I publish this very optimistic article seven years after the publication of my article entitledI “The hoax of the fight against global warming, which I report in full, being one of the shortest articles I have written: link https://www.spawhe. eu/it/the-hoax-of-the-fight-against-global-warming/ published on 13.02.2017.

Is global warming a hoax? According to American President Trump and his advisors, the answer is yes. For the world’s scientific majority, warming is real. For the undersigned, however, as impossible as it may seem, due to the huge amount of scientific, political, technical and economic figures involved, the real hoax is the fight against global warming, which the world institutional bodies are carrying out, before and after the Kyoto Protocol. In fact, there are precise scientific, technical, economic and legislative responsibilities for the choices that have led to global warming, since all purification and energy systems have been wrong since the advent of the industrial era. Global warming has become real, because no one has applied the organization of industrial work to the environment and energy production to clean fossil energy through a rational study of the LAYOUT of the territory, which would have led to the purification of water and air together in smaller but more complete plants arranged differently on the territory which would have produced an interactive and environmentally protective energy, of a biological type, alongside the fossil one, precisely to close the inorganic cycles that produce CO2, SOX and NOX, the physical ones, which produce fine dust, and the biological ones and organic chemistry, in common plants, defined by the undersigned, global synergistic plants ( time/,, The silences collected, at a global level, by the designer of these solutions on the cleaning of fossil energy, which would have produced, even alkaline water, consuming the CO2 in limestone greenhouses with artificial rainfall, led the designer himself to delve deeper into the topic of interactive energy also in another direction, which proved to be even more efficient, which public and private bodies worldwide have never investigated since the advent of the industrial era. In fact, the world has lacked the Columbus egg in terms of energy, which would allow us to produce clean energy twenty-four hours a day and three hundred and sixty-five days a year, with any climate and temperature (even at the north and south poles), in our apartments in wells, rivers and lakes and on means of transport, without fuel and without solar panels, The system is called pressurized hydroelectric energy with water recycling. It is mainly based on the “compressibility” of air and the “non-compressibility of water”. In the version with a smaller quantity of water that can be used to produce energy in an apartment or on a car to replace the heat engine. You need: A water tank pressurized with compressed air, a motorized valve at the water outlet that powers a turbine, a tank at atmospheric pressure that collects the water discharged from the turbine, a new concept electric pump with dual power separated up to the impeller, complete with supply pipes and one-way check valves, which has the delivery connected to the water inlet in the pressurized tank and the two suctions connected respectively to the water outlets of the open and pressurized tank. Therefore, the power supply connected to the open tank lets the water discharged by the turbine enter the recycling pump again with the double separate power supply, while the power supply connected to the pressurized tank recycles the water inside it, balancing the pressure hydrostatic in suction and delivery of the pump and therefore, allowing the entry of external water into the pump impeller and into the pressurized recycling circuit. But, since the pressurized tank is already full of water and compressed air at maximum levels, at the same time, the same quantity of water entering from the outside is expelled from the compressed air cushion by another outlet, producing new energy in the turbine. Only the energy is consumed to circulate the water with a very low energy absorption within the volume of water accumulated without having to overcome the pressure of the compressed air on the water because neither the volume of the water nor the pressure of the compressed air. However, the water expelled from the air cushion produces energy in the turbine in an amount proportional to the flow rate and pressure of the compressed air. Assuming we have a small domestic system pressurized at 4.0 bar with a flow rate of 7.5 L/s, a single-stage dual-fuel DN65 recycling pump and a multi-stage pump used as a turbine of the same flow rate, we will have an energy production in the alternator coupled to the 1.76 kW turbine, but produced with the force of the air cushion, without expansion, which releases the water at a pressure of 4 bar. The energy consumption of the system, of 0.183 KW, is due only to the operation of the water recycling electric pump. Therefore the ratio between energy spent and consumed is equal to 9.61 (1.76 / 0.183). These systems have never been built anywhere in the world, because: 1) pumps with dual separate power supplies do not exist (they have just been patented by the undersigned); 2) current autoclave systems do not work with water circulating one way without expanding the air cushion, but work by expanding and compressing the air cushion with the water entering and exiting the tank; 3) hydroelectric plants have never been built with instant water recycling, with pumps and turbines in the same plant. If we use the same system (DN 65 and 7.5 L/s) to replace the combustion engine of a car but with a pressure of 40 bar, we will have ten times higher energy production (17.6 Kw) with a consumption almost identical energy (0.366 kW), therefore the ratio between the energy spent and consumed becomes equal to 48.08 (17.6 / 0.366). If we consider that the average efficiency of the heat engine mounted on the car is approximately 35% of the lower calorific value of the fuel, we can obtain the convenience ratio between a compressed hydroelectric engine and a heat engine, which is equal to 137.39 (48, 08 / 0.35). This convenience ratio excludes the cost of fuels, the greater complexity of the heating systems, the costs for fume filtration, etc. However, the water expelled from the air cushion produces energy in the turbine in an amount proportional to the flow rate and pressure of the compressed air. Assuming we have a small domestic system pressurized at 4.0 bar with a flow rate of 7.5 L/s, a single-stage dual-fuel DN65 recycling pump and a multi-stage pump used as a turbine of the same flow rate, we will have an energy production in the alternator coupled to the 1.76 kW turbine, but produced with the force of the air cushion, without expansion, which releases the water at a pressure of 4 bar. The energy consumption of the system, of 0.183 KW, is due only to the operation of the water recycling electric pump. Therefore the ratio between energy spent and consumed is equal to 9.61 (1.76 / 0.183). These systems have never been built anywhere in the world, because: 1) pumps with dual separate power supplies do not exist (they have just been patented by the undersigned); 2) current autoclave systems do not work with water circulating one way without expanding the air cushion, but work by expanding and compressing the air cushion with the water entering and exiting the tank; 3) hydroelectric plants have never been built with instant water recycling, with pumps and turbines in the same plant. If we use the same system (DN 65 and 7.5 L/s) to replace the combustion engine of a car but with a pressure of 40 bar, we will have ten times higher energy production (17.6 Kw) with a consumption almost identical energy (0.366 kW), therefore the ratio between the energy spent and consumed becomes equal to 48.08 (17.6 / 0.366). If we consider that the average efficiency of the heat engine mounted on the car is approximately 35% of the lower calorific value of the fuel, we can obtain the convenience ratio between a compressed hydroelectric engine and a heat engine, which is equal to 137.39 (48, 08 / 0.35). This convenience ratio excludes the cost of fuels, the greater complexity of the heating systems, the costs for fume filtration, etc.

Therefore, the effective cost-effectiveness ratio between fossil energy and pressurized hydroelectric energy can even double. But the energetic pigeon’s egg is also a purifying pigeon’s egg because the water that passes through the pressurized tanks with compressed air absorbs the oxygen contained in the air proportionally to the operating pressure, according to the well-known Dalton’s laws and Henry. Therefore, when the water is discharged from the turbine into a basin or well, containing polluted water at atmospheric pressure, the oxygen carried by the pressurized water also oxidizes the water of the polluted basin or well. Furthermore, this way of producing energy, costing almost nothing, can create artificial rainfall on calcareous materials in closed greenhouses to remove CO2 from the environment. The situation is also paradoxical from a legislative point of view, because the legislator has lumped both intellectual and industrial property with patents. Therefore the private inventor, who invented these solutions, who cannot afford industrial property rights, is not even recognized as having intellectual property rights if he is unable to sell the patents to the highest bidder. But public bodies do not buy patents from private individuals, on the contrary they also sell their patents to multinationals and the latter do not even buy them because the public bodies would have to change the regulations first. Meanwhile, the inventor must pay filing fees as if he were an industrialist, not an inventor. All this is happening while global public bodies, by remaining silent, commit the very serious crime of omission of an official act contemplated in articles 1, 2, 15, 48, 54, 58 of the “Codification project on the responsibility of states for internationally illicit acts”, signed by almost all one hundred and ninety-six sovereign states, at the United Nations itself in 2001, precisely to prevent and punish serious environmental crimes, with international effects.

