I publish a generic response letter to those who write to me to receive articles to publish, conferences to participate in, as I cannot satisfy their requests without being incoherent with myself. As a man free from partisan interests, a designer and inventor, I have always tried to understand and propose the best industrial and environmental solutions, trying to overcome the current scientific and technological state of the art. Unfortunately, the current world production and energy system has not only produced global warming and an unequal distribution of world wealth, it has reached a dead end, as it is much simpler and cheaper to extract clean energy directly from the environment than trying to clean up fossil energy which still accounts for 80% of the world’s energy. It took a lifetime of work in industry and the environment as well as unpaid work as a retiree to develop all the details that led me to this unfortunate conclusion for today’s world powerhouses. But at the same time, I invite you to look at the reverse side of the coin, because we can start reversing the heating cycle with an equally powerful planet cooling system, which in addition to being economically advantageous is also environmentally purifying. Obviously, we will not be able to completely eliminate fossil energy, but we will be able to limit it only to strictly indispensable cases such as the production of cast iron, steel, incinerators, but realizing complete purification cycles, by means of the modification of the chimneys and the introduction of calcareous greenhouses with artificial rains, which would completely close the combustion fume cycles, producing carbonates and mineral salts in the fume cooling waters. All the other world energy needs of fixed and mobile plants can be produced cold without producing heat, CO2 and steam, therefore there will be no need for cooling and purification plants as atmospheric air and gravity will be the energy source primary and water the energy vector, as described in detail in the individual inventions. Since it seems that my solutions have dissatisfied all public and private employers, and since none of my forty inventions has ever been tested and implemented, I believe it is useless to answer the publishers and organizers of the congresses. I consider my work as a designer and inventor concluded with the latest inventions, where I demonstrated that we can cold produce all the electrical and electromagnetic energy we need without fuels and nuclear energy. Current inventions have opened cycles that have not been able to close in fixed industrial and environmental anthropic plants. How could they close these loops in mobile plants? Today, fixed and mobile anthropic plants that do not close the cycles they open, are produced in billions of specimens with the consent of all world governments and the United Nations

Unfortunately, all this has already happened and we suffer the consequences, spending more resources to repair the damage caused by climate change than to create real well-being. Which well-being becomes increasingly distant and unattainable if human beings do not learn to cold-extract primary energy from the earth’s environment as the undersigned did without public and private capitalist and communist contributions. The whole world is a country in this respect. I don’t expect any reward for my work. I have noticed it every day from the great silences that I collect. However, I could not shirk my duty to investigate in a multidisciplinary way, even if my job as an employee

  It was just to use existing technologies. Not to overcome them. To overcome the state of the art, I had to leave the world of work because entrepreneurs participating in public tenders cannot spit on the plate they eat from and neither can their employees. My investigations, on the cleanup of fossil energy, have led me to discover a Pandora’s box with immense unsolved problems, which in my opinion, could have been solved many years earlier, simply by using the interactive principles between water and air not only for purification purposes, but also to produce alternative universal primary energy in an advantageous way for the environment and the earth’s economy. However, even today, with over forty patent filings filed, of which only seventeen granted, and more than a hundred publications, collected on my website, silences and leaks of responsibility still persist from part of public bodies, multinationals and legislators. I think that experimentation cannot be denied, of the solutions proposed by inventors not linked to public and private power centers, while the glaciers are melting, the waters of the seas are softening and the levels are rising; droughts and floods alternate without respecting the calendars of the traditional four seasons.  All environmental and energy inventions should be tested in the open with public money and evaluated by popular juries based on the results of the trials, because science, made up of public and private employees, is no longer reliable if it continues to remain silent and not begins to experiment with interactive solutions without fuels and nuclear energy. What are the world’s governments and public bodies that are supposed to protect the earth’s environment doing if we are inundated with commercial inventions that instead of reducing global warming, increase it? As long as world legislators allow the current trade of patents of public research institutions towards multinationals there will never be a free and impartial science and technology. For the current centers of world power, keeping science and technology specializations separate is essential in order not to advance the scientific and technological state of the art globally. In fact, multinationals are specialized in single technological activities, as well as the world’s university faculties. This explains the reason why in two hundred years of industrial development no one has ever thought of modifying the chimneys to capture the fumes and extract the CO2 with inorganic chemistry, producing carbonates in the water by means of artificial rains on calcareous material to create cycles more complete purification between water and polluted ai, before the fumes are transformed into vapor and the combustion gases, including CO2, are released into the atmosphere.

