The current invasion of Ukraine, beyond the humanitarian tragedy of an entire people who have no right to choose their own future, is not very different from the tragedy of migrants looking for a new homeland, since they cannot find work and food. in the country of origin. In Ukraine, the background is much more complex because the strategic interests of the world, NATO and Russian powers are involved, as well as the immense amount of shale gas present in the subsoil.Obviously, CHINA is closer to Russian interests than to those of NATO. But what the three super powers have in common, contrary to what one might think, are more things than one can imagine, especially from a scientific and technological point of view. Indeed, the countries that adhere to the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) are as many as 193 out of 196 sovereign states. WIPO does not impose rules on the global compatibility of energy and purification inventions. Therefore it can be said that from an industrial and energy point of view the whole planet is a single country. Practically, WIPO protects the industrial and intellectual property of mono-disciplinary inventions that can also destroy the Planet and all living beings, quickly with nuclear weapons and supersonic missiles, or more slowly with inventions, always mono-disciplinary that cannot protect globally the environment. All this is possible because the powerful of the Earth, regardless of the false ideologies they manifest: capitalist, communist, conservative, or progressive, have not allowed science and technology to work and develop with global and impartial skills, in the general interests. In fact, there is no world scientific committee with global expertise and no terrestrial invention that completely closes all the anthropic cycles it opens.  These are the main reasons why it is unlikely that large and small terrestrial countries will collaborate to seriously solve the great environmental and energy problems. No sovereign country wants to leave the dominant system at the international level, risking to isolate itself from the sources of supply, in the long period of transition to cheaper and more sustainable energies for the environment. But what is worse is that no Earth country has ever thought that it is possible and desirable that energy can be extracted without industrial transformation costs from the world’s most abundant and economical primary materials such as water and air. The silence of these scientific committees is the biggest moral shame in the world, as it also disavows the work of very important scientists of the past, who have partially revealed the scientific, fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic principles from which the undersigned was able to start to get to hydro electromagnetism compressed earth, which is the only energy that would not transform the energy source (Air) and the energy carrier (Water). Therefore it would not be consumed, and could produce energy indefinitely, also taking us into space and into the depths of the sea. WIPO, by asking inventors to pay deposit and maintenance fees even if they do not find financiers, clearly hindered the search for these global solutions that could not be contained in a single invention. They had to be multidisciplinary, otherwise they would have been equivalent to current inventions, which have been shown to create more disasters than benefit the global environment and terrestrial biodiversity, only for the purpose of extracting energy from the environment. Energy, which, on the other hand, nature has not hidden as it is contained in the most common and low-cost elements (air, water and gravitational force). For the peoples of the world who would simply like to live in peace, choosing whether to stay with the Russians, the Chinese or NATO is currently like choosing whether they want to stay in the pan or in the embers, since the global scientific truth no one who has a role in power wants to search.


What unites the current world countries and above all, the three great powers are:

1. The bugbear of the third world war;

2. The wrong concept of energy.

These two elements condition politics, economics, democracy, free world scientific research. Personally, in my activity as designer and installer of industrial and environmental anthropic systems, I had no other goal than to do my job well. Unfortunately, I have never been able to do this. I have always had to give up in the face of the precise directives of industrial employers and the regulations of public tenders that already set 90% of purification, thermal energy, hydroelectric, solar, wind power plants. I was a simple pawn, in a very complex and articulated general system, which cannot be changed unless public and private employers agree. The former are concerned with world economic equilibrium, the latter with not losing market share, or with exiting the procurement system that ensures the amount of work necessary for survival without changing anything important.