What are the bad designs that global public bodies and multinationals do not want to change with the complicity of legislators? And, sometimes, even with the complicity of fake government oppositions? Which, not knowing how to plan, cannot even fight for truly alternative solutions. They have to settle for the lesser evil existing in the state of the art, which is always in the hands of those who in one way or another have not only warmed the planet, but also damaged the economy of all countries, having to pay inefficient fuels and technologies that are useless.   For the undersigned, the patent regime must continue to exist to ascertain the global originality of inventions, but inventions of public utility must be made available to all public and private companies. Obviously, private inventors who deal with such problems do not have to pay the taxes of industrialists, but those that musicians and writers pay, receiving only the copyright due to intellectual property. Today, however, it happens that inventors are forced to pay the taxes of industrialists, but public bodies and multinationals ignore the inventions, while legislators, the United Nations and the opposition do not intervene. Therefore, global warming, which is a colossal real problem, the world’s public and private managers of the environment and energy want to fight with a colossal hoax created by scientists, technicians and legislators, who have not known or wanted to plan and legislate globally, as it could and still can be done, without secret formulas, according to, which is only the website of a penniless pensioner, who also had to go into debt to pay taxes not due, to demonstrate, through patents, archived on sites like, that no one has ever looked for these logical, energetic and environmentally protective solutions in one hundred and fifty years of industrial development. It is crazy to demand the payment of patent filing and maintenance fees from private inventors, who at most are only fighting to have the intellectual property of the patents recognized. If legislators had behaved the same way towards writers and musicians, culture wouldn’t even exist, because writers and musicians would have to pay taxes before finding publishers or record companies. In fact, today culture, fortunately, exists, while environmental protection and sustainable energy do not exist anywhere in the world. This is due to the fact that culture, limiting itself only to the diffusion of words, does not move much wealth, while alternative energy, industrial and purification ideas would inevitably lead to a more equitable distribution of global wealth. This should be understood by the world’s opposition. But how can they understand this if the best brains, the multinationals, pick them up directly from the universities before they learn to think with their own heads, while those who win public competitions, despite being good, will never be put in the conditions to fight against the system that feeds and supports them? These are the reasons why international and national organizations are especially afraid of simple and new ideas that can come, surprisingly, only from small private inventors. If this were not true, private inventors would not be subject to international legislative harassment. If this were not true, someone in the world would realize that the current new energies are already several dozen years old and the patents on the principles on which they are based have largely lapsed. In the absence of truly new ideas, they compete only on technological improvement, to get as close as possible to the cost of fossil energy. But this improvement is happening thanks to public incentives. If these energies were based on efficient energy principles, already on paper they would have demonstrated an efficiency which, according to the many applications published by the undersigned, in compressed hydroelectric energy, instead varies tens or hundreds of times higher than fossil fuel energy. Where is the science? Above all, the public one, which is paid by the citizens of the world, which does not respond? Leaving the hot potato in the hands of politicians, economists and legislators, who don’t know how to behave?

After the publication of my latest article entitled “Let’s talk scientifically about the tragedy of the Bargi hydroelectric power plant” (’s talk scientifically about the tragedy of the Bargi hydroelectric power plant /) I found the following article online entitled “Hydroelectric without water gets the first green light” extracted from the magazine “” ( Since it is not a long article, I take the liberty of publishing it in its entirety:


What is it about? Of an energy storage system based on pumping and gradients like closed-cycle hydro systems, but using a high-density fluid instead of water.

Thanks to an agreement with the mining company Sibelco, RheEnergise is preparing to build the first 500 kW HD Hydro demonstrator. The site of choice? A kaolin mine in Cornwood, Devon (England) where the plant will support Sibelco’s mining operations at times of high energy demand supporting the company’s asset decarbonisation efforts.

How does HD Hydro waterless hydroelectric work?

Like conventional hydroelectric pumping, the RheEnergise plant uses two reservoirs at different heights, one upstream and one downstream, using electricity peaks in the network to move the water from the lower reservoir to the upper one. And, subsequently, release it and send it to hydroturbines located downstream in the event of an increase in electricity demand. But unlike classic hydroelectric, which requires large differences in height, HD Hydro also adapts to small drops, working perfectly with hills instead of mountains.

The secret? HD Fluid R-19, a patented “high-tech” fluid that is 2.5 times denser than water. This also means, explains the startup, “that projects can be 2.5 times smaller for the same power”, offering “huge savings opportunities”. In fact, RheEnergy claims that the cost is lower than that of large-scale lithium ion batteries, as well as obviously not suffering from problems of efficiency losses or performance degradation.

The plant in Devon

Cornwood Waterless Hydro has received support from the UK Government’s Long Duration Energy Storage Demonstration Programme, as well as that of Devon County Council, which has given the project the green light. Construction work will begin shortly and its commissioning is scheduled for September 2024. When fully operational, the plant will provide a peak power of 500 kW, supporting Sibelco’s mining operations.

“The demonstrator represents a pioneering project for the long-term storage industry and will put us in a strong position to deliver commercial-scale projects in this country and abroad,” commented Stephen Crosher, CEO of RheEnergise. “There is global interest in our technology, as far away as Australia and Chile. We would like to have our first 10MW grid-scale project operational within two years.”

My observations on this Project.

With all due respect to the inventors of the HD Fluid R-19 liquid, even these new hydroelectric plants without water are half a hoax like the entire fight against global warming, already published by the undersigned, reported above, which sees the complicity of governments and of global multinationals, regardless of political colors. The real world energy problem is much more serious and cannot be solved with a simple liquid heavier than water. It is a scientific, technological and organizational issue of industrial and environmental work, which must be addressed at an international level since it concerns the immediate future global development, which concerns all human activities, without exception.

The solution, which uses a liquid other than natural water, cannot be shared in the design of public hydroelectric plants, since, from what has been described above, the plant that is about to be put into operation in Cornwood in the county of Devon, with the support of the British government, is no different from the hydroelectric plant of the Bargi hydroelectric power station, put into operation way back in 1975 and destroyed due to a probable water hammer in April 2024 in the phase of lifting the energetic liquid (water) to the upper basin to recover the potential energy of the energetic liquid. By increasing the density of the energetic liquid by 2.5 times, the energy expenditure for lifting the liquid also increases and the risk of destroying the power plant due to accidental interruption of the electrical current and the consequent water hammer.

 In order not to experiment with the solutions proposed by the undersigned in 2014 and 2015, of submerged and compressed hydroelectric power, terrestrial science prefers to rely on electricity peaks in the network to move the water from the lower reservoir to the upper one. These current peaks are not reliable because in the case of hydroelectric plants, they are always plants that require hundreds of megawatts of power. In fact, the Bargi hydroelectric power plant in Italy had a total installed power of 330 megawatts. Absorbing this power from an external electrical grid is like relying on luck. If the mains voltage drops, the electrical cables overheat and can even melt, immediately blocking the lifting of hundreds of cubic meters of water per second (in the Bargi power plant in Italy it was 106.4 m3/sec).

Normally, hydroelectric plants that exploit the one-way hydraulic head do not need to be protected against water hammer. If, however, they intend to recover the water or the energetic liquid they must be designed differently, with their own energy source.   The water hammer that results from the water returning can destroy the entire power plant, as happened in Bargi in Italy. Even with an autonomous energy system it is necessary to provide a sufficient number of pressurized tanks with compressed air to prevent water hammer damage, even more so if water is not used but a liquid 2.5 times denser than water, such as HD Fluid R-19. In any case, it is not convenient to produce energy in hydroelectric plants with a liquid foreign to the natural water cycle which certainly has industrial production costs and can always leak from the circuit and cause environmental damage, which depends on the chemical composition of the patented liquid.   But there are also other scientific reasons, because terrestrial water is not just any liquid that can be easily produced in an environment other than Earth: it is an interactive liquid from a physical, chemical and electromagnetic point of view. With the systems proposed by the undersigned we could have had a widespread water distribution at an industrial, urban and agricultural level which would have allowed us to extract energy from the environment on site without electricity distribution networks, gas networks, solar panels or wind turbines. Each means of transport and work could have had its own compressed hydroelectromagnetic generator which in this case could circulate the HD Fluid R-19 liquid instead of water, without creating any environmental problems and with zero energy costs.

Therefore, my criticism is not against the invention of the HD fluid R – 19 liquid, but against the use they want to make of it. Which could be limited to future means of transport and work in cold-produced closed cycles that could not produce pollution. Furthermore, this liquid would still have a higher cost than water, which with the solution proposed by the undersigned in the Bargi power plant, with the coupling of the submerged hydroelectric plant is compressed, we can produce a very high hydraulic head without the need to use any heavy liquid , because the energy is produced by compressed air used statically, thanks to the invention of the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, which world science, made up of a may million of employees, has pretended not to understand, together to their employers.

As I have demonstrated in the many publications that can be found online and especially on my website, after the publication of the hoax article on the fight against global warming, I continued to do research on this topic and I realized that natural water is not only an energy carrier, it is also an electromagnetic carrier due to its natural self-inising characteristic in H+ and OH- ions, which must not be wasted. Indeed, in order to rationally design human plants, especially energy plants, we earthlings must eliminate the current high voltage electricity distribution networks on pylons throughout planet Earth, which together with the steam and CO2 produced by thermal and nuclear plants interfere with the natural ion exchange between the ionosphere and the Earth’s surface, which are the true source of electrical and electromagnetic energy on planet Earth.

It is very strange that public science, especially meteorological science which knows this topic better than I do, is silent on this topic and has not produced inventions for the rational scientific exploitation of the properties of water. Above all, it remains silent on the inventions of the undersigned, who like Don Quixote was left alone, without money to fight against the accusations of perpetual motion of the patent offices and to pay filing and maintenance fees on public utility solutions which should be exempt from any fee. Instead, they have even been ignored and hindered in NATO and communist countries, which compete to obtain every source of underground energy, discarding a priori what is provided free by nature: water, air and gravitational force.  

The compressibility characteristics of atmospheric air, already compressed to a pressure of one bar by the gravitational force, have allowed the undersigned to invent both submerged hydroelectric energy and compressed hydroelectric energy which could be perfectly integrated into the terrestrial environment with energetic powers and purifiers also closely linked to the natural ionization of water.

