Where science does not reach, the scientific organization of work arrives, if it is applied globally.

The quicksand of governments, entrepreneurs and global bureaucrats that block purification and interactive energies.


With this article with an unusual but significant title and sub-title, I simply reply with this umpteenth open letter to the letter from the Italian Patent Office that on 04.11. 2020, he sent me a letter having the following object: Demand n. 102020000000031 Search report sent to let me know for the umpteenth time that I can’t do my job as an inventor because I continue to violate the principles of energy conservation.

My answer, as usual, is long and complex, but they will not read it because they have not read anything of what I have deposited in my forty-one patent deposits, otherwise they would have understood something. This is the reason why I respond with open letters. Someone, sooner or later, in the whole world, will begin to read what I write and gradually it will be understood that on planet Earth above all the principles of energy conservation have been wrong. In particular, the thermodynamic ones: they are described as specific principles and isolated from the surrounding environment. Instead, energy conservation is another thing. It can only be understood by studying the collateral phenomena, chemical, physical, biological, electromagnetic, produced by energy production in the real and global world. Not in theoretical systems and isolated from other systems. The side effects depend, above all, on the energy source used. In the real world, energy conservation does not take place according to the rules learned by heart of the three principles of thermodynamics, but by closing all the collateral cycles that open energy production, regardless of whether it is thermal, chemical, mechanical, fluid dynamics, electromagnetic energy. Not having completely closed the open collateral cycles means that we have never respected the true principles of energy conservation. The undersigned, on the other hand, in fifteen years has described in his patents practical examples of how the collateral cycles opened through the scientific organization of work in human homes, in chimneys, sewers, purifiers, thermal power plants and how all these systems must be connected to each other in order not to waste part of the energy in the environment, which, not finding the corresponding interactive components, are transformed into global pollution, which gradually, in addition to environmental disasters, by altering all the natural chemical and biological balances has also produced a large part of the current diseases, especially lung diseases, and viruses that attack humans and animals.

I do not condemn those who have not understood the need to completely close the purification and energy cycles because understanding is not simple, as the cycles are branched and transversal to the known scientific disciplines. But only by starting from the study of water purification cycles and crossing them with those of air was it possible to propose interactive cycles and it was also possible to identify the earth’s interactive energy. Which perfectly respects the fundamental principles of energy, for the simple fact that it does not open the collateral cycles. Unfortunately, this energy does not respect the current hierarchies of world economic, political, and scientific powers, not being thermodynamic, chemical, biological, solar, wind, but simply physics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetic. The side effects of this energy, which is the only one not realized on planet Earth, are due only to the greater solubilization of oxygen in water, which were already known from Henry Dalton’s laws, but are purifying effects of water. With the electromagnetic fluid dynamic energy that I propose, terrestrial matter continues to transform as it always did before industrial development, through photosynthesis and the natural carbon cycle. It only accelerates the speed of the energy and purification processes in proportion to the required energy production. 

I only condemn those who have read my publications and do not understand them, and do not try to understand them by going into the details, asserting that they are contrary to scientific principles learned by heart that have no correspondence with real applications. I have lived at the forefront of fifty years of current development, as a designer, installer of industrial and environmental systems and inventor, in order to develop these solutions, which collide with the incredible series of mistakes committed by the world ruling class, which is silent and it hides behind the patent offices, which certainly are not represented by scientists and inventors, but by simple bureaucrats. The main mistake of the world ruling class was the choice of the primary source of world energy, which it has not yet realized, having delayed complete decarbonization to 2050, when instead, carbonization could be completely avoided at the beginning of the twentieth century. , if scientists like Einstein, and inventors like Tesla, had understood that the scientific application of the work, published by Taylor in 1911, had to be extended to the production of energy and purification, without waiting for me to do it a century later in general silence, no money for experiments and with the bureaucratic opposition of the patent offices. When public and private interests are intertwined even more than the cycles of the wrong purification and energy plants. Only Covid – 19 and the many innocent victims temporarily stopped the current development model. Until?


Here is what I write all’ufficio Brevetti Italiano:

Dear Sirs, as I wrote to you in the previous letter, having filed over forty patents not realized in fifteen years of work as an inventor (which were preceded by thirty-seven years of work as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental systems), I know the main rules for the filing of patents that must meet the requirements of novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability. My inventions have all these requisites because they are not mono thematic, but synergistic, exploiting several physical principles at the same time, as has never been done in the current purification and energy plants worldwide.Therefore, the entire world patent legislation should be adapted, adding the fourth requirement, which is more important than the three existing requirements: “compatibility with the environment”. The environmental non-compatibility could be accepted at the beginning of the twentieth century, not today that the entire world economy has been blocked by a very small virus because inventions and industrial and civil world infrastructures have blown up much of the world biological balance. It is shameful that world science, public and private, scientific information organs, environmental associations, denounce environmental problems, but are silent on the interactive solutions, which the undersigned has put together in a life of work in industry and in environment, without secret formulas, but simply, rationally putting together the scientific laws developed in previous centuries by leading mono thematic scientists, who did not have the time to study the synergies of their inventions with other inventions, in order to further select the best ones couplings compatible with the environment and the world economy. The life of man is too short for a scientist to fully understand the potential and limits of his own invention. These potentials and limits can only be identified by scientifically applying the organization of world work from an industrial and environmental point of view simultaneously.

So, in the time of the Coronavirus, all the problems caused by the monothematic scientific culture of specializations in individual sectors, which exists in world universities, multinationals, ministries, and crafts are coming out. Consequently, to grow globally, we can no longer refer to the school and the real world of work but to the virtual one, which only a very few inventors who have escaped the public and private power centers can develop, entering into the details of the organization of scientific work multidisciplinary, applied globally. Not mono thematically, as science, school and the world of work cannot do, without recognizing mistakes and correcting them.

It is no coincidence that the real world of work has not achieved my twenty patent deposits on interactive purification, despite the granting of fifteen patents, just as it is no coincidence that the world patent offices refuse to grant intellectual patents on interactive energies to inventors not linked to the centers of power, who propose global solutions that go beyond current specializations. It is no coincidence that no world professional paid by governments or multinationals wants to follow the work cycles outside of specific skills, to choose the best solution, not specific but global. This is because it would be necessary to change most of the world’s anthropogenic plants

 It is obvious that the World Patent Offices, not being trained by schools, are in difficulty in carrying out their work. It is not obvious that the World Patent Organization does not update its rules and forces the inventors of virtual global solutions to pay real filing and maintenance fees on granted patents that no center of power is ready to implement. It is not obvious that avant-garde inventors, already in economic difficulties because no one finances them, are also forced to spend money on legal appeals, to obtain patents, which in any case no government and no multinational would finance, since global solutions are very different from specific solutions that dominate the world market. The specific solutions, not depth globally, are the cause of all global environmental disasters and even of modern viruses that attack humans today, you could say in self-defense in an impartial universal court.

Therefore, I am forced to write a second open letter to the patent office and to the Italian government in the time of the Corona Virus four months after the first, because the virus has never gone away and other viruses of animal origin that attack humans are coming, like what is produced in mink farms. It is appropriate that the Italian and world governments pay close attention to what the patent offices do, which, without having the scientific skills, hinder the spread of interactive energy, which is the only one that can reverse the process of global warming and the proliferation of viruses that will decimate the world population.

What happened this time?

It happened that after the previous open letter of the undersigned, concerning the patent application 102020000001369 (Flying and floating cars with interactive global linear motors and thrusts by Newton and Lorentz), in which the undersigned refused to modify the drafting of the patent application in order to fulfill simply bureaucratic requests, not justified by technical and scientific reasons, the Italian Patent Office, this time got the help of the most authoritative European Patent Office, to reject another intellectual invention filed under Number n. 102020000000031 entitled: “Aerospace and submarine transport system with primary and induced interactive global linear motors”. As can be seen from the titles, the two patent filings both use “primary and induced global interactive linear motors).

 In this case, the examiner of the European Patent Office, instead of doing his job which is the international search, to verify if there are previous inventions that use similar systems, sent to the Italian Patent Office a substitutive declaration of the search report which I report below:

Reading this declaration, the undersigned confirms what has been asserted in many open letters to the world institutional bodies, above all, to WIPO and the United Nations: Intellectual patents cannot be examined by current patent examiners because they do not have an adequate scientific background.

I don’t want to be misunderstood as to the reasons that led me to write this article, which some might interpret as a personal polemic against the Italian and European patent offices. This is not the problem. The problem is the silence of world science, which has become dominated by employers, both public and private, along with justice and the media. The facts that I quote in this article are only examples of the scientific uncertainty in which we live, which it is essential to clarify, above all possible doubt, not in the interest of a single case, or of a single person, but in general interest of human, animal and plant life.

To the engineering student Riccardo Vincenzoni, who wrote to me on 8 November 2020, asking me the following question: “In this period I am carrying out personal research on dynamic magneto-fluid processes, and I came across his website” www.spawhe .eu “in which he exposes personal theories. Reading your articles, however, I haven’t been able to fully understand how you intend to harness the energy from hydrostatic pressure. If you are available and you like it, I would like to have a discussion with you on this subject. “

I am not a professor and I don’t know if I have been rude. I answered him like this: “My theories are not personal. I’m not a genius like Einstein or Tesla. I am based above all on the practical experience of synergistic work between scientific principles legislated in the past centuries individually by many scientists of the past, but never rationally put together in the modern era due to the division of existing skills, both in the university world and in that industrial production and research in general. Having occupied myself for half of my working life with the installation of industrial plants in the automotive industry that are rigidly and transversely connected to each other by precise work cycles. In the middle of the journey of my life, I decided to change jobs and to know how environmental systems, generally designed by world public bodies, are connected to each other. Therefore, I responded to a job posting for a small company that installed and designed systems in this sector. After twenty years of work also in this sector, this company went out of business, not for bankruptcy. But simply because the owner had become old and the heirs, quite wealthy, did not want to commit to face the hard work that a company of this type has to do. Having reached the minimum requirements for retirement, I took the opportunity to start the business of an inconvenient inventor for both sectors. In fact, by applying the scientific organization of industrial work to the environmental sector, all the energy and purification plants must be scrapped. But by scientifically inserting the organization of environmental work into the industrial world, the major industrial inventions of our time also need to be scrapped. The rest you have to find out for yourself by reading chronologically (from the oldest to the most recent date) the publications and inventions published in the map of the website that I am attaching to you, which you can also find at the bottom of the article that acts as the Home page: ” Permanent open letter “.

I don’t know if Riccardo Vincenzoni followed my advice, but I really think that to understand the overall functioning of fluid dynamic systems it is necessary to go into the details of the physical and chemical characteristics of the interacting components and based on these characteristics, the machines that they are used to raise the water, purify and produce energy interactively. In other words, the single scientific physical, chemical, thermodynamic, fluid dynamic principle must be inserted in a global cycle, as occurs in nature with the general cycles of photosynthesis and carbon. The machines that designers and inventors must design must only serve to accelerate the natural purification, food production (artificial welling) and energy processes. Not to transform the matter that must continue to happen according to natural processes.

In addition to the two refusals to understand new ways of dealing with space flight and undersea navigation, which clearly embarrass patent examiners, there are also other examples, much more terrestrial and understandable, which have also not been understood, without the world institutional bodies moving a finger to separate the intellectual property (not understandable by the patent offices) from the industrial property which with the approval of the world patent offices has produced the environmental disasters we know.

First example of interactive energy understood

Today, to raise the water, pumps are used that absorb energy, to purify the water, blowers or air compressors are used that feed submerged air diffusers which also absorb energy, while to produce energy, fuels are used that produce heat which in turn produces steam, which at a certain pressure is circulated through steam turbines or combustion gases which, connected to power generators, produce the electricity that the pumps and compressors consume. Consequently, to raise and purify the water, we consume natural resources extracted from the subsoil and pollute the air with combustion gases and CO2 and steam emissions which are two greenhouse gases. The current division of the skills of specialists has created different machines and different and separate plants. Instead, by studying the organization of work globally, it is possible to raise water, purify it at the same time using the principles of Henry and Dalton and also produce energy without consuming natural resources and without polluting the air with combustion gases and without emitting steam and CO2. in the atmosphere.

