The fault lies with the systems designed by man.

Is it possible that science and multinational companies do not want to learn how to design fixed and mobile anthropogenic plants? Possible that science does not understand that nuclear energy is a destructive energy that can only be produced in the empty space of the universe due to the very high temperatures and very high radiation that they involve. Even the new generation nuclear power will never be at zero risk, will have high production costs and will involve the need to transport the energy produced. The same can be said of the energy produced with extracted and compressed hydrogen. World science for never having been able to design complete and interactive anthropic systems is destroying our wonderful planet. It is possible that science, multinationals, politicians, economists do not understand that even electric cars increase environmental and CO2 pollution by at least 10% as long as the primary energy sources continue to be gas, oil , coal? How are the energy accumulators of these cars charged? All current earth energies are wrong, including renewables. Even if they do not do damage, not being interactive they can have only a marginal role in the completely interactive cycles that must be energetic and purifying at the same time. Is it possible that no world government on planet earth has ever financed interactive energy that could be extracted directly from nature in plants filled with water at atmospheric pressure without the hydraulic jump and with the recycling of the same water? Is it possible that no scientist has understood that by pressurizing the hydraulic systems with compressed air, by modifying the current circulation pumps and turbines it would be possible to produce energy and purification without fuels? Is it possible that the whole world science does not understand that in order to put out fires with Canadair they should stop in a fixed position on the outbreaks of fires? Only by adding together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz could they stop. Obviously, we have also mistaken the way to fly in the atmosphere because the aerodynamics produced with combustion engines cannot allow adding the Newton thrust to that of Lorentz for a simple matter of temperatures. Mobile terrestrial electromagnetism cannot coexist with nuclear and thermal energy due to the high temperature to which the electrical circuits that produce the electromagnetism that produces the Lorentz thrust would be subjected. For these reasons, the undersigned has unsuccessfully proposed to experiment with compressed hydroelectromagnetic global linear motors, which could not only add the two thrusts, creating the vacuum and the reaction thrust in the same direction as the electromagnetic thrust and aircraft travel, but also allow regulation of the same thrusts, moreover, without the use of any type of fuel. Incompressible water and atmospheric air, which can even be compressed to thousands of bars, were invented by nature specifically to allow us to extract powerful energy in infinite quantities from the environment without opening polluting cycles that would inevitably produce thermal and nuclear cycles. Science has not understood this and has not been able to design systems that exploit these physical principles and that of the impenetrability of bodies as explained in the articles of http.// If science has not yet understood it, how can the politicians and economists who govern the world understand it?

Dear readers and editors, I am not an academic, but a former employee, designer and installer of systems. Unfortunately, during my working life I have always had to obey employers and tender specifications that do not allow substantial changes to the energy and purification principles of existing anthropic plants. I waited patiently for retirement to express my ideas knowing that no one would pay me and no one thanked me. I would not have liked to criticize the solutions of talented scientific specialists and public and private designers. But it is precisely the high specializations of scientists and multinationals that limit the validity of the current anthropogenic energy, purification and water saving plant solutions. Global warming is not a natural phenomenon. It was created from the wrong implants by men. We have always been in a paradoxical situation: public bodies contract out purification, sewage, water lifting, hydroelectric and nuclear plants that do not carry out complete cycles. They increase general pollution, wasting water resources, favoring droughts, atmospheric disturbances and fires. Even the multinationals that produce incomplete, mono thematic, thermal, solar, wind power plants, exploiting only single scientific principles and not closing the cycles they open.

I agree with the theory asserted by the world’s major astrophysicists, that the total energy of the universe is equal to zero. But I wonder why these astrophysicists do not go into more details to recognize that the distribution of this energy is very diversified and only in very few and small planets, such as the earth, after several billion years, do the environmental conditions that produce biological life occur. and also the life of intelligent beings such as men. These intelligent beings inevitably become the architects of their own destiny as the planet’s resources are limited. Only by studying the nature in which they live can they avoid consuming natural resources. Unfortunately, science, which has investigated astrophysical problems well, has not done the same on terrestrial problems.