I waited for the minimum requisites necessary for access to retirement to freely investigate the scientific and technological doubts that I have carried around for a lifetime. The only way I know to resolve technical and scientific doubts is to develop the details starting from scratch, without being influenced by the functioning of the current systems. In the logic learned in the manufacturing industry, each operation must be done in the right place, at the right time by automating all operations to the maximum. I have not found the same logic in the world’s purification and energy plants, which, on the other hand, are randomly arranged on the territory and do not worry about carrying out complete water and air purification cycles. What did world science want to understand that the same logical organization of industrial work would also serve in the environmental world? Instead, partial cycles still continue to be carried out. Yet, observing the natural cycles of photosynthesis and the earth’s universal carbon cycle, in my opinion, it was possible to increase the speed of purification processes by creating interactive cycles between water and air, in covered environments, which would have had the task of containing the dispersions of the pollution in the environment. It would be enough to think that CO2 is once a half heavier than air and would be easily captured, at least to start the absorption process. Because science has preferred to think of imaginative artificial trees and CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) which does not neutralize CO2 but simply hides it underground, spending unnecessarily many billions of dollars just to search for storage sites and carry out the washing cycles of the fuels that would have lowered the already low yields of fossil energy? Faced with these senseless choices of the entire world science and the silences towards my solutions, I was aware that my business was not easy. It took me sixteen years to finish my work and the silence still continues, despite the fact that I consider my work finished. I would never have concluded it if, gradually I had not been able to identify the best ways to trigger the interactive fluid dynamics principles of Pascal, Henry, Venturi, Torricelli, which allowed me to reduce dimensions, costs, multiply the yields and extract energy directly from the environment, furthermore purifying the energy carrier (water) and the energy operator (air) from each other. It doesn’t matter if the whole world has pretended that my inventions don’t exist. I am sure that we do not need other elements besides air and water to extract energy from the earth’s environment, apart from the gravitational force. My work as an inventor, as mentioned, lasted sixteen years, was not paid by any employer, public or private. I could not even have completed it virtually if I had spent the money necessary to pay the maintenance fees for the patents that were granted to me or if I had spent the money to make legal claims against the patents that were not granted to me.

In fact, I immediately understood that no NATO country, Russia and China, which contend for the supremacy of political power and world economy, would ever have experienced any of my inventions based on the exploitation of interactive principles.

It is not in the current world culture, of NATO, Russia and China, the exploitation of interactive principles. The current world culture is very vast, but it does not distinguish the difference between political, philosophical, religious concepts, art and concrete facts. Political, philosophical, religious concepts and art are free to interpret and can nourish the spirit of man. While science must be universal and multi-disciplinary. It must not be interpreted and applied in a mono disciplinary way, as it currently happens, but it must be continuously updated and tested in a multidisciplinary way. In fact, where science does not arrive alone, the scientific organization of work can arrive, which analyzes all the details of industrial work cycles to increase the speed of production. Unfortunately, those who have analyzed and experimented with the details of industrial work cycles have not had the scientific and technical preparation to analyze and experiment with the details of environmental cycles in order to also increase the speed of environmental purification cycles. Nor have they had the scientific and technical training to analyze and experiment with the details of energy cycles in order to reduce world energy costs. Personally, the undersigned who was lucky enough to have been hired in the automotive industry to analyze the details of industrial work cycles and increase the speed of production, after seventeen years of such work, wondered who were those who did my same job also in the environmental and energy sector? I immediately understood that in these sectors there was no corresponding scientific organization of work, as the water and air purification work cycles are completely separate and the energy cycles are also very different from each other. This was the main reason why I left the automotive industry to start a new experience, which lasted twenty years, as a designer and installer of purification, water lifting and energy production systems. My subsequent experience, as a retiree and inventor not tied to any employer, led me to the conception of the following nursery rhyme:

“The cleaning of fossil energy published in spawhe, based, above all on inorganic chemistry that is able to absorb CO2, producing carbonates in the water. To speed up the processes and reduce the energy costs that would have involved the circulation of very large quantities of water necessary to neutralize the very large quantities of CO2 emitted by the current thermal power plants and heat engines, it has gradually been transformed technologically into solutions of less space by exploiting the principles Pascal and Henry.  In fact, I realized that on planet Earth, all the activities that nature produces through organic and inorganic chemistry, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle can be increased in speed without any need to use thermal, nuclear energy and current renewables. It is sufficient only to increase the operating pressures of the systems, modify the circulation pumps and make the machines work differently. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, the elements extraneous to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, to natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have multiplied exponentially the elements extraneous to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances. Obviously, this is my truth and in the entire website, I explain how, in my opinion, we should have created global plants that purify both fumes and water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas. Having not done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the art of purification to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the state of the global purification art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract the energy directly from the environment. Having not done this, it was not possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of gravitational force, we modify them on the suction side and make them another inlet clearly separated from the main one up to the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one feed to recycle the water from the upper basin and the other feed to introduce into the same impeller the water discharged from a turbine fed by falling water from the same upper basin. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, it being understood that we use a turbine connected to the outlet of the autoclave, we can recover the water drained from the turbine and insert it back into the autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same impeller of the pump by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air, we would have produced a current generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Having not done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this current generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave in order to be able to mount it on cars and trucks, on agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions can still be reduced by using submersible pumps as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes that would act as autoclaves. Therefore, these groups could be used to be inserted directly into the wells to raise the water and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers which today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to Henry’s principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be reduced even further. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water from the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side that would replace the right and left ventricles, creating energetically autonomous artificial hearts that would feed the systemic circuit that oxygenates the brain and the lungs to lengthen the life of the ‘man. Having not done this, it was not possible to think that pressurized cylindrical autoclaves can be incorporated an external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors can be made electric at variable revolutions that would produce an electromagnetic flux of variable intensity which would produce induced currents in a solenoid outside the same water tank. Therefore, we could produce in this tank a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law at the ambient temperature, without fuel that could be added to the reaction thrust of Newton that would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always commanded by generators. of current that produce the primary hydroelectric energy, fed by submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central reservoirs. Not having done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of aircraft to travel in the atmosphere and in space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuel.  It was not possible to make the ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to make mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters. It was not even possible to think that in the space travel of the future we can add to the global linear motors an external steel tunnel connected to the turbo fan, where it will produce a higher vacuum higher than the surrounding space vacuum and connect this tunnel with a small vacuum pump to a thickening tank of the captured powders, which will be emptied periodically letting in the atmospheric air which will feed an electrostatic filter that will recover the powders that will be used together with the other interactive purification and energy plant inventions described on the website https: // to make humans survive even in space without suffering physiological damage due to the absence of atmospheric pressure, gravity, food resources and raw materials to build spare parts for the machines necessary for survival in space. In fact, atmospheric air and water will fill the space caravan wagons full of human beings and will be endlessly recycled, suitably replenished with artificial photosynthesis and carbon cycle, while general gravity will be reinforced, becoming very similar. to the terrestrial one, electrostatically polarizing the paths of atmospheric conditioned air and recycled water in the interactive, energy and purification, compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants, still unknown to terrestrial science. Current science has forgotten that the primary fluid dynamic energy is produced by the flow rate for the density of the fluid itself. Therefore, the best solution to produce clean energy at low cost and in infinite quantities is: to use compressed air as an energy source (which is not consumed) and water as an energy carrier (which with the use of new pumps with separate double power supply up to the impeller, can recycle it indefinitely by exploiting the maximum pressure of the compressed air and the maximum density of the water at the same time. In the simple formula of fluid dynamic energy mentioned above, no heat source is needed. This is the biggest mistake in world science and nobody wants to correct it.” Luigi Antonio Pezone.

The figure below is the summary of the recently published article

Overall, what I summarized in Spawhe’s rhyme, cost me seventeen years of industrial work, twenty years of work in environmental and energy yards, and sixteen years as a private inventor to select experiences, find scientific evidence, invent machines and parts of integrative plants and publish my solutions. Unfortunately without ever finding public and private interlocutors. Overall, it is fifty-three years of work. They may seem like a lot, but they are not, if we consider that the entire current scientific and technological development is about one hundred and fifty years old and has been developed by several hundred million scientists, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, economists, specialized in single scientific activities. , entrepreneurial economic technologies, which unfortunately, have underestimated the importance of studying the scientific organization of work also from an environmental and energy point of view, which has led me to identify the way to trigger the processes and the exploitation of interactive principles. Since the majority always wins in both NATO and communist countries, SPAWHE’s rhyme is still unknown to the political, scientific and economic ruling class of NATO, Russia and China.

The global advancement of the world state of the art did not happen because the scientific advisors of NATO, Russia and China continued to prefer mono-disciplinary energies which, for me, compared to interactive ones, are primordial energies, regardless of technologies advanced they use.

