What good are inventors independent of the world centers of power?

To the question posed at the beginning of this article which is the first page of Spawhe, it is not easy to simply answer that inventors “serve to invent new things in the service of modern society.” Today, when science and research are made up of employees by governments and multinationals even inventions have been monopolized and bureaucratized to avoid revolutionizing the world economic system. The legislators of the United Nations, through the WIPO (World International Property Organization) have done the rest, demanding taxes on the deposits of national and international patents , which independent inventors certainly cannot pay for. The whole world system, as a whole, prevents the birth of global inventions in the interest of the whole of humanity, having all the world’s brains accountable to public and private employers. For an independent inventor, the only possible way to get out of this immense cage of intellectual ideas is to file intellectual patents in a country adhering to international treaties and not pay the taxes required by WIPO. Obviously, only those who do not need a salary or are a retiree can afford to be an independent inventor, having to work for free. What is an independent inventor to do in 2021, when it seems like everything has already been invented? Explaining it in words is very difficult. It is easier to describe the facts that the undersigned personally experienced, because he felt it necessary to reinvent the things already invented, saving the salvage of existing sciences and technologies, starting from the fact that current inventions have produced global warming, viruses, a unequal distribution of world wealth. Current inventions are unable to protect man and nature from major environmental disasters and major fires. Despite the high level of scientific knowledge and research, most anthropic inventions seem designed by amateurs because they do not close all the cycles they open. Why don’t anthropic plants close the cycles they open? Unfortunately, the answer is simpler than one might think: the current division of scientific and technological skills prevents the design of machines and plants that carry out global cycles. Therefore, this article representing the SPAWHE home page must also be updated with the following SPAWHE rhyme:

“The cleaning of fossil energy published in spawhe, based, above all on inorganic chemistry that is able to absorb CO2, producing carbonates in the water. To speed up the processes and reduce the energy costs that would have involved the circulation of very large quantities of water necessary to neutralize the very large quantities of CO2 emitted by the current thermal power plants and heat engines, it has gradually been transformed technologically into solutions of less space by exploiting the principles Pascal and Henry.  In fact, I realized that on planet Earth, all the activities that nature produces through organic and inorganic chemistry, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle can be increased in speed without any need to use thermal, nuclear energy and current renewables. It is sufficient only to increase the operating pressures of the systems, modify the circulation pumps and make the machines work differently. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, the elements extraneous to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, to natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have multiplied exponentially the elements extraneous to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances. Obviously, this is my truth and in the entire website, I explain how, in my opinion, we should have created global plants that purify both fumes and water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas. Having not done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the art of purification to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the state of the global purification art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract the energy directly from the environment. Having not done this, it was not possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of gravitational force, we modify them on the suction side and make them another inlet clearly separated from the main one up to the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one feed to recycle the water from the upper basin and the other feed to introduce into the same impeller the water discharged from a turbine fed by falling water from the same upper basin. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, it being understood that we use a turbine connected to the outlet of the autoclave, we can recover the water drained from the turbine and insert it back into the autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same impeller of the pump by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air, we would have produced a current generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Having not done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this current generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave in order to be able to mount it on cars and trucks, on agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions can still be reduced by using submersible pumps as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes that would act as autoclaves. Therefore, these groups could be used to be inserted directly into the wells to raise the water and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers which today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to Henry’s principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be reduced even further. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water from the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side that would replace the right and left ventricles, creating energetically autonomous artificial hearts that would feed the systemic circuit that oxygenates the brain and the lungs to lengthen the life of the ‘man. Having not done this, it was not possible to think that pressurized cylindrical autoclaves can be incorporated an external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors can be made electric at variable revolutions that would produce an electromagnetic flux of variable intensity which would produce induced currents in a solenoid outside the same water tank. Therefore, we could produce in this tank a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law at the ambient temperature, without fuel that could be added to the reaction thrust of Newton that would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always commanded by generators. of current that produce the primary hydroelectric energy, fed by submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central reservoirs. Not having done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of aircraft to travel in the atmosphere and in space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuel.  It was not possible to make the ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to make mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters. It was not even possible to think that in the space travel of the future we can add to the global linear motors an external steel tunnel connected to the turbo fan, where it will produce a higher vacuum higher than the surrounding space vacuum and connect this tunnel with a small vacuum pump to a thickening tank of the captured powders, which will be emptied periodically letting in the atmospheric air which will feed an electrostatic filter that will recover the powders that will be used together with the other interactive purification and energy plant inventions described on the website https: // to make humans survive even in space without suffering physiological damage due to the absence of atmospheric pressure, gravity, food resources and raw materials to build spare parts for the machines necessary for survival in space. In fact, atmospheric air and water will fill the space caravan wagons full of human beings and will be endlessly recycled, suitably replenished with artificial photosynthesis and carbon cycle, while general gravity will be reinforced, becoming very similar. to the terrestrial one, electrostatically polarizing the paths of atmospheric conditioned air and recycled water in the interactive, energy and purification, compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants, still unknown to terrestrial science. “

In the global economy of the earth and of the universe, energy saving makes no sense if we extract primary energy directly from the environment using compressed air as an energy source, the principle of the impenetrability of bodies and as an energy vector the very simple and incompressible water, in infinite cycles that are not consumed (on Earth and in space) working one way, placing in series a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, which feeds a turbine with excess water, introduced by exploiting the depression that is created at the center of the centrifugal impellers, by means of a separate power supply expelled by the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies. The water discharged at atmospheric pressure is introduced back into the autoclave through the same recycling pump having two separate power supplies right into the impeller, which simultaneously feed the turbine and the internal recycling of the autoclave. The energy cycle is infinite because the energy produced by the turbine is due to the product of the water outlet pressure for the density of the same, which is always tens or hundreds of times higher than the anergy absorbed by the circulation pump which works with a low head, as in a completely closed circuit which only has to overcome the pressure drops of the circuit. The billionaires who turn into inventors and the inventors who produced global warming do not understand this simple concept although it has been explained with many applications on the website, however no world public research laboratory proceeds to verify the concept. The reasons why science and the world economy have preferred to produce energy for a fee through the production of heat cannot be explained (while gravity has provided us with free air already compressed at a pressure of one bar, which is very easy to use. in the natural state and artificially increase). This was mankind’s biggest scientific and economic mistake. Only by extracting a lot of air from the environment, compressing it and recycling it indefinitely, can we force the right amount of water (energy vector) to produce the fluid-dynamic flows that directly produce the electromagnetic flows necessary for the production of electricity, motors with drive torques and linear thrusts. which produce the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz sufficient to overcome the gravitational forces and the spatial environmental adversities. There is no need for thermodynamics, purification of gases, fumes and water. Transforming hydrogen into a paid fuel, albeit clean, compared to oil, means persevering in error because the hydrogen cycle cannot be infinite and economical like that of compressed air and water recycled indefinitely in the environment terrestrial and in space. It would be paradoxical if the Sicilian or Chinese mafia understood global scientific reasoning, while the world ruling class continues not to understand it in the year 2021 for obscure reasons that no one wants to explain. Unfortunately, this cannot happen because the air and water have no commercial value and the mafias cannot make them the object of speculation. Therefore, we are forced to wait for governments and multinationals to repent and instead of selling the energy products that are consumed by producing energy (including hydrogen), they are content to sell to users only the technology to extract energy from the environment, such as solar, wind, hydroelectric energy. But solar, wind and hydroelectric energy cannot be compared with compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy, because they are not very powerful, discontinuous and bulky. It can be said that the current renewables are energies produced by amateurs, while the compressed hydroelectromagnetic one is the future of the energy of the thinking beings of the universe. Being the only energy that is not only not consumed, but that can also be renewed in space travel, capturing the dust in space precisely through the global linear engines that will make travel not spaceships but space caravans operating on the interactive recycling of terrestrial materials. Unfortunately, on planet Earth there is a long series of scientific problems to be clarified, but also and above all, a long series of crimes of omission committed by world public science, which demonstrate that we do not live in a real democracy. Scientific information should anticipate industrial and environmental applications through intellectual publications and patents, prototypes and pilot plants, public and private, before making large investments that pay the entire world population and future generations. All the great works created by men for purification, energy and transport purposes are wrong from a scientific and economic point of view, but since the entire world society is involved, no one bothered to correct them. Nobody teaches such errors in schools. Therefore, not even future generations will be able to realize the errors. If this is the democracy that created the world ruling class it is not much better than the Taliban. It is just more numerous and clever. Save the appearances, not the substance. Probably, the world ruling class uses democracy only when it has to commemorate the victims of injustices, terrorism, accidents at work, which could also be avoided if global anthropogenic plants were designed globally. But we are very far from true democracy if the prototypes of the nursery rhyme are not realized at least in some democratic country of the world. The whole world is a country, it is not a way of saying. It is the world reality.

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The terrestrial nature through the gravitational force and the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies, by means of the pumps with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, will allow us to realize the compressed fluid dynamics, which by not transforming the matter, will purify the environment by producing mechanical energy , which linked to electromagnetism will allow us to circumvent the gravitational force and travel in space and in the depths of the sea without fuels and energy accumulators. The same miniaturized system and type of energy will allow us to extend human life with the artificial blood oxygenating heart, which will defeat many diseases, including viruses. These are the latest of SPAWHE’s forty inventions. All boycotted by the world ruling class without any logical and scientific explanation, apart from those of the Italian patent office which has always declared that “energy is not produced from nothing”, recently denying itself, granting me the Italian patent entitled “Hydroelectric car with drive torque peripheral to the wheels “. This granting of the patent does not change the substance of things because I have already obtained sixteen patents on purification systems which, however, the world ruling class, public and private, has not achieved. Therefore, the patents granted increase by one unit, but they are always unwanted and not realized by the world power centers, while many very important energy and purification patents that could change the entire world development are still completely out. These patents, even if they were granted, the undersigned could never become an entrepreneur to realize them, being a simple retiree, without money, of seventy-one years. It is the world governments that must take responsibility for verifying the accuracy of the inventions which, being sustainable, require small expenses also to make prototypes. After that, governments must do nothing that order public and private designers to design the systems globally, as the current anthropogenic systems are all incomplete from an environmental point of view, therefore incompatible with the laws, if these were updated to globally protect the environment according to SPAWHE publications.

Unfortunately, my fifty-year researches in the world of industrial, environmental and energy work have come to the conclusion that anthropic plants are all incomplete and there is no logical and scientific explanation that can justify them globally, because in nature everything is connected, while the plants designed by man are not, apart from those of Spawhe, which no world government wants to create, despite the patents granted to a pensioner, which are only a worldwide mockery. In fact, the retiree would also have to pay taxes to keep them alive, as if he were a multinational.

While I was fighting against the wrong inventions by proposing systems designed globally (which close all the cycles they open, or use only physical and electromagnetic processes), the Coronavirus has come to show that even nature is tired of being trampled on without any logical and scientific explanation. . The only plants that are perfect on a terrestrial level are those made by nature that does not use technologies. Therefore, human technology must only serve to accelerate the speed of natural purification and energy processes. This acceleration must be global without producing nuclear chemical, biological imbalances in the environment. There is only one way not to make mistakes with anthropic inventions and that is to copy natural systems. Certainly, the compartmentalized sciences cannot, as they currently are. The global scientific reasoning of nature is unique. Nature uses physics, chemistry, biology at the same time, always choosing the cheapest solution, without the mediation of politicians and economists.