Therefore, it is important to know how to globally design the anthropic systems and the machines that are used to create complete cycles. It is not enough to memorize scientific principles separately from each other, as is the case in world schools. Above all, it is necessary to know how to connect them together, identifying the weak points where the low pressure liquid can enter the high pressure liquid, but also to identify the dynamic fluid path that consumes less energy by the pump and the most advantageous one to produce anergy through the turbine. To design systems globally, there are many more tools that mono thematic specialists and multinationals have not used, completely mistaking the world development model. These tools are called density, flexibility, compressibility, incompressibility. Then there are the scientific principles already legislated and tested by Pascal, Torricelli, Venturi, Henry, Dalton, Newton, Maxwell, Faraday, Tesla, Edison, which must also be selected and chosen on a case-by-case basis to work together in the best way. If, as happened on planet earth, monothematic designs and inventions have been accepted, we must not complain, if they do not close all the cycles they open, especially of a chemical nature. The inventive novelty requirements that patent offices demand are fine for artists, industrial applicability is fine for entrepreneurs. the environmental compatibility and sustainability of inventions the world patent offices do not even know what they are.

All the world’s plants, in one way or another, work, but nobody notices that they are very poorly designed: they waste resources and produce pollution. In an energy-producing fluid-dynamic system, the power is due to the product of the flow rate and the density times the pressure of the fluid, it should be obvious that if we want to produce energy we have to circulate the liquid which has a density about a thousand times higher than a gas, as it should be logical that it must circulate in the direction of the gravitational force.  If we want to save energy to raise the waters we have to circumvent the gravitational force by inserting them in the one-way recycling circuit of always full plants that also prevent the famous water hammer from happening. If with the same system (in an open vessel) and with the same water, we also want to produce energy, we must produce it by dropping it from the overflow by passing it through a hydraulic turbine, recovering it at atmospheric pressure and inserting it back into the circuit through the only weak point in which it can be inserted, which is the center of the impeller of the recycling pump, where two phenomena occur simultaneously: an increase in the speed of the flow and a depression, which together can allow the entry of the external fluid provided that this flow is clearly separated from the main flow and that the two flows meet only in the rotating impeller, so that they can proceed together in the same direction.

If, on the other hand, we want to purify the water locally without raising it producing energy, we must create a compressed hydroelectric plant, where the water that produces energy is expelled by the principle of impenetrability of the bodies, from a pressurized autoclave with compressed air. Which with this water powers a hydraulic turbine that produces electricity. We must recover the water at atmospheric pressure and insert it back into the one-way recycling circuit by means of the aforementioned pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller.

Unfortunately these concepts, more practical than theoretical, never entered schools and the world of work. I do not apologize to the Italian and European Patent Office, if I use them as scapegoats for the errors of public and private world science, because I myself am a scapegoat for such errors. In fact, I have been working for fifteen years without being paid by anyone and up to now I have even lost something like 20,000 euros just to file national and international patents which, even when they have obtained the patents, are silenced by science. Is it real science? Real politics? Real economy?

It is not yet known if I am right or wrong. It seems that the only one who wants to ascertain the truth is myself, but without paying legal recourses, just as I don’t pay the maintenance fees for the patents that have been granted to me and that nobody wants to implement. Isn’t it enough that I have filed in black and white how to design interactive purification and energy plants in the interest of all? The world public authorities must be the ones to prove me wrong. The Patent Offices must simply keep the documentation received, because I do not claim industrial property but intellectual property, if this intellectual property also has an economic value, the international judges will have to judge it, but only after the global scientific truth has been ascertained, which today no one wants to ascertain, if the undersigned is excluded.

Second example of interactive energy understood

The figure below belongs to a patent filing entitled “submerged hydroelectric plants for the production of energy, oxygenation of the seabed and artificial welling” filed on 06.10.2014 with no. CE2014A000012. In this drawing I have simply put in series an inverted dewatering pump, which pumps down and under it a submerged ducted turbine. Explaining in the description that the pump absorbs less energy because it takes advantage of the hydrostatic head on the suction side, the gravitational force and atmospheric pressure, while the turbine produces a greater amount of energy because it exploits all the kinetic energy that develops in the descent pipe by the concurrence of these three advantageous conditions. Obviously, the turbine absorbs the kinetic energy producing mechanical energy that makes the built-in current generator spin. Therefore the speed of the water at the turbine outlet is slowed down. The pressure drop of the water at the turbine outlet is due only to this speed that can be calculated with the formula V2 / 2g, where g is the acceleration of gravity (9.81 m / s2). The hydrostatic head at the turbine outlet does not oppose the water outlet because the internal and external static pressures of the descent pipe are the same.

The Italian patent office with the ministerial letter dated 26.05.2015, Prot. N.77232, in the written opinion, denied the industrial applicability of the invention, since, according to the examiners, the invention cannot be understood by a person skilled in the art. The examiners assert that “the energy would be created from nothing, such as in a” perpetuum mobile “and therefore violates the law of conservation of energy. The justifications of the undersigned, which I summarize below, were useless:

“The fact that the examiners have not found previous patents that produce energy by means of the combination of pumps and turbines, does not mean that the solution cannot be achieved. If they had found other inventions that used the same system, they would have had confirmation of industrial application but the requirements of inventiveness and novelty would have failed. On the other hand, in this invention, once the technical doubts of the examiners have been clarified, the industrial applicability of the system is even more evident than the novelty and inventiveness, since it would allow the production of energy with very low costs, not only without polluting the environment but protecting the waters from the eutrophication phenomenon.  The reason why this invention has not yet been realized despite its simplicity is due to the fact that it was necessary to put together four more practical than theoretical intuitions at the same time: 1) the exploitation for energy purposes of the positive hydrostatic head of existing water basins; 2) vertical intubation of the circuit; 3) overturning the pump to push the water down; 4) powering a turbine by means of a pump is the only way to overcome the state of inertia, but the energy cost is negligible compared to the energy produced. Without the coincidence of these four practical intuitions, which find irrefutable scientific evidence, it would not have been possible to defeat age-old technical taboos, which have prevented energy from being produced in the simplest, cheapest and cleanest way in the world. Without unnecessary pollution by fossil fuels, without billionaire investments in large hydraulic works to produce useless hydraulic jumps and without financing uneconomic energies, which subtract investments from social well-being ”. Unfortunately six years after this patent filing we are still at the starting point.

Third example of misunderstood interactive energyo

With the same reasons, the filing of the patent CE2014A000011 dated 03/09/2014 entitled “Marine dewatering plants suspended from floating platforms for down and upwelling” was also rejected. Of which I am attaching the drawing:

The failure to grant these very simple intellectual patents very useful both from the purification point of view, as well as from the point of view of human food production and clean and sustainable energy, made me understand, in what bad state the entire world school education in fluid dynamics is, therefore, I decided to create a website (SPAWHE.EU) where I would publish all my patent deposits, granted and not granted, and all the publications that I would also write in the following years. I have studied these topics more and more. up to the artificial oxygenating heart of the blood, and the interactive global linear motors, which will also take us into space, better than nuclear energy, because the primary energy source is water and air.

Water and air can be recycled indefinitely and can also produce human nutrition through chlorophyll photosynthesis on board the greenhouses that are incorporated into future means of space transport, which according to the scientific study of the organization of global work, carried out by undersigned, will be very different from those seen in science fiction films, and also very different from the rockets produced by NASA and SPACE X. For myself, it is more logical that they are simple containers specialized in specific sectors, transported by motorized looms equipped externally by interactive global line engines that simultaneously realize the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. But we must ask ourselves, if the Italian and European patent offices have declared perpetual motion the very simple submerged hydroelectric plant published in 2014, how can it be possible that the same patent offices could understand an aerospace and submarine transport system that uses global linear motors that do they extract the primary energy of the environment?

For these reasons, I advised the student Riccardo Vincenzoni to read SPAWHE entirely, starting from the beginning, because interactive fluid dynamics systems must enter the cultural DNA of future generations if they want to remedy the errors that produced my generation, the previous one and that one. next one. It is not enough to understand how the air pressure statically acts on the water together with the gravitational force. We can also understand this by observing the principle of communicating vessels, or by observing the artesian wells, or by reading the formulas developed by Evangelista Torricelli in the sixteenth century. In the modern era, science has let slip the study of the possible synergies between the same principles of Torricelli and those of Pascal, Henry and the construction technologies of pumps, turbines, and those related to electromagnetism, which produced current generators and electric motors, unfortunately, powered by a primary energy source linked to the heat produced with coal and fuels that are not only polluting, but also have low energy yields, compared to the calorific value. The efficiency of a heat engine or a steam boiler is around 35% of the lower calorific value of the fuel, not to mention that the fuels must be extracted from the ground, transformed, marketed and subsequently purified from the pollution they produce.

If those who created the universe had not given us free will, for a long time they would have sent extraordinary commissioners to design and manage earth’s resources more rationally. Instead, in order not to be too invasive of temporal power, he used the son of a simple carpenter. Two thousand years later, unknowingly, I find myself involved in this international hindrance that I am a simple retiree, former designer and installer of systems, who has turned into an inventor precisely to correct the incomplete inventions of science, which obviously does not make practical sense of the world labor organization. If God sent me, I cannot say, but until someone authoritatively denies me, I believe that intellectual patents, which today are not recognized by WIPO, are the only impartial and above the interests of individual multinationals and governments, which together are destroying the planet. These patents are not for profit, but isn’t it strange that copyrights are also granted to those who write a simple song, but not to inventors who are not linked to the centers of power? How can lawmakers think that private inventors must become entrepreneurs to solve the great environmental problems that have created world governments and multinationals and at the same time also pay the patent maintenance fees that multinationals pay? Isn’t it strange that no official of any world government in the world, after six years, wanted to try to make the pumps work with the head in the direction of gravitational force and put a turbine behind it? To check if I am wrong or right, at least on the most basic things? These are the real causes of global warming and Covid – 19.

The right hand of world institutions does not know what the left is doing when planning and legislating. Then they call heroes the unwitting victims of mafias, terrorism, viruses, floods, so that with rhetorical words they preserve the electoral consensus and political power, to continue to govern without changing anything substantial so as not to disturb the world stock exchangesWorld politicians only in emergencies really govern to limit the damage. But the correct way to govern should start from the ability to globally plan the society of the future. Design is not done as election campaigns are done, but by entering into the industrial, environmental and energy details of all human activities, always choosing the best solutions, not for the entrepreneurs or multinationals concerned, but for the entire world community. The work of designers and inventors should be characterized by impartial transversal global reasoning that the current inventor scientists linked to the existing centers of power, which in one way or another, have produced global warming, favored floods, droughts, cannot afford to do. , deforestation, and altered biochemical balances and plant and animal biodiversity, precisely due to the fact that, having not reasoned globally, they have not identified the interactive systems that today they ignore or pretend not to understand, while politicians do not really understand them, receiving from their scientific advisers partial information. Never global.

Especially the Italian and European Patent Offices having examined in fifteen years, all my patents on purification and interactive energies, should have formed a culture on these topics, however, they do not even read all the written pages and probably, they do not even look at the drawings. Indeed. in the case of the Aerospace and Submarine Transport System with primary and induced interactive global linear motors, which should have seriously examined, the European examiner has shown that he has not read the entire documentation, despite the fact that the undersigned has also transmitted the translation in English and not knowing how to read the drawings, as the system is open, not closed.