The current anthropic plants, public and private, fixed and mobile, do not have the ability to trigger interactive processes due to well-known electromagnetic, chemical, physical, biological phenomena, centrifugal and centripetal forces that would allow the simple molecules of incompressible water (which must be used as an energy vector) under the action of compressible air pressed, one way, by the gravitational force of the earth or by very simple autoclaves. Nature has always exploited these interactive phenomena without the use of any technology and no nuclear energy. They allow photosynthesis, the terrestrial carbon cycle, produce winds and sea currents that require immense energy powers that involve all the waters of the planet and the entire atmosphere. Where does this immense fluid dynamic energy power come from that does not require gas, coal and oil? If not by the gravitational force and by universal electromagnetism? Even if these great universal phenomena are produced by universal nuclear and thermal energy, it is not certain that we must copy them starting from nuclear explosions and the related heat and electromagnetism. We can extract energy from the earth’s environment using the physical properties of air thickened and cleaned by gravity and incompressible water, which is also an incomparable energy carrier. The war in Ukraine is also triggering a serious economic crisis due to the high cost of gas and oil, but politicians and economists cannot understand that the problem is scientific.

 Science has never been able to synthesize practical scientific and technological applications to create specific complete systems such as natural ones. It has produced banal mono-disciplinary, thermal, nuclear, solar, wind, hydroelectric energies. It has produced trivial water purification and trivial gas filtration, without ever scientifically entering into complete interactive cycles that would have involved the creation of a development model that is completely different from the current one. To get out of this banal and unscientific way of designing anthropogenic plants, which has produced global warming, and also the economic and scientific crisis that will come, we need to make better use of the incompressibility of water and the compressibility of air by triggering interactive terrestrial principles that multiply yields and save resources. We must exploit the principle of impenetrability of bodies and create plants that exploit the gravitational force in one direction, extracting energy directly from the environment. We urgently need to change the way pumps, turbines and autoclaves are designed and built. We must statically exploit the energy of the atmospheric air (1bar), or compressed air from the autoclaves, by circulating only the one-way water, which having a density about 800 times higher than air, with the same flow rate produces about an energy power. Eight hundred times higher than that of a gas without the need to use fuels. The scientific banalities of the current specific and mono-disciplinary systems have already done too much damage to the planet and the world economy. There is only one way to create complete public and private systems and that is based on the scientific organization of work applied across disciplines. This way of designing globally cannot be improvised because it must follow precise energy and purifying work cycles that act simultaneously. In other words, the new scientific organization of world labor must include the production of energy and purification in all industrial, environmental, urban, agricultural cycles without interruption. In other words, the new scientific organization of world labor must include the production of energy and purification in all industrial, environmental, urban, agricultural cycles without interruption. Energy production cannot be entrusted to multinationals that do not understand biological physical chemical environmental cycles. The current thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, solar wind power plants, the current purifiers must not exist. It is necessary to modify the current chimneys, the current sewers to create cycles connected to each other through the subsoil, which do not disperse anything in the atmosphere. Even the marine aeronautical and space mobile plants must be designed with the same criteria and with the integral recycling of liquids, gases and minerals. It was no coincidence that the latest intellectual inventions of the undersigned are called “compressed hydro electromagnetic global linear motors” which will not only be able to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. Earth science is making a fool of itself in the face of rising gas and oil costs because energy is everywhere on planet Earth. To get out of the earth’s atmosphere we do not need the escape velocity but only add the thrust of Newton and Lorentz without any type of fuel, but only water and air recycled to infinity, which can be reintegrated into space through artificial anthropic systems that will also produce photosynthesis and the same global linear motors that will be able to capture interstellar dust, which contains all the minerals present on Earth, but also particles of water.

