Ironically, I publish this article on my website on 25.01.2023, while a major gas station strike is taking place in Italy. This category of workers, like many others, according to my isolated opinion as a designer, installer and inventor of man-made plants, should not have even existed, if science and world politicians had known the scientific organization of global work. In fact, anyone who studies the organization of work globally, not only from the point of view of multinationals, cannot disregard the study of the natural organization of work on earth. This, unlike the work of the universe, is run cold, fluid dynamically and electromagnetically, without fuels and nuclear energy. Natural combustions on planet Earth are accidental, or due to volcanic eruptions that are part of the planet’s natural cooling cycle. This should have made science and terrestrial inventors understand that they only had to study the best way to accelerate and trigger the natural, purification and energy processes without distorting them. But this did not happen due to the divisions of scientific competences and the lack of coordination by work analysts who should have been at the same time, politicians, economists, planners, or connoisseurs of the state of the art of technology and man-made terrestrial systems. It is obvious that these professional figures do not exist on planet Earth. And if someone, like myself, from personal experience, understands how the earth’s anthropic energy and purification system should function, he can do nothing but communicate it as best he can to science, politicians, entrepreneurs and inventors, who are the most responsible for this great global disaster. I have chosen to file patents and write articles to make them known. Certainly, this is not enough to console those who have made bad investments, nor to make the legislators who allowed them repent. I had already done nine years of work to deposit the main national and international patents on water saving and cleaning of fossil energy, which have left the entire world environmental science completely indifferent, changing practically all current systems (chimneys, sewers, purifiers ) creating complete cycles between water and air that do not exist anywhere in the world today. Just to make these systems even more economical, I landed on energy systems to find the weak point of the current world energy system that could allow the improvement of clean energy production cycles. If there was a minimum of objectivity on the part of the culprits, thinking with hindsight, the union between fluid dynamics and electromagnetism could have been identified immediately after, or even before building the first hydroelectric plant (1802), by better analyzing the scientific organization of work. At that time, if the first turbines and electric current generators existed, there were also pumps, air compressors, autoclaves, to combine with these components hydroelectric energy with the hydraulic jump with the production of electricity without the jump plumbing that I published over two hundred years later, starting in 2014. Leaving, once again, the entire world public science completely indifferent, obviously also the world’s politicians and entrepreneurs. In the two sectors in which I have worked as an inventor, in the last two hundred years, no concrete steps forward have been made from a creative, inventive and organizational point of view of work up to the present day. While other sectors have made great strides, with commercial inventions. Whoever governs the world cannot hide behind the electoral consensus because the people know little or nothing about science and the scientific organization of work At the same time, politics cannot even hide behind science, which divided into specific sectors, cannot scientifically analyze the global work to change the environmental and energy work cycles at the same time, in order to find common synergies between the two systems. It cannot be said lightly that we use renewable energies. These are expensive, not very powerful, discontinuous, not universally applicable, especially on mobile systems and land and space transport. We cannot lightly say that we use battery-powered cars, while science is silent, despite knowing that these produce even more global pollution, if the primary energy source does not change. But how would farm tractors, trucks, ships, planes run on batteries? For current science, which does not work in the interests of the people and the earth’s environment, the only solutions are always commercial. The people have to pay for them with high transformation costs, such as hydrogen transformed into fuel and new nuclear energy.

I don’t think there has ever been an inventor who has written more open letters to politicians, to patent lawmakers, to the United Nations, from which I have never gotten a single response. I also believe that I am the only one who has come to propose over forty inventions without seeing even one of them tested. But I also think I have demonstrated that even unrealized inventions, if published, can represent an alternative development model. It is not possible that there is a general silence from the politicians who govern, from science, from public inventors and from multinationals. It is not possible that the two main sectors in which I have intervened with my inventions have practically slept for two hundred years. I think that silence is not enough. It is necessary for someone to question and criticize my inventions, even if they are only virtual, in order to reject, promote or improve them. I did the same thing also towards other inventions and my own previous inventions, rejecting some, improving others and finally arriving at the final solution, which is not only mine, but also that of other inventors and scientists of the past. The final energy solution is called “compressed hydro-electromagnetic” and is not only energetic, it is also purifying. It means that the more energy we produce in the world’s man-made fixed plants, the more we will protect the earth’s environment. While in the mobile plants I am satisfied only that they are clean, cheap and that where necessary, they can add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz and also capture the interstellar dust, if we go into space. It is clear that all these innovations are only in a virtual state. Since this energy is too perfect to be true, instead of giving hope for a better future for the planet and for all humanity, it seems that all the powerful on Earth are discontented. I can only apologize to these gentlemen and their scientific advisers, whom we seem to have no desire to practically verify, at least with demonstrative prototypes, for having invented it, confirming once again that I believe industrial property on inventions of public utility to be immoral, for these reasons, I have called them intellectual inventions, as they must be accessible to all.

Probably, not even Elon Musk could make all these inventions by himself, if he shared them. But I already know that we think differently when it comes to the environment and energy. Because they didn’t like my solution on capturing CO2 by modifying the chimneys and introducing large and small limestone greenhouses underground, which, by means of artificial rains, would send alkaline waters to the seas and lakes that are acidifying. To economize this process I was forced to invent compressed hydroelectromagnetism. Everything is connected in the logic of the scientific organization of work that cannot accept compromises with the wishes of politicians and entrepreneurs who have made the wrong investments in energy matters.( The access key to perfect energy was finally found precisely to try to seriously clean fossil energy and neutralize CO2, which the science of politicians and multinationals wanted to capture and hide underground with the C.C.S. More questions: Who will repay us for the destruction of the many biodiversity that allowed covid 19. How many viruses like these will still come? Whose fault is it if not the wrong purification and energy terrestrial inventions of the last two hundred years? Why must future generations and not the present, who still hinder the interactive fluid dynamic processes between water and air at room temperature, which cost nothing, have to answer for these disasters? If the current ruling class manages to completely hide them, and it is already succeeding, will our children and grandchildren be able to invent them again? It is very unlikely that they will succeed, because the divisions between specific competencies will become more and more extreme for commercial reasons. Certainly not scientific. However, lost time can never be made up.

2. The advancement of the global state of the art held back by governments and multinationals

The strange title of this article could seem a provocation, as it is clear that science knows universal, quantum, nuclear physics well. It is not equally evident that science is well acquainted with terrestrial physics and the scientific organization of terrestrial work. As for politics, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it lost the main argument between conservatives and non-conservatives. The latter, I don’t call them progressives, as they are divided into many categories that argue with each other on small issues, therefore they hardly manage to govern. I, who am neither a scientist nor a politician, who, for work reasons, had to know earth physics and the scientific organization of work both from an industrial and an environmental point of view, I think that both important categories would need a greater knowledge of terrestrial physics and of the scientific organization of work. In fact, terrestrial physics is very different from universal physics due to the strong presence of the gravitational force, but science has not taken this into account and has not intervened to correct the anthropic inventions that have characterized the development and scientific organization of world work of the last two hundred years.

I believe that the verification of scientific truth is worth much more than literary, artistic, political truth and that it is worth accepting the risk of being considered a mad inventor rather than being powerless in the face of the financial and legislative difficulties that prevent free activities of inventors not linked to world power centers. I couldn’t resist including the following figure in this article a few months after writing an open letter to Italy’s new prime minister, 10.10.2022

There is nothing personal in the publication of this figure on facebook and twitter, because I think everything can serve to stimulate scientific truth, whatever it may be, on a topic of vital importance for the survival of planet Earth and of all humanity. This government, like all governments previously in the last fifteen years have not taken into consideration my inventions of public environmental and energy utility. Even the Berlusconi government wanted to build French nuclear plants in Italy if the Fukushima nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011 had not occurred. The Japanese disaster saved Italy from another economic and environmental disaster. In fact, above all, the war in Ukraine has shown that fossil and nuclear energy, in addition to being polluting and anti-economic, have allowed the sabotage of power plants and energy transport networks that could have already been outdated a long time ago, if other inventors free from the influence of world power centers had published my same solutions at least a century or half a century earlier. In fact, with compressed hydroelectromagnetism, all homes and all means of transport and work could be energetically autonomous, since simple air is the energy source and simple water is the energy vector.

The question we must ask ourselves is why science in the two hundred years of industrial development has not updated the state of the art globally allowing to produce global warming? I have published 104 articles on my website in chronological order to prove that compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy was not an inventor’s stroke of genius. But a long reasoning that lasted many years, since, first I focused on the cleaning of fossil energy using existing state-of-the-art technologies to create more complete purification cycles between water and air than the current ones. Even if my purification inventions have not been financed worldwide and have not been made anywhere in the world. They have been my new starting point for producing the fluid dynamics and electromagnetic primary energy that purifies and protects the earth’s environment at the same time. It took me seventeen years as an employee of a private industrial company and 20 years at a private environmental company to learn about man-made plants.

It was this particular industrial and environmental knowledge that led me to transform myself into a retired inventor, because the study of the scientific organization of work is carried out precisely to economize the cost of work globally, considering the advancement of the state of the art in all sectors and also the transfer of experience between one sector and another. Consequently, the scientific organization of work is an immense source of inspiration for the inventions of the future, but also for improving the inventions of the past. Unfortunately, in today’s society, no one analyzes work globally in the interests of the entire Earth community. Everyone works in watertight compartments, including science. Entrepreneurs use the organization of work above all, to save on the cost of labor and materials, while governments do not seem to make major studies to improve the life of the world community globally. They limit themselves to applying taxes to entrepreneurs, to workers, to the energy that is extracted from the subsoil from the seabed, from nuclear power plants, solar panels, wind turbines. This way of governing is the main architect of global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth, as governments, not supported by impartial science, which updates the state of the art globally, above partisan interests, do not they can impose on those who materially produce the world’s wealth the best scientifically proven solutions in the general interests. If politicians had at least a minimal knowledge of the scientific organization of work, before financing public works, regulatory plans, sewage systems, purifiers, water and energy distribution networks, hydroelectric and irrigation systems, viaducts, tunnels, expressways, they would finance at least the experimentation of the most innovative solutions for the plants of the future, probably, one would not keep repeating the same mistakes made by science and entrepreneurs indefinitely. Governing without experiments of public utility, environmental, energy, structural, it is not possible to correct the wrong energy sources, the wrong investments made by entrepreneurs who pollute the environment with the consent of the legislators. The Italian ENI, one of the few companies that replied to me, when I sent them my solutions on cleaning fossil energy, when it was still a publicly owned company, replied that it was not interested in my inventions because its plants they comply with the regulations. This kind of answer is ridiculous because public research is supposed to innovate regulations, not just comply with them.

In this world context, what has science done? Above all the public one which is the main adviser to the United Nations and governments: it has not done anything concrete, precisely because it has not experimented and applied the rules of the scientific organization of work in public facilities. The fact that science knows physics in its various forms is not a mitigating, but an aggravating of its responsibilities towards the world population. In fact, if public systems are wrong, how can systems produced by multinationals all over the world be corrected?

As an inventor of public utility, non-commercial solutions, I relied above all on the support of public science as I had no chance of experimenting with the systems I proposed with my modest pension. The fact that after more than forty inventions of public environmental and energy utility, and sixteen years of intense work, has not found interlocutors among public scientific bodies, is much more serious than it has not found them even among world entrepreneurs and politicians, in how much these hide behind specific scientific advisers. Without ever tackling problems globally with interactive and multi-disciplinary solutions that no government and no multinational company has ever funded.

If you think that you are inventions, I have also patented them internationally, and that only the patent filing in the main industrialized countries costs around 3,500 euros for each invention, you can easily understand that there is something not right even from the point of an international juridical point of view on the protection of copyright of inventors who cannot find interlocutors. Until proven otherwise, the legal aspects are directly linked to the political aspects. In fact, the copyrights of inventors are not renewed if the inventor does not pay the annual maintenance fees in all the countries where he has filed them.

I did not extend six patents internationally to make greater profits as an inventor, but only to verify whether Italian science and politics were in line with the entire world scientific and political orientation. I had confirmation that the whole world is a country.

Even today, throughout the world, there is no distinction between an invention of public environmental utility and a commercial invention. We all know that no one takes away the copyright from a writer who writes a fantasy novel, and no one expects them to pay national and international annual maintenance fees if no one buys the book. Any book can be understood and published even after the author’s death. Copyrights are inalienable, they go to the heirs. Probably, inventors employed by public and private entities do not know these things because the fees for patent filings are paid by employers who discharge them from the taxes to be paid to governments. While a private inventor cannot discharge these taxes if he has no income from work because no one buys his invention. However, the legislators still impose the payment of maintenance fees. Being a retired inventor is an expensive hobby for the Italian state, not a way of contributing one’s experience to improve the society in which we live. The legislators have taken care to protect the inventors employed by public and private bodies in the case of the sale of patents, establishing that the proceeds of this sale are distributed 50% to the inventors and 50% to the public body to which they belong, or to the entrepreneurial company. They have not bothered to exempt the payment of filing and maintenance fees for inventions that deal with purification and the production of sustainable energy, as if these had the same value as the inventions of commercial products.

I do not protest these enormous social and economic discriminations between one category and another of intellectual workers. I protest the substance of the arguments. Probably, I who have never dealt with commercial inventions, but only with inventions of environmental and energy public utility, would have had greater competition as an inventor, if multinationals had been interested in environmental protection and sustainable energy production, but since they are not interested in this type of invention, something happened that shouldn’t have happened. Instead of producing inventions of public environmental and energy utility, public inventors have preferred to round off their salaries by improving commercial solutions in line with the energy and purification production of multinationals, moreover without paying filing and maintenance fees, as they pay them the relevant public bodies. As they say: it is temptations that lead to committing sins. Politicians and legislators, if they had done their job well, would not have allowed the sale of public patents to multinationals, because controllers cannot be on the same side as those who need to be controlled. The first to be happy with this division of competences between public and private science would have been myself, who would not have felt the need to transform himself into a retired inventor to try to highlight, above all, the obvious errors committed by public science, on the environment and energy. Probably, I would have continued to do my job as a system designer and installer for many more years without losing unnecessary expenses in patents unwanted by public bodies and multinationals.

 Unfortunately, the facts proved me right. If I hadn’t found the courage to start from scratch for the third time in my working life, after industrial and environmental experiences, probably, on planet Earth, for many more centuries, no scientist or public inventor or employee of private companies would have searched for and found the energy and purification interactive solutions. These should have had the absolute precedence in the experiments by the world public bodies, to remedy the great errors of the previous public and private science, which excluded such solutions, precisely because of not having studied in depth the scientific organization of the terrestrial work in all fixed and mobile anthropic plants that draw energy from the circulation of fluids, from biochemistry and from the earth’s natural electromagnetism.

