damaging it, as most current energies do? Certainly, most of the past generations were in good faith when they invented, approved and legislated the inventions of the past, but can the same be said today? If the current world ruling class has not yet financed any of the inventions of the undersigned which have modified chimneys, sewers, domestic systems to create complete water and air cycles which could purify each other in a simple and interactive way, favoring the contact along natural or slightly modified routes with pumps, fans, imhoff pits, sewage sedimentators, limestone greenhouses, which would exploit simple and natural physical and chemical principles to purify water and air along the routes that bring water back into rivers, lakes and seas , and return the air to the atmosphere, how was it possible to think of designing mobile, energetically autonomous systems, where there isn’t even enough space to carry out these purification processes? Don’t the world’s scientists know, especially the Nobel Prize winners, that the scientific and technological state of the art must gradually grow with complete and interactive inventions, without taking shortcuts that are not compatible with the earth’s environment? If there is a small possibility of extracting clean energy from the environment for free, why do they ignore it? I think they ignore it because they will always be able to justify themselves by saying that they were not informed, rather than dealing with the enormous possibilities of compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy.

Among the patents I would have liked to talk about in the meeting with Enea, mentioned above, there was also my European patent of 28.11. 2007 . This patent, which no European or global country has created, is the demonstration that world governments do not know how and do not want to apply the scientific organization of work in the environmental sector, since, in addition to allowing a simple and economical recovery of domestic water in the within the domestic environment not polluted by kitchen grease would also have allowed chemical conditioning with lime which would have prevented the formation of hydrogen sulphide in the sewers. Even today this system which involved the recovery of water camouflaged in the floor and the accumulation in large built-in cisterns, camouflaged in the walls, was created on planet Earth. Paradoxically, this solution, which is not used on earth, can be used in space because by infinitely oxidizing the water, the alkalinity is lowered.Calcium is one of the elements most present in interstellar dust, dissolved in water together with the CO2 produced by the breathing of men and plants inside the space containers, it would produce calcium bicarbonates which restore the original alkalinity. The calcium that on Earth we can only extract from limestone rocks, heating them to around 1000 degrees centigrade, in space we could capture for free from interstellar dust. The reversible reaction is the following: CaCO3 -> CaO + CO2, as described in articles published on 29.07.2021 :,

I receive several letters from publishers who say they cannot publish my articles because they have already been published by other publishers. What, in my opinion, these publishers fail to understand is the fact that I am not a professor but a retired inventor not linked to any center of scientific, political or economic power. I do not earn credits for advancing academic careers with publications and no economic benefits because my patents have all legally expired as I have not paid the annual national and international maintenance fees. I do not follow the rules made by men but only those that find scientific and technological confirmation by following the cycles necessary to create complete natural cycles without altering them, based on a strict scientific organization of earthly work which locally increases the speed of processes by exploiting only fluid dynamics and terrestrial electromagnetism, which although it is produced cold and has nothing in common with the universal one produced by the ferromagnetic nuclei of stars and planets, communicates perfectly with it.

My inventions and my articles are based on a lifetime of work in the design and construction of industrial and environmental anthropic plants designed by others with specific never global criteria, as international environmental laws have never claimed that anthropic plants close all cycles that open. Therefore, everything I published anticipated international environmental laws and has still never been achieved on planet Earth. They are still world novelties. Current world legislators consider patents to be of environmental and social public utility, at the same level as the commercial patents produced by multinationals and global public bodies, which together have produced global warming due to the fact that they separately exploit physical and principles in incomplete systems that do not close all the cycles they open. The legislators of the world patents of the WIPO (world international property organization), in addition to the filing fees, also demand annual patent maintenance fees from private inventors, who try to close all the cycles they open. These laws favor the existing public and private centers of power, both because they do not demand the closure of all the chemical and thermal cycles that open up, and because they discourage the search for new solutions by inventors who cannot afford to pay in addition to taxes maintenance fees are also deposited. I am proud to have filed these patents, but I believe that we are governed worldwide by scientific, political and economic hypocrisy, which hides behind specific skills, scientific, economic, legislative policies, discouraging transversal inventions of multidisciplinary and interactive connections such as those proposed by the undersigned. The fact that my inventions and my articles on the cleansing of fossil energy and those on the extraction of clean energy directly from the environment have been published not only on my personal website ( but also by other publishers should constitute a request to the governments in office to clarify, because I am sure that science cannot be wrong, if applied with global skills. With this I do not claim to have global skills, I only indicate the path to follow, since in the phases following the development of the inventions, specific expertise in each sector is still necessary. Everything that an inventor has designed can and must be practically tested with demonstrative prototypes, before being produced on a large scale in billions of specimens. A single inventor cannot have, especially if he is a modest pensioner like myself, the economic means to prove the validity of his interactive inventions, he cannot be punished by legislators by granting him a limited period of time to create his inventions, certainly more complexities of the