The articles below demonstrate that I have been left alone to innovate this industry with zero public and private funding.

10.09.2015 ,



Therefore, neglecting the many interactive properties of water to only exploit the greater density of a patented liquid makes no sense from a scientific and environmental point of view. However, in the title of this article I spoke of a half-hoax, as the solution of the liquid 2.5 times denser than water could only be used in the compressed hydroelectric system, where the liquid does not exit the circuit. In particular, in all types of global land, sea, submarine, aeronautical and space transportation, already patented by the undersigned with regularly filed patents, but only on an intellectual level, having never had enough money to oppose with legal appeals against the accusations of perpetual motion of the patent offices, nor money to carry out experiments, nor money to pay maintenance fees for granted patents. I have always written that the current system that regulates the intellectual property of patents, even managed by the United Nations, through the WIPO (world international property organization) is unfair towards inventors not linked to the current public and private economic centers of power, as intellectual property also has a legal and economic value recognized for writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, while inventors like myself who deal with public utility purification, energy and healthcare solutions are forced to comply with rules ambiguous and penalizing from an economic point of view.

I can only say that if I had wanted to pay all the necessary expenses for the legal appeals and maintenance costs of my forty registered patents I would have had to sell the house where I live and live like a homeless person without being able to support my family. I did not accept these blackmails and I went ahead anyway, virtually, with my solutions, trusting that time and history would prove me right.

I titled “hydroelectric without water” half a hoax because if it is true that it is not useful in public hydroelectric plants that do not need the HD Fluid R-19 liquid, since, as I demonstrated in the previous article, dedicated to modifications to be done to recover the Bargi power plant in Italy, to strengthen the operating pressure and therefore the hydraulic head of a hydroelectric power plant it is sufficient to design the plant differently, transforming it into a plant always full of water, which exploits the submerged hydroelectric system ( equally patented by the undersigned) by placing in parallel a compressed hydroelectromagnetic system, which by producing electrical energy autonomously, ensures energy security, prevents voltage drops and can even increase the hydrostatic pressure that produces the hydraulic jump by increasing the rotation speed of the pump which powers the turbine in the direction of the gravitational force. If HD Fluid R-19 actually meets the proposed requirements, its use could be extremely positive. This liquid, in addition to being able to be used in my compressed hydroelectromagnetic system for mobile plants, can also be used in hydroelectric power plants that use the submerged system (which is another invention of the undersigned, which official science pretends not to know about). In fact, with the compressed hydroelectromagnetic system it would increase the flow rate and pressure from the outside, powering the pump motor which supplies the kinetic energy to the water. Therefore, without risking polluting the water.

Obviously, since the undersigned has virtually used compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy not only in hydroelectric plants, but also in smaller-sized plants, especially the mobile ones of work vehicles and all types of global transport, it means that we can produce energy in entire world for 365 days a year without consuming fuel, nuclear energy, lithium energy accumulators, solar panels, wind turbines, which today require the transport of energy from one place to another which represents a cost and also an interference with the natural ion exchange between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.   

In the most recent articles by the undersigned, the hydroelectromagnetic aspect of water and hydrostatic pressure has been extensively discussed, which when statically exploited in autoclaves by means of the recycling pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, has the potential to advantageously replace any type of terrestrial energy, fixed and mobile, both from the point of view of returns and from an economic point of view.

114) 20.04.2024,

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104) 25.01.2023,

If, as I have been asking for ten years, submerged and compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy had probably been experimented with, we would probably have been able to realize that we do not need any other energy, except in particular cases such as large plants for producing steel, cast iron, incinerators of waste (always combined with purification plants with hydroelectric cycles that produce artificial rainfall in limestone greenhouses to neutralize all toxic emissions and CO2).   It is not convenient to design and install large expanses of solar panels and wind turbines that require the transport of electricity to the place of use which costs more and as mentioned interferes with the ion exchange of the planet with the ionosphere, while circulating natural water everywhere we can simultaneously satisfy energy, water, purification, industrial, urban and agricultural needs, without any need to transport electricity from one place to another. Moreover, paying a high price for it in both fixed and mobile systems. The floods that are occurring all over the world alternating with periods of drought have led the most astute governors to create reservoirs to protect at least the population centers. But this is not a solution, as the water that floods the countryside takes land away from agriculture for a very long time. Water must never stop, because by circulating with submerged and compressed idielectric systems it does not consume energy but produces it by simultaneously purifying it in fixed and mobile systems. Circulating in limestone greenhouses with artificial rainfall it produces carbonates which fight the acidification of the oceans and lakes. Circulating in the sewers, it fights hydrogen sulphide, phosphoric acid and phosphorus from detergents, and fecal coliforms; circulating in the aquifers, it neutralizes the access of chemical fertilizers. All this can be done by producing energy instead of consuming it. Even agricultural tractors could work the land with compressed hydroelectric engines that extract energy from the environment, like all the world’s means of transport.   In laboratories all over the world, billions of billions of dollars are spent to test the most unlikely inventions to produce commercial inventions and no public research center wanted to test my compressed mini plant with pump with dual fuel with dual separate fuel until the impeller, which I have used to oxygenate the blood, the brain, the human lungs and extend human life. If they did, they didn’t inform me to tell me I was wrong. On the other hand, power generators, compressed hydroelectromagnetic cars, linear motors for air transport vehicles which would have a greater probability of adding Newton and Lorentz thrust together, have not even been tested. 

However, let’s return to examine the modification proposed by the undersigned for the Bargi power plant.  

As can be seen from this figure, the water circulates continuously in the entire system, where a pump is mounted in series in the descent pipe which pumps in the direction of the gravitational force and underneath is the turbine connected to the alternating current generator. In parallel to the aforementioned system there is the alternating current generator created with the compressed hydroelectric system, which autonomously produces the alternating current hydroelectric energy that powers the pump motor that powers the turbine. This system is completely independent from the external electricity grid and produces electricity one-way for 24 hours a day throughout the year. As can be seen from the figure, the water at the turbine outlet is discharged into the lower closed tank connected with another pipe to the upper basin.   Therefore the entire system is always full of water and does not consume energy for the rise as it only has a pressure drop due to the friction of the water that comes out of the turbine and is discharged into the closed lower tank connected via the rise pipe to the upper pelvis. The pressure drop at the turbine outlet can be calculated with

formula V2/2g.  In the two figures below I show what should be done near lakes and rivers instead of lamination basins to always keep them at minimum levels by recycling, purifying and using water throughout the year in agriculture, industry and civil plants producing energy instead to take it from other energy sources which have higher costs, pollute and do not purify, or are simply discontinuous and must transport electricity to operate the systems which are instead energetically autonomous or suppliers of energy for adjacent systems

The energy source of the hydroelectromagnetic current generator is compressed air which is not consumed as it is exploited statically. Only the percentage of air that dissolves in the water is consumed, contributing to its purification.   This air is released into the environment through the vent valves (3.3) of the tank (3). In any linear space engines the air vent valves will have the exhaust conveyed into the cockpit made at atmospheric pressure so as not to disperse the air.

The figure below shows how the energy produced in individual homes could be connected with geothermal wells that exchange heat with the subsoil instead of using current commercial inventions that contribute to warming the planet even more with air/air exchangers that do nothing other than transfer heat from internal systems to atmospheric air. But it also shows other purification and energy details that have never been created on fixed and mobile energy which can only be found on the website, as neither public bodies nor multinationals have them financed, for obvious common interests in continuing to produce incomplete commercial inventions, which by not solving problems globally and ensure work for everyone, without realizing that the planet is heading towards its own self-destruction, as every incomplete commercial invention is produced in billions of specimens. Since the time of Archimedes, science has always been at the service of the powerful of the Earth, otherwise scientists and inventors would have died of hunger. The undersigned knows this well, having escaped this blackmail after having earned a modest work pension in order to be able to propose, at least virtually, radically alternative solutions to the current ones.   I have never been surprised by the silences I collect. I only care that, sooner or later, the truth comes out. My life would have been useless if I had not proposed these inventions. It is not enough to be a good father, a good grandfather. If one realizes that he has a vocation, not necessarily a religious one, he cannot back out just because he cannot find interlocutors.