With this reasoning, I don’t mean to say that politicians and economists are useless. But only that their function must be carried out after the overall design of the development model which must conform to the environment in which we live. This global design on planet Earth has never been done anywhere on Earth because world science and technology do not work synergistically. Politicians and economists cannot properly handle what is fundamentally wrong, which is kept alive only because all the world’s power centers are involved. The crime of omission is their daily bread, while justice is impartially blind.

In the time of the inequitable distribution of wealth, global warming and the Coronavirus, which can become an infinite time due to the fact that many similar viruses are lurking, mainly produced by environmental policy, energy and deforestation mainly due to land transport, if we want to survive, we must urgently change the most of the anthropogenic plants and to enhance the natural defenses of the adult man by means of the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, energetically autonomous. This heart will multiply the immune defenses and compensate for pulmonary and metabolic insufficiencies due to disease and aging.

All Spawhe’s inventions are due to the industrial, environmental and energy experiences of the inventor, who as a retiree, correctly interpreting the scientific principles legislated, copied the natural systems and with the help of technology, transferred them to purification systems and world energies, including in the human heart. SPAWHE has been misunderstood and boycotted by the entire public and private world ruling class that has produced global warming, having erred in the scientific application of purification and energy principles. In fact, on planet Earth, since the gravitational force exists, to produce energy, it is not necessary to transform matter, but to borrow it only from nature, favoring purification processes at the same time they develop energy, as occurs in nature with the cycle. of carbon, photosynthesis, metabolisms, which do not use nuclear fuel and reactors. Terrestrial nature does not even use electrolysis for energy purposes in order not to alter biochemical balances. It only uses gravitational force, sunlight, gas pressures, fluid densities, electromagnetic phenomena. SPAWHE, has not discovered new mathematical formulas and new technologies, it has only modified some systems and some machines in order to achieve natural cycles, amplifying their energy and purification potentials by means of the operating pressures used statically, not dynamically, in order not to subject to useless stresses the equipment for the transmission of primary fluid-dynamic energies to the metabolic and electromagnetic ones. It is no coincidence that with the Spawhe’s system we will be able to add Newton’s thrust to Lorentz’s, without using any type of fuel or radioactive material, making space travel efficient and sustainable as well. Which scientists from NASA and private space agencies would never have thought. Not to mention the multinationals of land and air transport, which have unnecessarily polluted the planet, losing even economically. The thrust of Newton and Lorentz can be added to the means of transport only if a powerful primary energy is produced cold on board which is not consumed. Therefore, even hydrogen transformed into fuel is another waste of resources and technology.

Fuels have the cost of raw materials, extraction, transformation, distribution, and they are consumed. SPAWHE’s energy source, which consists of water, air and gravitational force, has no cost of raw material, extraction, distribution, it is not consumed and produces energy without developing heat. These last requisites are indispensable in order to develop Lorentz and Newton thrusts that are not exhausted. Why does world science continue to be silent?

The SPAWHE acronym, while remaining the same, has slightly changed the meaning compared to the original one. From Synergic Plants Artificial Welling Hydroelectric energy, it has gradually transformed into Synergic Plants Artificial Welling Hydro (pressurized) Electromagnetism, due to the importance that the combination of fluid dynamics (pressurized) and electromagnetism has assumed in the latest inventions proposed. Like it or not the current global ruling class, who pretended not to understand the over forty interactive inventions between air and water gravitational force, this combination represents the new global industrial revolution, which will completely eliminate fossil energy not only for technical reasons and environmental, but also economic. Allowing us to produce energy without fuels by oxygenating and lifting polluted waters, while in the means of transport of air, sea and space transport it will add together the thrust of Newton to that of Lorentz, it will allow us to permanently block global warming, deforestation, fires (stopping with the fire-fighting vehicles on the outbreaks). Not needing to cross the mountains and forests with viaducts, tunnels, railways, methane pipelines and gas pipelines, the biodiversity destroyed by the useless structural invasions of man can be gradually restored, which will not be used either to allow us to travel, or to produce hydroelectric energy or to create power. Considering that the current food we extract from the sea today is exclusively due to the “natural welling” which occurs only in 5% of the ocean surface, it should be obvious that the power extracted from the sea with “Artificial Welling” will be more abundant and cheaper than that extracted from cultivated land.  With the energetically autonomous blood oxygenating artificial heart, which works with the same electromagnetic pressurized fluid dynamics principle, the human life span can be multiplied for several generations, nourishing and keeping the brain oxygenated, while artificial prostheses will help the movements and work of the people who will always be older and hopefully even wiser than the current ones. We will not give up petroleum derivatives because, as described in the patent filings and articles on this topic, without artificial islands made with the polyethylene and polystyrene floatation systems it is not possible to achieve artificial welling. We are wasting the oil resource on anti-cheap and polluting fuels.

In the fifteen years of work that I have done to propose alternative environmental and energy solutions to the current ones, having realized almost immediately that I would not have found interlocutors between the environmental authorities and the managers who govern technologies and world development, and not even among their employees , who cannot express their criticism of technical and scientific choices made in mutual agreement with public and private employers, which have led to global warming, the current distribution of wealth, created the devastating transformations of the environment, the pandemics from viruses that will forever condition future generations, I have specialized in writing open letters addressed, above all, to governments, politicians, and international judges, who do not directly make technical and scientific choices, but are equally responsible for the aforementioned disasters, it being they who govern the world and administer civil justice e and criminal. It is they who have had and have the power to wage armed or commercial wars, to order quarantines, fire covers, experiments to do and not to do. They also have the power to punish those who voluntarily or involuntarily cause damage to the environment and human survival. The guilty were rarely punished. Even if these crimes had been considered involuntary, the culpable offense can have penalty discounts, not be regularly forgiven through the crime of omission, which has become the daily bread of all public bodies worldwide, due to the fact that the state of the art of environmental protection is unable to produce plants with zero toxic emissions and zero CO2 emissions, which is non-toxic in the current atmospheric percentages, but is the main cause of global warming. Which, together with the deforestations, which we have carried out above all to cross them with roads, railways, create pastures for animals and urban settlement. Furthermore, we are unable to extinguish man-made fires and those caused by self-combustion. All this is directly linked to the extinction of animal and plant species that maintained the world’s biological balance, and to the emergence of viruses that are attacking plant and animal species, including humans, who try to defend themselves with vaccines, but as in all world wars, counting millions of innocent victims.

Who created the world wars and who helped them claim the most victims? Politicians waged wars, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs collaborated. The peoples have endured them.

After the Second World War, the world armed wars (apparently) ended, and the trade wars began. Politicians have become less and less powerful. Scientists and inventors have gone to the service of those who pay them best. Those who pay them best are the multinationals. Consequently, the development model created after the Second World War was based on commercial inventions fighting each other, until the larger multinationals absorbed the lower ones. The world stock exchanges have conquered absolute domination. Public science is partially saved only in the most democratic countries in the health sector, but public research also sells its patents to multinationals.

The constitution of the United Nations and the International Court of Justice against environmental crimes committed legally have been of no use because the state of the art of environmental protection does not advance at the same speed as industrial development.

Having reached about thirty open letters addressed to the international court of justice and the United Nations, five to the Council of Europe, a dozen to the Italian governments that have followed one another in recent years, other letters have been addressed to publishers, university professors, to the legal offices, to the designers, to WIPO which manages industrial property around the world. Having never received any answers from any of these public and private bodies, on the occasion of the publication of the new website, which bears the same name, I decided to stop and summarize the situation with a permanent open letter addressed to all the people of common sense with a minimum of scientific culture and the will to understand that the future of our children and grandchildren depends on the choices we make today, not on those they will make in twenty or thirty or fifty years. When we old people, who have done everything wrong, we will not be there and we will have no chance to fix it.

In fact, the acidification process of the planet follows a logarithmic curve with the first almost horizontal stretch that in a hundred years of industrial development, we have traveled completely losing 30% of ocean alkalinity, if we do not immediately change the primary thermal and fossil energy source with the non-fossil energy at normal temperature that we have always had at hand provided for free by nature: Fluid-dynamics-electromagnetic, it will be much more difficult, if not impossible, to repeat the reverse path to acidification in the entire planet to restore the original alkaline values which are fundamental for the general environmental restoration and therefore the re-creation of the lost biological balances.

I no longer want to write open letters to world authorities, which they do not understand or cannot understand in order to avoid the collapse of world stock exchanges. But I think that a big collapse is better than a slow death, also because the slow death could destroy a large part of the world population precisely because of the viruses that the current model of development has triggered. Having nothing more to propose as an inventor. It would be useless to continue writing the same things, which the ruling class has proved not to understand, although it belongs to the highest expressions of world culture. I believe it is better to write a single permanent letter addressed to everyone, but above all, to those who have government responsibilities, who have not replied to previous open letters.

This letter will replace SPAWHE’s traditional “Home Page”, being even the summary of the problems it has encountered to be understood by institutions and ordinary people. The “About Me” page will also be a small article on the same topic, because I believe that the transparency of scientists and inventors dealing with problems of public utility should be the main requirement of those who carry out this type of work. If we do not understand, or simply keep silent about what is transparent, there is something very serious in the whole society that surrounds us.

I don’t know if I will write other articles, I will certainly not make other inventions. I went beyond the goals I set myself as an inventor, since I just wanted to indicate the correct way to clean fossil energy. But the indifference and ignorance of the world power centers that manage the environment and world energy have stimulated my research capacity that I didn’t think I possessed. Between articles and inventions published in English and Italian, the progressive number of publications has reached 178. Some articles are very long, others very short. Taking an average of fifteen pages, I published at least 2700 pages on interactive environmental protection and equally interactive energy, obtained directly from the environment, without large infrastructures, apart from those that will be used for artificial welling, which will not only be used for produce food, but as written above, also to keep the planet at the ideal temperature by means of the alkaline value of the water. Therefore, the entire world development has been produced by realizing useless world public debts. Viruses too have been developed from this interminable series of errors that cannot be defined as human, because error is human, perseverance is diabolical.

One of the latest science appeals is reported on this article: The authors argue that government stimulus plans must include sustainable and positive initiatives for nature. It may be politically timely at this time to loosen environmental standards and support sectors such as intensive agriculture, long-distance transport such as airlines and fossil fuel-dependent energy sectors, but doing so without requiring urgent and fundamental changes substantially subsidizes the emergence of future pandemics. “They also criticized unbridled greed for allowing microbes that lead to new diseases to pass from animals to humans.” Rampant deforestation, uncontrolled expansion of agriculture, intensive agriculture, development mining and infrastructure, as well as exploitation of wildlife have created a “perfect storm” for the spread of disease from wildlife to people. “They warn that an estimated 1.7 million unidentified viruses known to infect people exist in mammals and aquatic birds, each of which can be more disruptive and lethal of COVID-19.

I think that nature, through the simple truths of SPAWHE, wanted to punish the entire world science, which no longer works for the common good. In the fifteen years it took me to virtually develop purification and interactive energies worldwide, in the real world nothing has changed, except the introduction of battery-powered cars, which do nothing but increase CO2 emissions, since the greater transport of energy to charge the batteries and the drop in performance due to the batteries themselves, involves a significant increase in world primary energy which is always fossil energy, which the world authorities continue to produce in inadequate plants that do not neutralize CO2.