 Even the human body can be assimilated to a complex mobile anthropic plant that draws energy from the gravitational force and consequently, from atmospheric pressure, from photosynthesis, from the carbon cycle and from the circulation of air, water, blood and from biochemical and electromagnetic processes. Therefore, we cannot live in space if we do not carry all of this with us. I think it is no coincidence that compressed hydroelectromagnetism is the only infinitely renewable energy that is needed both to breathe in means of transport, laboratories, workshops, space homes, but also to create interactive global linear motors, which are the only ones that can allow the capture of interstellar dust for food and technological purposes and add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, both to overcome the gravitational force to move us away from the Earth, and to slow down the speed in the phase of re-entry into the atmosphere, waves avoid overheating of means of transport, laboratories, workshops, space dwellings. But it seems that science has not understood all this. For this reason I wonder if science really knows terrestrial physics.,,

Many anthropic inventions of the past and present are fundamentally wrong, because they are incomplete in terms of fluid dynamic, biochemical and electromagnetic circulation. But society doesn’t notice it due to the fact that they still work and create comfort and well-being. Today’s society is convinced that you can’t have everything. The division of scientific competencies which has prevented the development of the scientific organization of work in all sectors has convinced the entire world population that it is worth accepting a little pollution in water, air and soil to have everyone a better life. But if we observe terrestrial nature carefully, we can realize that it always chooses the best solution in terms of environment, energy, physics, organic and inorganic chemistry, biology. Even large-scale phenomena, such as ocean currents, the natural welling that produces phytoplankton and zooplankton along all the world’s coastal areas, are iterative phenomena. But there are also minor phenomena, such as artesian and geothermal wells. We can say that the terrestrial nature or its creator has proven to have a very great scientific knowledge of global work while not using any technology. But we also know that it is not true that God created the Earth in seven days including man, woman and animals. It took four and a half billion years. Homo sapiens has only appeared in the last three hundred thousand years, much uglier and wilder than today’s man. Let’s make some reflections on the inventions we use every day. Let’s start with the domestic systems. These allow us to defend ourselves from the cold, from the heat, they allow us to wash ourselves and to wash our personal clothes, floors, etc. However they do not allow us to be energetically autonomous, to save drinking water. It does not allow us to produce energy-efficient air conditioning with water-to-air heat exchangers that would be more effective and cost-effective. The state of the art has not advanced enough to allow us to choose the best solution because we have not been able to organize world work scientifically. We have mistaken the primary source of Earth’s energy, which is not thermal, nor nuclear, nor solar, nor wind. Air/air exchangers, produced in billions of copies, increase global warming. The chimneys, also produced in billions of specimens, do the same; The sewers made up of billions of kilometers, as they are conceived, produce billions of cubic meters of gas, such as hydrogen sulphide and sulfuric acid which corrode the structures and acidify the sewage that reaches the purifiers in a septic state. And the purifiers themselves are wrong, wasting energy resources and spreading toxic and foul-smelling gases in the environment, because science, not knowing the scientific organization of work globally, does not close all the chemical cycles it opens.  If he knew it, he would not lose sight of the degenerative processes of water and would not release toxic gases from chimneys. It would create unique cycles of water and air, slowing down the speed of the fumes at the exit of the chimneys to filter them electrostatically, while the CO2, heavier than air, could be recalled to the sewers by means of a double chamber outside the chimney plant, to produce carbonates in sewer water, which with appropriate cycles and artificial rains on calcareous material and sedimentation pits interspersed in the same sewer paths would have prevented the formation of hydrogen sulphide and sulfuric acid.  Even the current purifiers should have been designed differently to exploit all the interactive cycles present in nature and partially identified by science, but not included in the purification cycles for unknown reasons. Let us think, for example, of Henry’s principle which would dissolve oxygen in water for free, proportionally to the pressure on the surface of the water. If we recycled the polluted water, one way, in an autoclave that produces compressed hydroelectric energy through the coupling of a pump with a separate dual power supply up to the impeller and hydraulic turbine, we will also have free purification, in addition to energy, consuming only the wear and tear of the machines. But this does not yet happen on planet Earth because science has pretended not to understand the functioning of a recycling pump with separate dual power supply up to the impeller. Science has never said my implants are wrong. He simply kept silent, as if environmental problems were completely separate from energy ones. Instead, on planet Earth, unlike the universe, everything is connected through molecules developed over 4.5 billion years at the temperature of the Earth’s environment. We have made very serious mistakes in using fuels to produce energy and even bigger mistakes in using old-generation nuclear energy.  It cannot be denied that even the study of atoms can bring immense advantages. Isn’t it enough just to excite atoms without dividing them to have very important inventions such as laser beams for cutting metals and other industrial applications and above all, in precision surgery? Surgical applications in ophthalmology, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology, gynecology, orthopedics, dermatology, vascular surgery, general surgery, plastic surgery, urology, endoscopy and oncology are well known and by now irreplaceable.

3. The new nuclear fusion

On December 13, 2022, the US Department of Energy said that for the first time, and after several decades of trying, scientists have managed to get more energy out of the process than they had input.

I extract from the following article “Achieving ignition for fusion is an epochal turning point, capable one day of putting an end to the world’s toxic dependence on fossil fuels, but it should be emphasized that we are not talking about unlimited energy, nor about completely “clean” energy. To date, the energy generated by the reactor is sufficient to boil water in 10 kettles. Very little. But it is a small great success. Now scientists have to work to be able to produce energy in larger quantities. The ideal goal, for a commercial technology, would be to obtain from fusion at least 5-10 times the amount of energy needed to ignite it. A goal that could require another decade of research. The one developed in the National Ignition Facility project creates energy from nuclear fusion by what is known as “thermonuclear inertial fusion,” in which about 200 lasers are used to create a series of fast explosions, occurring 50 times per second. To come full circle, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) was able to successfully catalyze a nuclear fusion reaction that created more energy than the lasers expended in the process, marking the first win for nuclear fusion after decades of losses. If you want the nitty-gritty details, LLNL was able to produce about 2.5 megajoules of energy out of the 2.1 megajoules of energy needed to power the lasers. Energy gain is about 19%

The announcement of this scientific advance has been accompanied by much “noise” and much misinformation. First of all, it is wrong to talk about unlimited energy. Man-made nuclear energy, including fusion, is not renewable, and therefore not unlimited. When two atoms have fused, the process is irreversible. Therefore, even to produce energy from a fusion power plant, an input of energy and “material” is still needed. Among the ingredients necessary for fusion, as we have seen, tritium is needed: it is a radioactive isotope that is produced through the fission of lithium by neutron bombardment. The goal would be to produce the tritium internally in the fusion power plant itself, so that it can feed itself. However, to do this requires a fission module integrated into the fusion power plant, which can ideally produce at least the same amount of tritium that is “burned” by the fusion itself. Unfortunately, however, a non-negligible part of the neutrons produced by fusion is inevitably lost. To overcome this problem, therefore, a neutron multiplier would be needed, such as uranium for example. And the uranium fission process generates nuclear waste, the same produced in a nuclear fission plant. In the future, therefore, the aim is to make the fusion reactor “self-sufficient”, so that a part of the neutrons produced by the fusion (many are lost or absorbed in the process) can themselves induce lithium to fission and produce tritium.  It could therefore self-feed itself, but to date, without a fission module, the percentage of “effective” neutrons would not be sufficient to produce all the tritium quantity it needs by itself. Furthermore, the walls of the reactor are constantly bombarded with high-energy neutrons, which escape from the magnetic field, being chargeless. The neutrons therefore “activate” the metals of the casing, making them radioactive and, in the long run, also fragile, making their periodic replacement necessary to guarantee the correct functioning of the reactor. These activated metals will be properly stored for decades or centuries, until their radioactivity has dropped to acceptable levels. To date therefore, beyond the great symbolic step made possible by California researchers, the result of which is a proof of feasibility, large-scale fusion nuclear energy for now remains a “mirage”. NIF itself was not designed to commercially produce nuclear fusion energy, and some scientists doubt that laser fusion could be the definitive approach. Now the scientists will need to demonstrate that the type of fusion being studied at NIF can be a viable way to produce energy, and thus increase efficiency (the difference between energy generated and needed) by at least two orders of magnitude. News of the achievement of this research milestone increases public and investor confidence in this project and opens the door to a program focused on energy applications. Now the scientists will need to demonstrate that the type of fusion being studied at NIF can be a viable way to produce energy, and thus increase efficiency (the difference between energy generated and needed) by at least two orders of magnitude. News of the achievement of this research milestone increases public and investor confidence in this project and opens the door to a program focused on energy applications. However, the energy and climate crisis force us to adopt simpler, but above all immediate, solutions. The window to cut our emissions keeps closing: We only have this decade to do something significant enough to limit global warming. Time is running out, every scientific report proves it, and the chances we have of curbing the global warming process are getting smaller every year. However, the urgency of finding sources of clean energy, using what we already have, at the same time, must certainly not stop research and scientific progress.

4. The loneliness of those who truly seek scientific truths that world public bodies pretend to seek.

You can find several articles on the net discussing the new type of nuclear fusion. Above all, I agree with the last part of the article, but I am also very skeptical of scientific representatives and the media, who continue to make generic environmental complaints, and talk about renewable energies, knowing full well that these energies are discontinuous and not very powerful. It is not possible to spread the hope of a better world without highlighting the great mistakes made by science, inventors, governments and multinationals. At least science should be autonomous and impartial, like justice. Instead, the trade in patents of public inventors, allowed by governments to multinationals, monopolizes the entire world development in the hands of the multinationals. Governments are no longer entrepreneurs, as written above, they limit themselves to applying taxes on large and small entrepreneurs, on private and public employees and on pensioners. I belong to the last category, which is the least powerful of all. But before retiring, loving my job, I tried to understand the reasons for the malfunctioning of private and public anthropic plants. I proposed the solutions as a pensioner, but only virtually, not having the age, capital, and life expectancy to practically demonstrate the validity of my solutions. Besides, everything, if I had turned into an entrepreneur, at most, I could have developed one or two inventions, which in any case would not have given me wealth, since they weren’t commercial inventions, but of public utility. I got seventeen patents granted, and twenty-three others were rejected by patent examiners who couldn’t understand them. As I am the first inventor in the world who publicly declares that we can extract energy from the environment without fuels, nuclear energy, hydraulic jump, solar wind energy, electrolysis.

The Italian and European patent offices did not grant me the most important inventions, which occurred in the years following the patents obtained on the cleaning of fossil energy. Although these patents have never been financed by governments and multinationals, I hypothesized them working, and to further improve their functioning, from the point of view of energy consumption, by pure coincidence, I realized that although my solutions were equally valid purifications that not only concern CO2, we could even completely eliminate the fossil energy of thermal power plants and also of terrestrial, marine, aeronautical and space means of transport.

Of course, governments and corporations that didn’t fund earlier inventions didn’t fund later ones either. So, at the end of my career as an inventor, with zero public and private funding, I was forced to publish on my website the nursery rhyme of SPAWHE, to summarize, my main inventions and the website map, where the descriptions are shown , drawings and articles that talk about them.

Fossil energy is a wrong energy, as extraneous to terrestrial energy, which is based on gravitational force, universal electromagnetism, chlorophyll photosynthesis and the terrestrial carbon cycle. This energy does not need any industrial transformation, but only the correct application of the fluid dynamics and electromagnetic principles of Torricelli, Pascal, Venturi, Maxwell, Lorentz, Tesla, and some inventors, such as myself, independent of employers, public and private. But what is worse is the fact that on planet Earth we have also made a mistake in purifying the fumes produced by fossil energy in large and small fixed thermal plantsThe purification plants should have captured the CO2 and the combustion oxides (SOx, NOx, CO) from the modified chimneys and, with appropriate cycles, created underground, through the modification of the current sewers and purifiers, should have produced carbonates, by means of artificial rains on calcareous materials and nitrates, sulphates, phosphates, in the same water which in the following phases would have been purified with aerobic oxidation. Obviously, these necessary cycles would have resulted in enormous energy costs to circulate greater quantities of water and air in the sewage and purification plants. Unfortunately, world public and private science has not realized that these cycles have been created by nature for billions of years and, instead of investigating the subject, to make them faster where there are greater concentrations of pollution, it has continued to carry out cycles purification systems, focusing only on improving the quality of the fuels and the filtration of the combustion air. If science had deepened the purification topics, studying the scientific organization of work, considering the advancement of the global state of the art, not only thermodynamics, but above all, fluid dynamics, as the undersigned did, about two hundred years after the birth of thermal plants, fixed and mobile, would have reached my same conclusion with other inventors, probably, two hundred years earlier, completely saving us the entire global heating, due to steam boilers, thermal power plants, heat engines. Research would not even have felt the need to split the atom, because nothing can be more economically simple and efficient than energy extracted from the earth’s environment, which can also be compressed and used in means of transport by adding together Newton’s thrust and Lorentz, without fuels, and cooling systems, but with simple adjustments of the speed of the circulation of the fluids, which would also correspond to the electrical powers supplied and the adjustments of the ambient temperatures for survival and human comfort. Unfortunately, it seems that science, multinationals, current governments and all their employees, who are the majority of the world’s population, do not want to admit their mistakes. They prefer to leave things as they are, in most cases, in order not to lose their jobs. By the will of the multinationals, inventors must invent new energies, provided they are paid for. Hydrogen transformed into fuel and the new nuclear fusion energy are however energies not linked to the gravitational force, photosynthesis and the natural carbon cycle. They will always force us to stop at gas stations and pay the multinationals that extract, refine and transport the energy. The short-sighted multinationals and governments do not care that we cannot go into space with their energies, because they wear out, weigh too much, cannot add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz and cannot lengthen human life, oxygenating the blood of elderly people, as it would be possible to do with the artificial heart of the undersigned. Corporations and governments don’t make long-term plans. They think only of accumulating wealth and power as long as their system holds. It’s not about communism, capitalism, conservatives and progressives, otherwise out of 196 sovereign states, someone would have invested a few dollars to modify the chimneys, sewers, purifiers, hydroelectric plants, which have remained almost still for two hundred years.