Let’s imagine that the containers and flying cars shown above, equipped with global linear motors (with Newton and Lorentz thrust) travel in space around the Earth.   Since the atmospheric air has become rarefied, we will lose a large part of Newton’s reaction thrust and will only have the Lorentz thrust available to overcome the force of attraction towards the Earth. Considering the latest updates reported in this article, we will be able to strengthen this force not only to transport greater quantities of water to put out fires, but also to increase the Lorentz electromagnetic force at the expense of Newton’s, which has become less efficient. We will be able to make a calculation and travel in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the Earth to shorten the atmospheric flight times and descend to the terrestrial destination aerodromes. But with the same technology, we will also be able to continue into infinite space to go to other planets.   Having devised the way to cold produce primary energy, how to make the permanent magnets circulate one-way, how to isolate the unwanted reverse path of the magnets themselves and how to regulate their speed, with the consequent regulation of the thrust force, why can’t we think of transforming the entire or partial external vertical surface of the flying containers into an inductor where the magnets slide and in front of it, integral and electromagnetically isolated, a wall separated by the air gap, containing the wrapped inductor, which rises together with the inductor and with all the masses contained in the container itself with only the Lorentz thrust? This solution would be identical to the Maglev system of high-speed trains, but with the possibility of going in all directions, not having the armature connected to the ground.   It will be the arrangement of the external global linear motors, which will provide the other directional thrusts.   The hardest work is precisely that of neutralizing the gravitational force to lift us into space. With the current thrusts due to thermal engines we have very low thermal efficiencies compared to the calorific value of the fuel (around 30%) in the combustion chambers, which at most reach burst pressures of the fuel, while the fumes that produce the reaction thrust have a much lower density than atmospheric air, which is 830 times less dense than Earth’s water. Therefore, to create a continuous thrust force in the combustion chambers of the individual cylinders of thermal engines it is necessary to produce thousands of microbursts per minute, with enormous waste of fuel, enormous pollution and enormous quantities of heat to be disposed of.   I have never understood the reasons why thermal energy has been so successful on planet Earth, also because hydroelectric energy is much older. Suffice it to say that Evaristo Torricelli precisely calculated the speed of water exit from a hole in an open tank with a hydraulic head H which is equal to the square root of the value 2GH, where G is the gravitational force equal to 9.81 m/ S2 before Newton was even born, who is credited with the discovery of the force of gravity. So there are scientific ambiguities that are difficult to explain. Furthermore, when it was discovered that terrestrial electromagnetism works much better (reducing eddy currents) if it is achieved through coils of thin copper wires insulated with paints that cannot be subjected to high temperatures, some academic public inventor, or a multinational, should have thought that if you wanted to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz it was necessary to cold produce the electrical energy to add these two thrusts together and also use them in means of transport, above all, aeronautical and subsequently, space.

Since the physical thrusts are first produced fluid-dynamically and then transformed into electricity, it is clear that the density of the carrier fluid is very important. Therefore it is more logical to use incompressible water than to use combustion fumes to produce the fluid dynamic force to be transformed into electricity, both for economic and environmental reasons. Even the liquid HD Fluid R-19, with a density 2.5 times higher than water, invented by the English company, which I mentioned in the first part of this article, which would like to use it in the hydroelectric system with the traditional hydraulic jump with a system scientifically and technically wrong which could create environmental disasters, as happened at the Italian Bargi power plant.   Instead, in the compressed hydroelectric system, which can be used with a small quantity of liquid, in fixed and mobile plants, this does not come out of the circuit. Excess solubilized atmospheric air dissolved in the liquid comes out only from the air vents located above the liquid recovery tank as a result of the Henry and Dalton principle.   The electrical energy produced by the alternator connected to the turbine can directly power a means of transport, or be used to power the electric motor of a pump that powers a submerged hydroelectric plant, which exploits with greater force the pressure that powers the hydraulic turbine, the whose alternator produces a greater quantity of electrical energy as if it exploited a much higher hydraulic jump, but with the energy extracted from the static pressure of an autoclave which works in one direction by means of the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, which allows to insert the water that produced the electrical energy at low pressure into the high pressure recycling circuit of the autoclave. Obviously, every time low pressure water is inserted into the autocalve recycling circuit it is enriched with oxygen. Therefore the system also becomes purifying the water which is used without energy costs but producing energy. Today that we know the high ion exchange value of clean water, how much purification plants cost, how much the energy produced by thermal power plants costs, even if we use new cleaner fuels and how much it costs to transport the energy of any type and how much it can negatively interfere, together with vapor and CO2 with the natural ion exchange between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere, we must ask ourselves which side the legislators and world science are on.    As legislators have the duty to pursue the interests of the entire world population and have the power to order public science to experimentally verify the inventors’ inventions of clear public utility.I have never understood the silence of the entire world science on the submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy proposed by the undersigned which has lasted for ten years now. If there had been a one in a thousand chance that these solutions would work, due to the immense advantages that would derive from them for the entire world community, world science, especially public science, would have had the duty to experiment with it. I have no doubts about the functionality of my solutions. As I wrote, I am available to collaborate with everyone, but not to turn into an entrepreneur in retirement. I consider my inventions to be intellectual, in favor of humanity and as such they have the right to experimentation with public funds. There are too many wrong inventions on planet Earth that no one corrects because both public and private investments have been wrong. Experiments must be done before making large investments on a global scale. The current complicity between public bodies and multinationals, favored by the one-way trade of patents from public bodies to multinationals, has prevented the emergence of simple and linear solutions such as those proposed by the undersigned after a lifetime of work in industry and in the environment.   I have already paid patent filing fees that I shouldn’t have paid. I don’t know that other authors of intellectual works pay taxes on their works if they don’t find interlocutors. Furthermore, my inventions are of social utility and can create work and well-being in all countries of the world. What do the Nobel Prize winners say, who don’t seem to have noticed anything? In what reality do the Nobel Prize winners of quantum physics and artificial intelligence live who have done nothing concrete to combat global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth?    Even the divisions of expertise between the various branches of science do not help to investigate the global and interactive solutions which I, not having graduated in any scientific discipline, as a simple pensioner, have investigated after having got to know the industrial plants of the automotive industry, that of environmental systems and related work organisation. I have published my solutions without hiding anything. Unfortunately, without finding public and private interlocutors. I only receive invitations to conferences that I should attend at my own expense and invitations to send the articles I write to publishers. Most publishers would also like to be paid for publishing articles.

The figures below are extracted from my article entitled: COP 28 Science has not understood that planet Earth could be energetically autonomous,