 Clearly, this process is energetically expensive because raising the water requires a lot of electricity, which produced with the same fossil energy, would require accurate cost-effectiveness calculations of the purification process. However, purification cannot be renounced for reasons of economic convenience. But who said that to clean up CO2 pollution we have to produce more CO2? How come no world scientist or inventor has ever thought of placing a pump and a turbine in series in an open basin to realize that the current generator coupled to the turbine produces much more electrical energy than the one absorbed by the motor coupled to the pump? So we could clean fossil energy without producing CO2, but with hydroelectricity without the hydraulic jump. Why has nobody financed the hydroelectric plants in open basins without the hydraulic jump, filed as patents in 2014? The world’s ruling class has continued to finance thermal plants without worrying about neutralizing CO2 and other combustion gases. All thermal plants, apart from CO2, produce evaporations and therefore contribute to global warming. Water vapor is the main greenhouse gas that affects global warming twice as much as CO2. Unfortunately, water vapor has not been accused by terrestrial science as the main cause of global warming because it is not toxic and does not produce acidity in water as CO2 does by producing carbonic acid (h2 CO3). While some public researchers have also blamed steam, no one has gone into the details of producing energy without heat and steam. Why are these scientists also silent about my solutions that would at least virtually solve the Problem? Until proven otherwise, the economic calculations of the purification solutions of the environment are not up to science, if the purifications are essential to protect the environment and prevent disasters such as storms and water bombs. In fact, the entire world science, public and private, has not considered that in the atmosphere, the presence of excess steam, due to large thermal plants (steel mills, incinerators, thermal and nuclear power plants, thermal engines of all sizes, plants of heating) represents a potential fluid dynamic energy, which can rapidly be transformed into a powerful kinetic energy, due to the different density of the particles of air, steam and water involved. If we consider that steam is 60 times denser than air and when transformed into water it acquires a density 830 times higher than air, since the fluid-dynamic kinetic energy is given by the product of the flow rate by the speed and by the density of the average mass moves in the atmosphere, it is evident that the presence of high percentages of vapor produce strong accelerations of atmospheric precipitations, which have nothing to do with the natural terrestrial evaporations which had found their natural balance in 4.5 billion years, before of the energy choices made in the design of terrestrial, fixed and mobile anthropic plants. If we consider that the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere at the beginning of the industrial era was 278 ppm and today is 420 ppm, it means that in less than 150 years we have increased this value by more than 50% and at least doubled the amount of vapor present in the atmosphere in less than 150 years. If we add to these disastrous choices that on planet Earth, in order to produce hydroelectric energy with the hydraulic jump, immense volumes of water have been accumulated, by means of dams, in natural and artificial mountain basins, it should be clear that these basins they produce even more damage, further accelerating the destructive effects of torrential rains. The concomitance of many wrong choices energetically, environmentally and economically has led to the current development model. Those who have not profited from it cannot continue to claim to continue governing a planet that is destroying itself due to their scientific and technological ignorance, while the poor are getting poorer and the rich without moral values continue to waste resources on all sectors of human activity Science and technology are polarized in specific sectors, while they should have a multidisciplinary culture that is not easy to acquire in universities and in the current world of work, where each scientific and technological discipline pulls water in its own mill.

Before proposing myself as an inventor, I lived on the front line as a designer and installer of man-made systems in the automotive industry, which is the most up-to-date and multidisciplinary industry in the world. From this type of industry I learned to coherently put together the various technologies to increase the speed of production processes. The same thing can also be done in other anthropic plants in the world, the speed of water and air purification plants, alternative energy production, water distribution, water lifting, etc. It was no coincidence that after seventeen years of work in the automotive industry, I also did the same job in the world’s public purification, energy and water plants, not to change them but to get to know them for another twenty years. I only made my concrete and multidisciplinary proposals as a pensioner because I already knew that no one would listen to me. In the world of work, no one can spit on the plate from which he eats, both as an entrepreneur and as an employee. . For this reason it should be public science that is more innovative, but it is not, precisely because it is not multidisciplinary and does not know the scientific organization of work, which can only be learned in private industry to beat the competition on a commercial level. Furthermore, the trade in patents, allowed by world legislators and by the United Nations, has aggravated the situation because nobody develops multidisciplinary projects. Public researchers, like multinationals, paid by governments, with taxpayers’ money, work almost exclusively to sell patents to multinationals in specific sectors. It should be clear that by working this way, everyone is working to defend the investments already made. If these investments have produced global warming, why can not anyone correct them?