In this system there are two concentric vertical tanks, of which only the internal one is pressurized with compressed air, while the external one is at atmospheric pressure. Then, the water which is the energy carrier is expelled from the pressurized tank, passes through a pump used as a turbine (connected to a power generator), and discharged into the non-pressurized tank, from which it is introduced back into the pressurized tank by means of a pump with separate double power supply up to the impeller. This type of pump is the only one that can allow water to be inserted at low pressure in the pressurized recycling circuit at a higher pressure, but it can only do so, when the outlet that feeds the turbine (or the pump used as a turbine) is open, because the expulsion takes place with the maximum pressure, due to the Pascal principle and the impenetrability of the bodies, while inside the rotating impeller, the low and maximum pressure waters mix and come out with the maximum pressure always because of Pascal’s principle.

Fourth example of misunderstood interactive energy

If the examiner of European patents, instead of making the substitutive declaration of the search report, had done a more serious search of existing patents, he would have found the international patent of the undersigned n. WO2017 / 042847, published on 16/03 2017 by WIPO, entitled “Pumps and turbines with double separate power supply up to the impeller”. The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) is a body of the United Nations. The United Nations, which also includes WHO (World Health Organization) and the World Bank, cannot allow such an important patent, the only one that can allow the extraction of clean energy at low cost directly from the environment, to be ignored by the offices Peripheral patents and from multinationals, which continue to produce current pumps, which absorb fossil energy, instead of being used to extract clean energy from nature, simply by pumping in the direction of gravitational force in plants always full of water. Where the waters rise equally bypassing the same gravitational force, producing energy and avoiding the water hammer in open vessel systems: https://www.spawhe.eu/relativity-and-technology-in-the-new-hydroelectric-energy/.

But pumps with separate dual power supply up to the impeller in intelligently pressurized systems can trigger an energy and purification process at the same time. In fact to purify the water we should not spend the money we currently spend. We should also simply use polluted water to produce energy, because every time the polluted water enters one of the separate feeds of the modified pumps, according to the Henry and Dalton principle, it absorbs a greater amount of oxygen. It is no coincidence that the degree of water pollution is measured based on the amount of oxygen that it is able to absorb up to the point of saturation (need for dissolved oxygen NDO).

Unfortunately, there is a long series of patents rejected by patent offices and ignored by world science and multinationals.

Quinto esempio di energia interattiva incompresa

The figure above shows how we could produce energy by purifying the waters of a basin:


Fifth example of misunderstood interactive energy.

The figure above shows how we could produce energy by purifying the waters of a well and lifting the waters. https://www.spawhe.eu/pressurised-submerged-hydroelectric-plants-in-wells-with-lifting-and-oxigenation/.

It was precisely the need to reduce the encumbrance of the interactive systems to make them enter the wells too that inspired the subsequent invention of the energy-efficient artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, which must enter the human chest, and the invention of global motors. interactive that must be very compact to be able to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. But these inventions have all been declared “perpetual motion” and originally rejected by the Italian and European Patent Offices, so they cannot be found in the database of international and national patents. They can only be found on the website https://www.spawhe.eu, which is the website of a pensioner with no money, who cannot oppose with demonstrative prototypes the ignorance that governs the world of the environment and earth energy. He cannot even oppose legal briefs, or unnecessarily paying maintenance fees of sixteen patents on interactive cleansings that have been granted, waiting for some world government understands that interactivity is incorporated in all of terrestrial nature. We just have to learn to extract it without altering the environmental balance.

Unfortunately, world schools produce graduates in scientific disciplines who do not distinguish between open and closed dynamic fluid circuits, how can they understand the operation of a pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller? What good is the money from the World Bank, set up to help world development, if it hasn’t even financed the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller?  Of what use the money from the World Bank, established to help global development there, if he has not even funded the pump with the double separate power supply to the impeller, which can change the world development model?

 An international patent filing costs the inventor about 3500 Euros. The undersigned has deposited only six. He could not have afforded to pay forty international deposits of public utility, which would not have had to pay anything, if international law recognized the intellectual value of inventions, the World Bank financed them, paid the costs of the demonstration trials and the United Nations imposed them. the obligation to member countries, for the common interest.  Instead, since there is no intellectual property, the inventors who propose these patents, escaped from world public science, in addition to paying international filing fees, should also pay maintenance fees in all countries of the world in which the invention is built. patented. Obviously, the undersigned has not paid maintenance taxes in all countries of the world and his patents no longer have any legal value. However, they have a very high moral value, having shown that the entire world ruling class and governments do not correct the mistaken inventions that have produced the unequal distribution of world wealth, global warming, and the Sars and Covid viruses.

Sixth example of misunderstood interactive energy.

However, not even the pumps and turbines with the double separate power supply up to the impeller that  have received the international patent, have been understood by the Italian and European patent offices. As reported in the sheet of the research report attached below, inventive step is lacking for these offices.

Of course, I disputed this absurd statement, because inventiveness is shown through the infinite industrial, environmental, energy applications that will allow this invention to be made, of which the undersigned has only been able to develop a small part. Without this type of pump, it is not possible to achieve sustainable terrestrial and space development, as well as to extend human life.

The Italian patent office, despite the international recognition of the pump with separate dual power supply up to the impeller, with a ministerial letter dated 22/05/2018, has offered the undersigned to obtain the right to the utility model. I rejected this absurd proposal, because mine is one of the most important inventions of all time. It cannot be a simple utility model. However, patent examiners do not take it into consideration in research reports. Manufacturers of machines, fixed and mobile plants do not adapt their production to the needs of the environment and sustainable development. Therefore, not even the manufacturers of pumps and turbines change their production. Lawmakers do not legislate properly on the environment and energy. National and international judges do not condemn the crime of omission that all world public bodies commit, hindering with their silence the purification and interactive energies deposited by the undersigned, replacing the public bodies themselves in this task which should be institutional. What use are public inventors if not to produce inventions of public utility? Unfortunately, the truth is disconcerting: they are paid by the taxpayers, but they supplement their salary by selling their patents and research to the multinationals, with the consent of governments and legislators.

Despite the boycotts suffered by myself, especially by world public science, if the European examiner had done a serious and competent research, would have found the pump with the double separate power supply in the database and the Italian patent no. 102016000087383 of the hydroelectric car with peripheral torque to the wheels, that uses the same energy system, but uses non-concentric water tanks, not having to produce the electromagnetic thrust of Lorentz on the outside of the tanks.

However, even the hydroelectric car, not finding financiers, is the:

Seventh example of misunderstood interactive energy.

As can be seen from the document reported above, the patent application dates back to 08/26/2016.

The legislative inconsistencies on the filing and granting of patents.

Lawmakers have established that the payment of the filing fee covers the industrial rights of the inventors until the end of the fourth year. Therefore, I would have had to pay a patent maintenance fee of sixty euros by 08.26.2020 to have industrial protection also for the fifth year.  Having received the communication on 14.07.2020, I would have just had time to pay this tax. But I have not paid for it because in four years I have never received any offer to purchase this patent and no offer of collaboration to collaborate in the experimentation of this type of car, which obviously, I cannot realize alone with my modest income. pension. But the law is generous. It allows me to pay even in the following six months if I pay a supplement of 100 euros on the tax due.

If by a miracle I find a public or private lender by 26. 02. 2021 I would also be happy to pay this additional fee and start building a prototype demonstrating the validity of the solution, but I could hardly industrialize the product without the collaboration of an automotive industrial group, which instead are moving towards other solutions such as battery-powered cars. fuel cells, etc., which are not interactive solutions and will not solve environmental, economic or public health problems.

When the world authorities and entrepreneurs finally understand that my solution is the best and someone will start producing hydroelectric cars, I with my very modest economic means will appeal to the international court of justice to have the intellectual copyrights recognized on my invention. I think that inventions that protect the environment and the health of citizens are more important than songs by the author. I don’t claim to be treated better, but at least in the same way.

Patent maintenance fees make no legal sense. Above all, on inventions of public utility, which should have been encouraged by governments or even, requisitioned in the common interest, obviously compensating and thanking the authors. I, as an inventor, would feel more gratified by this requisition than to become a billionaire.

I think that patents must be protected from counterfeiting. But maintenance taxes don’t make sense even for commercial inventions, because if the inventor has made a successful invention, he pays with his own earnings, taxes much higher than the maintenance tax. If, on the other hand, he was not successful, he did not find financiers, why should he pay this tax if he has already lost money and wasted years of work?

Each person is different from another and the diversity is accentuated over the years through their positive or negative experiences, both emotional and work. The right balance leads to love the world around us and if you are lucky enough to carry out a job that allows you to make improvements to common life, without realizing it, you can become good artists, craftsmen, professors, scientists, inventors. But above all, something must inspire you in a particular way and force you to make insights that distinguish you from other artists, artisans, professors, scientists, inventors. What particularly struck me was the study of the scientific organization of work, which could have radically changed the work I did as a designer of first industrial and then environmental plants. Unfortunately, governments, multinationals, entrepreneurs, professors, scientists and other inventors did not like what I discovered. Only Covid – 19 proved me right, but it cannot speak. All the others maintain the silence they have maintained towards me, even if some publishers are content to publish my articles and my inventions, second hand. Normally, academics pay publishers to publish their work, as they earn merit for career advancement. Retirees like myself, do not earn any career advancement and Italy can not even download the taxes they should pay to keep alive waiting for improbable lenders patents

In fact, I prefer that my articles and my inventions that no government and no world entrepreneur has financed, remain published in chronological order on my website http: www.spawhe.eu, so that, above all, young people can understand what did not understand my generation, the previous one and the next one: As through the study of the scientific organization of work, done globally it was possible to identify, at least virtually, first the interactive purification and then, to economize the systems and reduce the size of the world anthropic plants, it was also possible to identify the new primary source of world energy which is not fossil, not thermodynamic, not nuclear, not solar, not wind, but fluid dynamics, which is coupled in a simple and natural way with the electromagnetism, without any unwanted side effects. Since governments and multinationals have not invested even a single dollar on the inventions of the undersigned, which have remained in the virtual state, if I have made mistakes, especially young people must ascertain it. Unfortunately, it seems that the time is not ripe, because not even the young people who protest, realizing that the current development model does not work, want to go into detail about the solutions. They demand them from governments. This situation cannot go on indefinitely. Someone must urgently take on the burdens and honors of experimenting with purification and interactive energies, still unknown by all the interested categories.

In fact, by applying the scientific organization of industrial work to the environmental sector, all the energy and purification plants must be scrapped, as they are not very efficient. But by scientifically inserting the organization of environmental work into the industrial world, the major industrial inventions of our time also need to be scrapped, since they do not close all the cycles they open. So today’s world society has come to a standstill. It cannot continue to live according to the current model of development because nature is rebelling by producing viruses that decimate the world population, at the same time, the world ruling class, in order to preserve its economic power, does not bring out interactive inventions, which nobody believes, having never entered the world schools. Science and the media are silent, the few inventors who propose them, not only do not anyone finance them, but even the patent offices ask to pay the same taxes that apply to commercial inventions.

Lawmakers behave as if inventors were ordinary people who accidentally invent something and once they get the patent, they stop being inventors and become entrepreneurs. Instead, the inventor is a professional who does not have to become an entrepreneur because if he identifies an interactive principle and stops developing and industrializing a single application, he blocks his creativity to defend his company and does not produce other inventions until it amortizes. the investments made. We can draw a striking example from the story of Edison who invented direct current electricity which, becoming an entrepreneur, became very rich. But he also became the worst enemy of a pure inventor, like Nikola Tesla who invented alternating current. Who, in his life produced about two hundred inventions, dying in poverty, precisely because of the bureaucracy of governments that hinder creativity by taxing inventors prematurely, while he seeks financiers to proceed with experiments in the common interest.