Not even the Vatican City, which is a small autonomous state, has spent a few euros to ascertain scientific truth (15. 06.2015 ). It is not about power, but about the hope of a better development model for everyone, above all, for the poorest, weakest and most defenceless. Jesus said, “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” Unfortunately, this was more true in the pre-industrial era than in the current one, due to the fact that the churches themselves have given up producing scientists such as Blaise Pascal and Giovanni a Battista Venturi, who were Catholic priests. Unfortunately, it is not enough to identify important scientific principles. The most difficult job is that of organizing the work, designing the machines, plants and complete work cycles from both a technical and an economic point of view. This is the task of inventors, who cannot improvise solutions impartially without long cross-industrial and environmental work experiences. This is a contradiction because it is very difficult for those who work for industry to accumulate experience in the environmental sector as well. Therefore industrial work cycles are improvised from an environmental point of view and environmental cycles are improvised from an industrial efficiency point of view.

Today, due to improvised inventions, not analyzed globally, not even the birds of the sky and the fish of the sea can survive due to the global pollution. Science and inventors have managed to enrich men with power at the expense of everyone and the earth’s environment. If sustainable, simple and linear inventions are not tested, it is obvious that inventions become increasingly complex and expensive and only those who can pay for them can use them. An inventor independent of the world’s power centers cannot become an entrepreneur by developing alternative environmental and energy ideas to multinationals, because it is the same governments that allow public employees to work for multinationals through the sale of patents.  This does not mean that there is a transfer of experience but simply that public inventors work as if they were employees of multinationals. As long as this trade exists, global warming and the destruction of biodiversity of animal and plant species cannot be eliminated.

In hindsight, the planet would have been much better off if compressed hydroelectromagnetism had been born earlier than steam boilers, thermal power plants, heat engines, nuclear power plants. These inventions that the ruling class is still proud of are exhibited in museums like trophies without anyone noticing that they have never been compatible with the earth’s environment. Compressed hydroelectromagnetism is a cross-disciplinary invention, but it is also a shortcut to solving environmental and energy problems. Nothing really important will be able to change in world development if science does not learn to copy from the earth’s natural systems. Transversal inventions, above all photosynthesis and biochemistry, which are provided free by nature. Earth science wouldn’t know where to start if it had to start from scratch for the amount of elements to put together. Invece, l’idroelettromagnetismo compresso è molto semplice ed elementare, utilizza solo due elementi: l’aria compressa come fonte energetica e l’aria come vettore energetico,  eppure nessuno lo comprende per continuare sfruttare invenzioni incomplete che danneggiano tutti per arricchire pochissime persone.  Queste persone, pur di conservare il loro potere politico economico rinunciano anche sviluppare una invenzione come il cuore artificiale ossigenatore del sangue che potrebbe allungare la loro stessa vita, se si dimostra che funziona. Il principio di funzionamento è identico all’idroelettromagnetismo compresso. Cambiano soltanto le dimensioni. Tutto questo è sintetizzato nella filastrocca di SPAWHE. 

5. Here is the nursery rhyme:

“The cleaning of fossil energy published in spawhe, to be efficient, should be based, above all on inorganic chemistry that is able to absorb CO2, producing carbonates in the water, so that they counteract the acidification of the oceans and global warming.To speed up the processes and reduce the energy costs that would have involved the circulation of very large quantities of water necessary to neutralize the very large quantities of CO2 emitted by the current thermal power plants and heat engines, it has gradually been transformed technologically into solutions of less space by exploiting the principles Pascal and Henry.  In fact, I realized that on planet Earth, all the activities that nature produces through organic and inorganic chemistry, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle can be increased in speed without any need to use thermal, nuclear energy and current renewables. It is sufficient only to increase the operating pressures of the systems, modify the circulation pumps and make the machines work differently. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, the elements extraneous to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, to natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have multiplied exponentially the elements extraneous to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances. Obviously, this is my truth and in the entire website, I explain how, in my opinion, we should have created global plants that purify both fumes and water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas. Having not done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the art of purification to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the state of the global purification art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract the energy directly from the environment. Having not done this, it was not possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of gravitational force, we modify them on the suction side and make them another inlet clearly separated from the main one up to the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one feed to recycle the water from the upper basin and the other feed to introduce into the same impeller the water discharged from a turbine fed by falling water from the same upper basin. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, it being understood that we use a turbine connected to the outlet of the autoclave, we can recover the water drained from the turbine and insert it back into the autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same impeller of the pump by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air, we would have produced a current generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Having not done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this current generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave in order to be able to mount it on cars and trucks, on agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions can still be reduced by using submersible pumps as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes that would act as autoclaves. Therefore, these groups could be used to be inserted directly into the wells to raise the water and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers which today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to Henry’s principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be reduced even further. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water from the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side that would replace the right and left ventricles, creating energetically autonomous artificial hearts that would feed the systemic circuit that oxygenates the brain and the lungs to lengthen the life of the ‘man. Having not done this, it was not possible to think that pressurized cylindrical autoclaves can be incorporated an external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors can be made electric at variable revolutions that would produce an electromagnetic flux of variable intensity which would produce induced currents in a solenoid outside the same water tank. Therefore, we could produce in this tank a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law at the ambient temperature, without fuel that could be added to the reaction thrust of Newton that would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always commanded by generators of current that produce the primary hydroelectric energy, fed by submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central reservoirs. Not having done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of aircraft to travel in the atmosphere and in space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuel.  It was not possible to make the ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to make mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters. It was not even possible to think that in the space travel of the future we can add to the global linear motors an external steel tunnel connected to the turbo fan, where it will produce a higher vacuum higher than the surrounding space vacuum and connect this tunnel with a small vacuum pump to a thickening tank of the captured powders, which will be emptied periodically letting in the atmospheric air which will feed an electrostatic filter that will recover the powders that will be used together with the other interactive purification and energy plant inventions described on the website https: // to make humans survive even in space without suffering physiological damage due to the absence of atmospheric pressure, gravity, food resources and raw materials to build spare parts for the machines necessary for survival in space. In fact, atmospheric air and water will fill the space caravan wagons full of human beings and will be endlessly recycled, suitably replenished with artificial photosynthesis and carbon cycle, while general gravity will be reinforced, becoming very similar. to the terrestrial one, electrostatically polarizing the paths of atmospheric conditioned air and recycled water in the interactive, energy and purification, compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants, still unknown to terrestrial science. Current science has forgotten that the primary fluid dynamic energy is produced by the flow rate for the pressure and density of the fluid itself. Therefore, the best solution to produce clean energy at low cost and in infinite quantities is: to use compressed air as an energy source (which is not consumed) and water as an energy carrier (which with the use of new pumps with separate double power supply up to the impeller, can recycle it indefinitely by exploiting the maximum pressure of the compressed air and the maximum density of the water at the same time. In the simple formula of fluid dynamic energy mentioned above, no heat source is needed. This is the biggest mistake in world science and nobody wants to correct it.”

As described in the long nursery rhyme, the keys to the energy innovations proposed by the undersigned arise from the insights carried out by the undersigned on the current purification plants and from the failed attempt to modify them, having not found public interlocutors willing to listen.

There would be many more things to say on these matters. The scale of unsolved problems is immense. For example, discharging polluted water through underwater pipelines should be considered an illegal operation, but the laws in some cases allow it and polluters take advantage of it, discharging much more than authorized. We have to ask ourselves two questions:

1. Why does it cost too much to purify all water?

2. Why can we discharge polluted water hundreds of meters deep?

To answer the first question about high costs, we must, unfortunately, say that science has not been able to scientifically organize the purification work as the manufacturing industry has done, carrying out the right operations in the right place, at the right time.

To answer the second question concerning the discharge of polluted water even hundreds of meters deep, I can say that by answering this question alone, I have intuited some solutions that gradually led me to the invention of the pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller and subsequent plants.

In fact, it is obvious that we can discharge polluted water even hundreds of meters deep because the hydrostatic pressures inside and outside the water downpipe are almost equal, but the water inside the pipe is also endowed with kinetic energy, therefore, the external pressure cannot oppose the exit of the water from the pipe. We can slightly oppose the molecules by friction that science itself has legislated for centuries with the formula: V2/2g.

I write this because precisely to reduce the costs of purification and lifting of the waters involved in the cleaning of fossil energy, which in addition to being purified also had to be alkalized and consume CO2 with artificial rain on the calcareous material, I was forced to deepen the subject costs that science has not explored, contenting itself only with discharging the polluted waters through underwater pipelines. This insight led me to insert the pumps in series with the turbines so that the kinetic energy could also be produced in pipes submerged in static water to create artificial welling and simultaneously produce electricity. But broadening the reasoning, it also led to the invention of the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller. Why did it lead to this invention? Because the center of a centrifugal pump impeller is the only point where a centripetal force develops precisely to facilitate the entry of water with lower hydrostatic pressure. Consequently, through this point we can let water enter a pressurized tank at a higher static pressure as long as we do not insert it directly, but through the water recirculation circuit itself, precisely due to the fact that the pump with the double separate supply up to the impeller, center of the impeller itself has the point where a centripetal force develops. Therefore, inside the pump body and with the impeller rotating, the high pressure recycled water mixes with the low pressure one and, due to Pascal’s principle, they leave the pump with a single pressure which is that of the autoclave.

6. The management of fluid dynamic plants at the earth’s ambient temperature is much simpler and cheaper than thermal and nuclear plants.

There are many simple and inexpensive ways to produce, manage and control fluid energy at Earth’s ambient temperature. We can increase the air pressure in the autoclaves and make the pumps work in the direction of the gravitational force. While to save energy and natural resources we can bypass the hydrostatic pressure of the autoclaves by inserting again the water used as an energy vector in the turbines, recover it and insert it again in the water recirculation circuit through the autoclave. To do this we need to modify the current centrifugal pumps and equip them with a second power supply that enters the same rotating impeller regardless of the power supply that comes from the recirculation of the autoclave. In this way the sum of the two flow rates entering the autoclave are equal to those exiting. By not changing the volume of water in the autoclave, the compressed air cushion does not expand and therefore we do not consume the energy necessary to restore the compressed air pressure and not even that to overcome the hydrostatic pressure to let the water enter the autoclave. This phenomenon is due to the enlargement of the passage section in the pump impeller housing and to Pascal’s principle, which expands the higher pressure in the entire passage section of the pump. In this way, we only consume the energy necessary for the recycling of a closed circuit, which does not depend on the pressure but on the small pressure drops due to friction of the circuit.

Man-made plants increase costs hyperbolically with the increase in temperature due to the cost of fuels, but also due to the cost of inefficient purification and temperature regulation plants, but also due to the weights and dimensions of the plants themselves. These plants become more complicated and increase costs even more with nuclear energy, damaging the environment even more with even more inefficient purification. In other words, terrestrial science which has shown that it does not know how to design simple plants, producing global warming uselessly, cannot claim to leave man-made plants as they are and embark on space adventures with hydrogen transformed into fuel (which always remains a fuel that is consumed) and the new nuclear energy, which is consumed in any case.

If the various branches of terrestrial science had known how to correctly design terrestrial purifications, and exchanged information among themselves, almost automatically, already for a few hundred years, it would have produced compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy. While the undersigned who has worked alone on this subject, has spent a lifetime of work first to get to know the industrial plants, then the environmental ones and then, only as a pensioner, has he been able to study the solutions, but in solitude, without the possibility of accessing experiments.

The media and scientific informants, who like science do not know the scientific organization of work, have sanctified the wrong scientists and inventors. I sanctify only those who have made the right inventions, even though there are many in the field of fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, medicine, electronics, even thermodynamics and nuclear power if they have understood that the earth’s energy must be developed cold. Atoms at most must be excited, never split. The temperature and the earthly environment don’t allow it and if they don’t allow it, it means that they are not needed. Instead, compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy would be needed, which would locally accelerate the speed of natural energy and purification processes, which science at the service of the masters pretends not to understand.

7. The importance of the scientific organization of work

What is called scientific organization of work, was theorized for the first time by Frederick Taylor in 1911. Strangely, this type of organization has little scientific and many practical rules, as it was born above all to speed up the processes of manufacturing and assemblies in the then nascent manufacturing industry, especially the automotive industry. He studied in minute detail the processing cycles of metalworking machines, molding, castings, and even the movements that workers had to make to shorten working timesThis aspect of the work used to be quite alienating for people, but today it has given great results, since the same movements have been taught to the robots that have replaced men on the assembly lines, in the spray booths, in the welding processes, always increasing more work speed and reducing work accidents. I dealt with this type of organization from 1970 to 1987. I realized that this type of organization would also be useful in the environmental and energy sector to improve purification and energy cycles. It was this intuition that changed my working life from a technical employee of the automotive industry to a technical employee of a small private company working in the environmental sector. I worked in the environmental sector from 1988 to 2005 to get to know the plants and only when I retired, did I start being an inventor. I didn’t know that to improve the purification cycles I would have come to conceive a new way of producing energy. Certainly, the cheapest, simplest, most versatile of the current terrestrial energies, even if I am still the only one to affirm it. I believe that this misunderstanding is due to many factors and private interests on the part of those in political and economic power, but also to the fact that science does not know the scientific organization of work, working in watertight compartments, for single specializations.

My first environmental inventions concerned domestic water saving

28.11.2007 This invention proposed domestic water saving by separating kitchen water from sanitary water, which is filtered. they were used a second time to clean the toilets. The dosage of calcium oxide was added to the toilet discharges to neutralize the phosphorus at the origin and prevent the formation of hydrogen sulphide in the sewers.

Subsequently I dealt with the modification of the sewers, purifiers and the cleaning of fossil energy:

28.02.2013 , 

04.07.2014 , 



The plants that I have proposed are the exact opposite of those made by world science, including the Italian one, with the CCS system. (carbon Capture and Storage), as I proposed to modify the water and air purification cycles together and to change the way of designing chimneys, sewers, purifiers to use CO2 in favor of the environment by producing carbonates in waste water, which once it reached the seas would also have corrected the acidification of the oceans, while official world science simply wanted to chemically capture the CO2 and bury it underground at a depth of almost a thousand meters in storage sites to be identified, creating other dangers for the world community in cases of earthquakes, as the CO2 that can escape in high concentrations kills men and animals.  This has already happened with the limnic eruption that occurred on August 21, 1986 at Lake Nyos in northwestern Cameroon which killed 1,746 people and 3,500 head of livestock. The eruption triggered the sudden release of 100,000 to 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂). According to the article There are currently 21 CCS plants in operation worldwide, 3 under construction, 17 in an advanced stage of development and 24 in an early stage of development. The number of late-stage projects is almost three times higher than in 2017The aggregate value of the 65 projects, in terms of required investments, is a good 27 billion dollars. If all planned projects are implemented, global CO2 storage capacity would increase from 40 to 130 million tonnes. To these costs we must add the costs of transporting the CO2 to the non-quantified storage sites. The CCS solution shows that science and the politicians who finance it do not know the scientific organization of work and do not look at the experiences of inventors like myself who try to simplify processes by identifying natural interactive solutions with the help of technology already partially developed in other sectors. The science it proposes and the politicians who finance it do not care that the energy produced will lose about 10-12% of efficiency with the use of gas and oil and even 30% with the use of coal. Therefore, the cost of energy will continue to increase, while the dangers due to seismic effects will also increase, while the system deficiencies of the chimneys, sewers and purifiers will remain unchanged throughout the world.