Electrical phenomena of the atmosphere   
Electric field of the atmosphere in average conditions The earth has a negative electric charge, as was hypothesized already in the mid-1700s and verified by Peltier in 1836, and its electrical potential increases moving away from the ground. The average values of this potential and its gradient (variation per unit of height) or electric field, in the absence of perturbations, are summarized in the following table: Height (Km) 0 0,5 1,5 3 6 9 12 Field (V/m) 120 50 30 20 10 5 2,5 Potential (KV) 0 45 85 123 168 190 201 assuming, as usual, the soil potential = 0. During the same day, on ocean surfaces, the average electric fields vary with a trend that follows universal Greenwich time with a maximum (approx. 150 V/m) around 7 pm and a minimum (107 V/m ) around 4 o’clock (see the figure below).     On continental areas, local factors determine more complex trends. Diurnal fluctuations of the field also occur in local time with maximums and minimums different from area to area. During the year there is also a variation (stronger on the continents than on the oceans), with maximum values at perihelion (October – March) and minimums at aphelion (April – September) The field values, globally, strictly depend on the conductivity of the air (they decrease when this increases, as happens when increasing in height) and are profoundly altered (particularly at ground level) by meteorological phenomena such as turbulence, fog, passage of clouds, precipitation, aerosols present in the air, dust, until it reverses during thunderstorms, as we will see later. In the upper atmosphere, beyond the tropopause, due to the enormous increase in the density of ions (particularly in the ionosphere) due to the iteration of ultraviolet rays (ionization) and at the same time in their mobility, which increases by decreasing the density of the air, the conductivity increases by several orders of magnitude and the gradient is significantly reduced, while the potential with respect to the earth is on average around 280 KV, varying between 150 and 600 KV.
Electric field in the presence of a thundercloud (Frenkel) Punctual checks conducted in the last century have ascertained the following: in storm clouds (generally cumulus clouds) the upper part is positively electrified, the lower part, on the whole, negatively, while the ground below, due to electrostatic induction, takes on a charge positive, thus presenting an inverted potential gradient compared to the normal situation. Its values inside and just below the storm cloud and also on the ground can take on very high values (10,000 V/m and more). The most striking effects of this electrification are the flashes between and within the clouds themselves and the discharges towards the ground, lightning. The electrification of thunderstorms, with the formation of significant quantities of positive and negative electrical charges, is a phenomenon that occurs through a complex mechanism which, in some respects, is still not completely clarified. Many causes certainly contribute to it: the so-called Lenard effect according to which a drop of water, breaking as a result of strong convective motions, presents positive charges in the larger fragments, negative charges in the smaller ones, the selective capture of ions by the droplets of water and ice crystals, thermoelectric effects, change of state. Ultimately, it is the strong ascending and descending motions and precipitation that allow charge separation and large-scale polarization of the cloud.   The ascending or descending currents carrying ions constitute an electric convection current. But other currents can be highlighted in the storm cloud: a conduction current which manifests itself above all at its top and is directed towards the upper atmosphere, a current from the tips and roughnesses of the ground (usually directed upwards), a current of displacement proportional to the derivative with respect to time of the electrical displacement D, in addition of course to the lightning and lightning discharges. The problem of the negative charge of the soil As mentioned above, globally, the earth has a negative charge (approx. 500,000 coulombs). Taking into account the conductivity of the entire atmosphere due to ionization caused by various phenomena: natural radioactivity near the ground, cosmic rays and the photoelectric elements that act throughout its mass, ultraviolet rays active in its highest part, conductivity that corresponds to a global planetary resistance of approximately 200 Ώ, and the potential difference that exists between it and the ground (on average it presents a negative potential around 300 KV with respect to the ionosphere), a “fair weather” vertical current is generated whose density has an estimated average value of approximately 10 -12  A/m2, directed downwards. Because of it, the negative charge of the earth could not be maintained except for a very short time (the time of its neutralization is estimated to be less than an hour). The ground must therefore be constantly supplied with negative electric charges and this occurs above all by lightning, as demonstrated by Wilson in 1920. This is also supported by the fact, otherwise inexplicable, that the diurnal trend of the electric field averaged above the oceans which, as we have seen, follows universal Greenwich Mean Time, is very similar to the estimated trend of global storm activity. At any given instant, across the globe, we can count from 1500 to 2000 thunderstorms and between 50 and 100 lightning strikes the ground every second, with a negative charge equivalent to an average current of around 1000 A. This direct current from the ground to the clouds themselves, to which must be added that due to the effluvia from the tips and roughness of the ground, should balance the “good weather” current directed from the atmosphere to the ground. Simplifying, the ultimate mechanism of the transfer of negative charge from the atmosphere to the earth is the following: by electrostatic induction in the area below the storm cell a positive charge is collected which is subtracted from the other areas of the ground causing it to increase there, in the same way. measure, the negative charge. Lightning and effluvia neutralize part of this positive charge. The final balance on the ground is evidently a surplus of negative charge. On the other hand, the same charge surplus, but positive, occurs  in the cloud. It will return to the earth with the upward conduction current establishing at its top and that of “fair weather” between the ionosphere and the ground.   The tropospheric generator (global static model) The phenomena described above can be represented roughly by means of a very simple electrical circuit where the current, positive upwards, induced by the tropospheric generator represented by thunderstorms with their lightning (and effluvia from the tips and roughnesses of the ground) closes through the stratosphere (resistance of about 25 KΏ, high, due to the fact that the average area affected by thunderstorms at a certain moment is a small fraction of the earth’s surface), the ionosphere of zero resistance, the atmosphere of clear skies (global resistance of about 250 Ώ )  the ground (resistance  also set = 0)  the column of air from the ground to the base of the cumulus clouds (a few K Ώ) and the internal resistance of the cloud (small compared to the total resistance values). The generator itself can be considered a voltage (about 30 MV) or current (about 1 KA) generator. The energy to the generator is essentially given by gravity acting on the ionized drops falling in the cloud and by the upward force of the wind which allows the separation of the charges (ultimately the driving force behind everything is solar energy).          
Dynamic atmospheric model
according to H. Volland The atmospheric generator (global dynamic model) Recently the static model of the global atmospheric circuit has been replaced by more sophisticated (dynamic) models whose main characteristic consists in taking into account all the interactive phenomena between the various parts of the atmosphere, in particular: the fluid dynamic iterations of the ionospheric plasma with the neutral atmosphere, the transport of momentum from the lower atmosphere to the ionosphere and between this to the magnetosphere, the energy supplies, as well as from thunderstorm activity, from magnetospheric activity and from the solar wind (modelled with as many electric generators), the interaction with the ground. In these models, of which we report alongside the one due to H. Volland, the conductivity of the soil and the upper atmosphere is considered finite and anisotropic. Furthermore, the generator operating in the magnetosphere (30 KV) and that due to the “solar wind” (25 KV) produce a potential that varies over time from which an also variable current whose low and very low frequency electromagnetic fields can penetrate very deeply into the earth (even up to its internal core), giving rise to induced currents detectable through variations in deep geomagnetism. Part Three We saw in the second part how the earth and its atmosphere constitute a gigantic electric capacitor, where the earth’s surface takes on the negative charge, the atmosphere the negative one. The voltage at the ends of the plates of this “capacitor” reaches values of 200, 300 kV (between the lower part of the ionosphere and the ground), while the global charge and capacity are on average around 5,105 coulombs and 2 farads, respectively. The atmosphere is not perfectly insulating and therefore an average electric current, called clear sky current, of around 1000 – 1500 amperes is established between it and the earth; this current in a very short time (much less than an hour) would discharge the terrestrial “condenser” if the ground were not continuously fed negative charges by the storms that incessantly occur in the world, through essentially two mechanisms: the electrical effluvia from the roughness of the ground towards the clouds and lightning. In this third part we will analyze the morphology and dynamics of flashes and lightning.   The Ceraunic level As we said, the great terrestrial electrical generator is made up of thunderstorms. Their average annual number in a given locality defines its “ceraunic” level. It is agreed that a thunderstorm has occurred in a station if at least one thunder has been heard. In Italy the ceraunic level varies between 10 and 40, while the days with thunderstorms range from less than 5 to more than 30 (see Fig. 1 elaborated by M. Bossolasco). The world record is 322 days. of Bogo (Java – Indonesia) in 1916. The storm cloud The cloud that produces electrical activity is in the vast majority of cases the electrified cumulus cloud. The typical distribution of electric charges in this cloud is shown in figure 2. Three areas can be identified:      • the lower one, made up of water droplets or snowflakes, negatively electrified except for a positively electrified central nucleus      • the central one, made up of ice crystals and/or drops of superfused water, negatively electrified (constitutes the main negative charge) and the upper one, entirely made up of ice crystals, positively electrified. A thin negative layer envelops the upper part of the cumulus, perhaps the effect of ionization due  to cosmic rays.
By electrostatic induction, as we have already seen, the ground below reverses its polarity and the electric field which in a clear sky is usually negative (about 100 V/m, facing downwards) reaches several thousand V/m (facing upwards). ‘high).
Starting from 5000 V/m the asperities of the ground, due to the tip effect, generate effluvia of positive ions which, accumulating in a layer of a few hundred meters thick, somehow limit the increase in the field which nevertheless reaches 15 – 20 kV/m (compared to 50 kV/m and more above smooth surfaces). A part of the ions produced, sucked in by the ascending currents, determines the partial positive electrification of the cloud base. The flashes Lightning is the luminous manifestation of the heating of the air (up to 30,000 C°) in the flow tube crossed by the current of an electric discharge, a current which, unlike that of lightning, does not flow to the ground, but remains confined inside of the cloud or propagates from cloud to cloud. Three types of lightning can be distinguished: The “intracloudy” flash which remains within the cloud and whose trace is not distinguishable from the ground appearing only as more or less intense diffused brightness (photo 1, taken like the others from “L’électricité atmosférique et la foudre”. Presse Universitaire de France, Paris 1997)The diffuse flash consisting of a succession of “intra-cloud” discharges that slowly propagate on the top of a line of cumulus clouds. Seen from a great distance, this flash is commonly referred to as a “heat flash”.The “intercloud” flash, whose trace is always visible from the ground and can reach up to 100 km in length. The electric discharges strike between the different zones of opposite electrification of the storm cell. The way in which they appear follows the evolution of the cell or different cells that make up the storm: Initially after an electrification phase during which there is no electrical activity and the distribution indicated in the figures above is formed. There are intracloud discharges between the main negative charge and the upper positive charge, often followed by the first lightning strikes to the ground. When new storm cells join the initial one, the intracloud flashes follow longer and more complex trajectories (even 100 km horizontally) and the discharges on the ground become more powerful. Long flashes developed horizontally are also observed when the storm is easing, perhaps due to the lowering of the upper positive charge towards the main negative one which still exists at the base of the most active cell. These flashes end with straight lightning bolts carrying positive charges towards the ground. the storm sometimes ends with one or two powerful discharges to the ground which follow the last visible electrical activity by 10, 15 minutes.
At the top of storm clouds, in very rare cases, electrical discharges directed towards the stratosphere have been noticed with an appearance similar to that of lightning.
Sometimes discharges of diffuse luminosity always originating at the top of the cumulus clouds cross the same stratosphere to gradually vanish. In other cases (extremely rare) similar reddish luminosities penetrate the ionosphere up to 80 km in height.
Still to remember are diffuse blue, green or red discharges that can cover the entire sky without producing any noise. They are perhaps due to vast horizontal electrifications caused by sand particles brought to altitude by hot advections. In fact, they occur above all during storms characterized by the so-called “mud” rains that we also know well in Liguria.
Lightning isn’t just related to cumulus clouds; they have also been reported during snow or sand storms as well as during certain volcanic eruptions. Numerous testimonies still report the appearance of widespread brightness, of as yet undetermined origin, during earthquakes (especially in China and Japan). The Lightning If the electric discharge reaches the ground, lightning occurs. Lightning represents a significant percentage of the electrical phenomena of a thunderstorm (from 14 to 40% moving from the equator to the 60th parallel). In Italy the average annual number of lightning strikes that strike the ground varies from 1.5 to 4 per km2. In Switzerland between January 1981 and August 1983 there were average values of 4.6 lightning strikes/km2 on the plateau, of as many as 14 on the southern side of the Alps, with a maximum of 130 at Junhfraujoch (at more than 3000 m above sea level). Types of lightning Lightning carries a negative charge towards the ground (negative lightning) but also, albeit more rarely, a positive charge (positive lightning) and is preceded by pre-discharges of ionisation of the air (precursors or leaders) which depart from the cloud and head towards the ground (downward lightning) or vice versa (upward lightning). Thus they can be classified into four categories: Downward negative lightning They make up about 90% of lightning strikes in flat or slightly mountainous terrain. They originate in the main negative zone of the cumulus cloud. They are preceded by a series of pre-discharges of negative polarity which follow one another intermittently (approximately every 50 microseconds), lengthening, sometimes branching considerably, especially in a dry atmosphere, and approaching the ground. These predischarges (precursors or leaders), not individually visible to the naked eye, can be photographed on high-speed sliding film (Boys camera). When the ionized pre-discharge tube approaches the ground and on the asperities, effluvia develops with the formation of one or more counter-precursors which move from the ground towards the precursor. Upon contact of the two ionized tubes (sometimes there is contact with multiple ascending counterprecursors and multiple lightning strikes, see the figure) there is the disruptive spark (positive return arc from the ground to the cloud) which constitutes the brightest part of the lightning. The contact occurs between 20 and 50 milliseconds after the start of the pre-discharges. At this point the voltage between the ground and the cumulus cloud can reach hundreds of millions of volts, the 200 kA (on average 30 kA, maximum observed almost one million amperes) with a derivative (increase per unit of time) which can reach 200 kA per microsecond and a duration of several tens of microseconds. After a fairly short pause, in the same ionized channel, with a diameter of around 2, 3 centimeters, other return arcs are usually formed (from six to twenty), of decreasing power however, and initialized by pre-discharges which are no longer intermittent but unique which they propagate in a few milliseconds. A direct current of low intensity (from 40 to 130 A) frequently follows (50%) the series of discharges, with very long durations, which can exceed 500 milliseconds. It can carry a charge of a few dozen coulombs to the ground, comparable to that carried by actual lightning. Ascending negative lightning They are initialized by positive pre-discharges which, starting from the asperities of the ground, with the mechanism seen above, reach the negative part of the cloud. Propagating upwards, the predischarges branch out considerably. The positive return discharge from the ground to the cloud, often very bright and branched upwards, ends with the extinction of the branches except the main one which is then subject to a long continuous descending current. duration. These are the lightning strikes from rugged, mountainous terrain, peaks and peaks and those which strike very tall and slender buildings such as towers, electrical pylons, radio antennas, skyscrapers. Positive downward lightning They are quite rare and mainly occur during winter or early spring storms. They are particularly powerful and can cause notable destructive effects. They often originate in the upper positive part of the cumulonimbus but sometimes also in the lower positive core and develop even in the absence of liquid precipitation. The progression of the descending precursor occurs continuously, not in spurts as for negative lightning. The return arc, negative, is normally single and is followed by an intense and long-lasting direct current (often greater than 10 kA for a duration of more than 10 milliseconds). The overall current and charge values are usually 10 times those corresponding to negative lightning strikes. Positive upward lightning They are as rare as the corresponding downward lightning. They originate in rugged locations where the electrostatic tip effect easily occurs. They are initialized by a negative precursor that proceeds from the ground to the positively charged part of the cloud. The return arc, from the ground to the cloud, is negative. The ionized channel crossed by lightning almost always extinguishes instantly after the last return arc. In a percentage of approximately 4%, the extinction that begins at the end of the long-duration direct current is progressive and linear. On rare occasions the ionized channel dies out, fragmenting into shreds or bright ovoid grains. The most severe thunderstorms can produce several lightning strikes per minute (extreme reported values: 20 per minute in the USA; normally 2 to 5 in Europe). While the electrical activity as a whole can be almost continuous (multiple discharges per second) in particular in supercell thunderstorms or in those characterized by a cold drop at high altitude. The overall duration of the electrical activity can vary from a few minutes to several hours, for example. during stationary multicellular thunderstorms. Although tropical thunderstorms present a strong overall electrical activity, they are characterized by weak lightning mainly due to the greater height at which the negative charges are located. Appearance of electric discharges Ionized channels often appear as a succession of separate segments, connected by more or less marked curves. The length of these segments varies from 5 to 100 m. In any case, the more intense the discharge. the straighter and less sinuous the canal appears. The overall length of these channels can reach 100 km in the case of intracloud lightning. The lightning channels, on the other hand, have a more limited length ranging from 2 to 20 km, the latter can characterize the lightning (usually positive) generated in the upper parts of the cumulinimbus clouds (normally positive lightning). As regards the color of the discharges, pink and purple seems to be appropriate for those associated with dry and nearby storms, warm colors (orange and red) with dry and distant storms, light white colors with storms with intense rainfall, blue-grey to distant thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rainfall Duration of flashes and discharges It depends on the structure of the cumulus cloud and the intensity of the storm. And as a rule less than the second. An exception is intracloud lightning in thunderstorms with strong horizontal extension whose duration can exceed three seconds current even The Thunder The thunder is due to the explosive expansion of the ionized channel crossed by the electric current of the discharge (in it the temperature can reach 30,000 C°). The tone as well as the intensity of the sound depend not only on the nature of the discharge (a dull and lasting sound is due to inter- or intra-cloud flashes, a dry one to a nearby lightning strike), but also, among other things, on the morphology of the terrain, on the orientation of the ionized channel with respect to the line connecting it to the listening point and on the presence or absence of rain and its intensity.  