Even the energy produced by transforming hydrogen into fuels is an expensive and unsustainable energy, not comparable with the inexhaustible one, which would not need high pressure storage tanks, being able to be extracted instant by instant, free of charge, directly from the environment. without thermal and chemical processes but only fluidic and electromagnetic.

To understand all the processes that have produced this incredible progress from the cleansing of energy to adding the thrust of Newton and Lorentz for free on land, sea and space transport, it is advisable, especially for lower and high school students to read the articles starting from the oldest to the newest publications. Because the advancement of the state of the art, albeit virtual, has been achieved through the development of simple details that have never been clearly published in any world school book. Therefore, the same world school has fueled the concept of “perpetual motion” impossible to achieve because the machines invented by man cannot have an efficiency higher than one, being the energy produced through the transformation of matter. This concept accepted by all scientists, including Albert Einstein, refers to universal energy.

In reality, on planets where there is a strong gravitational force and atmospheric air has developed, thermodynamics and the transformation of matter are not needed to produce energy, precisely because they alter biological balances and are anti-economic. On planets such as the Earth, the dynamic fluid is sufficient that exploits the power of compressed air to accumulate energy that can be statically exploited without being consumed, using an incompressible liquid as an energy vector and the principles of the impenetrability of bodies and the connection to electromagnetism that produces electricity. Which, once produced, can produce heat, cold and even oppose gravitational force, using motors that develop a torque to develop Newton’s thrust or an electromagnetic linear force in the desired direction.

If this has not yet happened on planet Earth, it is not due to the understanding of the complex electromagnetic and electronic energy control processes, but to the simpler ones of fluid dynamics, which no one has studied in depth for centuries, after the principles legislated by Torricelli, Venturi, Henry, Dalton, Pascal. These principles, properly put together, release clean energy indefinitely in the instant it is needed without the need to carry expensive and heavy fuel tanks or even more expensive and heavy nuclear reactors. To gradually and slowly understand all the steps of purification and interactive energies for younger students it is advisable to read all the steps starting from the beginning following the publication dates, as you would not miss any simple reflection that the undersigned has put on paper to convince himself first of the great mistakes made by science and then the others, who still pretend not to understand, or do not really understand. One thing is certain. Not even the economic and health crisis triggered by COVID-19 broke the silence of governments, science and multinationals, trade unions, environmental associations, churches on this topic.

For those who do not want to waste too much time reading the thousands of pages of reflection on these topics and believe they have an above average scientific cultural level, can skip a few steps and take a shortcut to understand the basic concepts summarized in the following article: “Relativity and technology in new hydroelectric energy” published on 22/07/2016. Today we are towards the end of August 2020, the basic concepts are always the same even if in the following years other interactive applications have been produced, equally misunderstood by science, governments, multinationals and the opposition.

The COVID -19 suddenly appeared in China in autumn 2019, it does not come from space, it was produced by the wrong inventions authorized by all world governments, which, having not been able to design simple and complete systems, electromagnetic fluid dynamics, have produced immense public debts to realize public and private plants that not only produced global warming, but also allowed floods, droughts, deforestation for not being able to put together the “principle of the impenetrability of bodies” and the word “solenoid” which occur six and ten times respectively in the description of the last patent filing of the undersigned, entitled “flying and floating cars” in the useless attempt to explain to the Italian patent office the energy potential of compressed air, which to fully exploit its strength must act in one direction, combined with the principle of impenetrability of bodies, the characteristics of in compressibility of water, which circulating through hydraulic turbines connected to current generators, can power electric motors, which can power turbofans that produce Newton’s thrust and power other motors that move permanent magnets, which induce other currents in other solenoids that produce a linear electromagnetic thrust (Lorentz’s). The direction of the electromagnetic force no longer depends on the direction of the compressed air and water force but on the direction of the generated magnetic flux. Thus, we can add Lorenz’s thrust to Newton’s thrust we already know and move in the atmosphere in the opposite direction to the gravitational force without using the fuels, which are destroying the planet with the consent of science and all world governments. It all depends on the previous inventions of the undersigned who found a way to circulate the water one-way in pressurized autoclaves with compressed air, by means of the modification of the low-head circulation pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller. The invention of this pump did not take place by grace received, but it depended on other inventions misunderstood by the Italian and European patent office, which to summarize, are called artificial Welling, submerged hydroelectric energy, submerged compressed in basins and wells and even in the artificial heart of the autonomous man energetically, which is based on the same principles, unfortunately never applied synergistically, as indicated by the undersigned in many versions, on the planet EARTH by public bodies and multinationals.

Having concluded the publication of the articles and patent filings, I decided to improve their presentation by changing the website, thanks to the help offered to me by my niece Valentina Ciliberto, who has meanwhile become a good web designer. The previous website has done its job, but it was not suitable to make known the activity of an inventor who has nothing to sell and market, but a lot to communicate on a scientific, environmental, energy level to institutional bodies and readers. The new website, created by “”, without the limits of space, has become more readable and understandable. The inventions and related articles are published in their full version, in the order in which the patents were filed and the articles were written. There can be no more transparent development model than SPAWHE. Should any errors emerge on my part, they can be corrected without changing the objectives which are sustainable development and zero pollution.

The oldest article on the “SPAWHE. EU” is my curriculum vitae, which has been written in about 50 years of work. You do not become an inventor of global processes overnight, without having a long curriculum in the design of world anthropogenic plants that allow you to observe it from different points of view. Operation must be global, not specific. Compared to the other inventors, it took me longer to produce the first inventions because I wanted to do a long apprenticeship by installing industrial and environmental projects developed by other designers. Only as a retiree did I start this activity that I couldn’t start before. Not only because the apprenticeship was incomplete, but also because no one would give me a salary to investigate the mistakes made by the entire ruling class and world science, which together have produced incomplete inventions, in all public and private sectors, of the environment. energy and land, sea and space transport.

I have already written that my work as an inventor has never produced me any economic income, but only over 20,000 euros in expenses to comply with the laws on national and international patent deposits. These expenses, with the current laws, do not recognize me any copyright even if my inventions will prove to be correct. To be in compliance with these laws, an inventor, in addition to the patent filing costs, must also pay the patent maintenance fees in all countries of the world even if he does not find financiers.

This paradoxical situation was also experienced by the inventors of the past. For this reason, private inventors all over the world limit themselves to producing small commercial inventions. The major environmental and energy issues are monopolized by multinationals and public researchers, who are paid by governments, but are allowed to sell patents to multinationals together with the public body they belong to. It is obvious that multinationals only buy patents compatible with their trade line.

As I have already explained, world legislators also demand from private inventors the payment of patent maintenance fees in the country of origin and in other countries. They do not care if patents are of public utility or even if the inventor the inventor would like to make them available to everyone, without becoming an entrepreneur, as the authors of the books do, hoping for small copyrights if the inventions are understood and realized.

The mindset of the legislators also demands that inventors bear the legal costs against patents not granted for formal or substantial defects opposed by the patent offices. At the same time, the legislators affirm that it is not possible to patent inventions already published in newspapers, technical and scientific magazines, websites, etc., indirectly recognizing intellectual property, but not copyright, to those who published them for the first time. Isn’t this an obvious legislative contradiction? The undersigned believes that the current laws on industrial property are wrong because they have favored global warming, not including the environmental compatibility of inventions among the patent requirements, but only the requirements of novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability. We must ask ourselves if the manufacturers of steam and gas boilers, means of transport and work and plants that use thermal energy, by paying the maintenance quotas for patents, are also paying their right to pollute the environment? Obviously respecting the emission limits established by international regulations.

For myself, the emission limits must always be zero otherwise the anthropogenic plants are wrong. Having said this, after the numerous open letters addressed above all to the institutional bodies that remained without answers, it is clear that I no longer address individual categories but the conscience of each individual person, because, today we no longer live in a society where enemies were easily identifiable, for which there have been revolutions due to the class struggle, against the monarchies, against the bosses, fascism, communism and so on. Today we live in a society dominated by world stock exchanges, it is much more difficult for those who govern to make the right choices. This type of society was to arise after world science and technology made the right choices in all areas of world development. In the current situation with global warming looming, and lethal viruses threatening to spread by the thousands, planet earth will become increasingly ungovernable.

Today is the time to make the real world cultural revolution. All previous revolutions had nothing to do with culture but only with the material interests of opposing parties. Current political electoral campaigns with billions and advertising messages do not convey any cultural message of sustainable development. They can’t even pass it on because world politicians compete to seek the most popular low-culture consensus and the sponsors who currently hold world wealth, do nothing but throw money into politics, so that science and justice above the parties cannot never assert itself.

I write these criticisms of the international political system because today it is impossible to produce inventions in the general interest. The patent system managed by the United Nations (WIPO) is among the main culprits of the current situation, because global warming has been produced on planet Earth due to the fact that the current industrial inventions not being connected to each other, cannot close everyone the thermal, nucleated, chemical and biological cycles that they open are therefore not compatible with the environment, but governments and legislators do not notice and no one corrects the wrong inventions. It is no coincidence that in the whole world no government has ordered the experimentation of the interactive purification plants proposed by the undersigned, which would purify together water, air and fumes starting from the modification of the chimneys and sewage systems. Therefore, the regulations on purification systems are not adequate and national and international judges do not condemn those who pollute by respecting the laws, since no one has ever built the correct purification plants. Do international judges have the power to order the testing of global plants? After thirty open letters to the judges and the United Nations, the undersigned still does not know the answer. As I wrote in one of my articles: “global pollution has been produced legally”. Obviously, deforestation, floods, droughts, lung diseases, virus diseases produced by incomplete inventions have also been produced and will continue to be produced legally.

For inventors it is impossible only to think of complete environmental inventions, both because of the school education that does not know the interactive purification and energy principles, and also of the mono-thematic professional specializations of public and private researchers and world industry.

The sixteen patents granted to the undersigned to modify the chimneys, sewers, digesters, insert biological ponds overlapping the limestone greenhouses into the processes, purification and domestic water saving, the prevention of hydrogen sulphide, are an international mockery because no world country has modified the current systems which are the main cause of global pollution and urban flooding, due to overbuilding and the absence of water purifying lungs for water, air and fumes together in the same urban centers. With what authority can a private inventor who has studied the global organization of environmental work modify the world’s public facilities? If it is ignored by all the mayors of the world, by the presidents of the regions and by the governments? Why does the United Nations, instead of organizing useless COP world summits, not make prototypes demonstrating how global environmental protection systems are made, so that everyone can copy them?

The failure to recognize the intellectual property of inventions with the related copyrights is only the icing on the cake of a development model that is sick from birth, which has also awarded partial and polluting inventions with Nobel Prize. Complete inventions can only be achieved by scientifically and globally applying the organization of work. By connecting different technologies to each other in the environment, on the territory, in civil and industrial plants, which complement each other on the purification level, closing all the cycles that open. The caste of the organs of power, well represented by the Nobel committee, have rewarded the good intentions of the IPCC, of ​​the former vice president AL Gore, of the former president Obama, not the concrete and detailed solutions of inventors, such as myself, who without funding of any kind, they try to develop them and make them known in a sea of ​​general indifference. In the latest Nobel Prize for Chemistry (2019) they also awarded lithium energy accumulators, which are certainly useful, but not remotely comparable, to the most powerful and economical energy accumulator in the world, which is air included, which it has never been used as an energy accumulator, only because no scientist belonging to the centers of power, has thought of exploiting it statically, by circulating an incompressible liquid such as water in the autoclaves in one way, which becomes the energy vector that is expelled, for the principle of the impenetrability of bodies, with the force of compressed air that is not consumed (apart from the percentage that dissolves due to Henry’s law, in the circulating liquid with purifying effects).