I, who as I wrote above, learned to work in the automotive industry, when I changed jobs and dealt with environmental systems, I could not help but realize that the heat engines of the automotive industry must be replaced with compressed hydroelectric engines, not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic point of view. If the objective of studying the scientific organization of work is to increase the speed of processes and reduce production costs, because this type of organization is only used to produce commercial inventions and not to increase the speed of environmental protection ? Why haven’t public designers and inventors, who are supposed to protect the environment, improved the technologies they are responsible for? For the undersigned it is clear that they have not studied the scientific organization of environmental and energy work in depth because indirectly, through the trade in patents, one-way towards multinationals, they too work for multinationals. So there are huge conflicts of interest between public and private science, allowed by governments. Therefore, on planet earth we have an excellent speed of industrial production and a low speed of purification processes. I, who first studied the organization of industrial work and then changed jobs to also learn about the scientific organization of environmental work, realized that it is not enough to simply increase the speed of the purification processes as it would also aggravate the already high energy costs. It is necessary to change the entire world energy system, not with palliatives such as battery-powered cars, solar panels, wind energy. It is necessary to change the primary energy source of world energy which must be produced cold, at the temperature of the earth’s environment without the production of CO2 flue gases and steam. Only with compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy can we create small-sized plants that do not waste resources, which even protect the environment by dissolving oxygen in water according to Hentry’s principle.

It would take a great global scientific revolution. Where could this revolution come from? The absolute majority of the world’s population struggles for daily survival. The few who might believe it cannot afford to gamble their jobs to go against those who hold global economic power. Political, religious, philosophical, cultural powers are not real powers.  

These are the details never developed by world public and private science on the organization of environmental and energy work that do not allow us to extract energy from the environment, which instead with hindsight, we should have started extracting from the beginning of the century eighteenth, when the first hydroelectric plant with hydraulic jump was born. Immediately after, science had to understand that by putting in series a pump that works in the direction of the gravitational force and a turbine in systems that are always full of water, therefore without dispersing the water, we were able to produce electricity indefinitely because the absorbed energy from the engine that makes it turn is always much lower than the energy produced by the current generator coupled to the turbine, due to the simple fact that the engine only has to overcome the state of inertia while the generator produces the electric current in proportion to the hydrostatic head present on the the turbine shaft. The whole of world science has not done this simple reasoning that the undersigned did over two hundred years after which led to the conception of compressed hydroelectric and compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy which can also be achieved in mobile plants, including space ones, by adding together the thrust by Newton and Lorentz. I think these silences of the entire world science are shameful. Who can say that they have done the same in the last two hundred years? Above all, without public money and those of multinationals?