The self-ionization of water, present on the earth and above all in the atmosphere, was a concept unknown to the undersigned when I invented the artificial heart and all the other forty energy and purification inventions, which work equally, as they exploit the physical principles of compressibility and elasticity of air, the incompressibility of water, the impenetrability of bodies, and the principles of Torricelli, Pascal, Venturi, Henry, Dalton, and the electromagnetic ones of Maxwell, Lorentz, Ferraris, Tesla which do not interfere with the car ionization, or rather they improve it thanks to the purification produced by oxygenation due to the principles of Henry and Dalton. However, I was pleased to find other scientific evidence from scientists who have dealt with chemical, biological and meteorological phenomena which make us understand how the energy coming from the universe in the billions of years preceding our era has actually interfaced with terrestrial energy, contributing to cooling, purification, the development of chlorophyll photosynthesis and the carbon cycle without the contribution of any human technology. Unfortunately, despite the understanding of these phenomena, I am sorry to say, the inventions of the undersigned have been missing, which are less expensive and complex than current thermal, nuclear, solar, wind inventions, but more practical and above all, interactive, which simultaneously exploit physical, chemical, biological, fluid dynamic, thermal principles without realizing the chain of extraction of the energy source, its transport, industrial transformation, new transport to thermal power plants and the transport of electricity on overhead pylons or underground cables. Each step in the supply chain created by men produces a drop in yield, produces pollution and an increase in energy costs. This long supply chain is the cause of high energy costs and also of global pollution and the unequal distribution of global wealth. Unfortunately, this chain was produced by mutual agreement between the various branches of science, the various branches of entrepreneurship and the various branches of politics. To these categories it is also necessary to add the category of economists who legitimized everything by creating the world stock exchanges. Instead, coordination had to be done at the beginning by working together with physical, chemical, biological, fluid dynamic, electromagnetic, mechanical, structural, geological and climatic skills. Today it would be possible to redesign the entire world development by working together and admitting mistakes for individual specializations, but the interests of governments, multinationals and privileged categories prevent us from correcting the mistakes. 

  Less than two hundred years of uncoordinated inventions were enough to irreparably destroy ecosystems formed over billions of years, such as coral reefs, ocean acidification, the melting of glaciers on the mountains and at the poles. On the other hand, we have created many billionaires, many men of power and a ruling class that does not want to make the reforms necessary to balance world wealth. Everyone is involved and everyone is guilty of the crime of omission. This is the real reason why none of my forty inventions came to fruition.

The figure below extracted from shows the incredible rise in the temperature of ocean waters over the last forty-two years, which represents a fraction of a second compared to four and a half billion years.

I have always been busy solving ordinary land-based plant problems. Only recently, now resigned to being misunderstood, I began to read something about astronomy and climatology. I found them very interesting. I realized that understanding universal energy systems thanks to the publications of scientists and researchers of the past and present is also useful for studying sustainable terrestrial solutions. Not to copy them. In most cases, to avoid them, as planets like Earth are a very rare exception in the universe. They are small oases in a universal chaos. In particular, I found it interesting how the energy exchange between the solar system and the terrestrial system interacts in the ionosphere. Going deeper into this topic was very useful to me in understanding how terrestrial purification and energy production must actually work so as not to interfere with those of the universe. I found no errors in the solutions I had already developed for cleaning fossil energy which were born from direct experience in the industrial and environmental field. My solutions interface perfectly with the ion exchange between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface, as if I had studied them specifically. While thermal, nuclear, solar and wind energies, which I had already excluded from my solutions, not being interactive from a fluid-dynamic, chemical or biological point of view, continue to be incompatible with the terrestrial environment, being also incompatible with the ion exchange between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface, which I did not know, having not done any academic studies. 