Obviously, to statically exploit the force of the compressed air it was necessary to invent the pump with the double separate supply up to the impeller, which although it became the international patent WO 2017/042847 published on 16/07/2017, did not find national and international lenders. Therefore, current world science has kept silent about what is undoubtedly one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind, without which a truly alternative development model to the current one cannot be achieved. It is obvious that the undersigned was forced to write an article with the following title: “In what virtual dimension do politicians, scientists and economists who do not realize the terrestrial reality live?”.

In reality the situation is even worse because the entire world population lives in a rich country, has a job and good social services, does not realize that the current development model is completely wrong, and all inventions incomplete, polluting and uneconomical. The current industrial, agricultural, environmental, energy inventions, by not creating interactive cycles, are unable to feed the entire world population. Most of this population is excluded from development and well-being precisely because of the errors of science and the current ruling class. In other words, a complete invention is one that emits zero emissions, or is connected to another plant that continues the purification cycle, so that the environmental result is always that of emitting zero emissions. This concept is not only purifying it is also economic because in nature all chemical and biological processes (such as photosynthesis, the natural carbon cycle) are connected and interact with each other without wasting energy. Instead, world science has accepted limits of CO2 emissions in the air, toxic in the water in the soils in concentrations that cannot be neutralized without creating special treatment plants that are very bulky, but indispensable such as limestone greenhouses and overlapping biological ponds that the undersigned has designed many versions in national and international patents, but no world government has made them. While the means of transport that certainly cannot close the chemical cycles on board vehicles must only use physical and electromagnetic processes that the undersigned has identified only after having accumulated the experience of global purification that no one has achieved.

In fact, reading the SPAWHE publications it does not take long to understand that land, marine and aeronautical means of transport must not open chemical or nuclear cycles which obviously cannot close, not being able to transport all the necessary reagents on the means of transport. But the various branches of science have not even noticed the serious problems they have created for the environment and the world population. Working in watertight compartments, both in university universities and in private industry and collaborating with each other also through the trade of patents, specialist publications and paid international congresses where inventors not sponsored by public and private power centers cannot even enter as spectators, even if they are inventors. In fact, the undersigned has never attended a congress, apart from the one held in Rome in 2019, where the organizers accepted my participation, without any payment. I would not have participated anyway if the congress had taken place in an Italian city further away from where I live, and I would have had to incur higher travel expenses and stay overnight in a hotel.

The current world congresses do not serve to solve global problems but to foster commercial agreements and alliances between professionals in the name of the continuity of the current development model. Which cannot change if the major world leaders of the G 8 extended to China, India, Australia do not admit mistakes and agree by mutual agreement that the time has come to change everything. Not starting from scratch but from SPAWHE’s logical, elementary, sustainable solutions. Let the scientific advisors of the major world leaders come out and explain to their leaders where SPAWHE’s mistakes are, which does not cost the entire world community a single dollar. Do not be offended by world leaders and accept this gift, which their super paid advisors want to hide, making them go down in history as the worst ruling class in the history of mankind, for failing to recognize the difference between global and partial inventions, which are incomplete and produce more harm than good.

It is current leaders who have to react against bad advisers, not those of the past, because the world models of development of the past have never produced global inventions. These inventions could only emerge by studying the scientific organization of work globally, if in 1911, together with industrial Taylorism, the environmental one had also been born. In fact, having the undersigned made these studies a century later, starting from 2005, in the following years he first identified the interactive purification and subsequently the interactive energies. Unfortunately, this serious delay today collides with an immense intertwining of interests between public and private entities, the gravity of which cannot be perceived by ordinary people because all the professionals, public and private involved, maintain a rigorous silence.

In fact, global scientific reasoning does not allow to take environmental shortcuts that all public and private bodies in the world have taken to reach the current state of degradation. Each purification operation must be done in the right place at the right time, involving together the purification of water, air and fumes. Having chosen the scientists, designers and inventors of the past and their successors to make mono-thematic reasoning and applications, they have not identified and exploited interactive physical principles, although these principles are based on scientific laws long before the industrial era. Just look for the era in which the scientists Torricelli, Venturi, Pascal, Newton, Henry, Dalton, Bernoulli lived, while centrifugal pumps were even invented in 1592 by Erone Alessandrino to lift the waters. Obviously, the scientists of the past could not think that the principles they legislated several centuries later would have made it possible to save the planet from global warming, from environmental degradation, extracted food from the sea, extended human life, defeated lethal viruses, provided that the leaders world, understand what their scientific advisors did not understand: that primary earth energy cannot be thermodynamic, but fluid dynamics to interact directly with electromagnetism, without intermediate steps that produce only unwanted polluting effects, higher costs, that we are all paying, while one percent of the world’s population holds 44 percent of the world’s wealth. Much illicit wealth is due to scientifically flawed inventions that nobody wants to correct. COVID-19 is one of the fruits of this degradation.

In all these years no one has noticed that by making the pumps work in the direction of gravitational force, instead of lifting the water, they overcome the state of inertia of the water itself and exploit an immense amount of potential energy that has always existed and hidden in nature. In addition, the increase in the static pressure of the air on the water by means of autoclaves multiply the energy effects and at the same time the purifying effects due to the solubility of gases in the water. These applications would not only have avoided the entire warming and immense world public debts to carry out works that have produced more disasters than benefits to humanity, they would also have allowed us to extract an immense amount of power from the sea and to overcome the resistance. to the motion of means of transport and work, gravitational force and to travel in the atmosphere and space without the costs we pay today to extract fuels from the subsoil, transport them, refine them and without the current thermal inventions and related polluting side effects, which involve purification charges, which the manufacturers of heating systems have not performed in a workmanlike manner, also due to insufficient global legislation.

Having the world science slept on interactive principles for centuries, these have not entered schools, public and private research institutions and we have made a series of wrong development models up to the time of the Coronavirus – 19, which should make us reflect why mammals have become among the endangered species. It will take centuries, but viruses will destroy us if we do not change the development model and man’s defenses. We have no choice. Either we learn to design anthropogenic plants globally, or we resign ourselves to belonging to the category of mammals with poor intellectual abilities. Now that we also have computers that help us do the calculations, it shouldn’t be difficult to choose the best solution in every purifying and energetic circumstance in the world. Only one is the best solution: The one that leaves the environment unchanged and has the maximum energy efficiency. To leave the environment unchanged, it is necessary to close all the cycles that open or not to open them. To have maximum energy efficiency, it is necessary to take from the environment the energy source that costs less (water and air) and exploit the maximum potential energy (gravity and elastic pressure of compressed air). It took me a lifetime of work to understand these things and the life of a retiree to study how to put them together. These inventions are multidisciplinary, on which scientists, inventors of the past and even multinationals have never worked.

Today we are in a paradoxical situation, the public research bodies, especially Italians, have not collaborated with me to test his patents on the cleaning of fossil energy of civil and industrial plants by means of global synergic plants (Sinergic Plants), being themselves committed to seeking funds for the testing of their purification patents such as the non-synergic and non-global CCS, mono thematic CCS, derived from the English term Carbon Capture and StorageThis system that chemically washes the fuels lowers the combustion efficiency up to 30% for coal and confines the CO2 captured in the underground pressurized at very high pressures, with high dangers that it escapes locally, mortally intoxicating the populations, as has already happened (Nyos effect ). But also by increasing the seismic dangers. Instead, my solution realized through four international patents and dozens of national patents involved purifying water, air and fumes together, creating smaller thermal power plants to achieve global cycles.

If world lawmakers had legislated correctly, they would have had to order global purification globally. They should not have asked the inventor of public utility solutions about 3,500 euros in filing fees for each patent and maintenance fees to keep the patents alive, and then decided not to do anything, since, not even the CCS, which is it has been tested with very high public costs, it has not been realized. The United Nations and the world environmental authorities, instead of making useless world summits to combat global warming, should have simply checked if my solutions were valid and made them available to all countries, updating the tender specifications for purification systems water, air and fumes. All this did not happen.

I am not a bigot. I am only a Catholic who goes to mass every Sunday, but if I wanted to believe in divine justice, not believing in the earthly justice that never intervened despite receiving thirty open letters from myself, I could also think that the political, scientific, legal authorities, economic, global have been punished by divine justice with COVID-19, because the subsequent inventions produced by the global purifying reasoning have also led to the conception of interactive energies which are also purifying. Therefore, they would completely eliminate fossil energy, both in fixed and mobile plants. But these fluid dynamics inventions, directly connected to electromagnetism with pumps that work in the direction of the gravitational force and pumps with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, which allow to produce energy without transforming matter, have been declared “perpetual motion” by the patent office. Italian, who has become the sole interlocutor of the undersigned, after no one has financed the expensive international patents. While the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, which had also obtained the international patent wo2017 / 042847, was declared a “utility model” by the Italian patent office, as if the separate double power supply up to the impeller were a simple option of the common commercial pumps. I let the international industrial patent lapse because with my deposits I already have the intellectual patent of this invention which is one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind: without it, fossil energy cannot be eliminated from planet Earth and replaced. with fluid dynamic energy recycled indefinitely without energy costs and environmental protection. Pressurized recycling in an autoclave allows oxygenation of the energy producing fluid, which if it is water, the energy system also becomes a water purifier. If, on the other hand, it is blood, it becomes an oxygenator of human venous circuits (systemic and pulmonary), for which the undersigned has also filed the intellectual patent of a small energetically autonomous artificial heart, which compensates for circulatory and pulmonary deficiencies and avoids, in all circumstances that brain death may occur will allow human life to be extended for indefinite times which will depend above all on parallel progress in the field of cybernetics and robotics. The autonomous blood oxygenating artificial heart has also been declared “perpetual motion” by the Italian patent office.

Obviously I don’t believe COVID-19 sent him divine justice. I believe that world science has hit rock bottom, if, as I wrote above, with its silences, it allows patent bureaucrats and the whole world not to recognize what are probably the simplest and most powerful inventions in the history of ‘humanity. The interactive inventions, which the undersigned did not make alone but drawing from the work of scientists and inventors from 1600 to the present day who have worked on fluid dynamics and electromagnetism. These inventions that will allow us to circumvent the gravitational force and to add the thrust of Newton to that of Lorentz to travel in the terrestrial, marine, spatial space in three-dimensional directions without bridges, roads, viaducts, tunnels, which have invaded the vegetable and animal world destroying biodiversity, which maintained the balance before the industrial era. If we can do this without using fuels, thermal and nuclear energy, it is obvious that we will gradually be able to rebuild the natural biological balances, of which viruses such as COVID-19 certainly do not belong.