War itself is a primal tool, based on brute force, not reasoned. While interactive energy is the scientific organization of the work of the earth’s natural environment, which, while not exploiting technologies, has allowed to feed billions of humans and animals. Today, with the rational multidisciplinary use of science and technologies, we could easily feed a triple population of humans and animals without anyone risking hunger. It would be enough to think of the immense quantities of food that we could extract from the oceans with artificial welling. Not using petroleum as fuel but petroleum derivatives to build artificial islands away from earthquakes and tsunamis (

The war in Ukraine is wrong, especially from the scientific and political point of view, because where science and politics do not reach, the scientific organization of work can arrive, as Frederick Taylor demonstrated in 1911. Which, is none other than the practical experimentation of human scientific and technological activities updated to the state of the art. But Taylor focused primarily on improving the performance of men and machines in the manufacturing industry. Instead, the scientific organization of work must be applied globally to all human activities, as demonstrated by the SPAWHE rhyme. In other words, the war is useless because the gas present in the Ukrainian subsoil could be replaced at lower costs by compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy; the political balance between communists and capitalists fell together with the Berlin wall; nuclear balances make no sense if communism does not actually exist, as they are all governed by world stock exchanges. Which, however, should be improved by preventing science from being applied in a single disciplinary manner.

Unfortunately, I am still alone in the world supporting this theory. Everyone has something to lose if they oppose the current system based on uneconomic and irrational energies. No country in the world has wanted to practically experiment with purification and interactive energies, despite the open letters sent by myself to the most important world institutions.

 High technology is not enough to compensate for the absence of interactive principles, which are the only ones that can produce infinite cycles over time as they have occurred in nature for billions of years at the speed allowed by the earth’s environment. However, as it is written in the nursery rhyme, by modifying some machines and designing anthropogenic plants differently, it would be possible to create well-being and work for all without any fear of world population growth. The major obstacle to an alternative development based on interactive science and the scientific organization of global work is mainly due to the current distribution of world wealth which prevents employees directly or indirectly from the centers of power from reasoning and experimenting in general interests

Recently, I published a twitt with the following title: “With capitalism we have created the Golem that will destroy us”, not for political reasons, but for scientific and moral reasons. What I am wondering today is how is it possible that there are also billionaires in Russia and China? Where is the communism that should have prevented excessive personal enrichment, while acknowledging the merits of those who contribute most to the common well-being? Probably, I am more of a Communist than the current Communists but not for political reasons but for moral reasons. In fact, I should have stopped when I realized that no one would pay me for my work as an inventor, instead I went ahead anyway, believing that I was doing my duty as a man of parent and grandfather.

According to Forbes magazine, Chinese billionaires are slightly less than American billionaires ( and those Russians arrive immediately after (

If we compare the development models of NATO, Russia and China, we cannot understand where the opposing factions differ scientifically. They have nothing really alternative, just a different technological development. In fact, the tanks facing each other on the territories are similar and use the same energies (not interactive, but fossil and nuclear). The same can be said for planes facing each other in the skies, warships and submarines. Is it possible that the opposing political conceptions coincide with common scientific ignorance and no scientific committee of NATO, Russia or China understands that the current divisions of competences, especially scientific ones, prevent us from applying science globally, impartially? The multidisciplinary application of science alone would be enough to abolish many barriers and many borders between NATO, Russia and China.  It is not true that it is necessary to reduce the number of inhabitants of the Earth in order to survive. If we carried out only the “artificial welling” we could extract much more food from the oceans than what we extract today from the cultivation of agricultural land, moreover, also fighting global warming (   It is not true that if oil is not used to produce energy it will become useless. If oil is not needed, petroleum derivatives will be needed. Otherwise how could we build artificial islands to raise carbonates, fight global warming and increase food production without being overwhelmed by earthquakes and tsunamis?

It would not be difficult to understand that with current knowledge, rationally developing entering all the details of the world’s anthropogenic plants, closing all the cycles that open in the plants, first one would avoid producing pollution and then, the same systems, gradually, would become also energetic. This was demonstrated by the undersigned on the website by developing first purifying and then energy details. These details on planet Earth have never wanted to develop, especially NATO, Russia and China.