I have never hidden the fact that faced with the indifference of the scientific, entrepreneurial, political, legal and trade union world towards my inventions, I would have liked to stop my activity as an inventor, but punctually, as if by magic, it was suggested to me, by my own subconscious, a new solution to develop.

 I almost enjoyed calling my purification and energy solutions “Spawhe’s Nursery Rhyme”, published in chronological order, like the nursery rhymes that children recite. In particular, I mention the one about elephants swinging on a spider’s web that invite other elephants to swing on the same spider’s web. I have always swung on my spider web thread alone because other public and private inventors, academics and non-academics, have never climbed up to swing on my spider web thread, and obviously, not even their masters. If I look back, I myself think that it can’t all be my own making.   Someone, not human, certainly helped me. As I have always written from a scientific point of view, I am a self-taught person who would have been lost in the immensity of science if I had not followed paths guided by apparently senseless work experiences. It is very rare to meet a technical employee of a large automotive industry who leaves it to start a precarious job in a small company of 20 people, just to deepen his knowledge on the functioning of sewerage, purifiers, lifting and water distribution. In fact, the small company ceased operations in 2005. The year in which I decided not to look for another job, but to follow my vocation as an inventor of new solutions, especially purification ones. I call it a vocation because even if my inventions have never been created, and I have lost money carrying out this activity, I am sure that they will work correctly.

I report below the latest published articles, where I used the publications of other authors who have made interesting scientific discoveries, and denounced environmental problems, unfortunately, without proposing alternative solutions to the thermal, nuclear, solar, wind power ones that we already know, which have not served to avoid global warming. The ecological transition that wants to propose the new world science through the new nuclear power and the transformation of hydrogen or ammonia into fuel will worsen the world climate even further due to the immense quantity of steam and gas that nature over billions of years had eliminated, which will be released back into the terrestrial environment, also losing out economically, because nothing can be cheaper than terrestrial water and air. The vapor in the atmosphere, due to the self-ionization of water, will exponentially multiply the quantity of lightning which is the true source of electrical energy coming from the universe. This excess energy is useless as it only produces disasters. What is needed for fixed and mobile terrestrial anthropic plants cannot be captured with direct electrical devices, but through the indirect fluid dynamic effects produced by the gravitational force.   In particular, it supplies nitrogen and oxygen to atmospheric pressure and to incompressible water, which in addition to acting as an essential element for nutrition is also a powerful energy carrier, also supplies electromagnetic ions which are used to biologically feed plants, animals and animals. human beings. The ions contained in water particularly serve the human brain which is composed of approximately 73% water, making it a highly hydrated organ. Water is important for the brain because it helps transmit nerve signals, regulates body temperature, and provides essential nutrients to brain cells.

Furthermore, again indirectly from the gravitational force, water and air together, with the help of the simple technology designed by the undersigned, can provide submerged and compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy, without the hydraulic jump. The latter has created more disasters than benefits for humanity. To exploit the hydraulic jump, dams were built which hindered the natural flow of water.   Just think of the dams that collapsed, the floods caused, the water dispersed towards the sea after having produced electricity only once with a single hydraulic jump. Instead, with the solutions of the undersigned, boycotted by the entire world science, it would be possible to produce submerged and compressed energy throughout the year without hydraulic jump, fuels, nuclear energy, solar panels, wind turbines, in every corner of the Earth, discharging only towards the sea excess water that is not needed for civil, agricultural and industrial uses.      

It is clear that science, which has understood quite well how the universe works, has understood very little how the planet we live on works, where everything is interactive and has gradually become so over billions of years. The complexity of the earth system is so advanced that it can only be copied and integrated with small innovations, being careful not to overturn the general functioning, especially when it comes to biological and animal life.   I quote once again a small paragraph taken from the book “The Environmental Raket” by prof. Paolo Sequi: “every 35 million atoms of carbon coming from photosynthesis require 30 million atoms of oxygen, 60 million of hydrogen and 1,552,904 atoms of different elements brought by the water (1000,000 of nitrogen, 250,000 of potassium, 125,000 of calcium, 80,000 of magnesium, 60,000 of phosphorus, 30,000 of sulphur, 4,500 of iron, 2,000 of boron, 1,000 of manganese, 300 of zinc, 100 of copper, 3 of cobalt, 1 of molybdenum”. once again, the difference between the science of men and that of God. It seems that all these atoms are waiting to be called by the employer to produce a flower, blade of grass, a small microorganism, with a very precise scientific organization of work, billions of times greater than the most automated land-based industry in the world.

What happens in the atmosphere is much simpler and more understandable than what happens in terrestrial microorganisms. Yet men made a mistake in copying the Earth’s energy system. For the most part, I do not use my own words but those of other scientists and researchers, who have explained energy systems and also the problems created by global warming very well. Unfortunately, they were not able to go into the details of the solutions and did not even imagine being able to cold extract energy from the Earth’s environment. Not even the undersigned could have imagined it after a lifetime of work in industry and the environment.

As a pensioner, after having used existing energy to power pumps, motors, fans for purification purposes, it was enough to hypothesize using a pump in reverse, which instead of raising the water pushes it downwards in the direction of the gravitational force, and installing it immediately after it is a turbine connected to a current generator to realize that electrical energy can be extracted from the environment without the hydraulic jump because the energy produced by the current generator is much higher than the energy absorbed by the pump. In fact, the pump under a positive hydrostatic head must only overcome the state of inertia to create the flow rate, while the current generator, connected to a pump of the same flow rate, produces a higher quantity of energy, since it exploits the hydrostatic pressure on the axis of the turbine, or of the pump used as a turbine. P = Q*H. In fact, the water at the exit of a pump that works in the direction of the gravitational force spontaneously acquires kinetic energy V= √ 2gh which is opposed only by the friction resistance between the water molecules which depends on the exit speed, not on the head hydrostatic, as in a normal submerged outlet (V2/2g).

Obviously, we exit the turbine or the pump used as a turbine with a very low speed, since we have used all the kinetic energy to produce electrical energy in the current generator.

However, as demonstrated in this article and in the previous one, we can combine the submerged hydroelectric system with the stepped lift that produces the energy necessary to move the waters of rivers, lakes and reservoirs wherever they are needed.

Once we arrive at the place where water is needed for industrial, agricultural and urban use, we first design the system that manages the water from an energy and purification point of view and with the same quantity of infinitely recycled water, integrated with water consumed by the systems that feed it upstream (rivers, lakes, lamination basins).     This is the correct way to produce terrestrial electricity. Therefore, we do not need electricity distribution networks or even methane distribution networks as temperatures below one hundred degrees centigrade are sufficient for normal needs. For large steelworks and incinerators, special fuel transports can be used. 

We do not need to interfere with the natural ion exchange between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface with current thermal, nuclear, solar and wind production which are more expensive and less useful than water, which distributed everywhere would solve all current energy and environmental problems, health, economic. Nobody excluded.

What disconcerts the undersigned are the global silences on these banal errors of the entire world science, which in other sectors, with more advanced technologies, wants to go into space. But always giving up on exploiting the interactive principles between water, air and gravitational force. In fact, even the race to space is a great failure because on planet Earth we have completely got the energy principles wrong. If we want to go into space we must also know how to return to Earth and we certainly cannot do this with parachutes, floating dinghies and naval rescue teams that go to fish for astronauts in the middle of the oceans.   Earth’s air and water are the best energies, specially prepared by Earth’s nature over 4.5 billion years. Atmospheric air is breathable, flexible and compressible even to thousands of bars if kept at earth temperature. Therefore it is the best energy accumulator in the world, but it must be exploited in one direction, otherwise it behaves like a simple energy actuator (as in pneumatic cylinders). Water is the best energy carrier as it is incompressible and 830 times denser than air, therefore for the same flow rate and pressure it exerts a force 830 times greater than air). Water in the presence of an electric field is self-ionisable and therefore can also transport electromagnetic energy (as occurs in nature in agricultural crops and in the bodies of men and animals) 

Purification and energy systems will never be able to improve technologically if no government and no multinational spends a few euros on testing prototypes that a seventy-five year old pensioner, without money and equipment and not even a small workshop available, cannot do. This article will add to the 114 articles already published containing the forty inventions not tested for reasons unknown by science, governments and multinationals.

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Today the crime of omission is the daily bread of the global public bodies, which hide behind the specific competences of the employees, in order not to face the problems globally, as instead, it should happen if the articles 1, 2, 15, 48, 54, 58 of the “Project of codification on the responsibility of the states for internationally illegal acts”, were respected, signed by almost all the ninety-six sovereign states, at the same United Nations in the year 2001. This document covers not only the responsibilities of governments, but also the individual responsibilities of individual officials.

The entire spawhe nursery rhyme written by the undersigned following the virtual development of his own inventions not financed by any government or any multinational demonstrates that thermal and nuclear inventions are not welcome on planet Earth. However, the entire Earth development has been based on such energies. Even the most important Nobel Prize winners contributed to the development of these types of energies.