The undersigned had no alternatives. To overcome the worldwide indifference of public bodies and private entrepreneurs, the unjust taxes requested by the bureaucrats of the international patent offices, he continued to file patents and immediately afterwards published his inventions paying only the national filing fees, not those of maintenance. He has not bothered with current laws or even with legal recourse to the patents not granted, but only with creating global cycles by linking previous inventions to subsequent ones so that his inventions are also compatible with the environment, as well as with novelties, inventiveness and industrial applicability. Over forty linked strategic patents have allowed him to clean fossil energy in fixed plants, and to identify ways to produce sustainable and non-polluting energy on mobile plants. Even identifying the way to produce food from the sea through “artificial welling”, which would also serve to combat ocean acidification. The interactive principle identified is the way to connect fluid dynamics to electromagnetism and electronics have allowed him to design an artificial heart, which by oxygenating the blood, can compensate for many of the current human diseases, defend us from viruses and lengthen many years of life, also thanks to cybernetics, information technology and artificial prostheses.

We have to ask ourselves, why “the artificial heart oxygenating the blood, autonomous energy”, which was the invention with the greatest media success, found no financiers. I think that the artificial heart would disturb the current flourishing market of pace makers such as cars hydroelectric power would disturb the thriving market for current cars on the road. There is nothing scientific about these bureaucratic failures. There are only dirty power plays that hinder the global development of humanity. As I wrote in the patent filing and in the articles in which I speak of the artificial heart, all people who risk fatal accidents for work reasons should have the possibility of installing quick coupling sockets at the exit of the left ventricle and at the entrance of the right ventricle to quickly connect blood circulation to an artificial blood oxygenating heart that should be available in pharmacies, emergency rooms, ambulances instead of current defibrillators, to prevent brain death from occurring. All elderly and sick people should have the possibility to have an artificial heart oxygenator installed in the chest when the risk of death is concrete and there are also pulmonary, hepatic, vascular insufficiencies that can be improved with the artificial heart oxygenator, autonomous energetically, which would be much more than current pacemakers and even transplanted human hearts. These, if they overcome the danger of rejection, can only extend life by a few years, without improving overall performance.

If I had respected the current rules on industrial property, if I had found financiers, I would have had to transform myself from an inventor into an entrepreneur. How could I have at least virtually changed the world’s public facilities? How could I have accomplished “Artificial Welling” off the oceans without government permits? Apart from the fact that I started being an inventor as a retiree, with limited life expectancy, it is impossible to set up an alternative global development model relying on the current industrial patent system. Governments and the United Nations must be thinking globally by freeing intellectual property from industrial property, which has too many conflicts of interest and wrong investments in sectors that must be abandoned, having created expensive and polluting energies, incomplete and inefficient purification, bulky renewable energies, discontinuous and not very powerful.

Global inventions cannot be simply industrial. They must remain intellectual and made available to all. World political elections are useless if world stock exchanges and the laws of the market govern, if one percent of the world population holds 44% of world wealth, 10% of the population holds 75% of the same wealth. Hence, 90% of the world’s people live on 25% of global wealth. This is embezzlement because all the resources existing underground are owned by sovereign states, not people. Moreover, these resources have always been misused from a scientific point of view, creating more harm than good to the world population.

What role do politicians, legislators and judges play? These do not enforce state ownership, nor do they claim the ascertainment of impartial scientific truths that certainly cannot be demonstrated by isolated inventors without economic means and the support of public structures that instead actively collaborate with private power centers that also purchase patents. of public inventors.

This is the real reason why no one talks about the cleansing and interactive energies published by I don’t go to paid congresses looking for clients and financiers, because I have nothing to sell and I myself am not for sale. My solutions are of worldwide public benefit. Having been the first and only inventor in the world not only to publish them but also to publish how these inventions are to be linked together, no one can deny me intellectual property. The industrial one doesn’t interest me. If the intellectual property of inventions is worth nothing from an economic point of view, I think that we do not live in a world democracy, because everyone will continue to produce industrial inventions that do not have the requirement of environmental compatibility, but only the requirements of novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability. These inventions are impoverishing the world’s people, destroying mammals, including the human race. What race do the current world leaders who let themselves be guided by world stock exchanges belong to?

Only with transversal industrial and environmental work experiences have I been able to notice the defects that science, entrepreneurs, politicians and world legislators do not see. But the other social categories do not see them either, such as trade unions and environmental associations, which would like a better world, but are unable to study solutions, which cannot be generic, but developed in detail. Even the connections with the other anthropogenic sectors must be studied in detail so that nothing is lost. Only in this way can global solutions be designed. There are no shortcuts because shortcuts lead to dead-end roads that force you to accept emissions limits that cannot be accepted. Instead, world science has accepted them as a price to pay for progress. I have always said that where science does not reach the scientific organization of work, as long as it is applied globally. Where have I accumulated the experience to propose global solutions? It’s simple, it took a transversal working life to accumulate more practical than theoretical knowledge. My inventions are of world public benefit. Everyone wants to talk about them in congresses and all publishers would like to publish them exclusively, but no world government has ever financed them. My patents, although duly filed prior to publication, are only intellectual, and even if they are verified to be correct, I will not be granted copyrights. I do not believe in the current world development system, but I do my duty as an inventor all the same, like missionaries, doctors without borders and a few other categories of people, aware of living in a world where the crime of omission is the daily bread. of all world public organisms.

The missionaries, the doctors without borders, are paid little or at least allow them board and lodging, while the private inventors of public utility solutions not linked to the centers of power are not paid by anyone. They do not even grant him the board and lodging that they grant to missionaries and doctors without borders. If I had not paid myself with the contributions paid for food and accommodation and also paid the deposit fees, I would not have been able to be an inventor as a retiree.

If no one has invented purification and interactive energies in a hundred years of industrial development, there will be a reason. For myself, the reason is simpler than one might think: no one is paid to make global reasoning and inventions. Both research institutions and multinationals are specialized in single sectors.

For myself, on the other hand, who was an industrial designer who studied the organization of work, and an installer of environmental systems, global design is essential to identify the critical points of the processes that pollute and the critical points of the economy. If precise purification work cycles for water, air and fumes and the way to make them interact with each other are not established, it is not even possible to establish how to design the machines and systems that can make them. If the environmental problems in fixed systems are not solved first, those in mobile systems cannot be solved. On planet Earth no country has tried to do global purification in fixed plants. If they had tried, they would have realized that the greatest cost of this type of purification would have been due to the lifting and circulation of water. To reduce these virtual costs, the undersigned has gradually modified both the systems and the circulation pumps, to identify the interactive synergies between water and air, which make it possible to produce clean primary energy by always recycling the same water and air, without fuels, therefore solving environmental and energy problems also of means of transport. While the designers and inventors of real, fixed and mobile systems, more concerned with defending the investments made by companies than defending the environment, have not noticed anything and the real state of the art of environment and energy has not advanced even a millimeter, both in fixed and mobile systems.

In fifteen years of being an inventor, if I had followed the normal procedure of searching for patent lenders, at most I could have industrialized one or two inventions. Who would do my real job? Which was to identify a model of sustainable development through the scientific study of the organization of global work, which no world public or private body has ever done. This study could only be done by developing the details of the main anthropogenic plants in a different way, above all, civil public purification plants. Because if the public facilities are not changed first, the powerful multinational oil and energy companies will hardly change their investments. After acquiring an advancement of the state of the art of interactive purification, at least virtual, it was also possible to advance the state of the art of interactive energy production, at least virtually. In other words, what the world public bodies and the United Nations should have done to guide sustainable development in the right direction since the beginning of the industrial era, I did in fifteen years of retirement, but after that in life working, he tried to get the right industrial and environmental experiences, otherwise how could he propose new solutions in such different sectors? If the United Nations and world governments do not practically demonstrate to private designers how anthropogenic plants are designed by closing all the cycles they open, and issue public regulations, they do not update the tender specifications, they cannot expect the world state of the art to advance. spontaneously for the initiative of private companies that have invested all their capital in the current development model.

Unfortunately, the world is heading in the wrong direction because the entire world public sector is not doing its job well. The legislators, having allowed the sale of public patents to private individuals, have placed controllers and controlled on the same side and produced irremediable conflicts of interest in public designers and inventors. Not only did they not study the solutions studied by the undersigned, as would have been logical, they did not even collaborate in the experiments. In fact, the undersigned found himself isolated from public bodies, industrialists, legislators, environmental associations, trade unions, the academic world, since everyone was convinced that interactive energies were the fruit of imagination, not the fruit of profound reflections and the experience of a life of work. Only by developing and putting all the details on paper was it possible to prove the inconvenient truth to everyone. The silence still continues and no one takes out the money to ascertain the truth, despite the pressure of events and viruses that show that it is necessary to change the world development model.

Many wonder which were the most important inventions of humanity. Opinions may differ, but in general, the most popular ones according to search engines are: The wheel, the writing, the steam engine, penicillin, electricity, the train, the telephone, the radio, the computer.

All these inventions are random, due to the genius of individual inventors, on these inventions have worked subsequently other inventors and technicians to improve them and make them more and more efficient. However, these inventions, despite having had a remarkable advancement of the state of the art in all industries of the world, having been born disconnected and not globally reasoned, have not overcome the original vice, of open and not closed cycles, apart from those that are have been designed to communicate (telephone, radio, computer) based on electromagnetic waves which do not transform matter. Unfortunately, even if the thing is logical, world science, inventors, technicians, politicians, economists, have not realized that the inventions that transform matter must be linked together to close all the cycles that open. Not having foreseen these connections, when important inventions were made such as steam boilers, heat engines, together with the seed of progress, scientists and inventors have also sown the seed of man’s disappearance from the planet, for means of still unknown viruses that will profile as climate change and biodiversity increase with respect to the pre-industrial era. According to data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), a quarter of mammal species and an eighth of birds are now at risk, as are 25% of reptiles, 20% of amphibians and 30 % of fish. Until proven otherwise, humans are part of mammals, so they are a high-risk category. They cannot rely on vaccines, only on restoring the original pre-industrial living conditions.

I think that the greatest scientist of all time is Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955), who did not receive the Nobel Prize for the theories on special and general relativity that have included him in world history. The Nobel Committee awarded him a consolation Nobel Prize in 1921 on a subject where his contribution to science was less important, on the photoelectric effect. The greatest inventor of all time is quite commonly believed to be Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943), who was never awarded the Nobel. Unfortunately, neither of them, who lived in the same historical period, full of great scientific discoveries and inventions, realized that thermodynamics can be the primary source of universal energy, not the primary source of the energy of planets like the Earth , inhabited by humans and animals, where nature in 4.5 billion years has precisely established the quantity of gases, the types of gases that must be present in the atmosphere, the quantity of salts that must be present in the water sweet and marine, the amount of minerals that must be present in arable land.

The thermal energy of fossil origin in these planets would destroy the chemical and biological balances that nature has created, as it is destroying them on earth. The immense array of world scientists and inventors who succeeded Einstein and Tesla, after the Kyoto protocol (11 December 1997), finally understood that fossil energy must be cleaned or replaced. But the solution they proposed for cleaning were almost worse than the disease (C.C.S and Artificial trees). While it would be ridiculous to replace fossil energy with current renewables (solar and wind) on which world investors have thrown themselves. These energies are bulky, discontinuous and with very low yields. Consequently, all the huge investments made in these renewables are a failure. I do not deny that these energies are useful and indispensable, but only in particular local applications.