For practical purposes, what are more useful for human survival, the theories of relativity, quantum theory, or the daily updating of the scientific organization of earthly work in all sectors of human activity? If we think that not even Albert Einstein noticed that the ideal terrestrial energy is different from the universal one, which clearly is thermal and nuclear, it should have been clear that before inventing steam boilers, heat engines, the atomic bomb , we should have better studied the functioning of the terrestrial environment and made terrestrial inventions, better studying the energy sources and energy vectors to be used. It was necessary to analyze the scientific organization of the earth’s natural work, which is certainly not thermodynamic or even nuclear, since all chemical and biological processes take place at the temperature and pressure of the earth’s environment. These processes are simply fluid dynamics. We only have to manage the air pressure, which is the energy source and is also the most powerful and cheapest energy accumulator. Today, this powerful energy accumulator is used only as an energy actuator in pneumatic cylinders, to limit the number of starts of electric motors in systems equipped with autoclaves, and to absorb water hammer in hydraulic systems in general. The real world energy revolution can only take place when the compressed air of the autoclaves can be used one-way in the direction of the gravitational force and this can never be done if my invention of the pump with the double separate power supply is not used up to the impeller , which is an international patent of the undersigned from 2015, which the entire world ruling class pretended not to understand, leaving me alone to bear the bureaucratic expenses to keep the patent alive, which obviously I was unable to bear. But I still went ahead in advancing the virtual state of the art, up to the point of conceiving global linear motors that will be able to take us into space without fuels and nuclear energy, even capturing the interspatial dust that contains all the natural elements present on earth for sustain the lives of future space explorers, when NASA and the world’s billionaires decide not to launch useless, expensive, and polluting rockets into space. It is no coincidence that the entire world science up to the present day still continues to believe that it is possible to start space exploration with thermal rockets that have nothing to do with terrestrial electromagnetism which can only develop at terrestrial temperatures. In fact, electromagnetism can only be produced through induced currents with delicate copper wires protected with insulating paints, it must have been clear that the inventors had to try to produce primary energy at the temperature of the earth’s environment as well. But in this way the men of power would have had to give up the biggest deal in world history which is the trade in fossil and nuclear energy sources. Those who have been missing in the last two hundred years are precisely the inventors and not linked to the economic power centers, who are the only ones who will be able to close the cycles left open by the public and private inventors of the past in industrial and environmental anthropic plants. This is indispensable also and above all if we really want to go into space, where mistakes cannot be made and where we cannot afford to produce energies other than those which allow the survival of the human race, starting from chlorophyll photosynthesis. It is no coincidence, as mentioned above that men will be able to capture even interstellar dust with compressed global hydro-electromagnetic linear motors that will use simple terrestrial atmospheric air as a primary energy source and simple water as an energy carrier, creating infinite cycles without wasting resources and of technologies. So much for the commercial inventions of the current multinationals which are preparing to invest in the space race with new generation fuels which in any case do not promise miracles as they cannot add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, nor can they regenerate themselves infinitely, nor can they be breathable by men of the future. It is no coincidence that without the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller it is not even possible to create the artificial heart that oxygenates human blood which is certainly the most important invention for prolonging human life beyond any current life expectancy.

To the publishers, who ask me to publish original articles and who would even like to be paid, I can only write that they can publish all the articles that are listed in the list on my website. My inventions, having never been made by any government or by any multinational, are always new. If they need the original version, I’ll ship it. I can’t go on forever inventing new inventions that nobody wants to make. I can’t pay them to publish my articles because no one has ever paid me for my work as an inventor. I don’t even pay the organizers of international congresses to which I am invited for the simple fact that I do not participate in these congresses. I have nothing to say beyond what I wrote and illustrated with drawings on my website Https// Only inventors employed by public bodies and private companies who are interested in selling