However, my experience in the development of interactive water and air cycles in order to clean fossil energy was not useless, since, gradually, I understood that planet Earth would have liked that all energy and purification processes should have taken place at temperature of the earth’s environment, how photosynthesis and the carbon cycle take place. I changed my way of thinking, developing other inventions that concern energy extracted directly from the environment without fossil and nuclear energy:

10.09.2015 ,

16.10.2015 , 

10.06.2016 , 


 10.06.2016 ,  

As can be seen from the articles of 2016, to cool the planet above, artificial welling would also be important, which by raising the solubilized carbonates in the ocean depths would increase the alkalinity from surface waters lost by the oceans, which is estimated at 30%, which is the greatest effect of global warming, together with the melting of glaciers. Not to mention that the lifting of carbonates would produce a very large production of quality fish at low cost and would give work to many millions of people who could live in the artificial islands in safety away from tsunamis and earthquakes, reducing migrations to more developed countries. These solutions are also part of the scientific organization of the work, such as sustainable desalination which cannot be achieved without the invention of the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller to separate the flow of water from the flow of the spheres which contain the resins of ion exchange.











Limestone greenhouses would also be a much better solution than CCS. 11.03.2019

Figure 3 shows the connection diagram to the water basins “A” to be used for the production of hydroelectric energy by recycling the water; “B” is a gate that connects the basin with the hydroelectric calcareous greenhouse “D”.

These plants will be the most widespread in the world, as, in addition to producing energy at very low cost, they will purify slightly polluted water, especially rainwater, to combat ocean and lake acidification, lightening organic loads. They will also protect the environment from droughts and floods while producing compressed hydroelectricity. It can be noted that the tankers (26) filled with compressed fumes at the plants can discharge their contents into the twin greenhouses, which otherwise have to be satisfied only with the CO2 captured from the environment, to produce carbonates in the water by corroding the calcareous materials . 






Unfortunately, science, governments, entrepreneurs, multinationals have continued to use thermal and nuclear energies even if these are completely extraneous to chlorophyll photosynthesis and the carbon cycle that governed the planet before the present industrial era, which lasts less of two hundred years. These two hundred years are comparable to zero years compared to the four and a half billion years attributed to the age of the Earth. Yet, the climate changes that are taking place are so fast that those who have governed the world in this short period from a political and scientific point of view should be ashamed of not having been able to interpret the scientific organization of work globally. In fact, if they had studied some natural phenomena in depth, they would have realized that it is not complicated to cold extract the earth’s energy from the environment. Let’s think of artesian wells, of the ascending currents of air, of the horizontal ocean currents of the waters that occur without the use of any technology.

Just think of the famous experiment by Pascal who managed to smash a barrel full of water only by introducing more water from above through a small tube. Pascal demonstrated that hydrostatic pressure, even if introduced through a small tube, expands in all directions. If we think that Pascal lived from 1623 to 1662, we must ask ourselves the following question: is it possible that nobody wanted to extract the energy hidden in the barrel at room temperature? Certainly in Pascal’s time the technologies needed to do this did not exist. But subsequently, above all, when the first inventions began in 1835 which made it possible to motorize water circulation pumps and to couple current generators to hydraulic turbines, things could have changed rapidly. America’s first hydroelectric power plant was built on September 30, 1882 in Appleton, Wisconsin. It is very strange that since then no inventor has realized that we could produce hydroelectric energy anywhere without the hydraulic jump. I have reported below these drawings to demonstrate that we could produce hydroelectric energy at atmospheric pressure, simply by inverting the pumps and making them work in the direction of gravitational force in series with the turbines. Compared to current hydroelectric plants, we would have the advantage of not being forced to build large reservoirs and dams in the mountains. These works have immense economic costs and produce more harm than good. Since when the reservoirs are completely full to produce energy, in case of torrential rains they create a very high flood danger. I mention some disasters: 1963 the Vajont dam in Italy overflows: 1759 dead. 1975 the Banqiao dam in China collapses: 85,000 dead from the flood wave, 145,000 from hunger and epidemics. 2005 Shadikor dam collapses, completed only two years ago, in Pakistan: 80 dead and thousands homeless. In the summer, most of the time the hydroelectric plants are shut down due to lack of water.

Even today, which is 2023, not a single step forward has been made on this front, while trillions have been spent on investments for coal extraction, oil gas, and the related refining and transport industry. The same thing happened for the construction of nuclear power plants of old and new conception, although all these plants have never had the interactive characteristics that the billions of years have allowed to refine thanks to the gravitational force, the atmospheric air and the clean water, sea and land. If the undersigned hadn’t added together the experiences of the organization of industrial work and the environmental ones, probably, another hundreds or thousands of years would have passed before anyone would notice this very serious lack of world terrestrial science. Work organization is not a scientific process, but a working method, essential for system designers and installers. The main advantage of those who simply install very different systems is that of knowing different technologies, while scientists and researchers insist on specific solutions to improve the state of the art of the specific sector. Many times the problems could be circumvented, exploiting other scientific principles and other technologies. It is easier for those who install different types of systems to notice new solutions than for a specialist in a single sector. The right hand of science does not know what the left hand is doing, because public and private employers have also divided technical and scientific skills in order to divide economic powers. Everyone works in watertight compartments, with high specializations, including university training schools. These high specializations have made it possible to reach high technological levels but prevented the full exploitation of the interactive principles that nature exploits regularly, but at natural speeds. It is not necessary to change the interactive principles. It is enough just to know terrestrial physics. Not quantum, nor nuclear. In circuits open to atmospheric pressure, we could produce hydroelectric energy indefinitely without consuming water, without building dams and large reservoirs in the mountains. We only have to integrate the amount of water that produces electricity through a hydraulic turbine and its current generator, with an amount of water equal to that which passes through the turbine. I extract from my article “Relativity and technology in the new hydrology” the following (22.07.2016 ):

The following figure shows the production of submerged hydroelectric energy that can be obtained by simply inverting a submersible pump in a pipe in a reservoir, lake, or sea so that the water exits in the direction of gravitational force and mounting a submersible pump under it. turbine equipped with a current generator. The amount of energy produced by the current generator is much higher than the energy absorbed by the pump, as this only has to overcome the state of inertia of the water, while the turbine produces all the energy due to the hydrostatic head present on the pump shaft.

This energy solution should have seriously made science think, which has always refrained from commenting on my purification and energy solutions. In fact, when calculating the head of a pump, science itself subtracts the positive pressure on the pump shaft.

The head of a pump is a physical quantity which expresses the capacity of the pump to lift a given volume of fluid, usually expressed in meters of water column, to a higher level from the point where the pump itself is positioned. The formula which identifies the manometric head is the following: Hm = h + (P1 – P2) / g + (v²1 – v²2) / 2g [m ]. Where: Hm = manometric head Pm = delivery pressure on the manometer P1 = delivery pressure in the section Pa = suction pressure on the pressure gauge P2 = suction pressure in the section V1 = speed in the pump inlet section 1 V2 = speed in the pump inlet section output of the lifting system.

This implicitly means that if we use a submersible pump in the reverse of how it has always been used, instead of raising the water, it pushes it downwards and the pressures P1 and P2 add up instead of subtracting, producing a greater kinetic energy in the descent proportional to the hydrostatic pressure on the pump inlet which also depends on the rotation speed of the pump. This kinetic energy at the pump outlet can be transferred to a turbine coupled to a current generator that produces electricity, without the need to build dams and large reservoirs to produce electricity. Furthermore, this solution would bring oxygen to the surface waters, purifying the seabed waters and increasing the phytoplankton and therefore, the production of fish (artificial welling).


The following figure shows a probable future condominium system. The water level at the atmospheric pressure of the tank is kept constant by the automatic top-up of the water by means of a floating valve. The circulation of the water produced by the submersible pump which pumps in the direction of the gravitational force feeds a submersible pump, fed in reverse, which acts as a turbine coupled to a current generator.

This solution, in addition to producing energy at lower cost than other energy: thermal, solar, wind, would also ensure a continuous recycling of drinking water consumption, which today, accumulates in the collecting tanks that feed autoclaves, producing sludge and bacteria.
But in other terrestrial applications, if we really want to avoid immense energy waste, and we want to reduce large works such as dams and water reservoirs in the mountains, it is necessary to modify the entire system for raising and managing drinking water and irrigation.
The designers of the multinationals who design the pumps and the professors who design the public lifting systems have missed some laws of physics and hydraulics, such as the principle of communicating vessels and that of Pascal, which would allow greater energy yields. With the modified systems and the pumps equipped with dual power supply, this trivial error is remedied, exploiting both the principle of communicating vessels and Pascal’s law in hydraulic lifts. In fact, one feed port of the pump exploits the principle of communicating vessels to recycle the water without increasing the pressure of the closed or open vessel recycle circuit, the second feed port introduces a quantity of water into the aforementioned recycle circuit with a hydrostatic pressure lower than the recycled one. The hydrostatic pressure in a circuit full of water in an open vessel, while not influencing the head necessary for the circulation of the pump, determines its internal pressure and can be measured in metres, being the distance between the upper level of the water with respect to the axis of the circulation pump.
Therefore, in the worst case scenario (with small flow rates), the lifting systems of the future, from an electromechanical point of view, will cost much less than the current ones. But the greatest advantage that will be obtained with the birth of dual-fuel pumps is that of water saving (circular economy as opposed to the current linear economy) and low-cost energy production that will be obtained by inserting the hydraulic turbines in the descent phase of the waters. In fact, large hydraulic works will no longer be necessary, with the flooding of mountain valleys and the construction of dams, which very often produce alluvial disasters, above all on occasions of sudden heavy rains, which, finding the natural reservoirs full of water, pour down the valley with much speeds the entire flow of water. With the introduction of these pumps and the combination of hydraulic turbines with them, it will be much more convenient and useful for the environment to accumulate water in the valleys than in the mountains.
The following scheme can be used to raise and distribute drinking and irrigation water, with positive energy balances, not negative ones like the current ones. In fact, hydraulic lifts, after means of transport, are today the largest energy expense on the planet. Below is a diagram of future water lifting systems, which will also produce energy. It can be seen that the upper basins are connected to the turbine outlet with a large diameter pipe to assimilate the water discharge into it to a submerged outlet, which has a head loss equal to V2/2g considering the outlet section of the turbine. This outlet must not overcome the hydrostatic pressure of the upper basin as it is equipped with a kinetic energy conferred by the pump with the dual separate power supply, which exploits both the gravitational force and the hydrostatic head of the upper basin in the descent tube. When the pump stops, the energy production also stops. But the energy, economic and environmental advantage is evident, because the pump, exploiting the gravitational force and the hydrostatic head, absorbs less energy than that produced by the turbine. Furthermore, energy is supplied directly from the environment, without fuels, nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy and without dispersing water as in current hydroelectric plants.

Legend of the drawings Fig 1: (acg) alternating current generator; (ai)  axial impeller; (C) collector   (caipds) capsid axial intubated pump with dual suction; (csp) connection systems pipe;   (cst) containment system tube; (cv) check valve; (dgh) delivery geodetic height; (dthdc) deviation towards hydraulic drainage canals; (ecpc) electrical current produced cable; (fcp) flange for coupling to the pump; (fdsfs) flanged dual supply and flow separator; (fss) flow separator in sheet steel; (htva) hydraulic turbine with vertical axis; (iwft) inlet water to feed turbine; (lf) lift ring; (lfcv) level floating control valve; (mpl) probe of the minimum or maximum level;  (pat) pump as turbine; (ptr) pressure tested reservoir; (od)  overflow discharge; (pat) pump as turbine; (pwa) pump with autoclave;  (sav) supply additional valve; (sacg) submersible alternating current generator; (sacm) submersible alternating current motor; (sfff) special flange with four feeds;  (sgh) suction geodetic height; (sov) shut-off valve; (sovfa) shut-off valve with flow adjustment; (sph) suction piezometric height; (srip) supporting ring for intubate pump; (srt) supply reservoir tube; (sss) shaped sheet steel; (sv) safety valve; (tcp) tube containing the pump; (tpups) three-phase UPS; (wdn) water distribution network; (wddr) water distribution and disconnection reservoir;

The main advantage of the above solution is that of producing hydroelectric energy in the valleys where we can accumulate immense quantities of water without any danger of flooding. As you can see from the drawings. Assuming that the initial basin located at the lowest level is a lake or a river, we can also produce energy by lifting and transporting the water from one basin to another at a considerable distance if we take only the water that comes out of the maximum level from the basins. When the water levels are lowered, the valves open which feed the pumps with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller which feeds with additional water, coming from the previous basin without ever interrupting the production of electricity.

8. Bad energy inventions are destroying the planet’s real economy and Earth’s agriculture.

The planet is warming, while the glaciers decrease, the water level of the oceans and seas increases. Meanwhile, the waters of rivers and lakes become less and less. Things cannot change with the current world scientific and political ruling class who by mutual agreement hinder sustainable inventions to the advantage of commercial ones. The water cycle is very simple and linear and is directly linked to the terrestrial carbon cycle. The more salty waters acidify, the more water evaporates globally. The rains only minimally fall on the emerged lands as 71% of the surface is occupied by the oceans. Therefore, they go to feed the very same oceans that increase the water level, while fresh waters become less and less and cannot satisfy the needs of terrestrial agriculture. The water level of rivers and lakes is dropping alarmingly all over the planet. Unfortunately, everything is connected to the world energy system chosen by science and by the powerful of the Earth in the last two hundred years who have completely neglected the water cycle in all world anthropological inventions, favoring thermal energies which produce CO2 and steam and nuclear ones which produce radioactivity and steam. We must not underestimate the danger of water vapor which, although not a toxic substance, is nevertheless a greenhouse gas, which has a density fifty times higher than atmospheric air. This greater density produces a great deal of damage when turbulent atmospheric phenomena such as cyclones, tornadoes and hurricanes occur, since the destructive force of these phenomena is due to the product of the flow rate, speed and density of the fluids involved together with the air atmospheric. Unfortunately, terrestrial science, not coordinated by any world government, has only produced commercial inventions with air/air heat exchangers, which contribute to heating the planet above all, in urban agglomerations, instead of using water/air heat exchangers, which would have been much more complete and efficient from an energy and environmental point of view, especially if they exchange heat with the water contained in the subsoil.