They prefer to fight each other on the territories, in the airspace and in the seas, not directly but by fueling the outbreaks already existing in other countries such as Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, in order to avoid applying science globally, to keep the policy of nuclear terror unchanged. irrational energy and the current distribution of world wealth. They do not want to take the responsibility of choosing, on a case-by-case basis, the best solutions in the state of the art, as they would be forced to create a development model that is completely alternative to the current one. The hidden interests of government officials and private executives could not be hidden if one went into all the details while always choosing the best solutions impartially. Which can only be interactive since only interactivity allows you to perform multiple functions at the same time. It would be enough to think of chlorophyll photosynthesis. What is it but the most famous interactive process? How many millions of elements does it involve simultaneously? This is the science of the creator of the universe, it is certainly not human.

The one I am talking about is much more modest. Everyone could understand it, almost touch it, by reading Spawhe’s rhyme. Yet despite the modesty of the hypothesized systems, compared to those used by the creator of the universe, if they were experimented all over the world, we could arrive at the conclusion that planet Earth should have a single world government, as Albert Einstein wished in the last century, before of the outbreak of the Second World War, which changed, I hope not forever, the history of humanity.  The Second World War upset everything and prevented Albert Einstein himself and important scientists and inventors such as Maxwell, PlanK, Tesla, Lorentz from carrying out serene scientific reasoning. In fact, since then, the times were ripe to invent the machines that could have extracted without the cost of transforming the material all the energy necessary to purify and produce energy, for all terrestrial needs, including space transport, by exploiting the gravitational force. and the physical and chemical characteristics of water and air.  Instead, the opposing factions of the last century fought each other on all fronts (Some for good to defend democracy). Today, the heirs of these opposing factions cannot and do not want to give up their borders and their energies. Science cannot correct its mistakes if public and private employers do not allow it to work multidisciplinary. The more time passes, the more it becomes impossible to scrap all the non-interactive inventions made on the planet which, together with apparent well-being, have almost destroyed environmental biodiversity, created an inequitable distribution of world wealth. Obviously, even nuclear weapons are not reversible and interactive, therefore they should be eliminated completely, not used as a bugbear to maintain current political and economic balance.

Who has benefited from this long situation, not a stalemate, but a degenerative one, which triggers outbreaks of tension across the planet? Evidently, it suits the three most important opposing factions in the world: NATO, Russia and China. These do not want to give up the precarious balance resulting from the world wars. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the puppets who rule the world have no real power. Ideological positions are invented on non-existent problems while leaving behind the real scientific problems that could feed the world population and give dignity to impartial scientific work.

If the current world politicians of NATO, Russia or China do not understand that they must enable science to work multidisciplinary, a new cultural revolution is needed, not based on weapons. It would be enough to simply find a few economic funds to build demonstration plants, applying the scientific organization of work globally ( .

If the poor and defenseless wait for the current centers of power to spontaneously finance interactive inventions, they will wait indefinitely. Distributing money for global economic recovery is like throwing that money down a bottomless pit. Because sooner or later, everything could be destroyed by natural disasters or border wars between countries, which oppose opposite political, scientific and technological ignorances. Whoever really wants to know the global truth must be completely impartial from a political, scientific and technological point of view. Current society, the system of industrial patents, world stock exchanges, do not allow pure, impartial, multi-disciplinary intellectual research, otherwise the whole world society would already be organized differently, starting with the education of students from elementary schools to universities. , to the organization of work in industry, in the environment, in energy production. It is not possible that the whole of world science does not understand that everything must be connected interactively as happens in the physical, chemical, biological processes of the earth. When due to particular industrial, energy, agricultural production needs, we are forced to increase the speed of the processes, we must design the fixed and mobile anthropogenic plants without dispersing anything in the environment outside the plant itself. Those who do not understand these elementary arguments cannot govern, cannot be a scientist, an inventor, a politician, an economist, a legislator. Not even teaching in schools to train future generations.

The state of the art will never change globally if science continues to be applied to watertight compartments, both in NATO and in RUSSIA and in CHINA, refusing together to exploit the interactive principles, identified long before the invention of electricity, of heat engines, steam boilers and nuclear energy. These inventions produced hastily in the war and post-war periods, do not take into account the importance of the primary source of world energy, which should have been the first thing to be examined to prevent the side effects that fossil and nuclear energies have produced.