Therefore, everything on planet Earth needs to be redone urgently, abandoning the current energies and the current anthropogenic plants. Everything is described gradually, in great detail in over one hundred articles on the website (Synergic Plants Artificial Welling Hydroelectromagnetic Energy). The interactive processes necessary to extract energy from the environment, to save energy and water resources, require a new way of designing plants that is clearly unknown to the academic world and multinationals. This new way of designing has cost me thirty-seven years of work in industry and public environmental systems, which have two completely different ways from the point of view of conceiving the work and its organization. In fact, the organization of industrial work produces inventions and technological updates that improve production capacities, while the environmental one should produce inventions that reduce energy waste and eliminate pollution. Unfortunately, in the world state of the art only the organization of industrial work has been achieved. No one in the world has combined experiences of industrial and environmental work organization to create complete anthropogenic plants from an industrial and environmental point of view. Only myself tried, but had to gain experience for seventeen years in industry and twenty years in environmental plants to learn how to think globally. To these two work experiences, I had to add sixteen years of unpaid work by anyone. I had to undergo the costs imposed by public bodies on the filing of national and international patents, the costs of maintaining the same patents that no public or multinational body has ever financed. Public bodies and multinationals, by mutual agreement, have continued to hide their industrial and environmental design errors. Current laws discourage multidisciplinary and interactive inventions by requiring inventors to pay filing and maintenance fees even if they do not find public and private investors. To this we must add that publishers also want to be paid to publish and disseminate inventions. Furthermore, they only want to publish new articles and inventions. What has already been published is already out of date. It doesn’t matter if no one has ever experienced and realized it. In fact, nobody knows my forty interactive energetic and purifying inventions and nobody wants to realize them. It is very strange that the world’s great environmental and energy experts ignore the interactive principles and ways of putting them together in anthropogenic plants. How can we ignore that the terrestrial planet is one of the few in the universe that due to lucky circumstances (distance from the star (Sun) and the planets of the star system that enjoys an excess of energy? How can we ignore that this excess of energy is used very well directly from the terrestrial environment, closing all the cycles that open spontaneously? Science should have studied the machines and plants to locally accelerate the purification and energy processes without changing the natural processes. Our well-designed man-made facilities could even help offset the damage caused by large fires and natural volcanic explosions. Unfortunately, public science and multinational companies do not understand that fundamental systems such as pumps, turbines, autoclaves, which designed differently, would have produced the triggering of centripetal, centrifugal forces, pressures in photosynthetic, biophysical, biochemical processes have been wrong. , of organic and inorganic chemistry, at a faster than natural rate. This means knowing how to design anthropogenic plants. It is not necessary to divide the atom but to manage the molecules at a greater speed to meet the greater food and purification needs of the world population. Current human inventions (heat engines, steam boilers, thermal rockets, nuclear explosions) operate at pressures hundreds or thousands of times higher than those allowed by atmospheric pressure, but by not exploiting the interactive principles, they disperse the residual gases in the environment without neutralizing them. Not having the public and private planners, foreseen the closure of the cycles in the plants, given the immense quantity of wrong plants present on Earth, it is normal that the planet is self-destructing. Knowing how to design a complete terrestrial, marine, aeronautical or space plant is an unknown art on planet Earth that science and multinationals by mutual agreement do not want to correct, although they can do it easily because the technologies developed are good, even if incomplete. Those who want to learn how to do it privately must read carefully what is described in the following rhyme of and then follow the instructions described in the individual articles of the undersigned:

The cleaning of fossil energy published in spawhe, to be efficient, should be based, above all on inorganic chemistry that is able to absorb CO2, producing carbonates in the water, so that they counteract the acidification of the oceans and global warming.To speed up the processes and reduce the energy costs that would have involved the circulation of very large quantities of water necessary to neutralize the very large quantities of CO2 emitted by the current thermal power plants and heat engines, it has gradually been transformed technologically into solutions of less space by exploiting the principles Pascal and Henry.  In fact, I realized that on planet Earth, all the activities that nature produces through organic and inorganic chemistry, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle can be increased in speed without any need to use thermal, nuclear energy and current renewables. It is sufficient only to increase the operating pressures of the systems, modify the circulation pumps and make the machines work differently. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, the elements extraneous to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, to natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have multiplied exponentially the elements extraneous to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances. Obviously, this is my truth and in the entire website, I explain how, in my opinion, we should have created global plants that purify both fumes and water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas. Having not done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the art of purification to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the state of the global purification art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract the energy directly from the environment. Having not done this, it was not possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of gravitational force, we modify them on the suction side and make them another inlet clearly separated from the main one up to the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one feed to recycle the water from the upper basin and the other feed to introduce into the same impeller the water discharged from a turbine fed by falling water from the same upper basin. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, it being understood that we use a turbine connected to the outlet of the autoclave, we can recover the water drained from the turbine and insert it back into the autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same impeller of the pump by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air, we would have produced a current generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Having not done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this current generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave in order to be able to mount it on cars and trucks, on agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions can still be reduced by using submersible pumps as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes that would act as autoclaves. Therefore, these groups could be used to be inserted directly into the wells to raise the water and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers which today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to Henry’s principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be reduced even further. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water from the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side that would replace the right and left ventricles, creating energetically autonomous artificial hearts that would feed the systemic circuit that oxygenates the brain and the lungs to lengthen the life of the ‘man. Having not done this, it was not possible to think that pressurized cylindrical autoclaves can be incorporated an external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors can be made electric at variable revolutions that would produce an electromagnetic flux of variable intensity which would produce induced currents in a solenoid outside the same water tank. Therefore, we could produce in this tank a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law at the ambient temperature, without fuel that could be added to the reaction thrust of Newton that would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always commanded by generators. of current that produce the primary hydroelectric energy, fed by submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central reservoirs. Not having done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of aircraft to travel in the atmosphere and in space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuel.  It was not possible to make the ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to make mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters. It was not even possible to think that in the space travel of the future we can add to the global linear motors an external steel tunnel connected to the turbo fan, where it will produce a higher vacuum higher than the surrounding space vacuum and connect this tunnel with a small vacuum pump to a thickening tank of the captured powders, which will be emptied periodically letting in the atmospheric air which will feed an electrostatic filter that will recover the powders that will be used together with the other interactive purification and energy plant inventions described on the website https: // to make humans survive even in space without suffering physiological damage due to the absence of atmospheric pressure, gravity, food resources and raw materials to build spare parts for the machines necessary for survival in space. In fact, atmospheric air and water will fill the space caravan wagons full of human beings and will be endlessly recycled, suitably replenished with artificial photosynthesis and carbon cycle, while general gravity will be reinforced, becoming very similar. to the terrestrial one, electrostatically polarizing the paths of atmospheric conditioned air and recycled water in the interactive, energy and purification, compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants, still unknown to terrestrial science. Current science has forgotten that the primary fluid dynamic energy is produced by the flow rate for the pressure and density of the fluid itself. Therefore, the best solution to produce clean energy at low cost and in infinite quantities is: to use compressed air as an energy source (which is not consumed) and water as an energy carrier (which with the use of new pumps with separate double power supply up to the impeller, can recycle it indefinitely by exploiting the maximum pressure of the compressed air and the maximum density of the water at the same time. In the simple formula of fluid dynamic energy mentioned above, no heat source is needed. This is the biggest mistake in world science and nobody wants to correct it.”