commercial solutions that cannot solve the serious environmental and public health problems of our time can participate in these congresses. It is the employers of these inventors who bear the costs of publishers and congresses, certainly not the inventors who are forced to invent commercial solutions that are advantageous for their employers, without being able to sink the scalpel into the real global sores. Commercial inventions in many cases are harmful to the entire world community. With the silences collected in the entire world scientific community, I have come to the conclusion that those who remain silent consent and to the awareness of having conceived the best purification and energy inventions of the last two hundred years, without the contribution of governments, science and multinationals. Indeed, their tacit but clear opposition was the greatest stimulus to delve into the arguments. I just have to wait for history to shed light on my work as a designer, installer and inventor of terrestrial sustainable anthropic purification and energy plants, and for the nursery rhyme of SPAWHE (Synergic Plants Artificial Welling Hydroelectromagnetic Energy), when it will finally be understood by the majority of people in common sense, is declared a technical and scientific heritage of humanity. Probably, this will happen when I am no longer alive. This will be my only reward, which I will share only with some scientists of the past, who helped me understand the basic fluid dynamics and electromagnetic phenomena, alternatives to the thermodynamic and nuclear ones that are destroying the planet. In fact, it is a contradiction that even today we are governed by a world ruling class that has inherited thermodynamic and nuclear inventions for eight successive generations without anyone realizing that the planet Terra was born to be managed cold. Whoever governed in the last two hundred years has produced global warming, not saving resources, but losing out economically, because nothing can cost less than an energy that purifies the environment simply by exploiting Henry’s principle everywhere and which can be extracted directly from the environment, without extraction, transformation and transport charges, without purification and cooling charges for the energy produced. We have to ask ourselves: why weren’t these simple inventions conceived despite the fact that the industrial age is now two hundred years old?  I think because science and politics have not been able to select useful inventions from useless and harmful ones. Global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth have been inevitable, due to the unpreparedness of science and the political ruling class, which have never reasoned globally, observing the terrestrial nature, not that of the universe, to choose the best solutions to purify and produce energy. Personally, I thought that inventions are made with the heart as well as with the mind. But, like everyone, I thought the heart was an organ connected to our feelings and emotions. In reality. The human heart is a simple pneumatic pump that accelerates or decreases the beats according to the electromagnetic stimuli produced by the neurons of the brain. It is no coincidence that among my inventions there is also the energetically autonomous blood oxygenator artificial heart, as this artificial heart works with the same hydro-electromagnetic principles neglected by world science that produced global warming. No scientist has thought that if man is different from other terrestrial beings it is due to the fact that he is capable of developing much more complex ideas. This ability can only increase, increasing the oxygenation capacity of the blood. Consequently, with my artificial heart, in addition to extending human life by many years, human intellectual abilities will also increase considerably. Unfortunately, the world ruling class that produced global warming cannot make exceptions, realizing the artificial heart with compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy, mini autoclaves, mini pumps with separate dual power supply up to the impeller, mini turbines and mini current generators, without realizing the same systems also in the production of energy on a large scale in industries, in homes, in land, marine, aeronautical and space transport. It would be too simple to deduce that if the small energetically autonomous artificial heart worked and lengthened the human lifespan without energy accumulators, we have made a mistake with the entire world development. In fact, despite the progress made with artificial intelligence, based above all on electronics, information technology and electromagnetism, the world’s primary energies still remain the obsolete fossil and nuclear ones which cannot be autonomous and self-purifying, just as they cannot be current renewable energies: solar, wind, hydroelectric, hydrolytic. As demonstrated in SPAWHE’s nursery rhyme, compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy could allow us to solve both the problem of global warming, and that of the unequal distribution of world wealth, and that of prolonging human life, and that of being able to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz to revolutionize land, sea and space transportation without nuclear fuels and energy. Here is spawhe’s nursery rhyme