commercial inventions of multinationals. What use are public research bodies and their laboratories if they do not intervene in these cases? World politicians and legislators are doing a terrible job, since the opposite of what humanity needs is happening in today’s society. The commercial inventions of multinationals that damage the environment are produced in billions of specimens without anyone correcting them, while the interactive ones that could solve the problems of global warming, droughts, floods, the high energy costs of land transport, marine, aeronautical and space, no one finances them. Demonstration prototypes would cost very little if built by bodies such as the United Nations. Why doesn’t this happen? Why does the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), which is an organ of the United Nations, ask a pensioner to pay patent maintenance fees on inventions of global public utility, instead of recognizing only the intellectual property and does not assume responsibility for at least test the prototypes demonstrating the validity of the inventions and make them available to all countries in the world?

There is also something wrong with the organization of the United Nations, which can draw on the world’s best brains and immense economic funds to make the right choices on the scientific, economic and organizational level of world work.

Who does the United Nations represent? Who organize COPs (conferences between the parties) without having plans above the parties. The United Nations should be the meeting point of all countries to have a common sustainable development, instead they are another tool to isolate inventors who work for free to seek logical and interactive solutions that can only be identified by those with transversal work experience and is not interested in personal enrichment. If the United Nations knew how to do its job, it could smooth out the political, economic and religious disagreements between all the countries of the world, to give work to everyone without unemployment benefits and redistribute the world’s wealth because the first thing to correct are the wrong inventions which have created global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth. But the United Nations doesn’t even realize that the WIPO they run creates the world’s greatest paradox by allowing public inventors to sell their patents to multinationals with the consent of governments. Therefore public inventors do not do the work they are supposed to do. Today the controllers and controlled are on the same side, otherwise I wouldn’t have felt the need to transform myself into an inventor in retirement. It would be more fair if public inventions and those of inventors independent of multinationals were recognized as intellectual property, not industrial property, and for the United Nations to create demonstrative prototypes in the interests of all the countries of the world, to be presented every year at the conference of set off. But the United Nations should be something completely different from what it is now. In some respects, it would have been better not to know Einstein’s theories and the origins of the universe, to learn how to extract energy directly from the gravitational force, and from electromagnetism, without taking into account specific relativity and the principles of inertia, which they are valid only in the vacuum of space. On planet Earth, the energetic reference point is general relativity, not specific relativity. Bodies, molecules and atoms do not persevere infinitely in the state of motion at constant speed. They are slowed down by the frictional resistances that oppose the movement of the molecules present in materials, air, water and soil. If there were no such resistance, there would be no life form of biological, chemical, physical life. In the terrestrial environment, the boundary between pressure and depression, between solid, liquid and gas, is always a source of exchange of energy, molecules and atoms between one state and another. Just think of the carbon cycle and chlorophyll photosynthesis. From the book by prof. Paolo Sequi, with the emblematic title “The Environmental Raket” I quote: For every 35 million carbon atoms coming from photosynthesis, 30 million oxygen atoms are needed, 60 million hydrogen atoms and as many as 1,552,904 atoms of different elements brought by the waters (1000,000 of nitrogen, 250,000 potassium, 125,000 calcium, 80,000 magnesium, 60,000 phosphorus, 30,000 sulphur, 4,500 iron,