Here is what you have to pay in euros to keep an Italian patent for the fifteen years following the fourth year: 60 – 90 – 120 – 170 –  200 – 230 – 310 – 410 – 530 – 600 – 650 – 650 – 650 – 650 – 650.  As can be seen, the amount to be paid increases over the years. These sums are not excessive if the inventor produces a single invention and stops being an inventor. But if an inventor is full of ideas, like Nikola Tesla, his creativity becomes a sentence of poverty. Only the inventor knows that ideas are linked together and must be developed in sequence, otherwise they are never complete and can always produce unwanted side effects. In fact, Tesla’s contribution to science and technology is far greater than Edison’s, even though Tesla died poor and Edison died rich. Edison was an occasional inventor, Tesla a true inventor.

However, not even Tesla, who I believe to be the best inventor and Einstein, who was the best scientist, have managed to identify a good primary energy source to couple with electromagnetism in a cycle that does not run out. This cycle was identified by the undersigned a century after the most important publications of Einstein and Tesla and after having produced global warming, however, for the world economic and scientific political world, it seems that the undersigned has discovered hot water.

 Paradoxically, water is the important element of interactive energy and there is no need even to heat it and consume it. The water is always the same and the air or oxygen that escapes from the atmospheric vents can be captured, pressurized and inserted back into the autoclaves without undergoing chemical alterations. All the other systems invented by the scientists and inventors of the past produce chemical alterations, including the electrolysis of water identified by Tesla, which involves the consumption of electrolytic materials. We are not talking about the dimensions and processes necessary for the transfer of primary electricity to the electromagnetic one, which are expensive, bulky and with low yields of all known energies: thermal, nuclear, electrolytic, solar, current hydroelectric, wind.

Instead, everything becomes simple and linear and with small dimensions, with the compressed hydroelectric system that uses only physical processes, with high energy intensity, thanks to the compressibility of the air and the incompressibility of water, to the principle of the impenetrability of bodies and the general to the laws of nature.

I am not surprised that two great geniuses like Einstein and Tesla have not identified compressed hydroelectric energy, which without cost, apart from the wear of materials, could have purified water and human blood, but also allowed to add small dimensions and high power developed, the thrust of newton to that of Lorenz, to design interactive global linear motors, which, again without energy costs, could revolutionize the transport of land, sea and space. This energy could already be identified at the time of the two genes. They did not succeed because neither of them dealt with the scientific organization of work, which, instead, was theorized in the same historical period by Frederick Taylor to reduce the working time of the manufacturing industry. I, who don’t think I’m a genius of science, but more of a practical man like Taylor. To produce my inventions, I was inspired, above all by the scientific organization of work, but, unlike Taylor, I tried to apply it globally in all anthropogenic projects, having realized that before Taylor, nature had already scientifically organized all of world energy and food production without altering world biochemical balances. My task, like Taylor’s, was to increase the productivity, not of industrial manufacturing, but of natural systems with the help of sciences and technologies already developed but not used rationally. I realized that in the world of specializations, the most important specialization, which is that of global scientific coordination, is missing.

 Like Taylor, I had to follow the work cycles, not manufacturing, but purifying the environment, starting from the year 2006, the year in which, as a retiree, I began to put together my lived experiences of work in industry and in environment. The change from purification to energy began in 2014, when the undersigned decided to use an inverted ducted pump that pumped in the direction of the gravitational force, placed in series with a turbine. This invention defined as “perpetual motion” by the patent offices and still not realized by the world ruling class, paved the way for the discovery of submerged hydroelectric interactive energy which subsequently became compressed, to simultaneously multiply both purification and energy production. Paradoxically, I realized that Taylor’s work, despite his good intentions, has created more harm than good to humanity, as the application of the scientific organization of work to the industrial sector alone, in particular to mass production of engines and thermal systems, has exacerbated global pollution exponentially. It was no coincidence that the undersigned is one of the very few designers and installers of systems in the world who divided his working life in half between industry (1970 -1986) and the environment (1987 – 2005), precisely because they understood since the eighties, that the scientific organization of work had to be applied above all to environmental and energy plants. But I couldn’t deepen the subject by continuing to work in industrial plants. It is no wonder that only as a retiree (2006 – 2020) I was able to develop my inventions, unfortunately only virtually, without public or private money, only with the strength of his own experience and his solitary but global and interactive reasoning, which the world ruling class does not understand or pretends not to understand. Above all, the bureaucrats of the Italian and European patent offices. Which, have exacerbated their opposition to my inventions, when the qualitative leap between interactive purification and interactive energies took place, no longer granting me any patents. I believe that the fault lies above all with the professors who trained them, who also trained the legislators who legislated laws and regulations, who instead of encouraging inventions of public utility penalize them. The undersigned who has filed forty-one patents, receiving seventeen patents, linked to each other by means of the scientific organization of global work, are also linked to the patents not granted, which are even more important. However, there is no difference between the patents granted and those not granted, because none of these plants have been funded, tested and built. To keep the patents, I received alive, I would have had to pay maintenance fees while waiting for public or private financing, which never arrived. Paradoxically, if they had granted me all my forty-one patent filings the family economic situation would have been much worse because I would have been tempted to convert more patents internationally that involve paying filing and maintenance fees in all countries of the world. As we know, these are 196 sovereign states that did not want to modify the chimneys, sewers, purifiers, thermal power plants, world transport.  This is the situation that all the world governments have created by mutual agreement, which preferred to grant industrial property only to inventors who find financiers interested in economic profit, instead of granting intellectual property to sustainable and environmentally protective inventions, which could be accessible to all companies in the world, with energy and parliamentary costs hundreds of times lower than current ones. Global scientific truth has been concealed by specific and partial scientific truth and the trade in patents of public researchers and inventors to private companies. Therefore, researchers and public inventors have not had the time to research and invent purification and interactive energies. He had to invent a pensioner. But what’s serious is the fact that they don’t even want to collaborate on experimentation after the inventions are published. This situation could not even be imagined by Franz Kafka, who a hundred years ago, in his novels, described the helplessness of the single man in the face of government bureaucracy. Today it is much worse because the individual inventor is alone even against the obsolete interests of multinationals in transport, energy, purification, public works, the electro-medical industry, which have underestimated the potential of interactive fluid dynamic energy.

The people, rightly, cannot believe what they do not see, so they elect the politicians. This is precisely the world problem. If politicians make laws and regulations like those that regulate industrial patents, excluding the most democratic intellectual property, it is better to rely on impartial governments run by computers than by parliamentarians and ministerial bureaucrats. Computers are more honest than men. Programmers cannot get the programs wrong if they insert all the data extracted from the public purification and interactive energy designs and inventions. If they do not enter the correct data, the program gives wrong results which can be corrected by better programmers. The computer does not remain silent as the entire world ruling class is doing in the face of interactive inventions.

The struggles between central and peripheral world political powers to decide the activities to be temporarily suspended to contain the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic are ridiculous. Nobody recognizes that major human inventions have been wrong and nobody wants to correct them. I wrote a few years ago, long before the pandemic, ironically, this little cartoon that I posted on the networks.

 I report the substance of what is written in small print in the figure:

“The real world problem is not the absence of clean energy, that was finally found, but the rebuilding of the entire worldly development to be coherent with this energy, which is not the one in which the managing world class had hoped: “Hydro-electric interactive pressurized energy”, which has no secret formulas, is within reach of all small and medium-sized businesses but protects the environment by dissolving oxygen in polluted water thanks to friend Henry. It does not emit a gram of fine dust or of CO2, thanks to his friend Torricelli and he is more powerful than thermal energy thanks to his friend Pascal. For the world’s ruling class there are many flaws because it breaks the economic equilibrium that can be produced everywhere with very low costs also on means of transport. Hence, the big thermal power plants, the big purifiers, the big hydraulic works, the big lift, the big engines, the big turbines, the big electric power grids, the big freeways, the big railways are not needed. On large distances, it is advisable to travel by air and naval, consuming only the wear of electric machines: electric pumps, turbines, alternators, compressors, turbofans and some battery for the initial start-up. In fact, the power system recovers the water that comes out of a turbine by means of a “modified pump, with double power to the impeller”, which uses the same impeller that also recycles the water inside the volume accumulated pressurized by Pascal. Therefore, in the pressurized tank, we have an excess of expulsion flow for the body’s impenetrability with Torricelli’s energy that he realizes that the volume is already full, feeding the turbine again. Of this ongoing quarrel between Pascal that enters the water into the pressurized tank and Torricelli that expels it, Henry took advantage by stealing oxygen from the compressed air solubilizing it in the water that through the pressurized tank.  Therefore, the more energy we produce, the more water we purify. Also, if we consider that the power produced by an engine or turbine depends on the pressure, flow rate and flow rate density, we realize that it is not advisable to produce heat pressure and use air as a fluid. In fact, the pressure produced by burning a fuel produces gas whose density is almost a thousand times inferior to water, while the maximum pressure can reach 40 bar, while compressed air can also reach thousands of bars. Thus, the compressed hydroelectric motor is much cheaper and more powerful than the thermal one, but also easier to build and maintain: it uses static air pressure, while underwater circulates uncompressed water that feeds the turbine. Since the thermal energy cannot compete even from an economic point of view, only the ignorance of politics and the silence of science are still allowed to survive. If possible, the politicians and scientists and economists of the past should also be dismissed. What are the current ones waiting for? Or at least repent, apologize to the people who trusted in them? Instead, everything is silent, the world’s leading political, economical, environmental and energy class continues to do the damage he has always done, to which he added, hybrid and renewable, bulky, discontinuous, low returns and not interactive. The only energy we are not talking about is the only one that would be worth producing, with the help of the principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry that were conceived before the industrial era. What was it that wanted to put together those principles rationally, designing the machines and the right connections, today that we have the technologies available while avoiding heating the planet? What do you want to admit mistakes? Being so many to err is not an excuse but an aggravating circumstance. Do not respond, do not accept comparison, make unjust laws against private inventors, not financing their inventions and not recognizing them copyright is even more serious.”

I have not yet understood who I have to thank from the Italian government for granting this patent which is valid only in Italy, against the contrary opinion clearly expressed by the Italian and European Patent Office which stated verbatim in the research report: “This application does not meets the patentability criteria, as the object of claim 1-10 does not involve an inventive step”.

I report below the page of the research report, where some existing patents are also reported as relevant documents, which have nothing in common with my invention, again due to the fact that the patent examiners do not know how to read the drawings, they do not know scientific principles sufficiently and do not distinguish one technology from another. They distinguish only if the deposit is deposited by a company that has power, or if it is an isolated inventor who does not represent anyone.

Eighth example of misunderstood interactive energy.

The European examiner did not even understand how Lorentz thrust is produced in interactive global motors, where fluid dynamics is completely separate from electromagnetism even if they work together in the same plant: Fluid dynamics produces the primary mechanical energy that turns the rotor of a current generator which produces electric currents that feed two separate systems: One produces the unidirectional magnetic field on the external surfaces of the tanks and of the electric turbo fans by means of grooves which allow the creation of magnetically insulated open and closed longitudinal sliding tracks, in which permanent magnets slide in order to carry out the continuous magnetic flux in only one direction.

In fact, the permanent magnets are driven by electric motors with variable revolutions that make a return path in the longitudinal grooves, but being one of the two paths magnetically obscured in insulating materials, the magnetic field produced is unidirectional and of infinite length. This is a logical reasoning from a technical and scientific point of view because current electric motors produce a torque because the permanent magnets being constrained to the axis of rotation, produce an infinite magnetic field in a circular sector. To have an infinite linear thrust we have to make the magnets move linearly, using twice as many magnets because the return path of the magnets must be magnetically isolated. This is simple. Why didn’t world science think about it? I think that world science did not think about it because it made a mistake in the choice of world primary energy, both from an economic, scientific and technical point of view. In fact, the high temperatures that involve the use of fuels and nuclear reactors do not allow the proximity of primary energy to the electromagnetic induced one.