But everyone is silent because common evil is half joy. Above all, everyone is silent about the only powerful and universal system that could save plant and animal life on all the planets of the universe: The “SPAWHE” system. I affirm that I have not received any scientific opposition from the entire world science, apart from the accusations of “Perpetual motion” made by the Italian patent office, which only reflect the low level of science teaching in world schools. In the meantime, the global comedy continues in all paid congresses and publications, where scientific half-truths are continued to be said about specific systems because no one should plan the systems globally, having to start from scratch, as the undersigned did, by modifying the most elementary: plumbers, sewers, chimneys and following step by step both the purification and energy cycles, always choosing the best solution from an economic and environmental point of view. It is not possible to design global anthropogenic plants using the electromechanical, thermal, fluid-dynamic components offered by the market that has never built complete plants on the entire planet both from the point of view of environmental protection and energy efficiency.

If as the undersigned states, perpetual motion on planet earth does not exist because there is the gravitational force that sets in motion a series of fluid dynamic processes that have gradually been identified by scientists such as Torricelli, Venturi, Pascal, Henry, Dalton, Bernoulli. At the same time there is universal electromagnetism identified already in the first Chinese compasses of the eleventh century BC and subsequently, gradually legislated by many scientists that it would be impossible to name. I mention only the latest, such as Maxwell, Faraday, Lenz, Edison, Tesla, Lorentz, who led to the invention of electricity.

Unfortunately, human life is too short. All these inventors who gradually revealed the immense secrets of electricity, electromagnetism, current generators and the many types of electric motors for each application, did not have time to investigate on what is the ideal primary energy on planet Earth that can power electromagnetism. This energy, as mentioned, linked to the gravitational force, has been identified by myself. It is the cheapest and cleanest form of energy that can exist, as it does not transform matter. It borrows the air and water from the environment and returns them to the same environment with the same chemical composition by slightly purifying the water that absorbs oxygen due to Henry’s law up to the point of maximum saturation, which depends on the pressure of the water recycling autoclaves.

In fact, the gravitational force on planet Earth produces fluid dynamics effects, giving the weight force to the mass of air and water that move over the entire planet without human intervention. Many inventors have tried to capture this energy but have the wrong research method, therefore thermodynamic energy has taken over which is the same as the universal system, based on the transformation of matter, which confused the ideas of Einstein himself and all those who sought sustainable global primary fluid dynamics energy. No one has found this energy because those who have sought it have tried to capture it using the hydraulic jump which is a primordial, cumbersome system, not always available in nature. Or trying to capture the waves of the sea with mechanical systems, or by capturing the force of the wind, but doing the math, a wind of about 80 km / hour is needed to exert the pressure of a bar on the blades of a propeller of a mill. to wind. So the research method they used could not give good results.

The correct method to exploit the effects of gravitational force for energy purposes is the one used by myself by enhancing the static pressure of the air thickened by gravitational force and using water as an energetic fluid that has a density about 800 times higher than air. But this method cannot be achieved using current circulation pumps, because in order to circulate the recycled water one-way in the direction of gravitational force it was necessary to modify the pumps, the way to design the current plumbing systems and put in the same circuit the modified pumps (which must be with the double separate power supply up to the impeller) with normal pumps but used as turbines (powered in the opposite direction to how they are powered now). This circuit allows to introduce in the statically pressurized closed recycling circuit of an autoclave always the same quantity of water discharged from the pump used as a turbine connected to a direct or alternating current generator, in an infinite cycle that produces energy without transforming the matter, because the water passing through the turbine is expelled from the autoclave, without consuming energy, by the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies, thanks to the elasticity of the compressed air. This circuit is space-saving and produces very powerful electricity because the compressed air used statically can reach thousands of bars. So we can produce all the energy we need in any area of the planet in the instant we need it without the need for energy accumulators because compressed air is already an energy accumulator if used statically. It is obvious that we have unnecessarily polluted and heated the planet since the advent of the industrial age, as it is obvious that we can also produce energy on means of transport, which can also fly without polluting. In the latest inventions proposed I have shown how it is possible to add Newton’s thrust made with electric turbofans to the electromagnetic Lorentz one, to travel also in space and in the depths of the sea with this type of energy. But everyone is silent and continues to talk about their obsolete commercial solutions as this inventions did not exist. They do not exist only because the world centers of power have not financed them to avoid the collapse of the current wealth on the stock exchange, which has starved the world’s populations with a development that has enriched very few people but produced immense damage to the earth’s environment, and seriously the survival of man, which is inextricably linked to the survival of other living beings, including plant ones, is in danger. Who pays for the damage that the old and new world ruling class has produced, which still does not realize the damage it has caused? Just look at the current election campaigns made up of commercials that speak only of management, never of global planning. All conceal, knowingly or unknowingly, that most of the plants that produce today’s well-being are to be scrapped and redone worldwide. This well-being is sick from the ground up.

Today we are in a paradoxical situation: opposing political ignorances face each other without reference points, since the socialist, communist, populist, capitalist systems have failed, while world science is hiding because it has made the main world inventions wrong. Above all, the most important of all: earth’s primary world energy, which is not thermodynamic but fluid dynamics. Perpetual motion, contrary to what is still taught in schools, is possible but it is not convenient to implement it as it is useless, not absorbing and not producing energy. It is much more convenient to wear materials and technological systems to extract energy from the gravitational force and amplify it through primary fluid dynamic energy and electromagnetic induced energy, without transforming the matter, but purifying it only as a result of Henry’s law. All the water we use must not only be purified, but also adapted to the alkaline value of the receiving water body (by passing it through small and large limestone greenhouses).

Until the scientific advisors of world leaders admit their mistakes, they will be forced to ruin their reputations and lose authority in the face of that part of the world population that understands the great world energy and purification scam. I wonder why world leaders don’t distance themselves from these bad advisors? Are they the principals? They cannot present themselves to world voters without resolving this doubt. Sure, you can win elections by telling people the lies they want to hear based on their average culture, but the scientific problems not solved globally will become more and more serious, until they can be more repairable.

SPAWHE’s SP sector has shown that fossil energy, at least in fixed plants, can be almost completely cleaned, but the plants must be designed differently: of the right size, positioned in the right place and equipped with the right inorganic chemical ingredients to close the cycle of anthropogenic carbon (water and limestone materials).

Instead, the entire world science of the last century lightly accepted fossil energy as the primary source of world energy without globally designing the plants. Certainly no one would have ever imagined that in the year 2018 we would have produced 37.1 billion tons of CO2, to which 5 billion tons of carbon dioxide were added that derive from deforestation and other nefarious activities, for a total of 41.5 billion tons. Obviously, this happens every year with small fluctuations and together with CO2, toxic gases are also produced (CO, SOx, Nox, dust) that seriously threaten the health of humans and animals. Despite this, the world governments have not spent a single euro to modify the purification systems according to the indications of SPAWHE, starting from the modifications of the chimney stacks to achieve global cycles. But what is even worse, they are also ignoring the energy produced without fuels through the replacement of primary thermodynamic world energy with fluid dynamics, both in the atmospheric pressure and compressed versions. These solutions, not only have no environmental contraindications, they are also immensely cheaper than any fossil energy. The world continues to organize mono thematic congresses on environmental and energy technology as if SPAWHE did not exist. The Nobel committee and world governments always go to the rescue of powerful world academics, not authentic scientists like Einstein, or authentic inventors like Tesla and Meucci who had to fend for themselves and without financial means to prove the validity of their inventions. Nothing has changed in 2020 both on the part of the Nobel committee and on the part of world governments, authentic inventors are increasingly isolated. Indeed, they have been legally extinguished by the legislators denying them the copyrights even if they register the patent applications.

Now that we have developed a sufficient quantity of technologies, inventions can no longer be random, but the result of in-depth research, which must question even the most famous inventions of the past. We have to ask ourselves with what anergy does a wheel turn? Is steam still an acceptable energy, is electricity as it is conceived still acceptable? Why do we have to have energy performance drops and pay the cost of the transport infrastructure for electricity, gas, oil if we can produce energy everywhere, even at the poles and in deserts in the instant it is needed? The deepening of compressed hydroelectric energy has led to the virtual conception of global linear motors that start with the compressed fluid dynamic primary energy and become electromagnetic, simultaneously producing the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. Faced with these inventions, albeit virtual, but technically possible, we must ask ourselves is it worth continuing to use rail transport that requires tracks, rails, bridges, tunnels, viaducts? The same question must be asked for other road transport, airplanes, ships, submarines.

Strangely, we did not get the answers to these questions from the large public and private world research groups, which continue to deepen the separate purifying and energy mono-thematic processes, without deepening the natural fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic synergies that led me to the identification of an alternative primary energy source more sustainable than all the current ones, in all respects: energy power, economy, size, universality, autonomy. The more energy we produce, the more we will protect the environment as a result of Henry’s law.

Mine is not the advertising message of a multinational that wants to sell an avant-garde product because inventions of intellectual public utility must be disseminated and made available to all. From intellectual inventions, inventions with industrial patents of particular applications can also arise, it being understood that intellectual property cannot continue to be ignored just because the inventors do not belong to the centers of public and private powers worldwide. In fact, if intellectual property and copyrights belong to these powers, they are implicit and included in industrial property.

These absurd power games are also shortening the life of man because world science does not realize that we all die prematurely due to the fact that the electromagnetic fluid dynamic energy principle, suitably miniaturized, can be inserted into the man’s chest, oxygenating the blood to the instead of water, producing the energy necessary for the circulation of human blood itself, therefore, avoiding brain death, and defending us from the viruses that are attacking us. The artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, autonomous energetically, has also been declared perpetual motion by the bureaucrats of the Italian patent office, while world science is silent, the publishers and organizers of paid congresses invite me to talk about it in congresses. I do not accept these invitations because at seventy-one I would have to travel the world at my own expense to find financiers or entrepreneurs because governments and world public bodies, such as global purification and interactive anergies, do not want to do their job. It is all written in the patent filing, when the world is ready to create the “artificial heart oxygenating blood, autonomous energetically”, it will be able to do it even without the presence of the undersigned, but the more governments wait, the more they produce innocent victims. No world government has spent a single euro or dollar to ascertain these scientific and technological truths in favor of human life.

The origins of the current global health and economic crisis date back to the origins of the industrial era, which began with the invention of electricity by Edison for direct current and Tesla for alternating current. Since these first inventions of world public utility, the inventor Edison had to be prevented from turning into an entrepreneur, as the undersigned has always asserted. Inventions of public utility must be financed and managed by governments or even by the United Nations, recognizing the author’s rights to inventors. In fact, Edison who had invested everything in direct current electricity was the worst enemy of Tesla’s invention of alternating current, which proved to be much more efficient and is fundamental, above all, for the remote transport of energy. Edison was a very successful entrepreneur, but history proved Tesla right that he died poor, not having turned into an entrepreneur. What good are governments and public science if Teslas continue to be isolated? The same thing also happened to Antonio Meucci, inventor of the telephone, and is happening live, to the undersigned who in over forty intellectual patent deposits (which are not entitled to any type of compensation and copyrights, for not belonging to any category privileged, like public inventors, and those dependent on multinationals, who receive compensation for their inventions in line with the directives of the bosses, while, obviously, the deposit and maintenance taxes are paid by the employers). But we must ask ourselves: If I had been an inventor, civil servant or a multinational, my employers would have allowed me to develop these inventions which have the potential to completely change the entire world development for the better, but at the same time, they highlight that current energy sources, in addition to being polluting or inefficient, are also uneconomical? It is not enough to graduate with honors in a specific field to become a global designer and inventor. You need to have the experience and patience to develop the details and try them out in the different operating conditions at least virtually, trying to modify the existing machines and systems, so that the energy and material savings and harmful emissions are reduced to zero.