To stop the current global warming, we must immediately ban the anthropological inventions that produced it but, above all, we must drive the merchants out of the temple, even if many pretend to be inventor scientists and benefactors of humanity. These gentlemen have had all the time necessary to change their solutions and have never corrected them. Both to seriously clean up fossil energy and to produce clean energy without fuels and nuclear energy at much lower costs than the current ones. So without CO2 and steam production.

We know it took us less than two hundred years to warm up the planet right now. We don’t know how long it will take to fix it. But the solutions are there even if science and the entire world ruling class pretend not to understand them.

Indeed, we can act simultaneously on two fronts:

1. Eliminating combustibles from fixed mobile thermal plants by immediately realizing compressed hydro-electromagnetic plants.

2. Realizing sustainable desalination with ion exchange resins 10.06.2016 and the transport of desalinated water to desertified lands by means of hydro-electromagnetic systems at atmospheric pressure, with energy-independent systems, as shown in the figure below.

At the current state of the art, neither desalination plants, nor water lifting and transport systems are sustainable, as current systems absorb immense quantities of energy and have large maintenance costs.

These solutions anticipated by a few months an even better solution which is undoubtedly the coupling between a pump with separate dual power supply up to the impeller and an autoclave, which makes it possible to reduce overall dimensions and to mount compressed hydroelectric plants also on transportation, revolutionizing the world’s land-based marine, submarine, aeronautical and space transportation. However, science, governments, multinationals, in 2023, still haven’t noticed anything, although they were published and filed as patents in 2015.

In these applications it is necessary to open the circuit at the outlet of the turbine that produces hydroelectric energy and connect the pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller so that it automatically inserts the same quantity of water used to produce hydroelectric energy in the circuit of pressurized recycling of the autoclave, spending only the amount of energy necessary for recycling, not that which would be necessary to overcome the static pressure of the autoclave. Obviously, in this case, the energy advantage is immense even if the circulation pump has to circulate a double water flow rate compared to that which passes through the turbine. In fact if we assume that 0.1 m3/sec passes through the turbine with a pressure of 30 meters of water column with the formula Q*H/102 we produce a power of 0.0294 Kw/sec. While to circulate the flow rate of 0.2 m3/sec, a head of 1.0 meter of water column is sufficient. Using the same formula we absorb 0.00196 Kw/sec, which is 15 times lower than the power produced. When it comes to calculating the power of a system that uses water as an energy carrier, it is easier to use the pressure measurement in meters of water column and the flow rate in m3/sec. By dividing the result by the coefficient 102 we have directly the power in Kw/sec. Probably, I exaggerated to assign an electrically produced pressure to the pump with the double separate supply up to the impeller because with the combination of the autoclave, the direction of the flow in the pump with the separate double supply is determined by the opening of the valve located at the exit of the same autoclave. In fact, the water that has to enter the impeller, from the supply not connected to this flow, enters it anyway due to the atmospheric pressure, the positive hydrostatic head and the depression produced in the center of the impeller due to the effect of the centripetal force that is produced in the center of all centrifugal pumps. The electric motors at the pump and shut-off valve are used to allow for flow regulation. Without this regulation we cannot regulate the flow rate and therefore the power to be produced which is indispensable in means of transport and work.

If we think that I assumed the pressure of the air cushion with 30 m of water column equal to about three bars, which is a very low pressure, I can also assume it equal to 30 bars (300 m) and I will have a production of energy 10 times higher, equal to 0.294 kw/s, while the energy spent for speed regulation will always be 0.00196 Kw/sec, since the pump works with balanced suction and delivery pressures, as if it were working in a closed circuit , due to Pascal’s principle. The ratio 0.294 / 0.00196 becomes 150. It means the turbine produces 150 times the power absorbed by the pump.

In the case of the new nuclear fusion which has produced only 19% more energy spent after hundreds of billions spent on research and experimentation, I think that the big mountain has produced the usual little mouse. While a little mouse without a single euro of funding, public or private, only with reasoning based on terrestrial physics, the current technological state of the art and the study of work organization, extracting primary energy from the environment, without any energy transformation cost, it can multiply by 150 times (and even more) the energy extracted from the air and water, which cost nothing, and are returned to the environment, without changing their chemical composition, therefore, without producing any form of pollution, even oxygenating the water and therefore purifying it more and more each time it passes through the autoclave as a result of Henry’s law.

If we think that with hydro-electromagnetic energy we produce only the primary energy, while all necessary machines: the pumps and turbines in which the water circulates, the fans or the propellers to produce Newton’s thrust, the solenoids for produce the possible Lorentz thrust, the valves for regulating the water and air flow rates, the primary and induced electric circuits for the production of movement energy and those for regulating the temperature, are part of already existing and tested technologies on the planet Earth, we must ask ourselves why, precisely primary energy, which was the simplest and cheapest to identify, in the year 2023 which is still the year of the war in Ukraine, has not yet been tested, although it has been identified in various forms: submerged, with the recycling of water in an open vessel and finally compressed.

In all these plants, which are still in a virtual state, because it happened that the inventor was a pensioner who certainly could not transform himself into an entrepreneur with no money and with a limited life expectancy, the energy source is the gravitational force. Only in the final solution does it become atmospheric air, which, as it happens, has been cleaned by gravity in four and a half billion years by compressing it to the pressure of one bar in our atmosphere to allow us to reduce the overall dimensions and significantly increase the producible energy power . The applications we can make with this solution are endless but science at the service of public and private masters has not created even one, starting with the invention of the artificial blood oxygenating heart which could allow human life to be extended beyond all expectations by making up for , in addition to cardiac deficiencies also pulmonary, neurological, renal, hepatic.

With electronic and computer technologies evolving in a short time the artificial heart could be easily connected to artificial intelligence. We will be able to restore sight to the blind, voice to those who don’t speak, movement to the disabled organs with the compressed electromagnetic energy produced in our chest, not only for the current disabled but also for the very elderly. With age we are all destined first to become invalids and then to die, but all diseased organs could be exported, including the digestive system. It would be sufficient to feed the heart and the brain with appropriate physiological solutions. Probably, if this happens, the men of the future will become even more evil and hungry for power than those of now. But we cannot give up progress because of science that works only for those who pay it best and of current politicians who allow this trade, which has not only led to global warming in a very few years but also to atomic bombs and the concealment of inventions simple, linear and at the same time global like those summarized in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme that frighten, above all, those who currently hold global economic power. I don’t think these people are ignorant. I believe that these inventions are being tested somewhere in the world but not for everyone, as the inventor would have liked. The hypocrisy that governs the whole world must be fought at all levels by experimenting with everything without hiding anything, starting with the elimination of the trade of patents from public research bodies to multinationals.

In the latest invention (29.07.2021 I proposed the possibility of being able to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz and the capture of interstellar dust, which have never been proposed even in science fiction films. I don’t believe that science fiction is needed to colonize space by the descendants of men, but the simple scientific organization of global work. As long as science is polluted by the interests of scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs, we will continue to waste the earth’s resources, never choosing the best solutions. Even space navigation will continue to be a mirage.

So, we have to ask what is the use of fuels and the division of the atom? Only to waste resources and pollute the environment? Moreover, according to Henry’s principle, every time low pressure water is introduced through the pump with the separate dual power supply into the autoclave, it absorbs oxygen which purifies it for free and therefore we can also purify polluted water for free .

9. Let’s abolish the Nobel Prize for Physics.

Even today, the most Nobel-awarded science is nuclear science, which has produced more harm than good to humanity, while thermal science, which has produced global warming, is still the most widespread. Current renewable energies, being discontinuous and not very powerful, will continue to play only a marginal role in world energy production. The only energy that has never been produced is hydroelectricity with the recycling of water because no scientist has thought that it is necessary to assemble a pump in series with a turbine which perform two different functions: the pump must overcome the state of inertia by pumping direction of the gravitational force and the turbine must produce the kinetic energy necessary for the current generator to produce electricity.

It is shameful that this energy conceived through the global study of the scientific organization of work is the only one that has never been financed, tested and implemented worldwide, despite the fact that the undersigned has written open letters to all the highest world authorities. Especially to the United Nations and the International Court of Justice. I recently called this energy compressed hydroelectromagnetic. It can be produced everywhere, even at the north and south poles, in deserts, in fixed and mobile plants, even in space. There is no need to stock up on fuel and therefore, no need to transport high voltage energy in underground cables or on pylons. You don’t even need to stop at gas stations. Being cold produced, this energy will allow us to create interactive global linear motors that allow to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz which with current thermal and nuclear energies cannot be added due to the fact that the electromagnetic thrust, on planet Earth, it can only be made cold with coils of wires insulated with protective paints that cannot be exposed to temperatures higher than normal terrestrial ones. However, strangely, this energy does not arise from well-paid and Nobel prize-winning science, it is born gradually, precisely by organizing terrestrial work scientifically, starting from the virtual modification of the chimneys, the Imhoff pits, the sewers, the purifiers, which as they are designed currently, they work inefficiently. I, who proposed myself as a retired inventor, didn’t do it for personal or economic ambitions. I simply continued to do the work of a designer, unpaid by anyone, because too many things, for many years, did not convince me about the current functioning of man-made plants, especially contracted out by public bodiesThe only way I could go was to establish complete water and air purification cycles together without ever interrupting them, doing the right interventions in the right place, as I had learned to do in the seventeen years I lived in the automotive industry, where all the components they are built separately in moving production lines and all convey on the main path which is that of the body, which after painting is gradually completed by the other elements, starting from the engine, suspension, seats, upholstery, according to precise work cycles. You can’t assemble what needs to be assembled first, afterwards without doubling or tripling the cost of the work. Similarly, in the environmental purification cycles it was and is necessary to establish a main path to follow which is that of the water from the starting point of the pollution and to convey the air purification cycles along this path, since water and air are always complementary from the beginning of the cycles, not only in the final purifiers, as is currently the case all over the world, wasting immense economic resources, first by damaging the sewage along endless sewage routes, then trying to oxygenate the septic waters in the final purifiers. Furthermore, using powerful blowers powered by electricity produced by thermal power stations that pollute the air, which once it reaches the atmosphere, cannot be recovered and purified together with the water, as it would have been logical to do. For me, who loved my job as a system designer and installer, it was just a matter of professional ethics. I could not go to the other world without turning into an inventor because those who remain silent consent. I kept silent like everyone else, to bring home a salary, but also because my job was limited only to trying to win the tenders with the lowest company cost, respecting the tender specifications. As an employee I was not in a position or even authorized to make alternative proposals. The activity of inventor involves research and long reflections. You can’t improvise and I didn’t improvise. I waited for retirement. However, I am convinced that if I hadn’t known the organization of industrial work first and then the environmental systems, those for lifting and distributing water, I would not have been able to make any improvement proposals. What leaves me perplexed is the silence gathered by my inventions, above all, from designers, public researchers, legislators, politicians, who are not bound to obey the tender specifications and the orders of the employers. Evidently, they didn’t love their work enough and they don’t even love those who do it for free for them. It would be necessary to ask why science has never investigated the primary energy source that could produce the initial force spontaneously produced by the earth’s nature with lower costs and less environmental damage?

For me, this is the biggest cheat in the world because those who finance science do not want to investigate the main primary energy source par excellence. Let me give you an example: if it turns out that the primary source costs nothing and is accessible to everyone, almost certainly, the entire world economy collapses. The costs of gas, oil, coal, uranium, and the transformation industries of old and new energies would collapse. The latter, in order not to enter the natural cycles of water and air and not to deepen the free use of the principles of Pascal, Torricelli, Venturi, Henry, insist on producing energy for a fee, such as hydrogen transformed into fuel , or the emerging Tritium, mentioned in the above article. This means that truly sustainable environmental and energy inventions are hidden by the scientists themselves, who in the end are nothing more than employees, who cannot escape the orders received from their public and private employers. In a sense, scientists are like soldiers who are sent to the front to fight unjust and meaningless wars, like the one in the Ukraine. But what is serious is the fact that the current old and new generation fossil and nuclear energies are also contrary to the scientific logic established by the Creator of the universe. If it is true that the total energy of the universe is equal to zero, as asserted by leading astrophic scientists, it cannot be denied that the creator of the universe allowed nuclear explosions and very high temperatures of hundreds of millions of degrees , the very high degrees of radiation, very high electromagnetic phenomena, at immense distances from planets such as the Earth, where biological life has developed. Above all, the earth’s atmosphere is an excellent protection filter against radioactive phenomena.

We do not know whether there is an Earth-like planet in the entire universe and human-like living beings. Suffice it to say that the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, and the first ancestors of men (homo sapiens) only appeared in the last 300,000 years, when the environment was completely purified of the toxic gases produced by the aforementioned nuclear explosions and biological life developed and zoological due to favorable astrophysical circumstances, but also terrestrial natural ones with the gradual geological adjustment of the emerged lands, the formation of the seas and oceans. The primary energy that favored all of this came from the gravitational force, but it did so very slowly, taking 4.5 billion years. What has terrestrial nature in particular done with the help of favorable astrophysical conditions? It removed the toxic gases of the primordial era from the planet (methane, hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide) and thickened the atmospheric gases useful for biological life at a pressure of one bar in various layers based on their density. Starting from the bottom: homosphere, heterosphere, protosphere. Planet Earth is also characterized by the fact that the water surface covers 71% of the planet. 97% is made up of the oceans, 2.1% is found in polar ice caps and glaciers, while only 0.65% is concentrated in rivers, lakes, aquifers and groundwater and the atmosphere, available to all living beings.

Without being great scientists, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand that the creator of the universe, by allowing the atmospheric air, as we know it, to thicken, provided us with the first form of compressed air which acts simultaneously on water and soil to favor vital biological processes but also fluid dynamic energy processes at the temperature of the earth’s environment. Just think of sea currents, winds, the circulation of water in terrestrial rivers and lakes, artesian wells, which are all natural phenomena, which occur without the use of any technology. All these phenomena should have made us understand that we should have better studied the technologies to increase, where necessary, locally, the speed and pressure of the fluid dynamic flows to also increase the speed of the energy and purification food processes, without any need for heat sources and of nuclear explosions that do not belong to the earth’s environment.

The only sustainable energy source available on the whole planet in all seasons is the very simple gravitational force which, as mentioned above, has selected the gases and thickened the atmospheric air. Which maintained at the earth’s temperature, far from the critical conditions of liquefaction, maintains its elasticity indefinitely. Thus, atmospheric air is the most powerful and cheapest energy accumulator on earth. While the incompressible water of the oceans, rivers and lakes is the most powerful energy vector, being incompressible and with a density about 830 times higher than the gases and steam used by thermal and nuclear energy to power the turbines that produce the electric energy.