2,000 boron, 1,000 manganese, 300 zinc, 100 copper, 3 cobalt, 1 molybdenum) . This means that terrestrial natural science is infinitely superior to human science. When faced with this type of science, our best scientists seem like amateurs at risk, even if in some cases the inventions are correct. The worst are undoubtedly energy and environmental inventions. The former open useless thermal and nuclear cycles that do not belong to terrestrial nature, as the carbon cycle that moves immense quantities of water, air and steam takes place entirely at the temperature of the terrestrial environment. The latter do not know how to close the cycles that the former open. Global warming was inevitable without my forty inventions which gradually identified the connections between the various terrestrial inventions to develop artificial terrestrial interactivity which enhances natural terrestrial interactivity, where this is lacking due to problems, especially climatic ones, such as deserts, the poles, and where fresh water is absent, such as offshore the oceans to create artificial welling which could at least triple current food possibilities. Where does the strength of molecules and atoms to overcome such resistance come from, if not from the force of gravity and the relative acceleration (9.81 m/s2)? Thus, Einstein’s specific relativity does not apply to terrestrial life. It was sufficient only to know general relativity and general electromagnetism to study the scientific and technological systems necessary to locally increase the force and acceleration of molecules, at the earth’s temperature, to satisfy the greater food needs due to the growth of the world population, but also the greater need for comfort of the environments in which man lives, the greater need for transport, purification, production of steel, construction materials and electricity. All these plants were not designed rationally, simultaneously studying gravitational, general electromagnetic phenomena and terrestrial interactive phenomena between molecules, atoms at a chemical and biological level, the scientific organization of industrial and environmental work. These plants, with hindsight, could have been designed without current terrestrial energies: nuclear, thermal, wind, solar, hydroelectric, electrostatic. These systems were built with greater costs, greater overall dimensions, greater negative side effects, compared to what they would have cost by exploiting the interactive principles. It can be asserted that a global study on the energetic and technological purification interactivity of planet Earth has never been done because every scientific faculty, still today, pulls grist from its own mill and even entrepreneurs and multinationals are specialized in individual sectors of human activities . Therefore, on planet Earth, we have separate anthropic water and air purification plants that do not exploit interactive principles and we have energy plants of various types that equally do not exploit interactive principles. This is the biggest mistake in the scientific history of planet Earth, because gravitational force and atmospheric air are everywhere. Not using atmospheric air as a source of energy is like rejecting manna from heaven. Not using water as an energy carrier is equally serious as it is incompressible and has a density 830 times higher than air. Therefore, for the same flow rate and pressure, water produces 830 times more energy than air or combustion fumes. Finally, not coupling cold fluid dynamics to induction electromagnetism is another huge mistake of terrestrial science, since terrestrial electromagnetism, excellently developed by inventors and scientists at the end of the nineteenth century, cannot allow itself to be coupled to thermal systems as it produced with coils of copper wires protected with insulating paint. Compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy is not used to transport energy over a distance, but to produce and use it on site in every corner of the Earth, at the temperature of the terrestrial environment, in fixed and mobile systems, completely autonomous, from each other others, which extract clean primary energy directly from the environment. Someone should explain to me how we could have created the current global warming if science and inventors of the past and present had rationally and simultaneously used Einstein’s general relativity and terrestrial interactivity inherent in the fluid dynamic scientific principles of Torricelli, Henry, Pascal, Venturi and the electromagnetic ones of Faraday, Maxwell, Tesla, Lorentz, etc.