We don’t need the track on the ground, which acts as an armature like in Maglev high-speed trains. The unidirectional Lorentz thrust is produced in the solenoid outside the sliding track of the magnets which is electrically powered and is contained in another metal casing external to the one that contains the water that produces the primary energy. This system is much more efficient than the linear motors that make the trains move at high speed, as in the trains there are two movable inductors incorporated under the railway carriages, which are constrained to the armature which is firmly fixed to the ground, therefore they cannot change the direction of travel. To obtain the Lorentz thrust it is not necessary for the armature to be fixed to the ground, so much so that the armature is powered by external current only in the stretch of track involved in the passage of the train. This means that if the track were oriented towards the sky the train would rise vertically, but only one track (induced) and two inductors would not be enough. To overcome the gravitational force it would be necessary to have many inductors and many inductors surrounding the individual railway cars. Obviously, it would not be necessary and even impossible, to make the induced tracks as long as the entire spatial path that would not allow us to change the direction of the path. It is much easier to make many parallel tracks of permanent magnets of limited length to a few meters, which move quickly in one direction only (with the return magnetically obscured) and to make the external inductor stator with large solenoids, in which the thrust is produced. by Lorentz. Obviously, the internal space, at the sliding tracks of the magnets, can be used (as the undersigned did) to produce the primary fluid dynamic energy with infinite recycling of water and air and at a controlled temperature, compatible with the materials used and electronic control equipment. Furthermore, it can be used (as I have done) to incorporate powerful electric turbofans that realize the thrust of newton, which is essential to lighten the weight of the interactive global linear motors.

As written above, even Maglev trains are a wrong invention because the energy is not produced on board the means of transport with a compact and small footprint system such as primary and induced interactive global linear motors. Trains like other land transport have forced us and still force us to build immense road networks, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, which over time wear and collapse. But above all they force us to destroy the environment through deforestation and useless works such as dams that alter the natural water distribution to produce electricity that we could have produced without cost while purifying the environment.

Ninth example of misunderstood interactive energy

Another wrong invention is hydrogen transformed into fuel. Even by producing thermal energy on board the wagons by means of hydrogen, the low costs, small dimensions and operating autonomy of primary fluid dynamics that extracts energy directly from the environment, without changing the matter, can never be matched.

I report the substance of what is written in small print in the figure:

What is hydrogen in transport? Hydrogen is a chemical energy vector, which is used to produce mechanical energy through the combustion chamber of an almost common thermal engine, or reacted with oxygen to instantly produce the electrical energy needed to push an electric motor. Therefore, there are two types of hydrogen engines:

HICEV: acronym for Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle, as a vehicle with hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine.

FCEV: acronym of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, where hydrogen is used for the immediate production of electricity that feeds the electric engine.

In both cases hydrogen (which is not found in nature but must be produced, with high costs, extracting it from fossil energy or water electrolysis) to be used on transport means must be compressed  due to low energy density on a volumetric basis, and distributed by plants specially designed and diffuse throughout the territory. It must be transferred to high pressure (700 bar) on means of transport and consumed to produce energy in the aforementioned HICEV and FCEV systems. Instead, compressed air does not cost anything and is not consumed, because it uses only the static pressure, working like a spring  (https://www.spawhe.eu/hydroelectric-power-auto-with-torque-peripheral-to-the-wheels/, https://www.spawhe.eu/aerospatial-pressurized-hydroelectric-transport-system/): the energy produces water or hydraulic oil that have a medium density eight hundred times higher than air and 10,000 times higher than hydrogen, it circulates using the principles of Pascal and Torricelli, which feed a pump used as a hydraulic turbine connected to an alternator. The discharged fluid from turbine is inserted back into the pressurized recycle circuit with the compressed air by means of the pump with the separate dual supply until the impeller, which is the most powerful energy invention of all time, although it is also the simplest: just modify a pump with an existing closed impeller (for other less powerful applications, open impellers are also good). As a result we do not need an expensive hydrogen distribution network nationally and globally, because we have an almost infinite autonomy of exercise, consuming only the air that dissolves in the liquid by the principle of Henry. Moreover, the compressed air can be used under any pressure for other purifying and energetic uses, as shown in the attached figure.  The world’s ruling class has lost its mind since the advent of the industrial era, wanting to charge the energy that costs nothing to users at all costs. For this reason I do not claim industrial property on compressed hydropower, but I expect the world to recognize the copyright that is recognized by all authors of works of intellect, if and when in the world, science and justice will work together in the interests of all.

 But on this front the scientists, legislators and the international judges are also silent. Probably, they would like a retiree to make prototypes competing with transport, energy and purification multinationals, which are divided the sectors, with the complacency of politics and public science. . The latter is not only advantaged because the international tax authorities pay the taxpayers, but also sells its patents to private companies with the complicity of the legislators.

Scientific objectivity does not exist because inventors and scientists must obey corporate directives, as if they were military.

Today, private inventors who deal with the environment and energy are considered competitors of public science and multinationals. They have to pay taxes on their own, and they do not find buyers because the multinationals, by buying patents from public science, implicitly, also adapt to existing regulations. In fact, the regulations cannot exceed the state of the art and the environmental state of the art is determined by public science and legislators by imposing the limits of toxic emissions to be respected.

It is obvious that this system has faults of insurmountable origin that drag along with the advent of the industrial age, for the simple fact that public and private energy and environmental plants have not been designed with multidisciplinary criteria, therefore, they cannot close all the toxic cycles that open. The undersigned showed that by designing plants differently, fossil energy could be completely cleaned but only on fixed installations, not on transport. Since these solutions have been ignored by public bodies and legislators, it is obvious that these solutions have also been ignored by multinationals. However, the criterion of the multidisciplinary and the interactivity of the environmental and energy solutions, continuing to be deepened, has led the undersigned to find a cold energy solution that does not open thermal and chemical cycles, which can also be installed on means of transport, which it is precisely the compressed hydroelectric energy. Obviously, as this solution of public research bodies worldwide and by lawmakers is ignored, this solution has also been ignored by transport multinationals, but it has also been ignored by the thousands of public and private scientific commentators, without any explanation. All this happened before President Trump, considered the number one enemy of the environment, was elected. For myself, it is better to have only one enemy to beat, than millions of hidden enemies, who do not fight for their own ideas but for those of their masters.

One must wonder why the inventors’ copyrights at international level are worth only a year, while those of the writers do not fall?  Why do world governments and legislators want to limit inventors’ creativity, forcing them to become entrepreneurs and to look for lenders? Do not they know that ideas follow a scientific and technical logic, while entrepreneurs accept compromises? How can we accept compromises on inventions of social utility? For myself, inventors simply have to develop ideas and publish them. If the world is not ready to realize them, it is not a problem that concerns the inventor, but the whole society. Intellectual property is an inalienable right that can be transferred only with the sale of the invention, not with the decay of the same, because it cannot be financed.

Today, we cannot be surprised if authorities and entrepreneurs do not respond to interactive energies. Above all, above all, if they highlight the non-sense of the many environmental and energy inventions that have occurred in the last century and a half, which damage the environment and the health of citizens. I do not pretend that my inventions are carried out, but that at least my work is respected. My inventions, being of public utility, if they do not like them, must be frozen, without time limits and without tax payments that can not be due, in order to maintain patents that the world authorities of the environment and energy impede.  If and when copyrights are understood and realized and the copyright will run, the inventor would have to pay taxes. Current laws do not grant this elementary right. If on the legal level we are at this level of incivility, on the technical level, we are even worse, because the public procurement system is not open to inventors’ creativity, but to the realization of great works, wrong by the foundations, where the organization of environmental scientific work, based on the closure of organic and inorganic cycles moment by moment and on the synergies between science and technology have never entered.  Today we have huge thermal plants and water purifiers that make partial cycles, while urban air purification has never started, as it did not start in the high furnaces where steel is produced, because the plants had to be designed globally, following the cycle of the carbon in factories and in the same urban centers, as the industrial production increases, the number of inhabitants or cars that circulate. I wrote these things to the European and world public bodies without ever having been taken into consideration (https://www.spawhe.eu/closing-the-anthropogenic-carbon-cycle/, https://www.spawhe.eu/the-european-social-innovation-competition-lottery/)

I am very happy that the new president of the United States is Joe BIden, who is more sensitive to environmental, humanitarian and health problems. But I don’t trust the scientific advisors, who in one way or another are equally connected to world power centers, who have not favored the experimentation of any of the interactive inventions of the undersigned. It must be remembered that Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president from 2009 to 2017. The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Barack Obama in 2007 was a stepping stone to the presidency of the United States. Although Barack Obama was one of the best presidents of the United States, for me, he did not deserve that award, because there can be no peace in the world as long as world environmental and energy policies are wrong. The United States, like all countries in the world, in those years, did not understand the inventions of interactive purification. Today that these inventions have also become interactive energetic without any merit of any world government, including the United States, we must only hope that the times are riper and that Joe Biden, does his job better in this sector too, not trusting the advisors. public scientists who sell patents to multinationals.

Joe Biden has stated that he will favor renewable energies, but I am sure that no one has informed him that even the current renewables are wrong, not being interactive with the environment, they are discontinuous and have low yields. Just think that to produce a Kw / hour with solar panels, in the best conditions 10 m2 are needed. While to produce a thrust of a bar on the wind turbines it takes a wind of about 80 km per hour. World public and private science has made many mistakes in this area too. Current renewables are bulky, have very low yields, produce discontinuous energy that needs large, expensive and heavy energy accumulators. Therefore, they are not suitable for solving the great problems of industry and land and space transport.

The French Revolution, the class struggle of the workers against the bosses, The American Civil War, which abolished slavery, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the world wars, did not lead to a sustainable world development because world governments, when it is industrial development started, they no longer governed, but they let themselves be governed by the economic power centers that have produced inventions that have mistaken the purification and energy principles. This has led to the current distribution of world wealth, global warming and the viruses that attack humans today. Only by restoring the biological balances, painstakingly acquired in 4.5 billion years, will future generations have any hope of survival.

It is not possible to continue to rule the world by hiding both the advantages of interactive and energy purification, above all, now that viruses are attacking humans due to bad choices in both sectors, with the collaboration of the entire world science, including the one who denounces environmental problems, but is silent on interactive inventions, because only a pensioner who does not belong to any center of world power has proposed them.

My Proposal to realize: “A global corporation against errors, omissions and wasted opportunities by science and world power centers” did not raise a single euro. But I think that the SARS and COVID viruses will give us no respite: Either society changes, or the world stock exchanges will inevitably collapse. But after making millions of innocent victims. Scientific truth and human justice are not reliable. God has given us free will and in many ways made us understand how anthropogenic plants should be designed, not relying on overpaid scientists, but on unforgiving nature and probably, even ordinary citizens, like myself, who do not belong to the centers of power. https://www.spawhe.eu/a-global-stock-company-against-errors-omissions-and-opportunities-wasted-by-science-and-world-power-centers/. 

I don’t despair. If I am called I will do my duty. If Joe Biden, at the age of seventy-eight, can become the president of the United States, even the undersigned at 71 can return to the field, as CEO of SPAWHE S.P.A. In recent years I have received some job offers but I have not accepted them because I complete my job as inventor. It is fortunate that SPAWHE’s inventions are ready to be tested and industrialized in the interest of all. Not just investors. It is right that those who invest their capital to solve major environmental and public health problems get the right profit. Jesus said “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, give to God what belongs to God. God has always remained the same but Caesar has many faces and is not satisfied with taking what is due to him. It takes advantage of people’s ignorance, to storm them with advertisements and election messages that distort scientific truths that can only be acquired through profound moral principles, without hiding anything. If solutions emerge that improve the environment and human health, governments must incentivize and subsidize companies that need to change industrial production. Don’t wait for problems to resolve themselves. Worse yet, wait until they solve the same multinationals that have made all the investments in the wrong development model.