With the inventions collected and illustrated on the SPAWHE.EU website, even Tesla’s invention of alternating current, if necessary, can be scaled down because energy can be produced everywhere, instant by instant. There is no need to transport energy over a distance, which was the main reason why alternating electricity was preferred over direct electricity. We will then decide, case by case, which type of current to choose to create lighter and more powerful plants, without polluting toxic emissions, without paying unnecessary fuels, adding together the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz, which it has never been possible to add without the invention of the pump with separate double power supply up to the impeller, which even today pump manufacturers do not realize because the world market does not require them. Who commands the earth world market? The impartial scientific and technological progress, or the parasitic rents of cumbersome, polluting, uneconomic energies outdated? What good are the world congresses on energy and the environment if all the insiders want to slow down the introduction of interactive energies that are also purifying? What good are new inventions if the entire world ruling class tries to hide them with unjust laws on intellectual property and everyone has been in a hurry to reopen the construction sites that are destroying the planet in the name of unsustainable development for the few, not for the population world?

If energy can be produced simply by statically exploiting the pressure of compressed air, which makes an incompressible liquid such as water come out of a hole with the kinetic energy legislated by Torricelli which powers a turbine connected to a current generator and we can recover the liquid producing energy with a pump with the double separate supply up to the impeller and introduce it back into the pressurized recycling circuit, we do not even need electrolysis. What is the use of consuming the electrodes? We don’t even need the large lithium energy accumulators that were awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize. So we don’t even need the battery-powered cars that are about to invade the world with high production costs. All this takes place while all the professionals, public and private, involved in enormous conflicts of interest, hide and do not finance SPAWHE’s sustainable inventions worldwide.

For myself, the main culprits of these scams that damage the innocent world population, without a scientific culture, children, animals, nature, are the world politicians elected by the people themselves. Politicians, instead of governing, allow themselves to be governed by economic power centers and multinationals, instead of demanding that science be applied globally and impartially. Politicians, who do not understand science, must not pretend to have understood it by taking the side of renewable energy. They have the right to ask science for miracles, precisely because they do not understand science. Indeed, current renewables are not miraculous but cumbersome, discontinuous and inefficient. Politicians only need to understand that science can only do miracles if it is applied globally. But this has never happened in plants designed by man. This has been shown by nature which was perfect before the invention of electricity for the sole fact that it closed, albeit slowly, all the cycles it opened. The invention of electricity that started the industrial era accelerated consumption, but did not accelerate purification to the same level. Fluid dynamics would have been much more useful than thermodynamics because by producing compressed hydroelectric energy, purification would have been a side effect of energy production due to the oxygen dissolving in the pressurized water with the gases to be purified according to the principles legislated by the scientists Henry and Dalton. Where did the scientists and inventors who produced global warming study if they ignored the principles of Henry and Dalton, and also that of Pascal who claims that pressure expands in all directions indoors like autoclaves? Obviously, as mentioned above, they also ignored Torricelli’s principle and Newton’s principle of proportionality of force: F = mxa, where a is the gravitational force that must be supported, not opposed, to produce energy and lift the bodies even against the same gravitational force. With the invention of the pump with the double separate power supply, as the undersigned has shown, fluid dynamics can do it. This concept escaped Newton himself in 1687 when he wrote the treatise Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, but also Einstein, Tesla and modern quantum physics, because the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, the world ruling class that heated the planet uselessly, does not want to carry it out in order to continue to maintain the current parasitic world energy revenues.

What interests me is the fact that all the inventors, who have worked on electricity and electromagnetism, neither before nor after Edison and Tesla, have investigated the primary source of terrestrial energy which gives the initial inspiration and basic support for direct or alternating current. Although the primary source of energy is just as important as the transformation into electricity, there has not been a great deal of excitement in the search for a clean energy source, having all been deceived by the concept of perpetual motion, including Einstein. All have taken for granted that primary energy originates from the transformation of matter through heat, chemical, or electrolytic or radioactive decomposition of special materials. Therefore, no one has bothered to investigate it, having available many primary energy sources that consume matter.

No one has noticed that the primary energies that consume matter are not compatible with the earth’s environment which has very delicate biochemical balances, while the renewable energies they have chosen are bulky, discontinuous and low-efficiency. They need energy accumulators. Having accepted the current state of the art of primary energies without other insights, indeed hindering them, all together, was the biggest mistake in the history of science, politics and the world economy, which led to global warming, destruction of matural biodiversity, the proliferation of viruses and the collapse of world stock exchanges that try to limit damage by continuing to deceive innocent citizens, who do not have globally competent and impartial scientific advocates, as it should be in a world democracy.

The irresponsible production of about 20,000,000 MW per year of polluting and anti-economic primary energy in the environment and the side effects produced by organic, inorganic, biological, open and unclosed radioactive chemical cycles, are slowly destroying the planet and weakening the human defenses. But the world governments, the United Nations, public science, which should be above the parties, do not notice anything.

As in the days of Nikola Tesla and Antonio Meucci, inventors who deal with inventions of public utility without economic means, but with many years of advanced visions of the state of the art, continue to be ignored and robbed of their inventions. No, they will never see them realized during their life, even if they are conceptually simple, like the pumps with the double power supply separated up to the impeller, because they are hidden by the political and economic centers of power that govern the world by distributing wealth even to political associations, trade unions, journalists, editors, writers, congress organizers, entrepreneurs, who directly or indirectly profit from the current system.

Not even COVID-19 has affected this system, those who want to speak at conferences live or online must pay, as do the multinationals that have to advertise. Anyone who wants to publish a scientific article must pay. The undersigned who has no interlocutors has not practiced speaking in English. He prefers to continue to write and publish articles and patents on his website that everyone can read and copy, possibly even build and create, hoping that the current apparent democracy, sooner or later, becomes a real democracy, which finally recognizes free and impartial inventors the copyrights that today are also recognized who writes a simple song, but not to the inventors, if they do not find the financiers in the time granted by the legislators after the payment of national or international filing fees. What do the international judges say about this great legalized fraud?

I do not know if it is a coincidence, or it has been deliberately excluded from public and private science, among the many primary energies used by humanity, the energy produced by the same gravitational force, selecting and thickening the best and cleanest gases around the planet in the 4.5 billion life of the planet itself. These gases that already protect us from cosmic radiation, for myself, are the only possible primary energy, powerful and without contraindications, as they have already been selected by cosmic and terrestrial nature. These compressible gases already statically exert the average pressure of one bar on the entire planet and with atmospheric perturbations, winds create sea currents, thermohaline circulation, natural welling, the planetary carbon cycle. Nature in all terrestrial plants statically uses the pressure of the air and circulates the water, which having a density about eight hundred times higher than the air, with the same flow rate and pressure produces an amount of energy eight hundred times higher.

Those who have chosen to produce energy using heat that has nothing to do with the formula of mechanical energy and gases that are light, have not been able to copy the natural system. Why has world science not realized that atmospheric air has provided us with a way out for the construction of the model of global sustainable development? The model is very simple. The primary energy produced by a turbine or a pump used as a turbine that powers a current generator is due to the flow rate of the fluid for the pressure for the density of the fluid. It is the same system that uses nature that exerts pressure with gases but circulates the water which produces eight hundred times more energy at the same flow rate and pressure.

Those who have chosen to produce energy using heat that has nothing to do with the formula of mechanical energy and gases that are light, have not been able to copy the natural system. Why has world science not realized that atmospheric air has provided us with a way out for the construction of the model of global sustainable development? The model is very simple. The primary energy produced by a turbine or a pump used as a turbine that powers a current generator is due to the flow rate of the fluid for the pressure for the density of the fluid. It is the same system that uses nature that exerts pressure with gases thickened by gravitational force, but circulates the water which produces eight hundred times more energy at the same flow rate and pressure.

The world’s power centers have bought the best brains in the world, selecting them in universities before they finished their studies, making public competitions and training masters, directing them towards the do’s and don’ts. Those distinguished by greater inventive skills participate in the industrial property of patents or in the profits from the sale of patents with the recognition of 50% of the sale.

It was unlikely that some terrestrial inventor would escape this meticulous control of brains and world development and find alone and without funding the system to copy the natural energy circuit. Obviously, not desired by either public or private power centers. In fact, they have never put together transversal research groups to identify possible synergies and have completely ignored interactive purification, while granting fifteen patents to myself. Obviously without financing them. As I have already written, it was the need to reduce the energy costs required by the water lifting necessary to create the interactive purification patents to allow the identification of interactive energies, even if, with hindsight, it was possible to arrive at the inventions of interactive energies, only through the logical link between gravitational force, fluid dynamics and electromagnetism.

However, the possibility of arriving at interactive energy by different paths confirms that the best primary energy in the world is compressed fluid dynamics, both for the ability to connect in cold conditions with electromagnetism without intermediate transformations, and for the powers that can be developed, both for the overall dimensions, both for environmental compatibility, and for the purification effects induced by the Henry principle, and for the low economic costs, and for the immense energy autonomy that will allow us to face even space travel without nuclear reactors.

The honor of identifying the terrestrial interactive energy, probably universal for planets inhabited by intelligent beings, has fallen to the undersigned who does not speak of invention, but simply of identifying the source of energy that has arisen through some observations of natural applications, such as : submerged discharges which are not opposed by the high hydrostatic pressure of the sea and of the basins due to the pressostatic balance inside and outside the discharge pipe; The principle of communicating vessels; the venturi effect, the principle of the impenetrability of bodies, those of Pascal, Torricelli, Henry acting together in many patented and published applications by the undersigned, still not realized by the world scientific caste, linked to the world economic power centers. Not to pure science which should be as impartial as justice. But as I wrote, even justice is not impartial, otherwise intellectual property would be rewarded independently of industrial property, even for a logical sense: Not all inventors want to become entrepreneurs or work for entrepreneurs. Anche perché alcune invenzioni di pubblica utilità, dovrebbero essere imposte per legge dalla giustizia internazionale per legge a tutti i governi mondiali, dopo averne accertata l’utilità sociale.

Let’s think of artificial welling; submerged energy production at natural pressure; energy production with water lifting and recycling in basins above atmospheric pressure; production of pressurized hydroelectric energy in basins with water oxygenation; production of pressurized hydroelectric energy in wells with water oxygenation; pressurized hydroelectric power generators; domestic pressurized hydroelectric heating and air conditioning systems; mini pressurized idioleptic purification and water saving systems; limestone greenhouses for fumes and CO2 purification with production of compressed hydroelectric energy; all the miniaturized applications of these systems realized in the global urban purification that will avoid the current sewer degeneration based on hydrogen sulphide, ammonia nitrogen, sulfuric acid. We think about future world transport with: hydroelectric car with torque applied to the periphery of the wheels; aerospace and submarine transport system with primary interactive induced global linear motors; flying and floating cars with interactive global linear motors, thrusts of Newton and Lorentz. Lastly, I put the artificial heart oxygenating autonomously energetically, which is the invention I love the most, which is aging without experimentation, while I myself, who am elderly and do not have a perfect heart, may need it soon enough. Nobody likes dying like a fool, especially those who thought of this invention which would also make up for the insufficiency of the other respiratory and digestive organs and of the immune defenses.