If we carefully observed, with the right skills, the state of the art of the year 2023 of sciences, technologies, industrial, environmental work organization, land, air, space, marine and submarine transport, we could realize that on planet Earth we have made great progress in terms of scientific and technological knowledge, however, this knowledge has not served to avoid global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth. The reason for this failure is due to the fact that the current divisions of scientific and technological skills, both at university and entrepreneurial level, among politicians and economists, have not allowed the development of interactive connection details between industrial, environmental and energy processes. and purifying. These interactive processes already exist in nature, otherwise homo sapiens would never have been born. In fact he was born only in the last 300,000 years, when the environment was completely clean. Our main problem, as descendants of homo sapiens, should have been to maintain the same conditions of terrestrial life that allowed our existence, while other living species, from the prehistoric era, gradually became extinct and others are on the way of extinction, above all, due to climate problems. Man could also be an endangered species, since nature, not having available technologies, has not been able to enhance food production to meet the needs of the growth of the world population. Human technology has, in part, remedied this need, but it has gotten the energy sources wrong. Therefore, it is necessary, above all, to correct the wrong inventions that the inventors, specialized in individual sectors, have not made compatible and interactive with the surrounding environment. Current inventions, both energetic and purifying, separately exploit thermal and nuclear cycles, the force of the wind, sunlight, hydraulic jump, anerobic digestion, hydrolysis, electrostatics, energy accumulators, which are never perfectly interactive with terrestrial nature. In many cases, they cause more harm than good to the environment. In other cases, it is not worth creating them due to the high cost of infrastructure and systems, maintenance, the extraction of energy sources from the subsoil, their transformation, refining, marketing, transport between the various production phases and of retail distribution, to which it is also necessary to add the transport of the electricity produced, which cannot all be used locally. Certainly, electric cars cannot be considered a solution due to the high cost of energy accumulators and the enormous costs of distributing electricity to create car charging points, which leave out the heavier means of transport, tractors agricultural and those needed on mobile construction sites. Even the transformation of hydrogen into fuel cannot be considered a solution as it presents the same problems as the transformation and commercial distribution of energy with even greater costs as hydrogen, being very light, must be pressurized and marketed at very high pressures (around 700 bar). If it is true that hydrogen does not produce CO2, it is also true that its combustion produces steam, which is always a greenhouse gas that increases global warming. It is much simpler and cheaper to use compressed air as a source of energy that is not consumed and does not have to be burned. Therefore it does not even produce steam. Those who in the past have tried to use compressed air as a source of energy, got the system completely wrong, using it as an energy carrier, which consumes electricity like battery-powered cars by loading the pressure by means of compressors which is consumed in very short time and therefore must be recharged. Instead, in my solutions the compressed air must be used as a static accumulator of the pressure which is not consumed, apart from that which dissolves due to the Henry principle in the water which is the energy carrier which is not even consumed, using the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller which allows two circuits to be powered simultaneously to insert the water discharged from a low pressure turbine into the high pressure recycling circuit of an autoclave. This is the correct solution, but science is silent and naturally the entrepreneurs who have made the wrong investments, realizing immense economic profits, are also silent because public science does not correct the wrong systems as governments use it to support the development of multinationals also through international patent trade. 4. Science must be free and independent from political and economic centers of power LThe current servility of public research towards multinationals has prevented the technological deepening of terrestrial interactive principles, which must be based on updating the fluid dynamic and electromagnetic state of the art, which on planet Earth would be sufficient to extract clean energy directly from the terrestrial environment to every corner of the Earth, at the moment it is needed, at the temperature of the terrestrial environment, without having to suffer the costs of purification and cooling. It should be obvious that the extraction of energy from the environment, in addition to the economic advantages, would serve to avoid transporting the weight of fuels and the greater dimensions and weights of cooling and purification systems. Interactive fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic inventions would have allowed us to save natural resources, prevent current global pollution, which is melting glaciers, acidifying the seas, raising the level of sea waters. The multiplication of violent atmospheric disturbances, the long periods of drought alternating with flood rains, the multiplication of large forest fires, which are the consequence of specific inventions, which do not exploit interactive principles, today find the entire world ruling class unprepared, which it has not been able to create the infrastructure to accumulate water in the plains where it must be used in periods of drought. He has built dams in the mountains that cause more harm than good even if they do not collapse, because when mountain reservoirs are full, the water is forced to flow faster into rivers and streams, causing more damage. But the greatest damage is caused when dams collapse. The list of collapses of the last 50 years is long, but it is sufficient to recall a few episodes. In 1963 the Vajont dam in Italy overflowed: 1759 deaths. In 1975 the Banqiao dam collapsed in China: 85 thousand died from the flood, 145 thousand from hunger and epidemics. In 2005, the Shadikor dam, completed just two years ago, collapsed in Pakistan: 80 deaths and thousands left homeless. The most recent disaster, which occurred on 09.11.2023 