From the following article available on the net I extract some sentences:


“The law provides that the object of the patent must be implemented within three years from the date of granting the patent and that implementation must not be suspended for more than three consecutive years. Implementation means manufacture and sale in Italy or import and sale in Italy of items produced in a member state of the European Union and / or in a member state of the World Trade Organization; that is, if the applicant or its licensees have not proceeded to manufacture or import the object of the patent from these States and thus put it into circulation in the territory of the State to an extent that does not result in serious disproportion with the needs of the Country, not this legal requirement has been satisfied (art. 69 CPI), and therefore it is possible to grant a compulsory license (art. 70 CPI), or, in the case of persistent non-implementation, the lapse of the patent. The spirit of this article of law is clear, which tends to develop the industry and to avoid that, for personal interest (for example, only to allow the patent holder to exploit his old plants), perhaps important inventions are not implemented, thus blocking the sector for the entire 20-year duration of the patent. “

This short excerpt from a public article, in the last paragraph, puts its finger on the global scourge of important inventions that are not made due to the interests of the insiders. But whoever wrote the article did not realize that unfortunately, when it comes to purification, energy, transport and health systems, the crime of concealing patents concerns governments and global entrepreneurs. Not the inventors, especially those who do not belong to public bodies or multinationals.

Those who legislate on the industrial property of commercial objects, and those who examine commercial inventions, cannot also examine the plants that produce such objects and not even the infrastructures necessary to carry out such productions, which must have the requirement of environmental compatibility, starting from chimneys that discharge the fumes into the atmosphere, to the waters that discharge into the sewer, to the way in which they exchange the heat which must be water / water, at most air / water. Never air / air, so as not to spread viruses and heat in the atmospheric environment.

All these things are part of the interactive purification systems which are national and international patents of Spawhe for which the undersigned has regularly paid the filing fees and has also been granted patents. It certainly cannot be said that the undersigned falls within the aforementioned case written by a public body: to exploit its old plants, thus blocking the sector for the entire 20-year duration of the patent. I am not the owner of any world plant and the twenty years of time that I have been granted to carry out interactive purification have almost passed without any government or entrepreneur having financed them, precisely in order to continue to exploit their non-interactive systems.

The crime of concealment was committed by world public bodies. Not the inventor who lives with the whole family on a modest pension. They are the public inventors who invent and sell custom-made patents for multinationals with the complicity of public legislators.

Recognizing intellectual property to inventors who seek to correct errors should be a moral duty on the part of all world governments, instead they have legislated regulations and laws in favor of the centers of power and their employees. So that scientific truth comes out only when it suits the centers of power, not when it could have prevented the aggravation of world problems.

Decimo esempio di energia interattiva incompresa.

If SPAWHE will become SPA, which is unlikely,one of the inventions that will take precedence will be the artificial heart oxygenating the blood autonomously energetically to extend the life of the elderly person and making them immune from Sars and Covid viruses.  But also those that already exist, such as AIDS and HIV.

Unfortunately, the invention of the energetically autonomous blood oxygenating artificial heart, which has been published by many prestigious scientific journals, did not pass the examination of the inflexible Italian Patent Office, despite my written opposition, dated 06/09/2018 , has also sent it for information to the President of the Italian Council, and has attached the following article, in original, to underline that science, especially public, does not perform the institutional functions it should perform and no one corrects it: https://www.spawhe.eu/someone-in-the-world-should-prohibit-the-incomplete-inventions-of-science/.

Below is the letter of refusal of the patent:

The Italian patent office, in those few lines he wrote, has also arbitrarily added things that the undersigned has never written. Such as that the system generates an amount of energy without consuming it. Which is not true, as I wrote that it produces more energy than it consumes. They also write that energy would be created from nothing, contradicting the first law of energy conservation thermodynamics. I would have been crazy to use thermodynamics in the human body, when we have the dynamic fluid that works at room temperature by means of two small autoclaves that would replace the current right and left ventricles, using compressed air or oxygen that are loaded from the outside of the human body with ample autonomy, of functioning, as these gases essential to human life, are also very powerful natural energy accumulators that consume only the quantity of oxygen that absorbs the blood every time it passes through the autoclaves due to the laws of Henry and Dalton. Obviously, in my patent filing, I also explained that I would not have been able to file this patent if I had not first invented the “pump with double separate power supply up to the impeller.”

Obviously, the Italian Patent Office remained on its position of refusal. And I didn’t spend my few savings to legally oppose it by paying 600 euros just to file the appeal. Even if I won the appeal, I would have obtained the displacement of the patent from the list of those rejected by those not financed. The end result would not have changed.

Just to make readers understand the scientific validity of this invention, which also anticipated Covid-19, I report what I wrote on 29 May 2018, which is the date of the patent filing.

“ From the description of this patent filing, it should be clear that in the future the life of man and woman will lengthen greatly. Much of life will be spent with artificial hearts ever more perfect, not so much from the hydraulic and mechanical point of view, already quite defined by myself (even if the performance will improve continuously, especially using new lightweight and resistant biocompatible synthetic materials) but above all, from the management one.  It will be very important to manage the functions of the artificial heart directly with the brain or at least with voice commands, without maneuvering a digital keyboard. The small compressor and the control unit must also be miniaturized and inserted under the skin. This is not impossible because, as explained, the statically-used compressed air must not be expelled as it does in the pneumatic motors. Only the one that is dissolved in the blood is consumed as in the lungs. Probably, since the artificial heart improves the capacity of oxygenation, if necessary, it will be possible to slightly limit the space of expansion of the lungs to let everything enter the chest. This can be precisely defined after having made the first prototypes. I publish these things, coherently, with previous publications, hoping that the International Judges and the WIPO (World International Property Organization) understand what they have not understood until now. That is, that environmental, energy, health, and public utility patents must be treated differently from commercial patents, recognizing intellectual property and copyrights to inventors. The industrial property may concern the single pump, turbine, compressor, electronic control unit, if the manufacturers believe they have special requirements, which fall within the criteria of patentability.

It is not possible that the legislators the International Judges and the WIPO, continue to not understand that intellectual property must be separated from the industrial one if we really want progress. The artificial heart is the result of forty patents grown virtually following a purification process of water and air together, which gradually led first to realize global thermal plants that purify water and air, also neutralizing CO2. In the following phase it replaced the thermal energy with the hydroelectric energy with the recycling of water. This energy also produced hydroelectric desalination plants. In the even more recent phase it replaced hydroelectric energy with the recycling of water with the hydroelectric energy compressed in different versions (domestic, submerged in basins, in wells, combined with water recovery). From these last versions the artificial heart oxygenator was born, which is a miniaturized pressurized hydroelectric plant. The whole journey has cost twelve years of work without the world authorities of the environment and energy noticing anything. Probably, if I had insisted more tenaciously on the first patents concerning the cleaning of fossil energy, consisting of about twenty patents, I would not have had the possibility to develop the following ideas, the energies with the recycling of water would not have been born even virtually. not even the compressed hydroelectric to which the artificial heart belongs. What is the conclusion of my speech? It is very simple: if in twelve years of work of the undersigned world authorities of the environment and energy have not moved a finger in favor of these solutions, probably, the artificial heart on planet Earth would not have spoken even in a hundred years because we could hardly get there without going through all the previous inventions of myself.  This is the truth, the world public bodies and the manufacturers of means of transport would never have made self-criticism to their progress in the state of the art. As they got to the battery-powered cars, they would have come to a battery-powered, non-autonomously energetic heart. What can a battery-powered heart or a battery-powered car serve if natural or nuclear catastrophes occur and man can be in extreme survival conditions, without any energy source (paid) available?

 Secondo le statistiche mondiali correnti la classifica delle maggiori cause di morte sono:

1. Cardiovascular diseases; 2. Tumors; 3. Cerebrovascular diseases; 4. Chronic respiratory diseases: 5. Accidents; 6. Degenerative diseases; 7. Diabetes and metabolic diseases; 8. Influenza, pneumonia and respiratory infections; 9. Kidney diseases; 10. Infections, AIDS and HIV.

I think that all these causes of death, directly or indirectly, will be drastically reduced, from the artificial heart and from the greater capacity of oxidation of the blood that will allow. Accident deaths will also decrease because the artificial heart will hardly stop and men will lose knowledge. If, in anticipation of possible accidental deaths, even healthy people are predisposed for connections on the A B C D ribcage to an artificial external heart of temporary survival, accidental deaths will be even less.

The compressed hydroelectric system, designed for environmental, industrial and energy applications, seems to be designed specifically for the human body. In fact, in the human body the circulation must never be interrupted for the whole life, even when we sleep. The only variation is the flow of the circulating blood, commanded by the neurological system to the organs that activate the physical movements, and the biological functions. The heart is a muscle that obeys these stimuli, which in our case, with the artificial heart, can be sent to a control unit that will translate them into a milliampere signal that will change the revolutions of the two circulation pumps in sync with double separate supply until to the impeller of the right heart and the left circuit. After all, environmental and human health problems are identical: oxygenation of water or blood, producing sufficient energy for the circulation of water or blood, and connecting to the human circulatory system, which is already perfect, but the increase in the possibility of oxygenation of the blood should not be underestimated, because people, especially elderly, who need to replace the heart almost always have other problems, such as pulmonary, hepatic, renal insufficiency, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, tissue aging. Oxygen is life and this solution medical science cannot underestimate it, also because in the most serious cases it will be possible to compress pure oxygen in small autoclaves. We must not underestimate even the possibility of using external links to the heart A1 – B1 – C1 – D1, not only in conditions of extreme survival, but also in ordinary conditions, to take intravenous medicines without martyring veins with needles, especially in hospital admissions.

With the artificial heart the reference of the heartbeats will be lost. The flow rate of the circulation pump is regulated by the revolutions of the DC motor, which will depend on the momentum produced by the human body. If this can no longer be controlled directly by the brain, as it currently happens without being aware of it, it will be possible to regulate by means of a voice command to the computerized control unit with three simple words: rest, normal, fast. These words correspond to the verification of the operating parameters of the artificial heart by the electronic control units, a gradual adjustment of the rotation speed of the pumps (5) and of the pressures. This process is much simpler than programming the work of robots that today work in factories. The only doubt to be resolved is that of deciding whether the compressor and the control unit must be hidden in the human body, or connected externally via electrical or fluidic quick-connect sockets. But this is an aspect that can be solved at a later stage, when the progress of the state of the art of all the applications connected to the artificial heart will be well defined. It will not be a problem to insert other probes measuring the characteristics of the blood that can be stored in the control unit and transferred with a special USB socket to a Smartphone, to view the general health of the patient.”

How do bureaucrats, rulers, scientists in general, not only specialized in medicine, fail to understand that this is the best way to prolong human life by avoiding brain death and also fighting viruses that enter the blood. It is no coincidence that intensive care in hospitals is done through the administration of oxygen to patients or in hyperbaric chambers. Oxygen is the primary source of human, animal and plant life. By reducing the amount of oxygen in the environment and in the human body, due to diseases, pollution and aging of human organs, viruses will increase and our defenses will decrease. The time of the coronavirus will become an infinite time. Part of the same science has realized that environmental alterations have produced millions of potential visus that are preparing to attack man. The artificial heart oxygenator of the blood will be one of the most important inventions of mankind, not only for those who carry it inside the human body, but also for those who will voluntarily have quick bypass attacks installed on the natural heart, to be assistance in cases of accidents in the few minutes preceding brain death. As I wrote in the patent filing, the company of the future will have to have artificial first aid hearts in pharmacies and in strategic points in place of the current Pace makers who cannot save even 2% of people who suffer cardiac arrest.