If we reason objectively, regardless of the very serious environmental problems produced by thermal and nuclear energies, it is against all terrestrial scientific logic to produce energy through heat, since the driving force produced depends on the pressure and density of the fluid passing through the turbine. It should have been logical to prefer water as an energy carrier 830 times more instead of combustion fumes and steam. Above all, the water is free and also the atmospheric air. With these two elements freely available on the entire planet, which respond perfectly to the multidisciplinary and interactive scientific logic of the creator of the universe, it is possible to extract compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy, which can be installed on fixed and mobile systems, with fairly small dimensions and weights, not needing to transport fuel and build large cooling systems. While thermal and nuclear energy require fuel tanks, high costs, large dimensions, high purification costs and high plant cooling costs, high energy transport costs. Furthermore, compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy, by simultaneously exploiting the energy and natural purification principles, can allow to locally increase the speed of the energy and purification processes, varying the static pressures of land, marine, aeronautical and space systems. Water, used as an energy vector, can be recycled and purified indefinitely, it can even purify the environment during the energy process. It all depends on the criteria used in the design of the plants and on the scientific organization of the work that the man-made plants must carry out.

It should be clear that politicians and economists cannot be able to govern planet earth if science continues to ignore the use of interactive principles which are the only ones that could solve environmental and energy problems simultaneously and globally.

What do governments do in the face of flooding, climatic emergencies, major fires, earthquakes, tsunamis? They call scientists and experts in individual sectors, but these can only give good advice, not really solve problems because the state of the art in environmental protection has never been able to advance globally precisely because interactive principles have never entered in the design of world anthropic plants. Not even the greatest scientist of all time Albert Einstein noticed it, who, unfortunately, did not have the time to reflect sufficiently on the difference between terrestrial and universal physics, having dealt only with the universal one, which is clearly characterized by thermodynamic and nuclear phenomena. Although Albert Einstein lived from 1879 to 1855, while the first hydroelectric plant was built in 1802, he did not delve into the subject as this type of energy production with the hydraulic jump is quite trivial from a scientific point of view. This energy did not deserve the attention of the great scientist and illustrious colleagues of his time, including Lorentz, Edison, Tesla, Plank, Fermi. No one has done it up to the present day for the simple fact that it was easier to carry out scientific insights through the study of the scientific organization of work, to save energy consumption for hydraulic lifts and the same water consumption. Let’s face it clearly, the simplicity of the current hydroelectric energy produced with the hydraulic jump has deceived the entire world science, because we can produce electricity even without the hydraulic jump, saving water.

Unfortunately, it seems that science does not accept being fooled by a simple pensioner, even if the undersigned did not want to fool anyone. Science pretends that environmental and energy problems are not within its competence and leaves politicians alone to fight against rising energy costs and issue ridiculous measures, such as those that encourage electric cars, demonstrating that the world is governed by hypocrisy politics and scientific. Even an elementary school child would understand that charging the batteries of an electric car involves a greater consumption of energy, compared to the direct use of the energy source. Therefore, as long as primary energy remains fossil or nuclear, electric cars lead to a higher production of flue gases, CO2, steam, which is also a greenhouse gas, and nuclear pollution.

We could have extracted the clean energy contained in Pascal’s cask for a long time directly at 220 or 380 volts in fixed and mobile terrestrial, marine and space plants, even at the poles and in the deserts, without any distribution network, of fuels and of the same electric energy. It is enough to imagine that the barrel is made of steel and that there is water in the lower part and compressed air in the upper part. When we open the water outlet valve, it will come out due to the air pressure and will pass through a turbine, whose current generator will supply the desired voltage in volts. The water leaving the turbine enters a smaller tank equipped with an air vent valve calibrated to atmospheric pressure. From this tank, the same quantity of water immediately enters a special centrifugal pump that no pump manufacturer has wanted to build, so as not to upset the current market. This pump must be equipped with two completely separate supplies. One of these feeds is used to recover the water discharged from the turbine, the other is connected directly to the liquid part of the autoclave itself. Both supplies, completely separate, arrive together in the same pump impeller. What happens in the pump with the double separate supply up to the impeller? It’s very simple. Since the flow is unidirectional due to check valves, and since the impeller is rotating (as is known, a centripetal force is developed in the center of the centrifugal impeller precisely to facilitate the entry of the water) we will have two flows of water, one in high pressure and one at atmospheric pressure going in the same direction. Since the passage section of a centrifugal pump expands due to the helical shape of the rotating blades, in a very short time we will have only one unidirectional flow and only one pressure which is that of the autoclave, as the greater pressure expands throughout the pump body precisely because of Pascal’s principle. What does this mean in terms of energy? We performed a small miracle because with the electrical power required for a normal centrifugal recycling pump that works in a closed circuit, we were able to introduce the same amount of water that came out of the circuit under high pressure and produced the electrical energy. The volume of water and air inside the autoclave does not change because exactly the same quantity of water enters as exits, since the recycling pump works with balanced pressures in suction and delivery, as if it were working in a closed circuit. So with a very small prevalence. However, the energy gain calculated on the basis of the ratio between the energy expended in the pump and the energy produced by the turbine is many tens of times in favor of the energy produced, as this is expelled by the compressed air pressure for the principle of the impenetrability of bodies. This same principle does not allow a greater quantity of water to enter the autoclave than the amount left, precisely because the recycling pump works with a low head and cannot produce a pressure that overcomes the pressure of the air cushion. Indeed, the head of a pump is a physical quantity which expresses the capacity of the pump to lift a given volume of fluid, usually expressed in meters of water column, to a higher level from the point where the pump itself is positioned. If the hydrostatic pressures are balanced in the suction and discharge in the impeller, it is clear that the energy absorption by the pump is very low. This phenomenon is very similar to the reasons why we can discharge the water introduced with a low pressure in the submarine pipelines, despite the fact that at the outlet of the pipeline there is a hydrostatic pressure of hundreds of metersIn fact, the submarine pipeline, immersing itself in the water at a depth of one hundred meters, assumes a static pressure equal to that of the sea at the exit of the pipe. Therefore, a very small kinetic energy, due to a few centimeters of water column, is sufficient to allow the water to be discharged at a depth of one hundred meters. In the case of the pump with the dual separate power supply, to introduce water at low pressure into an autoclave pressurized at 10 bar, we must use one power supply of the pump to recycle 50% of the pump flow rate and the other power supply to let it enter the same impeller of the pump the other 50% of the flow at atmospheric pressure. In fact, the submarine pipeline, immersing itself in the water at a depth of one hundred meters, assumes a static pressure equal to that of the sea at the exit of the pipe. Therefore, a very small kinetic energy, due to a few centimeters of water column, is sufficient to allow the water to be discharged at a depth of one hundred meters. In the case of the pump with the dual separate power supply, to introduce water at low pressure into an autoclave pressurized at 10 bar, we must use one power supply of the pump to recycle 50% of the pump flow rate and the other power supply to let it enter the same impeller of the pump the other 50% of the flow at atmospheric pressure. Therefore, from the pump outlet we have only one flow rate and one pressure, which is that of the autoclave. In any case, as the circulation pump has a low head, no more water can enter the autoclave than it leaves. Therefore, the real engine of the pump is the hydrostatic pressure exerted by the compressed air, kept constant in the autoclave, regulating the oscillation of the water level to a minimum. However, the regulation of the pump revolutions and the degree of opening of the valves is essential to regulate the flow rate, the pressure and therefore, the kinetic energy to be transmitted to the turbine and to the current generator connected to it which produces the electric energy directly to the desired voltage, without the need for fuels, energy, nuclear, panels, solar, etc. Furthermore, knowing the principles of Henry and Dalton, we know that every time the renewal water passes through the autoclave it absorbs a quantity of pressurization gases, proportionally to the pressure of the autoclave, we have a wide choice of how to use that we call “compressed hydroelectromagnetism”. With this system we can choose whether we have to carry out mainly an energy, purifying, or motorization function for land, sea, aeronautical or space transport. In the latter cases, the air vent valves placed on the water recycling tanks at atmospheric pressure must convey the air into the cockpit of the pressurized aircraft at atmospheric pressure, and compress it again to restore the volume and pressure of the autoclave without dispersing it in the vacuum.

There can be no comparison between this type of energy (compressed hydroelectromagnetic) and old and new generation nuclear energy, for the cost, the size of the plants and the quality of the energy. What’s more, without any energy extraction and transformation costs, nor transport costs. Since it can also be installed on means of transport, neither fuel distributors nor sockets for electric cars, already obsolete, will be necessary, as compressed air is a natural energy accumulator, but it must be used statically one-way, otherwise it only performs the function of an energy actuator as in pneumatic circuits.

Let’s think about what would have happened if this energy had been understood and already implemented all over the world, since the mid-eighteenth century, with the basic elements already existing (pumps, turbines, motors, compressors, valves, albeit built with less technology). How would the Russians have left the Ukrainian people without electricity and heat in the middle of winter? Obviously, the problem is much broader and affects the entire world development, which is clearly hampered by science itself, by scientific media, by legislators. in fact, oil and gas derivatives could be used to create artificial islands in the oceans and to create artificial welling to feed the world’s population at low cost. But science, governments and multinationals are not yet ready even for this invention.

28) 10.06.2016  

 27) 10.06.2016 

How many politicians are in good faith and how many prefer to remain in scientific ignorance despite being graduates in scientific disciplines? It is too convenient to hide behind science.

For world science, on the other hand, the watchword is to remain silent in order to continue to remain under the protective umbrella of public and private employers and world stock exchanges. The damage caused by governments by allowing the sale of public science patents to multinationals has created irreparable damage. Unfortunately, the problem is not only energy but alternative development and a different distribution of world wealth. But before speaking of social problems it is necessary to fully clarify the scientific problems. It can only be done by globally applying the scientific organization of work and updating all the neglected interactive links. Starting from the chimneys, the sewers, the water and air purifiers. Not only Pascal’s principle has been underestimated but also Henry’s which would allow us to purify water for free at each passage through an autoclave. In fact, if we introduce polluted water into fixed systems, this is increasingly purified by absorbing oxygen at each passage through the autoclave. This means that this system can be made smaller and used at low pressure (120 mm Hg) to purify human blood as well, creating energetically autonomous human artificial hearts which would compensate not only for cardiac deficiencies but also for pulmonary, neurological, renal and hepatic deficiencies. By how many years could human life be extended with an energetically autonomous blood oxygenating artificial heart? It must be medical science that chooses the best choice by assuming its own responsibilities, as energy and environmental scientists should assume them. They are the ones who are consulted by governments in the various energy, climatic, sanitary incendiary emergencies.

I think I made the only possible choice. Lacking capital and experimental laboratories, I was forced to virtually create an alternative development model, based on the fact that the scientific organization of industrial work was created without respecting environmental parameters, and above all, the environmental one which is never started. In fact, the starting points of this organization should have been the modification of the chimneys, sewers and purifiers, which were my first inventions. Isn’t it strange that a private inventor mainly dealt with public systems? The reason is very simple: I followed my inspiration, never thinking about personal profit.

It is no coincidence that none of my forty regularly filed inventions has ever been financed and implemented. However, reasoning differently, that is, applying the rules of the scientific organization of work impartially to the environment, at least virtually, expressing myself with reasoning and drawings, starting from the cleaning of fossil energy, gradually, as summarized in the aforementioned “nursery rhyme of”, I think I have demonstrated that it would also be possible to go into space without fuel and nuclear energy. It is sufficient to organize the work simultaneously both from an industrial and an environmental point of view, always choosing the best solution. The best solution is always the simplest and cheapest, but it does not allow for compromises. It is necessary to update the state of the art daily in a multidisciplinary and interactive way, regardless of the costs of the demolition of the previous plants, even if they represent the absolute majority of existing man-made plants, fixed and mobile.

It is no coincidence that it has been forced to modify the chimneys, the sewers, the purifiers, the desalination plants, the way of producing human food (artificial welling), the terrestrial, marine and space means of transport.

It is essential to carefully study the territory in which the plants are to be built. It is essential that the water and air purification cycles are common and that the energy sources to be used come from the same elements. The elasticity of compressible air at earth temperature is the ideal energy source and incompressible water at earth temperature is the ideal energy vector. Obviously, it is necessary to spend a small part of the energy produced to stay within these temperatures, whatever the temperatures of the external environment, terrestrial, marine or space. These small costs would be much, much lower than those faced now to cool thermal combustion, not to mention the purification of fumes and radioactive waste, which we are unable to do well in fixed plants. Let alone if we succeed in mobile ones. What prompted the great minds of scientists and inventors of all times to choose heat as the primary energy source, when the temperature of the energy fluid does not even enter into the calculation of the driving energy which is given by the famous formula: fluid* density* pressure of the same fluid. If water has a higher density about 800 times higher than combustion fumes and water vapor, isn’t it obvious that it is better to use water as an energy carrier than fumes and steam? I have never received scientific, political answers to this simple and elementary question from economists and entrepreneurs. The few problems to be solved were and still are those of statically exploiting the compressed air pressure in one direction. For myself, these solutions are simple and linear, however, the entire scientific, entrepreneurial, political and economic world ruling class continues to keep silent, demanding that a pensioner with his own means practically demonstrate their mistakes.

Suffice it to say that the billions of chimneys invented by primitive men have remained conceptually the same over the millennia without any scientist having thought that it is necessary to modify them to facilitate the descent of CO2 and combustion residues into the subsoil in order to carry out global air purification cycles and water together. Just as no one has thought that the sewers must not only be used to transport the waste sewage but also to start the global purification treatment by alternating the path with deep settlers, anaerobic in the lower part and aerobic in the upper part with small calcareous greenhouses and artificial rains for allow to maintain the alkalinity of the water and consume the CO2 and the combustion oxides in the same sewers. Just as the final water purifiers should have been designed differently with superimposed biological ponds and be covered to continue consuming CO2 as carbon fertilizer in greenhouses for the production of vegetable plants alongside limestone greenhouses. It is obvious that having a science that does not know the scientific organization of industrial work we could not even have a science that knows the scientific organization of environmental work and consequently of global work. As a result, the cycles developed in industry have been made efficient for productivity, but incomplete from an environmental point of view. While as far as man-made energy and purification plants are concerned, even today we are at year zero of correct global planning, precisely because the necessary transfer of useful experience between industry and the environment has not taken place. Environmental scientists should have been the ones to show industrial inventors the energy sources to use and also the best way to use them. The opposite has happened. Public scientists, with the consent of governments, collaborate to study commercial solutions with multinationals, also altering the labor market of inventors. In fact, multinationals prefer to buy patents from government employees, also buying the complicity of the governments themselves. It is clear that in this world context no one understands my simple and linear inventions.