caused by Hurricane Daniel, where the city of Derna, Libya was almost completely destroyed. According to the Red Crescent, there are 11,300 victims of the flood and over 10,000 people are missing, having been transported by the waters to the sea. All this just to exploit the banal hydroelectric energy with the hydraulic jump. World science is still silent on the simplest of my inventions which I called submerged hydroelectric which would allow hydroelectric energy to be produced without the hydraulic jump in the plain by simply placing a pump in series in the same descent tube that works in the direction of the gravitational force coupled to a motor electric that overcomes the state of inertia and a turbine coupled to a current generator that produces electrical energy tens of times greater than the energy absorbed by the electric motor, simply by exploiting the gravitational force and the hydrostatic head on the axis of the pump and turbine without wasting the water which can be used at any time for agricultural, industrial or urban uses. With current technologies, due to the fact that we do not extract clean energy directly from the environment, in addition to the economic and environmental damage, we are also forced to suffer the mockery of not being able to add together the push of Newton and Lorentz due to the dimensions and the weights of systems that would not be needed, such as purification and cooling systems, fuel tanks and any nuclear reactors. These immense advantages that the current science and ruling class do not see, would be due to the fact that we would use an energy that is not consumed and which is automatically renewed at the temperature of the earth’s environment, recovering the small percentage of air that comes out of the vents in which it is it discharges the water that produces energy, replenishing the pressure of the autoclave with a very small compressor. Unfortunately, even today, in 2023, no public or private scientist or inventor has theorized or simply thought of locally enhancing the strength of the interactive principles already existing in terrestrial nature, and partially identified, by the principles legislated by Torricelli, Newton, Pascal, Henry , Venturi, before the invention of electricity, which represents the separation point between agricultural and industrial development. The interactive link between fluid dynamics, already known, and the invention of electric motors and current generators, could and should have emerged from the beginning of the industrial era since electrical energy requires primary energy to be produced dynamic fluid that causes permanent magnets to move in an electric field. On planet Earth there is nothing cheaper than the hydraulic jump which exploits the gravitational force for free to produce hydroelectric primary energy which moves the permanent magnets in an electric field via a turbine. Obviously, it was unthinkable to exploit the cumbersome hydraulic jumps in all the world’s energy applications, but it was possible to work in this direction to exploit the interactive principles that could replace the hydraulic jump. This is what the undersigned did, first inventing submerged hydroelectric energy which exploits only the hydrostatic height within the same basin, putting in series a pump with an electric motor which overcomes the state of inertia by absorbing little energy, and a turbine coupled to a power generator, which produces a quantity of energy tens of times higher than that consumed by the motor coupled to the pump, which obviously pumps in the direction of the gravitational force. It is clear that this system, by recycling the water in the area in an open circuit, which must not raise the water, produces a much higher quantity of energy than it absorbs. However, the leap in quality of clean energy extracted directly from the environment can be achieved by exploiting the static pressure of compressed air, which must not be used as an energy actuator as it is currently used in autoclaves and pneumatic cylinders. Compressed air must be used as a source of static energy which is not consumed, apart from that small percentage which dissolves in the energy carrier which is water (according to Henry’s principle) and is automatically renewed every time the water is discharged at atmospheric pressure at the turbine outlet, before the same water is introduced back into the recycling circuit by means of a pump with separate double feed up to the impeller, which allows the pressure of the impeller to be balanced in the impeller itself water at low pressure and recycled water at high pressure according to Pascal’s principle. This very simple invention is the most important energy and environmental invention of all time, being simultaneously energetic and purifying without the costs of transforming and marketing energy, extracting it directly from the earth’s environment. This invention must have been thought of at the end of the nineteenth century when the first electric motors and induction current generators that work with the same principles were invented. Instead, it was thought of by the undersigned in 2015, amid the general indifference of scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians and economists worldwide. It was of no use inventing in the following years the hydroelectric car, the artificial heart that oxygenated human blood which, working with the same interactive energetic and purifying principles, could significantly extend the length of human life. It was of no use inventing global linear motors, which would use electric turbofans incorporated in electromagnetic tunnels capable of adding together the Newton and Lorentz thrust, which could circumvent the gravitational force by extracting energy directly from the environment, also revolutionizing the aeronautical industry and spatial with immense economic and environmental benefits. Global linear motors could even capture interstellar dust to supplement consumables in long space explorations of the future. It’s all written in articles already published in Spawhe’s long nursery rhyme. Science should have, above all, entered into the details of the scientific organization of the natural terrestrial biochemical, biophysical, biological work at terrestrial temperatures and atmospheric pressure and learned to extract energy from the environment without altering it, simply by increasing the operating pressures locally to satisfy the increased demands for energy, food and consumer goods, due to the increase in the world population. Earth’s natural science does not use fire and nuclear energy but only natural fluid dynamics and electromagnetism through gravitational force. Therefore, the specific skills of individual terrestrial human specializations