Today the state of the art does not advance in the protection of the environment and human health precisely due to the absence of interactive energies, which being based on universal scientific principles, are also sustainable and accessible to all. These energies are hampered above all by the ignorance of the world ruling class and by the ignorance of the oppositions that fight for much less important problems. However, billions of dollars are spent on wrong and obsolete inventions, which, not being interactive, partially solve problems with very high costs.

Eleventh example of misunderstood interactive energy

Sustainable desalination and artificial welling

The Italian and European Patent Offices, by mutual agreement, without consulting world science, have declared even vertical ion exchange desalination (which would use pumps with separate double power supplies to circulate the ion exchange resins in spheres of polyethylene drilled to desalinate marine waters) while beneath the desalination plant artificial welling would be carried out to sustainably feed the world’s populations, extracting from the depths the carbonates solubilized over billions of years to combat the acidification of the oceans .

I enclose below the page of the research report, where these scientific ignorances are asserted with impunity:

I also enclose the summary with the figure of this invention of which I am proud, like the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, which I place above all others, not only for the scientific aspect, but also for the humanitarian one.

Twelfth example of misunderstood interactive energy.

This is the patent application 102018000004864 entitled “Mini domestic purification system producing hydroelectric energy”, of which the patent was recently refused with a ministerial letter dated 11/19/2020.

This refusal makes no sense, after I was granted the hydroelectric car patent, since the plant’s energy source is also compressed hydroelectric energy. But the undersigned does not use it to move a car, he uses it for purification purposes.

The problem is very serious, because the main reason for the refusal is missing, but the patent office does not realize it or does not take it into account and insists only on bureaucratic whims, demanding that the undersigned, spend 600 euros in taxes to legally oppose, in addition to other expenses of money and labor, simply to shift the position of the patent (of public utility) from refused to unfunded by world institutions.

Clearly, I don’t participate in this game of general incompetence. If I refused to pay the maintenance fee even for the compressed hydroelectric car, of only 60 euros because it is a public utility patent, even more so, I don’t spend 600 euros to start from scratch. World patents of public utility are intellectual patents and inventors must file them only once in any part of the world, without being blackmailed by entrepreneurs, and by the ministerial bureaucrats of any country. World public science must assume its social responsibilities, choosing the best solutions for all. It cannot continue to collaborate only with multinationals, to supplement the salaries of public inventors and researchers, hiding the interactive solutions that are the most logical, cheapest and most efficient globally.

However, the undersigned, long before the refusal began on 19.11. 2020, over two years earlier, on 20.07. 2018, he had already replied to the patent office to the observations of the research report sent to me with the following letter:

“Subject: With reference to the ministerial letter dated 24/10/2018, relating to the application 102018000004864, received by certified e-mail, the undersigned informs you that the document WO 2015/083776 A1, considered relevant by the European patent office, has nothing what to do with the solution proposed by the undersigned, since the plant illustrated in this patent is a complete purification plant (8) which concerns many water-consuming apartments (4) consisting of kitchens, toilets and similar systems. The primary source of energy of this system is solar energy and storage batteries. The hydroelectric energy produced in this plant is only a very small part of the energy produced by the plant by means of the waste water of the individual apartments, which exploits the potential energy, due to the fall of water from above.

The system proposed by the undersigned is much simpler and more sustainable. It does not leave the single apartment, and is limited only to recovering the sanitary waters, excluding those in the kitchen which contain fat and require more complete treatment, which cannot be done in the small space of an apartment. Therefore, the undersigned only recovers the water he uses for cleaning the toilet and with the small plant simultaneously produces hydroelectric energy through the exploitation of the compressed air pressure contained in a small autoclave which, which uses Henry’s principle to purify the water by solubilizing the oxygen of the air in the water.

Therefore, all the castles in the air built by attaching the document of the patent WO 2015/083776, are useless, because they do not concern a system specifically called “MINI SYSTEM OF DOMESTIC PURIFICATION PRODUCER OF HYDROELECTRIC ENERGY”, which is nothing more than a system producer of compressed hydroelectric energy that produces energy by recycling water and purifying it for free only to be used for the purpose of cleaning toilets and for other non-potable uses. So it has nothing to do with a complete purification plant that cannot be specifically designed to purify only the water of a single apartment, both from an economic point of view and for the necessary dimensions. The European examiner, not understanding these elementary concepts, compared the mini system with a complete purification plant and without any scientific opinion written by a higher scientific authority, he continues to write that hydroelectric energy cannot be produced through the system described in the subscribed as contrary to the first law of thermodynamics. I have already written in other applications that thermodynamics has nothing to do with the production of pressurized hydroelectric energy with compressed air, as it depends only on fluid dynamics, on the way in which pumps, turbines or pumps are built. used as turbines and by electromagnetism used to produce electricity.

My system, not understood by the patent offices, which in the opinion of the undersigned, on patents of public utility, must not express scientific judgments, is receiving many scientific consents, such as

Also reported in the attached document:

However, for the undersigned, who deals with sustainable energy and purification plants of public utility, it is not important to receive the recognition of a patent, if the world public authorities are not willing to implement it, having mistaken the fundamental principles of energy together with the multinationals and purification. In fact, it is a contradiction to grant patents on these plants and not to finance them, in order not to admit the mistakes they have made. In fact, if they finance them, they would be forced to demolish all the wrong plants in the world, with the consequent collapse of the world stock exchanges. The undersigned has been granted 14 national, one European and five international patents concerning mainly interactive purification systems, which have never been financed by anyone. The study of these interactive systems led to the conception of submerged and compressed hydroelectric interactive energies, on which the world patent offices are playing what little reputation they had by claiming that energy is not produced from nothing, while public and private scientists they are hiding, because they have allowed the pollution and warming of the planet, also making us lose money, since none of the current world energies are simultaneously energetic and purifying and none can be produced at such a low cost, because none can statically exploit the gravitational force and compressed air pressure. I have explained these things in many publications. However, for the undersigned, who deals with sustainable energy and purification plants of public utility, it is not important to receive the recognition of a patent, if the world public authorities are not willing to implement it, having mistaken the fundamental principles of energy together with the multinationals and purification. In fact, it is a contradiction to grant patents on these plants and not to finance them, in order not to admit the mistakes they have made. In fact, if they finance them, they would be forced to demolish all the wrong plants in the world, with the consequent collapse of the world stock exchanges. The undersigned has been granted 14 national, one European and five international patents concerning mainly interactive purification systems, which have never been financed by anyone. The study of these interactive systems led to the conception of submerged and compressed hydroelectric interactive energies, on which the world patent offices are playing what little reputation they had by claiming that energy is not produced from nothing, while public and private scientists they are hiding, because they have allowed the pollution and warming of the planet, also making us lose money, since none of the current world energies are simultaneously energetic and purifying and none can be produced at such a low cost, because none can statically exploit the gravitational force and compressed air pressure. I have explained these things in many publications. 

I am also attaching my latest publication which I wrote following the latest world events concerning the environment and energy “.

This letter, as written, dated 20.07.2018, shows that the inventors of solutions of public utility cannot continue to fight alone against multinationals and bureaucracy, while science and justice that should express universal values, deepening the details of the interactive solutions are hidden to hide the errors of the powerful of the Earth, public and private.


False environmental and energy solutions have invaded the world with great advertisements, because no one in the world has taught the world that man-made plants must be designed globally, choosing the best scientific principles and the best technologies available on a case by case basis. This can be done by knowing globally scientifically, at the same time, the organization of industrial and environmental work. There are no alternatives. Either the inventions are produced collectively, bringing together many specialists, or only retirees who have accumulated experience across different sectors can be inventors. But human life is too short to use this solution, at least until man realizes the invention of the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood which, as we have seen, has been decimated by the Italian patent office, without even asking for help. European who would gladly help him.

For myself, the mobile barrier that must protect Venice from high waters is also a wrong invention. Suffice it to say that it cost 6 billion euros. Wouldn’t it have been logical to first experiment with my solution which would have cost at least ten times less, would have produced energy instead of consuming it, and would have also purified the polluted water of the sea by producing oxygenation of the seabed?

Battery-powered cars and vaccines are also false solutions, because battery-powered cars lead to greater CO2 emissions from thermal power stations that have to produce the electricity that charges the batteries, while vaccines always arrive late compared to the spread of the disease and protect from a single virus, which in the meantime is transformed and another vaccine has to be prepared which also arrives late in relation to the spread of the disease which causes innocent victims. The true and universal solution is to change the development model.

This can only be done by going into all the details of human activities, and choosing the right work cycles that are compatible with the environment. Only myself tried to do this but it took over 50 years of work in industry, in the environment and as an unwanted inventor from the world’s power centers. The life of the man is too short for the experiences of the old to be passed on to the young, especially in the modern world, where those in economic power broadcast advertisements that distort the scientific truth that is efficient only if science is applied globally and interactively, as nature does. It is no coincidence that the interactive system can also enter the human chest, confuse viruses by oxygenating the blood and prevent brain death, extending human life not by a few years, but by hundreds, with the help of robotics, cybernetics, and information technology, but above all, primary fluid dynamics and electromagnetic induced energy.

The interactive inventions could not be produced all together, but the first ones generated the following ones, theoretically improving first the purification systems and then the energy ones, making a small detour in the field of general medicine to invent the “artificial heart oxygenator of human blood , energetically autonomous and returning to industrial systems to also change world transport, including space transport, in the name of sustainability. For myself, what works in single processes already experimented by scientists of the past works even if several processes are put together at the same time, therefore these inventions would not even need demonstrative experiments, but only the industrialization of the processes, which require huge investments, above all to demolish the current global plants and infrastructures, which, not being interactive, have not exploited correctly and with maximum efficiency the purification and energy principles, including means of transport of all types. For these reasons we have created global warming and unsustainable development, which cannot face the emergencies that the system itself creates with bad structural and environmental designs, those due to natural events, and those such as the Corona virus, which block capacities production of entire countries. The world stock exchanges easily collapse because the major world countries are indebted due to wrong inventions that affect all sectors of the world economy, which show their defects, especially when the big emergencies to face occur.

Having summarized above some interactive inventions rejected by the Italian and European Patent Offices that preceded the last invention examined and rejected by the same offices, I publish below only the summary and the drawings. The full version of the patent filing refused on this last occasion can be read from the link https://www.spawhe.eu/aerospace-and-submarine-transport-system-with-interactive-primary-and-inductive-linear-motors/.

Aerospace and submarine transport system with interactive primary and inductive linear motors.

 Italian Patent Deposit No. 102020000000031 of 03/01/2020.

Twenty-fifth open letter to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations.


To purify the environment, it is essential to identify the interactive principles between water and air. It also serves to design a rational terrestrial and spatial transport system. In fact, gravity and atmospheric pressure hinder the lifting and movement of the masses. The thrusts of Newton and Lorentz have been legislated for centuries, but in air transport only the first are used because of the difficulties encountered by science in inventing a space-saving system that produces sufficient electricity on board the means of transport to feed both thrusts, which together, with their accelerations, would zero the weight of the mass, which is a vectorial force,  according to the relation F = m * (a – aL – aN), where “aN” and “aL” are the respective accelerations of Newton and Lorenz in the opposite direction to gravity. This problem was solved with the invention of the “primary and induced global interactive linear motor”, which is a complete system, which exploits air pressure statically, one-way, circulates pressurized water through a turbine with current generator and uses a pump with the separate double supply up to the impeller, which recycles the water discharged from the turbine by inserting it again into the internal recycling circuit of a pressurized autoclave in the form of a tube, placed in series or in parallel to an electric turbofan, while the primary electric current produced by the generator feeds the turbofan motor and moves the permanent magnets of two parallel or superimposed inductor circuits, concentric to the autoclave and to the turbofan, induced currents are also produced in the external enclosures of the autoclave and turbofan they generate two Lorentz thrusts which add up to the Newton thrust of the turbofan. Therefore, the electric turbofan becomes an induced interactive linear motor that simultaneously produces the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, while the primary plant, in addition to feeding the inductor circuits, produces in its own armature the Lorentz thrust which is added to the two thrusts of the turbofan. Considering that space starts, conventionally, only 100 km away from the surface of the earth, it will not cost much to climb into the atmosphere vertically with the forces of Newton and Lorentz together. It will cost even less to move into the void with just the electromagnetic drive and get off at the destination airports. Obviously, even submarines will be able to use these interactive global engines by replacing the turbofan with marine propellers, making them cheaper and safer. These plants will also be able to defend us from the high waters with the thrusts of Lorentz and Newton while the primary energy oxygenates the water with the static air pressure in the autoclave according to Henry’s principle.