“The cleaning of fossil energy published in, to be efficient, should be based, above all on inorganic chemistry that is able to absorb CO2, producing carbonates in the water, so that they counteract the acidification of the oceans and global warming.To speed up the processes and reduce the energy costs that would have involved the circulation of very large quantities of water necessary to neutralize the very large quantities of CO2 emitted by the current thermal power plants and heat engines, it has gradually been transformed technologically into solutions of less space by exploiting the principles Pascal and Henry.  In fact, I realized that on planet Earth, all the activities that nature produces through organic and inorganic chemistry, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle can be increased in speed without any need to use thermal, nuclear energy and current renewables. It is sufficient only to increase the operating pressures of the systems, modify the circulation pumps and make the machines work differently. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, the elements extraneous to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, to natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have multiplied exponentially the elements extraneous to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances. Obviously, this is my truth and in the entire website, I explain how, in my opinion, we should have created global plants that purify both fumes and water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas. Having not done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the art of purification to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the state of the global purification art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract the energy directly from the environment. Having not done this, it was not possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of gravitational force, we modify them on the suction side and make them another inlet clearly separated from the main one up to the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one feed to recycle the water from the upper basin and the other feed to introduce into the same impeller the water discharged from a turbine fed by falling water from the same upper basin. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, it being understood that we use a turbine connected to the outlet of the autoclave, we can recover the water drained from the turbine and insert it back into the autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same impeller of the pump by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air, we would have produced a current generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Having not done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this current generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave in order to be able to mount it on cars and trucks, on agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions can still be reduced by using submersible pumps as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes that would act as autoclaves. Therefore, these groups could be used to be inserted directly into the wells to raise the water and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers which today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to Henry’s principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be reduced even further. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water from the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side that would replace the right and left ventricles, creating energetically autonomous artificial hearts that would feed the systemic circuit that oxygenates the brain and the lungs to lengthen the life of the ‘man. Having not done this, it was not possible to think that pressurized cylindrical autoclaves can be incorporated an external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors can be made electric at variable revolutions that would produce an electromagnetic flux of variable intensity which would produce induced currents in a solenoid outside the same water tank. Therefore, we could produce in this tank a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law at the ambient temperature, without fuel that could be added to the reaction thrust of Newton that would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always commanded by generators. of current that produce the primary hydroelectric energy, fed by submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central reservoirs. Not having done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of aircraft to travel in the atmosphere and in space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuel.  It was not possible to make the ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to make mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters. It was not even possible to think that in the space travel of the future we can add to the global linear motors an external steel tunnel connected to the turbo fan, where it will produce a higher vacuum higher than the surrounding space vacuum and connect this tunnel with a small vacuum pump to a thickening tank of the captured powders, which will be emptied periodically letting in the atmospheric air which will feed an electrostatic filter that will recover the powders that will be used together with the other interactive purification and energy plant inventions described on the website https: // to make humans survive even in space without suffering physiological damage due to the absence of atmospheric pressure, gravity, food resources and raw materials to build spare parts for the machines necessary for survival in space. In fact, atmospheric air and water will fill the space caravan wagons full of human beings and will be endlessly recycled, suitably replenished with artificial photosynthesis and carbon cycle, while general gravity will be reinforced, becoming very similar. to the terrestrial one, electrostatically polarizing the paths of atmospheric conditioned air and recycled water in the interactive, energy and purification, compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants, still unknown to terrestrial science. Current science has forgotten that the primary fluid dynamic energy is produced by the flow rate for the pressure and density of the fluid itself. Therefore, the best solution to produce clean energy at low cost and in infinite quantities is: to use compressed air as an energy source (which is not consumed) and water as an energy carrier (which with the use of new pumps with separate double power supply up to the impeller, can recycle it indefinitely by exploiting the maximum pressure of the compressed air and the maximum density of the water at the same time. In the simple formula of fluid dynamic energy mentioned above. No heat source is needed. This is the biggest mistake in world science because water is not only the best physical and hydraulic energy carrier, it is also the best electromagnetic carrier, having the natural ability to ionize into ions (H+) and (OH-). This ability was given to her directly by nature, that is, by GOD. Excluding water from energy production means excluding physical, chemical, biological and neurological life, above all, producing energy coldly. So much so that among the inventions of the undersigned, there is also the artificial heart which oxygenates human blood, which could extend human life by several hundred years. Obviously, together with other parallel inventions in the field of medicine, robotics, artificial intelligence, which are still to be developed. But air and water, which are fundamental, are provided free by Nature and the artificial heart, at least as a project, is provided free by the undersigned, who has not found financiers. I believe that the artificial heart that oxygenates the blood was not financed by the current ruling class because, if it works, it demonstrates that men have made mistakes in the most important inventions for the survival of nature and the human race, just to accumulate money.”