The only important invention that deviated from thermal and nuclear inventions was that of terrestrial electromagnetism which inventors such as Davemport, Tesla, Ferraris, Pacinotti, for practical construction reasons, were forced to use thin copper wires protected with insulating paints to reduce eddy currents and increase the efficiency of electric motors and power generators. This practical need has led the undersigned to try to extract energy from the environment without using nuclear energy fuels, because only in this way can we create small and compact systems that will be able to add together the push of Newton and Lorentz to overcome the gravitational force. Above all, this need led me to the conception of compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy, which obviously was already the best choice for other technical and economic characteristics. Why hasn’t the entire world of science noticed this? It should not be forgotten that the first hydroelectric plant was built in 1882 in Wisconsin (United States), near Niagara Falls. Why is the entire world of science still silent on this topic? In fact, regardless of thermal and nuclear pollution, even renewable, solar and wind energy are more expensive, cumbersome and less practical than energy that can be produced in a fixed and mobile version, simply extracting it from the surrounding environment, without any need of industrial transformations. Even at the poles and in the deserts, because atmospheric air is everywhere and the water does not leave the energy circuit, except for a few seconds, in order to discharge the residual pressure at the turbine outlet to atmospheric pressure, before being introduced again in the recycling circuit of a pressurized autoclave, by means of a pump with separate double power supply up to the impeller which is the real invention that the science of the masters, public and private, continues to pretend not to understand and does not come up with a euros to prove me wrong. The entire world ruling class has no interest in proving my possible mistakes because it would reveal a Pandora’s box that shows that we have made a mistake in the entire world development. It is not convenient for NATO countries, nor for the Russians, the Chinese and the developing countries, to start from scratch and first scrap the weapons of destruction based on thermal and nuclear energy. Without such weapons they would become too vulnerable. For the powerful of the Earth it does not matter that the majority of the world’s population wants to live in peace, have food to eat, an honest job to do and family tranquility, regardless of the color of their skin, their religions, their political opinions. Science must be impartial more than justice. Because justice can make mistakes while science has the possibility of experimenting and verifying inventions. If he denies experiments, democracy does not exist. None of my forty inventions have been tested because I do not belong to any center of political, scientific, economic power and I do not work for any master.

The very simple cold fluid dynamics produced through submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy, applied to the principles of Torricelli, Venturi, Pascal, Henry, is perfectly compatible with the electromagnetism produced equally cold, by Maxwell and Lorentz, who used permanent magnets and currents induced in simple thin copper wires painted with insulating paints which can create electric motors of any size to produce driving torques and linear thrusts, to be used for terrestrial, aeronautical and space uses. It does not matter that universal electromagnetism has a nuclear origin. Whoever created the universe, not having available technologies, could not do anything other than use the energies he had available, but he demonstrated great scientific skills in separating planets at great distances and endowing them with their own, albeit stratified, energy underground and protected from cosmic rays by different atmospheric layers (troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere). Finally, it created a large band in the atmosphere, from 50 to 1000 km called the ionosphere, in which the density of free electrons and ions reaches physically relevant values, i.e. such as to influence the refractive index of electromagnetic waves. The presence of free electrons and ions in the Earth’s upper atmosphere is mainly due to the fact that the gases that constitute it are continuously subjected to the ionizing action of UV and X-ray solar radiation. In addition to the ionizing action of the Sun, which provides the maximum contribution , we must also consider cosmic rays which, albeit to a minimal extent, are also the cause of the presence of free electrons and ions in the atmosphere; furthermore, more or less important variations in the distribution of ionization are produced by any type of transport and wave propagation phenomenon that characterizes the atmosphere itself. And it is precisely because of its extreme sensitivity towards atmospheric phenomena of various types that the ionosphere can be used as a sensitive indicator of atmospheric variations. the Earth’s atmosphere ceases to be a homogeneous mixture of gases above 100 km. For this reason it has been conventionally established worldwide that space begins at 100 km

  from the earth. Beyond a certain depth this flow of ionizing radiation is completely absorbed, and below this the production of ions ceases. Consequently, it is expected that there is a zone where there is a peak in ion density, and a layer where the ionosphere reaches its maximum density. As the graph below shows, this peak is contained in the F2 layer of the atmosphere at around 300 km altitude.

This graph developed by the British geophysical scientist Sydney Chapman (1888 – 1970) links the density of ions (on the abscissa) and the altitude (on the ordinate). The areas of the atmosphere in which the various wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum are absorbed are also mentioned. Source: Cambridge University

The graph that links the ion density (on the abscissa) and the altitude (on the ordinate). In particular, the chemical species of the ions present in the ionosphere starting from 90 meters above sea level and reaching over a thousand meters are reported. Source: Researchgate

The ionosphere is of fundamental importance. In fact, it plays a fundamental role in atmospheric electrical phenomena, being the “external mesh” of the terrestrial condenser. It absorbs much of the ionizing radiation coming from outer space.

These phenomena are well known to geophysical, astronomical and meteorological scientists, but little known to those who deal with industrial production plants such as myself (1970 – 1986) and environmental purification, water lifting and water distribution plants (1987 – 2006). . With my activity as an inventor, which I began when I was retired in 2006, I simply wanted to bring together the industrial experiences that allow processes to be speeded up with better work organization and more advanced technologies compared to those still in use in purification plants and energy, which are normally designed and managed by public bodies around the world.

Not having the knowledge of geophysical, astronomical and meteorological scientists, in my forty inventions proposed up to 2020, I only exploited physical, fluid dynamic and electrostatic principles to virtually create purification and energy systems that would be able to extract clean energy directly from the environment without using fossil, nuclear, solar and wind energy in fixed and mobile systems. In particular, I took inspiration from the electrostatic painting systems of the automotive industry which use the flow of air to break down painting fumes with veils of water in the floor below and extraction of the mixed flow of water and air by means of venturi effects of water and air together. I also used the electrostatic filters used in industry to purify welding fumes at the ends of the chimneys, creating special extensions of sections to slow down the speed of the polluted air, so that the electrostatic filters could work to capture dust and oxides, while CO2, which has a non-polar molecule that is heavier than air, could be drawn downwards from a special annular chamber outside the chimneys and special electric fans to be neutralized in the sewers with simple artificial rainfall on calcareous material to produce carbonates in the water and correctly close the carbon cycle at the origin of all civil and industrial thermal processes, sending alkaline water towards the sea which during the sewerage route would also have avoided the acidification of the sludge by hydrogen sulphide, sulfuric acid and allowed savings energy in subsequent purifiers which, even today, to purify sewage water must start from scratch with powerful air blowers and expensive porous diffusers to oxidize the degenerated water from long sewer routes.   At the end of the current processes, despite high energy consumption and expensive diffusers, the purified water is still acidic and acidifies lakes and seas and therefore increases global warming. My chimneys and my covered sewage systems which would have used CO2 for the benefit of the environment, on planet Earth have never been financed and built, also thanks to the silence of global academic science which actively collaborates with multinationals through patent trading. My five international patents on these topics, which cost me almost the entire severance pay for thirty-seven years of work in industry and the environment (18,000 euros) alone, have not found public or private interlocutors. .   Under current international patent laws I would also have to pay annual maintenance fees in all countries of the world because international laws do not recognize the intellectual value of inventions, but only the industrial value of those who create the inventions. In fact, since my inventions were not commercial, no one made them and global warming advanced.

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The physical characteristics of atmospheric air compressed and purified by gravity and those of incompressible water, but also the ionic characteristics of the same elements, which are present in every latitude and longitude of planet earth, ready to be used free of charge for those who think with own head, the experience and skills acquired by simultaneously studying both the scientific, economic and organizational aspects of work on planet Earth have been set aside by all industrialized countries to produce only commercial inventions.   False advertising is the soul of world trade. All advertising is misleading. Science does not need to be advertised but only implemented in general interests. From this point of view, socialist and communist governments would have been desirable, but they also produce billionaires as greedy as those of NATO countries.

From what has been published in this article, I am certain that if the world ruling class finally decides to experiment with the extraction of energy from the environment through water and atmospheric air without the other energies invented by men, investing, above all in the infrastructures necessary to better distribute the world’s waters, we will quickly block the current global warming. But we could do even more. After having cleaned the atmosphere from the immense quantity of steam, CO2 and high voltage pylons. Not before, because in the current situation, we could have undesirable effects, with future means of transport that would produce terrestrial energy coldly, adding together the Newton and Lorentz thrust, we could go directly into the F2 zone of the ionosphere with wagons full of terrestrial water to trigger artificial rainfall where we want it to happen without producing steam, CO2 and high voltage pylons that have interfered with the current development model with the natural ion exchange between the earth and the ionosphere that we had before the year 1850, when bad inventions mixed with good ones started.   2024 could be the year in which science finally understands that it must base development on the purification and energy cycle of terrestrial water, which is the simplest, most logical and economical, already prepared by the creator of the universe, without commercial complications of multinationals. It is no coincidence that even the invention of the undersigned of the energetically independent human blood oxygenating artificial heart, which could extend human life by hundreds of years, is based on the same cycle, equally misunderstood by the science linked to the current world powers.

Luigi Antonio Pezone