Final summary

I think it is not useless to point out that all the intense work of the undersigned, described on the website http://www.spawhw.eu, produced in fifteen years, has not been paid for by anyone. But even, no one on planet Earth wanted to experiment and implement interactive inventions that prove the mistakes made by mutual agreement between governments, scientists and entrepreneurs. Not even the poor have raised funds to prove the obvious, to their advantage, because school science and culture is dominated by specialists in individual scientific and literary subjects, who prevent individuals from thinking globally since elementary school. Very few scientists have worked to deepen knowledge globally. Whoever did it studied the universe, establishing that the primary universal energy of the world is thermodynamic and that induced, for very complex phenomena, is electromagnetic. This truth was sanctioned by the theories of specific and general relativity written at the beginning of the last century by Albert Einstein, who can be considered the greatest scientist of all time. Unfortunately, until now, no one has noticed that the primary energy of inhabited planets, such as the Earth, is not thermodynamic but fluid dynamics, while the induced one is equally electromagnetic. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the natural and automatic cycles of chlorophyll photosynthesis and the natural and automatic cycle of terrestrial carbon occur at normal temperature. I deliberately talked about natural and automatic cycles that nature produces without human intervention, because in my entire working life as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants, I had to follow the industrial and environmental cycles designed by man. I could not fail to notice the perfection of natural cycles and the imperfection of cycles designed by men. Having been only an ordinary technical employee of private companies, I felt powerless in the face of the immensity of the problems that my intuitions involved. I knew that to correct the errors of the anthropic purification cycles it was necessary to follow them step by step and insert them into natural cycles, modifying both the machines invented by man, both the plants and the work cycles. I also knew that it was impossible to commit myself to this task. Besides, I also had a family to support. But in all the years of working unconsciously, I have mulled over the possible interactive purification solutions. I never thought they could also be interactive energetic. I only understood this when I got really angry with science, governments and world entrepreneurs who pretended not to understand interactive purification, which I also filed in international patents at the end of 2012, with a great economic sacrifice. for a modest pensioner. While world governments not only do not understand public utility inventions and do not experiment with them, they tax the inventors who propose them, as if they were sellers of consumer goods.

Today we are at the end of 2020 and I am even more angry with science, governments and global entrepreneurs, but I am increasingly convinced that the ways of the Lord are infinite, because I never thought that I would be able to develop and put on paper and on the web, what I myself thought impossible. I can only thank the dull world centers of power, scientific, political, entrepreneurial, who have stimulated me to give my best. I am sure that if I had felt satisfied with the success of interactive purification, I would not have investigated interactive energies, which are even more important, because they still retain the purifying power, while costing hundreds of times less than current energies. However, I hope that especially those who have government responsibilities will repent and that they too will give their best. The modern world does not need the rhetorical words of world politicians or even specific inventions that are not globally reasoned, which have brought more harm than good to humanity. A hundred years of meditating on global inventions would have been more fruitful, without doing anything, to start with the right inventions, than repairing the damage caused by specific inventions that still dominate the world today. I think that the destroyed biological equilibriums can be restored, but everything will depend on the speed we will use to demolish the current development model and replace it with the interactive purification and energy model. If people put the same effort into destroying the environment and humanity, it will take at least a hundred years to put things right. But we already understand that it will take much more. Unfortunately, world politicians are in a hurry to reopen construction sites and activities, without changing the world anthropogenic plants, in order not to lose electoral support. Entrepreneurs don’t want to change anything to defend their bad investments. Public and private science is silent because it is responsible most of all and must obey public and private employers. It cannot even say that Covid – 19 will never go away and many other similar viruses will arrive if we do not immediately produce global inventi

Final summary

I think it is not useless to point out that all the intense work of the undersigned, described on the website http://www.spawhw.eu, produced in fifteen years, has not been paid for by anyone. But even, no one on planet Earth wanted to experiment and implement interactive inventions that prove the mistakes made by mutual agreement between governments, scientists and entrepreneurs. Not even the poor have raised funds to prove the obvious, to their advantage, because school science and culture is dominated by specialists in individual scientific and literary subjects, who prevent individuals from thinking globally since elementary school. Very few scientists have worked to deepen knowledge globally. Whoever did it studied the universe, establishing that the primary universal energy of the world is thermodynamic and that induced, for very complex phenomena, is electromagnetic. This truth was sanctioned by the theories of specific and general relativity written at the beginning of the last century by Albert Einstein, who can be considered the greatest scientist of all time. Unfortunately, until now, no one has noticed that the primary energy of inhabited planets, such as the Earth, is not thermodynamic but fluid dynamics, while the induced one is equally electromagnetic. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the natural and automatic cycles of chlorophyll photosynthesis and the natural and automatic cycle of terrestrial carbon occur at normal temperature. I deliberately talked about natural and automatic cycles that nature produces without human intervention, because in my entire working life as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants, I had to follow the industrial and environmental cycles designed by man. I could not fail to notice the perfection of natural cycles and the imperfection of cycles designed by men. Having been only an ordinary technical employee of private companies, I felt powerless in the face of the immensity of the problems that my intuitions involved. I knew that to correct the errors of the anthropic purification cycles it was necessary to follow them step by step and insert them into natural cycles, modifying both the machines invented by man, both the plants and the work cycles. I also knew that it was impossible to commit myself to this task. Besides, I also had a family to support. But in all the years of working unconsciously, I have mulled over the possible interactive purification solutions. I never thought they could also be interactive energetic. I only understood this when I got really angry with science, governments and world entrepreneurs who pretended not to understand interactive purification, which I also filed in international patents at the end of 2012, with a great economic sacrifice. for a modest pensioner. While world governments not only do not understand public utility inventions and do not experiment with them, they tax the inventors who propose them, as if they were sellers of consumer goods.

Today we are at the end of 2020 and I am even more angry with science, governments and global entrepreneurs, but I am increasingly convinced that the ways of the Lord are infinite, because I never thought that I would be able to develop and put on paper and on the web, what I myself thought impossible. I can only thank the dull world centers of power, scientific, political, entrepreneurial, who have stimulated me to give my best. I am sure that if I had felt satisfied with the success of interactive purification, I would not have investigated interactive energies, which are even more important, because they still retain the purifying power, while costing hundreds of times less than current energies. However, I hope that especially those who have government responsibilities will repent and that they too will give their best. The modern world does not need the rhetorical words of world politicians or even specific inventions that are not globally reasoned, which have brought more harm than good to humanity. A hundred years of meditating on global inventions would have been more fruitful, without doing anything, to start with the right inventions, than repairing the damage caused by specific inventions that still dominate the world today. I think that the destroyed biological equilibriums can be restored, but everything will depend on the speed we will use to demolish the current development model and replace it with the interactive purification and energy model. If people put the same effort into destroying the environment and humanity, it will take at least a hundred years to put things right. But we already understand that it will take much more. Unfortunately, world politicians are in a hurry to reopen construction sites and activities, without changing the world anthropogenic plants, in order not to lose electoral support. Entrepreneurs don’t want to change anything to defend their bad investments. Public and private science is silent because it is responsible most of all and must obey public and private employers. It cannot even say that Covid – 19 will never go away and many other similar viruses will arrive if we do not immediately produce global inventions. Among these inventions I put, above all, the “energetically autonomous blood oxygenator artificial heart” which will be the best vaccine for the elderly and will prolong human life by hundreds of years, avoiding brain death. But without altering human DNA, because interactivity does not modify either the atoms or the molecules. It only oxygenates them, purifying them of pollutants, including viruses.  Obviously, the extension of human life will also take place thanks to the help of artificial limbs, cybernetics, robotics. The beauty of the human body will be enjoyed by men and women only in the first century of life. After that it will become a distant memory. But we will still enjoy it seeing the children and grandchildren. My generation will hardly enjoy this progress. Whoever is the cause of his own evil, mourn himself. However, I think it is time to make very important choices for the future of humanity. But I also think that unfortunately, the current ruling class is not up to the historical situation.

Luigi Antonio Pezone


Although many articles have also been published by other publishers, I prefer to indicate as references the map of my website, where all the unrealized inventions and published articles can be read in chronological order, so that everyone can understand how the reasoning on interactive purification, such as these have led to the birth of interactive energies, while the world of science, politics, business and economics has not noticed anything.

Site map in descending order of publication date

 https://www.spawhe.eu/permanent-open-letter-to-ordinary-people-to-explain-spawhes-inventions-in-the-time-of-the-unequal-distribution-of-wealth-global-warming-and-coronaviruses/, https://www.spawhe.eu/it/lettera-aperta-permanente-alla-gente-comune-per-spiegare-le-invenzioni-di-spawhe-nel-tempo-delliniqua-distribuzione-della-ricchezza-del-riscaldamento-globale-e-dei-coronavirus/

84) 28. 10. 2020 https://www.spawhe.eu/the-great-gap-between-the-science-of-god-and-that-of-man-that-produced-global-warming-and-covid-19/, https://www.spawhe.eu/il-grande-divario-tra-la-scienza-di-dio-e-quella-degli-uomini-che-ha-prodotto-il-riscaldamento-globale-e-il-covid-19/

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77) 23.04.2020 https://www.spawhe.eu/covid-19-and-the-world-bag-losses-are-due-to-the-unknown-principle-of-body-impenetrability/, https://www.spawhe.eu/it/il-covid-19-e-i-crolli-delle-borse-mondiali-sono-dovuti-allo-sconosciuto-principio-dellimpenetrabilita-dei-corpi/

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74) 31.01.2020 https://www.spawhe.eu/flying-and-floating-cars-with-interactive-global-linear-motors-and-thrust-of-newton-and-lorentz/https://www.spawhe.eu/it/autovetture-volanti-e-galleggianti-con-motori-lineari-globali-interattivi-spinte-di-newton-e-lorentz/

73) 31.01.2020 https://www.spawhe.eu/aerospace-and-submarine-transport-system-with-interactive-primary-and-inductive-linear-motors/, https://www.spawhe.eu/it/sistema-di-trasporto-aerospaziale-e-sottomarino-con-motori-lineari-globali-interattivi-primari-e-indotti/

72) 19.12.2019  https://www.spawhe.eu/against-the-inefficiency-of-the-united-nations-and-governments-even-the-obed-of-widow-may-be-useful-to-protect-the-environment/, https://www.spawhe.eu/it/contro-linefficienza-delle-nazioni-unite-e-dei-governi-anche-lobolo-della-vedova-potrebbe-essere-utile-alla-protezione-dellambiente/

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49) 30.10.2017 https://www.spawhe.eu/a-new-development-model-with-interactive-energy-and-rich-floating-camps-built-in-oceans-with-petroleum-derivates/, https://www.spawhe.eu/it/un-nuovo-modello-di-sviluppo-con-energie-interattive-e-ricche-colonie-galleggianti-negli-oceani-costruite-con-i-derivati-del-petrolio/

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I think it is not useless to point out that all this work, produced in fifteen years, has not been paid for by anyone. Nobody wanted to experiment and realize these interactive inventions that prove the mistakes made by mutual agreement between governments, science and entrepreneurs. Those who govern the world have not yet understood.

Luigi Antonio Pezone