The SPAWHE nursery rhyme, published above, to be fully understood must be read together with the map of the website, where the inventions of the undersigned and the illustrative articles are published chronologically, starting from the cleaning of fossil energy, as if this had been created, at least with demonstrative prototypes of the functioning. Instead, no one financed these prototypes, but the studies and research I carried out made me understand the limits of this solution, which in order to become sustainable, would have had to reduce the energy costs to raise the water, modify the current purifiers and the prehistoric smokestacks. If one follows the chronology of the inventions and the subsequent articles, it can be noted that the development of the scientific and technological details developed for the cleaning of fossil energy were essential and preparatory to the birth of compressed hydroelectric and hydroelectromagnetic energy, which was born above all to economize the energy consumption necessary to raise the waters and create artificial rains on calcareous materials which would have absorbed the CO2 and produced alkaline waters. The leap in quality occurred when the undersigned invented the pump with separate dual power supply up to the impeller. In fact, pumps are the heart of all man-made plants and must work with balanced suction and delivery pressures to extract energy from the environment without using fuel to produce primary energy. Therefore, these pumps must have only one impeller and two separate feeds all the way into the impeller to exit with the higher pressure absorbed from the higher pressure source and to be recycled indefinitely. Obviously, working with balanced suction and delivery pressures, heat is no longer necessary to have a pressure that can be exploited statically: it is sufficient to exploit the static pressure of the upper basin or that of an autoclave by recycling the same amount of water that we will use to produce energy so as not to consume the energy required to restore the compressed air pressure. Obviously, pumps with separate dual power supplies cannot produce a driving force greater than that which circulates the water in the recycling circuit. To produce the driving force we must use the turbines, or pumps fed in reverse compared to the current use, which can have several impellers connected in series to multiply the pressure and therefore the force to be transmitted to the axis of rotation, consuming the energy kinetics acquired thanks to the upper hydrostatic head or to the pressure of the autoclave. Obviously, in order to have a constant energy production we must not lower the level of the upper basin which gives the greater pressure nor lower the pressure of the autoclave. Therefore, conceptually, to extract energy and driving force from the environment it is always necessary to assemble in series a pump with the dual power supply separated up to the impeller and a pump and a turbine or a pump used as a turbine which produces the driving force. We cannot get more water out of the circuit with higher pressure than we use to produce electricity through the current generator connected to the turbine or to the pump used as a turbine. However this system is sufficient to revolutionize all the world’s energy and purification systems, since we can produce open plants of any size or pressurized plants at very high pressures in mobile plants without producing pollution and without using fuels and nuclear energy which produce pollution and greenhouse gases such as CO2 and steam. Steam is still underestimated by world science because it is made up of simple water with neutral pH, while CO2 combines with water to produce carbonic acid (H2CO3) which contributes to acidifying lakes and seas. Science has underestimated the fact that CO2, despite the strong increase with the production of fossil energy, is still 420 ppm compared to the volume of the atmosphere; The density of CO2 is only 1.5 times higher than air. Instead, steam, with industrial development and the current way of producing energy with thermal and nuclear plants, has assumed very high percentages, which can even exceed 6% of the volume of the atmosphere, while the density of the drops of water contained in vapor is 830 times higher than atmospheric air. Considering that the force expressed by atmospheric disturbances is calculated by multiplying the speed by the density of the fluid and the flow rate that moves in the atmosphere, the damage produced by the excess vapor present in the atmosphere is immensely greater than that produced by CO2. scientists who study physics should have been the first to discard the energies that produce steam first and then CO2, which is always combined with other combustion gases that are also toxic (Sox, NOx, CO, etc). Furthermore, considering that scientists who have studied meteorological phenomena from the beginning of the 1900s until now have ascertained that between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere there is a continuous exchange of electrostatic and electromagnetic ions which is continuously regenerated through the production of electric discharges commonly called lightning, in the immense quantity of approximately 1500 -2000 for every second on the entire terrestrial globe, for at least a hundred years we should have realized that it was necessary to look for a different way of producing electricity, avoiding the production of steam and CO2, but also to avoid the transport of electrical energy in the atmosphere, which inevitably interferes with the natural ion exchange between the earth and the ionosphere. Unfortunately, the entire world of science, not having understood these fundamental scientific and technical concepts, has allowed the rush to use the wrong energy sources which have needlessly wasted natural resources and created global warming. The SPAWHE nursery rhyme is nothing more than a long list of sustainable inventions proposed by the undersigned and not financed by governments and world entrepreneurs due to the silence of the science most awarded with Nobel prizes, which today is trying to create the new nuclear power on Earth, based on nuclear fusion involving temperatures of 100 million degrees centigrade that would be magnetically isolated with technologies yet to be tested. While the Creator of the universe preferred to create the nuclear energy of the stars at a distance of hundreds of millions of kilometers from the planets and protected the planets themselves by different atmospheric layers thickened by the gravitational force, while the nuclear energy produced inside the nuclei ferromagnetic elements of the same planets is isolated by different layers of the subsurface. Furthermore, the Creator of the universe made it possible to develop through the gravitational force, universal electromagnetism, an ionic exchange between atmospheric air, water, organic and inorganic materials, the production of invisible electrical energy that governs the planet without no need for special energy transport lines. In fact, electrical and electromagnetic energy is already present on the planet. Therefore, the SPAWHE system is nothing other than the natural terrestrial energy system put together by the undersigned using scientific principles and the inventions of the past put together more rationally from an industrial point of view and set based on his own experience as a former designer and installer of anthropic systems terrestrials. However, with the plants planned on SPAWHE we could increase global food production with artificial welling, bring water to deserts by desalination of sea water in a sustainable way, but first of all, it is essential to demolish the wrong inventions and build the correct ones but the entire world ruling class pretends not to understand and talks nonsense about renewable energy. The solution is much simpler, linear and economical and can be applied everywhere even in the human heart to extend human life. It is no coincidence that none of the logical inventions, chronologically conceived, have ever been tested and implemented. As long as they remain only in the virtual state, it can always be said that it is only simple science fiction. Instead, for the undersigned it is science fiction that must be based on simple but well-connected inventions, such as global linear motors that could also take us into space without fuels and nuclear energy, even capturing interstellar dust to increase food resources and technologies of generational travellers, mostly equipped with energetically autonomous blood oxygenating artificial hearts. I am also publishing below the website map of unrealized inventions, with this article updated as of 12.19.2023.

Site map in descending order of publication date and about spawhe,– cosa-e-spawhe,,,

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