Current science has forgotten that the primary fluid dynamic energy is produced by the flow rate per pressure and the density of the fluid itself. Therefore, the best solution to produce clean energy at low cost and in infinite quantities is: to use compressed air as an energy source (which is not consumed) and water as an energy carrier (which with the use of new pumps with separate double power supply until to the impeller, can recycle it indefinitely by exploiting the maximum compressed air pressure and the maximum water density at the same time. In the simple formula of fluid dynamic energy mentioned above, no heat source is needed. It is sufficient to take advantage of the very high pressure allowed by the air and the high density of water in one way compared to any gas. This is the biggest mistake in world science and no professor has ever corrected it, because to correct it it was necessary to go into the details of the scientific organization of work globally by following the work cycles of water and gases simultaneously. Which no one has ever done on planet Earth. Unfortunately, science communicators, like professors, only divulge what has been ascertained and tested. They do not disclose the untested inventions of inventors such as myself that are not funded by anyone even if they are based on the experience of a whole life of work. In Italy, this year, on 25 September, the political elections will be renewed because the government of the economist Draghi has fallen. Political power will be satisfied with a hundred political parties, without any of them understanding that the true economy should be based on the scientific organization of work studied globally. How can politicians and economists manage world wealth if this wealth has no concrete scientific basis and everyone is hiding errors? Even the ecological transition that is talked about in Italy and abroad is a hoax: everything that is not interactive on planet Earth does not work, or has very low yields such as renewable solar and wind energy. Up to now, only Nature has made interactive systems, but economists and politicians cannot understand this if science does not publicly admit its mistakes. One hundred political parties without scientific bases only make a great confusion, advertising inefficient renewable energies and new generation nuclear energy, without ever making a real and detailed comparison with the only possible and sustainable interactive terrestrial energy. Unfortunately, the problem is not just Italian. It is worldwide as I described in the SPAWHE rhyme.

I publish below a very long list of emails from public and private entities and publishers. An inventor like myself cannot reach this immense mass of media alone despite the internet. Internet operators also want to be paid with premium contracts while publishers expect to publish only unpublished solutions for a fee. It is not enough that a counter-current inventor, like myself, has renounced any profit to make his logical and interactive inventions known. At this point, if readers believe that it is possible to improve the situation of the planet by sharing my inventions that go into the details of how anthropogenic plants should be designed, they must disseminate them by sending them to public bodies, multinationals, publishers. The planet is too large for a single voice to be heard. Above all, if it is the voice of a modest pensioner.

PUBLIC BODIES AND PUBLISHERS –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, editor.japer@gmail,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jack <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fundamentalofarts@Gmail.Com,,,,[L1] ,  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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