Today we are in a paradoxical situation: science paid for by the current masters of the planet thinks of selling us hydrogen instead of fuel and of selling us the new nuclear, presumably, less polluting than the previous energies.

Isn’t it strange that the whole world science does not understand that the natural hydro electromagnetism that occurs on the Earth at room temperature, at atmospheric pressure, thanks to the gravitational force, is an immense source of energy that costs nothing? Why do they necessarily want to make us pay for the energy that nature has given us without asking us for anything in return? In addition, NATO, Russia and China also require us to pay the costs of transformation and transport, when energy can be produced everywhere at the same time it is needed. Even at the poles, in deserts and in space, taking with him the necessary ingredients (water and air).

What does it take to understand that the invention of compressed hydroelectromagnetics, not financed by any of the opposing factions, NATO, Russia and China, with the simple modification of the autoclaves, the modification of the way pumps and turbines work, would do nothing else than applying the technology and scientific organization of work to existing natural processes in order to locally accelerate the speed of earth’s purification and energy processes, improving the environment and human health, without altering the chemical composition of the natural elements. Because all world science is silent on this topic, siding with the polluters and mono-disciplinary, nuclear, thermal, solar, wind energy. Even current renewables, not exploiting the interactive principles developed in billions of years by nature, can only have marginal uses, contributing to the consumption of special terrestrial materials, already in danger of extinction to create energy accumulators, which only make sense in small equipment . What does it take to understand that the most powerful earth’s energy accumulator is compressed air?

What does it take to understand that compressed air must be used one-way in combination with the energy vector, which is the very simple water? If the compressed air is not used statically and one-way, it does not behave as an energy accumulator, but as a simple energy actuator that absorbs and disperses energy. Not to understand by world science that it was necessary to combine not only the incompressible water with the compressed air, but also the modification of the water circulation pumps that must be designed with the double separate power supply up to the impeller to allow recovery of the water that produces energy through the water turbines, which must always be used in series with the modified pumps. There is no need to do complex mathematical calculations to understand that the electrical energy produced by the turbines is always much higher than the electrical energy absorbed by the water recycling pump as this works with the balanced pressures in the suction and delivery impeller. . What do they teach in the world universities of NATO, Russia and China, if we continue to neglect the fluid dynamics principles that would allow us to extract energy from the environment without producing any form of pollution. Indeed, by oxygenating the water every time it passes through the plant for the Henry principle. The silence of world science on this subject is scandalous.

If world science and technology do not correct these colossal errors, interactive fluid dynamic and electromagnetic processes cannot be triggered, which put together coherently could make the difference, and allow nature to repeat terrestrial cycles indefinitely, without consuming fuels and materials. radioactive.

It certainly cannot be politicians and economists who come to understand what real politics and real economics must be. If science continues to hide its errors and keep quiet, it cannot expect politicians and economists to understand for themselves what is not part of their culture. Today even politicians and economists pose as experts in fossil and renewable energies. They seek alternative alliances to gas from Russia and other sources of oil. They cannot understand that they have been misinformed ever since they attended elementary school. Unfortunately, science and non-science journalists also had the same education. The confusion is total and worldwide. I never thought I was believed on the words, on the examples illustrated in the patent deposits, so I tried to develop technical details in the most elementary way, starting from the circulation of water in basins open to atmospheric pressure, they could have understood with a medium technical and scientific culture.

SPAWHE’s nursery rhyme gradually indicates all the interactive passages that the opposing factions, mainly NATO, RUSSIA AND CHINA, never wanted to experience on planet Earth. The reason is clear: “they prefer the current precarious balance, based on weapons of mass destruction, the separation of borders; the fear of the most economically advanced countries of being invaded by the poor and war refugees.

What is the proliferation of political parties in Italy and around the world based on? What culturally these parties have to say after the collapse of the Berlin wall, with which communism also collapsed. In fact, today they command the world stock exchanges and the Communist countries have adapted quickly, also producing billionaires like the Western ones. But billionaires are not the benefactors of humanity. Even more than science they try to hide their investment errors so as not to rebuild the wrong plants and machines and compensate for the damage caused. We cannot escape from this worldwide vicious circle without the courage to admit mistakes on the part of all.