cannot focus only on the physical aspects of the energy resulting from nuclear explosions that nature controls on its own through the infinite expansion of the universe, the formation of galaxies, black holes, dark matter and other incomprehensible phenomena which it is right to investigate, but to carry out these investigations, we cannot neglect what should have already been clarified for at least a century. Above all, we must try to maintain unchanged the environmental conditions received from nature before industrial development. The wrong inventions that have produced global warming will never be able to change with the current world ruling class which has never spent a single euro to finance scientific principles, technologies and interactive scientific organization of work. The word interactivity is completely unknown to the countries that participated in the 2023 G 20, how can it be known to other countries, which are even more backward from a technical, economic, scientific and organizational point of view of work? This very serious delay can never be recovered if we do not go into all the details of the organization of industrial and environmental work and all the work cycles involved in the fixed and mobile anthropic plants. Nothing must be wasted, improving the state of the art in all sectors at the same time, perfectly closing all the organic and inorganic cycles that open and above all, avoiding opening useless cycles, thermal, nuclear, which on Earth are of no use, being the terrestrial nature designed to produce food at the temperature of the terrestrial environment, which can be increased locally with scientific and technological development and scientific organization of interactive work. This type of alternative development is described in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme which is the long list of missed opportunities of the public and private global ruling class to create truly sustainable development, i.e. interactive, simultaneously energetic and economic purifying. The large countries that face each other on a scientific, technological, economic and military level have not spent even a single dollar, euro, ruble, yen, to check whether the pump with the dual separate fuel supply up to the impeller which could change the entire world development works or not. , allowing the direct extraction of primary energy from the terrestrial environment without using any of the existing current energies which cannot compete on a scientific, technological, economic and environmental level with the energy produced by means of this simple invention. We must ask ourselves why the undersigned did not go into debt to demonstrate the validity of this invention? I believe I have explained it extensively, stating that sustainable inventions of public social utility must not serve the personal enrichment of the inventor as they must be produced and disseminated quickly to make up for lost time. Instead, for the G 20 countries it seems that the undersigned invented hot water. It must be considered that my activity as an inventor began in 2005 when I was already fifty-six years old and the invention of this pump occurred in 2015 because before inventing it, another twenty-six interactive preparatory inventions were necessary, based on the scientific organization of environmental work, which no public or private body has ever financed. After the invention of this pump that no one understood, fourteen other patents were filed to illustrate its applications that no one understood. If I had stopped to look for financiers that I wouldn’t have found anyway, where would I have found the time and money to experiment with this invention? Furthermore, this invention would never have been born without previous virtual inventions. Only by working through subsequent inventions did I myself understand the great importance of this invention. With the modest economic means available and my advanced age, I allowed myself to invent even the most important applications in fixed and mobile systems, which are not perpetual motion as the bureaucrats of the patent offices managed even by the United Nations would have you believe. Probably, I was too modest in publishing the “SPAWHE nursery rhyme”, as a chant that simply criticizes the current poor energy and purification choices. I didn’t want to give the impression of wanting to compare Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, certainly more complex and ingenious, with my purification and energy inventions. Unfortunately, with modesty you don’t get anywhere, it is better to say clearly that for practical purposes, for the well-being of the terrestrial environment and human survival, it would have been more useful to first discover the theory of “general artificial terrestrial interactivity ” and then with clearer ideas, discover Einstein’s theories. Probably, we would have avoided the Second World War, the atomic bomb and the current wars of invasion of Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, because general artificial terrestrial interactivity opens up immense alternatives for economic and employment development compared to current development. This theory expands the boundaries of habitable spaces on planet Earth and the world of work because if energy is cheap, we can make even the poles and deserts habitable and create artificial islands. Border wars between one people and another become ridiculous, especially those to obtain supplies of obsolete and uneconomic energy sources. Political and even religious struggles become ridiculous. Not to mention the Catholic religion, because all religions have equal dignity. As a Catholic, a passage from the Gospel of Matthew comes to mind: “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Don’t you perhaps count more than them? And which of you, no matter how hard you work, can add a single hour to his life?” This article continues by reporting only some figures of the articles published in chronological order in the nursery rhyme which represent a virtual advancement of the purification and energy state that world governments and the United Nations have never taken into consideration, favoring the current incomplete inventions of public and commercial bodies of multinationals. Indeed, they have hindered these inventions at a legislative level, not granting intellectual property that does not expire (as happens for all intellectual works) and demanding the payment of taxes on patents as if they were commercial inventions.