Who has thought about these inventions, I can assure you, which did not think to enrich himself and his employer. He thought of them for reasons opposite to the concept of individual property, which has nothing to do with politics, but with morality, equality, social justice.

More than one hundred years have passed since the beginning of the industrial era and those who have conquered wealth and power, even if we do not realize it, also directly or indirectly control the media, the disbursement of funds for innovative experiments. Despite the internet, the lone inventor against the tide is alone like a dog. It receives invitations to subscribe as a premium user to social networks, paid invitations to participate in conferences, and to publish in the most important magazines, but no one invests in its solutions. Nobody wonders how they should pay for all these demands for money, including the lawsuits against the patent offices that still insist on energy that cannot be produced from nothing, as if air, water and gravitational force were nothingness.

The institutional bodies that were supposed to protect humanity from environmental climatic calamities have become the worst enemies of sustainable inventions made with the sole scientific reasoning of the organization of global work, drawing on scientific principles already tested, but never correctly put together by the various branches. of science that collaborate only with multinationals in the same sector to produce partial and commercial incomplete inventions, not globally coordinated by world science. These uncoordinated inventions cannot close the cycles that open other equally uncoordinated inventions. However some of these inventions are awarded with Nobel.

The world ruling class, including the scientific, public and private, is in a hurry to reopen construction sites, schools, commercial activities, despite Covid 19 is still a fugitive and other viruses are preparing to follow it, to coexist with the world population so that predicted population growth is stuck in the bud. But along with the viruses there are also many Mafia fugitives who have never been arrested. While those who have been able to hide behind inventions that have legally produced global warming for not having sought the best environmental and energy solutions in the general interest, have never been sought and condemned. Even these people got rich with wrong inventions fall into the famous 1% or 10% who hold the world’s wealth. Yet, the state of the art of sustainable inventions, as SPAWHE has shown, can grow even with scientific reasoning alone by virtually putting together inventions and scientific principles already tested in a different way. Why has no world government verified these virtual inventions that would have blocked global warming in the bud and changed world transport, probably even marine and submarine space ones?

How are the world scientific committees chosen that have not noticed anything of what has been published on SPAWHE since 2014? But also on Linkedin, Academia edu, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, compatibly with the poor finances of the undersigned.

It should not be a coincidence that those who govern the world and justice are the politicians and judges who rarely have scientific and technical knowledge. They have more literary, legislative, legal knowledge. As I wrote above, this is not a defect, but an advantage, because those who govern must not be satisfied with the existing state of the art. Politicians must ask technicians and science for miracles, hiding behind their scientific ignorance.

It is the fault of politicians and judges if science provides partial answers. Why don’t they demand global answers? SPAWHE has shown that global plants can be designed. If a pensioner virtually designed them on his own without any help and advice, certainly hundreds of thousands of public scientists and technicians can do so, if someone teaches them that they must work following the scientific organization of work applied globally, not partially, as did industry to produce means of transport and consumer goods that pollute above all, because the primary source of earth’s energy was wrong. Public inventors should also be recognized the intellectual property of their inventions with copyrights without forcing them to sell patents to multinationals. The law of this market is vitiated by the same conflicts of interest that have prevented the understanding of logical and linear solutions of global purification. Consequently, they could not even understand the artificial heart and the interactive global linear motors that will carry the men of the future into space, with or without the current space agencies that, like everyone, have mistaken the primary source of earth energy.

If governments do not want to become entrepreneurs, they must at least create demonstrative prototypes of how they must build and implement anthropogenic plants. Multinationals have to adapt. There can be no trade between controllers and controlled. If politicians and legislators don’t understand these elementary concepts, they have to do other work. Do not govern, nor legislate.

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Dear Editors and Readers, especially in recent times, there is much talk of a great world conspiracy of the rich and powerful against the poor and defenseless. But I, who in my life have been a designer and installer of anthropogenic plants, first industrial and then environmental, and as a retiree I developed the details to propose an alternative development model, I believe that the situation is much more complex: There is no world conspiracy but only incurable conflicts of interest, due to political, scientific, economic, professional divisions. In the current system, the most capable and enterprising people create well-being for all, not selflessly but to increase personal enrichment. These people, who represent about 10% of the population, hold 75 % of the world’s wealth, in addition to getting richer and richer, they invest in all sectors of human activities, including the media, conditioning, above all, the way of producing. world well-being. The other people, who represent 90% of the world population, are directly or indirectly dependent on those who hold the world’s wealth, or are poor and unemployed. Those who have an employee or private job, in order not to succumb completely to the economic centers of power, have associated themselves in political parties, labor unions, entrepreneurs, artisans, professional categories, to defend their categories. Hence, they only defend specific interests. There is only one way to fight this system and that is to go into all the details of the anthropogenic plans by governments and the United Nations, to impose on all world entrepreneurs the continuous updating of the state of the art, always realizing impartially the best solution for world well-being. Unfortunately, this does not happen because no government and not even the United Nations have understood the importance of details, since governments and the United Nations are essentially made up of politicians and bureaucrats who do not know the world of work from an organizational, scientific, technical and economic point of view. Therefore, governments and the United Nations cannot realize that most man-made inventions are wrong and cannot issue the legislative directives for their correction. Meanwhile, planet Earth is heading towards self-destruction, because not even those who hold 90% of the world’s wealth have developed the details globally. Even though there are inventors among the richest men in the world, their skills are specific, not global. They do not correct their investment mistakes if a world legislative authority does not demonstrate and legislate better solutions. Yet, the current, slightly modified technologies, together with artificial intelligence, which is speeding up learning and communication skills, could rapidly allow the quantum leap of terrestrial development, if the official world science, above all, the Nobel laureates, instead , to pretend to look for the solutions, which they have not found. They have not found them because with their specific skills, they are unable to go into the details of the work of other sectors. Unfortunately, the Nobel laureates pocket the well-deserved prize and are silent on global solutions, hoping that they will be found in the academic world, because they do not discuss those proposed by those who do not belong to their world. Meanwhile, governments do not correct their mistakes and those of world borrowers. These are not trivial errors, but important details that affect all human activities, especially the links between different scientific disciplines and technologies. Science has not shown itself up to the situation globally, but being the reference of all world governments, it has allowed the proliferation of incomplete technological inventions that have produced global warming and the spread of viruses against humans. The compressed biohydroelectromagnetic evolution of the planet and the human body and the colonization of space which could not be conceived by traditional science, but from the deepening of the study of the scientific organization of global human work, is still waiting for the world public scientific committees , paid by world taxpayers, including myself, decide to take it into consideration, assuming the responsibility of asking for experimentation or going into the details of what they do not share. Even though there are many public scientists, I am not afraid of comparison. I do not expect any confrontation with scientists employed by private companies who must obey employers, as the undersigned has obeyed throughout his working life, postponing the study of alternative solutions that could not be improvised, being connected to each other in a way to retire. interactive. I do not deny that traditional science has established the basis for all human knowledge. I assert that today science, still divided into watertight compartments, is slowing down the true scientific progress and the evolution of man, who with the artificial heart oxygenating the blood, could reduce the food consumption of elderly people, who with artificial organs could extend human life by hundreds of years, without stealing food resources from the Earth. Indeed, the energy needed by the elderly of the future would be extracted completely from the gravitational force. I do not deny that traditional science has established the basis for all human knowledge. I assert that today science, still divided into watertight compartments, is slowing down the true scientific progress and the evolution of man, who with the artificial heart oxygenating the blood, could reduce the food consumption of elderly people, who with artificial organs could extend human life by hundreds of years, without stealing food resources from the Earth. Indeed, the energy needed by the elderly of the future would be extracted completely from the gravitational force. We must prevent these phenomena by globally designing the terrestrial anthropic systems in an interactive way, and defend human life with the same criterion, since the human body follows the same natural laws. Above all, we must fear the manipulation of science for private purposes, and place limits on the personal enrichment of individuals. Those excluded from the current scientific and economic centers of world power, which are ninety percent of the world population, should simply, democratically, carry out the demonstrative prototypes of the main alternative inventions, which up to now have not cost even a penny of any world currency to the governments and world entrepreneurs who have produced the current model of development. Therefore, even without wars and revolutions we could change the world development model, simply by practically proving that the main world inventions are wrong from the ground up on the environmental and economic level. Unfortunately, 90% of the world population that does not belong to the centers of power is waiting for manna from heaven and does not even do the minimum necessary to modify, at least on a demonstrative level, that an alternative development model is possible. They prefer street protests led by young girls full of goodwill but no experience of work, research and design. This is the best way to keep wasting time, instead of going into the wrong details of all the world’s fixed and mobile anthropogenic plants. I have wasted my time giving free to the world people the interactive projects that world science has never produced. Interactive concepts are the basis of world energy and economic savings, however, they are not used by current world science and technology, demonstrating that inventions in favor of the poor must be financed by the poor themselves, otherwise no one finances them. It is no coincidence that the current world wealth is based on the consumption and transformation of earth’s resources. The rich are those who appropriate raw materials and consume them, transforming them partly into consumer goods and partly into production waste and pollution. In interactive systems, the supply of world energy resources would fail, therefore wealth should be produced only through endless transformation and recycling, without production waste and without producing pollution. The interactive system is the one that the terrestrial nature uses. The only difference consists in the local increase in operating pressures and in the invention of simple machines and systems that trigger the processes, already clearly illustrated by the undersigned. History will judge whether or not they work. I have no doubts about how they work. But history will judge above all those who continue to prefer words to concrete projects. Mine is just the website of a retiree who cannot pay anyone because no one has ever paid him for his work and no one has ever made his inventions. I don’t believe in headhunters and premium memberships to make my work known. In this model of development there is no place for those who believe in intellectual honesty but only for those who are willing to seek the truths desired by the world centers of power. Everyone can choose any article from my website because I am not an academic, nor a freelancer. I do not earn titles and merits with publications. I do not even earn copyrights because international laws do not recognize copyrights to inventors who do not find financiers and do not pay maintenance fees on regularly filed public utility patents. However, it fell to the undersigned declare to the scientific and economic world that Earth’s energies that are not interactive and not autodepuratives are not cheap, they are not sustainable. The entire world ruling class is misinforming in order not to admit that clean energy is everywhere and at very low costs. With my autonomous blood oxygenating heart we can effectively defend ourselves against viruses and old age. With my global linear motors capable of capturing and using interstellar dust and total purification and recycling systems of organic and mineral elements for scientific and food purposes, we could already begin to think about colonizing the universe, while the current ruling class world, political, scientific, economic is still linked to the oil economy and world stock exchanges. The current model of development is destroying the planet with fires that it cannot put out because it has the wrong way of flying in the atmosphere and in space. However, it does not experiment with sustainable innovations to not allow for greater equity in the distribution of world wealth. The truth cannot be hidden forever because in space we can only go with the best solutions. Not those who make the current aeronautical and space agencies. Future generations, sooner or later, will understand this and will not thank our generation On the page “About me and about spawhe” of the site you can find the long rhyme of the inventions of the undersigned, not funded and not tested by the world ruling class, which are interactive with each other, as they should be all world inventions so as not to consume and alter natural resources.

Luigi Antonio Pezone

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