World science, if it had been objective and interested in finding the best industrial, environmental and energy solutions, before dividing the atom, looking for the Higgs particle and after continuous failures and thousands of billions spent, switch to new generation nuclear power which in any case does not promise miracles, requiring temperatures of about 100 million degrees Celsius and therefore high costs, large dimensions, high weights, high technology, for the production, cooling, energy transport, should have studied terrestrial physics better.This is very different from the universal one because it doesn’t need heat that exceeds normal terrestrial temperatures. There is no need for combustion and fumes or even steam because the primary kinetic energy, necessary for the turbines that turn the rotors of the electric current generators, is produced by statically exploited compressed air, through the energy carrier which is simple water. Therefore the statically exploited air is not consumed and the water recycled in the same system via the pump with the dual separate supply is equally not consumed. I didn’t invent the perpetual mode because perpetual motion doesn’t produce energy and doesn’t wear out the machines that produce it. In my plants, pumps, turbines, valves, electric motors that develop a torque or a linear thrust in fixed and mobile plants wear out. So, with current technologies, if science and multinationals really knew how to design man-made plants, we wouldn’t even need to transport electricity. Still less of tankers, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, degassers.

In the terrestrial environment, the boundary between pressure and depression, between solid, liquid and gas, is always a source of exchange of energy, molecules and atoms between one state and another. Just think of the carbon cycle and chlorophyll photosynthesis. From the book by Prof. Paolo Sequi, with the emblematic title “The Environmental Raket” I quote: “For every 35 million carbon atoms deriving from photosynthesis, 30 million oxygen atoms, 60 million hydrogen atoms and as many as 1,552,904 atoms of different elements contributed by water are needed (1,000,000 of nitrogen, 250,000 of potassium, 125,000 of calcium, 80,000 of magnesium, 60,000 of phosphorus, 30,000 of sulfur, 4,500 of iron, 2,000 of boron, 1,000 of manganese, 300 of zinc, 100 of copper, 3 of cobalt, 1 of molybdenum ). This means that terrestrial natural science is infinitely superior to human science. Our best scientists in the face of this kind of science seem like amateurs on the loose, even if in some cases the inventions are correct. The worst are undoubtedly energy and environmental inventions. The former open useless thermal and nuclear cycles that do not belong to the earth’s nature, as the carbon cycle that moves immense quantities of water, air and steam takes place entirely at the temperature of the earth’s environment. The latter do not know how to close the cycles that the former open. Global warming was inevitable. The study of fluid dynamics and the scientific organization of the work are essential to exploit the purification principle of Henry, to exploit the energy principles of Pascal, Venturi, Torricelli, Newton. Therefore, in the terrestrial environment the energy and purification problems can be solved by correctly designing the anthropic machines and plants that fully exploit these principles. These machines are called pumps, turbines, electric motors. But they are also called autoclaves, shut-off and air vent valves. Each component must be designed and positioned in the systems according to a precise organization of the work, so that, in addition to producing energy, no toxic substances are released into the environment. Obviously, those who choose fuels or uranium to produce energy are forced to greatly complicate the design of the plants if they do not want to release toxic substances into the environment. This reasoning was not done by the scientists and inventors who preceded us in the past centuries and also in the present time. The reason for this lack of reasoning is due to the fact that science divided into separate sectors, in competition with each other, for commercial reasons, could not choose the best solution in the global sense. They have chosen the best solution in the specific sector. They have not been able to realize that the sum of the best purification and energy details, updated to the global terrestrial state of the art, automatically leads to the best terrestrial energy which is the terrestrial hydro-electromagnetic energy, because this energy was born precisely to economize the purification process of the fumes and the neutralization of CO2, with artificial rain on the calcareous material, which would use CO2 in favor of the environment by producing carbonates in the water. Science, realizing incomplete cycles in chimneys, sewers, purifiers, has been forced to propose CCS which is another incomplete, expensive and dangerous solution.

Politicians are complicit in these choices because they have not demanded complete cycles and by allowing the trade of public scientists’ patents to multinationals have allowed incurable conflicts of interest, which would never have come out, if some inventor like yours truly, despite not having been paid by no one had not continued to investigate in the direction of the scientific organization of work. But we are still year zero in this direction because trials are still denied.

Probably, if we did not live on planet earth but in space and developed all the details, it would turn out that the best energy would be nuclear. But we who are men cannot survive outside our natural habitat, therefore, to go into space we must artificially create the terrestrial environment in means of transport starting from chlorophyll photosynthesis and the carbon cycle. The indispensable elements are light, water and air. It is fortunate that compressed air is a very powerful energy accumulator, while water is the ideal energy carrier. It is no coincidence that air kept at the temperature of the earth’s environment is compressible even at thousands of bars and water kept at the same liquid temperature is incompressible to form the ideal energy vector. It is no coincidence that terrestrial electromagnetism can only be produced at the temperature of the terrestrial environment. It is probably no coincidence that the earth’s delicate electromagnetism interfaces perfectly with the powerful electromagnetism of the universe.

The simplest and cheapest way to produce terrestrial energy, even if science hasn’t understood it yet, is to increase the speed of the molecules without producing heat. In fact, if our aim is to reduce the weight force due to gravity to move from one place to another, we must be able to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz because the earth’s electromagnetism can only be produced through variations of electromagnetic fluxes in electric fields made in coils of wires painted with insulating paints that cannot withstand high temperatures. On the other hand, not even water, which is the energy vector to be able to perform its function, cannot boil or even freeze. The same thing can be said of the air which in compressed hydroelectric is the primary energy source which loses its characteristics of elasticity and competitiveness if it simultaneously reaches the critical points of pressure and temperature, where the gas liquefies or the water solidifies. Furthermore, the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies can be circumvented by balancing the static pressures in the body of the impeller of a centrifugal pump, if we modify it, creating a second supply on the suction side, clearly separated from the first.  This, despite its simplicity, is one of the most important scientific inventions of all time. But it is still hampered by silence from science, entrepreneurs, legislators, pump manufacturers. All categories have an interest in defending their inventions and the market shares they hold. Above all, the trade in public patents with multinationals has not allowed us to enter into all the details of anthropic cycles in order to always objectively choose the best solution which would inevitably have led to the best purification and energy solutions. It is clear that in these conditions, politicians and legislators also do their job badly. In fact, an inventor has no copyright unless he becomes an entrepreneur, pays the maintenance fees on granted patents, spends money to make legal appeals against the scientific ignorance of the patent offices for ridiculous objections such as not respecting the principles of energy conservation. Faced with these objective difficulties, the undersigned who only became an inventor as a pensioner, with a fairly limited life expectancy, could not fight on all fronts: scientific, political, legislative, economic. He preferred to leave the legal, bureaucratic and economic battles alone, and only virtually develop his own anthropic plants in chronological order. First fixed and then mobile, starting first from the cleaning of fossil energy and from this, above all, to economize processes, and reduce spaces and dimensions, introducing the fluid dynamic interactive principles of Henry, Pascal, Venturi, Torricelli, Bernoulli, but also the electromagnetic ones of Maxwell, Tesla, Lorentz to be able to extract energy directly from the environment without fuels and nuclear energy.

In fact, in the terrestrial environment to produce clean energy, we do not need heat but only fluid dynamics and electromagnetism, being the power in KW produced by the fluid flow rate by the pressure by the density of the same. It is a nonsense to use heat to produce fumes and steam and use them to produce energy by means of turbines, while we could do it cold without fuels and nuclear energy, with a higher density of the energy carrier which can be natural water. It makes no sense to add systems to purify the fumes and capture CO2, which would not be produced by circulating water alone. The fluid-dynamic energy source would be none other than compressed air first pressed by gravitational force and then with compressors in autoclaves. It is a nonsense not to use this energy source which costs nothing, just as it is a nonsense not to take advantage of the fact that the water purifies itself every time it passes through the autoclave. But it is also a contradiction not to use centrifugal pumps with the delivery in the direction of the gravitational force placed in series with the turbines to produce the primary fluid dynamic energy and at the same time, the induced electric and electromagnetic energy in a single plant process which can allow the thrust to be added together of Newton and Lorentz without intermediate steps and the transport of energy in cable ducts or pylons.

This great simplification of fluid dynamic systems at the temperature of the earth’s environment instead of thermal and nuclear ones would allow us to create electric motors that develop a driving torque and linear motors, more complex, which develop a linear thrust that can go in any direction in space , adding together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. Today these two thrusts cannot be added because terrestrial electromagnetism can only be produced cold with copper wire coils protected with insulating paints. It would be ridiculous to insist on fossil and nuclear energy which are expensive, polluting, cumbersome, not energetically autonomous, and should be cooled to ambient temperature.

Why is the most rewarded science still nuclear science, while governments, entrepreneurs, the world media are silent on these topics and all together advertise ridiculous solutions, such as electric cars, which are neither cheap nor clean, if not the world’s primary energy is changed, nor can they be applied to the heaviest means of land transport, but not even to air and space transport, which must have reduced weights and dimensions, without fuel tanks and nuclear reactors. What does it take to understand that only with energy extracted directly from the environment, we will be able to revolutionize the entire world development in a short time and also eliminate global warming?

Earth science is a dish that is eaten cold, ready to be eaten with current technologies. But the scientists didn’t understand it and consequently, neither did the men of power. This is why global warming was produced. Moreover, current dirty energy costs much more than possible clean energy. The current owners of this dirty energy are the richest men in the world, while the poor have nothing to eat and are deprived of the most basic rights. Even the inventors who do not participate in their power games and are satisfied only with publishing their inventions with the few publishers who do not expect to be paid are deprived of rights. Isn’t it strange that a scientific publication has to pay the publishers and that only those who can pay the participation fees, travel expenses and hotels can go to international scientific conferences? Everything is organized so that science works only in the service of those who hold global economic power. Faced with very important inventions produced with zero funding, which concern all aspects of human, environmental, energy and health activities, men of power, including science, pretend not to understand, in order not to pay for the immense damage caused to the earth’s environment and to future generations.

However, precisely because I have touched the hypocrisy of governments and science firsthand, I believe that planet earth should be governed scientifically because science can’t go wrong if it is applied globally in all details, always choosing the best solution updated at the last minute state of the art, first virtual and then real from a scientific, technological and economic point of view. Anyone who does not apply science globally is easily identifiable even by justice, to be sanctioned or punished with prison, since the toxic emissions of man-made plants must always be equal to zero both when purifying and when producing energy. As I wrote in a recent article (23.11.2022,  there is no difference between a virtual development and a real development, as the first must precede the second, precisely to avoid committing the mistakes made by public and private science of the past and present, which have never been corrected, despite having produced global warming and the unequal distribution of world wealth. My forty inventions have all remained in a virtual state, without ever moving on to the next state.

If science had had the courage to admit its mistakes, since 2015 it would have had to admit that it has forced the whole world to suffer from global warming because with hindsight and with a little reasoning the hydro-electromagnetic schemes that I have proposed could have be built right from the birth of the world’s first hydroelectric plant (1802) even with less refined technologies such as the current ones. A few years after compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy could be born. A few years after the other energy applications, land cars, trucks, agricultural tractors. A few years later you could add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz to fly in the atmosphere, submarine and space navigation without fuel and nuclear energy. These are the times taken by the undersigned to invent solutions with virtually zero public and private funding.

I probably could have done even earlier if I had found public and private scientific interlocutors willing to reason together. Physics and electromagnetism have not changed conceptually since the early 1800s. In hindsight, we could have spared ourselves all the trains and steam engines, heat engines, nuclear power plants. Of my virtual inventions, only the artificial blood oxygenating heart would have had to wait for the present era, having to be connected with electronics and artificial intelligence. Instead, in 2023, we still have to be discussing expensive oil and gas. In the middle of winter, the Ukrainian people, in addition to the bombs, must submit to the sabotage of the electricity distribution networks, which for over a century could have been autonomous for each house, even for each apartment. They are the same solutions that I used to go into space (virtually) and condition space environments without fuel and nuclear energy, which science and world governments continue to boycott, wanting at all costs to go down in history as the worst ruling class of all times. The other generations, at least, have the extenuating circumstance that the website had not yet been published and accessible to all. I want to remind once again that SPAWHE is the abbreviation of Sinergic Plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectromagnetic Energy, which represents the scientific organization of work applied impartially and globally in the interest of men and the planet earth. Not of specific inventions, nor of specific political, religious, philosophical conceptions. It is no coincidence that the undersigned was able to conceive this acronym in 2014, nine years after his retirement, when he understood that the interests of the various branches of science, politicians and multinationals would never have allowed to seriously clean the ‘fossil energy. Facts proved me right even though I’m still alone. But as they say: better alone than in bad company.

If it is true that the law is the same for everyone worldwide, taxes cannot be imposed on works that are intellectually useful to humanity only due to the ignorance of the legislators who attribute them to writers and not to inventors. It should be the other way around if a difference were to be made. Obviously, I’m not talking about industrial property which is something else, to which the undersigned has never aspired, considering it immoral, above all, for inventions of environmental, energy and health public utility. It is no coincidence that I have only dealt with these types of inventions. Why do these inventions have to wait twenty years after the granting of the patent to be accessible to the whole world? It is evident that the legislators intended to compensate the costs of research and development of the inventions. But not all inventions are created equal. Mine comes more than two hundred years late from the first hydroelectric plant and they didn’t cost a single euro of research but more than fifty years of industrial and environmental experiences because they are based on the scientific organization of work, which can only be learned if you love your job and respect the work of other inventors who have been undervalued by today’s society. In particular those who have dedicated themselves to the study of fluid dynamics and electromagnetism. Knowledge of the scientific organization of global work is essential to choose between inventions that are useful, useless, harmful to the life of the planet earth and of men.

We cannot afford to wait another few years for official science to give birth to more mice, when we are already two hundred years late. The technologies developed are already sufficient to restore the earth’s environment. It is necessary to expel the merchants from the temple immediately. It doesn’t matter if they are called scientists or politicians. The important thing is that everything works according to the laws of nature, not that of the multinationals and the scientists who work for them directly or indirectly, through the sale of patents by public researchers, who neglect their real work, which should be very similar to that performed by the undersigned. It is scandalous that my proposal to create a joint stock company called SPAWHE has not raised even one euro to be established: 28.02.2020  Obviously, I already knew that he would not have collected them, but everything serves to demonstrate that we are governed by a false science and a false world policy, regardless of political colors. Who currently governs the world are the multinationals and any excuse is good to delay the real fight against global warming.