Layout di un sistema di recupero e depurazione acqua per servizi igienici con maxi box per un luogo pubblico -Layout of a water recovery and purification system for toilets with maxi boxes for a public place

Schema elettroidraulico di un sistema di recupero e depurazione acqua per servizi igienici con maxi box per un luogo pubblico -Electro-hydraulic diagram of a water recovery and purification system for toilets with maxi boxes for a public place

Ciminiera di cattura raffreddamento e depurazione fumi – Cooling capture chimney for fume

Impianto sinergico di depurcogeproduzione termoelettrica coperta globale – Synergistic global indoor thermoelectric purification and production plant.

Schema di flusso impianto di depurcogeproduzione termoelettrica globale – Flowchart of global thermoelectric production purification plant

Sezione longitudinale impianto di depurcogeptoduzione coperta globale – Longitudinal section of global indoor sewage treatment plant

Sezione trasversale impianto di depurcogeptoduzione coperta globale -Cross section of global indoor sewage treatment plant

Sistema combinato di sedimentazione, disidratazione, stabilizzazione chimica dei fanghi con polveri di calcio – Combined system of sedimentation, dehydration, chemical stabilization of sludge with calcium powders

Autobotte per espurgo con disidratazione e stabilizzazione chimica dei fanghi con polveri di calcio -Tanker for drainage with dehydration and chemical stabilization of sludge with calcium powders

Sistema mobile di disidratazione e stabilizzazione fanghi con polveri di calcio in sacchi drenanti Mobile sludge dehydration and stabilization system with calcium powders in draining bags

Sezione trasversale fabbricato lineare di produzione ortaggi con stagni biologici sovrapposti, sedimentatori, disidratori consumo di CO2 e alcalinizzatori diacqua in serre calcaree – Cross section of linear vegetable production building with superimposed biological ponds,sedimentation tanks, CO2 consumption dehydrators and water alkalizers in limestone greenhouses

Sezione depuratore coperto per acque urbane e fluviali con recupero e neutralizzazione CO2 e produzione di energia solare -Cross section covered purifier for urban and river water with CO2 recovery and neutralization and solar energy production.

The drawing above extracted from the article, schematically, shows how it could be possible to create submerged crossing tunnels, especially at the ends of individual navigable canals with small boats that are not disturbed in their navigation. The energy produced through the compressed hydro-electromagnetic current generators that can be created in the access compartments to the submerged tunnel and the submerged current generators can supply all the energy needed to power the street lighting of the lagoon city, power the compressors that power the diffusers of air, raise and lower the gates and raise and return to the sea the waters that manage to infiltrate through the seals of the bulkheads. Always with energy costs equal to zero as regards the extraction, refining, transport, purification processes of the energy produced. The only costs that the citizens of lagoon cities like Venice will bear will be those due to the wear and tear of the machines that will operate throughout the year to trigger the energy and purification processes which, as we know, cannot take place on their own. These processes, as described in the title of this article are an authentic scientific windfall fallen from heaven still misunderstood by the current scientific advisors of world governments. Other than the investment and management costs that are charged to the Italian people by the monster of Venice. (each lift cost 272 thousand euros, while in 2021-2022 the costs dropped to 211 thousand euros per lift, thanks above all to improvements in procedures: for example, in the past it took 60 minutes to raise the gates, while now it takes 30). I have not filed this further environmental and energy solution as a patent because I do not believe that current world institutions are able to implement these innovations, otherwise they would have also included my other forty previous inventions on these topics, which are still waiting for some country to implement them, although, legally, no one, public or private, owes anything to the inventor, who has not paid the maintenance fees on granted patents and has not filed legal oppositions on non-granted patents. It is clear that there is something very serious, which is not right, in the entire world ruling class.