We must ask ourselves why the opposing large factions NATO, RUSSIA AND CHINA, have never globally applied the organization of environmental work to the same level as the industrial one?

It is obvious that the industrial system is more technological, while the environmental one is biochemical, biophysical, but it is also of inorganic chemistry and elementary physics. All in all, it would have been much simpler and faster to advance the environmental state of the art than the industrial one since to advance the environmental state of the art we had a model to follow developed by nature in four and a half billion years, while the model industrial was completely new.

What are the reasons why NATO, RUSSIA AND CHINA have not spent a cent of their currencies to experiment with interactive principles applied to the environment and energy?

Nato, Russia and China, by mutual agreement, have preferred to continue to extract from the subsoil and oceans gas and oil, which are polluting, expensive, and subject to exhaustion, in order not to experiment with the interactive exploitation of fluid dynamics principles, which it would reveal the world’s greatest deception to the world.

The war in Ukraine is above all the failure of the development model desired by the opposing NATO, Russian and Chinese factions. People living on disputed lands cannot be helped without risking nuclear war. Who invented and built nuclear weapons? What benefit has nuclear energy brought to all of humanity? If not to prevent the natural and logical experimentation of interactive energy which would cost nothing like chlorophyll photosynthesis? In this world context it is certainly not the current politicians of the opposing factions NATO, RUSSIA and CHINA who are able to understand that the question is above all scientific. The knots of scientific errors are emerging. Either all countries possessing lethal nuclear and chemical weapons are immediately disarmed, or all world parliamentarians spontaneously resign. We do not need parrots who always say the same things, who commemorate the innocent victims, allocate money to support the economy, but don’t spend a single euro to experience scientific truths that are inconvenient to current powers. If the world parliamentarians had a minimum of technical and scientific culture they would have already understood that even the current renewable energies, not being interactive, are a colossal mockery for sustainable world development.

Thanks to the internet, today it is easier to find scientific and technological proofs to what an inventor without economic means thinks. Without this tool, the research of the undersigned would have been very long and expensive. I also write and publish my solutions in English, but I have never learned to speak it for reasons of time. I didn’t know and I don’t know how long I have left to live. Having started the activity of an inventor as a retiree and having understood that my solutions are transversally unwelcome to all those who have made mistakes in the current development model, I preferred to abandon the search for interlocutors and develop virtually all the inventions I had. in mind, even at the risk of making some mistakes. If I had died earlier, my inventions would have died along with me. Today I am calmer because at least I have published them, if the new generations will show themselves more intelligent and prepared than the current ones, from my inventions they will be able to find the inspiration for an alternative development model.

Only by carefully reading the articles published on the website carefully in order of publication date can one understand the serious crimes of omission committed by world public and private science, obviously, with the complicity of the capitalist world political class. , populist, communist. The science that should be unique and universal has been subjugated by employers and men of power. The longest article I have written has the title “Closing the Carbon Cycle” and consists of 306 pages. I started writing it in 2007 and finished it in 2012, since in the meantime, I have done a lot of research and produced some important preliminary purifying inventions. I let you imagine the enthusiasm with which I wrote it, still feeling young, as a fresh retiree, full of hope in a better world ( ) The invention that I loved most is that of the “Artificial heart oxygenating the blood autonomously energetically” (

Today I almost regret having thought of this invention because it could also extend the life of unscrupulous dictators and without humanitarian culture who could do even more damage. As an elderly person who has important pathologies to treat (diabetes, arterial hypertension, a cardiac arrhythmia, an enlarged thyroid gland, an equally enlarged prostate, a cholecystitis to be removed, the colon operated on in 2017 to be kept under control) I am forced to take about ten pills a day. I am thinking in particular of how elderly people can live in Ukraine, who in addition to food must also seek daily medicines. Certainly impossible to find.

All this for what purpose, given that capitalism and communism are nothing more than two sides of the same coin and produce the same results: the terror policy of a nuclear war, irrational energy, and an unequal distribution of world wealth.

Luigi Antonio Pezone