10. Conclusions

With wrong but technologically advanced inventions we have created an apparent well-being that is destroying the earth’s environment. If today we had truly democratic world governments, who love the populations that allow them to govern, they would have to do nothing but save the technologies and correctly apply the interactive energy and terrestrial purification principles clearly indicated by the gravitational force and by nature itself which has never used fuels and nuclear energy to produce the earth’s electromagnetism and consequently, also the earth’s electricity. Until proven otherwise, it was a big scientific, economic and environmental mistake to produce electricity through steam boilers and through combustion fumes because the efficiency of a state-of-the-art boiler or heat engine does not exceed 35% of the lower heating value of the fuel used. To this low efficiency must be added all the costs of extracting fuel from mines, land and sea wells, transport costs, and energy refining costs, but also the costs of purification and cooling of steam and fumes. Therefore, if we consider all these costs, the effective efficiency of the thermal energy compared to the lower calorific value of the fuels does not even reach 10%. To this we must add that the purifications have never been done correctly, otherwise they would not have produced global warming in less than two hundred years of industrial development, which compared to the 4.5 billion of the Earth represent a fraction of a second. But the serious fact is the fact that the fluid-dynamic driving force does not need heat, but only pressure in (Kg/m2) * the density of the energy vector in (kg/m3)* the flow rate of the same energy vector in (m3 /s). Therefore, if we use water which has a density of 1000 kg/m3 as an energy vector compared to steam which has a density of about 60 kg/m3 or the combustion fumes of. 1,2 Kg/m3. Therefore, one can easily understand the great mistake made by world science, which preferred to use steam and combustion fumes instead of water as an energy carrier only because it did not investigate the correct way to use the hydrostatic pressure of water without the hydraulic jump (it was sufficient to use a pump in series with the turbine with the delivery in the direction of the gravitational force) and above all, he did not investigate how to use statically, in one direction the pressure of an autoclave to produce infinitely with the the same amount of water as electricity in fixed and mobile systems Therefore, without any need for expensive energy accumulators which will also be difficult to dispose of, which certainly will not be able to satisfy the world’s energy needs: let’s think of the large means of transport and work, aircraft, ships, submarines, spaceships. If science has become unreliable due to being linked to employers who have invested in the wrong energy sources, we must save the technologies and correctly apply the interactive energy and land purification principles clearly indicated by the gravitational force and by nature itself which has never used fuels and nuclear energy to produce terrestrial electromagnetism and consequently, also terrestrial electric energy can be produced everywhere, cold fluid dynamically with only water and air and obviously the gravitational force that are provided free by nature in any terrestrial location. The examples published in this article and in many previous articles are still boycotted by public and private science and by world governments should make us think instead of talking nonsense about renewable energies, new nuclear energies that will never be able to compete with natural hydro-electromagnetic energy and compressed in all terrestrial energy and purification applications. Even the human heart of sick and elderly people can be replaced with an energetically autonomous blood oxygenating artificial heart, based on these principles. We must rather ask ourselves who pays for the damages suffered by these silences by the entire world ruling class, not only political, but also scientific? Of course, everyone can be wrong. Especially yours truly. All I ask is to be proven wrong by impartial experiments in the interests of the entire world population, present and above all, future. The fact that I only collect silences from the entire world ruling class is very worrying because I think I know my job well. I may be wrong on some details, not on the general reasoning which clearly indicates that the best terrestrial energy source is only one and it is fluid dynamics. Unfortunately, current hydroelectric energy has nothing in common from an economic, technical and scientific point of view with natural and compressed hydroelectromagnetism, as there is no need for large reservoirs in the mountains which are expensive and can produce large floods due to the ruptures of the dams. Planet Earth needs to accumulate fresh water where it is needed, when it is needed without consuming energy, but producing it at the same time as water use, i.e. where agriculture, industrial work and civilian homes are produced. Furthermore, with this energy we can also desalinate sea water at very low cost and send it to the deserts, as well as produce artificial welling to combat acidification of the seas and double food production, as already mentioned in position eight of this article.

I was almost done with this article when I learned that Prince Harry of the United Kingdom has published his book and it is sure to be a worldwide success. But what struck me the most is the fact that According to Entertainment Tonight, Prince Harry has a contract worth about $40 million. The publisher has advanced the sum of 20 million dollars to have the exclusive publication. Of course, I won’t read this book because I don’t care. But I couldn’t help but think that with 40 million dollars, we certainly couldn’t save the world, but at least demonstrate with demonstrative prototypes how it is necessary to design man-made, non-commercial plants like the current ones, land-based fixed and mobile. As I have explained in this and other previous articles, designs must be based on the scientific organization of work and studied globally, updating the state of the art in all sectors of human activity. These solutions of mine not only have not found public and private interlocutors in science and governments. But in the current system, private inventors, not belonging to public bodies and multinationals, would also have to pay the many publishers who ask to publish and the many organizers of international congresses who ask to participate as speakers. For these publishers and these organizers it is normal to ask for a participation fee, as they normally pay the employers (research institutions, universities, multinationals). The same ones that pay taxes on filing and maintaining patents. I respond to these invitations with the following words:

Dear editor you can publish all the articles that are listed in the list of my website that I have already sent you. My inventions are never made by any government and by any multinational they are always new. If you need the original version I will send it to you. I can’t go on indefinitely inventing new inventions that nobody wants to make. Many of you also want to get paid to publish my articles but I can’t pay you, even if I respect your work.

Dear Congress Organizer, I don’t speak English, I only write it with the help of the translator. I don’t go to congresses because I live only on my pension and I have no lenders. But I want to say that our historical period is the worst in Earth history because science and multinationals have never been able to design complete anthropogenic plants. Today we are starting to suffer the consequences, but everyone continues to design the wrong foundation systems. My interactive environmental and energy plants all pretend not to understand them, but they are the only ones that can produce complete cycles, because by increasing the operating pressures and exploiting the interactive principles between water and air and minerals, they would allow to reduce the size of the plants and the reduction of the times of purification processes. But above all, they would allow energy to be extracted from the environment without fuel and nuclear energy. This is the only solution to reduce the cost of energy and purification bills and promote peace in the world. Science has failed on all fronts for never wanting to think globally in the interest of all humanity. She preferred to work for those who pay her best. It is no coincidence that none of my forty interactive inventions have ever been funded. Today these inventions seem like science fiction, instead they are very simple inventions connected to each other. They use slightly modified existing technologies, as described in the nursery rhyme Httpa://, to purify the environment automatically, extracting energy for free from the environment. Only the machines that activate the interactive processes wear out (normal pumps and pumps with separate dual power supply, pumps used as turbines, vacuum pumps, electric current generators, compressors, electric fans, motors that generate torque and motors that generate electromagnetic linear thrust). However, nobody finances these inventions. Where is true science hiding?

During my activity as an inventor I have always alternated the writing of articles with the search for solutions, a little to make my inventions known, a little because the writing phase is a period of reflection that helps to find inspiration for new inventions. Before publishing my articles on my website, I published some on the Italian online magazine

This time that I have written a summary of my adventures as an inventor, it seems to me that I have written a yellow novel, or a very complex thriller, where the culprits are too many and all beyond suspicion, only history can judge and condemn them. Evidence of misdeeds is published on my website

However things went, I’m happy with the life I’ve lived and with what I’ve invented, but I’m also tired of always writing the same things. My creativity has run out and hardly, I will write more articles. Probably for this reason in this article I did not mince words and I clearly stated what I think about science and world governments. I think almost the same of all those who do not look beyond their specializations, including Churches, philosophers, professors and many other categories, because we created global warming all together, silently accepting small personal advantages. I don’t even believe in young people who protest the most. In some cases, these young people have been welcomed with the honors reserved for heads of state and government only because, being young, they have nothing concrete to propose. I who made the proposals, which cost me a lifetime of work, have never been invited and received by any representative of a world government.

I don’t want to sound presumptuous by quoting again Albert Einstein, whom I have already mentioned in this article. I don’t mention him as a scientist, but as a man free from prejudices. He called for a world government and I think the same way. The current war in Ukraine shows that we need it. It is not possible that a country can be invaded by another larger country due to the thirst for power of the ruling class of the larger country. What I’m wondering is: how is it possible that there are billionaires in Russia and China too? Where is the communism that should have prevented excessive personal enrichment, while recognizing the merits of those who contribute most to the common welfare?

According to Forbes magazine, Chinese billionaires are slightly less than American billionaires and Russian ones come close behind (

With the current unbridled capitalism, commercial inventions have gained the upper hand all over the world, while environmental ones have been neglected because even public research bodies consider it more convenient to sell patents to multinationals than to devote themselves to their real work. Unfortunately, all world governments have accepted this blackmail. This is proved by the fact that no government and no world public scientific body has understood my inventions, even if they are simple and linear. Obviously, scientists employed by multinationals are ordered not to understand. This is why I believe that the planet should be governed on a scientific basis, not a political one. But first it is necessary to free science from these vile conflicts of interest. Science is the only entity that cannot make mistakes if work organization is scientifically applied both at an industrial and environmental level. Political divisions lead nowhere and economic divisions cannot be bridged with environmental credits given to poor countries that have polluted the least because they have had the least development. These credits are the shame of politics and above all, of current science which, not working at the service of humanity but only of those who pay it better, has let slip the only energy that could put the rich and the poor on the same level because, not only would it have cost nothing and would not have produced even a gram of pollution, it would even have protected the environment by oxygenating the water involved in the world’s energy production itself. As I have demonstrated by changing the way we design chimneys, sewers and purifiers, we can send lakes, rivers and seas not only clean water, but also alkaline water to combat not only pollution but also the acidification of lakes, rivers and seas. But we can also directly alkalize and desalinate sea waters with energetically autonomous plants that raise carbonates from deep waters.  Moreover, these plants could at least triple the world’s food potential with artificial welling, which would extract it directly from the oceans without fertilizer and without working the land. The fluid dynamic and hydro-electromagnetic interactive principles can change the model of world development in a very short time and even extend human life by many years, with the artificial blood oxygenator heart which is based on the same energy principles, not only of the rich but also of the poor , which will be less and less, if the anthropic plants are designed with the SPAWHE system, which means: Synergic Plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectomegnetic Energy.

In this article, in which I summarized my unsuccessful career as an inventor, I also wrote that most of my inventions could have been made almost two hundred years ago, mainly by public science because they are not commercial inventions. What have public scientists who have neglected simple and linear inventions done in these two hundred years? And what did the politicians do that didn’t stimulate them to work in the general interests? I do not deny that good inventions and good laws have also been made, but no one can deny that we are talking about several million scientists, inventors, designers, spread over at least eight generations all over the world. I who lived thirty-seven years dealing with organization of work, first industrial and then environmental, as a pensioner, for another seventeen years, without being invited by anyone, have mainly dealt with the greatest problem of our time, which is undoubtedly, global warming I didn’t think that by proposing myself as a retired inventor I would be unwelcome to the scientists and inventors who have worked in this sector. I have not found interlocutors. Everyone wants to leave things as they are. No one wants to go into the many wrong details of the scientific organization of environmental and energy work, which could be considered a single sector, according to the details developed by the undersigned, as we can extract all the energy that humanity needs directly from the environment land-based, without oil wells, gas extraction and coalmines. Unfortunately, politicians have made laws to discourage inventors not linked to public power centers and multinationals. These laws are unjust because, in fact, they deny intellectual property to inventors not linked to public and private centers of power, who obviously cannot unnecessarily pay maintenance fees on granted patents and cannot legally oppose patents not granted by spending more money for legal appeals. The undersigned has participated in this perverse game, spending only what he could afford to pay to file national and some international patents, without needlessly spending the money needed to keep the patents alive and not even oppose the patents that were not granted.

In fact, still today, all world governments think that the world’s primary energy is thermal and nuclear. At most, a small fraction of solar and wind energy can be produced. This erroneous belief is due to the silence of science, which has been a bad adviser to governments themselves. While the undersigned, through the in-depth analysis of the scientific organization of the work acquired in fifty years of work, has demonstrated that global warming has been produced due to the wrong inventions by science and by the inventors of the last two hundred years in the purification and energy sector. The intimate link between these two sectors would never have been discovered if I hadn’t virtually changed the way of designing chimneys, sewers, purifiers to close together the water and air purification cycles, which today are completely separate . The water is poorly purified and acidified while the air is filtered at best. Current energy inventions, fixed and mobile, with the improvement of technologies are much improved by increasing yields and reducing pollution. But they cannot exceed their limit, due to the fact that the inventors of the past and present have not been able to put together the interactive, purifying and energetic physical principles that terrestrial nature currently exploits at the temperature of the terrestrial environment. These principles are fluid dynamics, not thermal and not even nuclear. They are easily identifiable in the physical principles of Torricelli, Pascal, Venturi, Henry. These principles cannot spontaneously produce energy and purification if machines and plants are not specifically designed. Science should have understood this and made self-criticism, because it has spent millions of billions to divide the atom and to build thermal power plants all over the world. It has spent as many billions for the transport of raw materials and for the transport of the electricity produced and as many billions for purification, as they have produced an uneconomical and dirty energy which they have never been able to completely purify. Moreover, the current land, marine, aeronautical and space means of transport not only cannot be energetically autonomous, they cannot even purify the combustion fumes.

I am convinced that if one day men will go into space as explorers and colonizers, it will be thanks to the only energy that is capable of carrying  the true terrestrial system into space. This energy is called “compressed hydro-electromagnetic” and it is an economic, clean, powerful, even breathable energy. This energy does not need fuel tanks and can allow the thrust of Newton and Lorentz to be added together to overcome the gravitational force. This energy will allow the men of the future to survive much longer than the present men if they carry with them a large supply of my “autonomous energetically blood oxygenating artificial hearts”, which work precisely with “compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy” as described in the following article: 29.07.2021 Yet, this energy is hampered by current science and current world politicians, despite the fact that it should be clear by now that global warming has been legally produced by science, by public and private inventors, by entrepreneurs and by governments. Until proven otherwise, I’m just a pensioner, who has done unwelcome, unsolicited and unpaid volunteer work from the aforementioned categories. History will decide who is right or wrong, but historians too must hurry because these two hundred years of wrong inventions have destroyed a few billion years of the pre-industrial era perfectly purified from terrestrial nature with the same system, which is called “compressed hydro-electromagnetic energy to atmospheric pressure” which is produced by the same gravitational force, without the use of any technology. Unfortunately, science and world politicians have not been able to copy from nature and have used technology to produce only commercial, polluting and destructive inventions of the environment in which we live. The scientific organization of global work, which science and politicians from all over the world have never applied, is a much more serious matter than one might think.

Luigi Antonio Pezone