In the following article published in the journal BioScience, it says that a document warning that “life on planet Earth is under siege” as we continue to spiral ever faster towards environmental collapse has been co-signed by more than 15,000 scientists from 161 countries. I wonder what solutions these scientists propose other than the usual renewables which are worth nothing compared to interactive purification and energy systems. I believe I have practically demonstrated that planet Earth, unfortunately, is governed by power lobbies, not only political and economic but also scientific and academic, otherwise at least some of these inventions would have had to have been tested and we would know if they work or not. published in the journal BioScience, it says that a document warning that “life on planet Earth is under siege” as we continue to spiral ever faster towards environmental collapse has been co-signed by more than 15,000 scientists from 161 countries. I wonder what solutions these scientists propose other than the usual renewables which are worth nothing compared to interactive purification and energy systems. I believe I have practically demonstrated that planet Earth, unfortunately, is governed by power lobbies, not only political and economic but also scientific and academic, otherwise at least some of these inventions would have had to have been tested and we would know if they work or not. It was useless to explain to bureaucrats graduated from Italian and European universities that perpetual motion does not belong to my culture as an inventor as it is simply useless, not being able to consume or even produce energy. My inventions are based on a long experience acquired in the installation of industrial and environmental systems which are imperfect in terms of organizational work, since they do not sufficiently exploit the interactive principles existing in nature, due above all to the gravitational force and electromagnetism that terrestrial science has been able to invent, but not adequately exploit to extract clean primary energy at atmospheric temperature and pressure. My activity as an inventor has focused, above all, on the fluid dynamics of water and air and terrestrial electromagnetism which has nothing to do with current renewables which are in any case mono-disciplinary commercial energies that are not able to exploit the gravitational force and terrestrial electromagnetism to connect to universal electromagnetism, to the point of adding together the Newton and Lorentz force which can only be added cold in fixed and mobile systems. In fact, all my inventions are based on improving the contacts between water and air first at a purifying level and in subsequent inventions, on improving the force that water and air can produce together coupled with terrestrial electromagnetism, which is very different from the universal one, being developed with permanent magnets, coils of wires protected with insulating paints, certainly not suitable for nuclear and thermal energy. These considerations of mine, which strangely, on planet Earth, no one seems to have made, could allow us to extract energy from the environment for free in every corner of the Earth, in small and large, fixed and mobile, fuel-free anthropic plants, nuclear energy and inefficient and cumbersome renewables, as explained extensively in my inventions and articles published on . These considerations of mine, which strangely, on planet Earth, no one seems to have made, could allow us to extract energy from the environment for free in every corner of the Earth, in small and large, fixed and mobile, fuel-free anthropic plants, nuclear energy and inefficient and cumbersome renewables, as explained extensively in my inventions and articles published on. The old multinationals have produced global warming, also losing out economically. The new ones are equally wrong as they do not have the strength and interactivity to act where needed, when needed, in a simple and economical way, without industrial transformations, marketing and transport of energy. It is a global shame that not a single euro has yet been spent on planet Earth to test my solutions. I am not an anarchist but an honest and impartial inventor, paid by no one, disappointed by all the world’s institutions, without exception. However, I believe that planet Earth should be governed scientifically, because only science cannot make mistakes, as long as everything is tested and verified practically through prototypes demonstrating the efficiency of the inventions before producing them in billions of specimens, as was done with the current inventions of multinationals. But also large public works such as dams which have produced more disasters than benefits.

You can’t accept anything sight unseen. This is why there are patents that describe to the relevant authorities how the invention will be created and how it works. But patents can have commercial production and public utility objectives. It is not difficult to identify the difference between commercial and public utility patents, yet, private inventors who deal with these types of problems are punished by legislators, to leave the field free to institutional inventors, who, as mentioned, by not paying filing fees and maintenance (paid by taxpayers), they only collaborate with multinationals, isolating inventors who try to do the work they should have done, without funding, laboratories and workshops to test interactive inventions, which are the only ones that could save the life of the planet, reduce the current gap between rich and poor, save many lives from climate disasters and even extend the human lifespan, because the human body also benefits from blood purification by means of an artificial heart that exploits the principles interactive. Ci vorrebbe un minimo di coerenza da parte dei governi e delle Nazioni Unite. Non si dovrebbero richiedere agli inventori che si occupano di problemi ambientali e sociali, tasse da pagare oltre a quella di deposito, che dovrebbe essere una tassa simbolica. Addirittura le Nazioni Unite si dovrebbero assumere l’onere della sperimentazione, in favore di tutti i paesi del mondo. Questa logica elementare non esiste nelle attuali autorità governative e nelle Nazioni Unite. Peace is also and above all built with the right inventions in the right places. In fact, during climatic and seismic disasters, the first things that are missing are energy and clean water which would never be missing if water were the energy carrier and clean air and gravitational force were the primary source. of world energy, as the undersigned has proposed since 2015, while science itself, which makes useless appeals, has not said a word to ask for the experimentation of interactive inventions. My proposal published on 28. 02. 2020. to create a joint-stock company to make up for the errors, omissions and wasted opportunities by science and the world’s centers of power, up to now, has not raised even a single euro.

Luigi Antonio Pezone